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🎥 | 13 people with strong habits! "What to Do With the Dead" additional cast decision, book notice & poster

A large gathering of talented actors! – (C) 2022 “What to Do With the Dead” Production Committee

13 people with strong habits! "What to Do With the Dead" additional cast decision, book notice & poster

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Directed and written by Satoshi Miki, such as in the drama "Jikou Keisatsu" series.

From the movie "What to Do With the Dead" (released on February 2th), in which Ryosuke Yamada and Tao Tsuchiya co-star, 4 talented people with strong habits ... → Continue reading

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Satoshi Miki

Satoshi Miki(Satoshi Miki,1961 May 8[1] -) isJapan OfKanagawa横 浜 市FromTV writer-Film director-Playwright-Stage director.


Kanagawa横 浜 市Background[1].Keio UniversityDepartment of literaturegraduate[1]..When I was invited by a friend who saw a part-time job recruitment for a trainee of a broadcast writer in college, I applied for it together, but only I passed, and I entered the office of a broadcast writer from the age of 20.[2],Tamori Club』(TV Asahi), "Feeling like a mess of downtown』(Fuji Television Network, Inc), "Fountain of trivia』(Fuji TV) as a broadcast writer for popular programs[3].. From this timeNaoto Takenaka,City boys, PlaywrightAkio MiyazawaStart working with[2]..What is City Boys? Live concerts until 2000script-ShowWas working on[1].

2005 years,Hideo OkudaA movie adaptation of the novelIn the poolAnd the comedy "A very ordinary housewife becomes a spy."The turtle swims unexpectedly fast], Etc., and became a focus of attention as a movie director.[1]..After becoming a movie director,Prescription police(TV Asahi) series and "Atami Investigator(TV Asahi)Serial dramaAlso deals with.


With a style that mixes weakness laughter[2], Produce a unique world with a small story in everyday scenery and conversations of characters[3]..Since ancient times, I've been doing all the writing of scripts and filming in my own way.[2].



TV drama

Stage production

  • City Boys Live "Der Fliegende" (1989)
  • City Boys Live "Saipan" (1989)
  • City Boys Live "Crocodile People" (1990)
  • City Boys Live "Memory of 14C" (1991)
  • City Boys Live "Keyless Toilet" (1992)
  • City Boys Live "Fool's Speaker, To the West" (1993)
  • City Boys Live "Rubber Brain Market" (1994)
  • City Boys Live "Fool's Speaker, Inadvertently To the East" (1995)
  • City Boys Live "Sturdy Scaffolding" (1996)
  • City Boys Live "NOT FOUND not found" (1997)
  • City Boys Live "Vacuum Reporter (P)" (1998)
  • City Boys Live "Vacuum Reporter Large Athletic Meet" (1998) Shibuya Public Hall
  • City Boys Live "Unconsciousness to Summer" (1999)
  • City Boys Live "Ultra Shioshio High Minar" (2000)
  • City Boys "Don't smoke thinner before work" (2017)

Internet drama

  • Internet drama "φ" (2002) Screenplay / Direction
  • Gunze"Veranda" (2008) Screenplay / Direction


Program in charge

Programs I was in charge of so far


  • Prescription Police Returned (Satoshi Miki et al., Kadokawa Shoten, June 2007) ISBN-978 4048737821) --Novelize of the 2nd series.



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Prescription police

"Prescription police』(Jiko Keisatsu) every Friday 23:15-the next day 0:10[1]ToTV Asahisystem"Friday night dramaJapan broadcast in the frameCriminal dramaseries.StarringOdagiri Joe.

This section deals with the following series and special programs.


Prescription(Prescription) Was establishedUnsolved caseA comedy mystery drama depicting the activities of Shuichiro Kiriyama, a police officer in the aging management section of the Sobu station, who investigates "as a hobby".There is a depiction of the romance of the main characters, and it is described as a "weakness comedy" in the work introduction.In addition, a murder case (a crime that killed a personDeath penaltyThe statute of limitations for the crime) will be after the second series is aired.Criminal procedure codeHas been amended (enforced on April 2010, 4) and has been abolished.Of the heroineKumiko AsoThis work was the first appearance in a commercial TV drama series.

The first series broadcast in 2006 was the 1rd "ATP Award TV Grand Prix 2006Received the highest award in the drama category[2].

The tone of the work was led by nine directors and screenwriters for the three series and specials.Satoshi MikiSo, I directed 4 other booksSonoko OnsenTheir individuality is also reflected.In addition, there is an episode in which Ryo Iwamatsu, who plays the lead role of Joe Odagiri and Kumamoto, was in charge of the script and director.


The first series from January 2006Friday night dramaIt is broadcast in the same frame, and all serial drama series are broadcast in the same frame.However, in some areas, "Detective! Night Scoop』\ Because of broadcasting, staggered broadcasting[3].

The second series from April 2007, 4, "Statutory police returning』(Returned Jiko Keisatsu) is aired.

August 2019, 8, drama special `` before the 21rd seriesPrescription Police/Resurrection Special(Jikou Keisatsu Hajime Zero No.) ”(Jikou Keisatsu Fukkatsu Special <Jikou Keisatsu Hajime Zero Go>) will be broadcast on September 9th.[4].

September 2019, 9, the third series "Prescription police startedWas revealed to be broadcast from October 10th[5][6].

On September 2019, 9, a special drama dealing with the past of the new cast of the 24rd series will be released on the official website.Jikou KeisatsuFrom October 10thVideo path,AbemaTVIt was announced that the video will be distributed on[7][8].

Drama flow

Basically, it is a complete format every time, "Understanding the truth of the aging case that Kiriyama was interested in at the beginning of the story."The cases featured in each story are not related to each other, but there are related appearances of people and characters.

Criminal dramaThe style ascomedyWhileDefeated thing(The criminal itself is usually the role of the person who will be introduced as the next guest in the trailer,alibiIt is almost revealed that he was the suspect at the time of the incident, which was not arrested due to insufficient evidence).The reason for paying attention to being the criminal is that Kiriyama judges by looking at the movement of the person (constipation, hairstyle changes, rain starts, glasses become cloudy, etc.), but the viewpoint is strong.

In the story, elements that make viewers laugh are scattered everywhere, and some hints are included in it, so you can not miss the details. (This method is the same station's "TRICK』Also used).In addition, there are many expressions that are reminiscent of parody, mojiri, and old movies, which is also common with "TRICK".When a student age appears in the guest character's flashback scene, the guest himself usually plays the place where a young actor plays.

Most of the charactersUnique glueHas a lot of strange words and actions.In addition, the heroine's crescent moon is often in charge of Tsukkomi, and although it is set as the most common sense and normal sensibility among regulars, it is still a little forward and noisy (the person himself admits that it is the exact opposite of the name). ) Aso, who is portrayed as a woman and plays, jokingly said in the DVD bonus video ("Come Back" Volume 2), "I was an actress with a more mysterious image until I appeared on this program."In addition, there are many regular members whose characters collapse with each round.

The program itselfHigh definitionBecause it is made in, basicallyaspect ratioIs 16: 9 (butHOMEIn some areas such as, it is a super-window box), but only the scene that looks back on the outline of the past incident was 4: 3, but in the 3rd series it was all changed to 16: 9.

Story stage

Sobu Police Station

A police station that has jurisdiction over Sobu City, Nishi Sobu City, Kazusa Takeshi, Kita Sobu City, Sofu Takenaka City, and Antelope City. "Naruto Kyodo Voluntary" was the lesson, but "Meiro unity and kindness" was the lesson.And we are struggling to maintain safety within the jurisdiction day and night. Although it is set to have 5 floors, the floors other than the 1st floor have never been reflected, and in the final episode of the 2nd series, the sky was visible from the ceiling of the 1st floor with a hole for some reason.In addition to the Criminal Division, Traffic Division, and Forensics Division, there is a department called the Prescription Management Division, and Kiriyama belongs to this Prescription Management Division.

The location of the Sobu police station is said to be "XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX, Motokancho, Sobu City", but the area under the jurisdiction of the Sobu police station is a fictitious local government, and of course the Sobu police station itself does not exist.

According to the Sobu Police Station website, there are hot springs such as Inuhozaki and Shioto, and an amusement park with Sobu police police car rides, so you can fully enjoy leisure activities. It is a characteristic of this area that there are many stores with names. In addition, there are many drinking places and restaurants published in magazines, and the food culture is developing remarkably. There are abundant educational facilities, Asahigaoka There are high-level educational institutions such as universities and Sobu Women's Arts University. Many celebrities have been produced, and the area has been rapidly gaining attention in recent years. "

Prescription management section

A department that organizes materials and returns leftover items regarding cases that occurred within the jurisdiction of the Sobu Police Station and the surrounding police stations and became prescription.It doesn't really exist.



ス タ ッ フ

The scriptwriter and director of each seriesBroadcast scheduleSee

Broadcast schedule

In this program, Chinese numerals are used to display the number of stories.

Prescription Police (2006)

Each storyAirdatesubtitle[11]Latte column[12]Guestscriptdirected byAudience rating
Episode XNUMX2006/1/13In the case of statute of limitations
The steam of delicious rice
Even if you say that it suits you
It's not an exaggeration
Prescription was established
"Perfect crime"
A man to confess !!
Chizuru AzumaSatoshi Miki09.7%
Episode XNUMXMay 1If you happen to be
Even if it is inevitable
It's no exaggeration!
Olympic Queen Selection Murder !!
Secret of sister and director
Chizuru Ikewaki12.1%
Episode XNUMXMay 1Even if ignored by a million people
If you shake me alone
People are happy ... isn't it?
Train home murder !!
Celebrity couple
Distorted marriage
Tamaki OgawaRyo Iwamatsu08.3%
Episode XNUMXOctober03 daysThe criminal 575 is on a cliffThe queen of suspense
Die twice in a hot spring
Hiromi NagasakuSonoko Onsen11.2%
Episode XNUMXMay 2Kill with a kiss!
Was the kiss of death sweet?
A trick to kill with a kiss !!
Female doctor's (secret) crime
Megumi OkinaNaoya Takayama
Renpei Tsukamoto
Renpei Tsukamoto10.8%
Episode 6May 2Is the statute of limitations for love February 2th?
Whether or not it depends on you[13]
… Actual record !?
Snack mama
15 years of orthopedic escape
Moriguchi SaikoSonoko Onsen09.2%
Episode XNUMXMay 2Why housewives are barefoot
Let's think together!
The XNUMX million yen robbery was prescription
Police motorcycle woman
Riona HazukiRyo IwamatsuRenpei Tsukamoto11.2%
Episode XNUMXOctober03 daysCherry blossoms
Is the pass notification an invitation to death?
Last chapter!!
Loved by a beautiful professor
Murder formula
Atsuko SakuraiKeralino Sandrovich
(Joint script: Akane Yamada)
Final episodeMay 3Goodbye message
What is a farewell word
Not always
It's no exaggeration!
Final episode
The queen of the piano
Die in 14 songs
RyoSatoshi Miki10.1%
Average audience rating 10.1%[2](The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・ Household)

Jikou Keisatsu is back (2007)

Each storyAirdatesubtitle[14]Latte column[12]Guestscriptdirected byAudience rating
Episode XNUMX2007/4/13Lies eat the truth
Even if you say it's a monster
It's no exaggeration!
Female announcer is constipated !?
Locked-room murder on the plateau
Kuniko AsagiSatoshi Miki12.8%
Episode XNUMXMay 4Than the reason I like
The reason I hate it
Even if you say it's clear
It's no exaggeration!
No.1 hostess
After killing
Drink a cocktail !?
Miwako Ichikawa11.9%
Episode XNUMXMay 4eh!?
The true criminal is Kiriyama-kun !?[15]
Sexy empress
Puku doll murder case
Aya SugimotoSonoko Onsen10.9%
Episode XNUMXOctober04 daysHypnosis is a detective novel
Even if you say it's taboo
It's not an exaggeration ...
With a completely closed room murder
A woman who becomes a singer
TomoekariKeralino Sandrovich11.4%
Episode XNUMXMay 5Even if you see a ghost
Never look away
Erase the corpse of a twin actress
(Secret) trick !!
Mayu TsurutaReiko Yoshida
Manabu Asou
Manabu Asou11.0%
Episode 6May 5Prescription in youth
Whether or not there is
It depends on Mr. Kumamoto!
The hot spring landlady
Rejuvenate with lotion & murder !?
Naomi NishidaSonoko Onsen13.5%
Episode XNUMXMay 5An ordinary housewife
To be mistaken for a wild boar
There was a good reason!
Women's volleyball village ...
X attack murder !?
Sayuri Kokusei
Saori Yuki
Akane YamadaGoro Yasumi11.7%
Episode XNUMXOctober01 daysThis time, the crescent moon
The reason for the big success
You shouldn't dig deep!
Kiriyama is urgently hospitalized !!
Challenge the millionaire murder
Crescent Moon!?
Miyuki Matsuda
Haruko Kato
Odagiri Joe[16]11.2%
Final episodeOctober08 daysWill you break up without looking back?
Finally again
Do you look back and break up?
Even if it's a problem
It's no exaggeration!
The last round is the strongest criminal !!
Flamenco murder
Shigeru MuroiSatoshi Miki13.5%
Average audience rating 12.0%[2](The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・ Household)

Jikou Keisatsu Special (2019)

AirdateopeningLatte column[12]Guestscriptdirected byAudience rating
2019/9/29Behind the quiet aging case
There is a past that should not be known,
Past, past, past, past, past

(Nursery rhyme "Quiet lakeside"Singing with the melody of

New work for the first time in 12 years-Unsolved mystery !!
A mystery that a 71-year-old celebrity, Mimaou, looks like a 40-year-old ...
Points and lines with the murder case 24 years ago !?
The truth that ramen leads ... Mother's tears at the end of the shock
Shinji TakedaSatoshi Miki9.2%[17]
(The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・ Household)

Jikou Keisatsu started (2019)

Each storyAirdatesubtitle[18]openingLatte column[12]Guestscriptdirected byAudience rating
Episode XNUMX2019/10/11Sobu's UtamaroUtamaro
I am because I love you
The result of life in translation,
It had a cold ending.
Beautiful guru
Locked-room murder !?
The mystery of being bitten by a mosquito
Light snowSatoshi Miki7.7%[19]
Episode XNUMXMay 10Very popular
Mystery writer
Closed room murder
With a closed room in the mystery
A clever trick
By the way
The criminal always has a sad past
Even if you say you're dragging
It's not an exaggeration
Very popular
Mystery writer
Perfect crime !!
The secret of armpit sweat !?
Mukai OsamuYuichi Fukuda
Shinichi Tanaka
Renpei Tsukamoto6.1%[20]
Episode XNUMXMay 10Of the goddess of marriage
Love trap
Rules and manners for marriage
There are a number,
No taboo better than "kill"
Marriage Queen's ㊙︎ tech!
Murder on a suspension bridge date !?
Miho NakayamaHiroyuki KomineRikiya Imaizumi5.9%[21]
Episode XNUMXOctober08 daysZombie movie
Murder case
Both zombies and zombie movies
If it revives
Investigation of statute of limitations
It will come back!
Zombie movie
Don't stop the murder !?
Actress and director secrets
Nakashima MikaYukihiro Morigaki4.9%[22]
Episode XNUMXMay 11Legendary entertainer
Live radio murder !?
Even though the closed room is narrow
Once the control
If you want to
Even if you say that the murder has come
It's not an exaggeration
Live broadcast
Comedy combination murder !?
Closed room and Getz!
Dots and lines !!
QuriAkiko OkuAkiko Oku6.3%[23]
Episode 6May 11Professional wrestler
Title match
Murder case
How to enjoy professional wrestling
For each person
Even good ones can be bad
And vice versa
It's not an exaggeration
Wrestling murder !?
Female President ㊙︎ Special Move
Shinobu Terashima
Yanagiba Toshiro
Shinichi Tanaka6.2%[24]
Episode XNUMXMay 11One-hit wonder glasses singer
Murder case
Whether you put on or take off your glasses
I'm in trouble because I can see too much
There is no such thing
Last chapter…!!
13 crotch murder !?
The mystery of good luck glasses
Rei DanRikiya Imaizumi5.5%[25]
Final episodeOctober06 daysA man who predicts deathThe future
No one knows
Only goodbye
Is coming
Life ... what
Prophecy of death !?
The mystery of the diving pool
Yamazaki Kento
Fumi Nikaido
Shota Someya
Yutaka Matsushige
Satoshi Miki5.5%[26]
Average audience rating 6.0%Video researchLook up,Kanto area・ Household)

Delivery drama

Special drama "Jikou Keisatsu started"Jikou Keisatsu"But,2019 May 10It has been distributed on Video Pass and AbemaTV from 0:15 (4 times in total).

Prescription Police Tokubetsuhen Forensics Division, Yasutoshi Maki
  • cast
  • ス タ ッ フ
    • Screenplay / Director- Hiroki Murakami
    • Music-Osamu Sakaguchi
    • General Producer-Ikuhide Yokochi (TV Asahi)
    • Producer-Tatsuki Oe (TV Asahi), Yoshihiko Yamamoto (MMJ)
    • Production-TV Asahi, MMJ
  • Broadcast schedule
    • Part 2019: October 10, 19 (Sat) 0:15 (Friday midnight) delivery start
    • Part 2019: October 10, 26 (Sat) 0:15 (Friday midnight) delivery start
Prescription Police Tokubetsuhen Criminal Division, Saiun Vacuum
  • cast
    • Ayakumo Vacuum- Yoshioka Riho
    • Seo, the owner of "Ramen Master" Yoichi Okano
    • Shuichiro Kiriyama-Joe Odagiri (special appearance)
    • Mikazuki Shizuka-Kumiko Aso (special appearance)
    • Jumonji Hayate-Kosuke Toyohara (special appearance)
    • Hachisuka- Yasuhito Hida(Special appearance)
  • ス タ ッ フ
    • Screenplay / Director- Akiko Oku
    • Music-Osamu Sakaguchi
    • General Producer-Ikuhide Yokochi (TV Asahi)
    • Producer-Tatsuki Oe (TV Asahi), Yoshihiko Yamamoto (MMJ)
    • Production-TV Asahi, MMJ
  • Broadcast schedule
    • Part 2019: October 11, 23 (Sat) 0:15 (Friday midnight) delivery start
    • Part 2019: October 11, 30 (Sat) 0:15 (Friday midnight) delivery start


"I won't tell anyone" card

An item that can be said to be a symbol of this work.When Kiriyama unravels the truth of the case, he gives it to the parties to the case (basically the criminal).I won't tell anyone about this.It is a card that says.

When handing over, the name of the other party and the signature of Kiriyama are written, and then the seal of Kiriyama is stamped (depending on the time, the seal of two people may be stamped with the joint name of Kiriyama and the crescent moon).Since many have reached the statute of limitations, Kiriyama's investigation is a hobby, and it is guaranteed that "the purpose is to know the truth of the case" and "don't tell anyone about the truth."But, of course, just because you have it doesn't mean that something special will happen.

This card was personally made by Kiriyama, and it is revealed in the play that there is a large amount of stock in the lockers at home and in the police station.Although the text is the same, there are color variations in the outer frame, and cards of different colors appear each time.In addition, the card form is often changed depending on the recipient (see below).At the end of the second series, only one person received this card in a non-prescription case.

In Kiriyama's diary on the homepage of "Jikou Keisatsu", a PDF file of this "I will not tell anyone" card is prepared for each story, and you can color the card in the play by printing it on cardboard. It can be faithfully reproduced even when used.In addition, the DVD comes with 9 "I won't tell anyone" cards as a first-time inclusion privilege.

"I won't tell anyone" card variation

  • "I won't tell anyone" card-used in the 1th episode of the XNUMXst series. "I won't tell anyone about this," and "ga" is added by hand between ".". "I won't tell anyone about this, but I think you should study Japanese more."
  • "I won't tell anyone" Card F --Used for 1 female criminals since the final episode of the 3st series.It has been restored from the third episode of the second series.Inspired by a business card of a water business, the corners are rounded off, and F is an acronym for Female.Also used for specials.
  • "I won't tell anyone" card Royal Straight Flush --Used in the 2th episode of the 5nd series.A set of 5 "I won't tell anyone" cards prepared to give to the XNUMX people involved.
  • "I won't tell anyone" Card H-Used in the 2th episode of the XNUMXnd series.Handwritten "H" added to the end of the text. H means "serious (Honki)".
  • "I won't tell anyone" Card 3D-Used in the first episode of the 3rd series.The card is folded in two and when openedPicture book popping outThe words "I won't tell anyone" come to mind.
  • "I won't tell anyone" Card diver specifications-Used in the third episode of the 3rd series.It is made of a transparent card made of plastic material, assuming that it will fall from a suspension bridge.
  • "I won't tell anyone" Card Z-Used in the 3th episode of the XNUMXrd series.zombieThe handprint of is made into a pattern. Z is an acronym for Zonbi, as well asThe alphabetBecause it is the last letter of, I added it to mean "I will do the investigation last."
  • "I won't tell anyone" Card Hybrid-Used in Episode 3 of the XNUMXrd series.An antenna is attached with a postcard design.
  • "I won't tell anyone" Card Music-Used in Episode 3 of the XNUMXrd series.It has a button, and when you press it, an unreleased song will be played.


The Sobu police station has its own mascot called "Sobu-kun", and it appears not only in the play but also in the introduction of sponsors everywhere in the program.Sobu-kun's design is the Metropolitan Police Department mascot "PeepoIt is very similar to ", but the horns of the head are one for Pipo-kun and two for Sobu-kun, and the color scheme of Pipo-kun's whole body is orange and the head is light blue is reversed. There are some differences, such as (Sobu-kun's whole body is light blue and his head is orange) and his eyes are dotted.The Sobu Police Station website introduces uncles, aunts, and cousins ​​as families, but for some reason the existence of parents and siblings is not shown.In addition, it seems that he was active in the tennis club when he was in junior high school.


A new mascot character of the Sobu police station that replaces "Sobu-kun" from "Jikou Keisatsu started"[27].. It looks exactly like "Sobu-kun", but the body is a bit of a metabolic syndrome, and the two horns are gone. `` Sobu-kun'' is not fat, he tweeted on Twitter on September 2, 2019 that he is a completely different person[28]..He has a habit of adding "sobu" to the end of the word.

Marriage registration

It was picked up by Matarai in the corridor next to the Purchasing Department in the first episode of the first series, and Kiriyama, who lost the game with all the members of the Prescription Management Division, was asked to fill in.Then the crescent borrowed it secretly (the crescent is "GameI used the expression), and wrote my name in the wife's column and was happy to be alone.It often appears in subsequent stories and stirs up the delusion of the crescent moon.In the final episode of the first series, the crescent moon stamped Kiriyama and his seal, but at one point he was blown away by the wind and lost, and the crescent moon was saddened.However, at the end of the 1st series, a new marriage registration was picked up again by Matarai, and the scene that Kiriyama, who lost in rock-paper-scissors, filled in was repeated.The new marriage registration (marriage registration 1) was once again in the hands of the crescent moon.By the way, when Kiriyama fills out the marriage registration, the marriage registration seems to shine in the eyes of the crescent moon.

Sobu police officer uniform

The uniforms of Sobu police officers are the same dark blue as general police officers, but for some reason only the aging management section staff and the crescent moon 5 people (2 people including Shinkade in the second series)CosplayWearing bright blue things like goods (only crescent ones are more vibrant than others).This different color uniform is not limited to the aging management section because it is worn by the crescent moon, but there is also the fact that only one member other than the aging management section is wearing the crescent moon. It is unclear if there is a difference for the reason.As for the crescent moon, in episodes 1 and 1 of the first series, he wears a ribbon instead of a tie for some reason.


Almost every time in the story, a place with a strange sticker appears.The written content is not particularly related to the story, but it is all elaborate, and its surrealism makes the viewer laugh.

Blackboard of the aging management section

Various things are written on the blackboard in the aging management section every time.The number of statutes of the day and slogans such as "STOP the statute!"The most eye-catching is the record of "Jumonji Masamasa ...".This is a record of the number of times Matarai was hit with a cross, and it increases with each passing.However, in "I'm back ...", because I was able to avoid the place where I was about to be hit with all my might, Shinkade got one record that seems to have been set by someone (probably Shinkade) early. I'm erasing it.

Mobile phone of characters

The mobile phones used by the characters are sponsored in the Kanto area.NTT DoCoMoReleased as the latest model at the start of broadcastingFOMA 902i seriesIs.Especially for the mobile phone used by Kiriyama, Joe Odagiri himself acts as a CM character.F902iIn the broadcast frame, a commercial of the same model was played (in the case of the Kanto area).In addition, unusual ringtones such as the main theme of the work and screams have been used (only for the 1st series. The 2nd series is unified with ordinary ringtones).In addition, in the 3rd series, it has replaced ordinary smartphones, and the production of ringtones has also disappeared.

Shinkade paper bag

A true addition item that is used just because "I prefer a paper bag that can be thrown away at any time".The logo is a brand of Japanese cigarettes.

Fiction notes

In the telop of "This drama is fiction, and the characters, group names, etc. are all fictitious" that appears in the ending of the drama, a preface including puns on "fiction" is added every time.In addition, in the final episode of the first series, the text has been changed to match the small story in the play.

Prescription police
Statutory police returning
Resurrection Special
Prescription police started

Also, at the opening, it is the broadcast start time of the drama.11:15The image of the cuckoo clock is flowing, including the time-shift broadcasting station.KHBThen, a 1:10 clock was drawn on its own end telop (end of aging police).

Olive Related Products


  • Satoshi Miki et al., "Jikou Keisatsu" Kadokawa Shoten (March 2006, 3,ISBN 4048736876) Kadokawa Bunko (March 2007,ISBN-978 4043844012)-Novelize of the 1st series.
  • TV Asahi "Jikou Keisatsu" staff edition "Jikou Keisatsu Official Book" Ohta Publishing (May 2006, 5,ISBN 4778310004)
  • Satoshi Miki et al., "The Returning Prescription Police" Kadokawa Shoten (June 2007) ISBN-978 4048737821) --Novelize of the 2nd series.
  • "The Official Book of Jikou Keisatsu Returned" Ohta Publishing (June 2007, 6,ISBN-978 4778310677)


  • "Jikou Keisatsu Original Soundtrack" PSC (March 2006, 3)
  • "The Return of Jikou Keisatsu Original Soundtrack +" PSC (May 2007, 5) -A 23-disc set that includes the soundtracks of other works and songs in the play.


  • "Jikou Keisatsu DVD-BOX" Kadokawa Entertainment (June 2006, 6)
  • "Returned Prescription Police DVD-BOX" Kakugawa Entertainment (September 2007, 9, ACBD-28) (Special recording includes the extra drama "Sobu Police Station Prescription Management Division Overtime 10528 and 1")


[How to use footnotes]
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Related item

  • The turtle swims unexpectedly fast --This is a film directed by Satoshi Miki, and has many things in common with the performers and small stories.
  • City boys ――From 1989 to 2000, Satoshi Miki directed their stage, and there are many common points in small stories.
  • 68FILMSTokyo girl # 6 "" --Director Satoshi Miki, starring Saori Koide (Makade), Eri Fuse (Matarai), Yasuhito Hida (Hachisuka).BS-iShort film work.There is also a small story.By the way, Saori Koide made her drama debut with this work.
  • Damedin --Yasuto Hida participated in the project.Not only director Satoshi Miki and Hikita, but also guest actors from each story such as Eri Fuse are appearing.
  • Tamio's happiness --Ryo Iwamatsu Screenplay / Director work. July 2008,Odagiri Joe,Kumiko Aso, Noriko Eguchi, Ken Mitsuishi, Satoshi Miki appear. In July 2008, a nationwide road show was held at Cine Switch Ginza and others.
  • Turning around --Satoshi Miki Screenplay / Director work. Published November 2007, 11.Starring Joe Odagiri, Ryo Iwamatsu, Eri Fuse, Kumiko Aso,Sasano Takahashi,Yuriko Yoshitaka Appears.In addition, Kumiko Aso will appear as a friendship in the role of "Mikazuki Shizuka" in this work.
  • Atami Investigator --Satoshi Miki Screenplay / Director work.The lead role is Joe Odagiri, and many people who have appeared in this work, such as Ryo Iwamatsu and Eri Fuse, have appeared.

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