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🎥 | Ainosuke Kataoka <Carnage> VS Nakamura Shido <Venom> changes the stage and confronts the voice directly! "Venom Let ...


Ainosuke Kataoka <Carnage> VS Nakamura Shido <Venom> changes the stage and confronts the voice directly! "Venom Let ...

If you write the contents roughly
Venom, who saw such a vicious carnage, said, "Damn, bad!

"Venom: Let There Be Carnage" to be released in Japan on December 2021, 12 (Friday).Ainosuke Kataoka in this work ... → Continue reading


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Carnage (CARNAGE) IsSweden,StockholmFromDeath MetalThe band is currently disbanded.

Sweden OfDeath MetalA pioneer in the scene, manySweden OfDeath MetalAffected the band.Also, members from Carnage will laterArch Enemy,Entombed,DismemberHe is active in many bands such as.

Originally active under the name GLOBAL CARNAGE, it was soon renamed to Carnage.In the early daysGrindcoreIt was a band, but graduallyDeath MetalIt changed to.

In 1990CarcassWas run by a member ofYear-ake recordUnder the umbrellaNecrosis record1st album "Dark Recollection"CadaverとSplit albumIt was released as, but it was disbanded in 1991.laterYear-ake recordA reissue board with a demo tape sound source added to the bonus track has been released.Also, the album credits are based on Johnny Dordevic, but in the actual recordingMichael amottIs playing the base.

Trends of members after dissolution

  • Michael amott TheUnited Kingdom OfCarcassAfter joining and participating in two albums, he left.Spiritual BeggarsWas formed and was active.Also as a side projectArch EnemyHas started, and is currently active mainly in Arch Enemy.
  • After working at FURBOWL etc., Johan LiivaMichael amottInvited toArch EnemyJoined.However, he got fired before making the 4th album and after thatNonExist,HearthAre active in.
  • Fred Estby, Matty Kalki, and David Bromquist were once enrolled.DismemberWas reunited and started activities.Fred Estby2007 He left the dismember and started a solo project Necronaut.2011 , Dismember disbanded.
  • Johnny Dordevic is led by Michael AmottSpiritual BeggarsJoined as a bassist, but later withdrew.
  • David Bromquist and Johnny DordevicEntombedAlso participated, but both have since withdrawn.


Members at the time of dissolution

  • Matti Kärki (Vo) (1989-1991)
  • Michael amott Michael Amott (G) (1988-1991)
  • David Blomqvist (G) (1989-1991)
  • Johnny Dordevic (B) (1989-1991)
  • Fred Estby (Ds) (1989-1991)

Old member

  • Johan Liiva Johan Liiva (Vo, B) (1989)
  • Jeppe Larsson (Ds) (1989)



Demo tape

  • 1989 The Day Man Lost
  • 1989 Infestation Of Evil


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