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🎥 | Movie "Shimamori no Tou" Ended shooting in Tochigi prefecture


Movie "Tower of Shimamori" End of shooting in Tochigi Prefecture

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It is said that Taizo Arai, along with Akira Shimada, the governor of Okinawa Prefecture at the time, worked hard to evacuate and protect the citizens of the prefecture, and saved the lives of about 20 people. It's called.

At the end of World War II, the movie "Shimamori no Tou" set in Okinawa, where Japan's only ground battle was held, was filmed in the prefecture on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading

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Evacuation outside the prefecture

Shimada Akira

Shimada Akira(Akira Shimada,1901 (34th year of Meiji)May 12 - 1945 (20)May 6?) IsOkinawaLast official electionGovernor.HyogoKobe CitySuma WardI'm from.The motto is, "If you do it, the demon will avoid it."


1901 (34th year of Meiji),HyogoYabe-gunSuma village(CurrentKobe CitySuma Ward) Was born as the eldest son of a practitioner, Isaburo Shimada.Old system Kobe Nichu (currentlyHyogo Prefectural Hyogo High School),Third high schoolThrough1922 (Taisho 11nd year)Faculty of Law, Tokyo Imperial UniversityEnroll in.Enthusiastic about baseball in junior high school, high school, and university1th National Secondary School Championship Baseball TournamentParticipated in.During the University of TokyoBaseball clubAs a star player (outfielder),Rugby clubHe was a sportsman, such as carrying it with him.At this time, from the background of participating in student baseball,Baseball Hall of Fame Museum(Tokyo DomeWas erected in)War dead baseball monumentShimada's name is engraved on.

After graduating from the University of Tokyo1925 (Taisho 14nd year)Ministry of InteriorEnter the Ministry.YamanashiGenus[1]..Mainly walking in the police field,1945 As of JanuaryOsakaHe was the Secretary of the Interior.

Announcement of the Governor of Okinawa

1945 (20)May 1, I was consulted by the Governor of Okinawa and immediately accepted it.The predecessor who frequently traveled to Tokyo in the name of negotiating with each government officeShuki Izumi[Annotation 1]Even though I'm on a business tripKagawaThe governor's resignation was issued.Since the landing of the US military on Okinawa was seen as inevitable, it was difficult to select a successor.If the U.S. military landed in Okinawa, the governor would be in danger, so everyone around him stopped, but Shimada said, "If anyone had to go, I would refuse. I don't want to die, so I can't tell you to go and die for someone. "Japanese swordPotassium cyanideI flew to Okinawa with the expectation of death.

Arrived in Okinawa Prefecture on January 1945, 1.Stationed in Okinawa32th ArmyOf the Chief of StaffIsamu ChoAnd ShimadaShanghai IncidentI've been friendly since that time[2], The chief changed from the irreverent attitude of Governor Izumi, and thanked Shimada, and as soon as Shimada arrived, he was the chief of information.Kanenori YakumaruI visited the Okinawa Prefectural Office with my staff.Then, the chief told Shimada, "The U.S. MTF that has advanced to Ulithi is heading toward Okinawa. A week later, around February 2, it will come to Okinawa." Landed in Okinawa and will do its best for about 25 months. The U.S. military will be exhausted and withdraw. During that time, I want the prefecture to secure 6 months' worth of food for the residents. "[3]..Shimada, who received the request of the chief, was in late February of the same year.TaiwanAfter negotiations, he succeeded in securing 3000 stones of Horai rice.The following March, Horai riceNahaBrought to[Annotation 2]..Shimada is alsoMinistry of Finance Monopoly BureauI went to the branch office of Okinawa and made an effort to calm the hearts of Okinawans as much as possible, such as instructing the special release of liquor and cigarettes that were strictly controlled.[2]..This attitude of Shimada has given the citizens of the prefecture a deep sense of trust in the governor.

Shimada sought to improve relations with the military, which had deteriorated during the time of Governor Izumi.Before the war in Okinawa, we often held banquets in Okinawa Prefecture and the 32nd Army,ShimodoWas the 32nd Army CommanderUshijima ManThe lieutenant general also actively participated in the banquet, and the relationship between the prefecture and the military improved, such as singing and dancing nursery rhymes together.[4]..With the cooperation of the military, Shimada swiftly dealt with urgent issues such as the evacuation of prefectural citizens to the north, which did not progress slowly under his predecessor, and the securing of food distribution.

When the air raid began in March of the same year, the prefectural office was opened.ShuriMoved to and started working in an underground pit.After thatBattle of OkinawaAs the battlefield changed, Shimada took command while relocating the moat.While maintaining close ties with the military, he is a person who is not arrogant, and when a female employee recommends washing her face by drawing water from a well or river, she says, "Given the hardships of drawing water for life, I neglect it. I can't use it, "he said, using very little water.[5].

At the time of the withdrawal of the Army garrison from Shuri, Shimada expressed his opposition, saying, "Many residents are evacuating to the south, and the residents will be involved."Shimada, who attended the corps leaders' meeting at the end of May of the same year, was informed of the policy of withdrawal. It's a stupid idea. "thenUshijima ManThe commander concluded the meeting by saying, "The mission of the 32nd Army is to lead the mainland operation in an advantageous way for a day."[6]..Ushijima goes to the Chinen Peninsula to provide supplies to the residents involved in the battle.Independent Mixed 44rd BrigadeHad ordered to release the food and supplies that had been stockpiled to displaced persons, but while the U.S. military was making a rapid advance, there was no way for the military and prefectures to realize this, and the displaced persons were sufficiently armed. Supplies never spread[7].

Then with ShimadaTaizo Arai-Okinawa Prefectural Police DepartmentThe chief visited Ushijima around June 6th.After the landing of the U.S. Army, Ushijima and others were in charge of the 7nd Army Headquarters and Shimada and Arai and others in Okinawa, who often confronted each other over the protection of residents. "You are civilians, so you won't die here."[4].


1945 (20)May 6, Instructed the prefecture staff and police officers who accompanied Shimada, "Please keep your life alive," and ordered the dissolution of the prefecture and police organizations.On June 6, the same year, Shimada and AraiMabuni(Itoman) Has left the pit and disappeared, and no body has been found to date.

There is also a testimony by a former soldier that "(Shimada) decided himself in a moat."Also,1971 (Showa 46) Dated October 9Okinawa TimesAccording to an article published in, Hatsoo Yamamoto, the captain of the machine gun corps, said, "Some of our independent machine gun corps have routed and left the beach of Mabuni on the beach of Gushikami. Food at sunset. I went along the coast for about XNUMX meters in the direction of Itoman. There was a gun (pit) near the sea, and there were three local (private) people, saying, "The governor is here." Depth six It was a side hole about a meter long, with my head in the back and the left side of my body down. When I asked, "You're the governor," he said, "I'm Governor Shimada." "Hmm?" He said, "I was struck by my leg." The governor said, "Mr. soldier, bring brown sugar there." When there is no food. Great. I don't forget that I got two and said "Please be fine" and returned to my own way. The next day, I cooked the Meriken powder that was in the bag that had flowed to the beach with a machine gun and put it in a waterton. However, the same local as the other day said, "The governor is gone." When I entered the beach, there was a machine gun near my knee. It felt like I had fallen from my right hand. I thought, "Oh, I decided myself." I joined hands and left the governor's go. The governor thought that he was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and trousers, but they were not military trousers. Hair, mustache. Was a big fan. "[Annotation 3].

1945 (20)May 7, In the news of Shimada's line of dutyGenki AbeInterior MinisterPresented Shimada with the Minister of Interior Award and the Achievement Award for the first time in the history of administration.That's what it's doing, what it's doing".It was unprecedented for the Minister of Interior to award a prize to the governor.

Evaluation by Okinawans

1951 (Showa 26), as a memorial to 453 prefectural employees who died, including Shimada, with a donation from the citizens of the prefecture.Mabuni HillThe "Shimamori Tower" was erected in.2015 On June 6th, in Naha City, Okinawa PrefectureOnoyama Sports ParkAkira Shimada Honoring Monument was set up with signatures of more than 3 people and donations of more than 1 million yen, and was unveiled by the Akira Shimada Honoring Committee.[8][9]..In addition, the multipurpose ground in Onoyama Park was named "Hyogo-Okinawa Friendship Ground" in consideration of the connection between Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, where Shimada was born, and Okinawa.[10].

The search for Shimada's remains is still being carried out by the local volunteer group "" and the alumnus of Hyogo Prefectural Hyogo High School, his alma mater.In addition, at his alma mater Hyogo Prefectural Hyogo High School, a poet who was a junior in 1963 in memory of Shimada.Iku TakenakaAlong with the poem, there is a monument to the gassho.

Also, in honor of Shimada, who loves baseball, it is customary to award the Shimada Cup to the winning school of the Okinawa Prefectural High School Baseball Rookie Central Tournament to be held in the fall.[11][12]You can see how Shimada was loved by the citizens of the prefecture.During the training trip of the Okinawa Prefectural High School Baseball Championship, he visited Shimada's alma mater while watching the summer Koshien game.[13].

Background of accepting the governor of Okinawa

Behind the fact that he was assigned to the site as the governor of Okinawa, he was in the former Saga Castle Nishimoatata while he was the director of the Saga Prefectural Police Department.Ryutaiji TempleIt is said that he participated in a study session called "Nishibori Shoin" held in Japan.Shimada is the chief priest who presided over the Shoin.Yudo SasakiMeet, "Hagakure"When"Saigo TakamoriIt is said that he was deeply impressed with the idea.Later, Sasaki presented Shimada, who will be assigned to Okinawa, with two books, Hagakure and Nanshu Religion, and Shimada wrote to Sasaki that he would "daringly move to Okinawa" with these two books.

With ShimadaOld system third high schoolTo classmates of the timesYoshio NakanoThere is (English literary person), and there is "the last governor of Okinawa" who recalled Shimada after the war (文藝 春秋New company, 1961, later "Okinawa and me"Jiji Press, 1972)

Relationship with Rear Admiral Daejeon

During the war in OkinawaNavy Army CorpsLed and crushed in the land of OkinawaOta MinoruHe kept close contact with Rear Admiral during the Battle of Okinawa, and said that Daejeon and Shimada were in close contact with each other.Daejeon has great respect for Shimada, and in the final message that Daejeon sent to the Under Secretary of the Navy on June 1945, 6, "What should be reported by the prefectural governor?" The opening sentence of "I'm not afraid to receive it" said that the organization itself in Okinawa Prefecture already has no communication ability, and the most suitable way to convey the hardships of civilians is "I have almost no time to look back on the citizens of the prefecture." Shimada and his friends were with the citizens of the prefecture until the end, not themselves, but Daejeon conveyed the appearance of the citizens of the prefecture on behalf of Shimada, the administrative officer.[14].

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  2. ^ Previous literature may state that "the US military attack was so intense that the actual product did not arrive," but according to Yozo Tamura's "Okinawa no Shimamori," this is incorrect.
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