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📺 | Is "squid game" popular in North Korea?Frequently quoted in criticism of South Korea "If a sequel is produced ..."


Is "squid game" popular in North Korea?Frequently quoted in criticism of South Korea "If a sequel is produced ..."

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In an article entitled "South Korean TV Drama, Negative Effects on Children Around the World, Parents and School Authorities Astonish", a squid game was produced with the content of preaching the law of survival of a weak-meat, strong-eating and capitalist society. Expressed as "drama".

North Korean officials are enthusiastic about the Korean drama "Squid Game," which is very popular on Netflix, the world's largest video distributor. → Continue reading

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Civil society

Civil society(English: civil society German: bürgerliche Gesellschaft French: société civile, société bourgeoise[1]) OrCapitalist society,Modern社会,Bourgeois社会[2][3]IsCitizen class FeudalTypicalStatus system,landRealized by overthrowing the system,民主Target資本主義Society[4][5].. "Citizen class" "Civil revolution"Citizen's Law" "Citizen's自由, Etc.World War IITerm that became influential later[1].

This word originally means "a society established by the Bourgeois Revolution".[5].Capitalist,IntellectualThe bourgeoisieAbsolute monarchy-Feudal systemDefeat,Basic human rightsCivil society was established by securing[5]..PoliticallyDemocracyEconomically, it is said to be a society based on capitalism.[5].

Historical civil society

Ancient timesGreek-RomeIn the civil community and its traditions inCivil revolutionNot only refers to later modern civil societyCountry"Uncontrolled by power"Public spaceMay also point toMarxismFrom the standpoint of, this term is used as a society dominated by the productive class on the premise of class conflict.

Also, a thinker in the first half of the 20th centuryAntonio GramciAccording to the report, state power has already been dispersed and permeated everywhere in the media, schools, churches, etc., and this is said to suppress civil society.Therefore, there are movements to regain "publicness" and "public space" by networking voluntary civic group movements that can counter this.

Ancient civil society and modern civil society

Examples of civilian communities in Western ancient times include ancient Athens and Rome.What is the "citizen" of this era?Heavy infantryAsPoliceLike participating in the city administration in defense ofCitizenshipRefers to holders and free people, nevercityIt did not refer to all the members of.In the Middle Ages, individuals were not equal in rights, and the tradition of these civil communities was lost.

The revival of the civil community is made possible by the success of the civil revolution in England and France.British RevolutionIn, the traditional society of the past was respected, such as the existence of the Estates Council since the Middle Ages.French RevolutionThen.Ancien RegimeAnd completely dismantle the old social divisionDeclaration of human rightsWas raised.Therefore, France built a civil society in a more refined way of thinking.That is, it is more in line with the form of union of equal citizens in freedom and rights.This newly formed civil community is united with the statePeopleA community was formed.

In modern civil society, the individual自由Is guaranteed, which is a requirement for its establishment.In other words, each individual (citizen) is not forced by others to make his or her own political claims or religious position, and each individual can freely dispose of his or her property (Private property system), Freedom of commercial activities is guaranteed (guildIt is required that it has been abolished.In Britain and France, citizens took the initiative in politics through the Bourgeois Revolution, and the government guaranteed these things.

Trends after the Cold War

fascismEven in Eastern Europe during the Cold WarCommunist partyThe administration was similar in that the state and the party interfered with and controlled all areas of society. (Both systems are by the stateIndividualTo completely control politics, economy and societyTotalitarianismThere was a possibility of leading to. In this respect, it can be said that Gramsci's view mentioned above was forward-looking.Citizen under these circumstances自由To secure the traditional Communist PartyUnionRather than a one-sided movement centered on the above, various groups involved in the daily life of citizens form a network to form a multi-polar resistance movement against the state power that interferes with the daily life through bureaucracy and mass media. The idea that it should be developed was formed.Especially in Eastern Europe, where the Communist Party oppressed its citizens, the Communist dictatorship collapsed in 1989.Eastern European Revolution) And the success of civic groups at that time stimulated these discussions.

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