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🎥 | Mitsuki Takahata starring Yuna Taira etc. Performing stage "Miracle Man" will be re-performed in May 2022!Based on a true story, a ...


Mitsuki Takahata starring Yuna Taira etc. Appearance Stage "Miracle Man" will be re-performed in May 2022!Based on a true story, a ...

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On the other hand, Yuna Taira had the impression that she was a "transparent person," which overlapped with Helen Keller.

It has been decided that the stage "Miracle Man" starring Mitsuki Takahata will be performed in Tokyo and Osaka from May 2022.Helen ... → Continue reading

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Yuna Hira

Yuna Taira(Yuna Taira,1998 <10>May 11 -) is Japaneseactress,talent.

HyogoKobe Citybirth,Akashi CityRaised[1].K-dashGroup ofPeachBelongs.


Due to the influence of my older brother and sister who were already entertainers, I was interested in the play, and just before that, when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, my mother and grandmother applied without my knowledge.[1]movies"奇跡』Entered the entertainment world by passing the audition and debuted as an actress[2][3].

May 2011,R's law』(NHK E Tele), Regular appearance as R's member "Tai-chan".

2012 year 4 month,Natsumi Okamoto-Hinako KikkawaWith 2012-2013Oh girl"Oh Girl Chu! Chu! Chu!","Good morning He made a regular appearance on "Super Live" and released 6 CDs (including 5 singles and 1 best album).

May 2015,Scarecrow and racket-Aki and Tamago's summer vacation-』, First starring in the movie[4].. In April of the same year,JK is Snow Woman』(Every day broadcasting), the first starring serial drama[5].

2016 year 12 month,Nihon monitorIn the "2016 Talent CM Employed Companies Ranking" announced by, 10 companies were appointed[Note 1]Ranked 4th in the women's category[6].

Reported university pass on March 2017, 3[7]..Reported high school graduation on the 15th of the same month[8].. In April of the same year,Momo Tours』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Is appointed as a weekly regular[9].

2021 year 3 month,Kokugakuin UniversityFaculty of Shinto CultureGraduate from[10].PriesthoodI majored in a course and got a qualification[10].

2022, musical "Miracle person"ofHelen KellerFirst appearance on stage in a role[11].


  • The youngest of six older brothers and sisters (one older sister and four older brothers)Airi Taira, My brother (third son)Shohei HiraIs[2]..Born a premature baby two months earlier than planned and spends a period of time in an incubator[12].
  • Special skill isJazz dance,Ryukyu dance[2]I was learning until 14 years oldClassical balletDance centered on.She has a flexible body and is good at Y-shaped balance (rather close to "I" -shaped balance) named "YUNA pose".[13].
  • HobbyPiano,Trumpet[2],Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euDressing,punMaking[14].Seal of marriage,Temple,ShrineI also like[15].VermeerI like paintings[15].
  • Favorite celebrityAudrey Hepburn,Izumi Pinko,Shinobu Otake[2].
  • My favorite food is white riceMaitakeButter soy sauce. "I just like white rice," he says, "I can live with white rice."[16]..I like hot drinks such as tea.Foods that I don't likeCorianderとvenison[15].
  • I promised my mother that I wouldn't shave my eyebrows until I was 20[15]..Similarly, carbonation and coffee are prohibited until the age of 20.[15].. Alcohol is prohibited until the end of childbirth even after the age of 20[17]..In March 2017, when I graduated from high school, "shouldered" clothes became OK.[18]..The movie "The heroine"honey(Released in March 2018), I dyed my hair brown for the first time with my mother's permission to make a role.[19].. At the age of 20, the ban on sparkling drinks was liftedGinger aleI toasted with, but I couldn't stop coughing because I felt my throat burned.[20].
  • The image of the woman I admire is "I have the strength of the core properlyYamato Nadeshiko"I like people who look good in kimono like Japanese boys. I love Japan, so I want people who can go to shrines with me," he said.[21].
  • My favorite type of man is "Grandpa's contents" and "bonsaiWelcome to those who do it "[22].
  • Write down your dreams and goals for the year in a notebook[23]..There is also a pun[24].
  • As a punDave SpecterIs giving the name of[25].
  • He talks about his relationship with his father that he was taking a bath with him until he was 15 and that he was sleeping with him when he was 18.[26].
  • `` JAL held on December 2019, 12Honolulu MarathonChallenge the full marathon for the first time in 2019[27], Completed[28].




TV drama

Entertainment shows

Delivery drama

Web tv

  • Namie Amuro fashion general election FASHION MOVIE BEST 50 (September 2018, 9, AbemaTV)[84]



Music video

Blu-ray & DVD

short film

  • I'm happy, I'm happy, and I may love it. (December 2015, 12,Video pathPre-delivered on December 12th, "OtoBon Song Novels Award-Novel Feeling Music-" special website of e-book brand ""[122](Published at) --- Starring Mamiko[123][124][125]





Photo album

Cover model

  • Angel Bunko "I hate ... but I like it" (April 2014, 4, Written by Mitsuba Shirasaki,Shogakukan) --Cover

Magazine serialization

  • CM NOW"Knowing Tiger of Yuna Taira !! ~ Exploring Japanese Culture ~" (October 2014-,Genkosha) --Serialized.Included in the photo book "Wagokoro"[134].
  • UP to boy UTB + "Yuna Taira-Nah-The World" (October 2014-December 10, 2015, Wanibooks)-Serialized

Regular model


  • Yuna Taira Calendar 2015 (October 2014, 10, TRY-X corporation)
  • Yuna Taira Calendar 2016 (October 2015, 10, TRY-X corporation)
  • Yuna Taira Calendar 2017 (October 2016, 11, TRY-X corporation)
  • Yuna Taira Calendar 2018 (October 2017, 11, TRY-X corporation)
  • Yuna Taira CALENDAR 2019.04-2020.03 (January 2019, 1,Tokyo News Tsushin,ISBN 978-4-863-36873-6)[136]
  • Yuna Taira Calendar 2020 2020.01-2020.12 (Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Yuna Taira Calendar 2021 2021.04-2022.03 (Kadokawa Shoten)


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