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🎥 | Yui Aragaki, director Takashi Yamazaki's work "Ghost Zukan" for the first time in about 13 years as a teacher in a live-action movie

From the top left of the photo, Fumika Yoshimura, Shirohi, Kaede Shibasaki, Sunny McRendon Bottom: Yui Aragaki, Ryunosuke Kamiki

Yui Aragaki, director Takashi Yamazaki's work "Ghost Zukan" for the first time in about 13 years as a teacher in a live-action movie

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And the ideal cast that came to mind first for the whole team was Yui Aragaki and Ryunosuke Kamiki.

Takashi Yamazaki's new film "GH ..." such as the movies "Always-Sunset on Third Street" and "STAND BY ME Doraemon" → Continue reading

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Aragaki Yui

Aragaki Yui(Yui Aragaki[2][4],1988 Showa63 years>May 6[4] -) isJapan Ofactress[7][8],singer[7][9],Fashion Model[7].Nickname Theガ ッ キ ー[10].OkinawaNahaBackground[1][4].


Osato Village(CurrentNanjo City)ofVillage junior high schoolWas in school2001 , Fashion magazine for girls and junior high school studentsNicola』(Shinchosha Co., Ltd.) Was told by my sister who was a reader of "I can't do it anymore"モデル(Nikomo) Apply for audition and win the grand prix[11][12][13].2005 By the time he graduated from Nikomo in spring, it appeared as the cover model of "Nikola" 15 times, which was the largest number at the time.[11][13].

After that, he entered the gravure and actress business around 2004, just before graduating from "Nikola".[13][14].

Gravure idolAs a member, he started his activities mainly in the boys' magazine gravure. The first photo book "Chura ☆ Chura" was released on March 2006, 3.May 5Has released an image video "XIANGYU Shang Yui".

In the variety show, from October 2005Falling woman』(Nippon TV) Appeared as a regular[15].

From 2006 to 2008Ezaki Glico"PockyAppeared in the series CM[14], This CM triggeredbreakPlayed[13][14].

As an actress, in 2005Sh15uya(Shibuya Fifteen) (TV Asahi) Debuted in the drama. January 2006, "True love』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) The first starring drama in. Sat 4 drama "April and July" respectivelyGal sar"When"My☆Boss My☆Hero] (BothNippon TV) To 2coolAppear in a row.

Anime OfVoice actorAlso challenged the movie "Super Movie Version Keroro Sergeant], guest appearance as Mirara,Television Animation"Digimon Savers』(Fuji TV), appeared in the regular role of Yoshino Fujieda.

movies"Warborough(Released on September 2007, 9) for the first time in the movie[13][16][17].. 『Madori in love』(2007May 8Released)[7][13].. Since then"Love skyAnd 'Dogwood][7].

June 2007, 8, ``Madori in loveThe theme song ofMemories", debut as a singer[9].. The song is "SCHOOL OF LOCK!With exclusive advance delivery on the site ofRinging songOnly 4 days ahead of the same day. furtherMay 10Is an insertion song of "Koisora"heavenly days"But"GIRLS LOCKS!』It was shown almost full (up to the head of 2 choruses).After that, new songs have been performed in "SCHOOL OF LOCK!", Mainly when he appeared. Broadcast on November 11rd, "COUNT DOWN TV”, the song program first appeared, sang “heavenly days”.May 12The album "Sky』CD debut. On December 12st,Nippon BudokanAt the debut event "Debut album "Sora" release commemoration! SCHOOL OF LOCK! and Yui Aragaki's heavenly Xmas in Nippon Budokan"[18]] Was held.

2008th, April 3, 15Tokyo Girls CollectionReceived the "Best Girl of 2007" and won the 1st Grand Prix[19].

2009 year 11 month,Sony-WalkmanIn the CM appearance ofMONGOL800Sang "Small Koi no Uta" and covered the songs of other artists for the first time.

March 2010, 6, movie ``DogwoodThe autographed picture book "The Three Little Pigs" that appears in "The Three Little Pigs" has been released to the general public.

June 2011, 7, ``Fully open girl』(Fuji TV) first starring a serial drama[7].

June 2012, 12, ``54th Japan Record Award』(TBS) Is the first chair of the record award. The moderator itself is also my first time.

March 2014, 11, movie ``Twilight SasayaPlays the first mother role[7].

Broadcast on September 2017th and 3th, 23, "Bonds-Run Miracle Pony-"soNHKFirst appearance in the drama[20].

2022 broadcast ``13 people from Kamakura』(NHK)Taiga dramaFirst appearance[21].

Private life

Broadcasted on December 2021, 1Running away is a shame but helpful(TBS)'s special drama version "Escape is shameful but useful Ganbare Mankind! New Year Special !!"Hoshino GenOn May 2021, 5, both offices announced by fax that they were planning to get married.[22][23][24][25]..Also belongRepro entertainmentThe contract is terminated leaving a part and it becomes free[6]Announced to work in their own style[22].


Blog members site

On December 2007, 11,Amoeba blogOfficialBlogOpened[33].. From the beginning of its opening, more than 1000 comments per article were received from readers, and after 6 days, it ranked second in the access ranking in the Amoeba blog.[34]..In addition, the blood type that was not disclosed was described as "A type closer to O type" in a blog article dated November 2007, 11.[5].

On June 2009, 6, the paid "LesPros Premium Club Yui Aragaki Official Members Site" was opened on the 11st birthday.[35].. In addition to being able to browse the "new hedge book", which was only available on mobile sites, as a blog format on a PC, it also provided original content for the PC site. 2011May 11, "Repro Premium Club Yui Aragaki Official Members Site" has ended.

The official fan club "Yui's Room" was opened on December 2012, 12. In December 25, "Yui's Room" was completed.


The leading work is the role nameTaiziNotated with.

TV drama



CM currently on air

Past broadcast commercials

Advertising model

Voice actor


    • "GIRLS LOCKS!(October 2006-December 10)-The first week of every month (October 2010-March 12) ・The third week of every month (April 1-September 2006) ・ 10/2008 The fifth week of the month, each Monday-in charge of Thursday. "Rubber part" Abbreviated "U part" former director.
    • "Gacky LOCKS!(2011 January-March 1)-Month 2012 week charge.



  • Press Taiga Special Earth of Life... Warning! The 50 Crisis There Now, What Can We Do? (April 2008, 4, TBS)-Reporter
  • Yui Aragaki Step by step little by little-now I'm 2008 years old (October 10, 18,NHK
  • FNN Super News Super Bulletin "Doctor helicopter Yui Aragaki is at the forefront report" (February 2010, 2, Fuji TV)
  • Miracle story seen by the fighting nurse SP "Code Blue" (March 2010, 3, Fuji TV)
  • Passion continent(December 2010, 8,MBS
  • Athlete's soul The 2nd "I want to cheer up Japan ~Ryo Ishikawa 19-year-old vow ~" (April 2011, 4, NHK)-Narration
  • NHK Special"Life breakthrough(May 2015, 5, June 10, July 6, 7, NHK) --Navigator[100]
  • Two Distances (August 2021, 8, NHK) --Narration



  • Odakyu Shinjuku Nikomo talk show, handshake & photo session (2001)
  • nicola reader opening day in Tokyo (2002)
  • nicola reader opening day in Osaka (2002)
  • Nikola shop "girl is girl" one day store manager (2002)
  • Shinjuku Isetan Nikomo talk show, handshake & photo session (2002)
  • Nikola Stamp Rally Shibuya/Harajuku Edition (2002)
  • Nikola Stamp Rally, Osaka/Umeda (2002)
  • nicola reader opening day in Utsunomiya (2004)
  • nicola reader opening day in Tokyo (2004)
  • Spring Day Television Festival France! (2005)




PieRelease datetitleSales formStandard product number
12008 0May 7make my dayCDFirst Press Limited Edition AWPCL-10480
CD + DVDFirst Press Limited Edition BWPZL-30094 / 5
First Press Limited Edition CWPZL-30096 / 7
22008/10/15Red stringCDLimited EditionWPCL-10610
CD + DVDNormal EditionWPZL-30108 / 9
32009 0May 2pieceCDFirst Press Limited Edition AWPCL-10662
First Press Limited Edition BWPCL-10663
Normal EditionWPCL-10664
42009 0May 5Depressed pictureCDLimited EditionWPCL-10685
Normal EditionWPCL-10686
Seiji FujishiroDesign jacket limited editionWPCL-10721


PieRelease datetitleSales formStandard product number
12007/1205 daysSkyCD + DVDNormal EditionWPZL-30074 / 5
CDLimited EditionWPCL-10446
22009 0May 6hugCD + DVDNormal EditionWPZL-30120 / 1
CDFirst Press Limited Edition AWPCL-10669
2CDFirst Press Limited Edition BWPCL-10670 / 1
32010 0May 9 Rainbow CDNormal EditionWPCL-10869
First Press Limited Edition AWPCL-10868
CD + DVDFirst Press Limited Edition BWPZL-30223 / 4

Video work

PieRelease datetitleSales formStandard product number
12007/12/12Sora FilmsDVDWPBL-90104

Music for online distribution only

Delivery start datetitleSinger namespecificationRemarks
2009/1209 daysSmall love songYui Aragaki and Boys and Girls GackyChaku-Uta・Chaku-Uta Full・blackberry-iTunesMONGOL800Cover song. SONY "WALKMAN" Play You. "Sing, teens." Project "10 people + 3000 version" by "Yui Aragaki and 3000 junior and senior high school students".Later, digital distribution and subscription distribution were lifted.
2010 0May 9DogwoodYui Aragaki & SCHOOL OF LOCK! ListenersChaku-Uta full moraIssei YoCover song.TOKYO FM "SCHOOL OF LOCK!』12 selected members from listeners,Akasaka SacasWith over 200 students gathered inPublic recording"SCHOOL OF LOCK! Version".Later, digital distribution and subscription distribution were lifted.


Song titleTie-up
heavenly daysTohoDistribution movie "Love sky"Insert song
Hill of sunMitsuya CiderTV CM song
make my dayFuji Television Network, IncDrama seriesHachiwan Diver] Theme song
MemoriesCine canonDistribution movie "Madori in love] Theme song
Depressed pictureNippon TVDrama seriesAishiteru-Kaiyo-"Insert song
HoneyTBSSpring theme song for "Hana Sacas"
Heart will driveRound oneCorporate CM song
A little love songSONY Walkman "Play You." CM song
WALKShochikuDistribution movie "Insect Story Mitsubachi Hatch-Courage Melody-] Theme song



Picture book

  • The Three Little Pigs (released June 3, 2010, mpi)

Photo album

  • Gacky Book(April 2004, 4 released, Shinchosha)-nicola April issue separate volume
  • Chura☆Chura (on sale March 2006, 3,Shueisha
  • Mashiro (released on March 2007, 3,Shogakukan
  • Smile Yui Aragaki in Love Madrid (released on July 2007, 7,Gentosha)-Mook book
  • Koisora ​​Official Photod Book -Yui Aragaki as Mika- (released October 2007, 10,Tokyo News Tsushin)-Mook book
  • Monthly Yui Aragaki Special(Released on July 2010, 7, Shinchosha)
  • NYLON JAPAN × Yui Aragaki Fashion Photo Magazine (released September 2012, 9, Transmedia)
  • YUI ARAGAKI NYLON JAPAN ARCHIVE BOOK 2010-2019 (released December 2019, 12, Kamuel)

Trading cards

  • Hit's LIMITED Yui Aragaki Trading Card (Released on December 2006, 12)


  • Yui Aragaki 2005 Calendar (released December 2004, 12, TRI-X [Hagoromo])
  • Yui Aragaki 2006 Calendar (November 20050Released on the 7th, Tri-X [Hagoromo])
  • Yui Aragaki 2007 Calendar (November 20060Released on the 4th, Tri-X [Hagoromo])
  • Yui Aragaki 2008 Calendar (released December 2007, 10, TRI-X [Hagoromo])
  • Yui Aragaki 2009 Calendar (released December 2008, 10, TRI-X [Hagoromo])
  • Yui Aragaki 2010 Calendar (released December 2009, 10, TRI-X [Hagoromo])
  • Yui Aragaki 2011 calendar (released October 2010, 10, Tri-X)
  • Yui Aragaki 2012 calendar (released October 2011, 10, Tri-X)
  • Yui Aragaki 2013 Calendar (November 20120Released on the 6th, Tri-X)
  • Yui Aragaki 2014 Calendar (November 20130Released on the 2th, Tri-X)
  • Yui Aragaki 2015 Calendar (November 20140Released on the 8th, Tri-X)
  • Yui Aragaki 2016 Calendar (November 20150Released on the 7th, Tri-X)
  • Yui Aragaki 2017 calendar (released October 2016, 11, Tri-X)
  • Yui Aragaki 2018 calendar (2017 release, Tri-X)
  • Yui Aragaki 2019 calendar (2018 release, Tri-X)



tv set

  • 2009
  • 2013
    • 79th The Television Drama Academy Awards Supporting Actress Award: "Legal High"
  • 2015
  • 2016
    • 6th Confidence Award Drama Award Best Actress: "Escape is shameful but useful"[104]
    • 91st The Television Drama Academy Award for Best Actress: "Escape is shameful but useful"[105][106]
    • 26 timesTV LIFEAnnual Drama Award 2016 Leading Actress Award: "Escape is shameful but useful"[107]
    • 25 timesHashida Prize: "Escape is shameful but useful"[108]
    • 20 timesDaily Sports Drama Grand Prix Best Actress: "Escape is shameful but useful"[109]
  • 2017
    • Tokyo drama award Best Actress: "Escape is shameful but useful"[110]
    • 94th The Television Drama Academy Award Supporting Actress Award: "Code Blue-Dr. Heli Emergency Lifesaving-THE THIRD SEASON"



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外部 リンク

Ryunosuke Kamiki

Ryunosuke Kamiki(Kamikiryu no Suke,1993 <5>May 5 -) isJapan OfAn actor,Voice actor,YouTuber.SaitamaI'm fromCo-LaVo(Collaboration) Affiliation (April 2021)AmuseTransferred from).



Experienced a major illness at birth[4]"I think it's a miracle if you think you're standing here like this right now," he said. Mother applied and passed the office[5].. 1995, CM debut[6].1999 ,TV drama"Good newsMade a drama debut[7].2005 , Affiliation officeAmuseTransferred to.


2004 ,movies"Dad's backdrop』, played the role of a son who keeps his distance from the father of a professional wrestler[7].

2005 ,movies"Youkai Great War],Japan Academy Award・Received the New Actor Award[6].

2006 Broadcast on January 7Detective school QThe first drama[8].. The drama2007 Was made into a serial drama[9].

2008 ,Satoshi KuramotoThe TV drama "Written by"Wind garden]Savant syndromePlayed the role of Shiratoritake[6].

2010 , NHK special drama "Thread of heart] InYasuko MatsuyukiPlaying the role of son ofsign languageAnd received the special training of the piano[10].

2011 , "Thread of the heart"Monte Carlo TV FestivalNominated for Best Actor. TV drama "Broadcast from OctoberThere are 11 people!][11].

2012 ,movies"Movie version SPEC]. Released in the summer of the same yearKirishima, quit club activities] In "HetarePlayed a high school student[12][13].

same year,NHK OfTaiga drama"Kiyomori Taira"soYoshitsune MinamotoPlayed. In 2005, in the 5th grade of elementary school, the taiga drama "Yoshitsune』Ushiwakamaru was played, and in the Taiga drama changed the work, played the childhood and adulthood of the same person.

2013 ,TV drama"family game].

2014 ,movies"Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Fire of Kyoto / The End of the Legend』, and popular in the original[14]Sojiro SetaPlayed a role.

2019 ,stage"Beautiful-Woman who met with God-』, the first time to appear in a stage work.

Voice business

2001 ,Studio GhibliProduction featureAnimated movie"Spirited Away』Appeared as a boy, and debuted as a voice actor.

2009 , An animated moviesummer Wars, Starring in the role of Kenji Koiso.

2016 , An animated movieWhat is your name?, Starring Tachibana Taki,Voice actor awardWon the "Best Actor Award"[15]..At that time, the box office rankings for this work were "Spirited Away" and "Spirited Away".Titanic], [Frozen』, Recorded the 4th place in Japan and the 2nd place in the history of Japanese movies[16].


2020 From March 525th anniversary project of debutAnnounced to start[17].. June 6, the same year as the first,YouTubeChannel "Ryutube" opened[18][19].. Ryunosuke Kamiki The original logo for the 25th anniversary project of the debut was designed by a graphic designer who is familiar with Kamiki.Taku Sato[20].

A new company invested by the office from Amuse, which I belonged to for 2021 years on April 4, 1Co-LaVo(Collaboration) ”[21].

As of April 2021, 5ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エA game that was being released more and was being played by myself"FINAL FANTASY XIV"Became an ambassador[22].



TaiziIs the main character or the main character.

TV drama



Television Animation

Theater animation




  • Ikariya Chosuke Wild Africa Adventure ~ Traveling with an 8-year-old best friend 16000km (2001,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.
  • The future of the earth! Emergency coverage "Seiji MiyaneWhat is a sustainable world?" (July 2012, 7, NTV)-Navigator
  • Newly Discovered Art Variety "Aho! The World!" (November 2012, 11, Fuji TV)-Navigator
    • New Discovery Art Variety "Aho!" (March 2013, 3, Fuji TV)-Studio Guest, Navigator
  • Ryunosuke Kamiki A 20-year-old Journey Goes on the Vietnam Border Railway-For the most beautiful terraced rice fields in the world-(July 2014, 7, BS Japan)-Navigator
  • NHK Special NEXT WORLD Our future (January 2015, 1-February 3, 2, NHK)-Navigator[69]
  • Butterfly effect There is now because there was that day (January 2022, 1, NHK General TV) --Navigator[70][Annotation 3]

Radio program

Radio Drama

  • Bonkura(October-December 2005 (10 times in total),ABC Radio, Original:Miyuki Miyabe)-The role of Santaro on the forehead
  • Daily living(January-March 2006 (1 times in total), ABC Radio, Original: Miyuki Miyabe)-Santaro Odeko

Web drama



  • "Howl's Moving Castle" "I can't wait for the release!" Meet Howl at Nippon Television Plaza (November 2004, 11, Nippon Television Plaza)-Opening Ceremony Guest
  • Aichi Expo Closing Ceremony (December 2005, 9,EXPO dome) - The guests
  • 18 timesTokyo International Film Festival(October 2005, 10)-Ceremony guest
  • Amuse presents THE GAME ~Boy's Film Show~ (2009)
  • Amuse presents SUPER Handsome LIVE 2009 ♂ man da man!! ♂ (December 2009th, 12th, 29 / Zeep Tokyo, Amuse)
  • Amuse presents THE GAME ~Boy's Film Show~ (2010)
  • Amuse presents SUPER Handsome LIVE 2010 (December 2010th and 12th, 29 / Zeep Tokyo, Amuse)
  • Amuse presents SUPER Handsome LIVE 2011 (December 2011-12, 26 / Pacifico Yokohama National Hall, Amuse)
  • Amuse presents SUPER Handsome LIVE 2012 (December 2012-12, 26 / Pacifico Yokohama National Hall, Amuse)
  • Amuse presents SUPER Handsome LIVE 2013 (December 2013th, 12th, 26 / Maihama Amphitheater, Amuse)
  • Amuse presents SUPER Handsome LIVE 2014 (December 2014-12, 26 / Pacifico Yokohama National Hall, Amuse)
  • Act Against AIDS 2015 "THE VARIETY 23" (December 2015, 12 / Nippon Budokan
  • Amuse presents HANDSOME FESTIVAL 2016 (December 2016, 12th, 17 / TOKYO DOME CITY HALL, December 12 / Tokyo International Forum Hall A, Amuse)
  • Kaori Ekuni×Mori Yukinojo New duet poetry collection release commemorative reading session "Darkness in the shape of a door" (January 2017, 1 / Nihombashi Mitsui Hall)-Read aloud[81]
  • Amuse Presents HANDSOME FILM FESTIVAL 2017 (December 2017-12, 25 / TOKYO DOME CITY HALL, Amuse)[82]
  • Act Against AIDS 2018 "THE VARIETY 26" (December 2018, 12 / Nippon Budokan)
  • "Suddenly read a book!" Produced by Hideto Iwai (February 2020, 2 / Asakusa France Theater Touyokan)
  • 15th Anniversary SUPER HANDSOME LIVE "JUMP ↑ with YOU" (February 2020, 2 / Ryogoku Kokugikan
  • Act Against Anything VOL.1 "THE VARIETY 27" (December 2020, 12 / Nippon Budokan)
  • "Suddenly read a book! In Tokyo International Forum" produced by Hideto Iwai (December 2020, 12 / Tokyo International Forum Hall C)
  • Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival 2021 (May 2021th and 5th, 15) --Talk Stage "Naoki's Room" Special Guest[83]

Music video

Drama CD



  • "TOO YOUNG TO DIE! Hell Song Hell" (2016)-Movie "TOO YOUNG TO DIE! die young"soundtrack. Participated as a guitar and Daisuke for the rock band "Hell's Figure" that appears in the play[84].
    • "TOO YOUNG TO DIE!" (The theme song of "TOO YOUNG TO DIE!
    • "Heaven" ("TOO YOUNG TO DIE! Youth and Die" song in the play)


Magazine serialization

  • Ryunosuke Kamiki's Master's Cafe "an ・ an(August 2013, 8 issue-May 7, 2015 issue)

Cover photo

  • Take a breath with this night (Author, Ichi Kitahara, October 2020, 10,Poplar company[88]

Director / Produce

  • Music video
    • "I Treasure You" --Recorded on the handsome 15th anniversary album "15th Anniversary SUPER HANDSOME COLLECTION" JUMP ↑ "" (November 2019, 11, Amuse)[89]


  • 51 timesMonte Carlo TV Festival(Four largest video festivals in the world) "TV movie category" Actor nomination
  • The 51st Monte Carlo TV Festival (Four largest video festivals in the world) Special Award "AMADE/UNESCO Award"-NHK "Kokoro no Thread"
  • 4 timesTAMA Film Award Best New Actor Award-"Kirishima, stop club activities" "Theatrical version SPEC ~ heaven ~"[90]
  • 17 timesNikkan Sports・Drama Grand Prix/Spring drama "Supporting Actor Award"-"Family Game"
  • 77 times The Television Drama Academy Award "Supporting Actor Award"-"Family Game"
  • 23rd TVLIFE Annual Drama Awards 2013 "Supporting Actor Award"-"Family Game"
  • Seoul Drama Award 2015 Asia Star Award[91]


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