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📺 | Jin Katagiri & Miwako Kakei from "Your Turn to Kill" in "Guilty Flag"


Jin Katagiri & Miwako Kakei from "Your Turn to Kill" appear in "Guilty Flag"

If you write the contents roughly
In the serial drama "Your Turn to Kill", the two have committed murder, but in a new world where the exchange murder game did not occur, it seems that they had a peaceful two years with the same relationship.

In the 28th episode of the Japanese TV drama "Guilty Flag" (every Sunday from 22:30), which was broadcast on the 7th, the drama "Ana ... → Continue reading

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Serial drama

Serial drama(Renzoku drama) is divided into 5 episodes, 10 episodes, etc.tv setSuch asDrama.

What is broadcast daily (Obi drama), and some are broadcast once a week.

For example in JapanNHK night dramaIt is,NHK general TVIt was a TV drama series that was being broadcast on Monday-Thursday nights (titled "Yorudora" in 2004 and 2005).

Some drama series have the same settings, but some episodes connect episodes that complete one episode, while others have continuous stories and make various hints and progress toward the end.

In many cases, the number of broadcasts is predetermined,Private broadcastingin the case of,Audience ratingDepending on the situation, we may take advantage of it, so we may make unexpected progress in the first time,HintLeft unutilizedCensoredSometimes it becomes.

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