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🎥 | My car on the verge of scrapping regains its brilliance! "Car SOS Revived! Memories of Famous Cars 9" November 11th at Nashogio ...


Your car on the verge of scrapping regains its brilliance! "Car SOS Revived! Memories of Famous Cars 9" November 11th at National Geographic ...

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This time, from the vintage 1929 Rolls-Royce to the MG Metro 6R4 that was active in the rally championship, and the ice cream sales car.

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MG Metro 6R4

MG Metro 6R4IsMGBy brandBritish LeylandDeveloped byGroup BIt is a vehicle.

The name is 6 cylinders (6cylinder ) ・ Rally (rally ) ・ Derived from 4WD[1].


Rover MetroIt was made based on the MG version of.For developmentWilliams Grand Prix EngineeringIt is said that British drive train manufacturers are involved.

Lancia Delta S4There was only an announcement of the same season as, and the impression was faint.For early prototype carsRoverMadeV8 cylinderAlthough it was equipped with a so-called V2V engine that was made by cutting two cylinders based on the engine, the maximum output 62-380PS finally designed by former Cosworth employee David Wood[1]/ 8,500 rpm (road version 250PS), total torque of 31kg-m / 6,500rpmaluminumMade of 90 degreesV6 cylinder[1]DOHC[1]24 valves[1]V64V engine is installed vertically.Front-rear torque distribution 35:65 viscous centerDifferentialDriven through4WDAnd said.In group BIt was required for cars competing for the topturbo,responseI didn't dare to adopt it, A large displacement NA with a total displacement of 2,991cc.

The frame is of the metroMonocoqueAlthough it was based on the frame, the latter half was remade with steel pipes.The body is an extremely short 2,412 mm because it is a compact car base.WheelbaseThe front and rear treads are set to 1,510 / 1,550 (mm) to make up for this.This number is BNR34 typeNissan Skyline GT-RIt is a number that easily exceeds the tread of.

F1The aerodynamic performance was good among the Group B cars, partly because the team was involved.However, in rivers and sections with large puddles, it seems that they came from afar because the water was blown up directly above instead of sideways to create a small water column.

About 200 cars were produced according to the regulations of Group B, but unlike other Group B cars, 20 cars were for the factory team and the remaining 180 cars were all handed over to private racers and eventually put on the market. Not sold as a car.

The name of the road version of Metro 6R4 was "Clubman", and the name of the works version was "International".

Battle history

WRCFor participation, it is a works teamMG-AustinParticipated by racing teams and privateers from all over the world.The activity period is 1985RAC rallyFrom 1986Monte Carlo, Swedish, Portugal,Tour de Corse,1000,Remo, Works and privateers were introduced to the RAC rally, but the WRC participation was short in less than a year,Acropolis,サ フ ァ リ, New Zealand, Argentina, Côte d'Ivoire, etc. It was not put on a relatively expensive hard stage.

In the final 1985 RAC of the debut match, Tony Pond droveLancia Delta S41rd place after the 2-3 finish. Per Eklund ranked 1986th in 1000 with 7 瑚, in San RemoMalcolm WilsonHowever, the WRC as a whole is in the 4th place, and although it is barely stable and reliable, it shows high potential.

Group B1987 after the endPikes Peak International Hill ClimbAnd at the European Rallycross Championship (ERC)Peugeot,Audi,FordAfter participating in the war with the forces, I was able to see it at many rally events with private players.

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