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🎥 | The highest award at the Indian Film Festival, the movie starring Sho Kasamatsu!First day decision & trailer released

Photo "Ring Wandering" Book Visual- (C) 2021 Ring Wandering Production Committee

The highest award at the Indian Film Festival, the movie starring Sho Kasamatsu!First day decision & trailer released

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The trailer begins with the Japanese wolf, whose main character is extinct, is worried because he can't draw it. The exchange with Reiko Kataoka) has been cut off.

The first movie "Ring Wandering" starring the up-and-coming young Sho Kasamatsu in the drama "Love You as the World Ends" series ... → Continue reading

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Japanese wolf

Japanese wolf(Japanese wolf,British: Japanese wolf, Scientific name:Canis lupus hodophilax) IsJapan OfHonshu,Shikoku,KyusyuHad lived inオ オ カ ミ1Subspecies.. Or Canis Genus hodophilax[1].20st centuryAt the beginningextinctionIt is an established theory that it was done.


Until the 19th century, it was widely distributed from the Tohoku region to Kyushu,1905 (Meiji38 years)May 1,NaraYoshino-gunOgawaWashiyaguchi (currentlyHigashiyoshino VillageThe young male (existing as a specimen) captured in Washiyaguchi) is the last reliable habitat information.[2][3][4]..In addition, January 1 is an American animal collector.Malcolm Playfair AndersonWas accompanied byKiyoshi KanaiAnd the huntsman bought the wolf's corpse from two local Japanese hunters for 2 yen, and Kanai said, "The belly is bluish and rotting in the midwinter." Seems to have been caught a few days ago. "[5]Therefore, the exact capture date is a few days before January 1.The taxidermy was made near the Hogetsuro (currently a clothing store) where I was staying.[5][6].

2003 "1910 (Meiji 43) In MayFukui CastleAgricultural experimental station (Matsudaira experimental farm) on the site.Yasutaka MatsudairaThe canine that was slaughtered in (see) was the Japanese wolf. "paperWas announced[7][3]..However, this specimen of Fukui's individual isPacific WarInFukui air raidIt is academically uncertain to certify it as the last example because it was burnt down leaving a photo.[3][Note 1].

April 2012, in 4GunmaTakasakiThe hunting magazine "Hunting Friend" published on March 3, the same year, which may be hunting Japanese wolves, was discovered in Japan.[8].

Ministry of the Environment OfRed listThen, "If the survival is not confirmed for the past 50 years, the species isextinctionThe Japanese wolf has become an extinct species.


Vertebrate subphylumMammalian classCat eyes(Carnivores)CanineCanisBelong to.Extinct species..It is the established theory that the body length is 95-114 cm, the tail length is about 30 cm, the shoulder height is about 55 cm, and the weight is estimated to be 15 kg.

Smaller and mediumr than wolves in other regionsJapanese dogHowever, it is said that the legs were longer and stronger than the medium-sized Japanese dogs.The tail is curved dorsally and has a rounded tip.SnoutIs short and has no steps like Japanese dogs.One of the features is that the ears are short.To easily blend in with the surrounding environmentSummer: Winter:The coat color changed.


The Japanese wolf grew in Hokkaido, which is also an extinct species.Ezo wolfIs distinguished as a different subspecies.

The Hokkaido wolf is considered to be a different subspecies of the continental gray wolf, but there is disagreement as to whether the Japanese wolf should be a subspecies of the high wolf or a different species, and although the different subspecies theory is the majority, there is an established theory. is not.

Another subspecies theory

The Japanese wolf diverged from the continental gray wolfJapanese archipelagoIt is said that the species diverged from the continent about 17 years ago, but it generally takes millions of years for the species to diverge, and there are differences in ecological and geographical features that diverge as species. The theory that it is another subspecies of the same species because it is not seen.

Another kind theory

Described the Japanese wolfCoenraad Jacob TeminkAccording to the Japanese wolfGray wolfIs the view that it is a different species[9].

He was also studying the skull of a Japanese wolf.Yoshinori ImaizumiThere are 6 differences in the skull, and it should be classified as an independent species.Thus, not a subspecies of the continental gray wolf,Canis hodophilax It may be said that it is an independent species.

Genetic research

Scientific classification was started in the Meiji era due to the convenience of reporting animal damage.However, there is a habit of intentionally mating domestic dogs with wild wolves, and there are reports of "types" reminiscent of mating individuals with wild dogs in Matagi's testimony. It has been pointed out that it is difficult to genetically elucidate a pure Japanese wolf even if it is used.[10][11][12][13].Philip Franz von SieboldThe mtDNA of "Yamaine", which was possessed by the dog, was determined to be a wolf, but a significant difference from other specimens was confirmed in the skull, suggesting the possibility of mating with a dog.[14].

Gifu University教授As a result of DNA being extracted from the bones of Japanese wolves and investigated, the strains are genetically different from those of wolf and dog on the continent, and genetic differences between samples captured in Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Was confirmed to be a small, genetically uniform population, and this paper was published in 2009.Zoological Society of JapanPublished in the November issue of the magazine[15]..In an interview with the Asahi Shimbun, Professor Ishiguro said, "Japanese wolves are a limited genetic population and an isolated species in the Japanese archipelago." I want to leave a comment saying "I want to".

Genes shown in the same paper系統 樹Then, the Japanese wolf groupSingle systemIt forms a cluster of dogs, but if you look at the whole phylogenetic tree, dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) Including the gray wolf (Canis lupus) Is included in the species, suggesting that it is a subspecies-level difference from the continental gray wolf strain, and the Japanese wolf is derived from one continental wolf strain, carefully considering the genetic lineage. Is speculated to be[16].

After that Ishiguro in 2012Japan Veterinary AssociationPapers published in Magazine Vol. 65, No. 3[17]"The Japanese wolf is also considered to be a local group derived from the Eurasian wolf, and it was confined to the island and its body shape became smaller.Foster's ruleIt is easy to guess that it is a group. " It has adopted a different subspecies theory more clearly than it was in 2009.

In a paper published in 2021,PleistoceneIt has been pointed out that it may have been the last survivor of the strain that inhabited Siberia, and the Japanese wolf is said to be more closely related to some breeds than the Japanese wolf.[18].

Yamaine and the wolf

The name "Japanese wolf" isMeijiIt appeared as.

Wolves are also called wolf, viburnum furcatum, viburnum furcatum, etc.True godIt is said that it has the meaning of a god like folklore, and these names including "wolf" are said to refer to "big dogs".[19].

JapanThen from ancient timesYamaine(Dhole, Yamainu),オ オ カ ミIt is said that there is a canine wild animal called (wolf), which appears in narratives and paintings.These were sometimes considered the same,Edo PeriodFrom around that time, there were some documents that clearly stated that they were different.The differences were that the wolf was small and the wolf was big, the wolf had a "web" to swim, and the wolf was the object of worship but not the wolf.[20].

There are several theories about this as follows.

  • Yamaine and the wolf are the same species (same subspecies).
  • Yamaine and the wolf are different species (different subspecies).
    • The Japanese wolf is Yamaine, and the wolf is not described.
    • The Japanese wolf is a wolf and has not been described.Canis lupus hodophilax Is not a Japanese wolf because he is a Yamaine.
    • Japanese wolves are wolves,Canis lupus hodophilax Is really a wolf, but was mistakenly recorded as Yamaine.True Yamaine has not been described.
  • The Japanese wolf is Yamaine, and the wolf is the Japanese wolf.Domestic dogIt is a hybrid of.
  • The Japanese wolf is a yamaine, and the wolf is an imaginary animal.

Currently, the predominant theory is that Yamaine and wolves are of the same species.[21].

Incidentally,ChugokuAt漢字In the true sense, TheDoll(Akao wolf), TheTimber wolfSo it wasn't confused.

In modern times, "Yamaine" is sometimes used with the following meanings.

  • When Yamaine became extinct, the original meaning was forgotten, mainlyWild dogIt came to be used as a name to refer to.
  • English wild dog Used as a translation of[22][Note 2].wild dog Refers to all caninaes other than domestic dogs (wolves may be excluded). "Wildcat(wild cat)"soDomestic catOther than smallFelineIt is a wording similar to referring to general.

Of the zoologistYoneyoshi HiraiwaWolves would have confused Japanese wolves with wild dogs in the mountains and called them "mountain dogs" before the extinction. Both would have been feared by people in terms of chewing, he said.[23].

As above,Philip Franz von Siebold"Yamaine" possessed by the dog was mentioned as a possibility of mating with a dog in a later survey.[14].

In one theory, besides YamaineViburnum furcatum(Wolf accent)[Note 3]It seems that there was also a slimming and long-haired type called.Siebold had both bred, but the skulls of the turtle and Yamaine were almost the same, and Teminck determined that the turtle was a hybrid of Yamaine and his domestic dog.It is undeniable that the viburnum furcatum was a subspecies,Siebold caseWhen I was searched for a house in Japan, the materials were scattered and the details were unknown.[Note 4].


There are few witnesses from the beginning, and as mentioned above, the difference from Yamaine is not clear, and since it became extinct before academic research was conducted, there are many unclear points about its ecology.

Crepuscular animalso,Ezo wolfUnlike large herds, they acted in groups of 2-3 to 10 heads.mainlySika deerHowever, it appeared in the remote areas and sometimes attacked dogs and horses (especially in Morioka, where horse production was active, there was a lot of damage).It has a habit of howling, and it is said that shoji screens trembled at short distances.The nest was a rock hole in the field of Susuki that spreads out on the mountain peak, and about three pups were born there.It is said that he had a habit of following behind humans who entered his territory.Okuri-inuThere is also an opinion that this habit was interpreted by humans as convenient.Also"hodophilax(The one who protects the road) "was the origin of the subspecies name.

Ryoan Terashimaof"Japanese and Chinese three-year-old drawing society"Whenever you see a werewolf, a human corpse, you must jump over it, urinate on it, and eat it later."

Relationship with human

In the Japanese archipelagoJomon PeriodFrom early on家畜There is a dog asJomon dogIt is called[24]..Jomon dogs are about 45 centimeters in the early Jomon period and 40 centimeters in height in the late and late Jomon period.HoundWas used as[25]..In the Yayoi era, different traits from Jomon dogs were introduced from the continent, but both Jomon dogs and Yayoi dogs are thought to be domesticated dogs from wolves in the East Asian region, and Japanese wolves are domesticated in the Japanese archipelago. The possibility of domestication has been denied morphologically and genetically.[26]..In the Jomon period, there was an armor made by processing the body of a Japanese wolf, and a fang hanging made of maxillary canines in the early Jomon period was excavated from the Kozuka site in Chiba prefecture.[27].

A collection of records about Japanese wolvesYoneyoshi HiraiwaAccording to the book, a wolf invaded not only mountains but also houses and attacked people.[28]Often appear.I also wrote about the life history of the Hokuriku region.Hokuetsu Snow Score,[Note 5], ToyamaHidaSpecific description of wolf damage in local ancient documents[Note 6]Is appearing.

OkutamaMusashi Ontake ShrineAnd ChichibuMitaka ShrineIn Japan, such as the Chubu and Kanto mountainous areas centered on the area, there are spiritual tests such as amulets, possession removers, and beast damage prevention.It is worshiped at various shrinesdog God,Large true god(Okuchi no Makami or Oguchi no Makami) is also considered to be a Japanese wolf.This is because there is daily animal damage in rural areas, especially in the mountains.Feeding damageIt comes from the fact that wolves that eat wild animals that cause illness were sacred. ""Tono Story"In the character Yamaguchi / character book inn, Yamamine-sama must be enshrined and sent to Kinugawa when it is over. It was said that it was eaten up by the gods, "and it can be seen that it is used by the gods to curse.

Causes of extinction

The cause of the extinction of Japanese wolves has not been determined, but it is generallyRabies,distemper(Popular with the introduction after the Meiji era) etc.Livestock infectious diseaseAnd artificialExtermination, It is thought that factors such as reduction of food resources due to development and fragmentation of habitat are combined.

Edo Period Of1732 (Kyoho17) Around the time among Japanese wolvesRabiesIs prevalent, and it is believed that the increase in wolf attacks has spurred extermination.Also, in Japan, it exists mainly in the mountains, and remains such as wolf skulls are used for amulets and possession prayers.From the late Edo period to the early Meiji period, the wolf worship was prevalent, and the demand for wolf remains is thought to be one of the factors that spurred the killing.

Incidentally,1892 Until JuneUeno ZooThere is a record of raising Japanese wolves in Japan, but no photos are left.At that time, it was not thought to be extinct in the next 10 years or so.

Possibility of survival

Kii PeninsulaIn the mountains1970 eraThere were several cases in which the animals captured in Japan were wondering if they were Japanese wolves.Raccoon dogLittle cubs and stray dogs,FoxWas a misunderstanding[33]. Also,Chichibu MountainsBut1996 An animal very similar to a Japanese wolf was photographed (Chichibu stray dog)[34]..Experts disagree about this between the theory that it is a Japanese wolf and the theory that it is a stray dog.

In addition,Oita-Mt. SobosanBut2000 A picture of an animal that closely resembles a Japanese wolf has been taken (for details).Shikoku dogchecking).

Harmful effects of extinction and introduction plan

Due to the extinction of Japanese wolves, there are no natural enemies.boar-Sika deer-Japanese macaqueWild animals such as[Note 7],A humanIt has advanced to the living area of ​​the forest, and has caused great damage not only to crops but also to forests and ecosystems.In the United States, there was an example of repairing a collapsed ecosystem by reviving an extinct wolf, and there was also a plan to reintroduce and respond to the same in Japan.However, there is a history that the Siberian wolf, which is larger and stronger than the Japanese wolf, was canceled due to the harmful effects of becoming wild.Even now, there is a theory that the ancestors are the same as Japanese wolves in China.Daxing'anlingSome people insist on plans to bring the wolf to Japan and release it into the woodlands.

Also, in recent yearsClone technologyThere is also talk of trying to restore Japanese wolves.[35].

Existing specimen

Since the Japanese wolf became extinct in the early Meiji era, there are several skulls and furs, and there are only four stuffed animals in the world.Of these, three have been confirmed in Japan and one in the Netherlands.


Outside Japan

Skull etc.

  • Honshu,Shikoku,Kyusyu OfShrine,Old houseThe skull, which was said to belong to the Japanese wolf, is stored in such places.especiallyKanagawa OfTanzawaThen, because the skull was used as a talisman, many have been found.
  • 2004 OctoberThe skull of a canine with some muscle, skin, and part of the brain left in itYamanashiFuefuki cityMisakachoIt was discovered in Japan and was determined to belong to the Japanese wolf by the appraisal of the National Science Museum (Misaka wolf). DNA testing is said to be possible.Chubu regionThere is a wolf worship in the mountainous areas of the Kanto region, and the wolf skull related to folk religion remains.The Misaka wolf is presumed to be an individual captured in the Meiji era from the late Edo period, and its use is considered to be used as a talisman and to calm children's night crying, and is attracting folklore.CurrentlyYamanashi Prefectural MuseumIt is in the possession of[37].
  • Tochihara Iwain RuinsJapanese wolf bone fragments are on display in the collection and exhibition of the relics of the Japanese wolf, but Japanese wolf bone fragments have been excavated from many other Jomon and Yayoi sites.[38].
  • 2021 October,Toyohashi Museum of Natural HistoryIs "AichiToyokawaFrom the old house of the Edo periodMikawaThe skull of a Japanese wolf captured in a rural area was donated. "[39][40].


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    • Shizuko-Soul Haiku (November 2009, 11)
    • What to look for (November 2015, 11)
  • Youth adventure (NHK-FM Every Monday --Friday 22:45 --23:00 10 times broadcast)
    • New Yume Toya (February-March 1996)
    • Castle of Memory (February 1997)
    • Temptation of lies (February 1998)
  • Pops library (NHK-FM Every Monday --Friday 24:20 --25:00 5 times broadcast)
  • Seishun Radio Novel Auto reverse(December 2020, 12 commercial radio stations ・radiko
  • Other
    • Divorce drive

WEB drama


  • Takashi Sotoma Participated in the 01-28.fictional radio program "Radio Sambika" of the album "St.Bika" as a cast.




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Photo album



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