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🤖 | Riho Yoshioka and Tomoya Nakamura fight for supremacy! Mizuki Tsujimura "Haken Anime!" Live-action movie


Riho Yoshioka and Tomoya Nakamura fight for supremacy! Mizuki Tsujimura "Haken Anime!" Live-action movie

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I played Hitomi Saito, a new anime director from a civil servant.

It is clear on the 2022th that actress Riho Yoshioka will star in the movie "Haken Anime!" (Released in May 5) ... → Continue reading

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Hitomi Saito

Hitomi Saito(Hitomi Saito,1981 May 10 -) isJapan OfRadio personality, Originalsinger.. A group of four female singers who broke up in 2010,Female idol group OfMelon anniversaryFormer member and leader ofMegumi MurataAfter the change).NicknameIs "Hitomi","boss. "NiigataNishikanbara-gunTsukigata Village(CurrentNiigataSouth wardI'm from



During the Melon Kinenbi era, as a "sexy person", there were many words and deeds that brought out sexyness.Special skills include playing Japanese drums, calligraphy, and gel nails.He loves his cat "Mel" (Russian Blue ♀) and often appears on the MELON LOUNGE blog. He made his official debut with concert tour goods in the winter of 2007.Also, at my parents' house, I have a "ram" (miniature dachshund).Enka singerMaeda Yuki And ex-sun and Cisco MoonTakako InabaI am on good terms with.

I dropped out at the end of my second year of high school and became a member of Melon Kinenbi, so I entered a correspondence high school at the age of 2 from April 2012 when I retired from the entertainment world and returned to my hometown. Graduated in March 4.


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  • TBC FUN FIELD(October 2005, 9-March 12, 2008,Tohoku Broadcasting)
  • FIGUEROA(2012å¹´3月1日 - 2013å¹´3月28日、2014å¹´12月4日 - 2015å¹´6月25日、FM-NIIGATA)月曜日、火曜日アシスタント(2012å¹´3月1日 - 2013å¹´3月28日)、木曜日アシスタント(2014å¹´12月4日 - 2015å¹´6月25日)
  • Program of young people in Niigata(March 2012, 3-March 4, 2016, FM-NIIGATA)
  • SOUND SPLASH(2013å¹´4月1日 - 2014å¹´11月24日、2015å¹´6月29日 - 、FM-NIIGATA)月曜日パーソナリティ(2013å¹´4月1日 - 2014å¹´11月24日)、月曜日・火曜日パーソナリティ(2015å¹´6月29日 - 2016å¹´3月29日)、火曜日・水曜日パーソナリティ(2016å¹´4月5日 - )
  • Nagaoka Hitomachi Aore +1 (July 2013-, FM-NIIGATA)
  • Crispy ~ PARTY! PARTY! ~ (December 2014, 12-May 3, 2015, FM-NIIGATA) Wednesday / Thursday personality

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  • 2nd and 23rd Hello! Project Video Chat (March 2005, 3, August 18, 8, Hello! Project on FLET'S)


  • 4月度・7月度・9月度ハロー!プロジェクト FC限定イベント(2005å¹´4月20日・21日・7月28日・9月5日、Pacific Haven)


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