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🎥 | Academy Awards Actress talks about the reason for the rest "Everyone was tired of me" "I'm tired of myself"


"Everyone was tired of me," "I'm tired of myself," the Academy Award-winning actress talks about why she's resting.

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When I walked on the red carpet, I said, "Why didn't she run?

American actress Jennifer Lawrence (XNUMX) is desperate to protect the privacy of her newborn baby ... → Continue reading


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Red carpet

Red carpet(English : Red Carpet) Is officialSpecial eventToCelebrity,Senior officialSuch asImportant personTraditionally used as a walking path for the person to welcome.Literally"Red"Therecarpet.


As an example of the red carpet, the oldest remaining character is458 BCToAeschylusWritten byAncient greece OftragedyTrilogy"OresteianIs one of "Agamemnon".Trojan WarTriumphed fromAgamemnonThe king to her husbandhatredWife to recruitClytemnestraIs advised to take the "red road", but the king refuses his wife's recommendation, saying that "only the gods can walk on such a road."

1902 ToNew York Central RailwayLuxury train "20th century limited expressI laid a crimson carpet when guiding customers to.This isModernOf the oldest red carpet sinceHospitalityBelieved to be[1].. The red carpet of the 20th Century Limited Express still has the old passenger cars todayPrivate carIt may be laid on the platform when it is operated as.



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