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🎭 | Stage "Touken Ranbu" 5th Anniversary Project!Re-edited as a movie version to enjoy in the movie theater


Stage "Touken Ranbu" 5th Anniversary Project!Re-edited as a movie version to enjoy in the movie theater

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Please experience the new world of "Touken Ranbu" on the screen, which can only be experienced in the movie version.

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the stage "Touken Ranbu", re-edited as a movie version that Kenichi Suemitsu, who wrote and directed Sword Ste, enjoys at the movie theater ... → Continue reading


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Touken Ranbu

"Touken Ranbu』(Tokenranbu) isEXNOA (formerly DMM Games)とNitroplusPC version co-produced byBrowser games.. On March 2016, 3, the smartphone version (iOS, Android) will be released as "Touken Ranbu Pocket』(Tokenranbu Pocket) was delivered.

Japanese swordTo menPersonification(In the game, "Tsukumogami"Setting")Sword swordsmanCollected and strengthenedJapanese HistoryA sword that defeats the enemies that appear in the battlefield aboveTraining simulation game..The official name is "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-(Tokenranbu Online), the official abbreviation is "Torabu'[1].

Musicalized in 2015, staged in 2016 ("Touken Ranbu (stage work) 』), Animated by different production companies in 2016 and 2017, and made into a live-action movie in 2019[2], The theme song for the 2020th anniversary of the service in 5Yumi MatsutoyaIs a song written for this game usingYou and me] Was introduced as an OP.

Game content


In 2205 AD, the government of the time interferes with the past and aims to alter the history.Historical revisionistWith the ability to awaken the feelings and hearts that sleep in things and draw out power in order to counterGoddess"(Sawa) and was created from a swordTsukumogami"Sword swordsman"(Tokendanshi) is sent to each era and fights.And a third force that does not like both "Touken Ranbu" and "Historical revisionist"Non-misuseIntervenes and stands in front of the swordsman[3].

Play system

The player is positioned as a "god of god"dagger-Wakizashi-Knife-Tadao-Odachi-spear-Naginata-Collect characters called "Touken Ranbu" who are tsukumogami with swords such as swords in the shape of human beings, and set out in a unit of up to 6 swings, aiming for victory in battle with enemies.The game systemCard gamesとSimulation gamesIt is a combination of.

Each swordsman is uniqueSurvival valueIs set, and the graphic changes (such as tearing clothes) when it becomes slanderous or higher, but there is a possibility that "Shinken Special" will be activated, which increases the ability value along with the dedicated graphic.When the survival value becomes 0, it "destroys the sword" and disappears (lost) from the unit, leaving the last words.Although there is a way to prevent the destruction of the sword, there is no way to revive the destroyed sword man, and there is only an alternative means such as raising a new sword of the same type.

At the start of the game, 5 presetsKnife[Note 1]Select one sword sword from among them, and after that, increase the number of sword swords by dropping swords and when defeating enemies at the time of departure.In addition to winning in the field, experience points can be obtained by playing against units by other players called exercises that are updated twice a day, or by expeditionary groups that succeed by satisfying the specified conditions. You can also get it by achieving it.When the swordsman reaches a certain level, he will automatically evolve into "special" and his stats will be further strengthened.

In addition, some swordsmen who have evolved into "special" can also grow into "extreme" (Kiwame).Target swordsmen will be added from time to time with updates.

The conditions are different from "Special", and in addition to achieving a certain level, clearing the designated stage and three items of "letter set", "travel costume", and "travel tool" are required.By sending the swordsman to training after satisfying these conditions, the swordsman who has grown to the "pole" returns after 96 hours or after using the item, the status rises, the graphic changes, and the rarity also Go up one step.

If you clear the boss of the same stage multiple times, "Kebiishi" will appear, and after that, it will appear randomly in battles other than the boss mass of that stage.Although it is tougher and more difficult than normal enemies, there are also swordsmen who can only be obtained by defeating non-impersonators.

When you go to the battlefield with a specific combination of members, a "recollection event" will occur and will be recorded on the recollection page in the game.Depending on the combination, the battlefield where the event occurs may be limited.

The basic parts of the game systemUIIsKantai Collectrion-Kancolle-], And the difficulty level has been eased and additional elements and improvements have been added.[4].

In addition, although it is categorized as "for women" on the official DMM game website, Nitroplus has stated the official view that "a game that is neither BL nor a maiden (which women like), it depends on the player".[5]..As of January 2017, male users account for 1% of the total.[6].

Changes in the number of users

On January 2015, 1, all five servers reached the capacity limit, and new registration acceptance was stopped.[7]..The number of registrants exceeds 50 in half a month[8] .. On March 2015, 3, two servers were added and acceptance of new registrations was resumed, but the acceptance limit was reached in half a day and acceptance was suspended.[9].

On March 2016, 3, the application software "Touken Ranbu -Pocket-" linked with the browser game was released.[10], The server after Iwami Province was implemented.

It was announced that the number of downloads of this app exceeded 2016 million as of March 3, 16.[11].

On August 2016, 8, a TV commercial and new additional characters were announced to commemorate the over 5 million app downloads.[12].

In December 2019, it was announced on the "Honmaru Hiroshi 12" site that the number of PC browser version users exceeded 200 million and the number of application downloads exceeded 550 million.[13] .


As of March 2016, 3, there are 11 servers.

Operating orderserver nameOperation start date
1 Bizen countryJanuary 2015, 1 (early)
2 Sagami country
3 YamashiroNovember
4 YamatoNovember
5 Mino country
6 ChinaNovember
7 Bungo
8 Satsuma countryNovember
9 Bingo country
10 MutsuNovember
11 Chikuzen country
12 IwamiNovember
13 Hokoku
14 Vietnam
15 Higo country
16 Kaga
17 SuoNovember
18 Buzen Country
19 Hizen countryNovember
20 Echizen country
21 Musashi country


Sword swordsman

The motif is a Japanese sword that exists or is said to have existed once.[Note 2].. Implemented as of March 2021There are 8 types of swords and 96 swords[Note 3]..There are 7 swords of 42 types that were implemented at the start of operation, but characters are being added at any time due to events, new maps, and the implementation of new systems.

There is no official description in the blanks in the table.

In addition, since some of the character designers have changed their names after the character was implemented, the notation has also changed, but the person in charge has not changed.For the implementation date, refer to the official twitter tweets on each applicable day.[14].

The following character names are not individual sword issuesKnifemanIt may be linked to.


numberCharacter namereadingSword swordVoice actorCharacter Design
011Now swordToday's swordSanjoDaiki YamashitaShikimi
031Toshiro HiranoHirano ToshiroAwataguchiRyota AsariQXNUMX
033Shiro AtsutoAtsushi[Note 4]Daiki YamashitaKukita
035Goto ToshiroLet's goFutoshi MurataShikimi
037Shinano ToshiroShinano ToshiroYusuke KobayashiKunimitsu
039Toshiro MaedaLet's say beforeLeona IrieQXNUMX
041Toshiro AkitaLet's goYoshio YamayaTakaoka
043Hakata ToshiroLet's talkJun OsukaQXNUMX
045Rando ShiroLet's goKazuomi YamamotoOzu[Note 5]
047Five tigers retiredGokotaiYuta KasuyaHonojirotowoji (renamed from "puberty")
049Yakuken ToshiroLet's goSeiichiro YamashitaStone dealer
051ToshiroKitchen knifeYuki MiyataKukita
061Kunitoshi AizenAizenComeSeiichiro YamashitaMisaki Sako[Note 5]
069Taiko bell SadamuneTaiko is SadamuneSadamuneKoji Takahashi⑪
083Saya left characterSayosamonjiLeft characterAyumi MuraseJiro Suzuki
120Immovable lightFudoyuki Mitsu-Sakaguchi Daisukeminato
142Toshiro MouriLet's goAwataguchiGenki TakashiroCat can straight (Nitroplus)
146Kenshin KagemitsuKenshin KagemitsuNagafuneDai YongyiHome run / fist
150Masamune HinataHyuga MasamuneAuthenticKaji YukiYana
170Chatan NagiriChatan-Sogo NakamuraRaw ATK(Nitroplus)
190Taiko left characterTaikou SamonjiLeft characterYuki OtaniJiro Suzuki


numberCharacter namereadingSword swordVoice actorCharacter Design
019Disappointed AoeDisappointedAoeAtsushi MajimaSeparate
027Toshiro SabaoCatfishAwataguchiSouma SaitoTeku
029Bone eating ToshiroHonebami ToshiroHiroto Suzuki
067Sadamune MonoyoshiIt ’s good.SadamuneKenshō OnoIzumi
099Horikawa KunihiroHorikawaku NihiroHorikawaJunya EnokiShiramine
103Toru UrashimaUrashima KotetsuKotetsuJun FukushimaTeruko Arai
144Kaite KirieKotegirigou江[Note 6]Hiroya HiroseBoiled
168Tadahiro HizenHizen Tadashi Hiro-Shohei Komatsu
186JikinmaruDifferentKentaro KumagaiNamaniku ATK (Nitroplus)
196DustHanjinUemura Yusho


numberCharacter namereadingSword swordVoice actorCharacter Design
023NarukitsuneNakigitsuneAwataguchiShintaro AsanumaKukita
063Chiko MuramasaSengomura MasaMuramasaJunichi SuwabeNamaniku ATK (Nitroplus)
071Sadamune KamikoKikko SadamuneSadamuneMasanori YamanakaHome run / fist
081Sozo left characterSozasamonjiLeft characterCourageJiro Suzuki
085Kashu KiyomitsuKashu Kiyomitsu-Toshiki MasudaKukita
087Yamato Mamoru stableIt ’s easy to chew Yamato.Mitsuhiro Ichiki
089Kasen KanesadaIt's Kasen KanesaKanesada[Note 7]Ishikawa KaijinHome run / fist
091Mamoru Izumi[Note 8]Izumi's KamikanesaRyohei KimuraShiramine
093Mutsumori YoshiyukiMutsu no Kami Yoshiyuki-Kento HamaBoiled[Note 9]
095Kunihiro YamagairiYamabagiri KunihiroHorikawaTomoaki Maeno⑪
101Hachisuka trowelKotetsuKazuyuki OkitsuTeruko Arai
105Nagasone KotetsuNagasoneko TetsuKotetsu…?[Note 10]Aragaki Tarsuke
116Okurikara[Note 8]From the big-Shin FurukawaKomiya Kuniharu
118Heshikiri HasebeHesekiri HasebeAragaki Tarsuke
128Dotanuki Masakuni[Note 8]How is it?[Note 11]Sakurai ToruAKIRA
154Nansen IchimonjiNansen IchimonjiFukuoka Ichimonji[Note 12]Kengo KasaiMimori Shinov (Nitroplus)
158Yamabikiri Nagayoshi[Note 13]Yama-uba Girichogi-Kengo Takanashi⑪
160Buzengo江Taku Yatsushiro・ Dialect supervisionTomokazu Enoki
166Nankai Taro AsasonSomething was wrong-Kenji NojimaSeparate
172KuwanaeKuwanago江Kento ItoHonami Tsuda
174Masahide MizushinkoSuishin Shimasahide-Atsushi AbeKurosawa Tetsu
176Gensei MaruEveryone TokiyomaroKenji AkabaneShiba no Bancha
178MatsuieLet's go江Toichi JunichiHonami Tsuda, dialect supervisionKentaro Araki
182Jizo GyoheiJizou YukihiraBungo KuniyukiheiFukamachi ToshinariStone dealer
192May AmeeSamidarego江Kano ShoSushi (Nitroplus)
200MurakumogoTakuya EguchiHonami Tsuda


numberCharacter namereadingSword swordVoice actorCharacter Design
003Mikazuki MunechikaMikazuki MunechikaSanjoKosuke Toriumi欰
005KoutamaruKogitsunemaruTakashi Kondo
013Taisunoda MitsuyoOtenta MitsuyoMiikeNamikawa DaisukeShiro Miwa
015Sohaya no TsurukiSohaya's swordRyota Asari
019Sudokumaru TsunejiJuzumaru TsunetsuguAoeHikari MidorikawaHonojirotowoji
021Onimaru KokutsunaConnect to OnimaruAwataguchiTomoyuki MorikawaNiθ
025Once in a whilePretend to be a strawberryAtsushi TamaruShikiyuri
053OhodairaOkanehiraKobizenTomoki OnoKomiya Kuniharu
055UzumaruWarblerTakiya KakiharaCyrano (renamed from "Shirano")
057Akashi KuniyukiYukiComeRyota AsariHazuki Futaba
073Shokudaikiri MitsutadaCandlestickNagafuneTakuya SatoTsuya Fujimi
075Daiwa Waka NagamitsuDaihan NyanagamitsuShinichiro MikiYoshiyuki Asashima
077Small Dragon KagemitsuKoryu KagemitsuShinnosuke Tachibana
079Eyuki left characterKosetsu SamonjiLeft characterTakuya SatoJiro Suzuki
097Yamabushi KunihiroDazzlingly HiroHorikawaSakurai ToruMidro
107Beard cuttingBeard-Natsuki HanaeCyrano
112HizamaruHizamaruNobuhiko Okamoto
122Lion KingShishiouRyota OsakaShiba no Bancha
124Kogarasu MaruKogarasumaruSoichiro HoshiHonojirotowoji
130Tsurumaru KuninagaSmooth and roundSouma SaitoIzumi
148Azuki NagamitsuAzuki NagamitsuNagafuneYoshihisa KawaharaHome run / fist
156Chiyo KanamaruChiyoganemaru-Aragaki TarsukeNamaniku ATK (Nitroplus)
180YamatorigeSanchoFukuoka IchimonjiKazuhiko InoueAyaka Suda
184Ancient and modern swordKokindenju no TachiBungo KuniyukiheiHirakawa DaisukeShikimi
188Nikko one letterNikko IchimonjiFukuoka IchimonjiRyutaro OkiayuAyaka Suda[15]
198Kiku-ichimonjiIchimonji NorimuneSeki ToshihikoLACK[16]
202Himezuru IchimonjiHimetsuru IchimonjiKotaro NishiyamaAyaka Suda


numberCharacter namereadingSword swordVoice actorCharacter Design
007IshikirimaruIshikirimaruSanjoHidenori TakahashiYuji Hosogoshi
059HotarumaruFireflyComeYuichi IguchiYoshihiko
132Taro TachiTaro-CourageUehara bee[Note 5]
134Jiro TachiJiro and othersEiji MiyashitaTomida Tomomi[Note 5]
162祢NenekirimaruKenichiro MatsudaGenkaku (Nitroplus)


numberCharacter namereadingSword swordVoice actorCharacter Design
065Dragonfly cuttingDragonflyMuramasaSakurai ToruGenkaku (Nitroplus)
136Japanese issueNihongo-Kenjiro TsudaJiro Suzuki
138MitekiOtegineKenji Hamadaminato
194Ochidori JumonjiyariYuichiro Umehara


numberCharacter namereadingSword swordVoice actorCharacter Design
009IwafuIwatoshiSanjoEiji MiyashitaKinako
140Tomoe NaginataTomoe Naginata-Hiroshi Nojima
152Static NaginataShizuka NaginataYohei Azakami


numberCharacter namereadingSword swordVoice actorCharacter Design
164Hakusan YoshimitsuHakusan YoshimitsuAwataguchiHiro ShimonoCat can straight (Nitroplus)

Support character

The mascot and navigator of this work, "Kudagitsune".Mainly responsible for tutorials and commentary at events.I like fried tofu.There are text conversations and explanations in the game.
formulaTwitterIn addition to sending announcements of events etc. in one of the accounts "Touken Ranbu -Honmaru Tsushin- [Official]"Yuru Chara Grand PrixThen, it was created based on the in-game character "Konnosuke"Kigurumi "Okki Konnosuke"However, in 2016, he won the 2nd place in the corporate category and the 7th place overall.
A black fox-shaped character similar to Konnosuke (there is no mention of whether it is a fox or not).In addition to the body color, the design of the forehead pattern and the shape of the eyes are different from Konnosuke.Also, as of May 2020, 5, there is no conversation in the game with voice and text.
From the beginning of the service in 2015, the in-game training icon depicts fighting Konnosuke, but there are no other scenes to appear, and there is no official mention of this character.Therefore, it was called "Black Konnosuke" among users.
It was first mentioned on May 2020, 5 in "Touken Ranbu -Honmaru Tsushin- [Official]", and at the same time the name was revealed.In the same account, he was in charge of posting an illustration depicting the swordsman's appearance at the main enclosure for a limited time from May 2 to June 5 of the same year under the name of "Kuronosuke's Honmaru inspection".
An SD character that appears at the time of "Forging Sword", which is one of the means to obtain the swordsmith.There is no conversation in both voice and text.
Sword soldier
SD character equivalent to "armor" and "long-distance attack" that raises the ability of the swordsman and reduces damage.There is no conversation in both voice and text.In the setting, it is a soldier led by swordsmen.
There are types such as light / heavy infantry, light / heavy cavalry, elite soldiers, archers, spearmen, gunmen, and stoners, and each has an average / upper / special rank.There are differences in the sword equipment that can be equipped depending on the sword man's sword type, of which archers, gunmen, and stone soldiers attack the enemy in the "distance battle" before the start of the "white blade battle", which is the battle of the sword man. Can do damage.

Enemy character

Enemy characters are roughly divided into the following two types.In both cases, the creature design is based on Nitroplus.[17].

Historical revisionist
A force that goes back to the past and aims to falsify history,Retrograde army,Time travel armyAlso called.Enemies that you usually encounter in the purple squares on the map when you go out.The appearance is constant depending on the sword type, and there are categories of "Kou, Otsu, Hei" depending on the strength, and the color effect is different.The player's character possesses a sword that cannot be equipped on the sword type, and has a rarity and number of sword slots that the sword man does not have.There are high-ranking kunai and wakizashi in the dagger and wakizashi, respectively.Unit names and formations vary depending on the difficulty of the map and squares.
An unidentified third force that aims to maintain a correct history.Both the swordsman and the historical revisionist are regarded as foreign bodies in history, and it is set that they are willing to murder in order to make the history correct in the work.It has the same appearance as a historical revisionist and is constant depending on the sword type, but the color effect is blue and the classification is only "_release", and it is divided into two types of rarity by the sword type icon.In addition, there are no daggers, wakizashi, or uchigatana, and there are long-handled spears that historical revisionists cannot confirm.The strength will be the highest level of the men in the player's unit formation, not the map.In rare cases, when you win, you can get a swordsman who will drop only from non-improper use.The unit name is "History Guard Squad".
If you clear the boss mass of the same normal map 10 times, it will randomly appear in the battle mass of that map, and the icon will be marked up on the map.When you advance to the battle mass on the appearance map, the time retrogression army icon usually appears and it will be an immediate battle, but with a certain probability the time retrogression army icon will be cut and replaced with the non-improper use icon, and the graphic before the battle And different poetic narration sentences are displayed for each map.Hakodate, the first map, does not show any improper use.There are also maps that are set to always appear in certain battle squares in limited-time events (in this case there is no graphic or narration statement).



In September 2013, Takaki Kosaka of Nitroplus approached DMM for consultation, and the project was launched.Nitroplus will be working on character design, screenplay, and UI as the original[18].

From March 2016, 3, the application software "Touken Ranbu -Pocket-" was released.Although it was not possible to play under the age of 1 on the browser due to the DMM terms of use[19], The rating when using the game on a mobile terminal is 3 years old or older[20]..The browser version and the app version can be synchronized by entering the code, but the app version does not require the introduction of the DMM game store and uses a billing system called "Koshukin" that is different from the DMM points, and the browser version And the app version cannot be combined to make an in-game purchase[21]..The number of pre-registered people reached about 147 million[22][23].

ス タ ッ フ

List of officially announced producers[Note 14].

  • Management- DMM Games
  • Original- Nitroplus
  • Planning- Kenichi Katagishi-Takaki Kosaka
  • Executive Producer-Yuta Hanazawa
  • Producer-Aya Murata, Tatsuhiro Shimada
  • Game development --CLARITY STUDIO
  • Development Producer-Tomokazu Kuribayashi
  • Development Director-Makoto Shimoda
  • Original Producer- Digitarou
  • Original Director-Komari, Mirai Hoshino
  • Worldview supervision- Yuba Shibamura
  • Screenplay-Nitroplus, Yuri Shibamura,Norimitsu Kaiho-
  • Creature Design-Source
  • Deformed character design-Tatsuto Nara
  • Interface design ―― 3WD
  • OP Movie-Polygon Bancho
  • musics - ZIZZ STUDIO
  • Theme song
    • "Yumegen Ranbusho" (August 2016-) Lyrics: Yoshie Isogai, Composition: Takamitsu Ono, Arrangement: Chihiro Tamaki, Singing: Sotaro Itagaki
    • "You and Me" (August 2020-) Lyrics / Composition / Singing: Yumi Matsutoya, Arrangement: Masataka Matsutoya

Deployment / acceptance

Possessing the famous sword, Toshiro Sabao, who appears in this workTokugawa Art MuseumContact to[24][25].

Fans are visiting shrines and temples, museums and art galleries that also store other swords.[26], Sales of books related to swords have suddenly started to increase, and the publication is also affected.[26],Separate Treasure IslandThe publisher is about the increase in the percentage of female readers of the Japanese sword series.Treasure IslandAnalyzed that it might have been influenced by games and manga including this work[27], In response to this trendKawade Shobo ShinshaThere are also publishers that appeal their publications to users like this.[28].

For female fans of this work, "Sword girlIt came to be called[29], 2015New Word/Buzzword AwardWas also selected as one of the 50 nominated words[30].

On April 2015, 4, a browser game based on Japanese swords from the same DMM GamesShinken !!Service has started.This work is a work of another development team unrelated to the development staff of Touken Ranbu, but there are users who are interested in Touken Ranbu among the registrants of this work, and the existence of this work has influenced not a little. Saying things [31].

Received the Jury's Special Award at the Japan Character Award on June 2017, 6.[32].

Also, an in-game guideKonnosuke OfcostumeWas produced and "Yuru Chara Grand Prix 2016”, And won second place in the corporate and other categories.[33].

Focusing on the social phenomenon that the number of people who are interested in actual swords has increased due to the popularity of "Touken Danshi", an anthropomorphic character of the sword that appears in this game, in 2016,Tokyo UniversityThe 15th Cultural Resources Forum "Character Thoughts-The Fascinating Things of" Touken Danshi "-" was held by the Cultural Resources Laboratory of the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences.[34].

Impact on rediscovery and restoration of swords

The sword that was the source of the character "Shokudaikiri MitsutadaWas owned by the Mito Tokugawa family and was said to have been burned down during the Great Kanto Earthquake, but since the service of this game started, the Mito Tokugawa family's heirloom will be kept.Tokugawa MuseumInquiries about the whereabouts of Shokudaikiri Mitsutada increased rapidly, and as a result of investigating the stored items, it was rediscovered in April 2015.After that, a plan to restore Shokudaikiri Mitsutada before the disaster came up.[35], In January 2018, a simultaneous exhibition of the main course and a copy was held at the Tokugawa Museum.In June of the same year, a copy of the stamp was given to Nitroplus.[36].

Odachi, the origin of the characterHotarumaruIsAso ShrineThe old devoted toNational treasureWas,Pacific WarImmediately after the end of the warGHQIt was more missing after being requisitioned by. In the 21st centurySeki CityThe restoration plan was raised in, aiming for completion in March 2017 with reference to the traditional stamps and sumi-e.Kakamigahara City・ Seki City ・MinokamoWhen we jointly launched crowdfunding in November 2015 and raised funds online, we exceeded the target amount of 11 million yen in the first 5 hours and reached 550 million yen after 4 days.[37]..The popularity of "Touken Ranbu" has also been pointed out as the cause of the concentration of funds in this plan.[37]..In addition, the largest investor is Kosaka, the representative of Nitroplus who produced "Touken Ranbu", and he started the "dedication training" ceremony at Aso Shrine on February 2016, 2 and completed it on June 27, 2017. Also attending the dedication ceremony[38]..The swordsmith made three swords, one was dedicated to the Aso Shrine that he owned before unknown, and one was donated to the Seki Traditional Swordsmith and opened to the public on September 3.[39]..Since the remaining one was considered as a reward to the largest investor from the beginning, it was given to Kosaka, the representative of Nitroplus, and is released at any time at various events related to "Touken Ranbu" as "Hotarumaru Shakauchi".[38].

Jiu Neng Shandong ZhaogongIn December 2017, it launched crowdfunding to raise funds for the restoration of 12 swords that are urgently needed to be restored.In order to cooperate with this, Nitroplus also has the sword "Touken Ranbu", which is owned by the shrine and adopted as the character of "Touken Ranbu".Sohaya no TsurukiWhen we offered the goods as a reward, the target amount of 6 million yen was exceeded in 500 hours from the start.[40]In the end, it reached about 6 million yen, which is nearly six times as much.

In March 2019, in Higashi Osaka CityIshikiri Shrine"Founded 2677 Ishikiri Tsurugiya Shrine" Sword Dedication "Project" was launched, and support from March 3 through the crowdfunding service "BOOSTER" to dedicate the restored sword of "Tachi Ishikiri Maru" to the deity. After recruiting, with the cooperation of special reward goods by "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-", the target amount of 26 million yen was reached in about 4 hours after the start.[41]In the end, it reached about 8 million yen, which is nearly six times as much.

Related event collaboration

Museums, art galleries, shrines, local governments

We are planning an official collaboration with museums, shrines, and local governments that are related to the sword under construction.

  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- ~ Kyoto no Kiseki Stamp Rally ~ --The first was held from January 2016 to March 1, 23, and the second was held from January 3 to March 13, 2017. ..Panels of sword men were exhibited at shrines and temples related to swords in Kyoto city, and a special exhibition of "Higekiri" was held at Kitano Tenmangu. [42][43][44].
  • Sano Museum of ArtCommemorating the exhibition "Culture of Shine Talking about Famous Swords" Mishima City, "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" Collaboration Project- ShizuokaMishima CityHeld from November 2016, 11 to February 12, 2017 at the Sano Art Museum, the panels of "Touken Ranbu Tonbokiri" and "Touken Ranbu Taiko Bell Sadamune" were exhibited, and the Mishima City Local Museum (Mishima City Local Museum)RakujuenA stamp rally was set up including (inside) and Mishima Taisha Treasure Museum.[45][46].
  • "Touken Ranbu -Honmaru Hiroshi-" --From January 2017th to 1th, 6Sunshine City、同年4月28日から5月7日までグランフロント大阪、同年5月13日から5月28日まで仙台駅前イービーンズ、同年7月22日から8月6日まで西鉄ホール、同年8月31日から9月6日まで松坂屋名古屋店にてそれぞれ開催された「刀剣乱舞-ONLINE-」の二周年を記念した初の公式複合イベント[47]..In addition to the illustrations drawn by the participating illustrators of the game, the shadow cast "Restoration Mikazuki Munechika Shadow" prototyped by Shiro Ishida Kunitoshi Swordsmith was also exhibited as an estimated restoration "Mikazuki Munechika Live Restoration Project".[48].
  • Kyoto Culture Museum"Sengoku Period Exhibition -A CENTURY of DREAMS-"[49] --At the exhibition held from February 2017th to April 2th, 25, a special clear file designed as a special collaboration "Gotora Retirement" will be presented to the first 4 people from March 16st to 3th. Was done[50].
  • Special exhibition "Now, at the time of transcendence.Yamanbagiri Kunihiro, Ashikaga. 』--From March 2017th to April 3nd, 4Ashikaga Museum of ArtHeld at. There is a connection with the swordsmith of "Yamanbagiri Kunihiro"TochigiAshikagaIn addition to the collaboration project "Ashikaga City x Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-", the private collection "Yamanbagiri Kunihiro" was exhibited for the first time in 20 years, and collaboration goods were sold and lectures were given at the venues in the city. Character panels etc. were also exhibited[51][52][53][54][55].
  • Special Exhibition "Kyo no Katana-Takumi no Kokoro no Kokoro" --From September 2018th to November 9th, 29Kyoto National MuseumHeld at.Collaboration tickets were sold, life-sized panels of swordsmen and newly drawn illustrations were exhibited, collaboration audio guides were rented, and limited collaboration goods were sold.[56][57]..It is also one of the exhibited swords during the opening period.This work Nagayoshi (58 characters omitted below)The swordsman "Yamanbagiri Kuniyoshi" modeled after was implemented in the game.
  • Special Exhibition "Samurai-The Genealogy of Mononofu no Bi-The Exhibition of SAMURAI" --From September 2019th to November 9th, 7Fukuoka City MuseumHeld at.Collaboration tickets were sold, life-sized panels of swordsmen and newly drawn illustrations were exhibited, collaboration audio guides were rented, limited collaboration goods were sold, and collaboration accommodation plans were provided.[58]..It is also one of the exhibited swords during the opening period.KuwanaeThe swordsman "Kuwanae" modeled after was implemented in the game, and a life-sized panel was additionally exhibited.

Other works / companies

  • "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" x "Good Smile x Animate Cafe" --- Held at Animate Cafe Akihabara and Osaka Nihonbashi from February 2015th to May 2th, 24[59].
  • JR East Mito Branch --February 2019, 2-Mito Plum Festival Executive Committee during the period of March 16, 3Tokugawa MuseumHeld "Anime Sequel" Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- "Hanamaru Yuinroku Stamp Rally" with the cooperation of[60][61][62].. February 2019th, 2-The following day, 16th and 17rd, "Rapid Shokudaikiri Mitsutada" was operated as a special rapid service for group trains.[63][64].
  • Card Fight!! Vanguard G
    • Title booster "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" (G-TB01) will be released on July 2015, 7[65]..Some cards have game-related skills such as "honor" and "serious deathblow".[66]..In addition, all illustrator notations are unified to "2015 DMM Games / Nitroplus".[67].
    • Title Trial Deck "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" (VG-G-TTD01)[68] And the title booster "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" 02 (G-TB2016) will be released on October 10, 14.[69]..Some cards have game-related skills such as "dual wield eyes".In addition, all illustrator notations are unified to "2015-2016 DMM Games / Nitroplus".[70][71]
    • Deck set "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-" 1st / 2nd (VG-G-THD01 / 02) will be released on October 2017, 10[72].
    • All aboveJapanese versionIt can only be used in tournaments that use the Vanguard of, and cannot be used in tournaments that use the English version.
    • As an aside, the deck using this clan won the Vanguard National Tournament held on January 2018, 1, and also won the second place in the World Tournament on the following 20st.

Problems / criticism

Image theft problem
On July 2015, 7, the management team was pointed out by the outside that "the image on the Internet may be copied or adapted without permission", and some cases were not properly processed. After confirming, I posted an apology on the Nitroplus site and apologized to the people concerned.[73].
In response to this, DMM contacted the right holder and instructed to change the image such as the icon that has a problem with Nitroplus, and as a result, the relevant part was replaced with a new image.[74].
Controversial remarks by stakeholders
On July 2015, 7, Nitroplus talked about the expansion of users of "Touken Ranbu" at the "Content Culture History Society" held in May of the same year by Yuri Shibamura, who is in charge of the script and world view.Greater East Asia mutual prosperity areaIn addition to saying, "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" is a game that responds to numerous inquiries about posting tweets about specific ideological beliefs related to "Touken Ranbu". It does not reflect the belief, and the intention does not exist even in the production process, "he declared, apologized for the lack of management, and announced that he requested Shibamura to refrain from speaking.[75][76].

Media mix

Stage works

Since 2015, the musical version "Musical" Touken Ranbu "" and the straight play version "Stage" Touken Ranbu "" have been developed as a media mix at the same time.Among the fans, "2.5 dimensionsA media work called ".

Although it is based on the game, there is no clear story part in the game, only the settings that have been clarified, conversations between characters and related scenes are drawn, so the performance is mainly based on the in-game settings. Each story is a different story.


An anime work based on "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-". From 2016 TV animation "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-(Tokenranbu Hanamaru) has been released as a TV anime since 2017.Live attack Touken Ranbu"(Katsugeki Tokenranbu) is broadcast.Both works are originalNitroplus,DMM.comThe production team is completely different, except for the participation of, and the main story, which is the stage of the story, is also different.

Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-

From January to March 2016TOKYO MX-Cantere-BS11It was broadcast as the first period on. February 1, 2017 The production of the second term was announced.

After that, it was held from March 2017th to 3th, 25.AnimeJapan2017TOHO animationThe second production was announced at the booth, and from January to March 2, "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-Was broadcast under the title of[77]..In addition, the first movie version omnibus "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- -The Interlude of Memories-Was screened for a limited period of two weeks from December 2017, 12.[77].. In the event "Hanamaru Haru Ichiban!" Held in February 2021, the movie "Special "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-" ~ Yuzuki Hana ~Was announced, and it was announced that it would be released in 2022 and that it would be a trilogy.[78].

The cast and character draft are based on the game (Sword swordsman)[79][Note 15]..There is a god god, but it is set so that it does not appear on the screen.At the time of the first episode, 1 swordsmen will appear.The number of swordsmen increases with each passing, and 17 swordsmen will appear by the final episode.[80].

Synopsis (Hanamaru)
First term (Hanamaru)
OnceShinsengumi OfOkita Soji(Voice- Ono Daisuke)[81] The sword man who was his favorite sword,Yamato Mamoru stableとKashu KiyomitsuFocusing on, "Hanamaru days of swordsmen in a certain Honmaru" is drawn.
Yamato of "Toaru Honmaru" who is worried about the peaceful daily life of the swordsmen in the stage "Toaru Honmaru" between the current master of the gods and the former master of Soji Okita The story unfolds around the growth of defensive stability.
Second term (sequel, Hanamaru)
Focusing on Kashu Kiyomitsu, who is waiting for the return of Mamoru Yamato, who set out on a journey at the end of the first term, he depicts "Hanamaru days of swordsmen in a certain Honmaru".
With the peaceful daily life of the swordsmen in the stage "Toaru Honmaru" as the vertical axis, Kashu Kiyomitsu of "Toaru Honmaru" who has been away from the actual battle for a long time and is worried about his own strength and the speculation of the main god The story unfolds around the growth of.
Character / Cast (Hanamaru)

* The cast of Touken Danshi and the original character draft are based on the game (Sword swordsman)

Voice- Yuuki Shin
In the game, he is a navigator and a mascot, but he has only text and no voice, and the voice actor is an anime original.
In "Hanamaru", Konnosuke did not appear with the gods in the 1st term, but in the 2nd term 1 episodePredecessor Konnosuke(Voice- Nobuo Tobita) Will be replaced and will be assigned to "Toaru Honmaru".The predecessor and the successor have the same physique and body color, but the voice and decorations on the neck are different.At the time of the change, the predecessor Konnosuke was obsessed with the gods who did not show up and stayed in the room, but he told the swordsmen that this would not be the case because his successor had a different personality.
Staff (Hanamaru)
  • Original plan-From "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" (DMM Games / Nitroplus)
  • Director-Takashi Naoya (1st term) → Tomoaki Koshida (2nd term)
  • Deputy Director-Midori Yui (Phase 2)
  • Series composition- Pierre Sugiura(Phase 1) → Lightworks (Phase 2)
  • Screenplay-Pierre Sugiura,Erika Yoshida(Phase 1) → Lightworks (Phase 2)
  • Character Design - Junichiro Taniguchi
  • Sub-character design-Eriko Iida, Mitsue Mori (Phase 2)
  • Sword design and supervision --Eri Nakajima, Denforword Akishino weather (2nd term)
  • Prop Design-Kazumi Ono
  • Time-traveling army design and supervision --Oshima En
  • Art Setting --Takeyuki Takahashi
  • Art Director-Yukari Yasuda
  • Color design-Genta Makabe, Kei Ishiguro (Phase 1) → Yuta Takeuchi (Phase 2)
  • Cinematographer-Kunihiko Ito (1st term) → Takehiro Kure (2nd term)
  • Edit --Kentaro Tsubone
  • Sound Director- Fumiyuki Gou
  • musics - Kenji Kawai
  • Music production- Toho
  • Music Producer-Masataka Mikami (1st term) → Keitoshi Isobe (2nd term)
  • Chief Producer-Yoshihiro Furusawa,Digitarou, Yoshiaki Matsumoto, Hiroki Yamamoto
  • Producer- Junnosuke Ito(Phase 1) → Shunsuke Hosoi (Phase 2), OK (Phase 1) → Hidenori Yamamoto (Phase 2), Takumi Obama, Atsushi Morita,Usa Yoshihiro
  • Animation Producer-Yosuke Nakamura (1st term) → Hajime Kamada (2nd term)
  • Animation production - Video studio
  • Production-Animation "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-" Production Committee (Toho,Nitroplus,Marvelous,DMM.com, Video Studio,good smile Company)
Theme song / CD (Hanamaru)

The theme song CD has the title and release date in the list below.TohoMusic label "TOHO animation RECORDSWas released from.

* OP = opening, ED = ending

Theme song
Release dateCD titleTheme itemSong titlesongLyricsCompositionArranger
Phase 1 "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-"
May 10
Songbook Collection Part XNUMXSeries OP
Episode 12 ED
Hanamaru ◎ Sunny!
MizunogenkiShuhei Mutsuki
Episode 1 EDDawn diary
May 10Songbook Part XNUMXEpisode 2 EDWhereabouts of the soul
Episode 3 EDThe scent of flowers is weeping
Shuhei Mutsuki
May 11Songbook Collection Part XNUMXEpisode 4 EDIt's a flower with no time
MizunogenkiTetsuya Shitara
Episode 5 EDIzuru Tsuki, banquet song
Kensuke Inage
May 11Songbook Part XNUMXEpisode 6 EDEasy-going journey
eNuTetsuya Shitara
Episode 7 EDDouble cherry blossoms of love and Jodo
  • Toshiro Maeda (Reona Irie)
  • Shiro Sabao (Soma Saito)
  • Yakuken Toshiro (Seiichiro Yamashita)
  • Gotora Retirement (Yuta Kasuya)
  • Toshiro Akita (Yoshitaka Yamaya)
  • Shiro Rando (Kazutomi Yamamoto)
  • Toshiro Hirano (Ryota Asari)
  • Bone eating Toshiro (Hiroto Suzuki)
  • Shiro Atsuto (Daiki Yamashita)
  • Hakata Toshiro (Jun Osuka)
  • Once in a whileAtsushi Tamaru)
Takahiro AkedaMiyazaki Makoto
May 12Songbook Collection Part XNUMXEpisode 8 EDNikkari Ayakashi Counting SongDisappointed Aoe (Atsushi Majima)WhenGhost extermination squadron[Member 1]Pierre SugiuraShuhei Mutsuki
Episode 9 EDAkatsuki no Hoshi
May 12Songbook No. XNUMXEpisode 10 EDThere is a connection from the heart
  • Kunitoshi Aizen (Seiichiro Yamashita)
  • Hotarumaru (Yuichi Iguchi)
  • Kuniyuki Akashi (Ryota Asari)
MizunogenkiKensuke Inage
Episode 12 Insert SongAnytime, anytime
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
May 12
Complete Kayo[Note 16]Movie version omnibus
Theme song
Hanamaru ◎ Sunny! 47 swing ver.Hanamaru Swords[Member 2]Shuhei Mutsuki
Phase 2 "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-"
May 1
Songbook Collection Part XNUMXEpisode 1 OP
Episode 12 ED
Under the day of Hanamaru
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
MizunogenkiShuhei Mutsuki
Episode 1 EDHeaven and calendar
May 1Songbook Part XNUMXEpisode 2 OPUnder the day of Hanamaru mark ver.2
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
  • Guest vocal[*1]
Shuhei Mutsuki
Episode 2 EDBe the weather tomorrow
  • Shiro Sabao (Soma Saito)
  • Bone eating Toshiro (Yuto Suzuki)
  • Once in a while (Atsushi Tamaru)
eNuJun Hoshina
May 1Songbook Collection Part XNUMXEpisode 3 OPUnder the day of Hanamaru mark ver.3
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
  • Guest vocal[*2]
MizunogenkiShuhei Mutsuki
Episode 3 EDThe strange tour is a stylish edge
  • Shokudaikiri Mitsutada (Takuya Sato)
  • Ogurikara (Makoto Furukawa)
  • Taiko Bell Sadamune (Koji Takahashi)
eNuTetsuya Shitara
May 1Songbook Part XNUMXEpisode 4 OPUnder the day of Hanamaru mark ver.4
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
  • Guest vocal[*3]
MizunogenkiShuhei Mutsuki
Episode 4 EDCongratulations
  • Kunihiro Yamanbagiri (Tomoaki Maeno)
  • Lion King (Ryota Osaka)
  • Kotorimaru (Soichiro Hoshi)
May 2Songbook Collection Part XNUMXEpisode 5 OPUnder the day of Hanamaru mark ver.5
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
  • Guest vocal[*4]
Episode 5 EDMichiyuki, close to each other
  • Toru Hachisuka (Kazuyuki Okitsu)
  • Toru Urashima (Jun Fukushima)
  • Nagasone Kotetsu (Tarusuke Shingaki)
eNuTetsuya Shitara
May 2Songbook No. XNUMXEpisode 6 OPUnder the day of Hanamaru mark ver.6
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
  • Guest vocal[*5]
MizunogenkiShuhei Mutsuki
Episode 6 EDFlower-colored clothing
  • Sozo left character (Yuki Tai)
  • Saya left character (Ayumu Murase)
  • Eyuki left character (Takuya Sato)
May 2Songbook No.XNUMXEpisode 7 OPUnder the day of Hanamaru mark ver.7
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
  • Guest vocal[*6]
Episode 7 EDAt the time of Suzu
  • Toshiro Maeda (Reona Irie)
  • Shiro Sabao (Soma Saito)
  • Yakuken Toshiro (Seiichiro Yamashita)
  • Gotora Retirement (Yuta Kasuya)
  • Toshiro Akita (Yoshitaka Yamaya)
  • Shiro Rando (Kazutomi Yamamoto)
  • Toshiro Hirano (Ryota Asari)
  • Bone eating Toshiro (Yuto Suzuki)
  • Shiro Atsuto (Daiki Yamashita)
  • Hakata Toshiro (Jun Osuka)
  • Once in a while (Atsushi Tamaru)
  • Goto Toshiro (Futoshi Murata)
  • Shinano Toshiro (Yusuke Kobayashi)
  • Toshiro Kuchicho (Yuki Miyata)
Yanagawa TakaoR ・ O ・ N
May 2Songbook No. XNUMXEpisode 8 OPUnder the day of Hanamaru mark ver.8
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
  • Guest vocal[*7]
MizunogenkiShuhei Mutsuki
Episode 8 EDA pair of sparks, touching the secret
Akira Takizawa
May 3Songbook No. XNUMXEpisode 9 OPUnder the day of Hanamaru mark ver.9
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
  • Guest vocal[*8]
MizunogenkiShuhei Mutsuki
Episode 9 EDBlade life road
Tomokazu YamadaMiyazaki Makoto
May 3Songbook Collection Part XNUMXEpisode 10 OPUnder the day of Hanamaru mark ver.10
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
  • Guest vocal[*9]
Shuhei Mutsuki
Episode 10 EDEngraved flash
eNuNabumi Mabuchi
May 3Songbook Collection No. XNUMXEpisode 11 OPUnder the day of Hanamaru mark ver.11
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
  • Guest vocal[*10]
MizunogenkiShuhei Mutsuki
Episode 12 Insert SongBoiled life
  • Mamoru Yamato Stable (Mitsuhiro Ichiki)
  • Kashu Kiyomitsu (Toshiki Masuda)
May 4Continued "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-" Original SoundtrackEpisode 11 EDOne by one--Kenji Kawai

Unit member

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Guest vocal "Under the day of Hanamaru"

  1. ^ ver.2 --Heshikiri Hasebe (Aragaki Tarsuke), now the sword (Daiki Yamashita), Toshiro Maeda (Leona Irie), Nikkari Aoe (Atsushi Majima), Hachisuka Toratoru (Kazuyuki Okitsu), Yoshiyuki Mutsu (Kento Hama)
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Other CDs
Release datetitleStandard product number
NovemberTouken Ranbu -Hanamaru- DJCD Stable Kiyomitsu's "Hanamaru Tsushin" Part XNUMXTHCA-60124
NovemberTouken Ranbu -Hanamaru- Original SoundtrackTHCA-60123
NovemberSequel Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- Original SoundtrackTHCA-60201
Each story list (Hanamaru)
Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing director
Issue 1
Episode 1Mutsuki ChoshininnaPierre SugiuraTakashi NaoyaAtsushi Yamazaki, Mina OsawaJunichiro Taniguchi
Episode 2Kisaragi I have nothing to say ...Yuta TakamuraAtsushi Soga, Hiromi OkazakiABOUT17
Eriko Iida
Episode 3Yayoi is XNUMX / XNUMXYuta YamazakiMidori Yui
Norocco Australia
Tomoyo Sawada, Saori SakiguchiMaho Yoshikawa
Episode 4Uzuki What is strength?Masatoshi HakataHitomi EzoeTakashi Nakamoto, Kazumi OnoEriko Iida
Episode 5Satsuki Gentle is strongHiroaki YoshikawaYuji IbeTsutomu Ono, Mariko Emori
Noritomo Hattori, Masahiko Matsuo
Maho Yoshikawa
Episode 6Minazuki This main enclosure is congratulationsYuta Yamazaki
Yuta Takamura
Yu Kurihara, Miyuki Koga
Ayano Suzuki, Yukari Takeuchi
Miyuki Koga
Episode 7Fumizuki Happiness to think of someoneYukina HiiroTomohiro Noda, Goro TakiMaho Yoshikawa
Episode 8Hazuki ghost extermination squadron formed!Takashi NaoyaHotaka Mt.Rain sound, Tamami Izawa
Maho Yoshikawa, Kazumi Ono
Saori Sakiguchi
Maho Yoshikawa
Miyuki Koga
Episode 9Because there is that past for many monthsHiroaki YoshikawaHitomi Ezoe
Naoki Tani
Akiko Toyoda, Ayano Suzuki
Masayoshi Kikuchi, Mayumi Fujita
Japan Coast Guard, Hiroshi Kinri
Maho Yoshikawa
Junichiro Taniguchi
Episode 10Kannazuki Really important memoriesErika Yoshida
Pierre Sugiura
Yuta YamazakiFukase ShigeruYosuke Kabashima, Miyuki Koga
Eri Tokugawa, Kazumi Ono
Miyuki Koga
Eriko Iida
Junichiro Taniguchi
Episode 11Shimotsuki A clear blow from OkitaPierre SugiuraKenji SetouYuta TakamuraMaho Yoshikawa, Reno Yamamoto
Yu Kurihara, Ayano Suzuki
Saori Sakiguchi, the sound of rain
Maho Yoshikawa
Junichiro Taniguchi
Episode 12December Our main enclosure is Hanamaru todayTakashi NaoyaMidori Yui
Hotaka Mt.
Maho Yoshikawa, Tamami Izawa
Mai Matsuura, Miyuki Koga
Akiko Toyoda, Saori Sakiguchi
Junichiro Taniguchi
Maho Yoshikawa
Eriko Iida
Issue 2
Episode 1Mutsuki I have to be strongSachi Nekota
Muneo Nakamoto
Tomoaki KoshidaAkiko Toyoda, Tamami IzawaMitsue Mori
Episode 2Kisaragi May tomorrow be a good dayTakahiro Nagano
Sachi Nekota
Midori YuiKumiko HabaraKodama HikaruAkiko Kumada
Episode 3Yayoi will never lose!Sachi Nekota
Yukito Kizawa
Muneo Nakamoto
Hiroaki YoshikawaMidori YuiSaori Sakiguchi, Ren YamamotoMiyuki Koga
Episode 4Uzuki Because it's a member of this main enclosureSachi Nekota
Takahiro Nagano
Shoji NishidaHotaka Mt.Atsushi Soga, Ayano Suzuki
Hiromi Ariga
Yu Kurihara
Episode 5Satsuki What I can doSachi NekotaNanako ShimazakiYukari Takeuchi, Tamami Izawa
Nakamoto Hisashi
Akiko Kumada
Episode 6Minazuki Thank you for your continued support.Tomoaki KoshidaJunto SasakiJapan Coast Guard, Michiyo Sugawara
Hiroshi Kinri, Sayaka Ueno
Ken Miyano
Chisato Kikunaga
Episode 7Fumizuki, big gameTakahiro NaganoTomoaki Koshida, Yoshiyuki ShirahataAtsushi Soga, Ren Yamamoto
Tomoyo Sawada, Akiko Toyoda
koto, Hiromi Ariga
Ayano Suzuki, Saori Sakiguchi
Yukari Takeuchi, Yasuho Tamura
Atsushi Soga
Episode 8Hazuki Because this is a secretSachi Nekota
Muneo Nakamoto
Midori YuiFukase ShigeruMasayoshi Kikuchi, Mayumi Seki
Teruhiko Yamazaki, Yuko Ikezoe
Michiyo Sugawara, Hiroshi Kinru
Sayaka Ueno, Ken Miyano
Chisato Kikunaga
Hitomi Kaibo
Episode 9It's good once in a while ...Takahiro NaganoHiroaki YoshikawaHotaka Mt.Tamami Izawa, Takashi Nakamoto
Yu Kurihara, Rena Okuyama
Yu Kurihara
Episode 10Kannazuki, you'll be fineSachi Nekota
Muneo Nakamoto
Nanako ShimazakiTeruhiko Yamazaki, Michiyo Sugawara
Mayumi Seki, Hiroshi Kinri
Sayaka Ueno, Ken Miyano
Yukari Takeuchi, Kohei Ashiya
Taeko Oda
Chisato Kikunaga
Kikuchi Masayoshi
Hitomi Kaibo
Episode 11Shimotsuki I'm looking forward to itYukina HiiroYukina Hiiro
Nakatani Asami
Yukari Takeuchi, Atsushi Soga
Yu Kurihara, Tamami Izawa
Hiromi Ariga, Ren Yamamoto
Saori Sakiguchi
Atsushi Soga
Episode 12December Hanamaru's daily storyTomoaki KoshidaYukari Takeuchi, Akiko Kumada
Tamami Izawa, Hiromi Ariga
Atsushi Soga, Ayano Suzuki
Tomoya Hiratsuka, Asami Goda
Miyuki Koga
Atsushi Soga
Akiko Kumada
Yu Kurihara
Miyuki Koga
Broadcasting station (Hanamaru)
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 1 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[82]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [83] Remarks
2016 May 10 - May 12 Monday 0:00-0:30 (Sunday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
Monday 0:30-1:00 (Sunday midnight) BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting /ANIME +"frame
Monday 1:55-2:25 (Sunday midnight) Cantere[Note 17] Kinki wide area The stage of the work (Kyoto)
2016 May 10 - 2017 May 1 Saturday 1:00-1:30 (Friday midnight) Nippon Television Plus All over Japan CS broadcasting / With repeat broadcast[84]
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period[85]
Delivery period Delivery time Delivery site
May 2016-June 10, 3 Monday 18:00 update DMM.com
Monday 22:00-22:30 Nico Nico Live Broadcast
2016 May 10 - May 12 Monday 10:00 update
Monday 12:00 update
2016 May 10 - May 12 Updated Tuesday 12:00 Flat video
2016 May 10 - May 12 Updated Wednesday 0:00 (Tuesday midnight) J:COM on demand
Wednesday 0:30-1:00 (Tuesday midnight) AbemaTV
2016 May 10 - May 12 Thursday 0:00 (Wednesday midnight) Update PlayStation Video
2016 May 10 - May 12 Updated Friday 12:00 HAPPY video
2016 May 10 -2017May 1 Updated Sunday 0:00 (Saturday midnight) TSUTAYA TV
2016 May 10 -2017May 1 Monday 10:00 update GYAO! Store
2016 May 10 -2017May 1 Netflix
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 2 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[86]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [83] Remarks
2018 May 1 - May 3 Monday 0:00-0:30 (Sunday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting / "ANIME +" frame
Monday 1:55-2:25 (Sunday midnight) Cantere Kinki wide area Stage of the work (Kyoto)
2018 May 1 - Friday 16: 30-17: 00[Note 18] Nippon Television Plus All over Japan CS broadcasting / repeat broadcasting available
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period[87]
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May 2018-June 1, 8 Monday 18:00 update DMM.com
2018 May 1 - May 3 Thursday 0:00 (Wednesday midnight) Update
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  • Movie full Plus
BD / DVD (Hanamaru)
rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
Issue 1
1NovemberEpisode 1-Episode 2TBR-26301DTDV-26311D
2NovemberEpisode 3-Episode 4TBR-26302DTDV-26312D
3NovemberEpisode 5-Episode 6TBR-26303DTDV-26313D
4NovemberEpisode 7-Episode 8TBR-26304DTDV-26314D
5NovemberEpisode 9-Episode 10TBR-26305DTDV-26315D
6NovemberEpisode 11-Episode 12TBR-26306DTDV-26316D
EventsNovemberSpecial event Hanamaru ◎ Sunny!-TDV-27180D
OmnibusNovemberMemoir between the curtainsTBR-28105DTDV-28106D
Issue 2[88]
1NovemberEpisode 1-Episode 2TBR-28111DTDV-28112D
2NovemberEpisode 3-Episode 4TBR-28113DTDV-28114D
3NovemberEpisode 5-Episode 6TBR-28115DTDV-28116D
4NovemberEpisode 7-Episode 8TBR-28117DTDV-28118D
5NovemberEpisode 9-Episode 10TBR-28119DTDV-28120D
6NovemberEpisode 11-Episode 12TBR-28121DTDV-28122D
Web Radio (Hanamaru)

Phase 1 Web Radio "Anime "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-" WEB radio "Stable Kiyomitsu's" Hanamaru Tsushin ""Is on July 2016, 7Animate TimesAfter pre-delivery at Animate Times, from August 8th to December 26th of the same year,Otozumi,HiBiKi Radio StationIt was delivered at.Personality is Mamoru Yamato's stable roleMitsuhiro IchikiAnd Kashu KiyomitsuToshiki Masuda..Irregular delivery, all 10 times[89].. On February 2017, 2, in addition to the regular distribution of this program, a DJ CD containing newly shot episodes will be released. The SP times were delivered on November 15, 2017.

Phase 2 Web Radio "WEB radio peek! "Hanamaru Tsushin"Was distributed on Animate Times, Otoizumi, and HiBiKi Radio Station from January 2018th to April 1nd, 15.[90][91]..Updated every other Monday.The personalities are Toshiki Masuda, who plays Kiyomitsu Kashu, and Hasebe / Nagasone Kotetsu, who plays Toru Nagasone.Aragaki Tarsuke.

Phase 1 guest
Manga (Hanamaru)

From December 2016, 12 "Boy jump +AtWeb comicsIt was serialized until April 2019, 4.The drawing is by monkey Hashino.This work is a comicalized version of the TV anime "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-", and features the daily life of Honmaru from the perspective of Kashu Kiyomitsu.In addition, it should be notedJump squareThe same work was published as a one-shot work in the November 2016 issue.[92].

  1. 2017 year 7month 4 Date released[Collection 1],ISBN 978-4-08-881239-7
  2. 2018 year 1month 4 Date released[Collection 2],ISBN 978-4-08-881437-7
  3. 2018 year 7month 4 Date released[Collection 3],ISBN 978-4-08-881561-9
  4. 2018 year 12month 4 Date released[Collection 4],ISBN 978-4-08-881685-2
  5. 2019 year 6month 4 Date released[Collection 5],ISBN 978-4-08-881871-9
Related books (Hanamaru)
  • Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- Video Studio Official Original Drawing Collection Volume 2017 (Video Studio, released on January 1, 14)JAN 4573384641320
  • Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- Video Studio Official Setting Material Collection Volume 2017 (Video Studio, released on January 1, 14)JAN 4573384641337
  • Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- Video Studio Official Original Drawing Collection Volume 2017 (Video Studio, released on August 8, 14)
  • Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- Video Studio Official Setting Material Collection Volume 2017 (Video Studio, released on August 8, 14)
  • Anime "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-" that can be enjoyed at Bayer level Piano solo sheet music collection (Doremi Music Publishing Co., Ltd., released on December 2017, 12)ISBN 978-4-28-514719-3
Related event collaboration (Hanamaru)
  • NTT DoCoMo --From January 2016, 8 to March 12, 2016Tokyo Big SiteHeld atComic market 90Conducted at.Touken Ranbu-Hanamaru-specifications such as mobile base station cars installed in the venue and Wi-Fi supporters wrapped by Mamoru Yamato and Kiyomitsu Kashu[93].
  • TOWER RECORDS CAFE --The anime "Touken Ranbu" Hanamaru x TOWER RECORDS CAFE will be held from October 2016, 10 to October 4, 2016 at the Omotesando store and Umeda NU Chayamachi store.In addition to the in-store display, a collaboration menu inspired by the swordsman was also sold.[94].
  • Karaoke Tetsujin --Animation "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-" x Held at some stores from November 2016, 11 to March 1, 2017 as a karaoke iron man.Original cocktails with the image of a swordsman were sold at the target stores.In addition, a collaboration room was held at the same time only at the Ikebukuro East Exit store.[95].
  • Good smile×Animate Cafe --6 Animate Cafes and Cafe Shops[Note 19] にて、前半が2016å¹´12月1日から2017å¹´1月11日、後半が2017å¹´1月13日から2017å¹´2月19日の期間限定で開催[Note 20]..In addition to drinks and food menus inspired by the swordsman, limited items were also sold.[96].
  • Hanamaru Udon ――The udon that appeared in the work is a collaboration menu "Nutrition perfect score! Sold as "Udon of Heshikiri Hasebe" at some stores from December 2016, 12 to January 15, 2017.During the collaboration period at the target stores, the opening song "Hanamaru ◎ Hiyori! Was used[97].. From March 2018st to 3th, 1, in addition to the previous "Udon of" Heshikiri Hasebe "", "Udon of Shokudaikiri Mitsutada" that appeared in the following 14 episodes will be released, and the target 7 Among the stores, the roadside store used the narration by the swordsman and the opening song "Hanamaru-in no Hinode".[98]..In addition, at the Higashiikebukuro XNUMX-chome store and the Namba Nansan-dori store, which had many visits in the previous collaboration, we submitted a collaboration visual of Shokudaikiri Mitsutada, Heshikiri Hasebe, and Nikkari Aoe during the same period.
  • ufotableRelated stores-Touken Ranbu-Hanamaru-Original Cafe by Video Studio Collaboration Cafe will be held from December 2016, 12, and Collaboration Dining will be held from December 6, 2016 for a limited time.[99]。2018年も、『続「刀剣乱舞-花丸-」原画カフェby動画工房』として前期を4月27日から6月17日まで、後期を6月19日から7月29日までの2期に分けてマチ★アソビCAFE4店舗(東京・北九州・大阪・眉山)で開催[100].
  • Oedo hot spring story --A collaboration event will be held from December 2016, 12 to February 27, 2017 under the title of "Anime" Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- "x Oedo Onsen Monogatari ~ Oedo Onsen Expedition ~".In addition to selling goods using newly drawn illustrations, a fair game was held, and collaboration food with the image of a swordsman was also sold.In addition, at the stamp rally held during the period, the original story drawn by Pierre Sugiura of the script and series composition was used, and the unit[Note 21] Contents and prizes differ depending on[101]..To commemorate the start of the second season of the anime, it will be held again for a limited time of about 2 days from December 2017, 12 (however, the stamp rally will not be held). From April 22, 30, it will be held until June 2018, 4 with the title of "Anime Sequel" Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- "x Oedo Onsen Monogatari-Continued Oedo Onsen Expedition-".Similar to the previous time, in addition to selling goods using newly drawn illustrations, fair games will be held, and collaboration foods with the image of a swordsman will also be sold.[Note 22]..The stamp rally will be held as before.
  • Touken Ranbu -Honmaru Hiroshi --- The period and place areTouken Ranbu #Related Events / Collaborationreference.In addition to the exhibition of original drawings and setting materials, a photo spot that reproduces the veranda of "Toaru Honmaru" has also appeared.[48].
  • Plum Festival in Mito --Held from February 2017th to March 2th, 18 under the title of "Hanamaru Yuinroku"[102].JR EastStation[Note 23] And tourist facilities in Mito city[Note 24] In addition to holding stamp rallies in Japan and selling goods using newly drawn illustrations,Mito StationOn the premisesTakuya SatoAnnouncement broadcast by (Shokudaikiri Mitsutada) will also be carried out[103].. From February 2018th to March 2th, 17, it will be held as "Hanamaru Yuinroku-Plum Blossoming Mito no Jin-"[104].. In addition to the stamp rally similar to 2017, a silhouette quiz rally of "Hanamaru Shuyuroku" using a smartphone's dedicated AR app will be held.In addition, wrapping is applied near the door of the E657 series 3 trains to decorate the station.[Note 25]を行うと共に、前年同様周辺施設でも様々な催しが行われる(徳川ミュージアムでの「刀 燭台切光忠」「太刀 児手 柏」の再現作展示等)。2019年も、2月16日から3月24日まで(3月1日までが1期、3月2日からが2期)「花丸遊印録〜梅咲き誇る春舞台〜」として開催。2017年・2018年同様のスタンプラリーに加え、今回はNational railway color OfE653 seriesA tour was also set up to go by the special train "Rapid Shokudaikiri Mitsutada" with in-car wrapping, in-car broadcasting by cutting the candlestick, and various other benefits (dedicated headrest cover, lunch bag, sticker, original lunch box). All courses were full on the day of release[105].
    • Hanamaru Tohoku Tour-In 2021, "Hanamaru Tohoku Tour" will be held from May 2021th to June 5th, 8 in conjunction with the Tohoku Destination Campaign.[106]..The "Limited Express Shokudaikiri Mitsutada", which was originally scheduled to operate with the resumption of operation of all Joban Lines in 2020, will be operated in May.During the same period, life-sized panels (mainly Shokudaikiri in the new stationmaster uniform of JR East) will be exhibited at Mito Station and Sendai Station, and "Shokudaikiri Mitsutada" will be exhibited in collaboration with the Mito / Tokugawa Museum "Sword Project". We will sell original goods commemorating the operation of "Limited Express Shokudaikiri Mitsutada", a collaboration cafe that offers a menu inspired by.
  • Taiko no Tatsujin - BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment(Current:Bandai Namco Amusement) Music game. The first OP "Hanamaru ◎ Hiyori!" Is recorded in Yellow Ver., Which started operation on March 2017, 3, and if you select the same song, the strikeouts of Mamoru Yamato, Kashu, and Hasebe will appear as dancers.[107].
  • Card Fight!! Vanguard G --The first (VG-G-THD1) and second (VG-G-THD01) of the pre-built deck "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- Deck Set" will be released on October 2, 02.[108].
  • Continued "Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru-" Hanamaru Banquet- Monte RosaHeld from March 2018, 3 to June 15, 6 at the affiliated izakaya (Yamauchi Farm, Connoisseur Ginji, Millennium Feast, Fukufukuya (all excluding flat-price stores))[109]..A limited clear file drawn by using the Hanamaru banquet course will be presented.
  • Sunshine City Prince Hotel --From June 2018th to September 6th, 15[110], "Deluxe concept room accommodation plan" that reproduces the world view of animation in the entire room such as "Toaru Honmaru" and "Konnosuke's room" in Japanese-style room, Panorama floor twin room B for depiction in animation and this collaboration There are 3 types of "concept room accommodation plan" decorated with the sword boy who became the SD character of, and "accommodation plan with original goods" set in the force room, twin room B, and semi-double room on the panoramic floor. It comes with an acrylic stand, a refill bottle, colored paper, and a luncheon mat (A3).The deluxe concept room is limited to one room per day, and the concept room is limited to two rooms per day.Of these, only the Deluxe Concept Room has been extended for sale until December 12, the same year.

Live attack Touken Ranbu

From July to September 2017TOKYO MXIt was broadcast elsewhere.Initially, the title was not decided, and the title was "Touken Ranbu (tentative)", but the official title was announced on December 2016, 12.[111].

The production team is different from "Hanamaru", but the cast team is a continuation of the original game.Unlike "Hanamaru", which focuses on peaceful daily life, "Katsugeki" is a full-scale swashbuckler action based on historical facts.[112]..For the first time in the original and media mix development, Konnosuke has a voice, and the gods appear for the first time with clear visuals as an anime original character.[113].

This work begins with the story of the second unit to which they belong, centered on the six swings of Mamoru Izumi, Yoshiyuki Rikuoku, Kunihiro Horikawa, Toshiro Yakuken, Tonbokiri, and Kuninaga Tsurumaru.[114][115], Since the first unit was newly formed in the 7th episode, episodes of the first unit such as Yamanbagiri Kunihiro, Mikazuki Munechika, Kokuto Shiro, Otenta Mitsuyo, Higekiri, Hizamaru etc.[115][116].

After the broadcast, the production of the movie version animation was announced[117]..The release date is undecided.

Newtype×Machi ★ Asobi At the Anime Award 2017, he won the Mascot Character Award for Konnosuke.

From January 2018,Channel specialized in historical dramaRebroadcast of the TV series started at.This was decided because there were many opinions that "I want you to broadcast on a historical drama channel".[118].

Production (lively)

The originalNitroplus, ProductionAniplex, Animation productionufotable,musicHideyuki Fukasawa, Theme songKalafinaIs in charge of "Fate / Zero"and"Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]The staff who produced 』are gathered.Also, belonging to ufotable, who is the first director of this workToshiyuki ShiraiWas also in charge of storyboarding / directing, animation director, and art setting for Fate works.Eight young female animators belonging to ufotable are in charge of character design, one by one.Uchimura is Mamoru Izumi, Tsuzuki is Mutsu no Kamiyoshi, Ishizuka is Kunihiro Horikawa, Niisato is Toshiro Yakuken, Shiojima is Tonbokiri, Yamazaki is Tsurumaru Kuninaga, Onizawa is Goddess, and Seki is Konnosuke. In charge of.The eight character designers share the design of the first unit and sub-characters in addition to the second unit.[113].

Ufotable is in charge of the series composition.President and CEOKondo HikaruServes as the scenario composition and main script for the entire story.Also, belonging to NitroplusSteel shop ginIs participating in the script.In addition, he is in charge of world view supervision and scenarios in the original game.Yuba ShibamuraIs participating as a setting cooperation[119]..In this work, Kondo works as a planner, producer, production producer, and sound director in addition to the script.

In the main action part of this work, the title of "Swashbuckler Animator" is placed, and "The border of the sky, And the three animators belonging to ufotable who played a central role in the action part in "Fate series".In addition, Watanabe Kodama, the chairman of the Sogetsukai, who teaches "Genko Nitou style swordsmanship" as an action part swordsmanship instruction, will participate. Based on Watanabe's idea that "you can't draw a true swashbuckler without knowing how to cut a Japanese sword," many of the main staff are learning sword techniques and Iai using various swords, including serious trial cutting.Furthermore, as a historical proofNHKTaiga drama"Shinsengumi!And 'Ryoma-denI was in charge of historical evidence such asTatsuya YamamuraParticipated as a staff member. He supervises screenplays and storyboards produced by ufotable.Also,Tosa dialectSupervised by Mutsu no Kami YoshiyukiKento HamaIs going.In addition to the usual production method, we also use the "film scoring method" to produce music according to the scene.[112][120][121][122][123].

Staff (lively)
Synopsis (lively)

OnceShinsengumi OfToshizo HijikataThe sword man who was his favorite sword,Mamoru IzumiとHorikawa KunihiroAs the second unitBakumatsuHe was sent to and was fighting the time-traveling army.It was the second unit that struggled to "protect history" according to the command from the gods, but in the face of a small-scale alternate history that does not affect the big picture of history, the people of Ichii will be sacrificed. Neither Mamoru Izumi nor Horikawa could dispel the suspicion that "Is history really protected?"

Eventually to the second unitRyoma SakamotoWas given the guard duty of, and was a member of the second unit and was Ryoma's favorite sword.Mutsumori YoshiyukiWill unexpectedly act with Ryoma due to the effects of a small alternate history.Ryoma doesn't want to die, but Ryoma protects his history.TeradayaからFushimi OfSatsuma DomainHe escorted him to his residence, fulfilled his mission, and succeeded in preserving "the correct history of Ryoma Sakamoto being assassinated."When asked by Horikawa, "Did you want to teach the future to the former Lord?", Mutsu no Kami Yoshiyuki vomits a complicated heart.At that time, the second unit chasing Ryoma who secretly escaped from the Satsuma domain's residence encounters the Shinsengumi, who should have been in a different place in history.It was the second unit that stopped the time-traveling army and managed to avoid the contact between Ryoma and the Shinsengumi, but Mamoru Izumi, who saw Hijikata's appearance, became a board between Hijikata's longing and the main order from the gods, Horikawa. Takes "Izumi Mamoru Kanesada's true intention" and draws HijikataHakodate WarI will leave the second unit if I die.Horikawa's determination goes against his mission to protect history.Mamoru Izumi and Mamoru Mutsu, with the understanding and support of the gods, to "protect history" and to clear the regrets of Mamoru Izumi, the final land of Toshizo HijikataHakodateGet off to.

Character / Cast (lively)

* The cast of Touken Danshi and the original character draft are based on the game (Sword swordsman) However, there are many settings unique to anime.

Second unit
Organized from the second episode.A unit whose mission is mainly at the end of the Edo period.The commander is Mamoru Izumi and Sada.The members are Mamoru Izumi's companions, newcomers Kunihiro Horikawa, Yoshiyuki Mutsu, Toshiro Yakuken, and Tonbokiri, who is the first mission at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, and Kuninaga Tsurumaru, who joins from the fourth episode.The yellow torso is attached to the support.
XNUMXst unit
Organized from episode 6.The commander is Kunihiro Yamanbagiri.The members consist of a total of six members, including Mikazuki Munechika, who is fully trusted by the gods, Yagen's brother, Toshiro Kokuto, Otenta Mitsuyo, and Higekiri and Hizamaru's brothers.The whole body is white and the support is attached.
Goddess (Sawa)
Voice- Junko Minagawa
Anime original character.His real name and gender are unknown, and he wears a Japanese-style costume.He is short and has a young, neutral face, silver hair and golden eyes, and speaks calmly.He serves as the lord of the swordsman, and is called by the swords in the game as each swordsman character, such as "God of God" and "Lord".The swords are called "Mr. XX".
It is possible for the time-traveling troops to observe the noise breaking the time barrier from Japan in the future in 2205 and go back in time, but due to the influence of time pressure, it is not possible to stay for a long time.Only when you are in the same era as the retrograde army attacking will your ability to observe noise increase dramatically and you will be able to give more detailed instructions.Furthermore, it is possible to send two or more swordsmen, which was the limit of retrogression at the time of the second episode, only when he is in the era of his own departure.He also has the skills to treat swordsmen, and can also treat swordsmen in the "care room" in the main enclosure.
Voice- Takuma Nagatsuka(Second unit),Noriaki Sugiyama(Part XNUMX),Sho Okumura,Shinya Takahashi
In the game, he is a navigator and a mascot, but he has only text and no voice, and the voice actor is an anime original. In "Katsugeki", he acts with the swordsmen, presenting information necessary for the mission, transmitting commands from the gods, creating maps, and recording all the events that occurred during the mission. It plays the role of supporting and backing up people and swordsmen.The bell attached to the neck has various functions such as searching for important figures from the time when he was in the field and extracting historical records.In addition, the main enclosure in this work has multiple "Konnosuke" that have different appearances and personalities, and each has its own individuality.
Ryoma Sakamoto
Voice- Ono Daisuke
Episode 9-Appeared in Episode 11.By time travel army1866 OfTeradaya IncidentDue to subsequent historical intervention, he has been guarded by the Second Unit, but he is unaware.Mutsumori YoshiyukiHe is the owner of (sword) and has fought with Mutsu no Kami Yoshiyuki, a swordsman who is performing his mission.In the case of the Teradaya incidentFushimi BugyoThe sword cannot be grasped because the thumbs of both hands were cut by the catcher.
Toshizo Hijikata
Voice- Tohru Inada
In episode 10ShinsengumiDeputy Chief, Episode 11-In Episode 13Former Shogunate Army Army ServiceAppeared concurrently.Mamoru Izumi(Sword) andHorikawa KunihiroOwner of (Wakizashi).
Ichimura Tetsunosuke
Voice- Haruki Ishiya
Appeared in episodes 11 and 13.Shinsengumi soldier.HijikataSmall family name..At the end of the Battle of Hakodate, Hijikata's hometown is Mamoru Izumi (sword), who was entrusted as one of the relics by Hijikata's order.HinoDeliver to.
Theme song (lively)
Opening theme "Hikari Tatsu Ame"[124](Episode 1-Episode 12)
Lyrics- hotaru / Composition / Arrangement- yamazo / song - Souma Saito
In the first episode, it was inserted between the main story and the end credit.Not used in episode 1 because there is no opening.
Ending theme, insert song "Hyakkaryouran(Episode 2-Episode 4, Episode 6-Episode 12 Ending, Episode 13 Insert Song)
Lyrics, composition and arrangement- Yuki Kajiura / song - Kalafina
Not used in episodes 1 and 5.Used as an insert song in episode 13.
Each story list (lively)
Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation director
Episode XNUMXDepartureKondo HikaruToshiyuki ShiraiHitoko Uchimura, Moe Tsuzuki, Miyuki Ishizuka
Rio Niisato, Yuka Shioshima, Miki Yamazaki
Kayo Onizawa, Yukako Seki, Etsutaka Kono
Episode XNUMXCommanderToshiyuki ShiraiShinya Shimomura
Tomohiko Muraki
Episode XNUMXThe life of the LordTakuya NonakaMieko Ogata, Takayuki Motegi, Atsushi Tanaka
Episode XNUMXWhat I wanted to protectKondo Hikaru
Chika Tachibana
Takashi SuharaHitoko Uchimura, Moe Tsuzuki, Miyuki Ishizuka
Rio Niisato, Yuka Shioshima, Miki Yamazaki
Kayo Onizawa, Yukako Seki, Etsutaka Kono
Episode XNUMXwarKondo HikaruTakahiro MiuraTakeuchi
Episode 6HonmaruChika TachibanaToshiyuki ShiraiTakuya NonakaMieko Ogata, Takayuki Motegi, Atsushi Tanaka
Masato Nagamori
Episode XNUMXXNUMXst unitSteel shop ginYasuhiro IrieHaruo TozakiAkira Matsushima
Episode XNUMXProtect historyKondo HikaruTakeuchi
Takahiro Miura
Takahashi Takurowo
Hitoko Uchimura, Moe Tsuzuki, Miyuki Ishizuka
Rio Niisato, Yuka Shioshima, Miki Yamazaki
Kayo Onizawa, Yukako Seki, Akira Matsushima
Shinya Shimomura
Episode XNUMXOriginal Lord (Aruji)Akane Sekine
Takashi Suhara
Takashi SuharaHitoko Uchimura, Moe Tsuzuki, Miyuki Ishizuka
Rio Niisato, Yuka Shioshima, Miki Yamazaki
Kayo Onizawa, Yukako Seki, Etsutaka Kono
Kaori Endo
Episode XNUMXWhere loyalty goesKondo Hikaru
Kazuharu Sato
Takahiro MiuraKei TsunematsuYukari Takeuchi, Sachiko Akiyama
Episode XNUMXThe rule of ironKondo HikaruHaruo TozakiTakuya Nonaka
Masato Nagamori
Mieko Ogata, Takayuki Motegi, Atsushi Tanaka
Episode XNUMXHakodate WarTakeuchi
Takahiro Miura
Toshiyuki Shirai
Takahiro Miura
Hitoko Uchimura, Moe Tsuzuki, Miyuki Ishizuka
Rio Niisato, Yuka Shioshima, Miki Yamazaki
Kayo Onizawa, Yukako Seki, Etsutaka Kono
Yukari Takeuchi, Kaori Endo, Ikuo Yamamon
Episode XNUMXLivelyToshiyuki ShiraiHitoko Uchimura, Moe Tsuzuki, Miyuki Ishizuka
Rio Niisato, Yuka Shioshima, Miki Yamazaki
Kayo Onizawa, Yukako Seki, Mieko Ogata
Yukari Takeuchi, Ikuo Yamamon, Akira Matsushima
Broadcasting station (lively)
Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[125]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [83] Remarks
2017 May 7 - May 9 Sunday 0:30-1:00 (Saturday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
Tochigi TV Tochigi
Gunma TV Gunma
BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting /ANIME +"frame
Sunday 3:08-3:38 (Saturday midnight) Every day broadcasting Kinki wide area "Anime shower] Part 3
2017 May 7 - May 9 Tuesday 22:30-23:00 AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / With repeat broadcast
2017 May 7 - May 10 Monday 1:30-2:00 (Sunday midnight) Okayama Broadcasting Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefecture
2017 May 7 - May 10 Thursday 1:55-2:25 (Wednesday midnight) Kochi-san TV Kochi
2017 May 7 - May 10 Friday 2:00-2:30 (Thursday midnight) TV Ehime Ehime
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[125]
Delivery period Delivery time Delivery site
2017 May 7 - May 9 Monday 12:00 update DMM.com
2017 May 7 - May 9 Thursday 10:00 update
Thursday 22:00-22:30 AbemaTV
Thursday 23:00-23:30 Nico Nico Live Broadcast
2017 May 7 - May 10 Thursday 12:00 update
2017 May 7 - May 10 Friday update J:COM On Demand Mega Pack
BD / DVD (lively)
rollRelease date[126]Recording storyStandard product number
BD limited editionDVD limited edition
1NovemberEpisode 1ANZX-13801 2/XNUMXANZB-13801 2/XNUMX
2NovemberEpisode 2-Episode 3ANZX-13803 4/XNUMXANZB-13803 4/XNUMX
3NovemberEpisode 4-Episode 5ANZX-13805 6/XNUMXANZB-13805 6/XNUMX
4NovemberEpisode 6-Episode 8ANZX-13807ANZB-13807
5NovemberEpisode 9-Episode 10ANZX-13809ANZB-13809
6NovemberEpisode 11-Episode 13ANZX-13811ANZB-13811
CD (lively)
  • Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Music Collection (released on September 2017, 9)
Web radio (lively)

"Lively Touken Ranbu Radio TeamIs pre-delivered on June 2017, 6, and from July 30 to November 7 of the same year.HiBiKi Radio StationWeb radio delivered on.Updated every Thursday until the 14th, and every other Thursday after the 15th.PersonalityRyohei Kimura(Mamoru Izumi and fixed role)Junya Enoki(Kunihiro Horikawa)[127].

Manga (lively)

"Jump square』(Shueisha)2017 From April issue2018 Serialized until the January issue, 1May 1From 2019 on the magazine's homepageMay 7Was serialized up to.The drawing is Honami Tsuda[128].

  1. Published September 2017, 11 (released September 7)[Collection 6]),ISBN 978-4-08-881260-1
  2. Published September 2018, 4 (released September 9)[Collection 7]),ISBN 978-4-08-881386-8
  3. Published September 2018, 9 (released September 9)[Collection 8]),ISBN 978-4-08-881570-1
  4. Published September 2019, 2 (released September 9)[Collection 9]),ISBN 978-4-08-881730-9
  5. Published September 2019, 8 (released September 7)[Collection 10]),ISBN 978-4-08-882031-6
Related event collaboration (lively)
  • Touken Ranbu -Honmaru Hiroshi --- The period and place areTouken Ranbu #Related Events / Collaborationreference. In addition to the release of PV, some original pictures were also posted[Note 26][48].
  • ufotableRelated stores-Three stores of ufotale Cafe operated by ufotable, which is in charge of animation production,Machi ★ Asobi Cafe"Katsugeki Sword Ranbu Cafe & DINING" will be held from May 2, 2017 at ufotable DINING.In addition to the collaboration menu with the image of a swordsman, there will be an exhibition of original drawings used in the work and a preliminary screening.[129][130][131].
  • Machi ★ Asobi - TokushimaTokushimaAn event where entertainment such as anime and games planned and operated by ufotable gathers. Many events were held at vol.2017, which was held for 5 days from May 5th to May 5th, 7.During the exhibition period, the exhibition at JR Tokushima Station and the role of Mamoru IzumiRyohei Kimura, The role of Mutsu no Kami YoshiyukiKento HamaThe guide announcement of the ropeway and the pre-screening of the first episode were held. On the 1th, Ryohei Kimura and Kento Hama became stationmasters at JR Tokushima Station for one day. In addition to the talk event, a public prayer ceremony was held by related staff on the 6th.[132].
  • Good smile×Animate Cafe --Held for a limited time from July 6, 2017 at Animate Cafe and 7 cafe shops[Note 27]..In addition to drinks and food menus inspired by the swordsman, limited items were also sold.[133] The first collaboration work after the renewal of Animate Cafe Nagoya is now.[134].
  • Tokushima City Awa Odori Promotional Poster --At Awa Odori in Tokushima City, "Katsugeki Sword Ranbu" was adopted as the 2017 collaboration work of "Awa Odori Poster", which is collaborated with ufotable production works every year.In addition to the six main swings that appear in this work, the poster depicts Hachisuka Kotetsu, who has a connection to Tokushima, Nagasone Kotetsu, who also has the name of Kotetsu, and Urashima Kotetsu.[135].
  • Zendame --National Entertainment Festival --- An event centered on games held from August 2017th to 8th, 5 in Gifu Prefecture. In addition to the ufotable cafe business trip version, we will sell goods drawn by Yakuken Toshiro.[136][137].
  • Lively Touken Ranbu Ranbu no Utage --From July 2017th to October 7th, 15Monte RosaHeld at affiliated izakaya restaurants (Shirokiya, Uomin, LOL, Yamauchi Farm)[138][139].
  • Granblue Fantasy --From September 2017th to 9st, 9, a collaboration event "Katsugeki Sword Ranbu ~ Soten no Enishi ~" will be held.From Katsugeki, Mamoru Izumi, Kunihiro Yamanbagiri, Mikazuki Munechika, Yoshiyuki Mutsu, Kuninaga Tsurumaru, Toshiro Kokuto[140], Konnosuke, Kunihiro Horikawa appeared.
  • Tokyo Prince Hotel --From February 2018 to September 2, 23, one executive suite will be set as a concept room with the image of a gods room. ・ From January 9, a limited lottery will be released for one room per day, and regular rooms will be available. However, we have released an accommodation plan with original goods that allows you to receive the benefits described below.[141]..As a common privilege, 5 original goods (message card, cushion cover, acrylic stand, mirror, coaster) will be attached, and an original drink with the image of Konnosuke will be offered at the tea salon "Pikake" in the hall.Initially it was until June 2018, 6, but due to its popularity, the period has been extended.


"Movie Touken Ranbu(Eigatokenranbu, English title:TOUKEN RANBU THE MOVIE), A live-action movie version of the story set in the new Honmaru, based on "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-"2019 May 1Published in[2].. The directorSaiji Yakumo, The script isYasuko Kobayashi, StarringHiroki Suzuki[Note 28].

The title at the time of various advertisements until the release is "Movie Touken RanbuHowever, the post-credits and Blu-ray / DVD titles are "Movie Touken Ranbu -Inheritance-』(Eigatokenranbu Keisho).

Synopsis (movie)

In 2205 AD, historical revisionists sought to alter history.Time travel armyTo the past era,The Honnoji TempleShould die inOda NobunagaWas trying to change history by rescuing.A sword became a warrior for an old priest who was ordered by the government of the time to prevent them and protect the correct history.Sword swordsmanSend the troops to the Honnoji Incident.

At the end of the battle, the swordsmen repelled the time-traveling army, but after returning to Honmaru, it turns out that Nobunaga Oda survived.The sword men go back to the past, but in order to protect the correct history, Oda Nobunaga must be assassinated, and the sword men who used to be Oda Nobunaga's sword have mixed feelings.Mikazuki Munechika, the commander of the unit, shows an attitude of hiding something, and evades the denunciations of the members, and the unit is in danger of division.

At that time, Nobunaga Oda himself, with the cooperation of the time-traveling army.Mitsuhide AkechiWas trying to avenge.However, a soldier of the time travel armyUnsignedFor some reason, protects Akechi Mitsuhide and turns his blade toward Oda Nobunaga.Mikazuki Munechika takes Nobunaga Oda somewhere in the midst of a melee battle with the swordsmen.Why does Mikazuki Munechika help Nobunaga Oda to kill, and what is he hiding?

On the other hand, I rushed to the news of the strangeness of Honnoji Temple.Hideyoshi HashibaBelow, a sentence from Nobunaga Oda arrives.Nobunaga Oda and Mikazuki Munechika will issue a big command to take over the world again.Azuchi castleHe leaned over and secretly gathered his hands.Hideyoshi Hashiba rushed to Azuchi Castle, not because of his loyalty to his lord, but because he defeated Nobunaga Oda and took over the world.Yakuken Toshiro, who saw Azuchi Castle burning in the hands of Hideyoshi Hashiba, remembers his vague memory.Yakuken Toshiro, who was once Oda Nobunaga's favorite sword, was thought to have been burnt during the Honnoji Incident, but it was wrong, and it was actually burned at Azuchi Castle.In the original history, Nobunaga Oda was defeated by Hideyoshi Hashiba at Azuchi Castle.And while knowing the truth clearly, Mikazuki Munechika hid it from other members in order to protect the ostensible history that "Oda Nobunaga died at Honnoji Temple".

During the battle between the time-traveling army that appeared to rescue Nobunaga Oda again and the swordsmen who rushed to Azuchi Castle, Mikazuki Munechika who saw the end of Nobunaga Oda appeared and forced other members to Honmaru. Return.It was to protect the main enclosure from the approaching time-traveling troops.

The limit of power is approaching the old gods who are their main, and the time-traveling army is asking for an opportunity to attack Honmaru.Reaching for alternate history to various times, he attacks the weakened old gods when the main enclosure is thin.Alternate history of Honnoji was one of those demonstrations.In this way, the time-traveling army finally reaches the main enclosure, which most of the swordsmen have paid off.However, when the barrier that protects the main enclosure is about to be broken, the swordsmen who have been returned by Mikazuki Munechika appear and are informed of the truth.

Mikazuki Munechika, who remained in Azuchi Castle, was fighting against the time-traveling troops alone.When the power reaches its limit, the troops that should have returned to Honmaru reappear in Azuchi Castle.To bring back Mikazuki Munechika at the command of the Lord.The swordsmen who turned around defeated the time-traveling army and completed the mission to protect the correct history.

In the main enclosure, the Ōdachi of the time-traveling army was approaching the old god.Mikazuki Munechika, who returned there, stood up and an unnamed dagger pierced the side of the large sword that was about to release the attack.Unsigned is a swordsman who was manipulated by the time travel armyKurikaraeIt was.The swordsmen who defeated Odachi with everyone including Kurikarae.However, the figure of the old priest was no longer in the main enclosure.

Swordsmen gathering in the hall.Beyond the raised bamboo blinds, there was a young child who became the new god of the main enclosure.

Cast (movie)

Staff (movie)

  • draft:DMM GAMES / NitroplusFrom "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-"
  • Supervision:Saiji Yakumo
  • script:Yasuko Kobayashi
  • musics:Koji Endo
  • Production: Keiji Ota,Takaki Kosaka,Haruki Nakayama, Hiroshi Tojo, Kiyotaka Ninomiya,Yusuke Tanaka
  • Executive Producer: Akito Takahashi,Digitarou
  • Planning: Yoshihiro Furusawa
  • Planning / Producing: Koji Higashi
  • Producer: Takeshi Date
  • Line Producer: Hideyuki Kobashi
  • Associate Producer: Shinsuke Higuchi
  • Photo: Kenji Tsuji, Eiji Mukaiyama
  • Lighting: Takae Furuhashi
  • Recording: Masaki Ikeda
  • Art: Shohei Hatahara, Natsuki Kioka
  • Decoration / Props: Hiroshi Iwama
  • Decoration: Toru Nishimura
  • Props / Tools: Hitomi Maruyama
  • Special stylist: Tomo Hyakutake
  • Costume design: Tomomi Kato
  • Costume: Shigeo Omori
  • Hair and makeup: Miho Shimizu, Tomoko Karasawa
  • Tokoyama: Akiko Kawada
  • Action Director: Daisuke Hibari
  • VFX Supervisor: Hideaki Ogishima
  • VFX Producer: Hiyoshi Takita
  • Edited by: Akira Takeda
  • Sound adjustment: Fusao Yuwaki
  • effect:Kenji Shibasaki
  • Scripter: Aika Muramatsu
  • Assistant Director: Takeshi Matsuura
  • Producer: Ryuichi Ogata
  • Assistant Producer: Mitsutaka Saito
  • Special cooperation:Yuba Shibamura, Komari, Mirai Hoshino
  • Advertising Producer: Tomoko Kouma
  • Promotion: Yuji Otsuki
  • License: OK, Rina Ogure
  • Music Producer: Toshihiro Sugita
  • Starring Touken Ranbu Character design: Satan, ⑪, Ishisho, Kuniharu Komiya,Jiro Suzuki, Teku, minato, Sirano, Home Run / Fist, AKIRA, Midoro, Ma Shichi,Shiro Miwa
  • Visual appearance Touken Ranbu Character design: Yuri Shiki, Izumi
  • distribution:Toho Imaging Division
  • Production Production:Tohoku Shinsha
  • Production: "Movie Touken Ranbu" Production Committee (Toho,Nitroplus,Marvelous,DMM GAMES, Tohokushinsha,GYAO)

Theme song (movie)

UNBROKEN (feat.Hotei Torayasu) (EPIC Records Japan)[143]
Lyrics:Yuho Iwasato / Composition: Tomoyasu Hotei / Arrangement:Toshi Kishi / song:Nishikawa Takanori

Promotion (movie)

Collaboration manner CM
"NO MORE movie thief]collaborationManner CM was screened before the main screening[144]..This was made because the director, Saiji Yakumo, also directed "NO MORE Movie Thief".[145]..Normally, "Patrump Man" cracks down on voyeur movies, but in this work, Touken Ranbu is doing it.All three types of manners CM will be screened on a weekly basis.
Support screening
On February 1, 2019, about a month after its releaseSupport screeningWas decided to be implemented[146][147]..Some theaters are not covered, but they will be screened nationwide from 18:XNUMX.Regarding this implementation, director Saiji Yakumo said, "It seems that the project was supported by requests from theaters nationwide."[148].

BD / DVD (movie)

As mentioned above, 2019 with the title of "Movie Touken Ranbu -Inheritance-"May 6Blu-ray / DVD will be released in Japan, and DVD rental will start from June 6th.The seller is Marvelous, and the seller / seller is Toho.

The deluxe version includes the following benefits.

  • Benefits Disc1
    • "NO MORE Movie Thief" x "Movie Touken Ranbu" Collaboration Video All 3 episodes
    • Public pre-special program "Movie Touken Ranbu" Thorough dissection special
    • "Movie Touken Ranbu" that you can understand in about 1 minute
    • Support screening special video
    • "Movie Touken Ranbu" release commemorative Twitter countdown video
    • Event video collection (completion screening, first day stage greetings)
    • Making video
  • Benefits Disc2
    • Nine swordsman casts look back! Digest visual commentary
      • ① Mikazuki Munechika: Hiroki Suzuki x Honebami Toushirou: Fuma Sadamoto x Uzumaru: Tomoki Hirose
      • (XNUMX) Yakuken Toshiro role: Ryo Kitamura x Japan issue role: Hiroaki Iwanaga x Fudo Yukimitsu role: Taizo Shiina
      • ③ Yamanbagiri Kunihiro role: Yoshihiko Aramaki x Heshikiri Hasebe role: Masanari Wada x Kurikarae role: Shimba Tsuchiya
  • Enclosed benefits
    • booklet
    • Set of 10 bromides
  • First-time limited benefits
    • Digipak specification with special outer case (switch to tall case / Amaray case specification after the first production)
Release datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank
NovemberMovie Touken Ranbu -Inheritance- Luxury EditionTBR29149DTDV29150D1 bit[149]
Movie Touken Ranbu -Inheritance- Normal Edition

Related books (movies)

Touken Ranbu A walk of Sword

The first period is from January 1th to March 2017th, 1 as "Touken Ranbu Okii Konnosuke's Sword Walk"TOKYO MXWas being broadcast on.On September 9th of the same year, the special program "Touken Ranbu Okii Konnosuke's Sword Walk-Deluxe-" and the second term "Touken Ranbu Okii Konnosuke's Sword Walk 24" will be released from October 2th to December 10nd of the same year. Until then, it was broadcast on TOKYO MX.The third term "Touken Ranbu Okii Konnosuke no Sword Walk" was broadcast from October 6th to December 12th, 22, and a special episode was broadcast on January 3st, 2018.

"The guide in the game, Konnosuke in a costumeBig Konnosuke5 minutes to introduce museums and art galleries all over JapanTravel program..In addition, the voice actor who was in charge of the voice of the swordsman is in charge of the narration in the program[150]..Selected as an invited work for the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2017[151].

Broadcasting station (sword walk)

Japanese domestic TV / Phase 1 broadcasting period and broadcasting time
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [83] Remarks
2017 May 1 - May 3 Monday 1:00-1:05 (Sunday midnight) TOKYO MX TokyoProduction Bureau/ Program compatible with the app "M-CAS" / Repeat broadcast available
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period[152]
Delivery period Delivery time Delivery site Remarks
2017 May 1 - May 3 Updated Tuesday 12:00 DMM.com Original game distribution site
d anime store
2017 May 1 - May 3 Updated Wednesday 12:00 Hikari TV/GYAO!/Nico Nico Douga
Rakuten SHOWTIME/Video market
2017 May 1 -December 3 Animate channel Only the first time, 2 episodes are delivered together.
2017 May 1 -December 3 Updated Tuesday 12:00 Fuji TV on demand Delivered once a month for 1 episodes at once.
2017 May 2 -December 3 Thursday 0:00 update Video path Programs for TVs, PCs, smartphones and tablets
J:COM on demand
2017 May 10 Saturday U-NEXT/All-you-can-eat anime All episodes except 11 episodes are delivered.
Japanese domestic TV / special program Broadcast period and broadcast time[153]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [83] Remarks
2017 May 9 Monday 0:30-1:00 (Sunday midnight) TOKYO MX TokyoProduction Bureau/ Programs compatible with the app "M-CAS"
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 2 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[154]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [83] Remarks
2017 May 10 - May 12 Friday 1:35-1:40 (Thursday midnight) TOKYO MX TokyoProduction Bureau/ Programs compatible with the app "M-CAS"
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period[155]
Delivery period Delivery time Delivery site Remarks
2017 May 10 - May 12 Updated Saturday 12:00 d anime store/Hikari TV/Fuji TV on demand
U-NEXT/Nico Nico Douga/All-you-can-eat anime
2017 May 10 - May 12 Updated on Sunday Video market

Staff (sword walk)

  • Original plan: From "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" (DMM GAMES / Nitroplus)
  • Cooperation: Nitroplus, DMM.com, Good Smile Company
  • Title logo: Ryo Taguchi (CIDER inc.)
  • Music: Tokyo Recordings
  • Composition: Ichikawa Billion Emon
  • Photo: Masanori Toda
  • Lighting: Kazuaki Ishikawa
  • Edited by Yuzuru Mitsuoka
  • Sound effects: Ayaki Matsumoto
  • Technical cooperation: Video Studio, IMAGICA, Media House Sound Design
  • Planning: Hitoyasu Oyama
  • Production: Hirotaka Kaneko
  • AD: Misato Horiuchi
  • Director: Junpei Ishihara
  • Producers: Tsutomu Nagae, Takashi Yoshida, OK
  • Production cooperation: Directions
  • Produced by: TOKYO MX

Each story list (sword walk)

Issue 1
#1Mikazuki Munechika Live Restoration ProjectKosuke Toriumi(Mikazuki Munechika)Swordsmith Shiro Ishida Kunitoshi also appeared.
#2Shiro AtsutoDaiki Yamashita(As Shiro Atsuto)
#3Heshikiri HasebeAragaki Tarsuke(As Heshikiri Hasebe)
#4Three Great Spears of Japan, JapanKenjiro Tsuda(Japanese issue)
#5Date family treasure drum bell SadamuneKoji Takahashi(Role of Taiko Bell Sadamune)
#6Three Great Spears of Japan, TonbokiriSakurai Toru(Tonbokiri role)
#7Restoration Mikazuki Munechika ShadowKosuke Toriumi (role of Mikazuki Munechika)
#8Shokudaikiri MitsutadaTakuya Sato(Role of Shokudaikiri Mitsutada)
#9Mamoru IzumiRyohei Kimura(Mamoru Izumi and fixed role)
#10Eyuki left characterTakuya Sato (role of Eyuki left character)
#11Kunihiro YamagairiTomoaki Maeno(Kunihiro Yamanbagiri)Not recorded on BD / DVD.
#12Lion KingRyota Osaka(The role of Lion King)
Issue 2
#1Mikazuki MunechikaKosuke Toriumi (role of Mikazuki Munechika)
#2Five tigers retired Yuta Kasuya(Retired from Gotora)
#3Kenshin KagemitsuDai Yongyi(Kenshin Kagemitsu)
#4Beard cuttingNatsuki Hanae(Higekiri)
#5IshikirimaruHidenori Takahashi (As Ishikirimaru)
#6HizamaruNobuhiko Okamoto(Hizamaru role)
#7Nikkari AoeAtsushi Majima(The role of Aoe)
#8Sohaya no TsurukiRyota Asari(As Sohayano Tsuruki)
#9Shinano ToshiroYusuke Kobayashi(As Shinano Toshiro)
#10Small Dragon KagemitsuShinnosuke Tachibana(Role of Kagemitsu Koryu)
#11Tomoe NaginataHiroshi Nojima(The role of Naginata Tomoe)
#12Immovable lightSakaguchi Daisuke(The role of Fudo Yukimitsu)
Issue 3
#1Hakata ToshiroJun Osuka(Role of Hakata Toshiro)
#2Mutsumori YoshiyukiKento Hama(Role of Mutsu no Kami Yoshiyuki)
#3Kasen KanesadaIshikawa Kaijin(Kasen and Sada)
#4Toshiro MouriGenki Takashiro(Role of Toshiro Mouri)
#5NarukitsuneShintaro Asanuma(Role of Naruto)
#6Toshiro AkitaYoshio Yamaya(As Toshiro Akita)
#7Chiyo KanamaruAragaki Tarsuke(Role of Chiyo Kanamaru)
#8Sozo left characterCourage(Sousan left character role)The BD / DVD contains only the bonus footage of the big Konnosuke.
#9Akashi KuniyukiRyota Asari(Kuniyuki Akashi)
#10Shokudaikiri Mitsutada (reproduction)Takuya Sato(Role of Shokudaikiri Mitsutada)
#11祢Kenichiro Matsuda(The role of Nara Kirimaru)
#Special timesBone eating ToshiroHiroto Suzuki(Role of Toshiro Bone)

BD / DVD (sword walk)

titleRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
Touken Ranbu Okii Konnosuke's Touken Ranbu ~ Special ~NovemberEpisode 1-Episode 10 and 12TMTR-0001TMTR-0002
Touken Ranbu Okii Konnosuke's Touken Ranbu XNUMX ~ Premiamu ~NovemberEpisode 1-Episode 12MXTV-0001MXTV-0002
Touken Ranbu Okii Konnosuke's Touken Ranbu Visit ~ Exerent ~NovemberEpisode 1-Episode 11, Special EpisodeMXTV-0003MXTV-0004

Related event collaboration (sword walk)

  • Ura Akihabara -Ura Akihabara- Held from February 2017st to March 2st, 1.In addition to the collaboration menu using fried tofu, special interior decoration was also carried out.[157][158].

Manga (4 frames)

"4 frames!』(Yoncoma Ranbu!)Monthly BushiroadIt was serialized from the August 2015 issue to the October 8 issue.[159]..The drawing is Kikunorou. A four-frame manga based on the author's own interpretation based on the PC browser game "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-".The swordsmen and enemy characters that appearChibi characterThe feature is that it is made into.

On October 2016, 10, in addition to the magazine serialization of this work, a book containing newly drawn works will be released."Sword Ranbu -ONLINE-" Anthology Comic "4 Koma Ranbu-Puchi Ranbu-"With the title ofKADOKAWASold more, all 1 volume.

Manga (Tsurezure Sake)

"Touken Ranbu ~ Nihongo Tsurezure Sake ~In the titleJapan Literature CompanyDelivered from August 2021, 8 on the manga distribution app "Manga TOP"[160]..The drawing isKenji Okamura.. Based on the PC browser game "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-", this short story introduces sake dishes with the swordsman "Nihon-go" as the main character.

Anthology comic

  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology ~ Hatsujin ~ (KADOKAWA Enterbrain, released on June 2015, 6)
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology Comic ~ Touken Ranbu Intermission ~ (ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ, Released November 2015, 8)
  • Sword Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology Comic "4 Koma Ranbu" (KADOKAWA, released on September 2015, 9)
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology ~ Hibana Scatter, Touken Ranbu ~ (Shogakukan, Released November 2015, 10)
  • Touken Ranbu Gakuen ~ Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology Comic ~ (Hakusensha, Released November 2015, 12)
  • Sword Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology-Preparing for departure! -((Akita Shoten, Released November 2016, 3)
  • Sword Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology ~ Departure ~ (KADOKAWA Enterbrain, released on April 2016, 4)
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology ~ Hibana Mai, Touken Ranbu ~ (Shogakukan, released on September 2016, 9)
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology Comic ~ Square Enix ~ (Square Enix, released on September 2016, 9)
  • Sword Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology Comic "4 Koma Ranbu-Puchi Ranbu-" (KADOKAWA, released on October 2016, 10)
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology Comic ~ Honor! ~ (Hakusensha, released on October 2016, 10)
  • Sword Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology ~ Senjin ~ (KADOKAWA, released on February 2017, 2)
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology-I'm back now! -(Akita Shoten, released on April 2017, 4)
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology Comic ~ Touken Ranbu Shinfuroku ~ (Square Enix, released on June 2017, 6)
  • Sword Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology ~ Kinojin ~ (KADOKAWA, released on August 2017, 8)
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Anthology-Honmaru Ichiban! ~ (Shogakukan, released on January 2018, 1)

Olive Related Products

Other books

  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Official Start Book with a newly drawn appendix (KADOKAWA-Enterbrain, Released November 2015, 4)
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Novel & Illustration Anthology ~ Sakura ~ (KADOKAWA Enterbrain, released on September 2015, 9)
  • Touken Ranbu Gorgeous Catalog (Nitroplus, released on August 2015, 8) *ISBNIs not attached出版物Not goods.
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Official Image Pose Photo Collection (Shinkigensha, Released November 2016, 11)
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Let's go! Boston bag BOOK with pouch (Takarajimasha, released on December 2017, 12)


  • Yumegen Ranbu Shoka-(September 2016, 9, KICM-28)
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Collection of Samurai Songs No. 2017 (December 12, 27, KICA-2524)
  • Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- Collection of nearby samurai songs No. 2018 (December 12, 26, KICA-2543)

Consumer games


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