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🎥 | "Beloved" Ochan Swamp addicted to a series of masculine words

From the 7th episode of the photo "Beloved".Rio (Yuriko Yoshitaka) and Daiki (Kouhei Matsushita) – (C) TBS

"Beloved" Ochan Swamp addicted to a series of people echoing a masculine word

If you write the contents roughly
Tachibana was also listed as a candidate for the criminal in the case 15 years ago on SNS, but it seems that it has become even more difficult to predict the criminal due to this rapid development.

In episode 26 of the TBS-based Friday drama "Dearest" (every Friday night from 10:00) starring Yuriko Yoshitaka, which was broadcast on the 7th, Matsushita ... → Continue reading

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