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🎥 | Tokyo / China Film Week, 9 Chinese Films Now Screening-Chinese Media


Nine Chinese Films Now Screening at Tokyo-China Film Week-Chinese Media

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The screening is being held at "TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi" in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

"2021 Tokyo-Chinese Movie Week" is being held in Tokyo for 25 days from the 31th to the 7st, and the latest Chinese movie ... → Continue reading

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Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building

Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building(Muromachi Furukawamitsuki Building)TokyoChuoNihonbashi MuromachiLocated inSkyscraper.Mitsui FudosanProceeded together with the public and private sectorsMuromachi East District Development PlanWas built as the second phase of[1][3]..The commercial area isCOREDO Muromachi 2(COREDO Muromachi Two,Coredo Muromachi 2) Is attached[1].

57 timesBCS Award(Nipponbashi Muromachi East Area Development)[6]..Received the 28 Land Utilization Model Award (Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award) and the 14th Lighting Design Award (Excellence Award).


Commercial facilities centered on food sales in the lower floors,Cinema complex, Office in high-rise, top 4Apartment houseIt is a complex facility with 4 basement floors and 22 floors above ground.[7].

On the first basement floorMitsukoshimae StationThere is an underground walkway on Edo Sakuradori that is integrated with the underground plaza that continues from, and an underground walkway that connects to Fukutoku Shrine, which was completed in the fall of 2014.COREDO Muromachi 1A bridge is also built over the road, and the surrounding areaBlockA pedestrian flow line that is closely connected to[7].

Floor composition

COREDO Muromachi 2

Occupies the 1st basement floor to the 6th floor above ground (including the cinema complex)[8], 39 stores will open, mainly restaurants.The main entrance is composed of 1 blocks, COREDO Muromachi 2, 3, and 3.A streetIt is located in the southwest corner facing the area, and an entrance that can be approached directly from the underground walkway space is also located on the first basement floor.[7].

TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi

Enter the 2nd to 6th floorsMovie theaterTOHO CinemasIs in charge of management and operation.It is the first cinema complex in the Nihonbashi area to have all 9 screens.[4].. The entrance is on the 2nd floor, the lobby, ticket counter, shop, entrance gate, screens 3 to 1 are on the 5rd floor, and screens 5 to 6 are on the 9th floor.

2019 May 1, Business was closed from 18:XNUMX due to emergency equipment inspection, and resumption was undecided as it is[9]..The reason was not announced at the beginning of the business suspension, but it was later announced that it was "safety confirmation and investigation of the cause of all screens due to damage to the ceiling parts of some screens".[9].. same yearMay 3, Screens 6, 7, 8 and 9 have been confirmed to be safe and have resumed operations, but screens 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are said to require continued repair work, and the entire building will not be restored. became[10].. same yearMay 7, It was officially announced that the repair work of screens 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 will be completed for each screen, and that screens 1 and 5 will be restored in sequence.[10].. July 7 Full restoration.


1,770 seats (18 wheelchair seats)[11].

screenNumber of seatsWheelchair seatAudio equipmentScreen size
11282QSC / Digital 5.1ch10.1 × 4.2m
21102QSC / Digital 5.1ch9.1 × 3.8m
31192QSC / Digital 5.1ch9.6 × 4.0m
41192QSC / Digital 5.1ch9.6 × 4.0m
52262QSC / Digital 5.1ch13.9 × 5.8m
62132QSC / Digital 5.1ch13.6 × 5.7m
74042QSC / Digital 5.1ch18.7 x 7.9m (TCX specifications)
82902QSC / DOLBY-ATMOS16.0 x 6.7m (TCX specifications)
91432QSC / Digital 5.1ch10.1 × 4.2m
  • Screen 5, screen 7, and screen 8 have premium box seats in the middle row.
  • Screen 7 and screen 8 are the specifications of TOHO Cinemas' original large screen "TCX".In addition, "DOLBY ATMOS" is installed on screen 8 and is in operation when the corresponding works are screened.
  • All screens, stadium-style structure with slopes for each row of seats.

Office area

The office area is on the 7th to 17th floors[8], The entrance is located on the east side of the building so as to be adjacent to the car park and taxi bay while facing Edozakura-dori.[7]..7.2m with a span of 3.6mmoduleAdopted the standard floor of the one-core type, and made it an office space of about 17 tsubo with a depth of about 550 m.[7].

Apartment house

Luxury rental residence "Park Axis Premier Nihonbashi Muromachi" was established on the top 4 floors (18th to 21st floors).[12]..54 units are located around the courtyard, and power is secured by a 72-hour emergency generator.FitnessIn addition to setting up a centerConciergeAnd valley service is secured[7].



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