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📺 | "Kotoreiso" "Too scary" and "I can't think about it" for the shocking development that hits the female residents one after another

Photo Drama "Konreiso" Episode 8 Scene Photo (C) TV Asahi

"Too scary" and "I can't think about it" for the shocking development that hits the female residents of "Konreiso" one after another.

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After that, Room 4 Asami (Misato Morita) and Room 5 Saki (Anna Ishii), who were spending time in their own room, were dragged into the eerie hands that suddenly appeared from the mirror.

The third episode of the drama "Konreiso" (TV Asahi / every Saturday at 23:8) starring actress Nanase Nishino will be broadcast on the 27rd. ... → Continue reading

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Norito Morita

Misato Morita(Morita Misato,1996 May 9 -) isJapan Ofactress.KanagawaBackground[1].Sony Music ArtistsBelongs.


In 2011, started acting as an actress on a TV commercial.In the movie,One week Friends(2017), "The World's Longest Photograph" (2018), etc.Daddy(2017),Betting kegurui』(2018) etc.[1].

Net drama ``Naked supervision』(Netflix) And the main characterToru MuranishiEmi, the heroine who will change the fate ofKuroki incense) Played a woman who was chosen as a role and transformed from a well-educated female college student to a sexual pioneer[2][3].. 10th March, the same yearBusan International Film FestivalReceived the Best New Artist Award at the Asian Content Awards in the Asian Film Market[4]..Before dawn on November 11, the same year,FNS 27-hour TVBecome one corner ofAkashi familyWas selected as the 10th place in "Love Mate 10" by pacific saury and was praised by Sanma.[5].


Height 163cm.. Special skill isFigure skating,Classical ballet[1][2].



  • Friends (2013)
  • Sacrifice Dilemma (2013)-As Nozomi Kagawa
  • Oarfish (2014) --Wakana Yuki
  • Kiss is life-threatening! (2016)-Haruka
  • In 2085, love disappears. (2016) --As Erena Kirihara
  • One week Friends.(2017) --Misaki Kato
  • The World's Longest Photograph (2018)-The role of Manami Yoshioka
  • Diorama Boy Panorama Girl(November 2020, 11) --Mayumi[6]
  • Bittersand(June 2021, 6)-As Sumiko Harada[7]
  • Search(January 2022, 1) --Mukudori / Aoi Naito[8]

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