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🎥 | Yui Okada, the reason for the movie offer that you can't even hear the first appearance in the morning drama "Where was it seen? I'm scared."

Yui Okada who appeared in the photo movie "What on earth are you fighting?"

Yui Okada, the reason for the movie offer that you can't even hear the first appearance in the morning drama "Where was it seen? I'm scared."

If you write the contents roughly
Moreover, Mr. Enken and Mr. Yasuda are insanely interesting even if they play the leading role.

Yui Okada, who is active in variety shows with her outstanding wit and charm as a weapon, has recently been an actor in dramas and movies ... → Continue reading

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Ken Yasuda

Ken Yasuda(Ken Yasuda,1973 May 12 -) isJapan OfAn actor,talent,Voice actor, ExHokkaido OfLocal talent.. Nickname is "Yasuda'[3][4],Ken-chan'[5]. My office isCREATIVE OFFICE CUE, Business alliance partnerAmuse..Theater unit ・TEAM NACSBelongs to, and serves as the first and third generation sub-leader (current position).HokkaidoMuroranEtomoFrom the district[6].2002 From MuroranOldness and ambassador[7].. brother is作曲家でRadio director OfFumio Yasuda[8].


Muroran City Etomo Elementary School[9], Muroran City Konan Junior High School[10],Hokkaido Muroran Sakae High SchoolGraduated from the regular course.I was aspiringHokkaido University of EducationOn the day of the entrance examination痉挛I wake up and can't take the examHokkai Gakuen UniversityFaculty of BusinessEnroll in[11]..At university, initiallyjazzI entered the study group, but I was reminded of the high level and retired.afterwards,Glee club,ESSBut none of them matched the atmosphere[12]..Eventually, I sold dumplings at a school festival mock shop and entered a theater study group that I was having fun with.[13]..He also said that his motive was that he wanted to change his dark personality, and he cut his hair in front of the mirror at the boarding house and thought, "I think I can play."[14][15].

At the drama study group, the second grade seniorHiroyuki MorisakiMeet.It was fun to learn the fun of the play and the hard work to get people to see it, and to get the reaction of the customers live.[16]..At that time, the theater companyOOPARTSとTheater company Inada groupMorisaki, who was in charge of this, introduced Yasuda as a kettle in order to concentrate on the Inada group.Takayuki SuzuiTheatrical company presided overOOPARTSJoin[17], Appeared in parallel with the activities of the theater study group.1998 Belongs until the complete disappearance of.

After the talent debut

1993 , OOPARTS affiliation and at the same time managed by SuzuiEntertainment production-CREATIVE OFFICE CUEJoined,Local talentStart activities as.Suzui is in charge of "Weekly Nan! Can!』(HTB) First appearance on a TV program in a corner project[18].

1996 , A junior of the theater study group for Morisaki and his graduation performanceOizumi Hiroshi,Shigeyuki Sato(CurrentToshige Shigeyuki),Takuma OnoTheatrical unit withTEAM-NACSFormed[Annotation 2], Disbanded in a one-time performance.In addition, "Gamera 2 Invasion of LegionAt the beginning of the movie, he will appear for the first time in the role of a Self-Defense Forces member who tells the urgent news of a meteorite fall.

After graduating from collegegeneral Hospital内 のDentistryMedicalclerkI get a job as[19], Retired 10 months after joining the company because he concentrates on entertainment activities[11]..Later, he said that the reason he quit was not because he quit with a strong desire to become an actor, but because he thought that his job was not suitable and he was not familiar with the workplace, so he used the play as an excuse to escape from the workplace. I'm recollecting.After retirement, my ex-boss said, "Once you lose trust, you will never return. I don't know what path you will take, but please do not betray the trust of others. I heard that my consciousness changed when I received a New Year's card with the text "I am."[20]..After retirement, while doing entertainment activitiesHotelI had a part-time job such as breakfast buffet[21].

1997 , Morisaki retired from the company like himself and returned to Hokkaido from Tokyo, and reunited TEAM-NACS.

1998 , BelongedOOPARTSIn the spring of that year, he formed a theater company with Shuji Hasegawa and Yukio Kanayama, who also belonged to OOPARTS. In December 2, he held his first performance, not only appearing as a deputy presidency, but also writing and directing, but due to his own advance into Tokyo and the withdrawal of friends,2003 The theater company has been suspended and has been virtually dissolved.

Also, since 1998, Oizumi has appeared regularly.Hokkaido TV(HTB) midnightEntertainment shows"What about Wednesday』, Of the same stationMascot character"on-chan"ofSuit actor[Annotation 3] As a semi-regular appearance.

2001 In the movie "Director Takayuki Suzui"man-hole』First starring.

2004 OctoberFirst advance to Tokyo at the stage "TEAM NACS 10th performance" LOOSER ~ Album that keeps losing ~ "[22].. In March 2004,AmuseAfter that, the work in Hokkaido will be handled by CREATIVE OFFICE CUE, and the work outside Hokkaido will be handled by Amuse.[23].

2006 of"Jiro Chief Fuji』(NHK), First appearance in a national drama series.After that, both TEAM NACS and TEAM NACS became known all over the country.NHK OfTaiga drama-Continuous tv novelOr TokyoKey stationSerial drama,moviesHe has also appeared in the movie and starred in the movie, and is now doing his job in Tokyo.TransgenderHe plays a wide range of roles, such as strange roles such as metamorphosis and aliens, hard roles such as yakuza, detectives, and doctors, and ordinary people who are small citizens.[16][24][25].



My fatherWelder,Mother isinsurance Ofsalesmanwas[26][27].

In 2002, he married a general woman who had been dating since he was a student at the end of eight years. The eldest daughter was born in 8[28].. As of 2015, his wife and eldest daughter were in Hokkaido, and he was assigned to Tokyo alone.[29]Because I am busy with acting activities, I could only go back to my home in Hokkaido about once a month.[30]..After that, he invited his family to Tokyo when his eldest daughter went on to junior high school.


He is a "metamorphic character" that he admits to himself and others, and he wants to take off his clothes as soon as he gets drunk.Nudist YasudaHas the nickname[31]..In the past"Suzui's nest』(HTB), Published by fundraising in the programPhimosisHave surgery[32],Hanatarenakus』(HTB) national special program,Ayako IshizawaAs much as eating the used tissue of the announcer[33], Actual movie "HK Hentai MaskWhen I received a request to appear, I was the president of the office.Ayumi Ito"Akira-chan is a metamorphosis, but the role of metamorphosis did not come at all. I am really glad that the role of metamorphosis came this time."[34]..In addition, you can freely release the flatulence.[35],GOLGOLGO』(AIR-G') Then every time you issue a flatulenceSapporo TV TowerThere was a project called "Hekoiderman" that climbed the stairs one by one.

Also, "How about Wednesday" "Chef Oizumi Christmas party in the carWas the president of the office (at that time) in a drunken stateTakayuki Suzui"No, it's actually a problem, I can't eat with this president," he complains. In "Hanatarenakus"Off-road OfFour-wheel drive vehicleRolled over and wrecked the car to the point where it was impossible to continue on locationPocket bikeThere is an episode that even if it crashes with, there is no injury[26][36].

milkI am good at quick drinking[37], "How about Wednesday"Confrontation archipelagoAnd "Hanatarenakus" often showed off early drinking of milk, but immediately after that, the milk I drankreverseI often end up doing it, and it was used as a material in the program[38]..Even now, those programs are repeatedly aired on reruns, etc., so he is dissatisfied with the fact that "milk reverse" has been broadcast for many years.[38]..On the other hand, it is also known to be very clumsy, and in "How Do You Like Wednesday", "Shi"Ehu Oizumi Summer Vegetable SpecialWhen I challenged ceramic art as one of the projectsPotter's wheelI couldn't turn it well and I turned around with the potter's wheel.[39].

From such a wild activity in variety shows, "Heisei Ofmonster","A man who calls a miracleThere is also a synonym with[40][41][42]..He himself said, "I'm not a person who comes up with something interesting the moment I think I have to say something interesting. I desperately do something, and as a result, I get laughed at and it's interesting when I don't know. I think "human beings"[43]..Oizumi also pointed out that there are "unimaginable ideas and explosive fun", and he thinks that Yasuda will make you laugh if you are in trouble.[44].

Hobbies etc.

The registered domicile is "XNUMX-XNUMX Honcho, Muroran City, Hokkaido".This is also the title of his essay, but this address no longer exists[45].

HobbyWestern music鑑賞[46].. Especially,ビ ー ト ル ズHas been a fan since he was in the second year of junior high school, and he says that he can tell which song he has by listening to the intro.[47]..In college,ジ ョ ン · レ ノ ンI was dressed as long hair with silver-rimmed round glasses, but it was thought to be unpleasant by the people around me.[48]. album"Abbey Road』The jacket photo was takenAbbey RoadWhen I crossed the pedestrian crossing, I felt the loneliness of having crossed the longed-for Abbey Road, and said, "Something is over ..."[49]..Also with John LennonYoko OnoThe apartment where I livedDakota House", And has a series of talks while bed-in with guests.At the general meeting of shareholders of Amuse, which has a business alliance, he went in front of shareholders, but he said he was "embarrassed" in his pajamas.[50][51].

Besides this,Yuki Saito,aikoI'm a fan of.What is Saito?Little Princess Seira』(TBS) And got an autograph[52]..In addition, aiko is a music program that has been a navigator for 15 years.Yume Chika 18』(HTB) graduation time nomination and co-starring[53][54].

ラジオ好きであり、TBS Radio『』のリスナーである[55]。日曜劇場『Downtown rocket』でイモトと共演した際にその事を伝えた縁で2019年2月20日の放送に出演したこともある[55].

wrestlingIs also a big fan of[56]..When I was in elementary school, I was doing it from 8 o'clock on Friday.World pro wrestling』(TV AsahiWatching the system)wrestlingI was addicted to it all at once and was playing wrestling[57].First generation tiger maskHe said he was banging his head on the desk because he wanted to get stiff.[58]..Today it was the first Tiger maskSatoshi SayamaI have a tiger mask[59]. "WRESTLE KINGDOM 11""Ring announcerWent[60].

I also like alcohol, especially酎 焼 酎 OfCarbonic acidI like splitting[61]..As I got older, I changed from carbonic acid to soy milk.[16]..Even late at night, only evening drinks are indispensable[62].. He likes to drink alone and often drinks at the same izakaya.[63][64]..I often talk to strangers I meet at the store[16].

What's your favorite movie"The man is painful』.Previously, every time I came to TokyoShibamataI go to and have a DVD box containing the entire series[65][66]..Torajiro Kuruma is mentioned as a person he respects[67].

shrimpWas my favorite, but "How about Wednesday?"Chef Oizumi Christmas party in the car", Made by Yo Oizumi, in a half-life stateShrimp chiliAfter eating and getting sick, I became allergic to shrimp.[68]..I like grilled seaweed and I'm not good at eels[37].

When I was in the second year of junior high school, the girl I likedjudoI misunderstood that I liked it (actually it was different), so I joined the judo club and was a judo club until high school.In the second year of high school,Judo first stageIs getting[69]. Besides this,calligraphyFirst stage,AbacusHave a 3rd grade qualification[37].

Personality is expressed as "yin, depression, darkness"[37]..In addition, although he thinks his personality is "tataka", he has experience of co-starring as a couple.Eiko KoikeCompared to Yo Oizumi, who belongs to TEAM NACS like Yasuda, he said, "I don't say the details like Yo Oizumi."[70].

When I'm with TEAM NACS members, I don't talk much because the other 4 people talk[71]..Also, my voice was quiet, and when I was married for eight years, my wife said, "I honestly don't know what you're saying," and "I was reacting somehow."[72].

On Instagram, I posted a photo of the dish in front of me called "Gaze Rice".The reason why followers started to take pictures of food with their faces because they thought that they would like to see their faces rather than the food they eat.[73].

Inagaki GoroHas the same date of birth[74].



TV drama

Delivery drama

Live-action movie


TV program

Current TV regular program

Past TV regular programs

Documentary program

  • HTB Nonfiction "HOP SWING JUMP ~ Genius Saxophone High School Girl Elena ~" (March 2011, 3,Hokkaido TV) - Narration[157]
  • Telementary 2012"Elena Go America-One Step for a Former Genius Saxophone High School Girl-" (August 2012, 8, Hokkaido Television / TV Asahi) --Narration[158]
  • Super premium"Exploration! Tomb of Tut Ankamen" (November 2017, 11, NHK BS Premium) --Navigator[159]
  • Paul McCartney SP just before coming to Japan-Exclusive interview & behind-the-scenes premiere- (October 2018, 10, Fuji TV) --Narration (with appearance appearance)[160]

Special program

Radio program

Current regular radio program

  • Currently none

Past regular radio programs

  • GOLGO(October 1998-March 4,AIR-G')
  • G-BooM!(1999-2004, AIR-G')
  • G-BOX (1999-2004, AIR-G')
  • GOLGOLGO(March 2000-September 4, 2006, AIR-G')
  • NACS GOTTA ME!(January 2001, 1-September 8, 2005, AIR-G')
  • R(March 2003, 3 --September 3, AIR-G') --Monday DJ (From October 2004, also on Tuesday)
  • Akira-san's three-year-old(October 2003-September 10, AIR-G')

Voice appearance

Theater animation

Television Animation

  • Chibinax(April 2006, 4-September 13, Produced by: CREATIVE OFFICE CUE ・DentsuHokkaido, Broadcasting:Sapporo TV) --As Yasuda
    • Chibinax 2.0(April 2007, 4-October 14, production / broadcasting: same as above)-As Yasuda
    • Chibi Nax Season 3(April 2008, 6-October 3, production / broadcasting: same as above)-As Yasuda
  • Baby Headquarters Phase 1 (March 2021, 3, Produced by: NHKTelecom staff, Broadcast: NHK General TV) --Main characterTakeda General Manager (Baby General Manager) Role[169]
    • Baby Headquarters Phase 2 (January 2022, 1-January 9, production / broadcasting: same as above)-Main characterTakeda General Manager (Baby General Manager) Role[170]

puppet show




Director / Screenplay / Director


  • TEAM NACS FILMS "N43 °""Yasudatta 3D" (released on February 2009, 2, directed by TEAM NACS, CREATIVE OFFICE CUE ・Amuse) --Director / Screenplay (and appearance)



  • "Oya G" "Soft focus"- Hand wind koto 21(Kentaka Yukki ☆ Fried Incident) (October 2001, 10,Sapporo Sounds(Indies)) - song
    • Takayuki SuzuiA duo by (Beauty Taka / Vo) and Ken Yasuda (After Ken / G). It was re-released in 2007.
  • "Our way"- One Hokkaido Project(Digital distribution: February 2019, 2, CD single: March 20, 2019, WESS RECORDS) --Song
    • Participated with other TEAM NACS members and Takayuki Suzui[215].


Work titleJASRACWork codeLyricsCompositionRemarks
What's Ryu Maike?‭104-4664-8Ken YasudaTar Na Kerr"Dravala Suzui's nest] "Muscle body is not hurt" insert song.
Hustle Muscle Bugi‭104-4687-7Ken YasudaKen Yasuda"Dorabara Suzui no Nest" "Muscle body is not hurt" ending.
Yasuda nation‭112-6028-9Ken YasudaKen Yasuda"Dorabara Suzui no Nest" "VS-Forbidden Showdown Project-" Akki my love "" ending.
I'll do it.‭117-9220-5Ken YasudaKen Yasuda"Dorabara Suzui no Nest" "What an idol!" Song in the play, episode 4 ending.
I want to be a blanket‭133-4513-3Ken YasudaKen Yasuda
Hustle Muscle CDJ‭151-1540-2Ken YasudaKen Yasuda
Sapporo City Toyohira-ku Toyohira 5 Article 11 chome 1-1‭169-7552-9Ken YasudaKen Yasuda
Drink until morning-Yasuda edition‭194-7901-8Ken YasudaYo OizumiKazushi Tanaka
In that time and the season around‭202-3278-1Ken YasudaFumio Yasuda
Our time‭221-4774-8Ken YasudaKen Yasuda・ Fumio Yasuda
Kitamichi‭239-3753-0Ken YasudaFumio Yasuda
MERRY CHRISTMAS MR.CHRISTPHER‭708-9775-1Ken YasudaKen Yasuda"Merry CU EristmasRecording.
gift‭733-5714-6Ken YasudaFumio Yasuda


  • Called Yasken-TEAM NACS Ken Yasuda 5 years and 9 months (April 2007,Kadokawa Cross Media)ISBN 978-4-04-894707-7
    • This is a compilation of "Yasuda's Magnum Talk !!" serialized in "".Currently out of print.
  • 2011-10 Honcho, Muroran-shi, Hokkaido (October 8, XNUMX,Gentosha)ISBN 978-4-344-42124-0
    • This is a book that summarizes the same title that has been serialized in the magazine "" since 2008.After its release, it was pulled down and performances were held nationwide (for details, see "TEAM NACS 15th projectSee).


  • "Yasuda's Magnum Talk !!" (2001-2007,Kadokawa Cross Media)
  • papyrus "2008-2011 Honcho, Muroran-shi, Hokkaido" (XNUMX-XNUMX,Gentosha)
  • SODA "Yasuda Kota House" (2013-,Pia)


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