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🎥 | Park Eun-bin and face genius Cha Eun-woo (ASTRO) moderated the "16th Seoul Drama Awards" award ceremony ...


The award ceremony for the "16th Seoul Drama Awards" hosted by Park Eun-bin and the face genius Cha Eun-woo (ASTRO) is ...

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Cha Eun Woo's first online drama fan meeting in Japan as an "actor".

The award ceremony for the "16th Seoul Drama Awards" (held on October 2021, 10) will be held at the Satellite Theater in 21 ... → Continue reading


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Online(British: online) Is

  • Computer networkso,nodeIndicates a state in which is connected to the network and can enjoy the service.The antonym isoff-line(Offline).
  • Conversations, meetings, exchanges, etc. between people using communication equipment.

National Institute for Japanese Language The"Foreign language" paraphrase proposalAlthough it was called "line connection", it is currently withdrawn.[Source required]


A node is online when it is connected to another node and can be serviced. With the terminalhost,clientとserverThere are various types of connection such as client and client.

bank OfAccount system,JR OfMars systemIllustrated inTrainな どTransportationSeat reservation system, connected to the serveronline gameAs their ownprotocolTo connect to a network hostComputer systemIndicates a serviceable state.

Peripheral devices, recording media, etc. may be connected to the computer and can be used normally, but this is strictly a misuse. (""SD cardIs online "etc.)

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