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🤖 | Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto praises fans for showing off her catgirl shots


Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto praises fans for showing off her catgirl shots

If you write the contents roughly
Miyamoto appeared in "Enako x Farewell Morita's Cat Only Win" (TV Osaka).

Cosplayer Saki Miyamoto updated her Twitter on November 11 and showed off her catgirl shots.Miyamoto ... → Continue reading

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TV Osaka

TV Osaka Co., Ltd.(TV Osaka,British: Television Osaka, Inc. Abbreviation: TVO) IsOsakaTheBroadcast target areaage,Television broadcastingDoing businessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

callsign TheJOBH-DTV(Osaka 18ch),Remote control key ID TheTXN OfKey station-Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Same as"7. "


1982 Opened inKansai regionThe newest commercial TV station inTXN(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.It belongs to the series).Due to the nature of an urban network, TXNCore station,Quasi-key stationTo be exact, it is only an "affiliated station" because it does not make a distinction.TV station in OsakaIt is not uncommon for it to be called a "quasi-key station" due to its nature.[4].

The current image character is Osaka's specialtyTakoyakiWith the motifTakoru-kun(Real name, Naniwa style octopus).Also to my partner,OctopusThere is "Takobee".

The only program produced by TXNTeletextDo not use punctuation when doing[Annotation 1].

In addition, it is the only commercial TV station in Osaka that has an official company name for production credits.[Annotation 2]To use.



Background of the opening of the station and network relations

1966 から1967 ToNihon Keizai ShimbunStarted a license acquisition campaign with the aim of opening a new broadcasting station in the Osaka area, but it did not come to fruition.

At that time, Nikkei was a Japanese educational television (NET television, nowTV Asahi), And also1969 OctoberAt the request of the business world, there are 12 channels in Tokyo (currentlyTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Was undertaken.Both stationsEvery day broadcasting(MBS. Currently as a corporation:MBS Media Holdings) And network[Annotation 3]For Nikkei, the need to open a new station had diminished.

However,1974 OctoberNikkei and NET, next1975 May 3The situation changed completely when the network relationship between Tokyo 12 channel and MBS was dissolved.As the 12 channels of Tokyo aiming for reconstruction and Nikkei's wishes matched, the Osaka business world was involved again and the license acquisition campaign was launched.In addition, MBS has continued to participate in the management of Tokyo 12 channel TV TOKYO even after the network was dissolved, so MBS provided a great deal of support to Nikkei and Tokyo 12 channel toward the opening of TX affiliated stations in the Kansai area.

However, the prefectures around Osaka are already in the prefecture area.Independent station[Annotation 4]Has been opened and received a backlash from them[Annotation 5], At the end of the twists and turns, the prospect of opening is set as a prefectural TV station,Nihon Keizai Shimbun Osaka Head OfficeNext to1982 May 3It was opened as the first full-net station of the TV TOKYO series, which was a long-cherished desire.

According to the opening of the stationTV TOKYO Holdings(TV TOKYOHolding company) MBS, a major shareholder who had an internet relationship in the past[Annotation 6]Announces the opening of TV OsakaCM5 months before the opening of the station1981 OctoberBroadcast from[Annotation 7].

Sun TV(Hyogo)WhenKBS Kyoto(KyotoThe program of TV TOKYO that was broadcast on) was taken over by the main office.Both stations currently do not have much TV Tokyo programs online, so in most areas of each prefectureBS TV TokyoIf you can not receive, you can hardly watch TV TOKYO programs.

In addition, of TV TOKYOSadahiko SugayaThe president (at that time)2007 May 5At a regular press conference I went toDigital terrestrial broadcastingAfter the full transition, the broadcasting area of ​​TV OsakaKyotoとHyogoPlan to expand to[5]Was announced, but there is no new movement since then[Annotation 8].

ス タ ジ オ

1st studio (80 tsubo), news studio (40 tsubo),Kansai Urban BankThere are three satellite studios in the main store (Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku).Due to the nature of a prefectural station, it is the smallest TV station in Osaka, and the number and scale of studios (floor area of ​​studios) are not much different from those of local broadcasting stations other than the core areas.

Information camera

head office,KIX, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, and Kamogawa Building in Kawabata-Shijo, Kyoto.Long time agoTwin 21Was also in Maiko Villa.

Company history/commemorative magazine

All are compiled by the TV Osaka History Compilation Committee.

  • 1992 (4)October --Published "TV Osaka 10 Years of History" (171 pages in total).
  • 2002 (14)October --Published "TV Osaka 20th Anniversary Magazine" (31 pages in total).
  • 2007 (19)October --Published "TV Osaka 25 Years of History" (159 pages in total).
  • 2012 (24) May-Published "TV Osaka 5 Years of History" (30 pages in total).

Capital structure

The name of the company/organization at that time. Source:[6][7][8]


CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
1000 million yen2,000,000 share39
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Nihon Keizai Shimbun458,000 share22.90%
TV TOKYO Holdings220,000 share11.00%
TV Aichi215,000 share10.75%
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting214,000 share10.70%

Past capital structure


  • 1981 (Showa56 years)May 1 --Established TV Osaka Co., Ltd.
  • 1982 (57)May 3 --Mega TON network of TV TOKYO (currentTXN network) Started television broadcasting as the first affiliated television station (at the time of its initial establishment, it was scheduled to open in November 1981.[9]However, due to various reasons, it was postponed for 4 months).There are two versions of the logo mark, one with "O" written in blue on a white background ("TVO version") and one with "2" on the analog channel. ("19ch version").At the same time, color broadcasting and sound multiplex broadcasting were started (Osaka stationThen it was the last one, but at the same time it was the first time in history).
  • 1992 (Heisei4 years) ―― 10th anniversary of the opening of the station. The catch phrase that was on the 10th anniversary commercial was "Momoguri 3 years, persimmon 8 years, TV Osaka whole 10 yearsIt becomes.
  • 1997 (9) --The logo of TV Osaka / TVO will be renewed to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the opening of the station.The catch phrase is "TVOh! What are you doing! TV OsakaIt becomes.
  • 1998 (10)May 4 - TV Osaka production Sunday morning 9:30 frame animationStarted broadcasting.The first memorable work in this frame is "Magical Stage Fancy Lala』.
  • 2001 (13) --The first image character "Gourd family"Appears.The catch phrase is "Wow! TV OsakaIt becomes.
  • 2002 (14) --The second generation image character "Takoru-kun"Appears.same yearOctober"Much!" Was removed from the logo mark of the station.
  • 2003 (15)May 12 ――The logo of TV Osaka / TVO will be renewed again.11:XNUMX amDigital terrestrial broadcasting(JOBH-DTV)Broadcast started (the sending master is in analog broadcastingPanasonicIs used, but in digital broadcastingNECMade of). The TVO logo mark is also the one with "TV" written in blue and the "O" written in red ("new TVO version") and the TVO "O".Remote control key IDIt will be changed to the one with "7" in ("7ch version").physicalIs adjacent to 19ch of analog broadcasting 18 ch Was assigned, so it continued to occupy a continuous band of 2011MHz until the analog wave stopped on July 7, 24.
  • 2004 (16) -Part of TV Osaka productionEntertainment showsAllStereo broadcastingBe converted.
  • 2005 (17)May 4 --Digital terrestrial broadcastingData broadcastingStart.
  • 2006 (18) October-As an in-house produced programPrime timeWill have the first regular 1-hour frame on the national network (Monday 20:00 frame)[Annotation 9]..However, the production is handled by the Tokyo branch office).As a catch phrase for the 25th anniversary of the opening of the station, "More.TV OsakaWill be born.
  • 2007 (19) July 7-August 7-As a movie commemorating the 8th anniversary of the opening of the station, "Takoru the Movie Takoru Shock !!!!" starring Takoru-kun, the mascot character of the station. Will be released at TV Osaka Headquarters, and four announcers of the same station will appear as voice actors[10].
  • 2008 (20)May 7 --Production work[Annotation 10]Change the "7" logo before the conventional "TV Osaka" with credit[Annotation 11].
  • 2010 (22)May 4 -Animation "Co-produced with TV TOKYO"Strongest Busho Den Mikuni』Started broadcasting.The executive producer was an employee of TV Osaka at the time and was a spokesperson.Yukio Kawasaki(TV TOKYO producer) is in charge.
  • 2011 (23)
    • May 7 --Due to the complete transition to digital broadcastingAnalog broadcastingFinished.
    • October ――As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the opening of the station the following year, we will introduce the "30th" logo in front of the conventional "TV Osaka" in the production work credit notation.[Annotation 12](It was used until the broadcast in September 2012, but from the broadcast in October of the same year, it will return to the one with the above "9" logo again).
  • 2016 (28)
    • September-As the 9th anniversary of the opening of the station is celebrated the following year, "" was selected by the general public as a new catch phrase.That's TV Osaka.Adopted.
    • October-Introducing the "10th" logo in front of the conventional "TV Osaka" in the production work credit notation as the 35th anniversary of the opening of the station is celebrated the following year.[Annotation 13](The above "2017" logo will be returned to the notation again in the six months of March 3).
  • 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)May 4 -Once broadcastAnimation of 9:30 frame on Sunday morningIs back for the first time in eight and a half years.The resurrected work is "Tomica Bonding Earth Grunner"(Currently"Magica party』Broadcast)[11].
  • October 2021, 3 (Reiwa 10) -As the 1th anniversary of the opening of the station the following year, as a new catch phrase, "On TV Osaka on NanameAdopted.
  • 2024 (Reiwa 6) Spring --- Headquarters moved to the 1st-4th floor of the former Nikkei newspaper former Osaka head office site next to the east (planned)[12].

Opening and closing

Analog broadcasting

Initially- 2000 OctoberUntil
  • With a fusion of CG and images of Kawasaki Bridge near TV Osaka Headquarters,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. OfMariko KawashimaThe announcer announced the frequency and antenna power.In addition, as part of the campaign to increase and nurture greenery, we will broadcast spot videos with the slogans of "Green Lively! People Lively!"This spot was also used for commercials (in OP and ED, the station name is announced after the call sign, but in the CM version, "TV OSAKA Channel 19Was announced)[Page number required].
2000 October - 2002 OctoberUntil
  • CG animation of the image character "Gourd Family" produced to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the opening of the station[Page number required].
2002 10 month - 2011 May 7Until
  • At the opening, Takoru-kun in his pajamas woke up from the bed, and after the birds flew through the window, he fell asleep again for some reason, and the air bubbles coming out of his nose became bigger and he said, "JOBH-TV TV Osaka", And finally wake up from bed again.At the closing, Takoru-kun in pajamas walks from right to left, and when he comes near the bed, he turns off the lights and falls asleep.JOBH-TV TV OsakaIs displayed and the process ends.Next time2003 OctoberWith the renewal of the logo marks of TV Osaka and TVO, only the logo part has undergone a minor change (the logo displayed on the color bar when the test radio wave is emitted has also been changed due to the minor change).[Page number required].

Digital broadcasting

Initially- 2016 May 10Until

At the opening, a large copy of the station logo was taken from sunrise, and numerous logos ("TV OSAKA 7" and "" O "with" 7 "in them") flew away, and a round shape with the "TVO" logo projected. After going through TV, the last is the digital 7ch logo and "TV Osaka (line feed) JOBH-DTV"become.Closing is like reversing the opening video, round TV screen → numerous logos →20th Century FoxA large copy of the golden station logo like the logo ofTV Osaka (line feed) JOBH-DTVWas in that order[Page number required].

2016 May 10 -

Produced with the image of what was used at the end of the analog broadcasting mentioned above.

Opening: After waking up from the bed, "Waltacobee" hangs on the hanging scroll on the wall.Today's mischief target 7 cases", And plots intrigue.After that, he jumps out with a toy box containing mischievous tools.And finally, from the surprise box that spilled from the toy box, "JOBH-DTV TV OsakaA piece of paper with the words "[Page number required].

Closing: When the octopus comes back from the outside, the octopus octopus hangs on the wall.7 mischief today", And laughs with Issisi.After that, when I became sleepy and yawned, I wrapped up in the bed, turned off the lights with the antenna switch on the bed, fell asleep, and the air bubbles coming out of my nose became bigger and "JOBH-DTV TV OsakaAppears and ends[Page number required].

Analog broadcast end special closing

2011 May 7At noon, the analog broadcast ended.In normal organization, "Japanese style homemakerIt was a rebroadcast of "Takoru TVAfter replacing it with "Naniwa Ryu Takoru no Uta", it seamlessly moved to a special closing.[Page number required].

First of all, the contentsdrop curtainTakoru-kun stood on the stage where he went down, and Takoru-kun turned over the placard with "19ch" written on it and appealed "7ch" (remote control key ID for digital broadcasting). BGM is "Tsutsutsutsu, TV Osaka ... (Omitted)"Music boxThe instrumental version by was used.The "Takoru-kun family" lined up on the stage, and after giving a message of gratitude for watching analog broadcasting for many years, "JOBH-TV TV Osaka" → "Thank you for the end of analog broadcasting!" Was written at the end. The vertical sign came down, and the Takoru-kun family finished with a bow.[Page number required].

The message announcement is "Thank you to all the viewers for watching TV Osaka analog broadcasting 19ch so far.The channel number for digital broadcasting will change to "7".We look forward to your continued support on the 30th anniversary of the opening of TV Osaka. JOBH-TV TV Osaka.Analog broadcasting will end.Thank you everyone!'[Page number required].

After noonBlue backgroundAfter switching to the notification screen and subtitling the breaking news of the earthquake that struck Kansai on the way, at the end, repeat from "Takoru no Uta",Stoppage official[Source required].

Main program

Outline of transmission station master station / List of relay stations


Osaka master station

OsakaHigashi Osaka CityYamate-cho 2031-4 (IkomayamaWest hillside 560 above sea levelm・ TVO alone)[13]

The transmission station of the master station isNHK Osaka StationEach station includingIkomayamaThe headquarters is located on the west side of the mountain, which is slightly lower than that.The output is also suppressed to 3kW, which is one-third of each station, so that the transmitting antenna can receive radio waves only in the direction of Osaka Prefecture.DirectivityIs hung. (However, in some areas of Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama, and Hyogo prefecturesSpilloverIs reaching. )

Also, in analog broadcastingVHFAgainst other stations in the waveUHFSince it was transmitted by waves, it is newlyUHF antennaI couldn't watch it without setting up.

  • callsign - JOBH-DTV
  • Call name - TVO Osaka Digital Television
  • Remote control key ID- 7
Since the analog master station was a UHF wave, it is the only commercial broadcaster in Osaka that has the same number as the key station TV TOKYO, unlike the analog master station (in TXN,TV Aichi5 stations except for "7").It is also the only "key station match" among the five commercial broadcasters in Osaka.[Annotation 14].

Relay station

Station namePhysical channelAntenna powerEffective radiant power
Kawachinagano Kiyomidai[14][15] 47 ch 10mW28mW
Hirakata Sonenji Temple[16][17]56mW
Amami[20][21] 18 ch 50mW125mW
Kaizuka Kotsumi[22][23] 47 ch 89mW


Analog broadcasting

As of July 2011, 7

master station

Ana-ana conversionbeforeMBSBecause the Kobe analog relay station of was 18chKobe CityInterference was occurring inside.

  • callsign:JOBH-TV
  • Channel: 19 ch
  • Frequency: Video 507.25MHz Audio 511.75MHz (TV Setouchi Takamatsu station is offset carrier + 10kHz)
  • Antenna power: Video 10kW Audio 2.5kW
  • Effective radiated power: Video 200kW Audio 50kW

Relay station

  • Hirakata 21ch / 30W (effective radiated power: 230W) (TVO alone transmits to the south)
  • Minoh 62ch / 30W (effective radiated power: 380W) (TVO alone)
  • Taishi Henan 27ch / 10W (effective radiated power: 38W) (same as above)
  • Kashiwabara 62ch / 10W (effective radiated power: 58W) (along with each station in Osaka)
  • Ikeda 47ch / 3W (effective radiated power: 11.5W) (vertical polarization / TVO alone)
  • Toyono Yoshikawa 21ch / 3W (effective radiated power: 8.1W) (with NHK)
  • Medium Nose 40ch / 3W (effective radiated power: 8.1W) (NHK,FM Osaka,FM802And annexed)
  • Nishi Nose 53ch / 3W (effective radiated power: 3W) (with NHK)
  • Misaki Fuke 62ch / 0.5W (effective radiated power: 3.2W) (along with each station in Osaka)
  • Kawachinagano Kiyomidai 33ch / 0.1W (effective radiated power: 0.35W) (vertical polarization / side by side with each station in Osaka)
  • Hirakata Shojoji Temple 61ch / 0.1W (effective radiated power: 0.71W) (same as above)
  • Kawachinagano Teramoto 62ch / 0.1W (effective radiated power: 0.25W) (along with each station in Osaka)
  • SennanKinyuji 50ch / 0.1W (effective radiated power: 0.46W) (same as above)
  • Amami 62ch / 0.1W (effective radiated power: 0.28W) (vertical polarization / side by side with each station in Osaka)

Rebroadcast outside the area

The following outside the prefectureCable TVThen,Rebroadcast outside the areaIs being done.

Hyogo,Kyoto,NaraHas been retransmitted in some areas since the analog era.

However,WakayamaSince the analog broadcasting era, no retransmission has been carried out.[Annotation 15],ShigaHowever, after the transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting, broadcasting was canceled at all stations due to topographical problems.Also, other stations in Osaka can watchMieIga-Eastern KishuAs for the regions, it is difficult to watch them not only directly but also on cable TV, so neither national newspapers nor local newspapers are published. (AichiSame affiliated stationTV AichiIncluding)

on the other hand,TokushimaThen.Commercial broadcast Shikoku BroadcastingDue to the special circumstances of (JRT) only, out-of-area rebroadcasting is being carried out as a special case except for some stations and areas (currently with JRT).NNS series OfYomiuri Television3 wide area stations except (ytv) and some stations also carry out Sun TV and TV Wakayama).Analog broadcasting was received and retransmitted in Osaka Prefecture, but since the start of terrestrial digital broadcasting (terrestrial digital broadcasting), it has been received at several locations in Tokushima Prefecture.

Also, outside Osaka prefectureHikari TVDoes not target the main station for distribution.

Since it can be received even in some areas of Kyoto Prefecture, the original commercial for terrestrial digital transitionMaikoThere was also a version that appointed.


List of announcers

"☆" mark is also added to the contract announcer[24].


  • Yuuki Uekusa - Nagasaki BroadcastingTransferred from 1991. From April 2015, he was also a producer of the sports club and a news desk. Retired on January 4, 2020[25]However, he is still enrolled under a contract contract after February 2st.[26]..My younger brother is a key station, TV TOKYO announcerTomoki Uekusa, Real childOkinawa TV(Fuji TV series) Announcer[25].
  • Manabu Watanabe - Okayama BroadcastingTransferred from 1995. From July 2006, he left the announcement department and served as the president of the Nagoya branch and the sales manager of the sales department of the Tokyo branch. As of April 7, 2017, he returned to the Announcement Department as the Director of the Announcement Department and the Director of the Advertising Department of the Organization Bureau. From 4, he has resumed his activities as an announcer. He was transferred to the chief announcer on April 1, 2018, and also serves as a commentator.
  • Kiyoshi Fukutani - Nippon Sea TVTransferred from. Joined the company in April 2008.
  • - Yamagata TVTransferred from. Joined the company on October 2018, 10.


Former announcer

  • Tateomi Isobe --Current: Advisor to a social welfare corporation.
  • Shigeo Sugiura
  • Mitsuhiro Suzuki☆ ―― 1982 ―― Enrolled in 1983.Transferred from Fukushima TV at the same time as the opening of the station.After the contract period expired, he worked as a sports announcer on Tokai Radio and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting.Present: Free announcer.
  • Hiroshi Oike-Currently: Director of Business Bureau.
  • Kei Kanamori-Present: Organization Bureau Organization Management Department.
  • Atsushi Hayasaka - Hokkaido TVTransferred from. Joined the company in 1999, General Affairs Department.
  • Kenji Sakai - Fukuoka BroadcastingTransferred from. Joined the company in 1997, now: Producer of the business division.
  • Kazuma Shono - Yamaguchi broadcastingTransferred from. Joined the company in April 2015, was assigned the director of the organization on December 4, 2017, and was transferred to the sales department of the Tokyo branch office on April 12, 26. Leave the company in August 2018.Present: Free announcer.
  • Toshiyuki Sennaya ――I joined the company at the same time as the opening of the station as a first-year student hiring new graduates. He had been transferred to another department since 1, but returned to the announcer on April 2008, 2013. Even after becoming a free announcer on the occasion of the retirement age of March 4, 1, the program produced by TV Osaka ("Easy news] Etc.)[29].

Newspaper with program guide

An affiliated newspaper of TV OsakaNihon Keizai Shimbun(Nikkei newspaper)Remote control key IDIn numerical order (6chABC TVAnd 8chCantereHowever, the editions of other newspapers published by the Osaka Headquarters (* Asahi, Mainichi, Sankei, Yomiuri) are as usual throughout Osaka Prefecture.Kyoto-HyogoSome of them are listed in full size on the right end, and other areas are listed in half size or quarter size (basically, 10ch in the case of full size).Yomiuri TelevisionNext).This is as mentioned abovePrefectural BureauIs assigned asKeihanshinThis is in consideration of the fact that reception is difficult outside the area.

  • Osaka Nichi-Nichi Newspaper --A local newspaper in Osaka Prefecture.
  • Kobe newspaper --Posted in full size.Local prefectural bureau compared to national newspapers for Osaka prefectureSun TVPosted in the opposite position (NHK (E-tele → general) → 4 wide area companies → Sun → TVO).Of the series paperDaily SportsThe same applies to (Kansai version).
  • Nihonkai newspaper --Published in Tajima version until September 2011, 9.The location is the same as the Kobe Shimbun.
Posted in sizes smaller than half size

Other,Nara Nichinichi ShimbunWas also published in the daily newspaper era[Annotation 15].

Movie works that participated in the production


  • TV Osaka Co., Ltd. Corporate History Compilation Committee Compiled "TV Osaka 10 Years of History", 1992[30].

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