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🤖 | "ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!" New project announced


"ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!" New project announced

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Annual membership fee fan club "NAVIGATORS'NAVI" centered on all band characters, monthly membership fee fan clubs of Argonavis and GYROAXIA, who are active as media mix artists, Argonavis FC -Pier- ( Pear) and GYROAXIA FC -GEAR- (Gear) have been decided to be established.

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Fan club (Fan Club) IsentertainerAnd sports teams, etc.フ ァ ンAn organization consisting of.Or a system that uses that format.


Supporters' associationIt can be said that it is a more broken expression.In general, the threshold for admission is lower than that of supporters' associations, and the content of activities is often more passive.

Installed with the official approval of the person (or group) to be supportedPublic fan club(Official Fan Club : OFC), But enthusiastic fans run it by themselvesPrivate fan clubThere is also a form called, and in some cases the talent himself has authorized it.

Usually, you pay the admission fee and annual membership fee to the fan clubシステムIt has become the main operating fund.

ManufacturerとbrandIn the case of a sponsored fan clubPropagandaThere are also cases where the admission fee and annual membership fee are free.

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  • Send newsletter (on the official website)SSLIt may be provided in the member area with settings)
  • Priority sale of tickets, issuance of discount tickets, free invitation
  • Participation in member-only events (fan gatherings, autograph sessions, handshake events, photo sessions, etc. Membership card becomes admission permit)
  • Member-only information distribution,direct mailSend
  • Sale of related products, point award and exchange according to purchase amount
  • Member-only consultation / question window (priority is given to inquiries from the general public)


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