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🎥 | Traveling exhibition based on the movie "Soulful World" will be held from the New Orleans Jazz Museum

Photo Artwork: Disney

A traveling exhibition based on the movie "Soulful World" will be held from the New Orleans Jazz Museum

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Won the Academy Award for Best Music for the score of the movie, which was co-written with John Dennis, Executive Creative Director of Walt Disney Imaginary Ring, and Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, and performed as a musician. You can see the interview video by John Batiste from New Orleans who is also participating in the following.

Disney at the Epcot Center in Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, USA ... → Continue reading


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Academy awards

Academy awards(Academy,(British: Academy Awards) IsAmericamoviesFor the sound development ofcast,ス タ ッ フTheRecognitionTo praise the effort and achievementsAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesBy (AMPAS)Movie awardsso,オ ス カ ーAlso known as (The Oscars).Every year from the end of February to the beginning of MarchLos Angeles OfDolby TheaterThe award ceremony will be held at.

Award Ceremony Selected for works released in a specific area of ​​the United States in the year before the award ceremony, and awarded for achievements related to the film industry in general.Since the works of the previous year are targeted (from the 1th time), it is customary to display the Academy Awards held in 7 as 2012.The 2011st Academy Awards are nominated for films released between 1 and July 1927, 1928.In addition, the TV broadcast is an American broadcasting station,ABCBroadcast in Japan,WOWOWWill be broadcast on.


As you can see from the fact that the article "festival of American movies" is often added, the basics are for American movies.Movie awardsTherefore, the selection target of the work is relatively narrowly defined as "the work screened in the Los Angeles area within one year (details will be described later)."

However, with its popularityThe world's three largest film festivalsSince it is an award with an older history, it has a greater influence on the market than any international film festival award, and the award results areBox office recordHave a great influence on.

Upon receiving the award, the name of the award was stampedOscar statueA gold-plated humanoid statue called "Golden" is given, and no prize money is given.

Preliminary selection is held every November, and nominations are announced in January of the following year. afterwards,Academy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesMembers are voted on and the awards ceremony is often held on the last Sunday of February or the first Sunday of March (the 2nd held on February 3, 92).

It's one of the hottest events in the United States, with a record high of 1998 million viewers in 5520, but it's been on the decline since then. The number of viewers in 2020 was a record low of 2360 million.


Originally, the award ceremony of the Academy Award was1929 Was established inAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesIt started as part of the dinner party. First time1929 March 5Los AngelesAt the Roosevelt Hotel in London, he invited the winners, who had been notified of the award three months ago, on the stage to present the prize. Initially, instead of an Oscar statuette, a shield with a similar design was presented.

At the first award ceremony,Seventh heavenWon the actress awardJanet GaynorAccording to them, "It was a small gathering of inner circles that we should continue to do good work and work hard together," as we recalled at the time, the award ceremony was completed in about 5 minutes. Was there.

2 timesFrom the local radio station started live from,17 timesIt became a national broadcast from. The entertainment color has become darkerSecond World WarSo it was to please the ears of the soldiers on the front line.

The TV relay started25 timesFrom the award ceremony. I was in charge of the relayNBCMet. The audience rating at that time was a high record since the opening of NBC. CurrentlyABCIs relaying.

From the second time onwards, the Ambassador Hotel and Biltmore Hotel were used as the venue for the award ceremony, and were held in a banquet style. As the number of times increased, the scale expanded, and eventually it was held in a movie theater with a large capacity.74 timesFrom the currentDolby Theater(Former Kodak Theater). It is said that it will be a matter of time before the Dolby Theater has a 10-year contract, and the current number of Academy members has already exceeded the capacity of 5800, so it will be a short time.


"Academy AwardsIsJapan[1]-The United States of America[2]etc.[Source required]In商標It is registered.


The "Academy Award" is registered as a trademark in Japan, but it is not the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.Japan Academy AwardHas received formal consent from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the notation "Japan Academy Prize" is also registered as a trademark.Ongaku TomoshaIs "Record Academy AwardHas been certified as a record award.


The selection is a group of American film industry workers,Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences(AMPAS) members will be given a secret vote and given a prize.


As a general rule, Academy Awards are nominated under the nomination conditions (Los AngelesIt is a movie that has been shown at least 7 times a day for at least 1 consecutive days in a movie theater in the county at least 3 times a day, and it has been released for a fee of 40 minutes or more. Excluding works that have been released at video sales, Etc.) will be dealt with[3].

Regarding the criteria that "it has not been published on TV broadcasts before the theater release,"Shall we dance?Was released in Japan before its release in the USNippon TVHave been excluded from nominations due to being televised in the affiliate[4]For some time, the standards were ambiguous, but for movies that have already been released outside the United States, ``90 days after the movie was first released, it was not released in any way other than theatrical release.'' It is required to meet 2 conditions of ``It has not been published other than the theater release in the United States before the theater release in Los Angeles''[5].

In addition, some awards have their own nomination conditions, such as feature animation, international feature film, documentary film, and short film. See each award article for details.

As mentioned above, works that have not been screened at movie theaters in Los Angeles County or that have been distributed via the Internet are not eligible for selection, but infections are spreading worldwide in 2020.New coronavirusDue to the temporary closure of the movie theater due to the influence of the movie, the 2021rd meeting scheduled to be held in April 4 will be held in addition to Los Angeles County.New York Stateニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,CaliforniaSan Francisco / Bay Area,IllinoisChicago,FloridaMiami,GeorgiaAtlantaAlthough it was planned to be released at the theater at the beginning, it was unavoidable that the movie screened at No.Drive-in theaterScreening in (one of the above 6 cities)Video on demandIn April 2020 and October of the same year, it was announced that works that have been switched to distribution on the Internet will also be selected as special cases.[3][6][7].


Have the right to voteAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesMost of the membersHollywoodIt is organized by people in the industry, and it is characterized by a small number of members in fields that can be judged from a fair position, such as newspaper reporters and movie critics. Regarding the voting of each award, for example, in the case of the "Academy Director Award", a member of the movie director working in Hollywood votes for the nomination work selection, etc. And since all members can vote for the final election after the announcement of each award nomination, the intentions other than those involved in each department are finally reflected in the results).

Information management

The final vote was closed a little less than a week before the awards ceremony, and the results were tightly sealed.Price Waterhouse CoopersIt will be stored in the safe of the company and the resulting documents will be brought directly to the award ceremony venue by two office staff on the day. (In the live broadcast, the staff of the accounting firm entering the venue may also be shown.) Until the presenter in charge of awarding the prize opens it on stage, no external information is given.

Regarding the award result, at first the media was informed in advance due to media reports,1939 ToGone with the wind』Was awarded the work award, some newspapers broke the agreement with the presidency and ran away on the previous day, and from the following year it became a system managed by the accounting office and continues to this day.

Features and current status

Since the Hollywood award selects the Academy Award, the selection of each award is strongly reflected in the American state of the United States and the social conditions, and is not necessarily selected based on the artistry and the completeness of the work. For exampleCannes International Film FestivalFilms that have won the grand prize at such famous international film festivals may not be nominated for the Academy Award. Therefore, it is a movie award that shows a unique tendency and excitement that cannot be seen at other international film festivals where the selection works are in tandem.

Award ceremony


The award ceremony is held every last February or the first Sunday of MarchHollywood OfDolby TheaterDone in. Hollywood Boulevard, which passes in front of the venue, spans a total of about 1 mile (1.6 km) from east to west from Kafuenga Street in the east to La Blair Street in the west, centering around the Dolby Theater. Who has andLos Angeles Police DepartmentVehicles other than those concerned are closed to traffic. Especially arrive at the venueLimousineThe passage from near the intersection with Highland Street on the east side, which is the getting off place, to the front of the theater is redcarpetBecause it is decorated withRed carpetIt is also called.

Attendance is only for invited guests, tickets are not sold, and other guests cannot attend.Therefore, if it is around 15:50, you can get to the east side of the intersection with Highland Road mentioned above, but at the intersection A security check is performed by a police officer about 10 m in front, and people with suspicious objects such as knives are not allowed to pass. Also, the width of about 15m in each direction near the intersection is covered with a black curtain installed on the fence, so it is difficult to directly see the vicinity of the red carpet at the shortest distance. Since the arrival of invited guests will be more active after XNUMX:XNUMX, no further entry after the intersection is allowed.

It is customary for the presenter (awardee) of the acting department to basically give the previous year's winner an award of the opposite gender (the previous year's leading actor award winner is the leading actress award). ing. There is no guarantee to be paid, and it is a free service.

64thKevin Costner, 66thク リ ン ト · イ ー ス ト ウ ッ ド, 67th and 72ndStephen Spielberg, 68thRobert Zemeckis, 69thMel Gibson, 80thMartin Scorsese, 83thCatherine Bigelow, 91thGuillermo del Toro, 93thPon JunhoIn recent years, the winner of the previous year has been in charge of the director's award presenter.

Award speech

SpeechWithin 45 secondsIs restricted. this is,15 timesWon the Best Actress AwardGlia garsonBecause he started talking to his upbringing and gave a speech for 5 and a half minutes. Since then, a time limit has been introduced,73 times OfJulia RobertsMore than 4 minutes,74 times OfHalle BerryIs about 5 minutes, and some people ignore the limit because it is so exciting[Note 1].90 timesThen to the person who gave the shortest speechKAWASAKI Ofjet skiとLake Havasu CityI was given a trip.


An award-winning Oscar statuette will be presented to the winners. There are no prizes or side prizes but only honors. However, the Academy Award effect may hit the winning work and increase royalty income, and the appearance fee for the next work may increase, and as a result, the income of the winner may be affected.

On the contrary, as a disappointing prize for those who missed the prize just because they were nominated,Lucky bagSomething like is given. The contents of the bag are miscellaneous items such as clothing, travel tickets, detergents and syrup, which vary from year to year, and the total amount is tens of thousands of dollars.


  • The average award ceremony takes about 3 and a half hours. Longest record is72 times4 hours and 3 minutes.
  • Postponement of the award ceremony
  • At the 10th award ceremony, he was absent from the ceremony because he was in the stage performance.Alice BradyWhen he won the Best Supporting Actress Award, a man named "agent" went up on stage.Oscar statueHowever, he said he had nothing to do with Brady and carried away the statue.
  • 46 times(1974 Degree) During the award ceremony, a naked man broke into the stage and a live broadcast was temporarily interrupted. ModeratorDavid NivenWas awarded the Best Actor Award at the 2002 Awards CeremonyAdrian BrodyHowever, there was a broadcast of a passionate kiss with the award presenter Hal Berry, or in February 200438th Super BowlInJanet JacksonExposes his chest while singing live[Note 2]Due to such scandals, it was broadcast 2005 seconds after the 5 relay.
  • 89 times(2017 ) When the work award was announced, the presenter of the work award was "We have no tomorrowTo commemorate the 50th anniversary ofWarren BeattyとFaye DunawayActed as a presenter and stood on the stage. When she opened the envelope, Betty hesitated to announce the winner, and immediately afterwards she showed it to Dunaway.La La Land] Declared victory. However, when the producer of "La La Land" went up to the stage and started the awarding speech, the Oscar staff rushed up and picked up the envelope and said, "The award for the work is Moonlight, this is not a production." Explained that there was. One of the producers of "La La Land"Fred BurgerConcludes the speech by saying, "apparently we were losing,"Jordan HorowitzMike returned to the real award-winning filmMoonlight] Was announced. Horowitz showed a card with the correct winning award on the camera. And again, Beatty stood in front of Mike and mistakenly won the lead actress in La La Land.Emma StoneI explained that I had read the card. After a short mess, the producers of "Moonlight" gave another award speech.


Awards are divided into several categories.


There are times when the photography awards, art awards (the indoor device award at that time) and costume design awards were divided into color and black and white categories.30 times(1957 However, the shooting award was31 times(1958 Degree), the art award and costume design award32 times(1959 It was divided into two parts.40 times(1967 Everything was unified from (degree).

Special prize

In addition to this award, it refers to all awards given to "those who have made outstanding achievements worthy of commendation."It is not always elected every year, and it is set when the relevant person exists.These awards do not have a fixed name, some are simply given as "special awards" and some are given under the name of "honor award".[Note 3]..Those who meet the specific conditions will be awarded the following specific prizes set within the special prize frame.

An award given to producers who have made outstanding achievements in the movie industry.
An award given to people who have made remarkable contributions to the development of the movie industry as a whole over the years.
An award given to engineers who have made outstanding technical achievements in the movie industry.

Stunt Coordinator Jack Gill1991 からStuntmanI am pleading for the establishment of the award,Helen MirrenIs also suing the establishment.

From 2009Academy Honor AwardIncluding, the award related to merit is designated as "", and it has come to be commended independently from the award ceremony of the Academy Awards.

Handling of non-English movies

Although the Oscars are titled "Festivals of American Films," even if the film is released in a language other than English (including films made in countries other than the United States) as long as the above nomination conditions are met, It is possible to be nominated for or won the award, including the work award. (However, in reality, due to the system in which Hollywood officials are selected, pure foreign films are rarely awarded even if they are nominated.)

For non-English films produced outside the United States that do not meet the above nomination requirements, the film industry in each country recommends them to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.International Feature Film AwardWill be entered.

The traditional name of the International Feature Film Award was the "Foreign Language Film Award", the first of which was elected to the "Special Award" at the 1947th 20.Italian movies"Shoe shine".However, at this point, there was no "foreign language film award", and it was treated as one of the "special awards" mentioned above.By the way, the reason for choosing "Shoe Shine" was that "Italy, a defeated country, used its creative spirit to create a work that repels the adversity of defeat."[9].

The following year, in 1948, with the reason that it was "the best foreign language movie released in the United States this year."French movie"Monsieur Vincent" was selected for the "Special Foreign Language Film Award", and the main reason for the selection of the Foreign Language Film Award was born here for the first time.[10]..Since then, according to the selection criteria, one excellent foreign language movie released in the United States has been selected, and since 1, it has been awarded under the name of "Honorary Foreign Language Film Award".[11].

Special prizesHonorary awardThe award for foreign language films, which was held as one of the above, became an independent "Foreign Language Film Award".CategoryIt was from 1956 (the winning work was the Italian movie "road』), From the same year, the current style of carefully selecting and nominated five works recommended by each country and awarding one of them has been completed.[12].

After that, in consideration of changes in the situation due to the internationalization and diversification of movie production, the name was changed to the current "International Feature Film Award" from the 92nd (2019) (the selection content has not changed). )[13].

On the other hand, works of a specific genre such as animation works are subject to awards in accordance with the rules of the genre (animated works such as feature films), but if the conditions of other awards including work awards are also met, It can also be the target of selection for each prize.

Relationship with Japan

  • This item mainly describes Japanese films that were nominated for the Academy Awards, including Japanese awards, and Japanese who were involved in the film.
  • In the table below, the Oscar-winning works have the symbol "(Award)", And the works that remained nominated are the symbol"(Flea)"Is attached.
Year (number of times)Each nominated awardNominated works/peopleNotices
(9 times)
Art award(Flea)"Giant Ziegfeld]-Imazu Yasui (Eddie Imazu)
(24 times)
Honorary award(Award)[17]"Rashomon』(Akira KurosawaDirected by)
(25 times)
Art award(Flea)Rashomon (Directed by Akira Kurosawa)-Takashi MatsuyamaI was the editor-in-chief of a movie magazine at that timeYodogawa NagaharuIs the first Japanese to be officially invited to the award ceremony.
(27 times)
Honorary award(Award)[17]"Hell gate』(Kinugasa SadanosukeDirected by)
Costume design award(Award)"The Hell Gate" (Directed by Sadanosuke Kinugasa)- Sanzo Wada
(28 times)
Honorary award(Award)[17]"Musashi Miyamoto』(Hiroshi InagakiDirected by)
Costume design award(Flea)"Rain moon story』- Kaisou Kusunone
(29 times)
Costume award(Flea)"Seven Samurai(Directed by Akira Kurosawa)-Takatsubo Ezaki
Art award(Flea)"The Seven Samurai" (Directed by Akira Kurosawa)-Takashi Matsuyama
(30 times)
Best Supporting Actress(Award)"goodbye』- Nancy Umeki
Best Supporting Actor(Flea)"Bridge over the battlefield』- Hayakawa Yusu
Foreign language movie awards(Flea)"Burmese lyre』(Ko IchikawaDirected by)
Art award(Flea)"Ten Commandments]-Albert Nozaki
(34 times)
Foreign language movie awards(Flea)"Eternal person』(Keisuke KinoshitaDirected by)Mexican movie starring Toshiro Mifune,A worthy man"ButAcademy Foreign Language Film AwardNominated for.
Costume design award(Flea)"Bouncer』- Muroki Yoshiro
(36 times)
Foreign language movie awards(Flea)"Ancient capital』(Noboru NakamuraDirected by)
(37 times)
Foreign language movie awards(Flea)"Woman in the sand』(Hiroshi TeshigawaraDirected by)
(38 times)
Director Award(Flea)"Sand Woman"-Hiroshi Teshigawara
Foreign language movie awards(Flea)"Ghost story』(Masaki KobayashiDirected by)
(39 times)
Best Supporting Actor(Flea)"Gunship San Pablo』- Mako Iwamatsu
Composition Award(Flea)"Creation』- Toshiro Mayuzumi
(40 times)
Foreign language movie awards(Flea)"Chieko Extract(Directed by Noboru Nakamura)
(43 times)
Photography award(Flea)"Tora Tora Tora!』-、、、Osamu Furuya
Editing Award(Flea)"Tora Tora Tora!"-
Art award(Flea)"Tora Tora Tora!"-Yoshiro Muraki,
(44 times)
Foreign language movie awards(Flea)"How are you(Directed by Akira Kurosawa)
(45 times)
Science and Technology Award(Award)CanonJiro Mukai and Takamasa HiroseMukai and Hirose were awarded for the development of a macro zoom lens for movies.
(48 times)
Foreign language movie awards(Award)"Dels Uzara(Directed by Akira Kurosawa)"Dels Uzala" isUSSRAwarded as a representative.Climber'sYuichiro MiuraWas drawnThe man who slipped on EverestAs a Canadian movieFeature Documentary AwardAward.
Foreign language movie awards(Flea)"" (Kei KumaiDirected by)
(49 times)
Science and Technology Award(Award)CanonHiroshi Suzukawa"Ultra-fast lens for filming"
(53 times)
Foreign language movie awards(Flea)"Shadow warrior(Directed by Akira Kurosawa)
Art award(Flea)The Shadow Warrior (Directed by Akira Kurosawa)-Yoshiro Muraki
(54 times)
Foreign language movie awards(Flea)"Mud river』(Koguri KoheiDirected by)Fuji Photo Film won the award for the development of high-sensitivity color negative film for movies.
Science and Technology Award(Award)Fuji Photo Film (currentFUJIFILM Holdings)
(58 times)
Costume design award(Award)"Remorse』- Wada Emi"Ran" is a candidate in all four categories, including winning the Costume Design Award.
Director Award(Flea)"Ran"- Akira Kurosawa
Photography award(Flea)"Ran"- Takao Saito,Ueda Shoji,Nakai Asaichi
Art award(Flea)"Ran"-Yoshiro Muraki,Muraki Shinobu
(60 times)
Composition Award(Award)"Last emperor』- Ryuichi SakamotoSakamotoDavid Byrne,Gong SooJointly awarded with.
(62 times)
Honorary award(Award)Akira Kurosawa
(63 times)
Science and Technology Award(Award)Fuji Photo FilmFuji Photo Film is a "color negative film F series". Takuo Miyagijima of Panavision is "Primo series, spherical prime lens for movie shooting".
Science and Technology Award(Award)PanavisionTakuo Miyagijima
(65 times)
Costume design award(Award)"Dracula』- Ishioka Eiko
(68 times)
Science and Technology Award(Award)Sony"Digital sound system,SDDSDesign and Development"
(71 times)
Short Documentary Award(Award)"Personal-romance of twilight" (IekoDirected by)Takuo Miyagijima "Lens for 35mm movie, Primo series lens" and "Design and development of eyepiece leveler"
Science and Technology Award(Award)Takuo Miyagijima (simultaneous award)
Science and Technology Award(Award)
(72 times)
(Award)Takuo MiyagijimaJohn A. Bonner Medal AwardScience and Technology AwardOne of the honorary awards given in.
(74 times)
Science and Technology Award(Award)Masato Tsukada, Shoji Kaneko and othersIMAGIC.. Daijiro Fujie Nikon.65/35 multi-formatOptical printer'
(75 times)
Feature Animation Award(Award)Animemovies"Spirited Away』(Hayao MiyazakiDirected by)
Short Animation Award(Flea)"Mt. Head』(Koji YamamuraDirected by)
(76 times)
Best Supporting Actor(Flea)"Last Samurai』- Ken Watanabe
Foreign language movie awards(Flea)"Twilight Seibei』(Yoji YamadaDirected by)
(77 times)
Gordon E. Sawyer Award(Award)(English edition)Takuo "Tak" Miyagishima isPanavisionCompany engineer.Science and Technology AwardIs the 5th award in my lifetime.
(78 times)
Feature Animation Award(Flea)Anime movieHowl's moving castle(Directed by Hayao Miyazaki)An American movie set in Japan with many Japanese castsSAYURIWas awarded the Triple Crown in the technical category.
(79 times)
Best Supporting Actress(Flea)"Babel』- Rinko KikuchiAmerican moviesHowever, the "letter from Iwo Jima" that depicts the battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of Japan, including the receipt of the Acoustic Editing Award,Work award・Director Award・Screenplay AwardNominated for 4 categories. Also,JapaneseIt is the first time in history that a movie by Nomura is a candidate for a movie, not a foreign language movie award.
Makeup award(Flea)"If yesterday could be chosen』- Kazuhiro Tsuji(Makeup artist)
(80 times)
Science and Technology Award(Award)Ryo SakaguchiSakaguchi was jointly awarded for the development of a fluid simulation system. Tsuji has been nominated for a makeup award for the second consecutive year. The movie "Mongol" starring Tadanobu Asano is a foreign language film award.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euNominated as a representative movie.
Makeup award(Flea)"Mad Fat Wife]-Kazuhiro Tsuji
(81 times)
Foreign language movie awards(Award)"Okuribito』(Youjiro TakitaDirected by)The "Okuribito" award is the first time in history that a Japanese movie has been awarded since the foreign language movie award became an independent award. Also, the double award for the Japanese work shown on the left is a remarkable achievement for the first time in 54 years (since the 27th).
Short Animation Award(Award)Anime movieTsumiki Noe』(Kunio KatoDirected by)
(82 times)
Science and Technology Award(Award)FujifilmMasaaki Miki, Ryoji Nishimura, Yoichi Hosoya. Film "ETERNA-RDI""ETERNA-RDI" is a high-performance film dedicated to movies. High-definition digital master images can be output to film more faithfully.
(84 times)
Science and Technology Award(Award)FujifilmKatsuhisa Ozeki, Koji Hirano and Hideyuki Shirai. Film "ETERNA-RDS"[18]"ETERNA-RDS" is a black-and-white recording film for digital separation that realizes long-term preservation of movies for 500 years.
(85 times)
Costume design award(Flea)"Snow White and the Queen of Mirrors』- Ishioka EikoIshioka has been nominated for the second costume design award for the first time in 21 years (since the 64th prize). Ishioka had already died at the time of the nomination.
(86 times)
Feature Animation Award(Flea)Anime movieBreeze(Directed by Hayao Miyazaki)Japanese artistShinohara YujioThe American documentary film Cutie and the Boxer, which depicts the couple, has been nominated for a feature-length documentary award.
Short Animation Award(Flea)Anime movieNinety-nine』(Shuhei MoritaDirected by)
(87 times)
Honorary award(Award)Miyazaki HayaoSony professional HD organic EL master monitor (monitor for final checking of images before broadcasting/screening)
Feature Animation Award(Flea)Anime movieKaguya princess story』(Takahata IsaoDirected by)
Short Animation Award(Flea)Anime movie "Dam Keeper" (Daisuke Tsutsumi, Co-directed by Robert Kondou)
Science and Technology Award(Award)SonyIchiro Tsutsui, Masahiro Take, Mitsuyasu Tamura, Shin Asano. OLED master monitor
(88 times)
Feature Animation Award(Flea)Anime movieMarnie of Memories』(Hiromasa YonebayashiDirected by)"MARI (The Foundry Mari)" is 3D paint software provided by The Foundry. Awarded to Nakagaki, Jack Greasley, Duncan Hopkins and Carl Rand
Science and Technology Award(Award)Seisuke Nakagaki "MARI" Development
(89 times)
Feature Animation Award(Flea)Anime movieRed Turtle An Island Story』(Michael dudoc de vitDirected by)"Red Turtle" is a joint production between Japan and France.SonyIs equipped with a high-quality image sensor,4KRealized on the screen CineAlta"F65In-house development. AndPanavisionWas awardedGenesisJoint development.
Science and Technology Award(Award)Sony.. SevenDigital movie cameraSimultaneous award[19].
Science and Technology Award(Award)
(90 times)
Makeup & Hair Styling Award(Award)"The man who saved the world from Winston Churchill/Hitler]-Kazuhiro TsujiTsuji was awarded in collaboration with.
Short Animation Award(Flea)Animated movie "Negative Space" (co-directed by Kaoru Kuwabata and Max Porter)
(91 times)
Foreign language movie awards(Flea)"Shoplifting family』(Hirokazu KoreedaDirected by)
Feature Animation Award(Flea)Anime movieMirai of the future』(Mamoru HosodaDirected by)
(92 times)
Makeup & Hair Styling Award(Award)"scandal』-- Kazu HiroKazu Hiro (Kazuhiro Tsuji naturalized in the United States) won the second prize for the first time in two years. , Jointly awarded with.
(93 times)
Science and Technology Award(Award)Sanken microphoneSmall sizeLavalier Mike COS-11 seriesThe Science and Technology Award EIZOColor managementAutomatic calibration technology for the monitor "Color Edge CG series".Other digital uniformity correction circuits installed,SDKOffer etc.[20][21].
Science and Technology Award(Award)EIZO4 people from a corporation.Koichi Ueno, Junro Yonemitsu, Junji Sakuta, Kento Nakajima.AutomaticCalibrationTechnology development.

Japan-related award ceremony video

Oscars official video
Japan related awardsTaizi
Award ceremony
Oscars - YouTubeChannel
Award ceremonyImage
24 times
Honor Award (foreign language movie) "Rashomon" Akira Kurosawa - YouTube[17]
-Attendance: Ken Yoshida
27 times
"Hell gate"directed by Kinugasa Sadanosuke
Honor Award (foreign language movie) Teinosuke Kinugasa - YouTube[17]
-Attendance:Masakazu Nagataproducer
Costume Design Award Sanzo Wada - YouTube
-Substitute: Masakazu Nagata Producer
28 times
Honor Award (foreign language movie) "Musashi Miyamoto" Hiroshi Inagaki - YouTube[17]
-Attendance: Jun Tsuchiya
30 times
Best Supporting Actress "Sayonara" Nancy Umeki - YouTube
-Presenter:Anthony Quinn
42 times
"The Secret of the Legendary Film Director" - YouTube
- Narration:Gregory Peck
-Starring:Akira Kurosawa(0: 26 ~,2: 13 ~,3: 31 ~,5: 19 ~)/Federico Fellini/Billy Wilder/Ingmar Bellman/David Lean/John Schlesinger/Sergey Bondalchuk/Franco Zefilelli/Mike Nichols
48 times
Foreign Language Film Award "Dels Uzzara" Akira Kurosawa - YouTube
-Attendance:Yoichi Matsueproducer
58 times
"Remorse] Director Akira Kurosawa
Costume Design Award Wada Emi - YouTube
(Akira Kurosawa 3: 51 ~)-Presenter:Audrey Hepburn
Director Award Nomination Akira Kurosawa - YouTube
-Presenter:Barbra Streisand
Best Work Presenters: Akira Kurosawa, John Houston, Billy Wilder ("End of love and sadness") - YouTube【image】
60 times
Composition Award "Last Emperor" Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Byrne, Satoshi Su - YouTube【image】
-Presenter:Patrick Swayze,Jennifer gray
62 times
Academy Honor Award Akira Kurosawa - YouTube【image】
-Presenter:Stephen Spielberg,George Lucas
65 times
Costume Design Award "Dracula" Eiko Ishioka - YouTube
71 times
Short Documentary Award "Personals-Romance of Dusk-" Keiko Ibi - YouTube
-Presenter:Ben Affleck,Matt Damon
75 times
Feature Film Award "Spirited Away" Hayao Miyazaki - YouTube(Absent)
-Presenter:Cameron Diaz
76 times
Best Supporting Actor Nomination "Last Samurai" Ken Watanabe - YouTube
-Presenter:Catherine Zeta-Jones
Foreign Language Film Award Nomination "Twilight Seibei" Yoji Yamada(1m49s ~)- YouTube
(Yoji Yamada,Hiroyuki Sanada 1:49~)-Presenter:Charlize Theron
79 times
"Babel"(directed by Alejandro González Inaritu)
Best Supporting Actress Nomination Rinko Kikuchi - YouTube【image】
-Presenter:George Clooney
Won Composition Award (Gustavo Santa Olaya)(1m49s ~)- YouTube
(Rinko Kikuchi 1:49~,2: 26 ~)-Presenter:Penelope Cruz,Hugh Jackman
"Letter from Iwo Jima"(directed by ク リ ン ト · イ ー ス ト ウ ッ ド)
Winner of the Best Sound Editing Award (Bub Asman, Alan Robert Murray)(2m19s ~)- YouTube
(Ken Watanabe 2:19~)
Award Ceremony Ending(3m4s ~)- YouTube
(Ken Watanabe,Catherine Deneuve: Foreign Language Film Award 50th Anniversary Presenter 3: 04 ~)[22][23]
81 times
Foreign Language Film Award "Okuribito" Yojiro Takita - YouTube
(Masahiro Motoki,Ryoko Hirosue)-Presenter:Liam Neeson,Frida Pinto Moderator:Hugh Jackman
Short Animation Award "Tsumikinoe" Kunio Kato - YouTube
87 times
Academy Honor Award Miyazaki Hayao - YouTube【image】[Award ceremony image 1][Award ceremony image 2]
Presenter: John Lasseter - YouTube
(Miyazaki Hayao 0: 27 ~ 2: 27 ~ 4: 04 ~,Toshio Suzuki 4: 23 ~)
89 times
Introduction of nominations: Ken Watanabe
Foreign language movie department - YouTube / Short film category - YouTube
90 times
Makeup & Hair Styling Award "Winston Churchill / The Man Who Saved the World from Hitler" Kazuhiro Tsuji - YouTube【image】
-Presenter:Gal Gadot,Army hummer
92 times
Makeup & Hair Styling Award "Scandal" Kazuhiro - YouTube【image】
-Presenter:Ray Romano,Sandra Oh

Oscar Nominees Luncheon
  • A luncheon where nominated candidates meet together.
Oscars - YouTubeChannel
Award ceremonyInvitee
90 times
Makeup & Hair Styling "Winston Churchill" Kazuhiro Tsuji(17m05s ~)- YouTube(17:05~)
Short animation "Negative Space" Ru Kuwahata(26m08s ~)- YouTube(26:08~,34: 36 ~)
91 times
Foreign language movie "Shoplifting Family" Hirokazu Koreeda(7m33s ~)- YouTube(7:33~)
Feature-length anime "Mirai of the Future" Mamoru Hosoda(24m01s ~)- YouTube(24:01~)
92 times
Makeup & Hair Styling "Scandal" Kazuhiro (Kazuhiro Tsuji)(14m52s ~)- YouTube(14:52~,15: 25 ~)
Oscar Week
Oscars - YouTubeChannel
Award ceremonyDiscussion video
86 times
Producer Toshio Suzuki, a feature-length anime "Kaze Tachinu"(81m28s ~)- YouTube
Short animation "Kujuku" Shuhei Morita(7m0s ~)- YouTube
(7:00~,23: 19 ~)[Image 1][Image 2]
Cutie & Boxer feature-length documentary Zachary Heinserling, Lydia Dean Pilcher(4m40s ~)- YouTube
(4:40-work introduction / Shinohara Yujio, Noriko Shinohara's documentary)
87 times
Producer Isao Takahata, Yoshiaki Nishimura(82m05s ~)- YouTube
Animated short film "Dam Keeper" Daisuke Tsutsumi, Robert Condo(17m18s ~)- YouTube
88 times
Producer, Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Yoshiaki Nishimura(68m05s ~)- YouTube
89 times
Producer Toshio Suzuki, the feature animation "Red Turtle"(86m38s ~)- YouTube
90 times
Short animation "Negative Space" Kaho Kuwabata, Max Porter(4m19s ~)- YouTube
(4:19~)[Image 1][Image 2]
Makeup & Hair Styling "Winston Churchill" Kazuhiro Tsuji(14m25s ~)- YouTube
91 times
Foreign language movie "Shoplifting Family" Hirokazu Koreeda(29m34s ~)- YouTube
(29:34~,50: 41 ~)
Produced by Mamoru Hosoda, Yuichiro Saito(52m18s ~)- YouTube
92 times
Makeup & Hair Styling "Scandal" Kazuhiro (Kazuhiro Tsuji)(16m57s ~)- YouTube
Mark Davis Marc Davis Celebration of Animation
  • Animation celebration held by the Academy.
Oscars - YouTubeChannel
Held yearInvitee / Video
(7 month 28 day)
[24]Hayao Miyazaki, John Lasseter
-Hayao Miyazaki: Developing a Character ~ Creating a Villain ~ Depicting the Environment ~ Developing an Idea ~ Creating Original Work ~ Childhood Interests ~ The Future of Animation - YouTube

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