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🎥 | Kengo Nakamura "The day to promote my movie ..." Murai Chairman also praised

Photo Kengo Nakamura who appeared in the stage greeting = 109 Cinemas Kawasaki

Kengo Nakamura "The day to promote my movie ..." Murai Chairman also praised

If you write the contents roughly
It will be screened at 11 Cinemas Kawasaki and Aeon Cinema Shinyurigaoka from November 12th to 25th.

A documentary film by Kengo Nakamura (1), who retired last season after 18 years of active life in J41 Kawasaki, will be released on the 31st ... → Continue reading

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AEON Entertainment

AEON group > AEON Entertainment

AEON Entertainment Co., Ltd.(British: AEON ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD) IsAEON groupMovie box office.

Established as Warner Mycal Co., Ltd.2013 May 7ToAeon Cinemas Co., Ltd.Was merged and changed to the current company name.Operates the largest number of screens in Japan.Before the mergerWarner Mycal CinemasWith the shop nameCinema complexWas operated, but after the mergerAEON CINEMASWas operated byIon cinemaIt was unified to the shop name of.


* Before the mergerWarner MycalandAEON CINEMASFor details on the history of, see each item.

Aeon Entertainment Co., Ltd.1991 Warner Brothers International Cinemas (Headquarters)America,Time warnerGroup) and Nichii (laterMycal)ofJoint ventureでWarner Mycal Co., Ltd.Was established as,2013 Warner Mycal became a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeon following the withdrawal of capital from the Time Warner Group on February 2, the same year.May 7Was running Aeon Cinema with Warner Mycal as the surviving company.AEON CINEMASMerged with and became the current company name.This brings the number of screens to 609,TOHO CinemasBecame a movie entertainment company with the largest number of screens in Japan.The theater name was changed from "Warner Mycal Cinemas" to "Aeon Cinema" from June to the end of the year.[2][3], Theater name on the official website[4]And the theater was unified into AEON CINEMA on the same day as the company integration.The signboards and other items were changed in all theaters by the end of the same year.Also, regarding the logo, we continue to use almost the same thing as in the old Aeon Cinemas era, but the color scheme has changed from red to rose red, which is the current corporate color of Aeon, and the letters "AC" are in the old Aeon Cinemas era. It became more rounded than the one, and the fonts of "AEON CINEMA" and "AEON Cinema" were changed to those common to the AEON Group.

From the same day of integrationU-NEXTIn collaboration with Cinecon, the first VOD in Japan (Video on demand) Started the service "AEON CINEMA WEB screen powered by U-NEXT".With this service, you can watch more than 55,000 video works on TVs, PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc., and you can exchange them for AEON Cinema coupons (movie viewing discounts) with the "PPV points" you receive every month.[5].

During the Warner Mycal Cinemas era, Bugs Bunny and others produced by Warner Bros. were used in theater etiquette movies and goods in the hall.Rooney TunesCharacter was used, but by July 2013 when AEON Entertainment was launched, both "Kachinko-kun", which was also used in the video before the start of the main story, was abolished, and on February 7, 2014, the dragon's successor character "JajanWas announced[6].

Like Warner Mycal Cinemas and the former Aeon Cinema, most theaters are attached to Aeon Group commercial facilities, but commercial facilities outside Aeon Group.[Note 1]There are also a small number of theaters that are open in.

Movie companydistributionWas transferred from Warner Mycal, and for the convenience of expanding to a large commercial facility,childrenMost of the works are for.During the Warner Mycal era, it was an exclusive screening of Warner Mycal Cinemas, but after it was transferred to our company, there was no tie-up.Live actionAlthough it is limited to some adult works such as works, it is also being screened at a cinema complex operated by another company in a large commercial facility of the AEON Group.Therefore, there is no cinema complex in the commercial facilities of the Aeon Group.PrefecturesOnly in general movie theaters.


  • 1991 (3)May 10 --Established as a joint venture between Warner Brothers International Cinemas (Headquarters USA) and Nichii (later Mycal) (Investment ratio: Time Warner Group 50% / Nichii Co., Ltd. 50%).
  • 1999 (11)May 4 - AEON CINEMASWill be established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Jusco Co., Ltd. (currently Aeon Co., Ltd.) with a capital of 100 million yen.
  • 2012 (14)May 12 --The parent company Aeon is in the US in February or March 2013Warner Brothers・ Announced that it will acquire all shares from Entertainment and make it a wholly owned subsidiary.[7][8][9].
  • 2013 (25)
    • May 2 --Become a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeon.As a result, the movie entertainment company in which foreign capital participates from the Japanese market disappeared (ownership ratio: Aeon Co., Ltd. 100%)[10]).
    • May 7 --Aeon Cinemas with Warner Mycal as the surviving companyAbsorption merger..The company name isAEON EntertainmentChanged to.The name of the cinema complex is the same dayIon cinemaIs unified to[2].


The theaters of AEON Entertainment are shown below.The number of seats is the largestTokyoItabashi kuThe smallest number of "AEON Cinema Itabashi" (2326 seats) inOsakaOsakaChuo-kuIt is "Aeon Cinema Theatus Shinsaibashi" (382 seats) in.

W --Former Warner Mycal Cinemas Theater / A --Former Aeon Cinemas Theater / Unbranded --Theater opened after integration

Theater open


Theater nameAddressFacilityscaleOpening dayRemarks
EbetsuHokkaidoEbetsuAEON Ebetsu8 screen
1755 seat
OtaruHokkaidoOtaruWing Bay Otaru7 screen
1517 seat
THX introduction theater
KitamiHokkaidoKitamiAeon Kitami store7 screen
1300 seat
KushiroHokkaidoKushiroKushiro TownAeon Kushiro store8 screen
1707 seat
In front of Asahikawa stationHokkaidoAsahikawaAEON MALL Asahikawa station square8 screen
1174 seat


Theater nameAddressFacilityscaleOpening dayRemarks
HirosakiAomoriHirosakiHiromae Sakurano City6 screen
1297 seat
FukushimaFukushimaFukushimaSoneda Shopping Center9 screen
1550 seat[Note 2]
YonezawaYamagataYonezawaAeon Yonezawa store opposite7 screen
948 seat
KitakamiIwateKitakami CitySakurano Department Store Kitakami Store7 screen
1303 seat
MikawaYamagataHigashidagawa-gunMikawa TownAEON MALL Mikawa7 screen
1417 seat
NatoriMiyagiNatori CityAEON MALL Natori10 screen
1611 seat
4DX introduction theater
Ishinomaki[Note 3]MiyagiIshinomakiAEON MALL Ishinomaki8 screen
1625 seat
DaquAkitaDaisen CityAEON MALL Omagari5 screen
786 seat
TendoYamagataTendo cityAEON MALL Tendo10 screen
1481 seat
Shin-RifuMiyagiMiyagi-gunRifu TownAeon Mall Shinrifu South Building11 screen
1096 seat
2021/3/5It was open until October 2020, 10
MOVIX RifuFacility to replace[11].


Theater nameAddressFacilityscaleOpening dayRemarks
EbinaKanagawaEbinaAeon Ebina Shopping Center7 screen
1874 seat
THX introduction theater
ChigasakiKanagawaChigasakiAeon Style Shonan Chigasaki6 screen
1403 seat
ShinyurigaokaKanagawaKawasaki CityAsoAEON STYLE Shinyurigaoka9 screen
2125 seat
OiSaitamaFujimino-shiAeon Oi store7 screen
1526 seat
Myoden IchikawaChibaIchikawa CityAeon Ichikawa Myoden store9 screen
2211 seat
MinatomiraiYokohama-city kanagawa prefectureNaka-kuYokohama World Porters8 screen
1603 seat
4DX introduction theater
ItabashiTokyoItabashi kuAeon Itabashi Shopping Center12 screen
2326 seat
THX introduction theater
OmiyaSaitamaSaitamaKitaAeon Omiya store8 screen
1770 seat
(I.e.SaitamaKumagayaAeon Kumagaya store8 screen
1480 seat
(I.e.GunmaOta CityAEON MALL Ota10 screen
2304 seat
Tama CenterTokyoTama CityOkanoue Patio8 screen
1806 seat
Chiba New TownChibaInzai CityAEON MALL Chiba New Town8 screen
1868 seat
Urawa MisonoSaitama, Saitama prefectureGreen DistrictAEON MALL Urawamisono11 screen
2087 seat
TakasakiGunmaTakasakiAEON MALL Takasaki10 screen
1409 seat
MusashimurayamaTokyoMusashimurayama-shiAEON MALL Musashi Murayama12 screen
2175 seat
Kohoku New TownKanagawa横 浜 市TsujiNorthport Mall12 screen
2294 seat
ULTIRA, D-BOX introduction theater
MoriyaIbarakiMoriyaIon Town Moriya10 screen
2154 seat
HanyuSaitamaHanyuAEON MALL Hanyu9 screen
1851 seat
sunriseTokyoNishitama CountyHinode TownAEON MALL Hinode9 screen
1730 seat
Koshigaya Lake TownSaitamaKoshigayaAEON Lake Town10 screen
1595 seat
4DX introduction theater
Lower wifeIbarakiShimotsuma CityAEON MALL Shimotsuma5 screen
722 seat
ChoshiChibaChoshiAeon Mall Choshi5 screen
766 seat
KasukabeSaitamaKasukabeAEON MALL Kasukabe10 screen
1900 seat
ULTIRA, D-BOX introduction theater
Makuhari New CityChibaChibaMihamaAEON MALL Makuhari New City10 screen
1569 seat
2013/12/20ULTIRA, D-BOX
DOLBY ATMOS introduction theater
Theatus ChofuTokyoChofu CityTorie Keio Chofu11 screen
1652 seat
2017/9/29DTS: X, ULTIRA
4DX, GRAN THEATER[12]Introductory theater
ZamaKanagawaZamaAEON MALL Zama10 screen
1475 seat
Vsound introduction theater
(I.e.SaitamaKawaguchi cityAEON MALL Kawaguchi10 screen
1048 seat
2021/6/8ULTIRA, line array speaker (first for AEON CINEMA)
GRAN THEATER introduction theater[13]


Theater nameAddressFacilityscaleOpening dayRemarks
PrefectureNiigataTsubame CityAeon Central Store7 screen
1349 seat
KanazawaIshikawaKanazawaAeon Kanazawa store8 screen
1758 seat
Niigata west[Note 4]NiigataNiigataNishi-wardAeon Niigata Nishi store9 screen
2160 seat
Kanazawa ForusKanazawa City, Ishikawa PrefectureKanazawa Forus9 screen
1531 seat
Niigata MinamiNiigata City, Niigata PrefectureKonan wardAeon Mall Niigata Minami9 screen
1702 seat
ShinkomatsuIshikawa小松 市AEON MALL Shinkomatsu7 screen
1075 seat
HakusanIshikawaBaishan CityAEON MALL Hakusan10 screen
1118 seat
DOLBY ATMOS introduction theater[14]

Chubu / Kinki

Theater nameAddressFacilityscaleOpening dayRemarks
KuwanaMieKuwana CityAeon Mall Haruna8 screen
1875 seat
AkashiHyogoAkashi CityAeon Akashi Shopping Center7 screen
1796 seat
ToyokawaAichiToyokawaAeon Toyokawa store7 screen
1771 seat
KumiyamaKyotoKuse-gunKumiyama TownAEON MALL Kumiyama8 screen
1844 seat
Omi HachimanShigaOmihachimanAeon Omihachiman Shopping Center8 screen
1762 seat
THX introduction theater
Sanda Woody TownHyogoMitaAeon SandaWoody Town店7 screen
1555 seat
WonderAichiNagoya cityNishi-wardmozo wonder city10 screen
1882 seat
Nishi YamatoNaraKitakatsuragi-gunKawai Town[Note 5]7 screen
1318 seat
TsuMieTsu CityAEON Tsu Shopping Center7 screen
1589 seat
IbarakiOsakaIbaraki CityAEON MALL Ibaraki10 screen
2100 seat
THX introduction theater
KakogawaHyogoKakogawaAeon Kakogawa store8 screen
1541 seat
SuzukaMieSuzukaAEON MALL Suzuka8 screen
1670 seat
Rinku SennanOsakaSennan cityAEON MALL Rinku Sennan8 screen
1797 seat
DainichiOsakaMoriguchiAEON MALL Dainichi8 screen
1679 seat
TakanoharaKyotoKizugawa[Note 6]Aeon Mall Takanohara9 screen
1639 seat
KakamigaharaGifuKakamigahara CityAEON MALL Kakamigahara10 screen
1694 seat
KusatsuShigaKusatsu CityAEON MALL Kusatsu9 screen
1556 seat
(I.e.Aichi岡 崎 市AEON MALL Okazaki10 screen
1342 seat
OtakaAichi Prefecture, Nagoya CityGreen DistrictAEON MALL Odaka10 screen
1846 seat
IMAX (Aeon Cinema's first), D-BOX introduction theater
FujinomiyaShizuokaFujinomiya cityAEON MALL Fujinomiya6 screen
909 seat
ToinMieInaben-gunToin TownAEON MALL Toin10 screen
1655 seat
WakayamaWakayamaWakayama CityAEON MALL Wakayama10 screen
1773 seat
2014/3/16ULTIRA, D-BOX
DOLBY ATMOS introduction theater
Nagoya ChayaAichi Prefecture, Nagoya CityMinato-kuAEON MALL Nagoya Chaya12 screen
1792 seat
Kyoto KatsuragawaKyotoKyoto CitySouth ward-MukaiAEON MALL Kyoto Katsuragawa12 screen
2064 seat
2014/10/174DX, ULTIRA
DOLBY ATMOS introduction theater
ShijonawateOsakaShijonawate City-NeyagawaAEON MALL Shijonawate11 screen
1663 seat
2015/10/234DX, VIVE AUDIO introduction theater
NagakuteAichiNagakuteAEON MALL Nagakute10 screen
1569 seat
2016/12/9D-BOX, VIVE AUDIO introduction theater
TokonameAichiTokonameAEON MALL Tokoname9 screen
1071 seat
2017/7/12"Genkids Theater" (first in Japan) introduced theater[15]
AndNaganoMatsumotoAEON MALL Matsumoto8 screen
1086 seat
2017/9/21VIVE AUDIO introduction theater
Toyota KiTARAAichiToyota CityKiTARA9 screen
1138 seat
TsunanTsu City, Mie PrefectureAEON MALL Tsunan9 screen
1341 seat
2018/11/9ULTIRA, VIVE AUDIO introduction theater
Theatus ShinsaibashiOsakaOsakaChuo-kuShinsaibashiPARK7 screen
382 seat[Note 7]
2021/3/16GRAN THEATER, DOLBY ATMOS introduction theater[16]

Chugoku, Shikoku

Theater nameAddressFacilityscaleOpening dayRemarks
HiroshimaHiroshimaHiroshima citySouth wardHiroshima Danbara Shopping Center7 screen
1311 seat
HofuYamaguchi Hofu CityAeon Hofu store7 screen
1678 seat
Takamatsu Higashi[Note 8]KagawaTakamatsuAeon Takamatsu East Store7 screen
1466 seat
AyagawaKagawaRyuta CountyAyagawa TownAEON MALL Ayagawa9 screen
1488 seat
OkayamaOkayamaOkayama CityKitaAEON MALL Okayama11 screen
1973 seat
2014/12/5ULTIRA, D-BOX
GRAN THEATER, DOLBY ATMOS introduction theater
UtazuAyauta District, Kagawa PrefectureUtazu TownAeon Town Utazu7 screen
1236 seat
2015/10/24With the old store (described later) in Utazu Bibure
This is the second generation store that has reopened in the same location and building.
Imabari new cityEhimeImabariAEON MALL Imabari New City7 screen
1010 seat
TokushimaTokushimaTokushimaAEON MALL Tokushima9 screen
1346 seat
2017/4/27MX4D (first in AEON CINEMA), ULTIRA
DTS: X, Vsound introduction theater (first in Japan)
Hiroshima West Wind New CityHiroshima, Hiroshima PrefectureSaiki WardTHE OUTLETS HIROSHIMA9 screen
1389 seat
4K projector introduction theater


Theater nameAddressFacilityscaleOpening dayRemarks
Ono CastleFukuokaOnojo CityAeon Onojo Shopping Center8 screen
1661 seat
TobataFukuokaKitakyushuTobataAEON Tobata Shopping Center8 screen
1706 seat
THX introduction theater
Yamato SagaSagaSaga CityAEON MALL Saga Yamato8 screen
1479 seat
FukuokaFukuokaKasuya-gunKasuya TownAEON MALL Fukuoka9 screen
2043 seat
THX introduction theater
KumamotoKumamotoKamishijo-gunKajimachiAEON MALL Kumamoto8 screen
1750 seat
ChikushinoFukuokaChikushinoAEON MALL Chikushino9 screen
1509 seat
4DX introduction theater

Withdrawn theater

This section describes the stores that were closed after being integrated into AEON Entertainment.

Theater nameAddressFacilityscaleOpening dayClosing datethe reasonRemarks
(First generation)
Utazu Town, Ayauta District
Utazu Bibure7 screen
1236 seat
1994/3/202014/3/16With the closing of the "Utazu Bibure" that I was moving in,
It was scheduled to close at the same time on February 2014, 2, but it was extended.
It was the first ionic cinema complex in the Shikoku region,
It will be closed for the first time after being integrated into AEON Entertainment.
From the opening of AEON TOWN Utazu on the site of Utazu Bibure
As mentioned above, Aeon Cinema will open again.
(Reopening in the same building).
AEON Tsukimino store9 screen
2053 seat
2000/11/92018/2/28Due to the closure of the "Aeon Tsukimino store" that was occupied, due to the rebuilding
Closed at the same time on February 2018, 2.
After rebuilding, AEON Cinema withdrew due to AEON reduction.
Aeon Cinema Zama was added to the nearby Aeon Mall Zama.
THX introduction theater
Eucalyptus hillChiba
佐 倉 市
YOU! PLA8 screen
1494 seat
1999/3/62018/5/31[17]The theater after closing was taken over by Sasaki Kogyo Co., Ltd.
From December 2018, 6 "Cinema sunshine Eucalyptus hillAs
Nonoichi City
AEON Okyozuka
Shopping center
8 screen
1661 seat
1998/3/142021/5/31[19]With the closing of the "AEON Okyozuka Shopping Center" where I was moving in
Closed at the same time on February 2021, 5.
Aeon Cinema Hakusan was added to Aeon Mall Hakusan, which will open nearby.

Distribution work

Title of workdirected byrelease dateCountry of productionRemarks
Tomorrow, in a world without youHiROKi2020/1/10Japan
Theatrical version train

Pounding Sugoroku Tour

-2020/1/10JapanVicomCo-production and distribution with
The Peanut Butter FalconTyler Nilsson,

Michael schwarz

2020/2/7The United States of America
LOL Surprise!

Winter Disco The Movie

David Lauer,

Jared Hillman

2020/2/28The United States of America
Stardust TownTaiichi Sugiyama2020/3/6JapanParticipation in production committee

Distribution cooperation (distribution:Toei video)

Movie version Delicious lunch Final BattleShinya Ayabe2020/3/6JapanParticipation in production committee

AMG EntertainmentJoint distribution with

Keanin Flowers blooming in the heartKosuke Suzuki2020/4/3JapanParticipation in production committee

United entertainmentJoint distribution with

BloodshotDavid SF


2020/5/29The United States of America
Healing heart How to love yourselfTetsuo Shinohara2020/7/3Japan
Two people worldKeita Fujimoto2020/7/10Japan
In the Life of Music

Live with music

Cary Saw,

Visal Sock

2020/7/10United States of America,


Invisible Things Unknown AbilityMarx Dietrich2020/7/10Germany,


Ride Like A GirlRachel Griffiths2020/7/17Australia
Theatrical version Secret x Warrior Phant Mirage!

-It's going to be a movie-

Takashi Miike2020/7/23JapanKADOKAWAJoint distribution with
Black and blueDeon Taylor2020/7/24The United States of America
# All handsDaigo Matsui2020/7/31JapanRabbit House / Elephant House

Joint distribution with

Bracelet me in the mirrorStephan




Beyond the Boyancy GazeRod Rasgen2020/8/7Australia
Wildcat never sleeps 8 The end of the assassinCalle Andrews2020/8/14The United States of AmericaDistribution cooperation

(distribution:Sony pictures


A detour to happinessMarielle Heller2020/8/28The United States of America
Fanatic Hollywood enthusiastFred Durst2020/9/4The United States of AmericaGagaJointly provided with
Movie Thomas the Tank Engine

Chao!Tode Utatte Discovery !!

Joey Saw2020/9/4United KingdomDistribution cooperation (distribution:Tokyo Theater)
We're Replacement Ball Brothers!Duc Tin2020/9/11Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
Mai Bach Indomitable PianistMauro Lima2020/9/11Brazil
DaughtersHajime Tsuda2020/9/18JapanJoint distribution with Atemo
ATEOTDTakumi Saito2020/9/25JapanThe making video of this work,

Short film "Distans"

(directed by:Yasuhiko Shimizu)[20]

HaasmelAlex Ross


2020/9/25The United States of America
Little viking bigeEric Kaz2020/10/2Germany, France,


AMG EntertainmentJoint distribution with

How two bad guys reverse one shot in life

Vincent Machale2020/10/9The United States of America
Kilbird Rebels in the ForestJoe Zanetti2020/10/9Canada
Chang QuinnDruk Tin2020/10/9Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
WoodlandJohn Silverberg2020/10/16Canada
Little subculture wars

~ Villevan!Counterattack ~

Yosuke Goto2020/10/23Japan
Super mimicry humanShugo Fujii2020/10/30Japan
The Grudge The mansion where the dead spirits liveNicholas Peche2020/10/30The United States of America
Diorama Boy Panorama GirlNatsuki Seta2020/11/6Japan
Thank you forever togetherYuichi Onuma2020/11/6JapanProduction secretary
Monster Strike THE MOVIE

Lucifer the dawn of despair

Kobun Shizuno2020/11/6Japan
Girl from yesterdayFan the

Nhat Lin

2020/11/6Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
maybeYuki Saito2020/11/13Japan
Pow Patrol

Car Racing Daisakusen GO! GO!

Charles E. Bastian2020/11/13The United States of America
BaruboraTezuka Makoto2020/11/20Japan
Shin Samejima IncidentJiro Nagae2020/11/27JapanProduction secretary
After 2021
Title of workdirected byrelease dateCountry of productionRemarks
Movie Thomas the Tank Engine

come together!Future invention show!

Ian Cherry,

Joey Saw

2021/3/26United KingdomDistribution cooperation (distribution:Tokyo Theater)
ZokkiNaoto Takenaka,Takayuki Yamada,Takumi Saito2021/4/2Japan
I'll show you where it's shatteringSATURDAY2021/4/9Japan

(Multiple directors including open recruiters)[21]

2021 SummerJapanShort omnibus film planning

Scheduled to be released every 4 months until Season 3[21]

The look of loveKunitoshi Manda2021 JapanParticipation in production committee

Asahi Shimbun/ With Japanese entertainment

Joint distribution

Kannazuki ChildrenToshinari Shito (Communication),

Takana Shirai (animation)

2021 JapanParticipation in production committee
Children don't understandShuichi Okita2021 JapanParticipation in production committee
Sun's childHiroshi Kurosaki2021 Japan,

The United States of America

Broadcast on NHK General TV on August 2020, 8

TV drama versionFrom a different perspective

be painted[22][23]

Anonymous dayYuichi Hibi2021 JapanParticipation in production committee

Co-distributed with Gigix Studio

Urban Tom & SawyerKawai Hayato2021 Japan
Jewelpet Attack Travel!Hiroshi NegishiUndecidedJapanTwo films will be screened at the same time

Both works are set in China[24]

Kukuri Reiju -Samsung Comden Bizarre-Fumiya SatoJapan China


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注 釈

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