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🎥 | Pasek & Paul's career: A young duo in the musical world who gave birth to "Dear Evan Hansen"


Career of Pasek & Paul: A young duo in the musical world who gave birth to "Dear Evan Hansen"

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The musical movie "Dear Evan Hansen", where you can fully enjoy the songs of Pasek and Paul, will be released this time.

The movie "Dear Evan Hansen" will be released in Japanese theaters from November 2021, 11.The music of this work ... → Continue reading


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Musical movie

Musical movie(Musical movie,(British: Musical film) Ismovies OfGenreOne of thestoryMixed inAn actorRefers to the form of singing a song.In general, songs develop muscles and characterize casts in movies.The sub-genre of musical films is musical comedy, which has a strong element of humor in addition to the usual music, dance and plot.



musicalThe movie,1920 In the teenTalkieWas invented,moviesToMusicIt appeared in the period that it became possible to match.The first talkie feature filmAl Jolsonstarringof"Jazz singer』(1927)MusicmoviesIs. at firststageMany of the works are made into movies as they are,OUR STORYThere is no such thingReviewMany short stories were also made.

But at the beginning of the talkie, the songダンスImmatureactorWas driven out a lot, and there was also a feeling of crude overproduction.Among them, what gained popularity was the European style with sophisticated charm.OperettamoviesAndHollywoodButGermanyFromErnst RubichEt al.EuropeHuman resources were active.

World DepressionByBroadwayWas involved in the recession1930 Early generation,dancerAs top-notch human resources seek workHollywoodFlow into1933 of"XNUMXnd Avenue』Starting with full-scalemusicalmoviesThe foundation of was to be formed.

DancerFred AstaireHanoactressGinger RogersとcombinationAssembled, a serieshitTechnical and technicalRomanticIダンスSequenceBecame a worldwide favorite after receiving the acclaim of the people.This Astea & Rogers combination is for men and women who breathedancer Of代名詞It may still be used today.

Besides, he is a genius choreographer.Busby BerkeleyMade full use of the production, special effects, and cut splits unique to movies, and brought a unique development to musical movies that is different from the stage.Specifically, the dancers are looked down on from directly above with a camera, and the formation creates a kaleidoscope-like image, so-called.Berkeley ShotThere is a creation of.

Meanwhile, the movie companyMetro Goldwin Mayer(MGM) responded immediately to the boom of musical films, and released in 1929, "Broadway melodyClarified to make a series, and in 35,Dancing BroadwayIn 37,Dancing nightless castle, 40New York dancing] Was produced respectively.The otherParamount moviesThe company said,Radio laughs(1933), a sequel to "1936 big broadcast(1935),1937 big broadcast(1936),One million fluffy broadcast』(1937) was released respectively.

Against the backdrop of the popularity formed in this way, musical films from the late 30's onwardsTechnicolorIt became one of the first fields to benefit from technological innovation, such as the introduction of high-quality recording / playback systems.

The stories of musical films in the early 20th century, including the dawn, are mainly about behind-the-scenes and personal life, with singers, dancers, and musical stars who do not feel uncomfortable even if they suddenly start singing and dancing. LaterBehind-the-scenes musicalIt becomes a traditional genre called.


In the 1940s and 1950sStar systemIn the heyday of musical films byMetro Goldwin MayerCompanyJudy Garland,Gene Kelly, As mentioned aboveFred AstaireThe world was dominated by a group of luxurious works in which many excellent musical actors appeared.Other companies20th Century Fox TheBetty Grable,Paramount movies TheBing Crosby,Columbia Movie TheRita HayworthAlthough it had a signboard star such as, it did not match the overwhelming mass of MGM, which is said to be "more than the number of stars".

"Parisian American"When"Introduction to loveThe MGM musical, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture and was highly acclaimed artistically, is not an exaggeration to say that it is synonymous with entertainment films of this era.Dancing big string education''Anchors Aweigh''Take me to baseball''If you sing in the rain''Band wagon''Easter parade''Wizard of Oz''When I was young] And many other masterpieces are left for posterity.Also, this time is so-calledTin Pan ArrayIt was also the time when the lyricists and composers of the movie showed their final brilliance, and there are many songs from musical movies that have been sung as standard numbers until now.

On a small scale1940 era OfThe United States of AmericaCalled injukeboxMany movies are made.Restaurants,Night clubWhen you insert a coin into a special device called a place such asDuke EllingtonI was able to enjoy a short music movie of about 3 minutes with a popular jazzman.tv setMade for Soundies, although it ended in a fad with the advent ofthe filmIs a valuable video material that conveys the appearance of musicians at that time.


Published on Broadway in the mid-40sOklahoma!』Revolutionized Broadway musicals with a dramatic story that was written, but that trend also flowed into the film in the 50s.After thatGeorge CukerDirector'sBirth of Star(1954),Rogers & HammersteinStory-oriented musicals such as the works of MGM have become mainstream, and behind-the-scenes musicals such as songs and dances, which MGM has been good at until then, and Star System movies have come to hide. It was.

This new story-oriented musical requires a high degree of difficult work and flair to connect story and music, so filmmakers have come to seek material from originally high-quality Broadway musicals. Since then, the frequency of production of the movie's original cine musical has dropped sharply.

At the same timeCinema scopeWith the introduction of, the movie has become larger.Musical movies, which are already expensive to produce, find a way to become a blockbuster movie that can be expected to generate profits commensurate with it.It blossomed in the 60s,Sound of music"Including"Mary Poppins''My fair lady] And other major masterpieces that are still standard are born from Hollywood companies, France, England, and other countries.Musical films reach their greatest golden age.

Also, like the world of the stage, "West Side StoryAfter that, works that strongly emphasized sociality appeared and became highly evaluated.However, at the same time, it is a double-edged sword that makes the "dream world" that Hollywood musicals advocated until then faded, and it is a place where evaluation is divided from now on.


By the end of the 1960s, the bloated musical films had a series of blockbuster commercial failures and suddenly retreated.Has emergedAmerican new cinema,SFXThe mainstream of entertainment films will be handed over to movies, and it will remain out of the mainstream for nearly 30 years.In particular, the weakness of Broadway, which is a source of material and human resources, had a great influence, and it became impossible for actors, directors, and other staff to get people, and qualitative works were only sporadically produced.

One of those mainstream ebbsエ ル ヴ ィ ス · プ レ ス リ ー,ビ ー ト ル ズA small musical movie called Jukebox Musical, which featured certain popular musicians, began to be made in the mid-1950s, and was a hit due to the synergistic effect with the soundtrack.In the 70s and 80s, this line was packed with catchy songs for young people regardless of specific singers, and the movement was to make a movie that was strongly linked to the pop market.Especially "American graffiti''Saturday Night FeverIt was modeled after the big hits of 』and was not highly evaluated by critics, but after thatMusic videoIt will be the cornerstone of the times, and "Rocky 4It also influenced how to make movies other than musicals.


In the 1990s, "beauty and the Beast』Andデ ィ ズ ニ ーThe anime musical movie was accepted by adults and became a big hit.With that as a starting point, in recent years, in the 2000s, live-action full-scale musical films have begun to demodulate in the form of movies of Broadway hits. In 2003, "ChicagoWon the Academy Award for Best Picture for the first time in 34 years as a musical movie.afterwards"RENT(2005) "Producers(2005) "hair spray (2007) "Mamma Meer!"(2008) and other Broadway musicals have been made into movies one after another.

In musical movies, the songs shown in the play are often played in the studio by playing the songs recorded in advance at the shooting site, and the actors perform by lip-synching.Les Miserables", All the singing was recorded while shooting on the spot.At the scene, I shot the live piano accompaniment to the actors with earphones (the piano sound is for rhythm, and some were later changed to orchestral sound).[1].

on the other handBollywood800 movies are produced annually, centered onIndiaIn, the majority of the work incorporates musical elements.Considering the number of productions, there is a view that the home of musical films is India, but the style is unique, with elements of other genres such as action films packed in various ways.These movies have also been around since the 1990sRajinikanthstarring"Muthu Dancing Maharaja] And some popular movies have begun to expand overseas.

Japanese musical film

Japan's first talkie "Madame and wife] Is also a work with a strong musical element, similar to that of Hollywood.

One of the characteristics of Japanese musical movies is that you can use Shichigocho without any discomfort.Historical dramaA masterpiece made in the prewar crisis of the world, which is a good match withSinging Lovebird Battle』Including EnomotoKenichi Enomoto,Hibari MisoraA historical drama musical starring such a star has been a hit from the war to the 30's. "Raccoon palaceThe series was also made during and after the war, straddling movie companies, and in 2005, the latest work, "Operetta Tanuki Goten] Was made, it became a long-lived series.

On the other hand, in fields other than historical drama, "" "Asphalt girlAlthough ambitious musical blockbusters that were modeled after Hollywood were also made, they resulted in the audience laughing.Frankie SakaiStarring "You can succeedIs one of the few successful examples in criticism, but even that was a failure in the box office.Musicals in contemporary drama are either as song movies with the theme of popular songs of the time, orYuzo Kayama,Crazy CatsIt was accepted by the audience in the form of a one-sequence of a comedy movie starring them.

At present, it is rare for original musical works to be made in the Japanese film industry as well as in the world of the stage where Broadway translations are strong ("Hatred Matsuko's life”, Etc.), and even if it is occasionally produced, it is often targeted at the younger generation, and it is undeniable that it is difficult for the general public to accept it.

recently"SKIP City International D-Cinema Film Festival In the short film category of "2012", the director's musical work "" won the Best Picture Award.An organization called "" has been set up with the aim of rooting Japanese musical films in Japan.In 2013, the following year, Saitama Prefecture ×ShochikuAs one of the co-produced omnibus movies ""Tsurumi TsurumiThe musical work "(Chichioya Rondo)" starring / directed has been released in theaters.

Published in 2014Suo Masayukidirected by"Maiko is a lady"(title is"My fair lady"Parody) is the leading role selected in the audition.Shang Baishi Meng YinHowever, he created an opportunity to climb the stairs to the star.

Published in 2021Sukutte Goran], The dance scene is eliminated while being based on musicals, and actors with high singing ability are appointed.The work was intended not to be embarrassing for Japanese people to watch (it sang "new sensation pop entertainment" as a genre).[2]. 

List of typical musical movies

(The movie adaptation of the stage work is indicated by "stage = S". The figures in parentheses are the premiere year of the stage.) The criteria for typical musical movies are as follows.

  1. American Film Institute Musical movie best25 works selected for
  2. Academy AwardWinning works
  3. The world's three largest film festivalsHighest award winning work

1920 era

1930 era

1940 era

1950 era

1960 era

1970 era

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1990 era

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