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📺 | Yukino Yamamoto Anna's first drama appearance in "Doctor X" "Really thankful experience"


Yukino Yamamoto Anna's first drama appearance in "Doctor X" "A truly grateful experience"

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At the production announcement press conference held in October, the scriptwriter Miho Nakazono, the creator of "Doctor X", said, "I hadn't drawn much about Michiko Daimon's love affair, but this time it's a little bit for the first time. I'm thinking of drawing the elements as well. "

Announcer Yukino Yamamoto of TV Asahi will broadcast "Doctor X-Surgeon, Daimon Unknown ..." broadcast today (25: 21-). → Continue reading

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Nakazono Miho

Miho Nakazono(Miho Nakazo,1959 May 7 -) isJapan OfWriter.

My real name isMiho Nakazono(Read the same).Nihon University Second High School[2],Nihon University College of ArtGraduated from Broadcasting Department[3].2010 Nihon University College of ArtVisiting ProfessorTo serve.


Born in Nakano-ku, Tokyo. He lost his father at the age of 10 and his mother at the age of 19 due to illness.

After graduating from university,Advertising agencyJoined the company.A colleague of the company applied for the scenario course but couldn't go, so I attended the scenario course to take notes instead. After retiring from an advertising agency in one year and three months,Copywriter,Four PillarsExperienced as a fortune teller.Of the scriptwriter I met by chanceYozo TanakaBecame a fair copy clerk.After that, also the scriptwriterAkira MomoiHe became acquainted with him and became acquainted with him by taking care of Momoi's wife, and became a scenario writer.

1988 , Debuted at "New Town Temporary Branch".It was the decision to live as a screenwriter1993 He said that he was 34 years old when he gave birth to his eldest son unmarried, and decided that only a scriptwriter could continue raising children at home.[4]..After giving birth to the eldest son1995 OfFuji Television Network, Inc9 dramas a month"For You』Returned.Starring in the same workMiho NakayamaPlayed an unmarried mother, which reflects Nakazono's own experience as an unmarried mother.[5].

As a masterpiece of serial drama,Fuji Television Network, Incof"Age,35 I miss you''Yamato Nadeshiko''Love of star],Nippon TVof"anego''Haken's dignity],TV Asahiof"Doctor-X Surgeon, Michiko Daimon],NHKContinuous tv novel"Hanako and Anne"and so on.

In 2007, the drama "Haken's dignity』In the scriptBroadcast Cultural Fund AwardIn 2008Broadcast Woman Award 2007Award.

2013 years,Hashida PrizeAwarded.Drama"Hatsukoi], [Doctor-X Surgeon, Michiko Daimon"soKuniko Mukai PrizeAward.

In 2015, the drama "Hanako and Anne"soTokyo Drama Award 2015Received the Screenplay Award.

2007 In the first essay "I love romance, what?"2009 ToMariko Hayashi,Osawa Osama,Yamamoto IchirikiIn collaboration with "How to write a novel that sells. 』,2016 Published the book "Gutara Woman's Success Technique".

Recently, while working as a screenwriter, he has appeared in talk shows and has more opportunities to talk about his own experiences.

Initially it was under his real name,fortune tellerFrom that experience, he later changed his name to "Miho Nakazono", which has a good number of strokes.


  • I met fortune-telling when I was in junior high school.The reason was that the fortune-teller, who was close to my mother, told me that no one should know it.After retiring from an advertising agency, became an assistant to Imamura at the age of 24.[6]..By occupying the top of famous politicians and companies, he realized that the fraying on the back side was more charming than the fine face shown on the front side of human beings, and he learned the human perspective. It is said that it has been done.[7]
  • "Miho Nakazono of coverageAs it is calledmarketing researchIs one of the writers who are good at[8], Many in writing the script for "Haken no Hinkaku"(I.e.I am sympathetic to the actual situation of the temporary staff because I covered the actual situation of.2007 May 11Was broadcast toNHK SpecialWhen I made a guest appearance in "1000 people's true intentions", I also made a guest appearance and sat next to me.Okutani ReikoIn response to the assertive opinion that "temporary employees are happy", ignoring the actual situation of temporary employees, "I felt like a deep and big river was flowing between these (seats)." Disagree[9][Page number required][10].
  • He said, "I'm a lazy person, so I don't want to write a script for everything."In fact, although most of it is written by Nakazono, there are many dramas written by other scriptwriters in one or two episodes.
  • It is said that Sakurako Jinno's outlook on life in "Yamato Nadeshiko" has much in common with Nakazono's own way of thinking.
  • Nakazono is "a person who does not lean on power, stands on his own feet, and moves with his own thoughts."[11]"Listen to the voices of women, draw them, and support them."[12]He says he is writing a drama for him.
  • Yoyogi SeminarHiroshi Okamoto, a popular mathematics instructor, was a classmate in elementary school and played the role of Eisuke Nakahara in his masterpiece "Yamato Nadeshiko" (act:Shinichi Tsutsumi) Is modeled after him.In addition, Okamoto supervises the formulas, proofs, theorems, etc. used in Nakahara's dialogue.
  • A TV station offered me a planAkashi familyI wrote the script with the lead role, but I was told that pacific saury's schedule could not be taken and it was put into storage.pacific saury no Manma』Revealed at the time of appearance[13].
  • Immediately after the broadcast of "Hanako to Anne" together with the same workLive broadcastWill beAsaichi", And the casters will perform" Morning Dora Receiving "(for details, see"AsaichiI also enjoyed it.According to himself, "Morning Dora in the morning Dora"[14].
  • Character input on a personal computerThumb shiftUsing[15].
  • From girlhood, "Tetsuko's roomI loved it so much that I saw it almost every day, and when I became a member of society, I secretly saw it in the conference room while I was working, and my boss made me sick.[16].


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