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🎥 | Koki, starring "Ushikubi Village" Set in the famous psychic spot, Tsubono Kosen!

Photo Photo taken at Tsubono mineral spring! – (C) 2022 “Ushikubimura” Production Committee

Koki, starring "Ushikubi Village" is set in the famous psychic spot, Tsubono Kosen!

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Tsubono Kosen, an abandoned hotel with a psychic, is now off limits, as Aiko Gibo, who appeared on numerous TV programs as a psychic, refused to enter and became a hot topic, and disappearances occurred. A super famous psychic spot.

The stage of the movie "Ushikubi Village" where model Koki, makes her debut as an actress, is a real psychic spot, Tsubono Kosen (Toyama ... → Continue reading

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Spirit spot

Spirit spot(Shinrei spot,Ghost sights) Is幽 霊,ApparitionOrigin orParanormalIt is a popular name that has come to be used in recent years to refer to the place where is said to occur.


Cemetery,Old battlefield,Suicide spot(Aokigahara,Cape,bridge), In the mountainstunnel,PassAnd so onurban legendTypicalrumorWhere there ishospital,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularSo-called traces ofruinsBuilding calledOld road-Abandoned roadA rough place with an atmosphere, or an abomination in the past事件-ACCIDENTIn many cases, the place where the event occurred is regarded as a psychic spot.

Originally, ghostsGhostBuildings that are said to be infestedHaunted house,Haunted houseIt was called, and it is still called that way.However, when we talk about haunted houses and haunted houses, in principle we are limited to buildings.On the other hand, the word psychic spot is a term that can refer to a wide range, not limited to buildings, and is told along with experiences such as encountering eerie phenomena and mysterious phenomena, and various anecdotes.

TV program,magazine,インターネットSuch asMediaTaken up inReviewsRumors often spread in Japan, but there are cases where rumors spread spontaneously and become a psychic spot even if a situation that can be called a paranormal phenomenon does not actually occur.In some cases, the story has a tail fin and the rumors walk alone, resulting in a psychic spot, and in extreme cases, even in places where it is uncertain whether there was an incident or accident in the first place, there are rumors. In other wordsReputationSomething that is nothing more than a mess.

Some people are curious and illegally invade the site or building, but there are also cases of damage to neighboring residents by making noise or damaging buildings and equipment.Invading private land without permissionBurglary(Even if it is abandoned in a closed facility, it may be guarded by the management body or management company), and even if it is an unmanned invasion of an unguarded building etc.Light crime lawAll of them are subject to punishment.Also, in a place where local residents cannot approach, even if an accident or incident occurs, the discovery or rescue may be delayed, which is dangerous.


In generalPsychic phenomenonIs often regarded as a phenomenon that cannot be explained scientifically.The same is true for TV programs that feature psychic spots.

However, some TV programs sometimes explain that they are "scientifically and rationally investigating the phenomenon."For example, "Extraordinary research 200X』, The land is tinged as the cause of the land that is considered to be a psychic spotMagneticandLow frequency sound brainInterfere withHallucinationAdopted the theory that occurs.The following cases were introduced as the main causes of magnetism in psychic spots.

  1. Active faultRocks are compressed with the activity ofPiezoelectric effectCaused byTelluric currentThe rocks in the ground become magnetic.
  2. Volcanic activityAlong with this, a magnetic anomaly zone is formed.
  3. Contains a lot of irongraniteThunder struck repeatedly near the summit of the mountain電流By the flow of rocksMagnetizationI will do it.
  4. Lightning strikes a tombstone in the mountains made of granite and magnetizes it with an electric current.
  5. Railway bridges, where lightning strikes frequently, become magnetic for the same reason.

In the same programPossessionPhenomenonPoltergeistIt was judged that the cause of such occurrence was also caused as a result of the abnormal magnetism of the land stimulating the brain.


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Tsubono Spa

Location of Tsubono mineral spring (in Toyama prefecture)
Tsubono Spa

Tsubono Spa(Acupuncture points)ToyamaUozuTsubono,Toyama Prefectural Road 67 Unazuki Osawano LineIn the vicinitySpa.Tsubono Onsen[1],Tsubo mineral spring[2] Also called.

It was a mineral spring that was said to have been discovered by the announcement of Gyoki Bosatsu's Yakushi Nyorai.[3]..Opening hot waterMeijiFirst year[4].

Spring quality

Spring quality TheWeak salt spring[1][5]..Source temperature is 18 ℃[1]..Gynecological illness[1][5]・ Skin disease[1]・ Neuralgia[5]・ Gastrointestinal disease[5][6] Is said to be effective.

The accommodation facility built along with the mineral spring has already closed down and is in ruins (described later), but the mineral spring itself has not died, and water is gushing under the ruins, and Kitayama Yakushido (Kitayama Yakushido)Kitayama mineral spring) Is called "Yakushi no Mizu" because it hits the upstream part.There is a water fetching place and it is effective for gastrointestinal diseasesName waterIt is said that it is used by neighboring residents[7].

Hotel Tsubono

Hotel Tsubono has 8 floors and is 3,300 in size.m2..Uozu CityHistoric siteBehind the ruins of Tsubono Castle[8]..Before closing the business, a Japanese tourist inn,International tourist innThe Japanese restaurant theater "Jurakuen" and the support club "Dance Heaven"SobaPlace "Yamazato",A coffee shopThere were also restaurants such as "Juraku" and a Waikiki pool.[2].

the hotel is1982 However, the building was left as it was and is in ruins.Nowadays, the building itself is often referred to as "Tsubono mineral spring".2007 In "The Ruins of Japan" published in Hokuriku, it is the best in Hokuriku.test of courageListed in the spot[9]..According to the book's "Ruins Rating Ranking BEST100", it ranks 75th in western Japan.

Also, the ruinsMotorcycle gangIt is also a hangout for juvenile delinquents, and there are many places inside that have been destroyed or scribbled by intruders.Was under mortgage such as a bank1985 May 9A fire broke out in the old building (a double-decker wooden structure)[10],Year 1990May 3There is a fire that burns down the Yakushido on the premises.[11]..Therefore, a metal fence that is off limits is currently being built.

Disappearance case

1996 (8)May 5,Toyama PrefectureHimiTwo resident women tell their family that they are going to try their luck and go out, and their friendsPagerFinally I sent a message saying "I'm in Uozu City now"Cut off the newsThe incident occurred[12].

Toyama Prefectural PoliceFrom the keywords "testing the liver" and "being in Uozu City", they came to the conclusion that they went to the ruined Tsubono Kosen Ryokan site in Uozu City and then disappeared, both from both the incident and the accident.investigationWas done.But one year after the incident1997 (9)May 5The fact that there are no clues at that pointYomiuri Shimbun Local Edition, Yomiuri ToyamaWas reported as a special feature article on regional news for two days under the title of "One year from unknown girl".[12].

Furthermore, since the passenger car owned by one of the women and driving at the time of disappearance was not found on the paper, a prefectural police helicopter and a mountain search team were organized to identify points where the car is likely to fall, such as under a cliff.searchHowever, it was not discovered, and the Tsubono mineral spring at that timeMotorcycle gangBecause it was a hangout, it was possible that he was involved in the incident.[12].

Also, in the article,

  • The site of the Tsubono Kosen Ryokan will be on weekendsIshikawa,Niigata,Fukui,GifuIt is a place where runaway tribes from other prefectures gather at the rally
  • From the localsSecurityThere are voices that are anxious as a dangerous place
  • The premises are dangerous places such as broken glass, graffiti, and cut ropes that indicate no entry.

Etc. were introduced[12].

2000 In (12)Niigata Girl Confinement CaseToyama Prefectural Police received this outbreakDisappearance caseReconfirming the investigation of "Northern Japan NewspaperWas reported in[13].

after that,2014 Toyama Prefectural Police obtained information that there were multiple witnesses at the end of (26), and identified three witnesses.2020 (Reiwa2) As a result of hearing in January, "1Large holidayAt midnight,Kaiomaru ParkWhen I approached to talk to a parked woman in the vicinity, the car with the two women suddenly started backwards and fell into the sea. "" I was scared and left the place and did not report. " Was obtained[14],same yearMay 3, The prefectureImizu CityLocated in Yawata TownFushiki Toyama PortSeabed near the quay[15][16] It was found that there was a light passenger car that seems to have been used by the two women mentioned above.[17], Multiple human bones were found in the car[18][19]..On the 11th of the same month, the Toyama Prefectural Police announced that the raised light passenger car was identified as the car used by one of the women.[20].

On April 4, the same year, the Toyama Prefectural Police said that the human bones found were severely damaged and there were no skulls or pelvis left, but they disappeared from the DNA test results detected in a part of the femur and the remaining remains. Announced that it was identified as belonging to the two[21][22].



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