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🎥 | Nosaka Lab Second Project "Arsène Lupine 'XNUMX XNUMX'" Character Visual Release!


Nosaka Lab Second Project "Arsène Lupine 'XNUMX XNUMX'" Character Visual Release!

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This work is a popular adventure and detective novel "Arsène Lupine" written by French master Maurice Leblanc for a quarter of a century.

A long-term stage and performance of masterpiece mysteries around the world, which started in 2021 centered on director Minoru Nosaka ... → Continue reading

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Master Maurice

Detective Novel

Detective NovelIs theNovel OfGenreOne of. mainly殺人-theft-Kidnapping-scamSomehow事件-crimeOf the occurrence of and the progress towards a rational solution[1].. In addition to novels, it will be expanded to various media such as manga, movies, gamesMysteryTo sayGenreWas the source of


The name "Detective novel" isTakataro trees RoosterAtScience fictionBroad sense includingMysteryWhen I supervised the series,Ranpo Edogawa,Mizutani JunIt is said that it was proposed and named by[2].. other than thisDetective novel(Let's go ahead),Mystery novel(Mystery),Suspense novelThere is also the name (Suspense), but the former name has the word "reconnaissance".KanjiNo longer used due to restrictions[2].Crime novelThere is a part that overlaps with, but it is not completely synonymous.

Birth and development

Social situations that are the premise of the birth of a detective novel

The world's first detective novel is generallyエ ド ガ ー · ア ラ ン · ポ ーThe short story "Morgue town murder(1841[3]) Is said to be. But,Charles DickensPrior to Po, he wrote the semi-detective semi-crime novel "Burnaby Ludge" (1), which began serialization in January of the same year, and was written about 1841 years ago.Voltaire"The Dog of the Queen and the Horse of the King", a part of "The Dig" (1747), also emphasizes the reasoning. Furthermore"Canterbury story], [Decameron],BibleApocrypha"Daniel Addendum"Bell and Ryu" in "Bell and Ryu" also contains stories such as detective stories, and there is no end to the debate over where they originated.

But what I can say for sure is1830 era OfUnited KingdomToPolicemenThe system was in place and a new sense of crime was born."New Gate Novel" that prevailed around this time(English edition)[4][5]It is,Newgate PrisonRecord of crimes issued byNewgate Calendar"[6]It is a crime novel written based on, and it can be said that it laid the foundation for the later modern detective novels.

rightobligationThe system ofjudicialSystemBasic human rightsThe fact that is a well-established society is also an essential element in detective stories.

The existence of police organizations is significant for the genre of detective stories. Holding the lawcriminalThis is because a new form of hero that captures is born. Behind it,UrbanizationThere is a historical fact that the general public was more concerned about the dark parts of the city in the United Kingdom. And as an outlet for stress associated with urbanization,Murder caseThere is also a view that the extraordinary nature of the material was needed.

Cross-border development and media

After the birth of detective novels, various ideas have been created. And as listed belowMysteryThe "foundation for basics and applications" was created. Moreover, as science and medicine progressed, tricks and the like using those knowledge were invented one after another.

Also, the mystery method isNovelIn addition to, it has spread to various media such as movies, dramas, theater, manga, and games.


Before Pau

Even before the murder of Morgue Town, literature that contained reasoning elements existed.

Old and New Testament

The Old Testament"King King OmittedAbove” Chapter 3King SolomonThere is a story to make a judgment in the trial,BibleApocrypha"Daniel AddendumAlso includes mysterious stories such as "The Story of Susana" and "Bell and the Dragon".[7].

Classical literature

Wergilliusof"AeneiceInGreek MythologyThere is an anecdote that Socrates, the hero of the above, brilliantly searches for a cow stolen by the thief Kirks while avoiding false clues.

Also,"Canterbury story], [Decameron],Herodotusof"HistoryThere is also a story like a detective story.

Arabian Night

The oldest detective story: "Thousand and One Nights"of"The story of three apples(The Three Apples).

Western literature before Pau

Miguel de Cervantesof"Don Quixote(1605), there is an episode in which the presiding judge decides whether the creditor or the debtor is correct.

Voltaire"The Dig" (1747), "The Queen's Dog and the King's Horse," is also heavily inferred.Beaumarche"Barber of seville(1775) contains elements of mystery-solving mystery novels.

Vidoc"Recollection" (1823) influenced Poe's Detective Dupin.Large dumas"Captain Paul" (1838) has a strong color of adventure mystery,DoyleIt also leads to a series of strange stories of the ocean.


Birth of a detective novel

1841, Americanエ ド ガ ー · ア ラ ン · ポ ーThe short story "Murghold's Murder" announced by the author is said to be the beginning of the detective story.Charles Dickens"Burnaby Ludge" is not a pure detective novel, but there is a mystery element in the work. In the unfinished late years of Dickens, "The Mystery of Edwin Drood", many writers are trying to create a "solution" later.

1866 years,Emile GaborioInfluenced by the French translation of Poe's works, the world's first feature-length novel "Le Rouge incident"Announced.

In the UKWilkie CollinsHowever, in 1860 the thriller's large feature film "Woman in white coat, 1862, published a novel "Nonyme", a mystery-themed feature close to mystery. And in 1868, it was said to be "the first feature-length novel in English".Moon feldspar (jewel of moon god)"[8] Has been announced.

1878 years,Anna Catherine GreenIs said to be the first woman in the world to write a detective novel and publish the virgin feature film "Leavenworth Case".[9].. In addition, "The World's First Female Detective" in a fiction called Violet Strange (the world's first female detective isBaroness OrziIt is also known for a short story in which Lady Molly, created by (Baron Orzi), is active.

In 1882,Woman or tigerIs announced and the response is called. A mystery is presented in the story, leaving the solution to the readerRiddle StoryIt is famous as a typical example of. Other works include "Crescent Sword Promoter".

Gaston Lerouxof"The secret of the yellow roomIs a French newspaper with illustrationsIllustration], serialized in the closed room classics. As a sequel, "Mr. Kuroi's Fragrance" exists.

Detective Appearance

Has a series of works by Gypsy Detective Hagar Stanley, whose series character is a pawnshop gypsy woman.In addition, the feature-length "The Secret of a Two-Wheeled Carriage," whose protagonist and perspective change from chapter to chapter, was a bestseller in Britain at the time.Is a short story main writer who has published works in various magazines, but in the feature film "Cave Murder Case", Dr. Arcee, a stranger, ignores the police officer in charge and proceeds with the investigation without permission.Yokomizo MasashiIt has influenced the Kindaichi Kosuke series.Also, in "The Tragedy of Run Lake," the murder was depicted in front of detectives and related parties (including readers), not after the incident.[10].

Caroline WellsStarting with the virgin feature, "Clues," he published 70 long-featured mysteries in which "The Character Detective of the Series" called Fleming Stone appeared, making it the "most-detected detective in feature films by the same author."

(In courtE.S.GardnerPerry Mason's lawyer is the highest number of 82 feature films. Including non-seriesJohn RoadIs over 140 feature films. Have 14 series detectivesJohn Creesey(Also known as JJ Malik John creasey ) Is a total of 58 feature films, including the "Mr. Tofu" series 21 feature films and the "Gideon Police" series 562 feature films[11]

Also, John Russell CollielNicholas CarterIn the name of 1886 "DetectiveNick CarterIs published in New York Weekly magazine. After that, many writers continued to write the series under the house name of Nicholas Carter. Most of detective Nick's movies that have been going on for over 100 years are feature films.

Similarly, in the United Kingdom, Harry Bliss in 1893 was the detectiveSexton breakAnnounces "Missing Millionaire"[12].. Blake's works have been written by different authors for more than 70 years under multiple names, but in contrast to Nick's, they are mostly short stories (inventing Inspector Appleby).Michael innesThere is also a short story written by).

Holmes and rivals

1879 years,Arthur Conan DoyleReleased the short story "Mystery of the Sasassas Valley" in the October issue of Chambers Journal. This was not Holmes. In 10 it could be said to be the representative of "Detective"Sherlock HolmesThe first feature film of "Scarlet research] In the Christmas issue of Peaton magazine by Ward Rock. Holmes stuff was continued to be written until the short film "Shoscomso" in 1927.

Holmes' works are overwhelmingly short in length rather than long in length,Arthur Morrison,Ernest Brahma,Jack futrel,Melville Davison Post,August Durless,Gilbert Keith ChestertonAnnounced a short story in which their own character detectives are active, and their created detectives are "Rivals of HolmesSometimes called ".

Phantom thief, crime novel, delusion, etc.

Meanwhile, in FranceMaurice LeblancIn 1905, he wrote the short story "Arrest of Arsene Lupine", the main character who is in the opposite position to the detective, "Kaitomonomono," and the phantom thief Lupine has been featured for 30 years.

AndPatricia HighsmithIs not a detectiveCriminal”Was used as a series character, and a murderer Ripley youth who plans a complete crime announces five feature films starting with the main character “Sun is full” every time, and it is also made into a movie[13].

Also,"キ ン グ コ ン グKnown asEdgar WallaceIs "Four justiceWith the headline "," he created more than ten series characters in both the detective/criminal and murderer/villain camps.

The "death" that describes the crime from the side of the criminal isAustin freemanShort edit of "Singing white bonesIt's famous, but the criminal naturally changes in every story (the detective is the same Dr. Thorndike every time.There are also works that the criminal cannot punish, such as the murderer escaped, attempted end, forgiveness by the victim) Is the feature of this work collection),Freeman Wills CroftsA short compilation ofThe murderer messes"and"From Croydon 12:30] OrRoy VickersAfter working on the "Labyrinth Division" series, he collaborated with modern Levinson on "Detective colombo] Has become one of the mystery classic genres.

"victimAs a mystery in which "" was appointed as the main character,Grant Allen"African Millionaires"[14].

In the weird variety, we use different styles of serious and comical with different pen names.Donald E. WestlakeIs "Do you like murder?"Suspect”Is the main character, and a series of works with the intent of solving another difficult case that the criminal in charge of the case has is announced one after another.

"narratorAs a work whose main character is (descriptor),Lord Dunsany(Sir Dunsani) Short Editing "The Story of Smithers"[15] Can be mentioned. In Wilkie Collins' full-length and mid-short stories, narrators often change chapters and volumes.

"readerThe idea of ​​making "Fredrick BrownIs trying in a series of short stories "A pure lie".

"Author“”AnthologyIncludes "Challenge to the Reader" edited by Ellery Queen and "New Challenge to the Reader" edited by Isaac Asimov.

The golden age of the full-length feature

The world of detective stories, which was mainly short stories, began in 1913.E.C.BentleyHowever, when he released a work with a romance element in mystery in the feature film "The Last Case of Trent", many authors announced masterpieces of feature detective stories one after another, and later called the "golden age" heyday. I met you.

Earl Dear BiggersReleased the feature film "Keyless House" in 1925. The Chinese detective Charlie Chan isKay LukeIt has gained the popularity of being featured in dozens of movies that served as a hit, as well as appearing in serial comics in newspapers. "Knox's Ten CommandmentsFamous forRonald KnoxAppointed a rare detective, Miles Breedon, as a detective at an insurance company.

Agatha Christieof"Murder of the Orient ExpressInside the passenger train,And nobody leftIsland,Death in the sky[16]Closed circle(Closed space) things,"Van dyneof"Orthodox murder case』"Medical murder",Ellery Queenof"Tragedy of X"Dying message (message when dying),"Dixon Kerr"Is good atThree caskets"Closed-door things" and "Midnight Emissary[17], A series of long detective stories of various genres such as "History Mystery" set in the past was released, and a series of masterpieces called "real" "Hudanite (for criminals)" "Puzzler" etc. Continued.

Van Dine, Car, and Queen have many radio drama screenplays, even in Japan until the end of the 20th century.FENWeekday program "Radio Mystery Theater" (US military broadcast radio)EG Marshall), I was able to listen to past broadcasts (Car's "" is particularly famous and was published as an English learning material by several publishers).

Car's Skull Castle is rare in the real worldGermanyIs a feature film set in[18].. Giorgio Shelvanenko (Giorgio Scerbanenco )'S feature film "The Hurted Goddess"ItalyIs the stage. Yarn Extrem isSwedenIt is also called "Kar no Ka", and there are many works dealing with "Birth Party 17 People", "Unagi no Trap" and other murders in a closed room. Crofts' "Floote Park Murder"South AfricaI am dealing with the case in. Italian psychologist Professor Posioli is from Curacao,ハイチ, Visiting Caribbean countries such as the Virgin Islands and encountering an incident (there are several novella that end in the defeat of the professor, such as the professor not understanding the trick that even the reader notices to the end, the murderer escapes, etc.)[19].

Christy also has thriller works like "Uguisu-so ()". her"Hoodie pineThe early short story of "is called a classic of thing.Eden PhilpottsLives in Christie's neighbor's house and gave various advice[20].. Phil Potts began writing detective stories at the age of 58[21], 98-year-old "Recollection of an Old General" (There Was an Old Man ) To detective feature[22] Continued to write[23].Dorothy ThayersThere is also a horror short story called "suspicion".

The contrast with Filpotts is (James Yaffe ), announced the short story "Impossible Crimes Division" at the age of 15 years old, and wrote a series of 3 short stories until "Comedy Murder Case" three years later. The feature film is the "Messagante's Mama" series. Timothy Fuller alsoHarvard UniversityAt the age of 21, he made his debut as a writer during the Harvard Murder Case. Detective Jupiter Jones is a series that solves incidents that mainly occurred at the university and its alumni association. It is a joint pen name of two womenRoger ScarletHas a short period of activity as a mystery writer, and while he is a writer, he is highly evaluated by Ranpo Edogawa and adapted "Murder of the Angel Family".

(Rupert Penny ) Inserted a "Challenge to the Reader" reminiscent of a queen in the eight feature films of Inspector Morse Beer, which begins with "Talkative Police Officer". "Oberist Trilogy"[24]Charles Daily King (Charles Daly King ) Shows the ingenuity of "I don't know who the detective is among the characters" in "Oberist of the Sea" and "The series detective fails to solve the case" in "", and "Clues Index" at the end of the feature film. You can look back on the case.

Post Golden Age and New Orthodox School

Ranpo Edogawa names the group of tricky writers who appeared shortly after the Golden Age as "New Authentic".[25].

Belgium OfStanislas-Andre Steman, IrishNicholas break, BritishChristian brand,Richard Hull,Antony Berkley,Edmund Crispin,Elizabeth Ferrars(Elizabeth ・ X ・ Ferrars ) Et al. announced a unique work with a unique style.

Unusual, spy novels and suspense

One of the works that is called "transfiguration" as opposed to "real"Patricia Magerof"Find the victim!It is a feature-length work in a unique form (transitional deduction) that goes beyond the frame of a detective novel, such as "Search for a detective!" Woman is a magaspy"Selena Mead", whose main character is "Selena Mead", is also a famous movie. For spy stuffJames BondOf the seriesIan FlemingIs famous, butEric Ambler"Dimitrius's casket"Frederick Forsythe"Jackal Day", byGraham GreenThere are many other Japanese translations of "The Man of Havana".

Furthermore, the work of "Suspense" that focuses on psychological depiction of the main character and characters rather than tricks and solving mysteriesCornell WoolrichAnnounced a lot. MasterpieceWilliam irishThe feature length ``Phantom woman], the beginning writing is also famous. Short storyRear windowWas adopted in the original movie[26].

Patrick QuentinThe early work led by Webb had a strong real color, but the suspense color became darker in the latter half of the combination centered on Wheeler.Ruth RendellAlso a series of masterpieces in both systems of full-scale reasoning of the "Wexford Inspector" series and suspense under the name of Barbara Wein[27] announced. In FranceBoileau = Nalsjack,Catherine Arley,Sebastian japrizoHave announced many "Suspense" things.

Josephine TayIs a writer who is very good at describing psychology of women, but in the "Daughter of Time", the stage is modern, but the detective role is on the bed of the hospital, and the method of resolving historical cases is taken only from the literature. Medical mystery Josephine BellJosephine Bell ) Is a member of the British Association of Detective Writers (CCA) from the beginning and also served as chairman. (Andrew Garve ) Uses various styles such as puzzle solving, adventure, and police, but there are many suspense-based works from "Hilda yo sleep".

Mysteries by writers of other genres

Later became a master of children's literatureAlexander MilneIn front of "Winnie the Pooh", he announced "Mystery of the Red House" and several other mysteries. James HiltonAlso wrote "school murder" before "Chips, goodbye." Science fiction masterIsaac AsimovHas the "Kurogoya Spider Society" series.

Vaudville playwrightPercival WildIs also known for such as the Legal detective feature film including the "Career Trial", and the card mystery "The villain's fun" where the main character is Trump Cheat Master Palmley. Is a Czech translatorEllis petersWhile writing a historical novel under the real name of Edith Purter,Monk cadoffelHe also wrote historical mysteries such as "Series". French Social Novel MasterClaude AvrineThere are also a number of mystery feature films such as "Regular passengers on U route".

The emergence of hard boiled

1928 years,Dashir HammettWas the first feature film of the unknown detective Continental Op "The Curse of the Dane House" followed by "Red harvest[28]Was announced. It is a private detective story called "hard boiled", which has many elements such as "liquor, violence, action, and romance" that set it apart from conventional detective stories, mainly in the United States. Hammett was another in 1930 "Maltese hawkWe also created Sam Spade, which will appear for the first time. The third character following Op and Spade, Oshidori Detective Nick and Nora's activities are depicted.Shadowless manWas also popular, and was made into a series in the movie.

John Dan McDonaldIn the feature-length film, the title was given a color name from "Navy Blue Good-bye", and the series character Travis McGee influenced various writers. Non-series work "Cape of fearWas filmed with Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum and Martin Balsam[29].

The “slaughterhouse sheep” that combines the hard-boiled urban sense and thrilling development with the real-world logical puzzle solvingA・A・FairOr “Nero Wolf vs. FBI”Rex stout, "6 days before execution"Jonathan LatimerSometimes, the group of works of "Chicago Blues" by Fredrick Brown and others is called "soft boiled".

Of "great sleep" and "long farewell" Raymond ChandlerIs said to have incorporated mystery into mainstream literature (pure literature)[30],Ross McDonaldIs characterized by complex plots found in "moving targets" and psychological insights into characters, and is sometimes referred to as "hard-boiled and full-blown fusion".[31]. The wife of McDonald's (real name: Kenneth Miller)Margaret MillerHas succeeded as a writer before his husband in the feature films "Invisible Bug" and "Iron Gate" by Dr. Ply and Inspector Sons, and is active as a leading psychological thriller such as "Beyond this monster area". .. The late Aragonian lawyer turned to a milder style by adding humor to hard boiled and suspense.

Police novel and industry mystery

Ed McBainEstablished a new genre called police novel in the "87-minute station series" that depicts the activities of police officers in the fictional city of Isola. Kataya "Hope Lawyer Series" has the titles "White Snow and Red Rose"Cat in bootsIt is a work named after a fairy tale. In the police novel,Hilary war,Georges Simnon,Colin DexterSuch works are famous.

In addition,Dick FrancisMaking the most of his experience as a disabled jockey, he continued to announce cases involving the world of horse racing, including the virgin feature film "Favorite". And from the legal world (Cyril Hare ) Is known for its "tragedy of the law," which is also known as the "law mystery" or "legal authenticity." Other writers also wrote mysteries that specialize in themes such as economics, chemistry, and accounting.

Parody Pastiche and Humor Mystery

John L. BreenAnnounced the master parody pasty of many detective writers, including the "Circle Murder Case", which mimics Van Dyne's style, and "The High Whispering Mansion", an impossible crime that Dixon Kerr may write.

Anthony HorowitzJohn Edmund GardnerIs a sequel to Holmes' nemesis professor Moriarty, and the Fleming Foundation's official recognition.James BondEach series is announced with its own content (law.

Robert Lloyd FishWrites short stories of Holmes parody such as "The Adventures of Shrock Holmes", while there are also serious suspense features like "Exile". Master of short storiesEdward Dentinger HookIn addition to 12 short stories such as "The Second Mottled String," he also played Holmes with his own characters such as Kaito Nick and Dr. Hawthorne.

Female writer Joyce PorterIs the third character of Inspector Dover and Aunt Hong Kong.ユ ー モ アIt became popular for its detective works. Similarly femaleCraig RiceAlso published a number of humor feature films such as Malone Lawyer's that began with "The Sweet Home Murder Case" (1944) and "The clock stops at three o'clock" (1939), which is said to have been modeled after himself and his family.

Crime Story Master

Also known as "The Secret of the Chocolate Factory" and "Chiki Chiki Bang Bang"Roald DahlWon the Mystery Writers of America (MWA) Award for Best Short Story for his betting-obsessed short story collection of Human Psychology, "A Person Like You."In particular, "Man from the South" and "Gentle Weapon" have been dramaized multiple times.[32].

(Robert Twohy ) Depicts the perfect crime of a writer who lives in "Goodbye Francie" by using both men and women properly, and whose gender is not suspected by his acquaintances and neighbors.[33], Also provided the original for the TV series "Hitchcock Suspense".The transvestite writer Francis Scott is serious, but Tui's other main character, Jack Moreman, is a humor short story that causes the police to misunderstand that he has buried the corpse and clears his field.In the short story "Writing that could only write things", the ruthlessness of a criminal organization is spelled out without a murder (purge) scene.[34]There is a wide range of styles, such as "hard boiled that detectives do not come out".

Jack RitchieIs characterized by a light style, and the main character is a monster detective Cardura who can only be active at night, and a mysterious detective turnbuckle who makes a mistake at the end while showing a famous reasoning that makes the surroundings dazzling.Henry Threader,Theodor SturgeonEtc. have also produced many crime stories and have been made into television images in Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone".

Women and black detectives

Sarah PaletskyIs a highly educated and former lawyer female detective V (Victoria) I. Warshosky debuted in "Summertime Blues". Made into a movie starring Kathleen Turner (Japanese title "I am Wachowski").Sue GraftonAppointed a mediocre and ordinary woman to be the detective, as opposed to the talented warshow ski. The series of the main character of "A in the alibi" Kinsey Millhorn is "author/detective/reader" all female (some male readers, but the style is for female readers) "3F Mystery"[35] A new word was born. "Castle of dying"ofSarah watersIt is,LesbianA lot of the characters of have appeared in the work.Patricia Moise(Patricia Moyes ) Series detective Henry Tibet is a male inspector, but his bright and intelligent wife Emmy also cooperated in the investigation.Husband and wifeThere are many works that solve the case.

Since the 2000s, for works depicting tough female private detectives and criminalsTart noirThe genre name has been proposed.

John BallReleased a feature film "In the Heat of the Night" featuring a black elite police officer, Virgil Tibbs, overcoming the racial barriers and becoming a popular hero.Chester Heims"Love to Imabelle," which the black duo of "Tomb digging Jones and Coffin Ed" appeared, was talked about in France, but it was said that it was unpopular in the country of birth.

Various detectives

After that, female and black detectives also appeared, and in the mystery world that is no longer unusual, the authorsLilian brown"Siamese cat Coco"), mouse, future person (Robert Arthur's "Time Traveler"), historical great (Theodore Mathison"Detective group"), fish and dolphins, machines and robots, people who are not humans of this world (harlequinHe continued to create various detectives.

William C. Anderson, the "Detective Basil" of Eve Titus's Mouse LandWilliam Charles Anderson ) Human-speaking dolphins "Penelope" series,Pierre Henri Kami"Crick Robot", the witch is the protagonistRundle Garrett"Looking for a magician" was introduced in Japan.Paul ArteDr. Twist does not age after XNUMX years[36] A mysterious detective.

Various tastes

Jean Michaels, The Refrain of Death, Josephine Keynes, The Devil of the Stage, and Bill S. Ballinger (Bill Sanborn Ballinger ) "Tooth and Nail" is a solutionBag bindingAnd sell. Thomas Chastain, Bill Adler, "Who Killed the Robins Family? And the sequel, The Robbins Family's Revenge, recruited answers from readers with a sweepstakes.Stanley ErinPublished the feature film "Mirror, Mirror" with a money-back guarantee.

Also, Dennis Wheatley (Dennis Wheatley ) Is a ``murder off the coast of Miami'', ``who killed Robert Prentiss'', ``Marinsee Island serial murder case'', a copy of evidence such as matches and scraps of newspaper articles[37] Issued as an attachment.

(Pierre Bayard ) In "Who Killed Akroyd" and "Sherlock Holmes' Fallacy" in his early work and Doyle's feature film, "The detective pointed out that the criminal was innocent. There was no true criminal." He continues to publish reviews and adaptations of the content.

Second and third generation writers and detectives

Adrian Conan Doyle co-authored with Dixon Kerr to publish Holmes's unspoken collection, The Sherlock Holmes Achievement. In the 21st century, Kerr's granddaughter Sherry Dixon Kerr made her debut in the mystery world by announcing "The Ripper, The Secret of Ripper Jack."

McDonnell Bodkin(Matthias McDonnell Bodkin ) Had two major series of private detective Paul Beck and female detective Dora Mar, but they married them and created the work of their two sons, Beck II, and realized the co-starring of two generations. It was Also, John Peel has been a member of John Vincent (John Vincent ) Under the name "we dance" (Live And Let's Dance [38] Continues to write the James Bond Junior series[39].

Russia and Eastern Europe/Israel

RussiaThen.ア ン ト ン · チ ェ ー ホ フHowever, in 1884, he released a long detective novel "". English writer whose father is a Russian JewIsrail ZangwillIn 1892Big Bow Murder] During the serialization, we solicited expectations of the solution (truth) from readers. It is considered as an unpublished genre in Russia[40].

HungaryBorn in Arad (now Romania's capital city of Arad), Balduin Grolar (Balduin Groller ) Is,Austria-Hungary EmpireSet in the late Habsburg dynasty, he has released a short story of "Detective Dagobelt".

Czech RepublicWriter Joseph Skhvoretsky (Josef Škvorecký ) Says "10 crimes dedicated to Master Knox" (Hříchy pro pátera Knoxe), "The criminal must have appeared at the beginning of the story", "The detective himself must not be the criminal" There is a series of works that violate the Ten Commandments.

TurkeyBorn in istanbulAkif Pirinch(Akif Pirinçci) made his debut in a romantic novel with a Turkish youth as the protagonist, but also entered the mystery field with "Felidae". "The Door Crossing World" was also made into a movie.

Latin America/Oceania

ArgentineSince then, there have been a lot of detective stories written since prewar days, and in the 1940s, they were posted in the American mystery magazine "Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine". The 3rd Short Mystery ContestJorge Luis Borges (Jorge Luis Borges, 1899-1986) was awarded the "Maze Garden"[41].. Borges's detective and mystery novels include Death and Compass (1942), The Traitor and Heroes' Theme (1944), and Emma Tunz (1949). In 1942, the ultimate called Don Isidro Parody in prisonEasy chair detectiveThe series "Don Isidro Parodi: The Six Difficult Cases" (Seis problemas para don Isidro Parodi) was published.Adolfo Bioi Casares(Adolfo Bioy Casares) later turned out to be a collaboration. other,Pablo de Santis"World Detectives Club" (El enigma de París), where 12 world famous detectives compete to clarify the case,Guillermo MartinezThe filmized "Invisible Crime" (Crímenes imperceptibles) has been translated in Japan.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThen Ivey Conterries, who wrote the sequel to Chandler's work (Hiber Conteris )'Marlowe Another Case',コロンビアOf Jorge Franco (George Franco )'S "Rosario's Scissors" etc. are published in English in addition to the home country[42].BrazilJ. Soares (Jô Soares ), "Sherlock Holmes Rio Serial Murder Case" (O Xangô de Baker Street There is a Holmes parody called ).

Australiaof(Arthur upfield ) Is a group of works by police inspector Bonaparte, who is a mixed race with indigenous Aboriginal people, starting with "The mystery of the barraque ranch" (1929) and "Bony and the man disappeared in the sand" (1931) in the great outdoors of Australia. Mass produced. Also, SH Courtia (Sidney Hobson Courtier ) Has published works on the subject of Aboriginal mythology and customs, such as "The Fire of Tyranny" (1967).

North/East Asia


In China, it refers to documents issued by public institutions such as case records and court records.KoanI was callingFrom generationyuanFor generations, the storytelling and drama about Kodan became popular,LightIt was based on this for generationsPublic novelThat genre is in fashion. Especially for the real politicians of the Song DynastyBao ZhengHowever, it has appeared as a protagonist who reveals the truth of the case in trials and investigations in various talks, plays, and public novels, and it is still adapted to TV dramas.

In China, it was said that Chihoshi's Engoku En, which was announced in 1885, was the first original detective story. In 1890, "Kokukoan" (Kikokouan), whose author is unknown, was published as a feature film.[43]

The writer who became the beginning of a detective novel in modern China, Small blueIs mentioned. In 1914, he published a short story "Toukoujinei" in a newspaper in Shanghai. The detective actor, Kousou/Huosan, is a Holmes-type genius detective, and the role of Watson is Horo/Baorang. KUKUWA's detective talks have been serialized and continued for over 30 years.


In Korea, Lee Haejo[44], 1869-1927), which was published in 1908, is said to be the first original detective story.Korean EmpireMay 1909, 5 of the last year,PyongyangSuburbsSouth HeianBorn in KinnariIs a student at Waseda University1935 ToJapanDetective novel magazine "Proof], and later worked as a detective writer on the Korean Peninsula. The originator of the Korean detective story. A Japanese translation of the "Majin" announced in 1939 has been published.[45].

Taiwan (Republic of China)

ReluctanceIs the Taiwan monthly magazine “Detective magazine"The work is announced. The second part of the Hayashi Buddhist Mystery Novel Award, "On the Life and Death Line," has been translated into Japanese.


Early days of predatory books and detective stories

In Japan before the Meiji eraMoral disciplineWith the themekabuki,TalkThere was a performance of. For exampleOoka's talkPolitical talks such as the one is that the plot to correctly judge the case that occurred is equal to the court detective novel,Rat boy,Ishikawa GoemonThere is a group of works on the subject of criminal psychology novels. However, these are stories of magistrates and criminals, and they do not serve to solve crimes. Become a criminal). Detective novels in Japan were born from the import of the concept of detectives from the West after the beginning of civilization.

Kuroiwa tears Meiji22 years(1889 ) AnnouncedMiserable(Another title "Triple Hair, Detective Novel") was the first Japanese creationDetective NovelIs said. Even in 1896, Tarika was writing a work entitled "The Carcasses of the Six."

1917 years,Okamoto KidouWas influenced by Arthur Conan Doyle's "Sherlock Holmes" and made "Half Seven in Mikawa Town" the protagonist.Half seven catch book"Starts a series." It is the forerunner of the "Catchbook Mono", a historical drama that incorporates elements of detective stories. Besides,Nomura KodoBeginning in 1931Zenigata Heiji CollectionThe series was often made into movies and TV dramas in later years. "Hatamoto Bored Man"Misaki Sasaki"Mutsuri right gate",Masayuki castleAlso"Young samuraiThere is a logbook. Where it changedNarumi lengthHas written sexy lines such as "Hikoroku Collection" and "Yanagiya Oto Collection".

In the genre of Japanese mystery, which is the same as "Catchbook Mono",ShirasuThing)”. Introducing a real Toyama KagemotoToyama's KimIs an example. "Den seven catch book'[46] OfTatsuro JindeAnd known for "Momotaro Samurai"Juichiro YamateSeveral authors have written "Toyama no Kim-san".

Besides, the image of historical novels is strongShugoro YamamotoHowever, "Sleeping chief] Is a series of detective stories. "Withered Monjiro"ofSasawa SahoIn addition to many catchbooks, they also announced a mystery set in the modern era.

Achievement of Ranpo Edogawa

In Japan, one of the people who made the public aware of the profession of detective and raised the name of detective novel / detective novel,Ranpo EdogawaThere is. Ranpo Edogawa was in the Taisho and Showa eras, in the early days of detective storiesAkechi Kogoro,Boy DetectivesHas been named in a series of series whereEdogawa Ranpo AwardHas left its name. 1947 , Ranpo Edogawa founded a detective writers club (this club is nowJapan Detective Writers AssociationRemains in the form).Hikawa GouIt is,Poplar companyHe worked on rewrites of Ranpo's works for boys and girls and adaptations of Ranpo's name such as tears and foreign works.

The Three Great Strange Books and Surroundings

In a Japanese detective novel in 1935Three great booksTwo of which are called (Yumeno Hisakuof"Dogura Magura"Mitsutaro Oguriof"Black Death Hall Murder Case]) was published.1965 Is the last one of the three great booksHideo Nakaiof"Offerings to the VoidWas published. Although there are differences in time and style,Ango Sakaguchiof"Discontinuous murder case"Kenji Takemotoof"Lost in a boxCan be talked about in connection with the three great books[47].

Prewar writers

Of the "Hasekura Incident"Saburo Koga, "The crime of my schoolgirl days"Takataro trees[48], "A lot of physical and chemical tricksSoroku HomuraI wrote somethingUmino JuzoReprints of various works continue to this day.Kuran ToranThere are feature films such as "Mato" and "Gold Wolf".Junichiro TanizakiBungo like "Secret"The detective works such as" Hakudaikigo "were announced.Also, the trees and UminoUshita OshitaAnd three people are competing with a common detective character called "Mitsue Kazama".

Authentic achievement

During World War II, detective stories were banned and could not be published. After the warGhqCensorship banned historical drama including elements of revenge.Yokomizo MasashiAt that time, he was writing novels such as catching books, but under the regulation of GHQKaneda Kosuke SeriesIt is said that this led to the revival of a full-scale detective novel.

Also known for the bizarre novelKikuo TsunodaIs a feature filmTakagi's tragedyEntered the genre of full-scale reasoning, and gained popularity with the double signboard with Denki Roman. Affected by CroftsTetsuya AyukawaSpecializes in Alibi Kushizushi, and has released full-scale detective novels, such as "Petrov's Case" and "Black Trunk," with Inspector Onuki acting as a detective. He also worked hard to compile anthology.

Takamitsu AkimitsuIs a mystery that fuses with history and science fiction, such as "Coalition fleet finally wins" "Yamadai Kunijima's secrets" centered around Kyosuke Kozu's detective role "Tattoo murder case" and other full-fledged things, Court of "Prosecutor Kirishima Saburo" He has released a wide variety of works, including the one from the "Golden Key" and the easy chair detective.Michio TsuzukiHas published many works in the short (short and short) as well as long and short stories, and has also made a mark as an introducer of Anglo-American mysteries.

Advancement of female artists

1957 IsEtsuko NikiDebuted in the feature film "Neko wa Shitte", in which a heroine with the same name as herself appears, "JapanChristieWas called[49]. Also,Natsuki ShizukoIs a homage to Queen's tragedy tetralogyW's tragedyBecame a hot topicYakushimaru HirokoIt was also made into a movie starring.

Known for prosperity in the fields of science fiction and bizarre novelsKaoru KurimotoIs a criticismNakajima AzusaAzusa Nakajima and Kaoru Kurimoto, who use different names and remind us of Queen and Ross, talked about two roles.Mediocre punchIt was planned in the magazine.In the field of detective novels, Kaoru Kurimoto, a man with the same name as the author, created many series and characters, including the main character, "Our Age."

Famous for his tricky series "Wife's Female Friend" "Woman Who Smell Pwazon" and the perverted mystery feature "Mirror of Narcissus"Koike MarikoIt is,Short storyAlso known as a virtuoso.

Diversifying mysteries

Since the 1960s, detective storiesSeicho Matsumotoof"Sand bowlAnd other worksShigego Kuroiwa,Toshiyuki Nishimura"Social",Kyotaro Nishimura"Travel Mystery",Seiichi Morimura"Business/corporate things" "History mystery",Katsuhiko Takahashi"Art Mystery",Masaki Yamada,Sakyo Komatsu,Toyota Tsuyoshi,Yasutaka Tsutsui"SF Mystery",Kageki Shimoda"Love Mystery", Junichi Tate,Marumo Jun"Sensual mystery", Aihime HimekoIt was divided into various sub-genres, such as "Atami Mystery" represented by "Stanley Hawk's Case Files".

In the early days, he wrote real and pedantic works such as the "Tumulus Murder Case".Kazuo ShimadaLater turned into a novel in which a reporter known as "the incident" played an active role.Futaro YamadaIs "Ninpocho seriesIs famous, but it was made into a manga with a detective story in which the youth detective team is active. Different styles are used for sex-filled novels and serious economic novelsKiyuki KajiyamaThere are also mysteries such as "I was dead in the morning" and "Intelligent criminals." Active in various fields such as historical and science fictionK. TakigawaAlso,"Wet heart], there is a mystery masterpiece group that is excellent in the psychological description of the characters. Handled the kidnapping caseMakoto Tendouof"Abduction』\ has become a movie.

Besides, hard boiled (Haruhiko Oyabu,Jiro Ikushima,Yoshio Kataoka,Nobumitsu Kotaka), Shogi and magic, music, law, mountains, horse racing, and other hobbies and mysteries that made full use of my main business (Saito Sakae,Awasaka wife,Masako Togawa,Saga Submarine,Ranzo Ota), existing literary figures and works (such as "Ryunosuke Akutagawa's Detectives" and "Yassei Kawabata's will")Takao Tsuchiya), everyday mystery (Kaoru Kitamura,Nanami Wakatake) And other artists with themes and styles also appeared.Hiroshi SanoHas been writing mystery criticism for 40 years under the title of "The Mystery Diary".Two OkajimaMade a debut with a writer (now eliminated) by a combination that is rare in Japan.

Japanese New Orthodox School

Debuted in 80 from the end of the 1987s to the end of the centuryAyatsuji YukitoWas taken asArisugawa Arisu-Reika Nikaido-Maya Maya-Tokuro Nukii-Taku Ashibe-Reiichiro FukamizuA group of writers specializing in the genre of "genuine" that recreates overseas queens and cars appeared one after another. They are "New Authentic" or "New Authentic in Japan"[50] Sometimes called. Also,Seiryoin running waterCaused controversy in the mystery world due to its unique style[51].Eiji Otsuka,Maitaro OtaroWriters of SeiryoinJDC seriesHas released a work with the same view of the world.

Juvenile Light Novel and Media Mix

Yoichiro MinamiIs a total of 30 volumes of "Phantom Thief Lupine Complete Works" rewritten for Morris Leblanc's original for boys and girls[52] Known as a translator of. Volume 13 "Pyramid secret』, but incorporates some of the Le Blanc work[53]There are also works that have been certified as almost pastilles.

When each publisher launched a junior library in the late 70's,Hiroyasu YamauraThe "Hoshiko Alone Journey Series", which continues with Trump-related titles such as "Murder Ticket is Heart Color",Cobalt libraryBecame the signboard series.

Also, it begins with the "tentative title-junior high school murder case"Masaki TsujiPeople who cannot be the criminals originally, such as "readers", "authors", "editors"[54] Lineup of series dealing withSonorama CollectionAnd many mysteries of Juvenile were published.

Serialized in many academic journals and examination journals such as Gakken and ObunshaKomineIs known for the "youth mystery" that begins with "Greek philosopher" Archimedes does not get his hands dirty. It features a style that incorporates the lives and worries of young people around the age of 10 to 20 at the time, such as late-night radio broadcasts and university entrance exams. The first short story "Ghost train”, the full-scale element was quite strongJiro AkagawaHowever, due to its popularity with the collaboration with Kadokawa Film and the TV drama of the “Triple Cat Homes” series, it shifted to a humor/mystery route for young people.

"Yudono foothill curse village" ofMasao YamamuraWrote a quiz-style "Trick Game" for young people and beginners of mystery, using a mystery of ancient and modern times as a digest. He has also produced a large number of human resources as leaders of novel classrooms at various venues.

1992 IsKindaichi Shonen Case Files"1996 IsDetective ConanWas well received,Detective cartoonBecame established as a genre.2002 "Kubiki Recycle Blue Savant and SpellingDebuted withNishio RestorationIs a new book of literary things "Kodansha NovelsIs issued byLight novelMay also be perceived as such[55]. "Memories of Kyoko Kogami"Or"Beautiful Boy Detectives A dark star shining only on youMany works have been made into comics and TV dramas. Not only in Nishio Ishin, but in youth mystery, the boundary with light novel is very vague.Legend of the Akutaba family"soJapan Detective Writers Association AwardWonKazuki SakurabaWas originally a light novel writer.

Stages and detectives outside Tokyo

Kazuki Sakuraba mentioned above is his hometown.TottoriAlthough I write mysteries on the stage, there are also writers who write detective stories outside Tokyo and the Tokyo metropolitan area.Misa Yamamura"Kyoto Murder Information" (Kyoto),Keigo Higashino"Nanwa Boy Detective Corps" (Osaka) is an example.

Yasuo Uchida"Shinano's Colombo" series that begins with "The Tree of the Dead" seriesNagano[56] The case that happened in is the main.Hiroshi Moriof"Everything becomes FIsAichi[57] The detective plays an active part.Eitaro IshizawaDetective Muta, the detective of the series, is Fukuoka City, etc.FukuokaIs the main stage[58].

Takuji YamamotoIs "Oedo Scientific Investigation Hatchobori no YuIn the series, of the present and Bunsei yearsEdoIntroducing a space-time detective who can freely come and go.

OverseasEisuke Kaito"Berlin 19" announced byGermany(Deutsches Reich),Shoji Yuki"Gomez's name is Gomez" is set in Vietnam in the 1960s.

Classification of detective stories

The categories below are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and a work may apply to multiple items.

Sub genre

Authentic mystery

It is the most common and classic genre of detective stories. All the clues of the incident are shown in a fair form in the work, and the same information is used for the characters (in the broad sense).Detective) Is the form of deriving the truth. In Japan before World War II, anything other than "genuine" was classified as a "genuine" genre. In addition, the name of full-scale is unique to Japan,Hooded knit,PuzzlerIs called (described later).

Closed room murderMany of the works dealing with impossible crimes, including, are included in this genre.

To be in full swing,LogicalNot onlyAll clues are shownabout,Do not write falsehood in the text of the earthIs required (ambiguously expressed without intentionally definitive facts, or to describe the misunderstanding of the characters themselves from the viewpoint of the characters). For example, in one work, the gender of the child on the train is a problem, but there is no description such as "boy" or "girl" in the title or the sentence of the ground, and the behavior of the child as a hint (I'm interested in certain toys Is shown). The writer is making every effort to conceal that it is a hint. However, from a modern perspective, Poe's "Murger in the Morgue Street" has a slightly unfair description,Agatha Christieof"Killed acroid』Was controversial among experts, whether it is fair or unfair. Fair or unfair is still a concern for modern mystery enthusiasts, and there is controversy about works that deviate from true appearance.[59][60].

hard boiled

The word "hard boiled" itself has a very multifaceted meaning, but when it is used as a genre of "Detective novel", it does not often describe the characters (including the protagonist) inside. Instead, it refers to a work whose main purpose is simple and objective depiction.Dashir HammettIs the work of. What is characteristic is that the protagonists of "Detective Novels" up to that point do not act much by themselves, and based on the slight clues provided, they deepen their inner thoughts and solve the case. While the main character of "hard boiled" is generally actionable, the tendency is to focus on the "hard boiled", and tends to lead the investigation by themselves and accumulate the results to resolve. It is said that this is because Hammett himself had a detective experience and made use of it in his work. It is often called the PI (Private detective) novel because a private detective or a similar profession is often chosen as the protagonist, but not necessarily the same.

Private detectivePhilip MarloweIs the main characterRaymond ChandlerIs famous for.

Cozy mystery

A work that eliminates violent expressions and extraordinaryness with hard-boiled antonyms. The protagonistAmateur detectiveIt is also a big feature. With respect to the hard-boiled, because he is a moderate and moral style without showing ruthlessness to the front,Soft boiled(Soft Boiled)” is also called.

In a narrow sense, it refers to a comedy touch mystery for women that is easy to read.

Agatha Christie OfMiss MarpleThere are many works such as series in which female amateur detectives are active.

Easy chair detective

A work in which a detective does not go to the scene of an incident and solves the incident only with a clue given as information and the detective are called an easy chair detective (armchair detective).

It is said to be the far north of a detective novel because it is possible to specialize in logical reasoning without the need to draw elements that are structurally unrelated to reasoning. There are few works that compete with only data.Isaac Asimovof"Kurogoya Spider SocietyThe series is a form in which the waiter who listened to the discussion of the participants solved the mystery.

There are also works in which the person who cannot move around to collect evidence, such as a physically handicapped person or an elderly person, plays a role as a detective, and a caregiver plays the role of collecting evidence.

Being the first detectiveC. Auguste DupinHe is sometimes included as an easy chair detective in order to resolve the case based on the story he heard from the visiting police commander. In the novelBaroness Orziof"Old man in the corner"series,Rex stoutof"Nero WolfSeries etc.

As a sub-genreBed DetectiveHowever, this is a setting that can only be inferred because it cannot move due to injury. In the series, there are also works in which the detective character gets stuck due to injury.

Criminal perspective

The criminal psychology novel derived from indecision is a work that draws attention to the inside of the criminal and depicts the process leading to murder, and also includes elements of suspense. Francis Isles (Antony Berkley) "Murder",Jim Thompson"Inner murderer" etc.

A work depicting a criminal's point of view of aiming for rich money by theft, fraud, kidnapping, etc.Caper StoryThere are many scenarios in which a large amount of money is obtained through police and detectives.


Horror about horror, suspense that fuels anxiety, and thriller that fuels fear do not necessarily include a mystery element, but it can be a detective story if the aspect of fear is revealed by investigation or logical reasoning. Especially, there are many examples of works that deal with fear of humanity and abnormal psychology, such as modern horror and psychosuspense. As a genre, it overlaps with the crime psychology novel.

Court detective novel

Set in a courtroom. The process in which a prosecutor or a lawyer becomes the protagonist and proves the crime of the accused or conversely reveals the true criminal by proving innocence is depicted. It is also called "legal suspense" because the court is not always the main stage.

E.S.GardnerWrote byPerry Masonseries,Shuzo Wakuof"Red turnip prosecutionThe series of gamesReversal trial] Series etc.

Police novel

Police officerIs the main character. The emphasis is on the depiction of police investigation activities rather than the mystery solving itself. There are also police officers who rebel against the organization are the protagonists and those that deal with the internal situation and the dark part of the police organization. Not necessarily a detective novel, one that emphasizes action, suspense elements, one that satires police organizations, one that shifts to court after arrest,Police boxThere are various works such as those that focus on quiet activities such as work. International crimePublic security policeWorks on the subject are sometimes classified as spy novels.Ed McBain Of87 minute seriesetc.

ForensicsIn the work with the theme ofForgivenessGovernmentForensic medicineThere is also a work in which the person infers based on the knowledge of science and medicine. Even in the Sherlock Holmes series, doctor Watson sometimes assisted in examining evidence, but it became the detective role of the forensic scientist serialized in the rival magazine at the same time.John Evelyn ThorndikeThe work in which is active is regarded as an early example. Although it is in the early days of the genre, new investigative methods have appeared due to advances in science, and works that reflect the latest findings are regularly published.

Spy novel

spy OfAnti-theftA genre that describes activities. Also called espionnage.

A variety of works are written ranging from realistic international plots to rough and rough actions, and the representative example of the former isJohn Le CarreSmiley series,Robert LadrumThe Bone Trilogy,Tom Clancy OfJack Ryan·series,Frederick ForsytheDocument thriller. A typical example of the latter isIan Fleming OfJames Bond・The series is famous. Works with strong action elementsSpy movieOften becomes the original.

The reasoning element is not mandatory, butassassinationThere are also works that involve the spy element, such as finding a killer who aims at the criminal or the escort target.

As a genre, it overlaps with hard-boiled and police novels.

Contains elements such as spy, mystery, and assassinationtheaterThe genre ofMantle and daggerAlso called.

Era mystery

Set in the past era. There are settings such as detective roles and Watson roles, and suspects and criminal roles as real people in history.

Especially in JapanEdo Period"NamemagistrateThere are genres such as "Mono (Ohakushu Mono)" and "Catchbook". "Nagoyakumono" is a kind of court. "Catchbook"Okamoto Kidouof"Half seven catch book], and a wide range of things from the real thing with a close structure to the depiction. Often used interchangeably with historical mystery.

Sherlock Holmes seriesAs a result, some of the works have been popular for a long time and continued to be written as sequels by later writers, resulting in one aspect of the era.

History mystery

Modern detectives tackle historical mysteries based on materials. There are works that seriously deal with the mystery of historical facts, but most of them will provide strange answers aimed at the fun of fiction. It rarely solves purely historical mysteries, and most of the works also involve the resolution of detective roles and contemporary crime cases. Movies that reexamine past incidents in which a retired detective entered a labyrinth are classified as police.

Josephine Tayof"Daughter of time"Such.

Science fiction/fantasy/occult

magician,SuperpowerThe situation that exists, the situation where the dead are revived,SpaceSail the end ofSpace shipin,(I.e.A detective novel that logically investigates and considers incidents that occur in a worldview that allows situations and environments that are not possible in the real world, such as a community with an intelligent body with a different thinking system. Can be.In addition, we emphasize the setting of SF and supernatural powers rather than logic,Knox's Ten CommandmentsAdvanced science and technology that was criticized (most readers) could not be understood,Supernatural powerThere are also many works that focus on crime and resolution by.

In SF MysteryMech robotProhibited the murder ofThree principles of robotics"Steel cityIsaac Asimov has written numerous works.There is also a "SF police thing" that depicts crimes by science and technology and police that make full use of advanced forensics in the future.Cyber ​​crimeAt the time of writing, it was a fantasy, but there are cases where it has become a reality due to technological advances.

As a fantasy mystery, I dealt with the case where a wizard was killed in a closed roomRundle Garrett"Too many magicians", investigating the murder case using magic items by using the spell of "lie break"Hiroshi Yamamoto"There is no justification for the dead".

In the real world幽 霊,vampireな どoccult-SupernaturalWorks that have a physical elementOccult Detective Fictionare categorized.Yasuhiko Nishizawaof"Kazuma Tsuyoshi's Essay Case File],Yusei Matsuiof"Majin detective brain biting neuro"and so on.

Puzzle mystery

Rather than the reasoning of the case itselfCipher,パ ズ ルA work that focuses on solving mysteries such as.

The story is not emphasized, and when the trick is solved, the ending is summarized in a few lines, and there are also works where the work ends and the rest is not drawn. There are also works with unrealistic settings (one is always lying, the other is always telling the truth, etc.) to establish the mystery, without giving much importance to the stage background. Because the amount is small,Short shortThere are many collections.Isaac Asimov"Union Club Kidan" series is a short short collection.

Game bookThere is also a format, the "Investigation File Mystery Series" announced in 1936 can read the police investigation documents and evidence photos page and play a game to hit the criminal written in the sacked solution It is like this.

The story is thin,Math puzzleWith a simple setting, or almost a logical quiz (Logic puzzle) Has become a work. These are published as quiz collections and puzzle collections, and many are written by quiz and puzzle writers. There are also books that summarize the tricks of various works in a quiz format for aspiring detective writers and fans. As an extreme exampleKyoto UniversityThe detective novel study groupJigsaw puzzlePublished "Detective Novel x Jigsaw Puzzle Residents of the Land of Mirrors"[61].

It should be noted that "Puzzler" and "Puzzle Story", which are classifications in the English-speaking world, are close to full-scale based on the classification in Japanese, not the puzzle mystery here.

Strange taste

It is a strange thing that neither a mystery novel nor a mysterious novel, and is sometimes classified as a literary novel.

Sometimes writers who are not detective writeRoald DahlWrote many short stories.

Sub-genre unique to Japan


In general, it refers to a style that deals with social subjects and emphasizes the reality of the work world. In addition to the case itself, it is characterized by carefully drawing the background of the case. in Japan1960 eraSince then, the mainstream has continued for a long time.Seicho MatsumotoIs the representative work. Since the 1990sKaoru TakamuraIs this representative.

New authentic mystery

The meaning is "new full-scale", and there are some usage examples in mystery history, but in Japan, it often refers to a group of works by some young artists who made their debut in the late 1980s and 90s.Ayatsuji Yukito,Arisugawa Arisu,Routaro HozukiEtc. are representative of this. Although there are differences among artists, they are generally characterized by a style that imitates a classical mystery (especially an authentic one). However, there is another example of the term "new full-scale" before this, and due to the spread of mystery, it is now close to the historical term.

Meta mystery

A detective novel based on or using the form of the detective novel itself. The work is vaguely used, but broadly speaking, it finds a mystery in the self-reference of the language itself. Two parts of A and B appear alternately in the novel, the character appearing in A writes B, the character appearing in B writes A, and recursion using in-process work. The innermost part of the dynamic structure is a circular structure plot that refers to the whole framework, a trick that uses the definition of elements of detective novels such as "detective" "criminal", "reader is the criminal" "author is the criminal" "publishing" Examples include plots that include the book itself as a product such as "the person is the criminal."

A plot that questioned how the "showing all clues in the work" of the full-scale work (described above) was guaranteed in the work (after the solution as "full-scale", that is actually the work in progress. , There is a later talk, a new investigation progresses, and the unexpected truth is clarified, etc.), and a work that raises doubts about the framework of this type of detective novel itself.Anti mysterySometimes called "(counter-fictional novel)."

Everyday mystery

For the mysterious phenomena that suddenly appeared in everyday life, the reason and the truth are to be explored.

Even in the case of crime, it is a minor thing that the police are not involved in, such as "things have disappeared from the classroom", so it is often adopted by the youth mystery (described later) where boy detectives are active, and the genre overlaps. There is.

To a representative writerKaoru Kitamura,Tomoko KanoEtc.

Youth mystery

A mystery in which a person who has reached adolescence or adolescence is placed as the main character or a person close to it. In many cases, the growth of the protagonist and the surrounding figures are depicted as the novel progresses. It encompasses many of the school mysteries set in the school. InitiallyLight novel,Juvenile novelMost of the detective stories released on the label belong to here.

A classic masterpieceJiro Akagawaof"Sailor suit and machine gun],Komine"Archimedes does not get his hands dirty",Kaoru KurimotoThere are "Bokura no Era" etc.Hoshinobu Yonezawa,Mitsuki TsujimuraAre well known.

Hoshinobu Yonezawa's<Small citizen> series","<Classical section> seriesFrom a work of the "daily mystery" seriesKazuki Sakurabaof"Bullets of sugar candies cannot be shot through』Like a gruesome theme, how the protagonist who was an ordinary girl developed reasoning powerKeisuke Matsuokaof"Casebook of Universal Appraiser Q] Up to the series, styles exist widely.

Children's literatureThe boundary between and is ambiguous,Kaoru Hayamineof"Detective Yumemizu Kiyoshiro Case Series"Hideyuki Matsubaraof"PC Communication Detectives Incident Note SeriesIs particularly favored by younger people.

For foreign works with reasoning elementsErich Kestnerof"Amir and the detectives],Donald Sobolof"Shonen detective brown series", changing authors since 1930"Girl Detective Nancy seriesSuch asGirl detective stuffHowever, overseas, it is classified into children's literature and Juvenile novels.Pie carries a small secretstart fromAlan BradleyThe Japanese translation of "Girl Detective Flavia Series" isSogen detective libraryPublished as a detective novel by.

Travel mystery

In a broad sense, it refers to a work in which a detective actor is involved in tourism in some way, such as in a famous tourist destination. Such as the scenery and climate of the destinationTravel notesIt is also a popular factor, and it is also a genre suitable for visualization, such as TV dramas and movies, and there are many masterpieces in that respect. Especially in JapanKyotaro NishimuraHas become one of the popular genres[62].

In the narrow sense, we used transportation such as railroads and airplanes and covered the operation schedulealibiA work in which a work appears. By trainTimetableThe tricks that make full use of are often called "timetable things", but there are also cases where the structure of the vehicle is used.[63].. Particularly in Japan, the punctuality of railways is extremely high and is widely used by the people, which supports the establishment and popularity of this genre.

Seicho MatsumotoIs considered a socialist, but one of the representative works, "Dots and linesCan be said to be a pioneering work of the timetable mystery.

Overseas, the time schedule trick is difficult to establish because the punctuality of public transport is not as strict as in Japan, but in Europe and America, the upper class isCruise liner,Cruise trainBecause the situation of traveling Europe in Europe is natural,Murder of the Orient ExpressIt is often used as a "moving closed room" where a detective encounters an incident in a moving train such as. Such works are usually classified as authentic.


It is one of the classifications in Japan, meaning "mystery that emphasizes ridiculousness", such as a trick that intentionally ignores realism, and "two such stupid !! and a surprising mystery" when you know the ending. Are mixed.

A representative work in the former senseKenichi Sobe"Six Tonkatsu" and so on.


A mystery that makes you feel uncomfortable when you read it, or a mystery with a bad aftertaste. There are various genres such as socialism, horror, and youth novels. Ao Shimotsuki was the first person to use the word "yamis".[64],Book magazine] In the January 2007 issue, a series of articles titled "Shake up with this mistake!"[65].

To a representative writerMinato Kanae,Makita Numata,Mariko Sachiko,Rikako Akiyoshi,Utano Akino,Tokuro NukiiThere are

Mystery novel terms

Detective role

A term that refers to a person who searches for or infers a criminal.

In a detective novel,Sherlock HolmesRun a private detective business likeGreat detective"Is the basic solution to the case, but there are many works that detective agents do not appear. Because of this, the incident reporter,Police officer,Prosecutor,Lawyer, A general term for people who solve mysteries in detective novels, including occupations related to crime such as insurance investigators.Detective roleIt may be written as ". Especially when the detective is an ordinary person who is not usually involved in crime, such as a housewife or a student (so-called "Everyday mystery"Except the detectives of the group),"Amateur detective"Or"Amateur detectiveSometimes called[66].. "Amateur" and "amateur" mean "a person who is not an expert in case investigation", and there are people who are superior to police and detectives in their own specialized fields, and amateur detectives solve cases with their expertise. Has been published in large numbers[66].

A lot of detectives who are in cooperation with each other, such as receiving requests and information from the police, are also drawn.Ellery QueenSolves the case with the help of his father, a police officer of the New York City Police Department. Be the world's first detectiveC. Auguste DupinIs a retired person who receives a request from an acquaintance's police chief, and is classified as an amateur detective in modern times.Sherlock Holmes, who also receives a request from the police, said, "Private advisory detective.[67]"(Consulting detective).

The detective role is not always aloneTommy and TuppenceThere is also a work in which detectives form a duo.In addition, the results of the independent inferences of multiple detectives will be gathered together at the end of the game to show off.Detective battle』Is popular with the addition of competitive elements[66], The detective who shows the wrong reasoning is a famous detectiveDog dogSome readers are dissatisfied because it is often depicted as[68]..Isaac Asimov's "Kurogoya Spider SocietyIn the series, multiple people gathered for discussion from the beginning, and finallyWaitperson OfHenry JacksonEnds by revealing the truth. "I'm not scared of a detective』A parody of the detective battle has also been published.

"Detective team thing" where boys cooperate and challenge the mysteryJuvenile novelIs a popular genre ofKaoru HayamineThere are many writers who mainly work in this genre. Also,Ranpo Edogawaof"Boy DetectivesThere are also works by real mystery writers such as "Series". For adultsJiro Akagawaof"Three sisters detective teamThere is a series.

In the police novel, detectives with different personalities form a combination to investigate the case.Buddy stuff] Has been published in large numbers.In the video work(English editionHas formed a genre called "X-file''Lethal Weapon''Dangerous criminal''Partner] Is a popular series.

In the final stage, there are also detective roles that appear only for the sake of ending the story, not necessarily the main character of the work. 『Detective AppearanceIn the beginning, with Sherlock Holmes at the endJohn H. WatsonAppears, denies all the detectives the star actors play until then, reveals the truth, and leaves (Deus Ex Machina) Was shot, but another version was released due to the repulsion of the stars who were dissatisfied with the dog.

Maya MayaIsAristocratic detective"The detectives do nothing", saying "I leave everything from gathering evidence to reasoning to the servants" in the series.God game], he wrote many works with strong metamystery elements that use the detective definition, such as detectives who point out the criminal by skipping the reasoning process in the early stages.[68].

Routaro HozukiTherefore, it is not possible to prove during the work whether the solution presented by the detective actor is the real solution.Late queen problem) Has been raised. After this, JapanNew authentic mysteryThen, a lot of works that were aware of the problem appeared, such as a detective who could only make incomplete reasoning and a detective who was guaranteed the completeness of the reasoning. As an irregular case,Fiction reasoningThe detective role of 』is aimed at "how to convince people" rather than the truth of the case, and aroused controversy from the style of proposing a convincing solution after asserting that it involves speculation.[69].


Detective assistant, buddy, storyStorytellerA term that refers to a person.Character typeThen.Side kickCorresponds to.

The etymology is "Sherlock Holmes series』, in the detective roleSherlock HolmesA partner and a storytellerJohn H. Watsonから[70].

One of the reasons for the commercial success of the Sherlock Holmes series is that Watson's perspective on Holmes' unusual behavior and core clues keeps readers engaged until Holmes reveals his reasoning. What can be done? This form has been followed by many detective stories since the Sherlock Holmes series, so from the "role equivalent to Watson"WatsonIt was called.

It is not limited to being alone, but there are cases where there are multiple people in the setting of direct reports and staff of a detective office.

There are various patterns such as those who actively help by utilizing their specialized knowledge like Watson who is also a doctor, and those who are complete bystanders and devote themselves to the storyteller, but unlike the detective role, there are many works that do not exist because they are not essential roles. ..On the other hand, in some of the series works, an episode in which the person who usually plays Watson plays the role of a detective is written.There are also works with irregular settings, such as the detective role being the main character and Watson being a different person each time, and conversely the Watson role being the main character and the detective role being a different person each time.The role of Watson is the same every time, and the criminal is the same every timeLord Dunsany(Sir Dunseni) early series work[71].

Sawa Aizawa"Medium Detective Shirotsuka Midori" is a setting that Watson builds a reasoning based on the truth that the detective got with the medium.[72].


The person who committed the crime.In detective novels, the criminal is basically investigated and inferred without being known, and the story is completed when the detective points out the criminal at the end.In the full-scale one, it is one of the pleasures that the reader infers the criminal, and the author hides it with various ingenuity, but it is a work that emphasizes the inference process, elucidation of tricks, elements other than inference (romance, etc.) Then the criminal guess is not emphasized,Kyotaro NishimuraSome writers profess, saying, "The criminal uses an impressive name so that the criminal can easily remember it."[73].

Not only alone, he may have died already. Sometimes it is not a human being, and there is also the truth that it was attacked by animals. There are also works in which laws and systems are the true criminals, not living things.

In the work in which the criminal is the protagonist, various patterns are created, such as not recognizing himself as the criminal, or devising sentences so that the reader does not understand.

Vivid tricks andCrime noticeな どTheater crimeWho steals art objects under strict security atA thiefIt is called, and in the series, there are many settings that are related to detectives and police.Ranpo EdogawaIn the works ofPhantom Twenty Faces Akechi Kogoro,Boy DetectivesHave a rivalry with.


It is an attempt to prevent the crime from being exposed, but at the same time, it can be considered as an "intention to the reader by the author." A detective novel is basically a work in the form of "a detective spots a trick and points out the criminal."

In addition to physical and psychological means, the implicit premise and prejudice of the novel form itself were usedNarrative trickThere is also. There are also works that have been established as tricks as a result of overlapping accidents.

In the full-fledged ones, the rigor and logic of the tricks are important and fair/unfair is controversial, but in Bakamis, the eccentricity is emphasized and it is not considered important depending on the genre.

Back room

A space that cannot be entered from the outside. Crime in a closed room (Closed room murder) Occurs, the work in which the detective infers how the criminal went out is called "closed room thing". Especially in authentic detective novels, closed rooms have been created with various ideas.

Published in 1892Big Bow MurderIn the preface, the author professed that "no writer has ever written murder in a room that cannot be accessed," and this work is said to be the first "closed-door thing" in history.[74].

A closed room, such as a train, ship, or airplane, that cannot be accessed while moving, is called a "moving closed room." There are also works in which detectives, suspects, and criminals resolve without leaving the "moving closed room." 『Too many detectives』The story progresses on a ship sailing in the Seto Inland Sea.


Evidence that the suspect is not involved in the crime. In mystery novels, the process of examining the alibi of each suspect, finding a contradiction, and pointing out the true criminal is a process of breaking the alibi. In many police novels and court cases, "Alibi Breakdown" at the time of interrogation has a large weight.

Various methods of disguising the alibi have been devised in authentic detective stories.

It is a word that is widely established and transcends the mystery term, but it is often used in the sense of "Takezen, defense" like "making an alibi to avoid criticism later".

dying message

A message that a deceased person left just before death. Generally, it is left by the victim for the purpose of indicating the criminal, but variations such as “tampering and camouflage by the criminal” “description mistake” “written by an unrelated person” have been devised by taking this as a wrong hand ..

Houda knit, Howada knit, Whida knit

Categorization, crime method, and motivation, which are the necessary factors to clarify the incident, are classified according to which emphasis is placed on the clarification. These three categories are based on what the detective novel intereststrickIt will overlap with the history of development of a detective novel that changes to the fun of, and changes to the motivation to connect to the socialist.

Hooded knit (Whodunit = Who (had) done it)
Who is the criminalEmphasis on reasoning.
In a format that emphasizes the process in which a detective actor searches for a true criminal from many suspects,Closed circleIt applies to criminals in the police and hearing investigations in police novels.
Howdanit (Howdunit = How (had) done it)
How did you get the crimeEmphasis on reasoning.
It is a format that emphasizes the process of deducing the trick rather than finding the criminal, and applies to breaking the alibi in a court detective novel and elucidating a trick using the timetable in Travel Mystery.
Why unit = Why (had) done it
Why the crime cameEmphasis on reasoning.
In a format that emphasizes profiling of killer images and elucidation of motives rather than crime methods, criminal psychology novels that emphasize the internal depiction of the hero who is the criminal, and police novels that emphasize depiction of criminal investigations are applicable. In addition, police novels and court articles include works whose subject is criminals caught in the middle of the story, the subject of which is interrogation and elucidation of the motive in the trial.

These are not contradictory elements, and some works pursue two or all. Especially in "closed-door things", there are many works in which the tricks that make up a closed room are elucidated and the reasoning of the person involved in the crime is performed in parallel.

Closed circle

A story in which an incident occurs in a situation that is isolated from the outside world for some reason. From the past representative examples, it is also called "Arashi no sonomono" and "Fubuki no samamono".

Because it is an isolated environment, realistic police interventions, scientific investigations can be eliminated, and the range of suspects can be limited to the characters in the work, so the advantage of being able to draw a more pure "criminal hit" interest Although there is a tendency to be liked by full-scale authors and fans, the characters, including the detective role and Watson role, will spend time with the murderer (maybe person), and some works that emphasize psychological suspense. is there.

A serial murder case was developed due to reasons such as "the criminal unavoidably kills the opponent who noticed his crime", the survivors decreased as the crime progressed, and the criminal was among them (should be) There is also a work that emphasizes the fear. There are also works in which the criminals found become violent and panicked.

Conversely, criminals criticize why they take the risk because they commit crimes in a situation where the suspect is limited, but how it may give a "reasonable motive". It can be said that the real pleasure of this genre. Depending on the story, there is a criminal who committed suicide among the humans killed on the way, and the subsequent crime is mechanicalBooby trapThere is also a consequence that it was done by.

Maybe it's easy to justify that "an amateur detective works behind the police to find a criminal".Kindaichi Shonen Case Files"Or"Detective Conan, Etc. play an active part as a boy detectiveDetective cartoonAlso seen in many.

It is an early workAgatha Christieof"And nobody left』Is an isolated island.

"Closed rooms that move" such as in a moving train are also classified as closed circles.

There is also a full-scale work that has a double structure in which a closed room murder occurs in a room on a solitary island.


A murder in which a criminal looks like a corpse or scene to something. It is also called simply "imitation", including things that do not involve murder. In the old days, it was roughly divided into "children's song murder" and "script murder" by Ranpo Edogawa.

It was originally a plot that aimed at the strange weirdness of being murdered in a straightforward manner for readers.[75], Agatha Christie's "ABC murder caseAnd Seishi Yokomizo's "Yatsugram Village], There is an old example that the idea itself is a trick.In this case, there are cases such as "the criminal pretended to be a murderer because of disguise" and "the deduction is recognized as different halfway and the reasoning strays".

There are also works that are combined with other elements such as "the cause of death that is passed down on the isolated island where the incident occurred" "the appearance is encrypted and the next victim can be known by solving it". Agatha Christie's "and nobody left" is an isolated island as well as a nursery rhyme killer.


In a normal detective novel, only the result of the crime is drawn first, and the criminal and the trick are clarified by the investigation of the detective role.However, in the defeated form, the criminal is first described as the main axis, and the reader develops the story after understanding the criminal and the crime process.On top of that, the main point of the story is how the detective will detect the crime and how to hunt down the criminal.Also, by taking a lot of time to draw the criminal's psychology, in the depiction of the motive that generally tends to be short (usually only the confession of the solution), strongly depict the reason why the crime was committed. Is possible and is often used in criminal psychological novels.

A work that emphasizes the brain war by alternately drawing the perspectives of the criminal who tries to conceal and the detective side who makes a deduction, and the criminal psychology at first, the police after being arrested, proceeding from the perspective of the criminal from beginning to end, There are also works whose genre changes from that of the court when the trial begins.

It can be read as "a novel that infers when a criminal failed", so by devising the depiction of the criminal's point of view (starting the story immediately after the crime, etc.), the clues that the reader and detective actor can obtain are fair. , There are also works that allow you to experience a simulated battle with a detective actor.

in Englishinverted detective story(Meaning upside down detective story),howcatchemIt is called (how catch them: how to catch him). In JapanSinging white bonesWas announced in the early days,Baba KochoWas using the word "reverse detective story"Ranpo EdogawaIs retrospective. In addition, among the scolds, those who are shown the criminal but their tricks and motives are not revealed until the end.Half-declineSometimes called.

Austin freemanA short compilation ofSinging white bones(1912) used this method for the first time. However, it can be read as a Po and an inverted mystery.Black cat(1843) and "Heart of the Heart" (1843),Dostoevskyof"Crime and Punishment(1866) is similar to this format. There are various theories about where to put the beginning, as well as the history of the detective story itself. The heyday of the 1920s and 1930s, especially Francis Isles (Antony Berkley)of"Malice aforethought(1931),FW Croftsof"From Croydon 12:30(1934),Richard Hullof"Aunt murder case』(1934) was called three masterpieces. In Japan, random walks occurred in 1925Akechi KogoroA short story as the second work in the seriesPsychological testIn addition, Ranpo was later described as a representative work of the obituary work in the essay "Reintroduction of the Detective Novel" (1949), except for the above three major works.Eden Philpotts"Portrait of the villainy".

In the video work, it is difficult to cast a budget because ``even if you want a big actor to play the role of a criminal, if you do a bad job you will know the criminal only by casting, so you should also consolidate multiple suspect roles with big ones so as not to stand out'' Or, "In order to suppress the influence on the acting (the truth is revealed), until the final time, the criminal does not reveal who the actors are, so the acting of the criminal is inconsistent between the last time and before. It can be used in a series of TV dramas that require different criminals each time because it can eliminate the dilemma of "causing". Especially"Detective colomboSeries andRenzabu Furuhata"Series" became a popular series because a big actor appeared as a guest as a criminal.

Multiple resolution

The idea that various solutions are given in parallel for one case.ReturnKind of.

Usually, a detective's reasoning battle presents a different solution, and the truth is narrowed down by moving to a part that eliminates the wrong answer.There is also a work in which a famous detective appears and presents a true solution after multiple solutions in a detective battle. In the "Black Widowers Association" series, the waiter who was listening to the conversation reveals the truth just before the discussion falls into a dead end.

Antony BerkleyPoisoned chocolate caseThere are also works that emphasize the individuality of each detective in the reasoning process.

Detective battles by multiple detectives are basic,Shinzo Mitsudaof"Tokijo Koya seriesThere is also the case of a single[76][77].

In some works, all the answers are correct or the truth is unknown.Ryunosuke Ayukawaof"In the bush] Can also be seen as a multiple solution that ends without understanding the truth.

Challenge to readers

Before the "Solution" in which the detective actor points out the criminal in the work, "The whole of the clues necessary for the reasoning have been exposed up to this point. Now try to deduce the criminal (or the truth)" There is a performance that is inserted, this is "Challenge to readersIs called.

Ellery Queen"Country name series"Keigo Higashinoof"Either killed her], [I killed him”, but the author wrote in the preface and afterword that “evidence is available before the solution” and “it can be deduced from the reader's perspective”.[78], There are various attitudes, such as just answering when asked in an interview.

There may be bounties and gifts for correct answerers,Ango SakaguchiIsDiscontinuous murder case』The serialization of the person who hit the criminal will be presented with a manuscript fee for the solution. Not only the reader,Hirosuke Oi,Ken Hirano,Masato Ara,Ranpo EdogawaI also posted a challenge letter that nominated a literary person.

The solution that follows the challenge to the readerPouch bindingThere is also a book. The "Miami Offshore Murder Case," which was announced in 1936, is said to be the first bag of mystery.

Although it is said to be a feature of the classical full-fledged work, there are also works that include a challenge for readers even in the "transformation". And as an anomalous example, Patricia Mager andTokuro Nukii"Who is the victim?" "Victim guess", "Discover guess" of the body by Michio Tsuzuki, etc.

Genre name

In Japan, once as a translation of English “Detective Novel” and “Detective Fiction”Detective novelWas used,World War IIAfter that, the word "reconnaissance"KanjiI couldn't put it in, so I decided to write it in a mixed writing with "I'm looking for a novel." However, the word "mystery novel" was created as "Mitten" and became popular.[Source required].1946 When Otorisha published the "Detective Novel Monographs",Takataro treesThere is also a theory that it was named. The word "reconnaissance" is1954 Although it was included in the kanji for this kanji correction, the word "mystery novel" was already widespread, and it was never returned to "detective novel". Although "Detective Novel" has become obsolete as a genre name, many people still use it because it has a romantic sound. Alternatively, it may be used only for works from the period when the reasoning and resolution by "Detective" was the main focus.

Also,"Mystery novel"(Or "Mystery novel)) or simply "Twilight(Mystery)" is also called.

In ItalyJarloIt is included in the genre called (giallo, yellow (yellow cover), or the plural gialli).In France, it is generally called romans policiers, but it is also called serie noire (black series), especially referring to the detective novel series published by Gallimard.

Detective writer

Write a detective novel作家 TheDetective writer, Called a mystery writer.It can be roughly divided into two types: writers who specialize in detective novels and writers who also work on novels of other genres at the same time.In recent years, even though the writer himself is not conscious of writing a detective novel, he may be classified as a detective writer by readers and critics, and there is a difference in consciousness between the writer and the reader.As mentioned above, many puzzle and quiz writers write puzzle mysteries, and they are not classified as detective writers.

Mystery novel award


Award for best work of the year
Recognition for individuals
Open call for new face award

Besides Japan

Regarding the prizes of detective novels outside Japan or those sponsored by the detective writer group,
"Mystery Novel Award # Outside JapanOr "Detective writer#Detective writer groupSee

Books and magazines that are numbering detective stories

Labels that mainly deal with detective stories





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