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🤖 | No.1 talented voice actor in a swimsuit ... Is the value of "female voice actor" revealed in Miku Ito's photo book?

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The No. 1 voice actor of the ability group is in a swimsuit ... Is the value of "female voice actor" revealed in Miku Ito's photo book?

If you write the contents roughly
An otaku who makes a fuss about sexually moe illustrations as "not erotic at all" and "excessive reaction of Femi" says "I'm seriously (self-regulating)" in the costume of a voice actor who can't even see the valley. I'm so excited that it's a completely dubster and bilingual story.

Anime "The Quintessential Quintessential" "BanG Dream! Miku Ito, a voice actor whose masterpiece is "She ...", is the first photo book in five years. → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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voluntary restraints

voluntary restraintsWhat is (Jishukisei)?社会Of products that may cause problemsProducer,ServicesVoluntary by the provider ofRestrictionThat.


Somehow社会 問題,事件-ACCIDENTOrPolicemenbyArrestAs a result, there are no product safety standards in the industry as a whole, unorthodox sales competition and product development are exposed, and in the case of expressions, "Freedom of expressionThe lack of awareness of the industry regarding the laws and regulations that have been established is exposed, and it may be regarded as a problem by society.[1]..If this is left as it is, it will attract criticism from society and the general public, and eventuallyPublic authorityInviting the intervention ofdecree,Administrative agencyThis may lead to situations such as the enactment of strict public regulations.

Due to the introduction of strict public regulations and continuous monitoring by public authorities, the industry is afraid that the activities of each company in the industry will be stagnant and in some cases the survival of the industry as a whole will be seriously hindered. As one of the workarounds that is carried out in the form of consent between the parties concerned in the industry when there is such a fear, "what must not be done" is strictly regulated, and conversely, "what is not necessary" Refers to actively doing (what is optional).

Examples of self-regulation

  • Self-regulation of food
  • Self-regulation of industrial products
  • Self-regulation of expression
  • consumption taxIncluding total amount display (2013 From October2021 Until August)
    • From October 2013 (commonly known as the Consumption Tax Pass-through Countermeasures Special Measures Law), the obligation to display the total amount including consumption tax was once abolished, so until March 25, the conventional "price excluding tax" Although only labeling is legalized, there are concerns about price labeling complaints if the original price (tax-included price) paid by the customer = consumer cannot be determined.
    • In this way, it can be regarded as self-regulation in a broad sense to dare to "voluntarily" do "what you do not have to do" (display the total amount including consumption tax).

Limitations of self-regulation

As the name implies, self-regulation is "voluntary regulation" in the form of the consensus of manufacturers in the relevant industry.In general, compliance with self-regulation protects the industry and market from the impediment of development due to the introduction of stricter regulations from the outside, and in extreme cases, the rules and morals of the industry aimed at maintaining and sustaining the industry. There is one side.Therefore, non-compliance with self-regulation makes us uncomfortable inside the industry, is excluded from industry groups, and if distribution and retail are also in the position of promoting self-regulation, it will hinder product distribution and arrival. In other words, if a manufacturer / sales company withdraws from the self-regulation, the product disappears from the retail stores that participate in the self-regulation.Wholesale,retail storeIf the product withdraws from the self-regulation, there is a possibility that the wholesalers and retailers will not receive the products of the manufacturers that are participating in the self-regulation.

However, to the lastUnless it violates laws and ordinancesIs not to be arrested or caught by the police.

However, sometimes self-regulation becomes famous and innocent due to the following circumstances.

  • Intensifying sales competition makes self-regulation meaningless and worthless over the long term and gradually
  • Prioritizing the interests of the company and the desires of users, the act of exploiting deficiencies in laws and regulations and self-regulation and ignoring self-regulation are widespread.
  • Withdrawal of manufacturers from industry groups one after another, and latecomers who are not affiliated with industry groups are crowded
  • Industry groups that conduct examinations due to internal conflicts of industry groups and conflicts among industry stakeholders are divided and stand side by side, and mutual competition for member manufacturers is loosened.
  • Balance with imported products that are not affected by self-regulation in the first place
    • Trading companies and retailers that are not affiliated with industry groups bring products from overseas manufacturers that are not restricted by domestic standards into Japan in the form of parallel imports and sell them through their own distribution channels.
    • Complaints and dissatisfaction arise due to the emergence of disparities between imported products that are not affected by self-regulation and domestic products that receive them.
  • In the case of expressive materials, the expression subject to regulation continues to intensify due to intensifying sales competition.
  • For such existing organizations, products that are "non-standard" are sold directly by the manufacturer.Mail orderIt is distributed from a sales channel completely different from the existing distribution

If the self-regulatory system malfunctions in this way,Gray zoneAnd products that intentionally aimed at "the limit point that can not be caught", and "regulated products" that were judged by original standards different from self-regulation by manufacturers who did not join the industry group or withdrew from the industry group appeared one after another It also happens to come.Alternatively, it is difficult for users to ask the identity of a product that has a distinct problem, such as a manufacturer or import trading company that cannot be identified, with a unique mark or sticker that means "passed regulations".Class B productIn the form of new brands with unknown backgrounds, they may be sold as cheap products at retail stores.

When such products are rampant, police will investigate and detect manufacturers and retailers who have determined that they have sold products that violate the law, or even impose stricter public regulations in the form of revisions to the law. May be invited.A typical example of self-regulation becoming ineffective and public regulation being strengthened isAirsoft gunThere are restrictions on the power of.

On the other hand, if there are no self-regulations or public regulations for similar products overseas, or if the restrictions are extremely loose even if there are regulations, legal regulations may be imposed due to competition in overseas markets or competition with imported products made by overseas manufacturers in the domestic market. Instead, it may work significantly disadvantageously in terms of market competition only for products made by domestic manufacturers whose performance is suppressed because they have specifications based on the self-regulation of the domestic industry.In this case, if distribution is also a member of a self-regulatory organization and if measures can be taken such that even overseas products cannot be marketed unless they are self-regulated compliant products, domestic self-regulation is meaningful, but in the end, in overseas markets Due to the competition with overseas manufacturers, the regulations are gradually loosened, and many parts have to be different specifications for domestic specifications that comply with regulations and overseas specifications that do not have regulations, which is inefficient. The significance of self-regulation may be questioned due to uneconomical conditions.

Also, sometimes domestic self-regulation is for foreign manufacturers.Import barrierAs a result, there may be pressure from manufacturers' organizations in other countries and ministers and bureaucrats in charge of economics and industry in other countries' governments to abolish self-regulation.

Organizations that carry out self-regulation, etc.

When self-regulatory rules are established in a competitive industry, they are often managed by existing organizations such as production associations and industry groups.If a suitable organization is not found, an organization whose main purpose is self-regulation and its check may be established.Also, the airsoft gun industry and computer games (especiallyAdult game) Like the industry, due to the historical background of the industry, the conflict of initiative between manufacturers, the examination and operation of self-regulation, the troubles between the manufacturer and the examination organization over product collection, etc., the standards are slightly different for the same purpose. There may be multiple self-regulatory organizations that have examination methods, or there may be a large number of them.

An organization that establishes self-regulation of industrial products
An organization that establishes self-regulation of expression
Industry self-regulatory organization


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