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🎥 | The directors of the movie "I fell in love like a bouquet" talk about a valuable production episode


The directors of the movie "I fell in love like a bouquet" talk about a valuable production episode

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Furthermore, on the day of the event, in addition to "I fell in love like a bouquet" at WOWOW Cinema, "Little Maestra", "Kazokuiro -RAILWAYS Our Departures-", "Drowning Knife", "Thread", Sugada and Arimura We will broadcast two of the leading works of.

WOWOW will release a blockbuster love story "I Fell in Love Like a Bouquet" by Masaki Suda and Kasumi Arimura on November 11th ... → Continue reading

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WOWOW Co., Ltd.(Wow Wow,British: WOWOW INC.[3]) IsJapanThe whole areaBroadcast target areaToSatellite backbone broadcaster..Initially Japan's first pay broadcastCommercial broadcastSatellite broadcasting stationIt was opened as.2004 Or later,TBS,Fuji Television Network, IncBecomes a top shareholder2020 As of June,Fuji Media Holdings(Hereinafter "Fuji HD"), Tokyo Broadcasting Systems Holdings (currentlyTBS Holdings, Below "TB SHD")Equity methodIt is an applicable affiliated company.

The corporate message is "The more I see it, the more new encounters I have. WOWOW. "


1991 ToBroadcast satelliteTheJapan Broadcasting CorporationOpened as a commercial broadcasting station that holds and broadcasts separately from (NHK).Unlike BS digital broadcasters, which are affiliated with terrestrial key stations that opened after that, they have been broadcasting pay broadcasting that requires a viewing fee since the opening of the station.for that reason,Liga Espanyola(Spanish soccer)UEFA European Championship,Japan ConsortiumBy joint productionFIFA World Cup, Quest-Seekers- (main broadcast only), and non-scrambled (free) broadcasts described belowCMDo not shed.

The station name WOWOW expresses surprise and joy in EnglishWOW2 and 3 WWorld Wide WAttached as meaning atching[7].. The concept "1991S" at the beginning of the 5 station was a screen (movies), Sound (music), stage (theater),SportsIt was shopping.After that, although the shopping program was reduced, movies and foreign countriesサ ッ カ ーThe basic policy of organizing sports broadcasts such as these is consistent.

The weather forecast is broadcast on Mondays-Saturday mornings, and information programs such as news and wide shows are available at 1991:7 on weekdays from the opening of the station in XNUMX.Katsuya KobayashiThe moderator's wide show program "WOWOW TODAY" will be announced at 11:XNUMX on weekdays in the daytime news of commercial broadcasters.[8] Was being broadcast.After a blank period after the program ended, from October 2011, "The Prime Show] Etc. are regularly non-scrambled.Live broadcasts are also carried out in some sports broadcasts and music / stage broadcasts.

AnimeIn some programs centered on programs, programssponsorBuys a broadcast slot from WOWOW and broadcasts non-scrambled for free during the programCMIs shed (WOWOW animechecking).TOEFLIt is an examination preparation programPOKKA PRESENTS PRACTICE FOR THE TOEFL TESTThe beverage maker, Pokka Corporation (currently:Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage) Was sponsored and non-scrambled.

CM is broadcasted irregularly on each terrestrial station,2007 と2015 OfNational high school baseball championship broadcastIn the same industryBS AsahiIn a broadcast program, again2009 ToBS Nippon TelevisionDoプロ野球中継However, he provided a commercial as a relay sponsor.In addition, 2009May 10Midnight (May 10Before dawn) From 0:0 to 54:XNUMX "WOWOW SPECIAL Yumi Matsutoya"Concert Tour 2009 TRANSIT" was broadcast simultaneously on 5 commercial broadcasters in Tokyo.This is on the 10thNational Yoyogi StadiumIt was held as a kick-off event for the event "WOW FES" held at such places, and was collaborated and broadcast simultaneously with 5 commercial TV stations in the same industry for the purpose of visiting the event and promoting WOWOW subscription.

Since November 2007, the business form has been consignment broadcasting andTelecommunications service utilization broadcasting(Broadcasting using satellite services) Become a business operator and the transmission facilityBroadcasting satellite systemBroadcasting satellites owned by (B-SAT) andJSAT(CurrentSKY Perfect JSAT) OwnsCommunication satelliteIt has become. Due to the revision of the Broadcasting Law in June 2011, consignment broadcasting has becomeSatellite backbone broadcasting, Satellite service use broadcastingSatellite general broadcastingEach has moved to.

In addition,Terrestrial digital hard-to-see satellite broadcasting(Satellite Safety Net) was entrusted with viewing control management work, contractor management work, and user telephone support from the Digital Broadcasting Promotion Association.[9].


  • 1984 (Showa59 years)May 12 - Japan Satellite Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: JSB)Established.
  • 1989 (HeiseiFirst year) November-nicknamedWOWOW(However, in the rights credit on the broadcast, "JSB Japan Satellite Broadcasting"Display, then take the form of playing the WOWOW logo movie).
  • 1990 (2)
    • May 11 --Opening.Using the broadcasting satellite "Yuri 3a"Service broadcastingStart (BS-3ch).
      • After broadcasting the president's greetings at 11:45, the service broadcast program started at 12:XNUMX.Non-scrambled broadcast.
      • The first program to start the service broadcast is "The day when TV is no longer TV'What's WOWOW'", and the subsequent program is the movie "Maschenka".However, a trouble occurred in the VTR at the beginning, and the temporary video was interrupted.[10].
      • Initially, it was held for about 1 to 12 hours a day, and a scrambled broadcast distribution test was conducted in February and March just before the start of the main broadcast.
      • Immediately before the start of service broadcastingTaro KimuraModerator,Masaharu GotodaA political debate program featuring them was also specially planned and broadcast.
  • 1991 (3)
    • May 4 --Started the main broadcast in analog[11](At the start of broadcastingCall code(Call sign)JO33-BS-TV, The calling name is JSB Eisei Television).
      • From the start of the main broadcast to June 1992, non-scrambled broadcasts were broadcast during the morning hours on weekdays, including reruns of music, information programs, and anime.In addition, if the opening title is provided by a supermarket for the whole country, it will be replaced with the original material (the one that is scheduled to be chroma keyed in the background will be left as it is) after receiving the supply of daytime news from each commercial broadcasting station in Tokyo. The commercial was broadcast as a replacement for the PR of its own program.
      • "" by the earth in mid-April食」が終了した後より24時間放送が行われている。しかし、3月に発生した「ゆり3号a」の太陽電池のトラブルがあり、季節や時間帯によってはNHKを含む3チャンネル分の電波が供給できない事態となり、同年7 - 8月の一時期は平日は10:05 - 26:00、土曜日は8:05 - 26:00、日曜日は8:05 - 24:30の放送で早朝・深夜放送を一部休止していた。
    • May 10 --Start broadcasting on BS-8ch using the broadcasting satellite "Yuri 3b" that was successfully launched in August of the same year (May 11Up to BS-3ch and simulcast of "Yuri 3a". Broadcasting on BS-11ch will end at 17:24 on November 00, and only BS-3ch will be broadcast. ).
    • Although it is a 24-hour broadcast,1997 (HeiseiUntil the transition to BSAT-9 in 1 years)食」(放送衛星と太陽との間に地球が入り、その影に覆われて充電用電力の供給源である太陽光が遮られる状態)が発生する2-4月と8-10月の一部期間は20時間放送(0:30 - 4:30休止)だった。さらに、年に不定期で(1 - 3回程度)月による「食」(放送衛星と太陽との間に月が入り、その影に覆われて太陽光が遮られる状態)で1 - 4時間程度放送休止していたことがあった(NHK-BS1,NHK-BS2The same applies).In addition, midnight broadcasting was suspended irregularly due to transmitter maintenance (currently, it is held several times a month at midnight on Tuesday = early morning on Wednesday).
  • 1997 (9) --Call sign changed by changing the call sign of satellite broadcasting stationJO23-BS-TVchange to
  • 1998 (10) April --CS Digital Broadcastingplatform"Direct TV"so"CS-WOWOW Cineplex"CS-WOWOW Arena" started broadcasting (1999 (Ended in June 11).
  • 2000 (12)May 12 - Company nameTheWow Wow Co., Ltd.change to.At 11:XNUMX on the same day, the main broadcast of BS digital "Digital WOWOW" started (WOWOW is digital broadcastingConsignment broadcasterBroadcast as.The transmission physical channel was once the same station in 1991 (HeiseiBS-3ch, which had been broadcasting analog until November 11, is BS Japan (currently:BS Tele) Was assigned).
  • 2001 (13) June- Tokyo Stock ExchangeMothersOn the marketListing.
  • 2002 April (14) --CS-WOWOW, a consignment broadcaster of 4 degrees east longitude CS broadcasting, "WOWOW PPV"A total of 4 channels including 6 channels"Pratt OneBroadcast started (2004 (Broadcast ends at the end of February 16).
  • 2003 (15)May 1 -Trade nameWOWOW Co., Ltd.And rehabilitation registration.
  • 2004
    • May-Implemented a capital increase through third-party allotment.The largest shareholderMitsubishi CorporationからFuji Television Network, IncTBS (former corporation, now TBSHD) will become the third largest shareholder instead of (former corporation, now Fuji HD).
    • May 11 --110 degree east longitude CS broadcasting platform "WOWOW Digital Plus"Start of the service.
  • 2005 (17)
  • 2006 (18)
  • 2007 (19)
    • March --CS-WOWOW completes liquidation and dissolves
    • As of the end of June, the number of digital WOWOW subscribers exceeded the number of WOWOW (BS analog, SKY PerfecTV !, etc.) subscribers.
    • May 11 --Analog broadcasting shifts to consignment broadcasting.Broadcasting license for analog broadcasting is abolished (discontinued).
  • 2008 (20)
    • April 4-Revised rate system.The subscription fee will be abolished.
    • May 5 --End of new sales of decoders.Along with this, the acceptance of new subscriptions for analog WOWOW, excluding re-subscription of decoder owners, CATV, and SKY PerfecTV !, has ended.
  • 2009 (21)May 6 - 2011 In the new BS digital broadcasting that will start after (23), HDTV 2 programs and 48 slots can be certified.Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsAnnounced by[12](The transmission physical channel was assigned to BS-5ch, which the station was broadcasting analog).
  • 2010 (22)
    • May 6 --SKY PerfecTV! (SKY PerfecTV! HD) started broadcasting digital WOWOW on 3 high-definition channels.
    • October 10-Started adding "analog" display to BS analog broadcasting.
  • 2011
    • May 3 --Market change to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    • May 5 --On this day, the acceptance of new members of Analog WOWOW will be completely closed.
    • May 6 --On this day, the handling of paid contracts for analog WOWOW will end.
    • May 7 --The broadcast of analog WOWOW (BS analog broadcast, SKY PerfecTV !, Ch.12) will end at 330:XNUMX on this day.
    • May 9 --The multi-organization broadcast on BS0ch ended at 30:191 on this day.Since then, BS191ch has become a dedicated high-definition channel.[13].
    • May 9 --From this day, service broadcasting (free broadcasting) with high-definition image quality will start on BS192ch and BS193ch.[13].
    • May 9 --BS191ch --193ch receiver station name notation from "WOWOW", "WOWOW2", "WOWOW3" to "WOWOW prime", "WOWOW live", "WOWOW cinema", receiver display icon "WOWOW" of the second generation logo ”To each channel logo with the 2rd generation logo.
    • October 10-At 1:10, high-definition 3-channel broadcasting on BS digital broadcasting ("WOWOW prime","WOWOW Live","WOWOW cinema”) Start[14]..At the same time, on each channelWatermark[15] Always displayed[16] Also started.
  • 2012 (24)
  • 2013 (25)
    • May 4 --Launched "W-style by WOWOW", a new service that distributes some of WOWOW's video content for free
    • September 9-WOWOW Shibuya Station Closed
  • 2014 (26)
    • May 1 --Fuji HD acquired 2013 WOWOW shares from Toshiba on December 12, 2, and WOWOW acquired 70 shares of own shares on December 12, 24, resulting in a 926,400% stake in Fuji HD and Fuji HD. Became an "other affiliated company" (Fuji HD's equity method affiliate).
    • May 2 --On February 2, the same year, TBSHD acquired 6 shares through a tender offer, and TBSHD's ownership ratio became 70%, making TBSHD an "other affiliate" (an affiliate accounted for by the equity method of TBSHD).
  • 2017 (29)
  • 2018 (30)
    • October 10-Start of simultaneous online distribution trial service
    • December 12-Simultaneous online distribution This service started[20].
  • 2019 (31ReiwaFirst year)
    • May 2 - Flat-rate video distribution service OfParaviStarted contracting and selling WOWOW through.You can now watch WOWOW broadcasts except for some programs without a TV.[21].
    • October 10-In parallel with direct salesSKY PerfecTV!Started contracting and selling WOWOW through.The broadcast channel is BS191-193 390ch, which is the same as direct sales.For contracts made through SKY PerfecTV !, the basic charge for SKY PerfecTV! (429 yen (XNUMX yen including tax) / month) is required.
  • 2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)
    • May 1 -Video distribution service "WOWOW on demandService started. You can use the service without a BS contract,NTT DoCoMo-KDDI(au)・SoftbankIt also supports mobile phone carrier payments[22][23]..As a result, WOWOW's contract and sales at Paravi ended on the morning of the same day.[24][25].
    • May 3 --Simultaneous opening on December 2018, 12[26] 3 years laterNew 4K8K satellite broadcasting"WOWOW 4K"Opening.at first2020 (Reiwa 2nd year) The opening of the station was announced on December 12st,New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)Due to the spread of the epidemic, it was postponed[27]..The remote control key ID of "2", which is the same as the 9K service, is reserved at the start of 4K broadcasting of other stations.In addition, since it is treated as an incidental service of 2K service and 3 waves, WOWOW 4K will not be sold separately and no additional viewing fee will be incurred.

Broadcasting mechanism

A limited reception method is adopted for pay broadcasting, and the signal is used for signals except for some free broadcasting times.scrambleIt is being processed.In the case of regular free-to-air programs, the same sponsors as regular commercial broadcasters are set up and commercials are inserted between programs.You can also watch program guides and weather forecasts that are held between programs for free.

For BS digital broadcasting, a BS digital tuner is includedB-CASRecorded on the card / ACAS chipEncryption key(For details, seeB-CASSee item. In the case of BS digital broadcasting, the BS digital tuner itself has a built-in decoder function, and only the subscriber can decode the scrambled signal).For this reason, during the time when pay broadcasting is being performed, radio waves are cut off except for paying subscribers, and "This channel is not subscribed" is displayed, and guidance is made to the subscription guidance channel for data broadcasting. ..[28] In pay broadcasting, a release signal is sent to the card, so you can switch the devices that can be used by replacing the card.

For BS analog broadcasting, use a conventional receiverBS decoderIf you connect a dedicated decoding device called (* Some single BS tuners, TVs with built-in BS tuners, and VCRs with built-in BS tuners also have a built-in BS decoder) with the FM detection terminal and bitstream terminal. I was able to watch it.This BS decoder descrambles based on the encryption key information given and transmitted for each subscriber.The scramble is a core tech method, and the sound is blocked, but the image is intentionally divided into screens, and a disturbed image close to a mosaic is displayed.OnceCSAnalog broadcastingCS BurnIs the same as.

The BS decoder and BS analog broadcasting ended on July 2011, 7, the same as the terrestrial analog broadcasting, and prior to that, the acceptance of new purchases of the BS decoder was terminated on May 24, 2008.Furthermore, re-subscription of decoder owners and subscription by CATV / SKY PerfecTV! Will be closed on May 5, 9.


At WOWOWEirin regulationsBased on, the rating of the work designated for the program is displayed.Also, works that have not been designated as Eirin's age limit are equivalent to PG12 designation (example:Detroit Metal City) Or R15 + designation (such as pornographic movies) may be displayed (some movies are equivalent to R15 + designation even if they have received R15 + designation).

Channel breakdown

TV broadcast

From December 2000, 12, when BS digital broadcasting started, to July 1, 2011, when BS analog broadcasting ended, BS digital broadcasting (and high-definition broadcasting on CS) was "Digital WOWOW" and BS analog broadcasting ( And standard image quality broadcasting on CS) was distinguished from "analog WOWOW".The "analog" display at the top right of the screen started in October 7.

BS digital broadcasting

As for the logical channel frame, TV broadcasting is "19x, Data broadcasting is "79x, Radio broadcast (end) is "49x".Of TV broadcastingRemote control key IDIs "9. "

Ch.191-Ch.193 is used for television broadcasting. As a general rule, Ch.191 is BS analog 5chSimul broadcastingWas done (howeverFIFA World CupWas replaced by another program in Analog WOWOW).

2011 May 9Until Ch.191High definitionDuring non-broadcasting hours, standard-definition broadcasting is divided into 192 channels using Ch.193 and Ch.2 (nicknamed "WOWOW3" and "WOWOW3", respectively).Multi channel(Organization) was done.Also, if you are using a 4: 3 TV, some programs may be expanded to 16: 9 to eliminate the black belts at the top and bottom.

From October 2009, 10, the color button on the remote control while watching WOWOW channels during multi-channel organization of BS digital broadcastingBlue = Ch.191,Red = Ch.192,Green = Ch.193Press) to select each channel[29].

HDTV or 5.1 ch When performing audio broadcasting, image CG (displayed as "HV" for high-definition, "5.1" for 5.1ch, "HV 5.1" for both) is played immediately before the start of the program, and movies and movies In some anime works, the 5.1ch logo (5.1 in the square) is displayed in the lower left.Of these, 5.1ch image CG has continued even after the transition to the high-definition 3 channels of Prime Live Cinema, which will be described later.

In addition, at the beginning of BS digital, WOWOW3PPVWas held, but CS-WOWOW (2002 degree east longitude CS broadcast) which opened in April 4Pratt One) (Broadcast ended in February 2004), so it is not currently done.

From October 2011, 10, high-definition 1-channel broadcasting was started on BS digital broadcasting.Along with this, the channel name is also "WOWOW prime""WOWOW Live""WOWOW cinemaWas changed to. Since "WOWOW Prime" is the main service (representative service), it is positioned as a flagship channel, and this channel is displayed when the "9" button is pressed on BS.Both sub-services (accompanying services), "WOWOW Live" can be viewed by pressing the red button on the remote control when watching other WOWOW channels, and "WOWOW Cinema" can be viewed by pressing the green button as well.Press the blue button to return to "WOWOW Prime" (similar to conventional multi-channel organization).Each 24 slots x 3ch = 72 slots in total are used, which is the largest number of slots among satellite core broadcasters of 2K service.[30] Is assigned.In addition, because it did not respond to band reorganization (= slot reduction per channel) before the start of 4K8K satellite broadcasting, the resolution of 1 x 4 pixels is maintained for all three channels even after the start of 3K main broadcasting, but at the cost of this The 1920K service has been allocated 1080 slots from 4 channels left-handed.However, the remote control key ID of "12", which is the same as the 40K service, is reserved when another station starts 2K broadcasting.

SKY PerfecTV! Premium service (including light)

Digital WOWOW will be broadcast on SKY PerfecTV! HD (currently SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service) from June 2010, 6. High-definition 1-channel broadcasting is carried out prior to BS digital broadcasting.When the multi-organization was not implemented, all three channels had the same program organization.

From 2011 year 4 month 1 dayOptical broadcasting OfSKY PerfecTV! Premium Service Hikari(Cable general broadcastersOpticast: CurrentSKY Perfect JSAT) But started high-definition 3-channel broadcasting.

2016 From December 12st, SKY PerfecTV! Premium service satellite broadcasters will be broadcasting all TV channels of the service at once.SKY Perfect BroadcastingからSKY Perfect Entertainmentchange to.

The channel numbers are Ch.621, 622, 623, and the arrangement of prime live cinema is the same as BS digital broadcasting.

Hikari TV

From 2010 year 10 month 1 dayIP broadcast OfHikari TV(Cable general broadcastersEye cast) To start broadcasting. Since it is treated as a rebroadcast of BS digital broadcasting, the channel number is the same as BS digital broadcasting.

BS analog broadcasting / SKY PerfecTV! SD

It was broadcast on 5ch of BS analog broadcasting. Even with CS digital broadcasting SKY PerfecTV! SD (currently SKY PerfecTV! Premium service (standard definition)) with Ch.330Simul broadcasting(Although it is a digital broadcast, it was treated as "analog WOWOW".SKY PerfecTV!(Old e2) did not broadcast because it can be shared with BS digital receivers).

The screen display of the mark indicating stereo broadcasting was displayed only for analog broadcasting (only when broadcasting movies, dramas, and variety programs).

When performing high-definition broadcasting or 5.1ch audio broadcasting with digital WOWOW, image CG representing them was also played in analog WOWOW just before the start of the program.Also, during high-definition broadcasting of digital WOWOW, 16: 9Letter boxIt was broadcast in size.

Both BS analog broadcasting and SKY PerfecTV! SD ended broadcasting on July 2011, 7.SKY PerfecTV! SD stopped at noon, and BS analog broadcasting stopped at midnight.If the transition to digital WOWOW was not made by June 24, the same year, the contract was forcibly canceled on the same date.

Callsign itinerary

Currently,BS broadcastingAbout WOWOWCommissioned broadcaster→Core broadcasting station provider OfBroadcasting satellite system(B-SAT) manages all at oncecallsignFrom the relationship of possession and transmissionConsignment broadcaster→Satellite backbone broadcasterSince it is broadcast as a single sign for WOWOW and all BS digital broadcasting stations, it is never assigned.

2007 May 10Until then, since WOWOW was carrying out transmission work for BS analog broadcasting, the signature of WOWOW alone was assigned.This sign was assigned differently depending on the satellite that transmitted the broadcast.

  1. 1990 (Yuri No. 3 a → Yuri No. 1991 b used from October 10) JO3-BS-TV * At this time,Satellite digital music broadcasting(St Giga) And shared the channel, so I had the call sign of JO33-BS-TAM.
  2. 1997 (using BSAT-1) JO23-BS-TV * Also St. Giga (→ thenWire BeeAfter going through (Club Cosmo)World Independent Networks JapanSince the channel was shared, it was JO23-BS-TAM1 (the last 4 characters of data broadcasting are TDM1).

From November 2007, 11, the transmission business of BS analog broadcasting was also outsourced to B-SAT, and WOWOW became a outsourced broadcasting company, so the signing of WOWOW alone was abolished.

JO33-BS-TV is BS-17chTerrestrial digital hard-to-see satellite broadcastingIt has been reassigned to a broadcasting satellite station belonging to B-SAT (using BSAT-3a and its spare satellites) that broadcasts BS digital standard television contracts.

Digital limited service

The following are services provided only by BS digital broadcasting.

Data broadcasting

The service name isWOWOWnavi(Wow Wow Navi). In Ch.191, detailed information on the movie will be provided by linked data broadcasting.

Ch.791 and 792 are assigned to independent data broadcasting. Ch.791 is "WOWOW Information Channel!".In addition to providing program guidance using video and text information, subscription procedures using interactive services are also possible.Information programs such as cooking on both channels at the beginning of broadcasting,VowViewer-participation-type programs such as are also provided, but they have been reduced to subscription information only. Ch.792 is "WOWOW On-Demand Information Channel!" As of April 2021.[31].. A screen introducing WOWOW on-demand is displayed.In the past, you could see detailed program information by connecting to the Internet with "WOWOW Premium Navi".

Video distribution

Free simultaneous broadcast distribution to TV members with "WOWOW Members on Demand"Video on demandWe are delivering. From January 2021, 1, we started the video distribution service "WOWOW On Demand" that allows you to watch WOWOW broadcasts without a TV.[23].

Past services

Radio broadcast

The service name isWOWOW wave(Wow Wow Wave). Ch.491 (WOWOWwave1: Wow Wow Wave One) is a movie music program, entertainment information program, hit chart program, etc. Ch.492 (WOWOWwave2: Wow Wow Wave Two) is a music program for adults such as AOR and a reading program of a book. , Rakugo, etc. were provided by BS digital broadcasting, but ended on September 2005, 9.

Handling of newspaper program section

WOWOWNews (Chinese)InA TV scheduleDepending on the newspaper company, "WOWOW Prime" (BS-191ch) is on the final main TV side, and "WOWOW Live" (BS-192ch) and "WOWOW Cinema" (BS-193ch) are on the middle side. It is often published on the second TV / radio side.Depending on the newspaper company, the cut display of the station name is not the official 2-digit channel number, but "prime" is simply "ch3" or "ch9 / blue", "live" is "ch9 / red", and "cinema" is It may be written as "ch9 / green".

This has been organized by channel in some time zones for digital broadcasting since December 2000 (See above) Is a remnant of what was done, and it is also because the color coding of Prime Live Cinema has inherited it.Also,Sports paper,partLocal newspaperHowever, due to space limitations, some newspapers do not have digital program listings (especially live cinema).

Capital structure

The name of the company/organization at that time. Source:[32][33][34][35]


From the beginning5 terrestrial TV commercial broadcasting key stationsHas invested.


CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
5000 million yen28,844,400 share15,601
ShareholderNumber of sharesOwnership ratio
Fuji Media Holdings5,925,000 share21.95%
Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings4,541,400 share16.82%
Nippon Television Network2,616,400 share09.69%
The Master Trust Bank of Japan
(Retirement benefit trust accountDentsumouth)
1,400,800 share05.18%
(Standing proxy Mizuho Bank Settlement Sales Department)
0,875,000 share03.24%
NTT Communications0,580,200 share02.14%
Asahi Shimbun0,555,200 share02.05%
The Master Trust Bank of Japan (Trust Account)0,463,600 share01.71%
TV Asahi Holdings0,346,000 share01.28%
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.0,346,000 share01.28%
Nihon Keizai Shimbun0,346,000 share01.28%
Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office0,346,000 share01.28%

Past capital structure


movies,Sports,Music,stage,Drama,Anime, And other than thatextraIt is broadcast in 7 fields.

ス タ ジ オ

In addition to having a studio in the WOWOW Broadcasting Center in Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, the following studios also exist.

WOWOW Shibuya Station

TokyoShibuya WardUdagawa Town2-1 、 Located in Shibuya HomesSatellite studio.. It was installed from October 2011 to September 10, 2013. "The Prime Show, "WOWOW Plus" and other live broadcasts, as well as a studio that records other WOWOW programs, and a communication space for connecting with viewers through entertainment-related events. I was able to tour.[37] The area of ​​the studio part is about 42 tatami mats[38] .


Free broadcast day

YearsSeveral times to retransmit WOWOW to viewers who own satellite broadcast receivers or WOWOW non-contractorsCable TVNon-scrambled broadcasting may be performed continuously for a certain period of time for the purpose of encouraging new subscribers to viewers who subscribe to the station.[39].. When only one day at a timeSaturday-SundayIt may be carried out for two consecutive days.

In addition,Serial drama WAnd anime premiere[40], A series of some overseas dramas,TennisWorld's 4 major tournamentsLPGA (American Women's Golf)However, in recent years, there are works that will be broadcast free of charge only for the first regular broadcast (tennis and golf will be broadcast live on the first day) (Free broadcast list reference).

Normally, free-to-air broadcasting is done every Tuesday from 24:00 to 26:00 (or around 28:00 depending on the day), saying "Free WOWOW!"Station break(Mainly program promotion), MUSIC BREAK, mini programs such as movie studios, WEATHER CLIP (weather forecast) only.In the early days of the opening of the station, information programs and serial dramas were broadcast for free for 7 hours from 12-5 am on weekdays (excluding holidays and specific periods such as the year-end and New Year holidays).[41]

As a special case, 2002/2006FIFA World CupThen,Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA)All the games broadcast on WOWOW were broadcast free of charge under the contract with (digital only. Analog is replaced with another program. Normally, commercials of general companies are not broadcast, but this program isJapan ConsortiumSince it is a framework of a joint production organization, the CM of the JC common sponsor company will be broadcast). At the 2010 FIFA World Cup, all three games broadcast on WOWOW became free-to-air (all recorded and broadcast).

The maintenance that is performed from time to time is also non-scrambled and the test radio waves are sent.When non-scramble is performed, a message prompting you to join is always displayed at the top of the screen (you can watch without displaying the message when you remove the B-CAS card).

Free-to-air event once a year

Since 2009, every fall, entitled "WOWFES!", We will hold interlocking events in several places in Tokyo along with non-scrambled broadcasting for several days.

In 2011, it was held as the "WOWOW Great Opening Festival" to commemorate the start of high-definition multi-organization and the 20th anniversary of the opening of the station.

2012 will be an event entitled "TOUCH! WOWOW".

Disney Month

Every March,Walt DisneyRepresentative character of the work "Mickey MouseIs the first timemoviesAppeared inMonthBecause of this, WOWOW calls this month "Disney Month".デ ィ ズ ニ ー OfAnimated movieTo be featured.

2021 May 9ToTohoku ShinshaとStar channelIt is,Walt Disney JapanBecause we signed a brand license agreement with[42]As of 2021, WOWOW has dubbed this month "Disney Month" and no longer features Disney animated films.


Full-time employee / contract announcer

Free announcer

Former announcer


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Related item

外部 リンク

Kazokuro RAILWAYS Our departure

"Kazokuro RAILWAYS Our departure(Kazokuiro Railways Our Departures)2018 May 11ToKagoshima-KumamotoPre-released atMay 11Published nationwideJapanese movie.. The catch phrase is "Can you make it again?The family I lost once.], [The feelings for your family that you have forgotten overflow.』.


"RAILWAYS The story of a man who became a train driver at the age of 49], [RAILWAYS To adults who cannot convey love"followed byRAILWAYSThe third in the series, it was produced and released for the first time in about 3 years from the previous work.The previous two works had a male train driver as the main character, but this is the first timeDiesel carTaking up the female driver who drives the car as the main character,Hisatsu Orange RailwayThe film was shot from January to February 2018.[1][2].Arimura KajunとKunimura HayabusaWill double-star[3].

The music was set in Kagoshima at the same timeTaiga drama"Saigo donWas in charge ofHarumi FuukiServed.


Akira, her husband Shuhei, and Shuhei's stepchild, Shunya, lived in harmony with each other in Tokyo.However, one day Shuheisubarachnoid hemorrhageSuddenly die.For some reason, the remaining two leave Tokyo for Shuhei's hometown of Kagoshima and visit his father-in-law, Setsuo, who he has never met.Setsuo has been a railroad driver for many years and lived alone before his wife.Akira and Shunya who came suddenly accept it while being puzzled, and the three people who have no blood connection will live together as a new family.Akira, who was looking for a job, decided to become a railway driver, which was a dream of Shuhei's childhood, for Shunya, who loves railways, and passed the entrance examination of Hisatsu Orange Railway. ..However, due to trouble, Akira returns to Tokyo with abusive words from Shunya when he is worried about the driver's suitability.


Akira Okuzono
Performance- Arimura Kajun
main character.Although he was lonely for the rest of his life, he became acquainted when he was called by Shuhei at a supermarket and later married.Became the stepmother of Shunya.
With Shuhei's sudden death, he came to Kagoshima, where Setsuo was, with the feeling of holding a straw.After that, under the influence of Shunya, he aimed to become a driver of the Hisatsu Orange Railway.
Okuzono Setsuo
Performance- Kunimura Hayabusa
Shuhei's father.National railwayI've been a driver since time, and onceSleeper trainI also experienced the crew.Currently working at Hisatsu Orange Railway.He was estranged from Shuhei and didn't even know he had died, but he warmly welcomed Akira and Shunya who suddenly visited him.
At work, he is in charge of interviewing Akira with Aiba.
Yuri Sasaki
Performance- Nanami Sakuraba
I am a homeroom teacher at the elementary school where Shunya attends.Akira is the same age and is a good consultant for each other.
Toshiko Okuzono
Performance- Ryusei Kouyama
Akira's stepchild and Shuhei's eldest son.Akira is called "Akira-chan".Due to my father's influence, I like railways and often draw pictures of trains.
He is bright in front of his family, but his roots are shy and he cannot accept Shuhei's death.Therefore, during the coming-of-age ceremony, there was a big quarrel with Akira.
Masaki Aiba
Performance- Kinoshita
Hisatsu Orange Railway employee and Secretary of Transportation.I was in charge of the interview with Akira with Setsuo.
Yukie Kusunoki
Performance- Mariko Tsutsui
Setsuo's sister, Shuhei's aunt.I am concerned about Akira and Shunya.
Toru Mizushima
Performance- Itao Souji
Hisatsu Orange Railway senior driver.
Shuhei Okuzono
Performance- Aoki
Akira's husband.I liked the railroad because of my father's influence.After graduating from high school, he moved to Tokyo and became an illustrator after working at an art school.He lost his ex-wife shortly after giving birth to Shunya, and later remarried Akira and lived with them.
Although his personality is cheerful and cheerful, he was deceived by a friend who was planning to start a business with a joint investment and lost his assets.After that, I will continue to devote myself to my work, and at the point where it seems that I will be able to afford it economically.subarachnoid hemorrhageAnd died.

In addition, a large number of employees of the Hisatsu Orange Railway, which was the stage, and residents along the railway line selected by open recruitment have made extra appearances in the roles of employees, residents, and students.

ス タ ッ フ


Hisatsu Orange Railway
From October 2018, 10 to August 26, 2019, the wrapping vehicle of this work (HSOR-100 type103A) was operated.This vehicle was actually used for filming[4][5]..From December 12th of the same year to February 15th, 2019, the free ticket "Kazokuiro" ticket was released at major stations on the line.[6].

Olive Related Products

  • "Kazokuiro-RAILWAYS Our Departures-" Original Soundtrack, released on November 2018, 11, SOST-21
  • Naoki Oishi(Author) ・Yasuhiro Yoshida(Screenplay) "Kazokuiro -RAILWAYS Our Departures-",Shogakkan Library, Released on March 2018, 10,ISBN 9784094065671
    A novel version based on a movie script with an original story added.
  • (Original)Kiyoshi Nagamatsu(Drawing) "TetsubonVolume 23, Big Comics Special, released on November 2018, 11,ISBN 9784098601783 Volume 24, Big Comics Special, released June 2019, 6,ISBN 9784098603480
    The collaboration times of the manga "Tetsubon" and "Kazokuiro -RAILWAYS Our Departures-" are recorded.


外部 リンク


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