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🎥 | Toshiki Seto and Yua Shinkawa, who co-starred in the movie, also respect the presence of actress Yuki Amami.


Co-starring Toshiki Seto and Yua Shinkawa also respect Actress Yuki Amami's presence in the movie alone for the first time in 20 years

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Theme song: Kiyoshi Hikawa "Happy!" (Nippon Columbia)
Director: Tetsu Maeda Screenplay: Hiroshi Saito Music: Harumi Fuuki
Original: Miu Kakiya "I don't have the funds for old age" (Chuko Bunko)
Distribution: Toei
(C) 2021 Movie "I don't have the money for old age!

Yuki Amami plays an ordinary housewife. What kind of preparation is necessary in modern Japan, where it is said that "2000 million yen is required for retirement funds" ... → Continue reading

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