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📺 | Chinese drama delivered this year, "Tora Continent" starring Xiao Jiang, ranked first in the number of views of Tencent Video


This year's Chinese drama, Tencent Video's number one view ranking is "Douluo Continent" starring Xiao Jiang

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In 5th place, actor Yang Yang (Yang Yang) and actress Dilraba (Dilraba Dilaba) co-starred, and the popular couple with the strongest facial deviation value, "Yang Yang", has now exceeded 39 billion times. ing.

From the Chinese dramas distributed by the video distribution service Tencent this year, the number of views is ... → Continue reading

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Dilraba Dilmurat

Dilraba Dilmurat(Dilraba,Uighur: دى لرەبا دى لمۇرات, Romanized: Dilraba Dilmurat,Chinese: Dilraba Dilil, Dilraba Dilil,pinyin: Dílì rèbā Dílì mù lātí, June 1992, 6-)People's Republic of ChinaUighurActress, singer, fashion model. 2017 TV drama "[1]』Became famous for the role of Hakuho Nine. 2018, TV drama ``Reversal Cinderella ~ She Was Pretty ~Won the Audience Award and the Actress Award in 』, and became the youngest award in the history of Kintaka Scholarship[1].


Dilraba was born on June 1992, 6 in Urumqi, Xinjiang, and his full name is Dilraba Dilmulat.Dilrabat is the name of her father.She was born as a literary artist, and her father, Dilraba Dilvaidra, is an actor and singer of the Xinjiang Opera Company, the highest title in the Chinese entertainment world.[2]..Under the influence of his father, he has been interested in various arts since he was a child and likes to study.He specializes in piano, dance and violin. In 2001, 9-year-old Dilraba was enrolled in an art school by his father and took only the lectures he was interested in.After enrolling, he learned that the school was a professional dance school and started dancing.Conducts a five-year vocational study of folk dance and ballet. In 5, after graduating from the dance art department of the secondary art school belonging to the Xinjiang Academy of Arts, became a dancer of the Xinjiang Opera Company. 2007,Tohoku Normal UniversityEntered the National University of Education.In the same year, he participated in the first ethnic minority new song contest in Jilin Province and won the third prize. 3 for dramas and moviesShanghai Theater AcademyEnrolled in the performance club, at the recommendation of his father in 2013 while attending schoolChinese Communist PartyJustify Xinjiang's reignPropaganda moviesHe graduated in 2014, starring in the remake of "Aka 尔 罕".[2].


Dillava is one of China's most sought after brand ambassadors with numerous approval deals ranging from food, beverages, basic commodities, beauty and retail products to mobile applications and technology products.She alsoL'Oreal Paris ,Anchor adidas,MikimotoSupports some international brands like.P & G OfWhisper(Discontinued in Japan) sales increased due to the involvement of Dilraba as a spokesperson.Dilraba after a racist advertising incident in ChinaDolce & GabbanaThe contract with is terminated.


DilrabaChineseCan be used smoothly, in ChinaUniversitygraduated fromChinese Communist PartyObedienteliteminorityAndChinese peopleDilraba, who speaks fluent Chinese with an unlikely appearance, said, "With Uighurs.Han peopleReconciliation withAssimilationA symbol of Uighur ruleChinese Communist PartyProud toAdvertising towerAnd all the honors and praises for Dilraba were received as "Chinese" under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, not as "Uighurs".[2].

"Many Uighurs in the country are in concentration campsThe Uighurs in Xinjiang have long been oppressed by the Han Chinese's rule of power.Some criticize "Why does Dilraba sell to the Han Chinese and the Chinese Communist Party, which are the enemies of the people? Isn't it proud of being a Uighur !?"Minority"Chinese"Ethnic self-determinationEven if you awaken to, it is only regarded as dangerous by the Chinese Communist Party, and you cannot use Chinese and Chinese characters.povertyWhile there are many Uighurs who fall into this situation, there is an opinion that it is not possible to hide the "national pride" in the depths of the heart and blame the Uighurs who are doing well with the Han Chinese in Chinese society as "traitors".[2].

Main appearance work


YearsJapanese titleChinese titleEnglish titleRole nameNOTE
2015/Sorrowful star motionFall in Love Like a StarMay LiSupporting role
2017/Tsundere prejudiceMr. Pride vs Miss PrejudiceTang NannanProtagonist
2017/Miracle reproduction of Namiya general storeXieyou grocery storeNamiya彤 彤 (tonton)Protagonist
2018/21 Katsura21 KaratLiu KaonProtagonist
2019/Sun moonSaga of LightChang'eProtagonist

TV drama

YearsJapanese titleChinese titleEnglish titleRole nameNOTE
2014/(Chinese versionGu Jianqi TanSwords of LegendsFuchsiaSupporting role
Minor timeV LoveWu An (Amber)Supporting role
(Chinese versionBeauty madeCosmetology HighLeaning castleSupporting role
[2]Sound of the DesertThe Sound of DesertLi JiSupporting role
2015/Back light loveThe Backlight of LoveEriProtagonist
(Chinese versionCarat LoversDiamond LoverGao WenSupporting role
2016/Ban Shu Legend-The Emperor's LadyBan Shu LegendLegend of Ban ShuLoulan Princess, Peace of MindSupporting role
A swordThe Ladder of LoveSong ZihanSupporting role
Six doorsSix DoorsSu overflowProtagonist
Mala Deformation MeterHot GirlSeki KosukeProtagonist
2017/Reversal Cinderella ~ She Was Pretty ~Beautiful Li HuizhenPretty Li HuizhenLee Hui JenProtagonist
[3]San Sheng San Shi Shili Peach BlossomEternal LoveHakuho NineSupporting role
(Chinese versionThe King's Woman, The King's WomanThe King's WomanGongsun ReiProtagonist
2018/[4]Fire like a songThe Flame's DaughterThe Flame's Daughter / SongProtagonist
[5]One thousand one nightSweet DreamsRin Lin ChiProtagonist
2019/(Chinese versionThree Life Three Pillow BookThree Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow BookHakuho NineProtagonist
2020/(Chinese versionHappiness, tentacles possible!Love Advanced CustomizationZhou FangProtagonist
021You are my glory

(Chinese version)

You are my gloryYou are my gloryQiao JingjingProtagonist

Variety show

YearsChinese titleEnglish titleRole name
2017/Run itKeep RunningCast memberSeason 5
2018/Slow travel around the worldTravel, Feel the WorldValuable 3
2019/Creation campProduce Camp 2019Presenter


Season 2
Extreme challengeGo Fighting!Cast memberSeason 5


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