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🎥 | Actor Arata Iura "helped" ... Director Rikiya Imaizumi looks back on the filming site of the movie "Kasokeki Sankayo"


Actor Arata Iura "helped" ... Director Rikiya Imaizumi looks back at the filming site of the movie "Kasokeki Sankayo"

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The guest of the next broadcast on December 12rd (Friday) is Emiko Inagaki (freelancer) and Juichi Yamagiwa (Director, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature).

"Two" who are active in different fields such as musicians, designers, writers, actors, craftsmen, etc. talk ... → Continue reading


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Emiko Inagaki

Emiko Inagaki(Emiko Inagaki,1965 -) is Japanesejournalist.Asahi Shimbun Osaka Head Officedesk,Asahi ShimbunEditorial board,Editorial boardAfter serving as a freelance journalist, he retired in 2016 at the age of 50.


AichiI'm fromHome appliance manufacturerBecause of my father's workprimary school,Junior high schoolThen.Transferrepeat. 1987Hitotsubashi University Faculty of SociologyGraduated fromAsahi ShimbunJoined the company.TakamatsuBranch,京都Moved from 1991 after working at a branch officeAsahi Shimbun Osaka Head OfficeSocial departmentIn the timesOsaka Prefectural Police HeadquartersAt a social gathering withwigTaking the opportunity to wearAfro hairTo.Osaka Headquarters Social Affairs Departmentdesk,Weekly AsahiAfter working in the editorial department, Asahi Shimbun from 2013Editorial boardAseditorialIn charge.Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentThorough enough to reduce the electricity bill to less than 1000 yen a monthPower savingThe column that wrote about life became a hot topic and I was impressed.Ichiro FurudateReceived an offer from the casterNews stationAppeared three times.Editorial boardAfter that, in January 2016, at the age of 1,deadI left Asahi Shimbun because I thought that I had to wear it to let go.Apartment50 years oldStudio apartmentMoved to[1][2]..Get the best environment for drying vegetables.



  • "I want to know how to die"PARCO Publishing .
  • "Beginning from the morning of the earthquake" Asahi Shimbun (1999/05)
  • "Leaving the soul"Toyo Keizai Inc. (2016 / 6 / 9)
  • "What Afro reporter wrote as a reporter.What I could write because I retired. 』\Asahi Shimbun Publishing (2016 / 6 / 20)
  • "Lonely Life" Toyo Keizai Inc. (2017/6/16)




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