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🎥 | First collaboration with USJ "HUNTER x HUNTER"!Realistic reproduction of abilities with limited-time attractions

"HUNTER x HUNTER" is now available in the photo "Universal Cool Japan 2022"! – (C) P98-22 (C) V ・ N ・ MTM & (C) Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

First collaboration with USJ "HUNTER x HUNTER"!Realistic reproduction of abilities with limited-time attractions

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In the first collaboration with USJ, we prepared a "world that reproduces the abilities of Gon and Kirua in a super-realistic way."

The popular anime "HUNTER x HUNTER" based on Yoshihiro Togashi and Universal Studios Japan (USJ) ... → Continue reading

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First collaboration

Zoldic House

Zoldic House(Zoldyck)Yoshihiro TogashiCartoon ofHUNTER × HUNTERThe fictional assassin family that appears in.


One of the main charactersKillua-ZoldyckBirthplace.

legendaryAssassinCalled a family, it was rumored that "no one has ever seen a true face" and "even a face photo is worth 1 million Jenny", but in reality there is no hiding at all. It is a tourist attraction outside the mansion on Kukuru Mountain in the Dentra district of the Republic of Padkia.The family business that undertakes assassination is known locally, but it is not afraid and is loved as a famous family.

The breakdown is said to be the husband and wife, five children (the third child is Kirua), the grandfather and his wife, and the elder's great-grandfather, according to the local tourist guide, but the actual elder is the high-grandfather (great-grandfather). Grandfather).

The official name of the huge main gate to enter the mountains is called "Trial Gate" (also known as "Door to Yomi"), and as the name suggests, it is a gate that tests the power of those who enter.Each door weighs 2 tons, and a large door from 1 to 7 opens according to the force of the pusher, and the weight doubles as the number increases (7 doors). Weighs 128 tons each).Those who enter by means other than opening the trial gate are considered intruders and are attacked by the guard dog Mike, so they are not eligible to visit the Zoldyck family unless they have the power to open at least one 2 ton door. (However, if you enter correctly, you do not have to forcibly enter with 2 to 7 doors, and even if you enter 1 door, you will not be attacked by Mike even if you enter the gap where the gate is open without pushing it).

When there is a difference in the way of thinking and policy between families, we do not dare to integrate opinions, and under the condition that "the family will not kill", each will make the utmost effort to go through the method that they want, commonly known as " A method called "Internal Mission" is adopted, and in the work, in the "Chairman's General Election / Arca Edition", in response to the "pledge" and "restriction" of the ability to fight against Neferpitou. It is expressed in the form of "the confrontation between Kirua and Ilumi Silva Kikyo" that was triggered by Kirua's attempt to release Arca in order to save Gon who was in critical condition.[1].

There are no rules regarding assassinations between families, and assassinations are carried out at their own discretion.Therefore, there are various means and thoughts, such as those who try not to kill other than the target person as much as possible (Zeno etc.) and those who use unrelated humans as tools for the purpose (Ilumi).

soundThe section of is the order of the first work / the second work.


sound - Kanako Mitsuhashi / Mariya Ise

The third child of the Zoldyck family (third son).Passed the 288th Hunter Examination.The age is 12 years old (11 years old when first appearing).BirthdayMay 7..Height 158 ​​cm.Weight 45 kg.Blood type is A type.

Gon FreaksBest friend.I have lived a life where I have no chance to interact with anyone other than my family and butlers, but after leaving home with my mother and second son rarely stabbed.[2], Meet Gon in the 287th Hunter Exam, which he took with the intention of killing time, and he becomes his first friend in his life.After that, he spends a lot of time with Gon.The 287th Hunter Exam was Leorio's opponent in the final examBodroWas murdered and disqualified voluntarily, but in the 288th term, he was the only successful candidate to beat all the other participants.

He has been educated as an assassin since he was a child, and although he is a boy, he has already gained a lot of practical experience.AssassinationThe talent of Zoldyck is said to be the best in the history of the Zoldyck family, and all the family members except the second son, Milky, recognize Kirua as the successor to the Zoldyck family. It is evaluated as one), and is loved by all the butlers.On the contrary, Kirua feels annoyed at her mother Kyoko, feels awe at her eldest son Ilumi, looks down on her second son Milki, is a little spoiled by her grandfather Zeno, and respects her father Silva. ing[3]..As a "younger sister", she loves Yotsuko Arca to the extent that she is sometimes overprotective.[4].

I sometimes quarrel with Gon because I'm on good terms with him.Also, in the Dodgeball edition of Greed Island, he is so trusted that Gon says, "The reason why you can hit the aura with all your might is because Kirua has the ball."It seems that he was overconfident in his own ability before he learned the idea.NeteroIn the ball-taking battle with, I thought that if I continued for more than that, I would want to take it even if I killed it, and I was killing two other examinees who had a connection because the urge could not be suppressed (taken in the first animation) There is only one person. Only half-killed, not killed).In addition, when asked if he could want to kill him from the wing, he acknowledged that it was impossible, and he could not estimate the ability of a far superior person.In addition, he has a rivalry with Gon, such as feeling impatient when he finds that Gon is better than Kirua in the hunter test.

In contrast to Gon, who is straightforward, innocent, and madcap, he is calm and has a quick head rotation, and after first grasping the situation, he takes realistic actions to avoid danger.Also, sociable within the Zoldyck family.However, the timidity that sometimes appears is not only cultivated by the living environment, but also by the brainwashing by his brother Ilumi, and after the brainwashing is solved, the fundamental solidity remains, and the character becomes more courageous than before, and finally I also broke up from Illumina.However, because he is originally cautious, he may disagree with his peers.Although he is young, he has a philosophical way of thinking, and he has a divisive side, such as taking an infinitely cold attitude even if he is a relative, except for those who he admits.

Based on his father Silva's conviction that he is "my child", he escaped in front of the enemy and betrayed Gon by operating Illumina's needle saying "I will not fight the enemy who can not win" By breaking his vow, he was voluntarily urged to become a hitman, but Kirua pulled out the needle himself, and this attempt ended in failure.Eventually, the warnings against Arca and Kirua were lifted, effectively allowing the two runaways from the Zoldyck family.At one point, he seemed to be obsessed with his first friend, Gon, but as he continued his journey.IcargoThe number of friends who do not go through Gon is increasing, and he is mentally matured, remembering the beloved being, Arca, who was sealed.There were many turns in the first half of the work up to the chairman's election and Arca edition, and Gon was particularly active in the Arca edition where he was sent off as a semi-hero, and during the work he was growing both physically and mentally. I won't take it. "In the Dark Continent edition, in order to protect Arca from the pursuit of Illumina, he dissolves his partner with Gon and sets out on a journey.

Contrary to Gon, it tends to be less favored by adult women because it is polite and somewhat lacking in delicacy.In the workBiske,PalmI often get angry from[5]In the first animation, Menchi unilaterally made him an enemy of his eyes.On the other hand, Mito treats him as a pure friend of Gon, and Kirua also admires Mito as his ideal mother (as opposed to his hatred for his real mother).His hobbies and tastes, such as liking sweets and games, are childish today.Growing up without having to worry about money, he lacks a sense of money and is easy to bet on.When I'm addicted to gambling, it's almost empty.

When returning from the 287th hunter test, the trial gate is open up to 3 doors (16 tons), but when returning after the battle with Chimera-Ant, up to 5 doors (64 tons) It's open.


He is a changeable person.Taking advantage of its characteristics, he has acquired the ability to convert an aura into electricity.There is a restriction that the number of times of use and power change according to the amount of electricity charged in the body by a stun gun or the like.Normally, it would take several years to train to withstand electric shock, but Kirua was exposed to electric current on a daily basis from an early age (torture training), so she acquired this ability in a few days.Since it is based on the principle of numbing muscles with electricity, it is effective regardless of whether the opponent is a human or a chimeric ant, and it is an ability that can only be used by Kirua who has electrical resistance.

After acquiring this ability, in order to utilize the ability, it is made of a custom-made alloy that uses a chain for the string and weighs 50 kg.Yo-yoI carry two as weapons.This yo-yo is also used as a hand mirror to explore the surroundings from the blind spot.In the Chimera Ant edition, it was destroyed and lost by the ant palm's reinforced punch.

I am not very good at releasing an aura such as a circle from my body, and the range of the circle is a radius of 57 cm (a level that cannot be called a circle exactly).

Thunder palm (Izutsushi)
Melee attack technique.High-voltage current is emitted from both hands like a stun gun.Electric shock the enemy and temporarily block the movement.
Lightning strike (Narukami)
Ranged attack technique.It drops a high-voltage current over the enemy's head like a lightning strike.
Super speed assistive technique.From the brain, commands are sent to the limbs faster through the electric aura that is worn outside the body, without passing through the nerves of the trunk and spinal column.Hair fluffs like lightning while in use.The disadvantage is that it requires a lot of electricity and the battery runs out quickly.
Lightning stone fire
A technique to take the lead.By manipulating one's own body, it is possible to make an ultra-high-speed initial movement.When it was published in Weekly Shonen Jump, it was written as "Thunder Light Stone Fire".
Gale Jinrai
A technique to take the lead.The moment it is detected by the aura outside the body, it automatically returns a counter attack.Take the initiative faster than the brain recognizes.


The technique that Kirua received from an early age through training as an assassin.There is a difference in talent, such as the fact that Kirua's body is completely resistant to all poisons, as opposed to Silva, which has poison resistance but is incomplete.In addition, he is accustomed to being tortured according to his family's educational policy, and his wounds heal quickly.In particular, the fact that resistance to electricity was trained was later applied to his own ability.

Dark walk (Anpo)
Silent walking.Kirua has a habit of running (walking) using it even now that he has closed the assassination family business.
Limb music
An applied technique of dark walking.By adjusting the walking speed, the enemy will be shown an afterimage.
Physical manipulation
It sharply deforms its own claws and kills the opponent.In the scene where this was used in the film, the opponent's heart was pulled out at high speed and killed.The Zoldyck family specifically describes this action as "stealing (the other person's heart)."
Snake activity
It bends the joints of its own body freely, entangles with the other party, and destroys limbs.Used in mosquito women's battles.
Remove joints
Instantly remove the joints of your body and escape from restraint.It is also effective for restraint by mental ability.When I was caught by the gusset of the Phantom Troupe with a thread, I removed the joint and escaped.

Kirua brothers

Five brothers.

Illumi Zoldy
Voice- Takanorei / Masaya Matsukaze
The first child of the Zoldyck family (eldest son).Passed the 287th hunter exam. 24-years-old.Height 185 cm.Weight 68 kg.Blood type A.At the time of the test, I changed my face with a needle with my aura and said, "GuitarI used the pseudonym.Operational ability person.The basic first person is "I", but sometimes I say "I".
A young man with long hair.A person who educated Kirua as a leading assassin with his father.Its educational policy is to ensure that Kirua never dies under any circumstances.Although he is the one who distorted Kirua, these treatments come from his inflexible love for Kirua.According to the butler Tsubone, he looks like his mother.
As a hitman, he has a give-and-take equal relationship with his father Silva and grandfather Zeno.I took the hunter exam and passed it because I needed to qualify as a hunter because of my work.At Yorksin, at the request of Chloro, he assassinated the ten-year-old head with Maha and the cult.Hisoka,ChloroAnd there is business interaction.
He has a particularly ruthless heart in the Zoldyck family, takes the initiative in sacrificing ordinary people for the purpose (needle human being described later), has high ambition, and only Kirua is unconditional by "commanding" Nanika. When he finds out that he can grant his wish, he plans to get Kirua and Arca.Of the Hunter AssociationDe-chairmanArranged (with the political activities of the election), but he is revenge without hesitation.Although his ability is also good, it has not been released for fear of retaliation from Ilumi, who is too dangerous.
For Hisoka, in addition to business relationships, he is also regarded as a playmate (toy), and Hisoka also wants to make Kirua a toy (want to fight / kill), so provoking or promptly provoking, it is a confusing balance relationship. is there.Later, at the request of Hisoka, he joined the Phantom Troupe No. 11 and boarded the BW1 ship.The target received a challenge letter from Hisoka, "The client's Hisoka himself."On board the ship, they form a team with a cult who is a family member and a member of the brigade.
In the first anime version, he tried to eliminate Gon, who might affect Hisoka's personality, after the hunter test (he noticed Hisoka's gaze and gave up), even though he knew that he would buy Hisoka's anger. More emphasized.
Operation system ability
Operational ability to operate what is pierced by a needle.Often used for interpersonal use.You can also force your opponent to confess or give suggestions (Kirua was stabbed in the brain and hinted that he would "escape from an enemy who couldn't win for sure").You can also stab yourself and change your face.It is possible to disguise himself as another person, and he once served as a replacement for Hisoka in the brigade hideout.There is a drawback that the face will return in 4 to 5 hours if you do not keep sticking the needle.
Needle human
It is an enhanced version of the normal ability and uses a specially made needle.Those who have a needle stuck in their head will improve their physical strength and will be subordinate until they die.When it is stabbed, it is completely dominated, and it becomes like an unrecoverable crock, and even if the needle is pulled out, it does not heal.
A figure in which dozens of needles are stabbed in the head and the face is changed by the operation system ability.Since he keeps sticking the needle, he can change his face for a long time and hide.Although he is a hunter with this face and name, the Hunter Association knows what he is.It reappeared in this form during the Hunters Association presidential election.
Voice- Ken Ishizuka / Kimiko Saito
The second child of the Zoldyck family (second son). Born in 1981 or 82. 19 years old.Height 182 cm.Weight 141 kg.Blood type A.Operation system ability person[6].
Collecting figures, games, etc.Geek..A young man with long eyes, he is obese because he rarely leaves the house due to a large diet.He is the only Zoldyck family who loves Kirua and speaks on an equal footing with Kirua, and his brotherhood is not bad.He is not happy with Kirua, who has the expectations of the family, and is the only one in the family who has a cold attitude.Although he admits that Kirua's ability and talent are the best in the family, he calmly evaluates that his personality is not suitable for a hitman.He is usually looked down on by Kirua, who is called "Buta-kun" in the shadow, and when Kirua runs away from home, he is stabbed on his side.
As a hitman, he is in charge of work that does not require him to go out, and provides technical support for the assassination of his main father and brother.Kirua's weapon, the yo-yo, is his specialty.Although he is strong in computers and machines in general, it seems that he often makes things that are useless only by theory, and his grandfather Zeno says, "The smart but stupid thing is scratches on the ball."
From his nerd's will and obsession, he struggled to obtain GI and showed his energetic side to travel to Yorksin, but he was a millionaire at the auction.BatteraWhen he lost all, he returned home easily (in the second anime, Kirua noticed his existence at the auction).
In the musical version, he showed high physical ability regardless of appearance in the battle with Hisoka, but he was struck back and turned into a Hisoka puppet with his family and servants (later helped by Ilumi).
Voice- Maaya Uchida(2nd film)
The fourth child of the Zoldyck family.
She is dressed like a shrine maiden and has a hair clip that imitates emotions.The appearance is the woman itself, and the first person is also "I".Kirua calls her "younger sister" and treats her as a girl, but the exact gender is unknown because Ilumi calls her "younger brother" and the Zoldyck family butler calls her "bochama."Due to its peculiar ability, Silva called it "something darkness from somewhere else", and because of the danger of that ability, it was strictly isolated in the basement from an early age.He is not treated as a hitman at all, has no fighting ability, and is an ordinary child who cannot even defend himself.Although he is kept away from his family, he has an innocent and honest personality, which is unusual for the Zoldyck family.I loved Kirua and was so happy to hug him when I met him again.
The name itself came out from the beginning, but it first appeared in earnest from the presidential election edition.For that reason, it is the only Zoldyck brother who has not appeared in the first anime and the musical version.
The appearance that Arca changes when the begging of Arca is fulfilled three times in a row.It features black eyes and a half-open mouth that makes you feel as if you are laughing.Arca calls Kirua "brother", while Nanika calls Kirua "Kirua".Has the ability to fulfill the wishes of others, and returns to Arca when one wish is fulfilled.If you can't hear the begging, the other person will die.When a wish is made, he replies "Ai".After healing something, he always says, "Kirua, good boy, good boy."
Basically, the state in which Arca's face has changed is "Nanika", but to be precise, there are times when Arca's facial expression remains Nanika.Although it can be distinguished by the above-mentioned "calling to Kirua", it is difficult to distinguish which one is now with a simple appearance (detailed conditions will be described later).
Some of the following rules were investigated by sacrificing ordinary people and servants by Milky and others.
Nanika's ability
  • If you fulfill your begging three times in a row, you can fulfill only one wish.
  • If you decline the begging four times in a row, you will die at least two people, the begging person and the person he or she loves most, and the ones who have been in contact with that person for a long time.
  • The difficulty of the next begging increases in proportion to the difficulty of the wish, and the number of deaths if the begging cannot be fulfilled also increases.
  • If you make a wish that the process is unclear, it may come true by ignoring any damage to the surroundings (Example: I want to be rich → An airplane with a lot of money overhead causes an accident and scatters money ).
  • The same person cannot make a wish in succession.
  • If a person is killed without being able to respond to the begging, the difficulty level of the begging will be reset from now on.
  • When "curing", the subject must be touched directly.
  • Only Kirua can grant her wishes unconditionally by "ordering" Nanika, and does not require any compensation.Also, only Kirua can make wishes in succession.Kirua is an exception because Nanika loves Kirua.Kirua says he has never made a cruel begging after a request to heal[7].
In addition, although he begs when he returns to the appearance of Arca, it is "Nanika" who is actually begging (it cannot be distinguished by his appearance).Therefore, strictly speaking, Arca exists as Arca "until the begging fails and the death occurs until Nanika begs someone else for level 1" and "the begging is interrupted. Only when there is (there is no begging partner) "" after Nanika cures something and sleeps, until someone asks "Arca" and it comes true ".
Arca himself is aware of the existence of Nanika.After Gon's treatment, Kirua thinks for Arca and orders Nanika to "never come out again", but Arca blames Kirua for "Nanika is crying" and "Nanika must be taken care of". It seems that Arca cherishes Nanika[8].
During the intermission of 33 volumes of the book, it was stated that Nanika was from the Dark Continent.[9]..The bodies of the begging victims are twisted and compressed in a string, much like the victims of a disaster.The gas creature Ai screams like Nanika.
Voice- Yuko Maekawa / Mamiko Noto
The fifth and youngest child of the Zoldyck family. 10 years old.Height 150 cm.Weight 31 kg.Blood type A.Gender unknown (data book says younger brother[6]..In the novel, it's called my sister).The first person is "I".
Phantom brigadeMember.Member number 4.Operational ability person.
In Yorksin, he assassinated the ten-year-old head with Ilumi and Maha.Joined the Phantom Troupe as Hisoka's turn to regain his brother (who is unknown at this time).At first, I intended to quickly climb to the No. 2 position, but I was overwhelmed by the overwhelming difference in ability between Faytan and other members of the brigade and myself, and changed my mind. On Ship B / W1, he is working with his brother Ilumi, who joined the brigade.The "fact of joining the brigade" is also known to the Hunter Association.
The point of contact with Kirua has not been drawn so far, and the impression from him is unknown, but the cult himself has a refraction love for Kirua (from the correlation diagram of the omnibus treasure 2), and at the same time he is jealous of Arca. I have a heart.
At first glance, the kimono of a woman gives the impression of being quiet, but she has a habit of hitting her prey and sometimes shows irritation.Use paper fans and confetti as weapons.
Ability to operate paper (tentative name)
An operational ability that allows you to freely manipulate the paper with a folding fan to attack, or to attach a piece of paper to the subject so that you can hear the sounds and conversations around the subject through the paper doll.
Snake bite dance
An attack technique in which innumerable confettis are lined up like a snake and concentrated in one place.PowerChimera antHigh enough to amputate.
Search ability (tentative name)
Ability to find Avengane, an abandoner in the GI edition.Details are unknown.

Kirua's relatives

Voice- Koji Ishii / Koichi Yamadera
Zoldyck family head.The father of five brothers, Kirua and others. 5 years old.Height 46 cm.Weight 198 kg.Blood type A.Change-type ability person[6].
It has an assassination technique that can steal the heart without bleeding from the wound of the other party.I used to kill one of the Phantom Troupe at work,ChloroI have acquaintance with him.Later, he warned the Kirua brothers about the brigade with words such as "work that didn't pay" and "don't get involved with the brigade" (however, "not worth" is a tribute to the target. There is, Kirua says).In Yorksin, the Mafia asked him to fight Chloro with Zeno and two people to hunt him down, but as a result, the assassination of Ilumi's ten-year-old head, which Chloro requested, was cleared up first, and as a result, it was interrupted.Benz knife collector.It also has its own room decorated with semi-mechanical objects (there are pet-like animals in the room).
The specific ability is unknown, but he is showing off the attack technique with the aura accumulated in both hands.You can see how strong he is, but he is careful and sure about how to fight, and he does not take excessive risks.The "heart-drop fist listening" that Zeno experienced (a phenomenon experienced by a first-class martial artist) is also half-talked about.Like Kirua, the body is poison resistant.
When he returned to Kirua, he respected Kirua's will and showed his fatherhood by quietly and strongly saying "Don't betray Gon and other friends", but when Kyoko asked him, he showed his fatherhood. He hadn't given up on making Kirua his successor, such as asserting that Kirua would return to his parents' house someday on the grounds that he was "my child." By sticking a needle (Ilumi's needle) with the command "I will not fight the enemy who can not win", Kirua escapes in front of the strong enemy and betrays Gon, and Kirua who breaks the oath voluntarily kills It seems that he thought that it would be, but Kirua pulled out the needle himself, and Kirua himself grew up, so this idea ended in failure.In the election, he received a direct interview from Kirua to help Gon, but he did not listen to the wish to release Arca and was in conflict with Kirua. Try to resolve the conflict.Eventually, the vigilance against Kirua and Arca was lifted, effectively allowing them to run away from home.
He is very quiet and rarely expresses his emotions, but he does what he needs to do for Zoldyck's family.In the family, it goes well with Zeno, and often acts together with York Shin and Chimera-Ant.Originally, he loved Arca as his own child, but he is also a cautious group who regards the power of Nanika, who causes disasters to the surroundings, as dangerous, and tells the surroundings that he should not think of Arca as a family. ..
Voice- Rena Yukie / Iwao Junko
Mother of five Zoldyck brothers.Operation system ability person[6].. 42 years old.Height 170 cm.Weight 41 kg.Blood type A.From meteor town[6].
A mother who has a distorted affection for Kirua.He always wears mechanical goggles and has never shown his true face.He quarreled with Kirua and was stabbed in the face, and cried with excitement, saying, "I'm glad that you grew up well (as a hitman so much that you stabbed your mother)."Since he doesn't think he needs friends, he treats the canary as a nuisance, which can be a nuisance to Kirua and the public and private.Different names from children[10].
This goggle was equipped with remote viewing performance in collaboration with Milky (whether it was a combination of mechanical and mental abilities), and was monitoring inner missions over Arca.He seemed confused about his son Kirua, who had grown up in the elections, but he did not stop lifting the warnings against Kirua and Arca, effectively allowing them to run away from home.
Voice- Tadashi Miyazawa / Hiroshi Otake
Kirua's grandfather and Silva's father.Change-type ability person[6].
She wears clothes with embroidery such as "one day killed" and "lifelong active duty". 67 years old.Height 161 cm.Weight 58 kg.Blood type A.
A first-class martial artist who can experience the anecdote of heart-dropping fist listening.If you take it seriously, you can use a "circle" with a radius of 300m.
In Yorksin, he engages with Chloro with Silva at the request of the ten-year-old head.He makes the rearguard refrain from Silva, takes the initiative in attacking Chloro, and even orders him to "kill himself if there is a chance."When asked which one would win if it was one-on-one against Chloro, who had no match, he said, "I'm nine out of ten," and "if the Lord really wants to kill him, that's a different story."
He's a very noisy person at work, but otherwise he's a relatively good old man, especially sweet to Kirua.Killing is just a business, and he professes that it is not a job he likes.Do not kill outside of work, and act according to the rule that if the client dies even during work, the work will be terminated at that point.
He has a close friendship with Netero, and seems to have undertaken difficult tasks that the Hunter Association cannot do.With Netero at the request from that edgeChimera antJoin the subjugation army andMeruemuWas in charge of dividing the escort army.ZenoNeferpitouWhen he touches the circle, Neferpitou feels that he needs to unravel the circle and prepare for a complete battle.With an area attack just in caseWheatHe regretted that he might have killed an unrelated person for the first time after taking over the family business.
In the second TV anime, there is a scene where a newborn baby Zeno and an old man Netero meet.
Dragon head caricature (Dragon head)
A transformational ability that compresses the aura to the extent that it has physical attack power and manifests it in the shape of a dragon.
It is a basic form of Zeno's ability, and various derivative techniques are performed from here.
The created dragon makes various movements according to Zeno's will.It is also possible to fly a dragon away from the body, or to fly in the sky on the dragon.
Fang (Dragonlance)
A technique that imitates the aura concentrated in the hand on the head of a dragon and stretches it to attack.
It can be expanded and contracted and swiveled freely, and it can be attacked by biting the target with a dragon and capturing it, or by biting it as it is in some cases.It is also possible to shrink the body of the dragon and quickly approach the biting opponent.
Dragon Stars (Dragon Dive)
A wide-ranging indiscriminate attack technique that allows countless small aura dragons to fall from the sky like rain.Combined technique with release system ability.
Each small dragon is powerful enough to easily penetrate a concrete building from the 1rd floor to the 1st floor.In the work, "Ryuto Caricature" that was flying over the sky has appeared as a collaborative technique that bursts, splits, and falls.
Kirua's grandmother
You can see that it is in the story of the bus guide.Not yet appeared.
In the second anime, a silhouette that seems to belong to her appears.
Patriarch Zoldyck.Zeno's grandfather and Kirua's grandfather.Initially described as Kirua's great-grandfather[6]..Strengthening ability person[6].
Although he is the same age as Netero, he is still active.Height 140 cm.Weight 65 kg.Blood type A.It is said that he has had a battle with Netero in the past.At the request of the brigade leader Chloro, he assassinated the ten-year-old head with Illumina and the cult.[11]..The Zoldyck family's reign has been replaced, and there is no touch on the conflicts between the current family, such as the inner mission over Arca.
Aimed for the dark continent with Isaac-Netero and Linne-Hors d'oeuvre.Details are unknown.


Coordinates communication with the main residence, eliminates foreign enemies, responds to visitors, and handles all orders from the employer.There is a training center on the premises, where you are educated as a butler.According to Illumina, romance is prohibited, and if you make a lover, you will be sentenced to death.

Voice- Takashi Matsuyama / Horiuchi Keno
Butler chief.Height 182 cm.Weight 61 kg. A type.He is a ghost and wears glasses.It has a strict and intimidating atmosphere.He had a strong affection for Kirua, and he fought in a coin game because of his anger at Gon who came to take Kirua out of the Zoldyck family and his responsibility as a butler, and demanded that Gon and his party exchange lives (at this time, the first time). Was a polite response like a butler, but changed to a hostile attitude in the middle).However, at the same time, he also has a spirit and conscience that values ​​fair play, and in the end he entrusted Kirua to Gon and told Gon the absurdity of life.Kirua says, "I hate bending."
When Kirua takes Arca out to help Gon, he follows him as a guard along with Canary and Amane.While supporting Kirua as much as possible, he also acts as a liaison with Morau, but on the way he engages with Hisoka who chased Kirua.Although he hunts down Hisoka for a while and fights well, he is struck by the emptiness and killed.His death was hidden from Kirua by the kindness of the canary and the son of a raccoon dog.The body was buried on the premises of the Zoldyck family and offered coffee and coins.
Ability to fire coins with more power than bullets (tentative name)
Ability to flip coins with the fingertips of both hands and fire them as memorial bullets.The range is several tens of meters.It is more powerful than a bullet, has excellent rapid-fire and rapid-fire properties, and has high accuracy.Power can be distributed to either bullet speed or rotational force.When the fired coin hits, it penetrates the target as it is, and if it stops inside the target, it causes fatal damage by rotational movement.You can fire dozens of coins at a time, but since you are using real coins, you will need to reload them if you run out of coins.
It has the power recognized by Hisoka of the Hyakusen Hakusen, and even though it is in a state where it completely knocks down the hit tree and is completely separated from the hand, it exerts the power that can entangle the Hisoka together with the bungee gum by the rotational force and strangle it. did.
Voice- Reiko Kiuchi / Kumai Motoko
Butler apprentice girl.Height 164 cm.Weight 52 kg. AB type.He has mastered combat techniques using a cane with a sphere fitted in the grip, and has the ability to bring back 100 of Sequant's subordinates.The Zoldyck family has a legal friendship with him because he is close to Kirua, but Canary himself felt a dilemma that he had to kill it.He tried to prevent Gon and his friends from entering the garden, but when he saw Gon's strong will, he revealed his true intention, "I want you to help Kirua," and allowed him to enter the garden.
When Kirua takes Arca out to help Gon, he follows him as a guard along with Goto and Amane.
In the musical versionSuzuki MasahitoIs playing her.In the musical version, the canary was thought to have died, but Hisoka's bungee gum killed him for a lifetime.
In the second TV anime, he is from Meteor Street and is set to use limb songs.
Voice- Ikuko Tani(2nd film)
A butler who reports directly to Silva.An old woman who can only call Kirua "Kirua-chan" and has a big heart.Kirua is the only butler who is not good at it, and is feared to be called "Tsubone-sensei" by the butler's chief, Goto.
He sometimes sees Kirua's growth with deep emotion, but he doesn't have a good impression of Kyoko because of his philosophy of killing, and he doesn't like his mother-like Illumina.
At the order of Silva, along with Amane, he will be the Metsuke of Kirua and Arca.
The Wallflower Seven Changes (Riders High)
Embody various vehicles based on your own body.The driving force is the rider's aura, so it cannot be operated on its own.His face is caricatured and attached to the nose of the vehicle, and he can speak words.
When the canary and Amane got on the bike, they ran on the paved road at a speed far faster than Kirua's lightning-fast fire.
Voice- Marina Inoue(2nd film)
Tsubone's granddaughter and butler.Along with Tsubone, Silva is entrusted with monitoring Kirua and Arca.He behaves calmly during his duties, but his true personality is a type that exposes his emotions.I admire Kirua.
Voice-Unknown / Namikawa Daisuke(Episode 25) →Takuma Suzuki(Episode 143)
Butler of the Zoldyck family.Cooperate with Goto's time-killing game.Behind the gons, I took out a long knife and gave it a sense of urgency.He secretly participates in the end of the coin game, but is easily spotted by Gon.
When Kirua takes Arca out to help Gon, he arrives by car at the landing site of Kirua and the airship on which Arca is aboard, and takes them to the hospital where Gon is.However, he has already been turned into a needle human by Illumina, and Kirua and his friends are trapped by Illumina.
In the second animation, he is in charge of treating Gon's wound that came to the butler's room.
The original and the first anime have black hair, but the second one has orange hair.
Voice- Chinatsu Akasaki(2nd film)
A female butler of the Zoldyck family.I was in charge of Arca.Discover Arca's "Nanika" next to Kirua.Kikyo told me to refuse "begging", and as soon as I refused four times, my body became minced and died.At that time, a colleague Hasam who was in another place died in the same way, so it seems that Hasam was the most beloved person, but the detailed relationship is unknown.
Butler of the Zoldyck family.At the same time that Mitsuba refused "begging" four times, he died in the same minced form as Mitsuba.
Voice- Megumi Ban(2nd film)
A female butler of the Zoldyck family.He was the caretaker of Arca after Mitsuba, but the devil inserts and asks Arca to "make him a millionaire."Immediately afterwards, all the cash was scattered around me from the suddenly appearing cash carrier.
Voice- Yuki(2nd film)
A female butler of the Zoldyck family.There was a lover who got to know each other on the cyber net and hit it off.Ilumi took her lover hostage for Arca's experiment and was appointed as Arca's caretaker. It was said that both of them would be released if they could make a "begging", but they died because they were given four "begging" that they couldn't fulfill.At that time, a total of 4 people, including lovers, who were related to me were involved.However, the loved one before he had a lover was his real mother, but he couldn't get involved because he spent a short time together due to family circumstances.


Voice- Shoichiro Akahoshi / Yutaka Nakano
Zoldyck family servant (cleaner).The guards at the gate are ostensibly, but in reality, they are the guards when Mike attacks an intruder who entered from other than the main gate.The power is strong, and the first gate of the main gate can be opened.It's been a good year, but I'm still training because I'm fired if I can't open it.I kindly treated the Gons who visited Kirua.In the musical version, a fake who ghosted Illumina also appeared on the way.
Voice- Takuya Hiramitsu / Tomohiro Nishimura
Zoldyck family servant (cleaner).Former bounty hunter.He once boarded the Zoldyck family with 100 children, but was annihilated by the only canary and became a servant.In the second anime, the bounty hunter is another big man (voice- Kanemitsu), And he himself was changed to a standing position such as a leader of his minions.
A giant guard dog of the Zoldyck family.Body length 377 cm.Weight 405 kg.He acts only by instinct without ego, and has only the consciousness of the command "Intruder should bite and kill" (actually, he eats and skeletonizes), but "Do not attack those who open the trial gate and enter. Is also given.It cannot be controlled by anyone other than the Zoldyck family, and it is thoroughly trained so that it will never be missed by outsiders.Even Gon, who can communicate with the beast, is not only unable to communicate, but is scared enough to sweat at first glance and refuses to contact him.Aside from the size, the figure is a breed of dogBorzoiVery similar to.Only the name appeared in the musical version.
Voice- Namiki Noriko / Miki Nagasawa
A guide to the "Crying Sightseeing Bus" operating in the Republic of Padkia.Since the Zoldyck family is also a tourist attraction, a fat woman who continues to guide calmly even when she sees the skeletonized corpse of a human being eaten by Mike (however, she was surprised loudly in the second animation).There was no name in the original, it was named in the first animation. There is a nickname "Koko-chan".


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ Ilumi told Kirua in this "inner mission" that he would not kill the "family", but like Silva, he did not consider Arca a "family" and when pursuing Kirua Arca. In addition, since he asked Hisoka, who offered to cooperate, to "eliminate the butlers (Goto, Canary, Amane) who are acting with Kirua," he also told the butlers such as Goto, "In the" family ". It seems that he thinks that there is no such thing.
  2. ^ The mother saw it as Kirua's growth and shed tears of joy.
  3. ^ It is unclear what Kirua thinks about Maha and the cult, and it is not written in the correlation diagram of the omnibus treasure2.According to the correlation diagram of the omnibus treasure2, Maha basically has no touch on family matters, so it is unknown whether he has an exchange with Kirua.
  4. ^ In the presidential election / Arca edition, it is hard to get involved with the general public, such as flying a dummy plane and attacking Illumina.
  5. ^ Biske is called Babaa, etc.
  6. ^ a b c d e f g h From "Hunters Guide".
  7. ^ According to Kirua, "Nanika is just using her power to be complimented by me."That's why Nanika says, "Kirua, good boy, good boy" after healing something.
  8. ^ After this, Kirua apologized to Arca and Nanika, respectively, and ordered "Don't listen to other guys' requests anymore!" Instead of "Don't come out."
  9. ^ In the comic volume 33, page 26, it is stated that "Ai, I am from the dark continent."
  10. ^ Arca is unknown, but Ilumi is "mother", Milky is "mama", Kirua is "mother", and cult is "mother".
  11. ^ In the second anime, Maha was not depicted during the assassination of the ten-year-old head.First appearance in silhouette in the Zoldyck family edition.Later, only the face was drawn in the "Correlation diagram around Arca" in the presidential election.


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