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🎥 | "Don't Breathe" will be broadcast tonight on the 27th!

From the photo "Don't Breathe" – (C) 2016 Blind Man Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

"Don't Breathe" will be broadcast tonight on the 27th!

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The movie "Don't Breathe" (2), which recorded the number one for two consecutive weeks in the United States, will be broadcast for free nationwide at "Saturday Western Painting Theater" on BS2016 (Twelve) from 27 pm on the 7th today.

The movie "Don't Breathe" (2), which recorded the number one for two consecutive weeks in the United States, will be BS ... → Continue reading

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Number one for two consecutive weeks in the United States

Sunday Western Theater

Sunday Entertainment > Sunday Western Theater

"Sunday Western Theater』(Nichiyoyogagekijo) is1966 May 10から2017 May 2Until,TV Asahi(Old: NET TV)seriesEvery weekSundayWas being broadcast that nightMovie show.2013 May 3Until then, it was broadcast every week as a single frame,2013 May 4After thatOne-shot special number frame"Sunday Entertainment”(Hereinafter,“ Sunday Entertainment ”)moviesWhen taking up "Sunday Entertainment / Sunday Western Painting Theater』It was shifting to the form of irregular broadcasting with a double crown.

As of 2018, irregularly in the same frameWestern paintingIs broadcast, but the title of "Sunday Western Painting Theater" is not listed.


At the beginning,Saturday Western Theater』(Doyoyogagekijo) was broadcast under the title (broadcast period is1966 May 10 - 1967 May 4)[Note 1].. 1967May 4Move to the current frame[Note 2].

Basically as the title says "Western paintingWill be broadcast, butAnime movie-Japanese moviesand"X-file"Night rider] And other overseas dramas, drama works broadcast on TV Asahi series[Note 3]Was sometimes broadcast as a "special project".Broadcasting of Japanese animated films is "STAND BY ME Doraemon] Only.After the transition to irregular broadcasting, the number of broadcasts has decreased, and in 2016, the final stage, there were only five Western-style movies, and in 5, when the broadcast ended, no Western-style movies were broadcast.

Sunday, April 2017, 4 23:20 --54:21[Note 4] ToSunday StationWill start[1] And from the 16th of the same month to Sunday 21:58 --23:05, "Squeeze teacher, don't be like me!!Will move / expand from 20:00 --20:54 on Monday[2][Note 5](前者は2018年4月から16:30 - 18:00枠に枠移動、後者は2017年9月で終了)ため、『日曜エンタ』枠自体は3月19日をもって終了したが、『日曜洋画劇場』は同年2月12日の「Aibo -Theatrical Version-It ended with.

Broadcast time and organization

1967年4月9日 - 2011年10月9日までは毎週日曜日21:00 - 22:54(JST), Every Sunday from October 2011, 10 16:21 --00:23 (JST).Basically, the entire movie is not broadcast, but it is broadcast by cutting some parts according to the broadcast time.

In addition, every July, "British Open Golf(Last day), "" on the day of voting for national electionsElection station], The program may be suspended due to special organization during the year-end and New Year holidays.Also,"freezing point』(2006 ) Or “Dots and lines』(2007 ), Etc.Saturday wide theaterIn some cases, a "Saturday / Sunday 2 nights continuous special drama" will be broadcast, and at that time, the broadcast will be suspended as a "Sunday Western-style painting theater". come in).In the past"Wimbledon tennisIf TV Asahi had the right to broadcast the "Men's Singles Final", there was also a suspension due to the live satellite broadcast.As another special case,1989 May 1"It was scheduled to be broadcastRomance Adventure / King Solomon's Treasure"ButEmperor ShowaTo replace with a special program due to the demise of the crown (death)May 2I have postponed the broadcast to.

Until the 1970sMay 12There is an example that was broadcast even when (New Year's Eve) was Sunday (1972, etc.).The movie itself was broadcast with high quality and popular works, but it had a big presence at that time.NHK Red and White Singing Battle] And the broadcast time zone overlapped, and the audience rating became very low (this case occupied the worst audience rating in history).Yodogawa was disappointed in his book about the low audience rating in this case.

Foreign works will be broadcast in two languages, and digital broadcasts will be broadcast in stereo 2 audio, but depending on the work, the first audio may be dubbed in Japanese 2 surround and the second audio may be broadcast in the original stereo audio. be.As an exception2000 May 5of"Romeo + Juliet], Subtitles were displayed, and the main audio in two languages ​​was dubbed in English and the sub audio was dubbed in Japanese.

After "Sunday Entertainment" started, "Tonight's Sunday Western Painting", which introduces the highlights at 20:58 --21: 00, was also broadcast separately.

Successive commentators

Responsible for commentary at the beginning of the program and after the movie ends.Unique tunes and "" at the end of the programPlease enjoy (expect) next week.Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye ...It has been popular for many years as the face of the program because of its tone. Broadcast on November 1998, 11, "Lastman standingFinally, he died at the age of 89 while still active. In 2006 and 2012, in commemoration of the 40th and 45th anniversary of the program, there was no main part of the movie and only the commentary of Yodogawa was recorded.DVD"Explanation of masterpieces by Nagaharu Yodogawa" is on sale.

After the death of Yodogawa, it continued to be broadcast without commentary itself.[Note 6],2003 October, the 10th anniversary of the opening of TV AsahiRoppongi HillsWith the move of the company building to, on a weekly basisentertainer,作家,athleteCelebrities and celebrities such as, etc. became a format to talk about their thoughts about the movie at the beginning.After that, the voice actor who is in charge of the opening narrationAkio OtsukaWas going.

in the pastIchie KobayashiTV Asahi announcer, etc.Next noticeI have narrated such as.

Changes in broadcasting time

The broadcast time is recorded only during the period when it was broadcast as a single program ("Sunday entertainmentFor the period of broadcasting as one project, see the same section).

Broadcast periodAirtime (JST)Broadcast fraction
July 1966-100OctoberSaturday 21:00 --22:56116 minutes
1967 0February-40OctoberSunday 21:00-22:54114 minutes
July 2011-100OctoberSunday 21:00-23:10130 minutes


Successive opening

  • "Paper-cutting animation with moving silhouettes of Oscar statuettes of ballerinas, cowboys, and Oscars of motifs(Initial monochrome, later color)1966 10 month - 1969 September Unknown "NET Saturday Western Movie Theater Theme"
  • "kaleidoscopeOctober 1969- 1984 October Yoshiyuki Kozu"NET Sunday Western Painting Theater Theme" Sunday Western Painting Theater Opening (Kaleidoscope)
  • "Silhouette of the shooting siteOctober 1984- 1996 October Akano Tachio"Sunday Western Painting Theater Opening Theme"
  • "Charles ChaplinOctober 1996- 2003 Until May Nobuhiko ObayashiShow
  • "Ptolemaic theoryOctober 2003-March 10 (Movie "Doraemon Nobita's Nankai Adventure』Uses a part of the music in the play.Composition:Senri Oe)
  • "The largest movie theater in the worldMarch 2010-September 3 Planning and production:Mech robot
  • "50 anniversaryOctober-November 2016 (10th Anniversary Limited) Music:Open Reel Ensemble(To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the start of the program. It is a remix of 6 OP videos of the past, and Yodogawa also appears in the video.[3]..However, it is used only for Western movies, and this OP was limited to only twice.)

Successive endings

  • Program start-until March 1999
    • Video: The subtitles of the credits of the voice actors and other staff involved in the dubbing are displayed in a switchable manner against the background of a still photo (later a digest video) of a scene from the movie that was broadcast at that time.
    • BGM: "So in love (So in Love)'' (Call porterComposition).Later became a moviemusical"Kiss Me Kate』Insert song.
      • There are two types of sound sources used.
        1. Morton GouldPerformance by the orchestra.Arranged, piano and conducted by Gould himself.1951 May 7Monaural recording.His album "Curtain Time 』(US Columbia Record number: ML 4451,10 inch analog LP record) Is recorded at the end.
        2. Performed by the Claude Philippe Orchestra.1974 At that timePhilips RecordsIs based on the sound source released as the album "Sunday Western Painting Theater-Hit Screen Theme" (First appearance record number: FX-8062)[Note 7]).Based on the above arrangement of Morton Gould's performance.

Successive works with high ratings

Only the ones before demotion are shown as one project of "Sunday Entertainment".The numbers are based on video research, Kanto area, households, and real time.

RankingAirdateworksAudience rating
1 bit1983 May 10Superman(1979)32.1%
2 bit1977 May 5Mrs. Emmanuelle(1975)30.8%
3 bit1984 May 10The Day After(1984)30.0%
4 bit1991 May 9タ ー ミ ネ ー タ ー(1985)29.7%
5 bit1990 May 10Die hard(1989)29.0%
6 bit1989 May 12It's hard for a man Torajiro Junjou Poems(1977)28.6%
7 bit1990 May 4ロ ボ コ ッ プ(1988)28.0%
8 bit1983 May 10It's hard for a man Torajiro Junjou Poems(1977)27.2%
1972 May 7The biggest strategy ever(Part 2)(1963)
10 bit1974 May 4007 Gold Finger(1965)26.7%

Producer in charge


This program is the most of the movie programsLongevity program frame[Note 8] Is.In the days when Yodogawa was commenting on movies in this program, there were multiple characteristics.

From its inception to the 1980s

It started with the concept of watching Western movies on TV.The movie that was broadcast in the first episode was "Barefoot Contessa』.It is a dubbed broadcast, and there are technical problems such as being forced to cut and trim, and there was still a strong awareness among movie fans that "watching movies in the theater", so it is never a good start. I could not say.However, it gradually became popular due to Yodogawa's light and friendly commentary and numerous masterpieces that were broadcast, and it became established as a signboard program of NET TV → TV Asahi.In addition, Yodogawa, who has a strong perspective on movies, seems to have explained this program from the perspective of "a guide for making people go to see movies in theaters." April 1967, 4, the program's first color work "Pride and passionWas broadcast.However, at that time, there were few color works, so when a black-and-white movie was broadcast even after the start of color broadcasting, Yodogawa's commentary was also shot in black-and-white.This was to match the mood of the movie.

From the 1980s to 1998

In the 80s, it became difficult to secure major major movies due to soaring broadcasting rights.In order to overcome this situation, in Japan, unpublished works and low-budget works are often discovered and broadcast.In those works, "Time Walker from SpaceThere were also rare works such as ”, but there were also works with full content.The main lineup isJames CameronDebut work "Murder fish flying killer] Etc.Also,"Hidden], [The Company of Wolves], [タ ー ミ ネ ー タ ー, Etc., which won the Grand Prix at the Avoriaz Film Festival,John CarpenterAn unknown honorable mention of horror and suspense, such as works, was also broadcast.Although the quality of the movie has declined, Yodogawa, who explains to viewers from a wide range of knowledge and perspectives, and the staff who have put effort into producing the Japanese version, continue to maintain high popularity as a TV Asahi signboard program. Continued.

On the other hand, due to changes in viewers' tastes, we actively picked up highly entertaining works and topical works, and said, "Superman,”Die hardAnd 'Back to the future] And other popular works were broadcast early, and the audience rating was high.He is also active in blockbusters.Amadeus], [Last emperor], [JFK], [Dance With Wolves] And other blockbusters were broadcast for an extended period of time.In addition, the overseas drama "Night rider], [Special attack guy A team], [X-file] And other special editions were also broadcast.In particular, "The A-Team" is the leading role.George PeppardIt was one of the popular performances such as a memorial broadcast when he died suddenly.

From the 1980s to 1998, when the Yodo River passed away, it was literally the golden age of the program.Also, Japanese movies were often broadcast (broadcast as a special project), but in that case there was no commentary on Yodogawa.This was to avoid conflict between Yodogawa and the movie companies, sponsors, and film crew.

1988 OctoberIn commemoration of the 30th special program / program start of the 1100th anniversary of the opening of TV Asahi,Nagaharu Yodogawa, Hollywood of My Youth "A documentary program entitled was broadcast.

Yodogawa's death and renewal

Increase in unreleased works in Japan
  • 2008 May 9The theater has not been released yetVideo through(DVD) The work "Day after flooding the capitalWas broadcast.Normally, the first broadcast of a work that has not been released to the theater and has not been video-through is usually done at midnight, soThe case where such a work hit the golden time zone and the program in the first broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting like this time became a new example unprecedented in history.[Source required]..In the commercial, it was advertised as "Japan's first landing", and the audience rating at the time of broadcasting was 13.9%.Since then2009 May 3"Triple X Next Level]・May 8"Tornado / Sign of Earth Collapse" ・May 9Broadcasting unreleased works of the Nippon Theater such as "9.11 The Last Truth of the XNUMX/XNUMX Terrorist Attacks in the United States".
Increased repeated pauses and postponement of broadcast time
  • In 2012, in addition to the sports broadcasts and special dramas so far, there are cases where it will be suspended due to the special version of the variety show, in which case after the highlights start broadcasting from 20:58,StebrelessIt may enter the main story at 21:00.Also,"Shiru Shiru Mi Shiru's Day] And other specials are increasing in cases where they will be broadcast from 21:30 or 22:00.Especially in the October period (October-December), it was broadcast only 10 times, and it was often suspended due to variety shows. Until February 10, all of this program has been suspended due to the organization of variety show special editions and special dramas.
To renewal
  • At the April reorganization briefing session of TV Asahi held on March 2013, 3, the frame name of "Sunday Western Painting Theater" was changed to "Sunday Entertainment(Abbreviation "Sunday entertainment"[4]) Was announced to be renewed.In the new frame, not only movies but also large dramas, variety specials, etc. will be organized.[5]..In addition, we will continue to use the double crown of "Sunday Entertainment / Sunday Western Painting Theater" when broadcasting movies.[4][6] However, when broadcasting Western movies, it was sometimes the "Sunday Western Movie Theater" as before.

Main events of this period

  • 2004 May 6 - Terrestrial digital broadcastingThen,Accidental Spy"5.1 surroundBroadcast on.
    • Since then, major works have been broadcast in 5.1 surround regardless of whether they are dubbed ready-made or new recordings.
  • 2006 May 10 --From this day on terrestrial digital broadcastingData broadcastingCarried out.
  • 2007
  • 2010
    • May 2 -"Negotiator"[Note 10] Was scheduled to be broadcast, but the actor who died suddenly on the 17thMakoto FujitaSpecial project in memory ofHagure Detective Junjou faction, final special(Main broadcast, December 2009, 12) will be rebroadcast (broadcast time will be extended by 26 minutes as in the main broadcast).It was an unusual time to broadcast a TV drama instead of a movie in a memorial project in this program.
    • From late March to mid-April --- As the first special project for the 3th anniversary of the start of program broadcasting, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy (at that time) was broadcast for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting for four weeks ("Pirates of the Caribbean/World End] Is broadcast in two weeks).
    • April --- "" which started broadcasting immediately after this program (4 o'clock frame) from this monthSunday night dramaThe performer of ""After "Sunday Western Painting Theater"After sayingCross programIt will be announced. (This is the first attempt in history for this program. However, the actual next program is "From the world car window』.Currently abolished).
    • May 7 --For the first time in the history of the program, the animated movie "Toy story 2』Broadcast (for detailsLater).
  • 2011
    • May 2 -"IronmanIn TV Asahi's "Please! Ranking] And collaborated. (Onegai Red and Onegai Pink each play the role of a reporter in the main story. For details, see the relevant item.)
    • March 3-The originally scheduled broadcast "jumper"The world unreleased version (scheduled to be broadcast in 15 minutes expansion) hastily released.Devil wearing Prada』Replaced. "Jumper" was broadcast on the 1th, a week later (both works have not been extended by 27 minutes).[Note 11] .
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2015 --Only 8 Western movies are broadcast
    • May 8 ――For the first time as a Japanese animated film, "STAND BY ME Doraemon』Broadcast (for detailsLater).After this day, depending on the work, it may end earlier than 23:10 (late 22:XNUMX).In this case, the mini-program immediately after this program is inserted ahead of schedule, and the subsequent program "Kanjam Perfect Burn Show"[Note 12] We will respond by expanding ahead of schedule.
  • 2016 ――Of the eight works that were broadcast, only five were broadcast in Western movies (the other one was broadcast on Saturday as described below).
    • May 5 - 予告番組『今夜の日曜洋画劇場』の放送枠(20:58 - 21:00)は変わらないものの、この日より放送終了時刻が20:59から21:00に変更(内容が1分拡大)、そしてステブレレス接続で本編開始となった。また開始10秒前からは、画面右上テロップの「このあとすぐ」が、カウントダウン表示に変更された。
    • May 12 -"Biohazard: The FinalAs a series of three "Resident Evil" series broadcasts accompanying the release of ""Resident Evil IV afterlife』Broadcast. It was the last Western movie to be aired in the "Sunday Western Movie Theater" frame.
    • May 12 ――As part of the seriesSaturdayAs a special frame at the same time ofResident Evil V Retribution』Broadcast.Although it is treated as one of the broadcast works of "Sunday Western Painting Theater" on the official website, it is treated as a special program outside the frame of "Saturday Prime" and is not broadcast as "Sunday Entertainment / Sunday Western Painting Theater".
  • 2017 --All three works broadcast this year are Japanese movies, all of which are movies of TV Asahi's program (the other one is broadcast on Saturday as described below).

Internet station

Internet station at the time of the final episode as "Sunday Entertainment / Sunday Western Painting Theater"

Past online stations before the start of "Sunday Entertainment"

The series is the current series.Stations that were TV Asahi-affiliated independent member stations or cross-net stations at the time of broadcasting are marked with ○, and stations that were new TV Asahi-affiliated stations or ended due to net changes are marked with △.

Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesRemarks
AomoriAomori BroadcastingNTV seriesUntil March 1991[Note 14]○ △
IwateTV IwateFrom opening in December 1969, discontinued in December 12[Note 15]○
AkitaAkita BroadcastingUntil March 1992[Note 16]△
YamagataYamagata Broadcasting CorporationFrom June 1980 to March 4[Note 17]○ △
MiyagiMiyagi TVFrom October 1970 to September 10[Note 18][7]○ △
FukushimaFukushima Central TelevisionFrom service broadcast on February 1970, 2 to September 1, 1981[8]○ △
NiigataNST Niigata General TelevisionFuji TV seriesFormer: Niigata Sogo Television
From June 1981 to March 4
NaganoTV ShinshuNTV seriesFrom October 1980 to September 10
FukuiFukui TVFuji TV series
Chukyo wide areaChukyo TVNTV seriesFrom June 1969 to March 4
Nagoya TVEnded by eliminating the irregular net with (Me-Tele)
○ △
Kinki wide areaEvery day broadcastingTBS seriesXNUM X Year X NUM X Month to X NUM X Day
Asahi Broadcasting (ABC TV)WithEliminate intestinal torsionEnded by
○ △
Tottori-Shimane Nippon Sea TVNTV seriesFrom June 1972 to March 10[Note 19]
Sanin BroadcastingTBS seriesFrom June 1989 to March 10[Note 20]
OkayamaOkayama BroadcastingFuji TV seriesOld nickname: TV Okayama
From October 1969 to September 4[Note 21]
○ △
HiroshimaChina broadcastingTBS seriesUntil March 1970△
EhimeTV EhimeFuji TV seriesUntil March 1995[Note 22]
KochiKochi BroadcastingNTV series[Note 23]
NagasakiNagasaki BroadcastingTBS seriesUntil March 1990[Note 24]△
KumamotoTV KumamotoFuji TV seriesFrom October 1969 to September 4○ △
OitaTV OitaNTV series
Fuji TV series
Until March 1993
MiyazakiMiyazakihosoTBS seriesTimeshift net around the late 1970s[Note 25]
TV MiyazakiFuji TV series
NTV series
TV Asahi series
Broadcast only once on November 2004, 11[Note 26] [Note 27] 
KagoshimaKagoshima TVFuji TV seriesFrom October 1969 to September 4○ △
OkinawaRyukyu BroadcastingTBS seriesCensored in 1982[Note 28]

About dubbing

From the beginning of the programVoice actorOften produced and broadcasted their own Japanese dubbed version by (almost no talent dubbing).In addition, this program is dubbed in Japanese for Western movies.FixIt is said to be a program that has established a system.

Until then, the mainstream method of dubbing casting was to "gather people with free schedules and allocate roles", so most of the time, "the same actor has a different voice each time it is broadcast".However,NET TVLaunched "fixing dubbed voice actors" at the start of the program, and started a project team to select people.At that time, the movie magazine "screenThe following voice actors have been decided for the popular star actors and actresses, and the voice actors' guarantees are conditional.[Note 29] It is said that the premium was paid.

After that, there were some fixes that could not meet the conditions or were not done for some reason, but most of the above dubbing was supported by the viewers, and other stations also cast according to this. As a result of the dubbing of its own, the fixing system has become widespread.In addition, this program often created new fixes according to the times.

If we did not produce our own dubbed version for this program, we sometimes used the version produced by other stations (mainly the NTV version and the TBS version).[Note 34]..On the other hand, Fuji TV version[Note 35] And TV TOKYO version[Note 36] Was rarely diverted.However, in the 2000s, the dubbing of the Fuji TV version, including the following "Resident Evil", was diverted more often than before.However, regarding the TV Tokyo version, there was little diversion even after 2000.

"Resident Evil IIIRegarding the cast selection of 』, the previous two works before broadcastingFuji Television Network, Incof"Saturday PremiumIt is officially admitted that the same main cast was placed in "Resident Evil III" after acknowledging the quality of the dubbing and the fact that it was dubbed as it was.On the other hand, "Saturday Premium" broadcast "How to find the best life], The dubbed version of this program was used as it was.

"Die hardIn the series, once when the series work was broadcast in this programNachi Nozawa ブ ル ー ス · ウ ィ リ スplayJohn McClaneI was in charge of dubbing the role, but the sequel "Die hard 4.0In the theatrical release version of 』, Nozawa was appointed as a dubbing of McLean, and in the DVD released later, in addition to the theatrical release version, he was in charge of the role of McLean in the video and DVD version of the same series 1-3.Tsutomu HiuraTwo types of dubbing of the original DVD version by were recorded at the same time.The fifth work "Die Hard/Last Day』Is a disciple of NozawaHidetoshi NakamuraIs newly in charge of McLean, and his son is Miko Nozawa.Satoshi NozawaWas appointed (Tsutomu Hiura is a latecomerDubbed Emperor(I was in charge of the edition), and the dubbing by this program also affected the casting of later series works.

In the 2010s, the unification of dubbed sound sources was promoted, and the number of dubbed productions unique to TV broadcasting decreased. We will focus on producing our own Japanese version as much as possible, and broadcast it under the title of "Special Dubbed Version", and post interviews with voice actors and the background of their appointment on the official website, which will add value to the dubbing limited to the program. He was very particular about taking strategies.However, after 2013, when it became an irregular broadcast, the broadcast of the program itself decreased, the broadcast of Western movies also decreased, and the production of new recording sources was not done as before. Broadcast on November 2012, 11, "The Three Musketeers/Queen's Necklace and Da Vinci's AirshipFrom "" broadcast on November 2014, 11Resident Evil V RetributionUntil then, the dubbing production of the new recording was cut off for two years, and even if the dubbing of the talent was included at the end of the program, it was broadcast on the dubbed sound source centered on the software version.

Talent dubbing case

Dubbing in charge of the program character

  • February 2011, 2 Newly recorded dubbing of the broadcast "Ironman], thenPlease! Ranking], The following characters were in charge of dubbing.By the way, the cast of the program is performed by the announcer of TV Asahi (officially, the announcer in charge is not disclosed), and it can be interpreted as "dubbing in charge of the announcer".Other castsArticlesSee.
  • Please Red-as a male reporter
  • Please Pink-Female Reporter
  • The color of the letters on the staff roll is usually white, but the above two people were credited with their respective image colors.

Works that have been softened

* The works whose first broadcast was "Saturday Movie Theater" or "Weekend Theater" are also listed.

normal versionDVD-BD
Dubbed EmperorSeries

* Works with dubbed software version are recorded together with the software version.

Dubbed masterpieceSeries
Reprint of memoriesSeries

* Works with soft version dubbing and without special mention are recorded together with the soft version.

The power of dubbingSeries

* Works with dubbed software version are recorded together with the software version.

Dubbed Western Painting TheaterSeries

* Works with dubbed software version are recorded together with the software version.

Drama work

While the dubbing produced in this frame is popular and long-awaited for softening, it is very often that the material is not stored in a good form, and it is a shortened version that has been used up by other stations (from the first version). There are many cases where only a few minutes are missing) or the material itself is lost.Therefore, when it is made into software, it is obliged to record a shortened version or dubbing of other stations, but as a countermeasure, we will openly solicit air checks from the general public or re-appoint the voice actors at that time to additionally record the missing part. Each manufacturer has devised ways to make it softer, such as taking steps.


  • There were very rare movie-related gift quizzes such as special projects, and gifts such as tickets for movies produced by TV Asahi were given, and applications were accepted by telephone (teledome format).The winning notification was made during the program broadcast the following week.

Broadcasting of animated films

Animated movies are rarely broadcast, and in this frame2010 (22)May 7For the first time in the history of the programToy story 2Was broadcast, but after that, this work and "Toy story 3』(2012 May 7broadcast[Note 42]), "Monsters Inc』(2013 May 7)[Note 43],STAND BY ME Doraemon』(2015 May 8,2017 May 2) Is only broadcast (the only domestic work is "Doraemon").

In addition, the movie version of the animation produced by TV Asahi, especially "Doraemon"When"Crayon Shin-chanWas originally broadcast on Saturdays from the late 16:17 to the early 2019:9 (until September 19, it was organized on Fridays at 19:10. Currently Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. In some years, the former was organized at 20:21, and the latter at XNUMX o'clock, rarely on Fridays at XNUMX:XNUMX).However, "STAND BY ME Doraemon" was broadcast in this frame due to the fact that it was treated as a blockbuster and the age group for viewing was different (starting at XNUMX:XNUMX is the first time in history).


  • TV Asahi edition "Movie is a reserved seat in the Brown Hall: Nagaharu Yodogawa and 20 years of" Sunday Western Painting "" National Asahi Broadcasting, 1986.ISBN 4881310798. --Released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of broadcasting.


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  19. ^ Initially a few weeks behind 21:30 Net- 1975 Simultaneous net from October. For the final episode at NKT, the next announcement will be replaced with an end notice with the program theme as BGM.
  20. ^ Broadcast started at midnight as "Saturday Western Movie Theater".For this reason"Yuji Miyake's cool band heaven"Heisei Specialty TV] Was not netted.After that, it will be broadcast as "" at midnight on Friday.However, the explanation part was deleted in both cases.
  21. ^ The license area at that time was only in Okayama prefecture
  22. ^ Broadcast at 13:00-14:54.In addition to replacing the program theme song on its own, a local company also joined the sponsorship.
  23. ^ "Saturday wide theaterIt was an irregular broadcast, but it was discontinued halfway (forgot the timing).
  24. ^ "Golden movie theater』Broadcast one month late on Saturday midnight (irregularly in the 1s)Fuji Television Network, Incof"Golden movie theater』There is a time shift net).
  25. ^ "Saturday road show』Broadcast on Saturday midnight with the title (sponsor is also replaced on the MRT side).
  26. ^ Special drama "Western Police SPECIAL』(Broadcast on October 10st of the same year on the full net station) delayed net.Because I cooperated with the Miyazaki location of the same work.
  27. ^ Aside from thisTV Asahi Wednesday 21:XNUMX frame detective dramaThe movie adaptation of was also broadcast.
  28. ^ On Saturday midnight, "Saturday road show], To Sunday Western Painting Theater 3Wednesday road show(NTV system) It was broadcast at a rate of 1.
  29. ^ "Participate in recording as much as possible" "If work overlaps with other stations, always give priority to NET work".
  30. ^ However, a trouble occurred between Kobayashi and the staff, and he got off the board, and later dubbed on NET TV.Goro NayaIs now in charge.
  31. ^ Actually I was in charge only a few times,Yosuke KondoWas in charge of dubbing in many works.
  32. ^ Actually, there was a request from the person himself, and it was in a state of being fixed even before the program started.
  33. ^ Actually, I am in charge of it only a few times.
  34. ^ As an example,Armageddon], [Eraser], [Jaws], [Raiders/The Lost Ark], [Mad Max], [Hamnaputtra / Lost Desert City], [Cliff hanger"Such.
  35. ^ Example:Gauntlet], [Monkey planet], [Escape to victory"Such
  36. ^ Example:Black hawk down"Such
  37. ^ a b c d The regular version DVD contains a cut version of the TV broadcast.
  38. ^ a b c Standard recording on BD
  39. ^ The NTV version is not recorded on BD.
  40. ^ The regular version DVD contains the dubbed cut version of the 1994 version of the TV broadcast.
  41. ^ Currently out of print, difficult to obtain.
  42. ^ By the way, this frameTerrestrial waveIt was the first broadcast.
  43. ^ Only on this day, the subtitles of the main characters, Sally and Mike, were light blue and yellow-green, respectively, after their body colors.


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外部 リンク

NETseries SaturdayFirst half of 21:XNUMX
Previous programProgram nameNext show

Saturday Western Theater
(December 1966, 10-February 1, 1967)
Cute witch genie
(Move from the second half of 20:XNUMX on Monday)
NET series Saturday 21:XNUMX late frame
Hawaiian eye
Saturday Western Theater
(December 1966, 10-February 1, 1967)
NET series Saturday 22 o'clock
Tadashi Imai Hour
Saturday Western Theater
(December 1966, 10-February 1, 1967)
White tower
NET → TV Asahi series Sunday21:XNUMX
Sunday Western Theater
(December 1967, 4-February 9, 2013)
Sunday Entertainment
("Sunday Entertainment / Sunday Western Painting Theater" with a double crown
At the time of broadcasting 21: 00 --23: 10)
NET → TV Asahi series Sundays around 22:XNUMX

* Only on April 1967, 4
"Railway Public Safety No. 36"Final episode[2]
Sunday Western Theater
(December 1967, 4-February 9, 2013)
Sunday Entertainment
("Sunday Entertainment / Sunday Western Painting Theater" with a double crown
At the time of broadcasting 21: 00 --23: 10)
TV Asahi series Sunday 22:54-23:00
From the world car window
(16 minutes deferred, 1 minute reduced and continued)
Sunday Western Theater
(December 2011, 10-February 16, 2013)
Sunday Entertainment
("Sunday Entertainment / Sunday Western Painting Theater" with a double crown
At the time of broadcasting 21: 00 --23: 10)
TV Asahi series Sunday 23:00-23:10
Sunday Night Premier
[Delay 15 minutes and continue]
Sunday Western Theater
(December 2011, 10-February 16, 2013)
Sunday Entertainment
("Sunday Entertainment / Sunday Western Painting Theater" with a double crown
At the time of broadcasting 21: 00 --23: 10)
  1. ^ Nobuko YoshiyaOriginal workRyoko SakumaThe leading drama.
  2. ^ Hideo TanakaDirection ...Shigemi KitaharaOther drama appearances.Normally it was 20 o'clock on Thursday, but only the last round moved to this time.


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