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🤖 | Crosstalk with drinks from people in the anime and manga industry! "IMART2021 Thank you party ...

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People in the anime and manga industry cross talk with alcohol! "IMART2021 Thank you party ...

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Eight people, including Hideki Nakayama (representative of Wakuwork), were announced as MCs, but this time, Terumi Nishiki (animator) and Akari Yanagikawa (Toei Animation Producer) have also been announced.

The manga / animation borderless conference "IMART" will be held in Tokyo on December 2021, 12. → Continue reading

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Akari Yanagikawa

Akari Yanagikawa(Akari Yanagawa,1990 May 5 -) isToei animationAffiliated anime producer.Belongs to the XNUMXst Video Planning Office, XNUMXst Video Planning Department, Sales Planning Headquarters.


Have experience living in the United States when he was in elementary school[1][2].Hakuha Elementary School-Junior high school,Keio Women's High SchoolIn 2013Keio UniversityFaculty of EconomicsGraduate from[1]..In high schoolHakuhodoParticipated as the earliest member of the "Youth Institute" by[3]..Also, when I was a student at Keio University, it was held within the same university.Miss contestBecame a finalist of "Beauty & Earth 2011"[4]

Because I lived in the United States when I was youngCartoonFamiliar with[2]Since I was in high school, I started to enjoy anime as a hobby, and I especially liked art animation and Japanese works with strong authorship.[1]..I joined Toei Animation, a major animation production company, as a new graduate, thinking of selling and disseminating such works widely.[1]..After working in the sales position, he changed to the planning position, and in 2018,I'm sorry』Produced for the first time.


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