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🧑‍🎨 | Juryo Enho struggles with makeup turning of local Kanazawa sweets "Beaver" design for 6th victory while suffering

Photo Enho Akira (photographed by Atsushi Sato) who broke Nishiki Fuji (left) by withdrawal

Juryo Enho is suffering, but his sixth win is struggling with the makeup of the local Kanazawa sweet "Beaver" design.

If you write the contents roughly
I want to do my best so that even one can be bought, "he said as a" salesman. "

"Sumo Kyushu Basho, Day 10" (23rd, Fukuoka International Center) Sekitori's smallest soldier 168 cm, 97 kg Juryo Enho ... → Continue reading

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Sales(Eigyoshoku) is a profession that encourages prospective customers to purchase goods (goods) such as their own goods, services, or information, and concludes a sales contract.


The main business is sales, but even if you say a sales position in a nutshell, the work content is actually various.[1],industry-Industry, It is said that it varies greatly depending on the products and services handled or the size of the company.[2].. However, in any case, the starting point of sales is the same in that it is the relationship between people.[3]``communication ability"And the power to drive decision-making" are the same[4]Also be treated.

There are various categories of sales depending on the cut. "Route sales" and "new pioneering sales" that go to fixed contracted customers[5], "Corporate sales" and "individual sales" by customer type[6], "Domestic sales" and "overseas sales" depending on the area of ​​activity. Depending on the type of visit, there may be a classification such as “with appointment” or “without appointment”.

People who are full-time in the sales professionSalesman","SalespersonIt is called. Those who visit the homes of individual consumers and carry out sales activities are especiallysalesman-Sales womanAlso called. Meanwhile, companies, orSole proprietorshipA person who conducts corporate sales who visits is often called a salesman.

Contents of sales staff

The main business of sales staff is to sell their own products, but in addition to that, it also includes all the work that accompanies it, so not only sales but also planning and research,Reception,After-Sales ServiceYou may be asked for such an element. Some companies do not distinguish between sales and planning. Especially in small business establishments, there are cases in which clerical work and general affairs other than technical work are performed. Since sales personnel include various factors, their roles are often divided to some extent. It should be noted that the job primarily involves creating and analyzing data at the sales department and contacting sales personnel, and often does not go around. However, for a variety of reasons, there are many cases in which a job is often recruited as a “sales clerk” despite being a sales person.

Many of the salespeople who cultivate new customers make unilateral visits without prior appointments (meeting promises; misuse of "appointments"; abbreviated as apo).Dive) Often becomes a cause of trouble in sales activities and transaction contracts. In addition, even if the business is a type of visit based on an appointment, the original appointment is almost always forcibly indiscriminate telephone solicitation (TelemarketingPart of), which is also the cause of the trouble. There are many troubles with consumers, such as selling by pushing sales activities to private homes,Door-to-door salesAs one form ofAct on Specified Commercial TransactionsIs applied to protect consumers. Also,Highest judgmentAccording to April 20, 4, diving businessBurglaryThe possibility of falling under

Generally, the work performed by a salesperson includes the following.

customerDevelopment of
As a method for cultivating new customers by sales, there is a method of actively selling by selling to prospective customers,AdsThere are 3 ways to put out the call and wait for the reaction from the customer, and to use both of them together. For example, the sales type isoffice supply-Renovation-Placement medicine-Business to business, Waiting type is custom-built house (Housing exhibition hall), the combination type is condominium sales.
There are various methods for selecting a business destination depending on the type of business such as introduction from existing customers and purchase of a list.
It is called "dive-in sales" to apply sales activities to a person who has no promise. There are also departments that perform “telephone sales” that are dedicated to making appointments by calling or selling products or services, and companies that specialize in doing so (such as call center outbound operations).
Product sales
VariouspresentationAnd ask the potential customer to purchase the product. Not only the product performancebrand, Sales of products from various angles, such as proposal of applications, comparison with other companies' products, and building personal relationships of trust.
In order to sell, not only communication ability but also familiarity with the content and characteristics of the product are required. Sales to sell products other than our companyagencyCall it sales. Agent sales often deal with products from multiple companies, and it is necessary to understand differences between products more accurately.
CustomersneedsSales that provide product proposals tailored to the above or product proposals that reveal potential needs are sometimes called “planning sales” and “suggested sales”.
Conclusion of the contract
In cooperation with other departments (legal, financial, general affairs), necessarycontractTo create.
Existing customer care
On behalf of the company, act as a contact point for customers who have already purchased products. Sales staff most often interact with customers in the process up to the point of sale, and it is often more efficient to continue to be the contact point after sales.
When dealing with mass-selling products,Call centerThere is a case where a specialized customer counseling service called is called.
Product developmentBridging departments and customers
The information obtained from customers often includes useful information such as problems with products and new needs, and feedback to appropriate departments is required.
It may be difficult to communicate because the customer and the product development department have different desired directions (requirements and technical solutions). In addition, in the case of highly specialized products, it is often necessary to exchange technical parts in sales activities. Therefore, it is required that a sales person who understands the technology enters inside and translates both words or supports the sales activities. Sales who perform such work are sometimes called “technical sales” and “sales engineers”.
Sales promotion/survey
In order to carry out sales activities effectively,Market researchAnd various advertisements. It is often done in specialized departments such as marketing and product planning.
Budget management, schedule management
In many cases, the budget to be achieved is allocated to sales, and it is necessary to manage the current degree of progress against the target budget. In addition, since sales activities are often carried out in parallel for a plurality of parties, it is important to manage their schedules.

Establishment of sales job

One of the reasons for the establishment of modern-day sales jobs is socialDivision of laborThere is a deepening of the system. The division of labor has progressed in order to efficiently manage large-scale enterprises, and sales staff have become independent from clerical staff, sales staff, and manufacturing department (technical staff). By making the sales staff independent, not only efficient production became possible, but also the sophistication of presentation techniques was brought about. However, there are also cases where the sales department and the manufacturing department are separated too much, which loses the attachment of the sales staff to the products to be sold, leading to a decrease in motivation.


People in general are aware that sales staff are tough and tough. Since it is easy to objectively measure the work results by sales amount, contract order amount and contract number,Results-orientedIs easy to apply, and there are many places that adopt. Depending on the business performance, you may be able to expect a large amount of allowance, but you will always be under pressure of numbers (results).

From the organizationQuota(Sales target by individual) is almost always set, and even if you get a job with no quota, it is actuallyVoluntary goalsIn the name ofVirtual quotaThere are many cases where employees are forced to work, and when the quota cannot be achieved, they are often reprimanded by their bosses, which often creates a work environment in which they can feel narrow. If the quota specified by the organization is far from the demand in the society, it becomes more difficult to achieve the quota.Suicide businessMay be done. Often in a competitive relationship with other sales employees, and because information and know-how are not shared, even if the working environment is poor,UnionMay be difficult to appeal to. The labor union also tends to take a blind look at the treatment of sales staff, and the working environment for sales staff has generally not improved. So-calledBlack companiesOne of the unpopular factors of the low-valued companies, which are often referred to as employment, is that the actual working conditions and treatment of employees in the sales force who are hired and retired are poor.

Sales staff (especially corporate planning sales) have a wide range of required skills and interact with many people.communicationNot only ability, but also ability to respond appropriately to constantly changing situations is required. Therefore, it is often said that "sales technology is highly versatile, and if you can do business, you can do any profession." However, some sales, such as telephone sales, require specialized skills only for specific skills.

On the other hand, there are some sales jobs that require long-term experience or require specialized knowledge, such as consulting sales, so it does not necessarily mean that "anyone can have a sales job". Even if you change jobs between the same sales staff, if you switch to a product or industry that has no context, it takes a lot of effort and a reasonable amount of time to understand product knowledge, industry circumstances, customer response, etc. Not just).

working time

In most cases due to the nature of work that is often out of the officeDeemed working hoursThe system is applied.When deemed working hours are appliedOvertimeEven if there is an overtime, it does not become overtime, so instead of the overtime fee, a fixed amount ofallowanceMay be issued.

If a large number of contracts are obtained and the operating results far exceed the expectations of the company, a large financial incentive (compensation or incentive) will be given, and even if the amount is small, it will be higher than the salary level of ordinary workers. There are cases in which the annual income of ordinary workers is approaching even in industries where the transaction amount is much larger, such as housing sales, securities, and BtoB between trading companies (of course, after spending several months to several years for receiving orders) And, the process is also hard work).

In general, corporate sales are often better than individual sales in terms of salary and benefits.

Work style

Permanent,Contract employee,(I.e.In addition to work styles such asBusiness contractSometimes the contract is concluded directly (such as life insurance lady). Business contracts that are highly binding from organizations are virtually the same as workers, and are more problematic in terms of compensation for work-related accidents compared to labor contracts.Camouflage contractIs judged.

Sales and mental health

Of a survey conducted by scholars on 236 male sales employeesMultivariate analysisThen, "customer relationship is good" "high self-esteem" "high support of family and colleagues", "DepressionThere was a significant association with "symptom-free"[7].

Image for sales

Although it depends on each person's educational background and intellectual background, the average image in Japan is that men will take on current positions or sales positions and women will take office positions.Stereotypewas there. Recently, more women have entered the sales profession than before, and there are signs of change. However, in general, there is a tendency that the employment side tends to shy away from women due to the image of the occupation itself as a salesperson and the harshness of the actual working environment, and the stereotype at the beginning still remains. ..

Sales activities by people who are not specialized in sales

Newspaper shopPart of (Newspaper extension(Aside from this) There is also a store that allows its own newspaper delivery staff to develop new customers. In this case, a person whose main job is not a sales person, such as a deliveryman or a sole proprietor/manager, is not a “sales person”. For example, "Listening”Is work to discover demand from existing customers,Activities) However, since the management and general employeesJobis not. In addition, in the present age, there are sales staff who only listen (for business transactions). That is "route sales".

Some workplaces impose sales quotas for their own products even on internal affairs such as general affairs who do not directly contact customers. Since there is no opportunity to contact customers during business hours, if business activities are inevitable, it will be unpaid activities outside business hours and it is easy to induce self-destruction business.

What are the skills of people who are suitable for sales positions?

High flexibility and communication skills

First of all, those who are suitable for sales positions can be said to have high flexibility and communication skills.

The sales position needs flexibility in thinking and behavior because it has to fine-tune proposals and conditions according to the person to approach.Furthermore, advanced communication skills are required to bring out the needs and potential worries of the other party.

Ability to listen to the other person

People who are good at listening to the other person are also suitable for sales positions.This is because in order to convey your company's products and services attractively, you first need to understand what the other party wants.

Therefore, we must have the ability to listen to and understand the opinions and stories of our customers.In the first place, customers are often wary of sales staff, and they are worried that they may be able to sell extra things.

Therefore, by listening carefully and understanding the other party's thoughts, we will have them understand their hearts and lead to sales.

A strong heart that can attack persistently

Technology that can attack persistently is also an essential skill for sales staff.

You may feel unpleasant if you get a sales position, but of course there are some situations where even if you start sales, you will be treated lightly or you will not be able to get a partner.Instead of giving up early when you have such an experience, "I can't do it anymore", I can't achieve results unless I have a strong heart to challenge many times.

Of course, there are some scenes where you have to think about the time and the case, so it is important to take on the challenge with caution.

Quote:Explain the work content and flow of sales positions!What are the skills of the person who is suitable?

Sales and spies

Business activities are sometimes irrational and illegal, as they pursue profitsspyIt can be.No legislation[8][9]. (Example of sole proprietorship in Japan・ NHK collectors, insurance sales representatives, sales representatives,Securities sales representative,SellingEtc.).


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