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🤖 | [Jujutsu ◎ Battle] If you eat 20 finger cookies of special grade curse ...

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[Jujutsu ◎ Battle] If you eat 20 finger cookies of a special grade curse ...

If you write the contents roughly
1. Add beaten egg, sugar, salad oil, cake flour and cocoa powder to a bowl and mix.

Reality that makes you unintentionally surprised ... The "finger" items that the main character captures and uses in the popular anime ... → Continue reading

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Salad oil

Salad oil(Salad oil, salad oil) orSalad oil (salad oil)purificationWas doneVegetable oilA kind of[1].

Features and uses

Long time even at low temperatureCrystallizationIt is refined so that it does notSalad dressing,mayonnaiseIt is suitable as a raw material for products such as, and is also characterized by having no peculiar taste or odor except for some parts.

In addition,saladIs served at a relatively low temperature, so if there are many components that crystallize at a low temperature, the texture will be rough.greaseIs of many typesfatty acidIncluding, in itsaturated fatty acid GlycerinThe "good symmetry" in the 1st and 3rd positions is easy to crystallize at low temperature (this phenomenon can be easily observed by putting the tempura oil in the refrigerator for a week).For this reason, salad oil is shipped after refining the refined oil for a long period of time (called wintering) and separating the solidified components (dewaxing process).

It is used for salad dressings, mayonnaise ingredients, margarine ingredients, fried foods, stir-fried foods, etc.

In the confectionery industry, what is salted with salad oil is called "salad taste".


Japanese Agricultural Standard

in JapanJapanese Agricultural StandardIt is defined by (JAS).Therefore, "salad oil" cannot be called "salad oil" unless it uses raw materials that meet JAS standards, meets the ingredients and other conditions, and is manufactured at a JAS certified factory.

In JAS, even if it is left for a certain period of time under the specified low temperature conditionscoagulationNo white turbidity (clear at 0 ° C for 5.5 hours)[2]Etc. are the conditions for salad oil.The coagulation of refined oilRowThe removal of these is essential for the production of salad oil, as it is caused by the above-mentioned symmetric fats and oils.

For raw materials2018 OctoberCurrent,rape,Cotton seed,soy,Sesame, Safflower (safflower),sunflower,Corn,Rice(Rice bran)andGrapeThere is a standard for salad oil.A salad oil made by mixing two or more kinds of vegetable oils is called a mixed salad oil.Therefore,Olive oil,Camellia oilThere is no salad oil.However, it is possible to mix these oils as raw materials for blended salad oil within the specified range.

American Oil Chemists' Society

The American Oil Chemists' Association (AOCS) standard also states that salad oil must remain transparent even after being soaked in an ice bath at 0 ° C for 5.5 hours.[3].

Raw material plant

All seeds are used.

Oilseed rape (rapeseed)
Resistant to oxidation and heat.Canola oilカナダSqueezed from native canola seeds.
Raw materials are cheap and one of the most common raw materials.It is often mixed with other oils because it retains its unique odor even after refining.
Suitable for stir-fry because it is resistant to heating and oxidation.It has a unique scent.
sunflower seed
It has a light flavor and is often used in dressings.
usuallySesame OilCooking oil called sesameRoastIt was then squeezed.In the case of salad oil, the raw materials are squeezed without roasting and then refined, so there is no sesame oil flavor.Unrefined non-roasted oil is also called "Taishaku oil".
Safflower (safflower)
Linoleic acid,oleic acidContent is high.
Cotton seed
Said to be the king of salad oil[Source required], Expensive.It has a very mellow taste.
Rice (rice bran)
It is rich in vitamins and has an excellent antioxidant effect.It's smooth.Rice oilSee section.
Formulated salad oil
A mixture of two or more types of salad oil derived from the above ingredients, or one or more types and one or more types of other edible vegetable oils and fats, which conform to the JAS standard for mixed salad oil.


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cocoa powder

cocoa powderIt is,Cocoa beansCan be taken fromチ ョ コ レ ー ト,cocoa,OtherWestern confectioneryIt is one of the raw materials of.In making chocolateCocoa butterIs related to smoothness and meltiness, while cocoa is related to its unique taste and color.


Cacao mass"Cocoa cake", which is the residue of squeezed cocoa butter, which is the fat content, is crushed into powder, but cocoa powder also contains about 11% -23% of fat.In the manufacturing methodBroma processとDutch processThere are two types.

Broma process (Broma process)
It is made by hydraulically pressing cocoa mass.The resulting cocoa powder is so-calledChocolate colorIt is more reddish than, and as you can see from the bitterness and sourness.pHShows a slightly lower value[1].. Around 1865(English edition)When the mashed cacao beans were put in a bag and hung, the fat content was separated and the manufacturing method was devised.It has a strong scent and contains many ingredients peculiar to cacao.(English edition)It is suitable for making dishes with high fat and sugar content.
Dutch process (Dutch process chocolate)
alkaliでneutralizeWhile doingcocoa powderIt has a milder flavor and aroma than cocoa powder made by the broma process and is smoother, and the color is closer to chocolate.[1][2]..Cocoa powder from Dutch processice cream,hot chocolate, Suitable for baked goods.On the other hand, it has an antioxidant effectFlavonolsThe amount of kind also decreases[3]Therefore, it is said that it has little effect on health, but no confirmation has been obtained.For example, even if the content of flavonols is low, otherPolyphenolAnd some scholars argue that it doesn't matter because Prusianid remains.[4], New research also reinforces this theory[1][5][6].. Around 1828(English edition)Developed the manufacturing method.

Cocoa powder contains various ingredients that prevent oxidation in the body, but health experts recommend that you take it as hot cocoa when you take cocoa nutrition.This is because you can consume more cocoa and less cocoa butter.[7].


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