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🤖 | "Boss Baby" release & broadcast commemoration! DreamWorks works such as "Shrek 2" will be on air

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"Boss Baby" release & broadcast commemoration! DreamWorks works such as "Shrek 2" will be on air

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This time it will be a dubbed version featuring Masatoshi Hamada, Norika Fujiwara, Naoto Takenaka and others.

"Boss Baby Family Mission" produced by DreamWorks Animation is December 2021, 12 ... → Continue reading

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Masanori Hamada

Masako Hamada(I'm still Masato,1963 〈Showa38 years>May 5 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,Comic artist,singer,An actor,chairperson.

Comedy combinationDowntown OfTsukkomiResponsible. My partnerHitoshi Matsumoto. Nickname is浜 ち ゃ ん(Hama-chan)[4].. WifeOgawa Natsume.. The eldest sonOKAMOTO'S Ofbassist-Ikumi Hamada, also known as Hama Okamoto[5].


Born in Naniwa Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.My father, KengoroKagoshimaI'm fromHiromiWas a classmate with my father[6].Osaka ExpoAtUSSRI was working at a paint shop that was undertaking the painting of the building.By the time you go to kindergartenHyogoAmagasakiMove to. Until thenAshiyaLived with my family in[7].. Still have a relationshipMitsutaka TakasuI met at Matsugumi in Hama Kindergarten.

After that, HamadaAmagasaki City Shio Elementary SchoolEnrolled in.There, he meets Hitoshi Matsumoto, who later becomes his companion.They were never in the same class as Matsumoto, but they knew each other.After graduating from elementary schoolAmagasaki City Taisei Junior High SchoolIf you proceed to, you will be in the same class as Matsumoto when you advance to the second grade and you will deepen your friendship. In the third year, he joined the broadcasting department with his friends Matsumoto.

At the same time, when I went to a friend's house to play with Matsumoto and others, I was out, so I opened the door.SawI did the wrong thing to cut it in and go inside. This was the catalyst for my junior high school teacher.MieIga CityIt is inBoarding systemでSpartan EducationI doNissei Gakuen High School(CurrentlySakuragaoka High School) Is recommended, and after graduating from middle school1979 Enrolled in. 2nd year (1980 ) In Nissei Gakuen High SchoolSiblingsCorresponding boarding systemNissei Gakuen Second High School(Mie PrefectureTsu City. CurrentlyAoyama High School) Has opened, and Hamada has transferred to the same school.Vice-chairman of the class while attending school[8][Reliability required verification], Was the vice director of the dormitory.In the dormitory systemsuppressionWas living in a dormitory because he lived a harsh and isolated lifeWhole cutting(At the timeSchool rulesFrom the newspaper laid on the floor when having a haircutYujiro IshiharaHospitalization (of the 3rd year1981 ), when I went home again and went out to play with friendsThree color toothpasteWas on sale, and moreSinger with black faceI knew Especially, the toothpaste episode has become a standard topic when Hamada talks about his high school days. At that time, violence from teachers and seniors was a common occurrence, and Hamada also became a professor.crutchHas experience of being beaten by corporal punishment.However, in the first year, he was loved by receiving sweets from the third grader at the time when he shared a room in the dormitory.Hamada also escaped only once, and at that time he contacted Matsumoto and asked Matsumoto to "please come to Tsuruhashi in Osaka to pick him up", and Matsumoto accepted that and took money to Tsuruhashi. I have been to pick you up.At that time, Matsumoto took Hamada to a standing udon restaurant.According to Matsumoto, "I ate hot udon noodles with a sip."After that, he returned to high school and graduated from high school without escaping after that.Hamada also said that he "remembers vividly even if he wants to forget it, but he can't forget it" about his school life.In the past"Gottsu], Hamada was seriously scared when his teacher appeared as a guest in secret to Hamada.

1982 , I didn't have any particular goals after graduating from high school, so at the suggestion of my fatherBoat riderTook the exam but failed[9][10]..I happened to find it on my way homeNSCAfter seeing the poster, I contacted Matsumoto after a long time and asked if he would join Yoshimoto in a combination.At that time, Matsumoto had decided on a job offer for a printing company, but he accepted this proposal and both became NSC first-year students.Initially, the combination name was "Matsumoto / Hamada", but after multiple names ("Masato / Hitoshi" → "Teruo / Haruo" → "Wright Brothers"), it became the current "Downtown".To synchronizeHeels,Tommy'sThere is.

"It's 4 o'clock] To immobilize popularity in the Kansai area. Soon after coming to Tokyo,If you can meet in a dream] ・ Popular with "Downtown no Gottsu Ee feeling" etc.NationwideWidely known as a talent.1990 Before and afterUtchan Nanchan-Tunnels-B21 SpecialTogether withComedy third generationIt caused a big boom. After that, not only comedy,An actor,Voice actor,singerIn many cases, he also acts as an independent host on variety shows.

1997 October, I was furious if the staff neglected to confirm the safety at the time of recording "Downtown no Gottsu Ee feeling", and when I kicked the locker with anger, I broke my big toe (actually Matsumoto got angry and decided that I could not help it. ) [11]..For a while after that, Hamada was recorded in each program wearing a cast and crutches.

2016 January,Vocal cord inflammationOn the 25th of the same month[12]Broadcast of "Use of oysters in downtown』Absent. (Broadcast content is "New Year's Eve New Year's Special Special I will never laugh, I will show you earlier than anywhere else at 24:XNUMX Special".) "[13].



  • My favorite food is yakisoba (especiallyNisshin Yakisoba UFOIs my favorite)Teriyaki, Fried egg hamburger steak, shabu-shabu, kimchi, omelet rice, donuts, mayonnaise, bread.I don't like tomatoes and coffee.
  • smokerAndVideo cameraIf it doesn't turnrehearsalInsideLocationDuring, during meetings, during movementた ば こA heavy smoker who smokes[14].
  • It is a lower door, and basically I do not drink alcohol.However, recently I have become able to drink a little.



  • WifeOgawa Natsume(1989 marriage). The eldest sonHama Okamoto, Ikumi, The second son, Mitsuru is an actressTaiho TsuchiyaAnd kindergarten, in elementary school classmates[18], Was studying abroad in the United States as of 2015 (graduated from an American university in September 2019).
  • I have a married sister.


  • My childhood nickname was "Hamachon".
  • It was held on August 2003, 12,The DriftersWas the last job with all 5 peopleDrif LOLI was present in the recording of OP/ED. At this time, Hamada was in the studio to record another program, but he was visiting to hear that Drif was shooting in the next studio. I'm talking to the members, just before he diedIkariya ChosukeBoth face to face[19].. The pattern was shot and later aired on television.
  • Tetsuya KomuroIs Hamada as a vocalist.キ ーIt's expensive”. For the time beingCHAGE and ASKA-B'zHas already pulled out."[20].
  • When appearing in a drama or as a voice actor, the notation of the performer's telop is not "Masatoshi Hamada" but the real name "Masatoshi Hamada".The reason for this is that "actor business is an individual job, so whatever happens, it's my responsibility."
  • In caricatures, the lips are often emphasized.
  • Do SIs often spoken of among entertainers.

Music works


H Jungle with t

  • FRIENDSHIP(April 1996, 4, avex trax)
    3rd single. The NTV drama "Human Starring"Leave it to Ryoma!] Theme song. Virtually the last single. According to Hamada Honto, this song seems to be the most difficult to record. 68 sold (as of August 7690)

Masanori Hamada

  • Is it still spring(December 1997, 12,Sony Records)
    Tamio OkudaSingle produced.JR EastUsed in the CM.
    Okuda also participated in the Music Video and TV appearances.
  • Be happy(December 1999, 6,WARNER MUSIC JAPAN)
    Asahi Broadcasting"Let's be popular!A solo single planned by.
  • Love Letter (November 2012, 11)-Magazine "SWITCH" December 20 issue (Vol.2012 No.12) appendix.
    Released as an appendix CD to the cultural magazine "Swtich" Vol.30 No.12 (December 2012 issue) featuring Hamada. It was delivered and released the following month.
    The lyrics are broadcast writer and classmateMitsutaka Takasu, Composition/produceTamio Okuda.
    Okuda plays all the musical instruments except the bass, but the bass is credited as "the son of a person," and Hamada's eldest sonHama OkamotoIs playing.

Masanori Hamada and Noriyuki Makihara

  • chicken rice(December 2004, 11,R and C)
    Lyrics: Hitoshi Matsumoto, compose/produce/chorusMakihara NoriyukiIs in charge. As in Komuro, "HEY!HEY!HEY!"Makihara NoriyukiWhen he made a guest appearance, Hamada asked him to make a song. When Matsumoto was a kidChristmasThe events that he had experienced are included in the lyrics, and Makihara cried when he saw Matsumoto's lyrics (from HEY!HEY!HEY! MUSIC CHAMP).

Hamada Bamyu Bamyu

  • Why(WARNER MUSIC JAPAN, December 2015, 12)
    "Use of oysters in downtownIn the "Hamada Idolization Plan", which is a project of "Kyary Pamyu PamyuMusic producer ofNakata Yasutaka(CAPSULE) requested the program "(Hamada Bamyu Bamuni) I want to write a song", and a full-scale project started. Serving as an art director for all of Kyary's worksSebastian MasudaTwo members of the head family were in charge of full production.[21].


  • WOW WAR TONIGHT REMIXED (May 1995, 5, avex trax)
    Remix album.
  • TK MILLION WORKS(April 1996, 11, avex trax)
    • The best compilation of million sellers produced by Tetsuya Komuro. Contains "WOW WAR TONIGHT".
  • (April 1998, 8, avex trax)
    • AvexA 10-disc 2-track CD commemorating the 100th anniversary of the establishment. Contains 3 singles of "H Jungle with t".
  • Las Vegas First Class Trip(WARNER MUSIC JAPAN, December 1999, 8)
  • (April 2000, 3, avex trax)
    • Best of 3 pieces produced by Tetsuya Komuro. Contains 3 singles of "H Jungle with t".


Video work


*All are not DVD

    • H Jungle with t were born in 3.15,1995 (May 1995, 5) PV & Documents.
    • GOING GOING HOME (September 1995, 9) PV & Documents.
  • Golf
    • Masanori Hamada Golf for winning (1995) The first golf lesson video. All 1 volume.
    • Masanori Hamada's single GOLF Vol.1-6 (1997) The second golf lesson video. All 2 volumes.
    • Let's be a golfer! 1-6 (1999) The third golf lesson video.All 3 volumes.



The programs and works that appear as downtownDowntownSee the appearance items in.

TV variety

Current regular appearance
Past regular appearance
Special program (MC or main cast)
  • Downtown Hama-chan Daddy 100% New Year's Hawaii Trip (January 1996, 1, TV Asahi)
  • Professional baseball all-stars out-of-field fight Really where is the best in Japan Special(2002-2005,Kansai TV)- Moderator
  • A dreaming egg!(2002-2004, 2006 -,NHK)
  • Masako Hamada and Masaaki Sakai don't sleep for 48 hours xx Special Katsunori Takahashi and Go Hakodate (June 2003, 6, NTV)
  • Masatoshi Hamada with Masaaki Sakai and New Year Gourmet Special (January 2004, 1, Yomiuri TV)
  • Masatoshi Hamada eats Masaaki Sakai and phantom specialties! New Year gourmet 2 nights 3 days trip special (January 2005, 1, Yomiuri TV)
  • Entertainer rating check(2005- Asahi Broadcasting TV)- MC
  • Handsome 3 (2005, Mainichi Broadcasting)
  • World Hamada Project (2005, TV Asahi)
  • THE CHAIR(2005, TBS)
  • Cocorico Endo & Chiaki on an overseas trip for the Masatoshi Hamada & Natsumi Ogawa family !! And the Momoko family intrudes! Super-luxury rare roadside special (2005 (Guam), 2007 (Vietnam), Yomiuri TV)
  • Hamada is Sakai and New Year Special (January 2006, 1, Yomiuri TV)
  • Celebrity quiz quiz!! Super rude! Can I say that? (January 2006, 1, Kansai TV)
  • Masanori Hamada is Masaaki Sakai and Special New Year Party in Okinawa (January 2007, 1, Yomiuri TV)
  • Masanori Hamada's new year's belly! Let's give a superstar a yearly gift SP (January 2007, 1, Kansai TV)
  • Hamada Super Parent and Child School(2007, TV Tokyo)
  • Hamada Police 24:XNUMX (2007/2008, Yomiuri TV)
  • Hama-chan's New Year's Party! Kim's brother's special dish competition competition (January 2008, 1, Yomiuri TV)
  • Anyone Quiz Maker (March 2008, 3, TBS)- MC
  • Da Vinci's Dream-Hamada Institute for Future Science-(May 2008, 5, NHK General)
  • Masanori Hamada and Masaaki Sakai! Spending delicious food made with the ultimate ingredients SP (January 2009, 1, Yomiuri TV)
  • U-15 Beautiful Girl Only! We're Angels! Tell Me Hama-chan to Entertain Your Parents in Your Entertainment World! SP!! (January 2009, 1, broadcast daily)
  • Conditions for dreaming(February 2009, 5, TBS)
  • Congratulations! I'm celebrating! Downtown Masamitsu Hamada's first appearance! A 2 hour SP of ultra-minimal live talk series that you can't talk about on TV! (July 2009, 7,Nico Nico Live Broadcast)
  • It's winter! Xmas! Comment! 13 hours of live broadcasting full of anxiety "I'm barely at the end!!" (December 2009, 12, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting)
  • The Point of Tears-I will always cry with this-(Broadcasted by Asahi on July 2010, 7)
  • Hamada Exploration Department(December 2010, 4,Nippon TV)
  • TBS news bulletin that flowed in that famous program All tonight public release SP (December 2010, 12, TBS)
  • Great Genka Festival (Daily Broadcast)
  • Hama-chan's New Year SP entertainer (secret) Private life investigation (January 2011, 1, Yomiuri TV)
  • Hama-chan's Performing Arts Concurrency Investiture Have you been on the stage from New Year SP (January 2012, 1, Yomiuri TV)
  • From the New Year of the Director of the Gei Agency!
  • Kamigakari Happenings! Platinum Video Award(TBS)
  • Good Couple Day SP !! Hamada & Natsumi's commemorative trip (November 2014, 11, TBS)
  • Hamada's reaction with Shimura SP (January 2015, 1, January 2, 2016, January 1, 2, Yomiuri TV)
  • Hama-chan's star is about to come! (2015, Asahi Broadcasting)
  • Clash! !! Nippon Worker Young talent vs. veteran skill (March 2016, 3, TBS)
  • The celebrities who are in the real world are real public entertainment world Sukasuka Expo (September 2017, 9, Mainichi Broadcasting)- MC
  • Masanori Hamada and Ken Shimura finally confront each other! New Year!(July 2018, 1, Yomiuri TV)
  • Looking back, there are classmates!(January 2019, 1, January 2, 2020, Yomiuri TV)
  • Hamada is a new year explosive buying tour with luxurious guests and specialty stores!(January 2021, 1, January 2, 2022, Yomiuri TV)- MC

Internet distribution

TV drama


  • RADIPEDIA(December 2013, 1,J-WAVE) --Personality with son Hama Okamoto for the first time[23][24].
  • Tresen(December 2018, 6,FM Yokohama) --A former personality who was originally a junior who was loved by Hamada.Comedian-Uematsu TeppeiIn private, as an encouragement toYokohamaWith junior entertainers such as Takafumi Inomoto (license), Shunsuke Hirai (Dorianzu), Shunsuke Moriki (rough control), Kosuke Kikuchi (Chimonchochu) who came to eat untilsurpriseappeared in[25][26][27].
  • Kimura Takuya Flow supported by GYAO!(August 2019,TOKYO FM) ――Since co-starring in "Jinsei wa Jinsei wa Jinsei", he is a monthly guest who has been nominated for a dialogue by Kimura, who is a close friend of golfers even in private.


Television Animation

Theater animation

Overseas animation


Actors played



Related books

  • Welcome back! Until the creation of the Masako Hamada family (1996,Fusosha)ISBN 4594019420
    • An essay by Natsuki Ogawa of his wife's talent.
  • HAMASHO's book (1999, Wanibooks)ISBN 4847013050
    This is a compilation of the program "HAMASHO" in which Hamada and Shofutei Shobo appeared.
  • Oh! Come on! (Laughs) Hamada family ceremony promise (2000, Fusosha)ISBN 4594028888
    • The second essay collection by Natsuki Ogawa. Hamada adds postcards.


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外部 リンク

Naoto Takenaka

Naoto Takenaka(Naoto Takenaka,1956 <Showa 31>May 3[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor,Voice actor,Film director,talent,comedian,singer.

Kanagawa横 浜 市[4]Kanazawa kuBackground[5].Tama Art UniversityGraduated from the Department of Graphic Design, Faculty of Fine Arts[6].レ デ ィ バ ー ドBelongs. Department of Graphic Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tama Art UniversityVisiting Professor[6].. Wife is exIdol singer, Of the actressKinouchi Midori[3].



Kanagawa横 浜 市Kanazawa kuIn TomiokaYokohama City HallWork forLocal civil servantBorn as the only son of the couple[7][8].. When he was a child, he had a shy personality that he liked to play alone at home, but he became interested in the movie industry because he often went to the movies with his parents.[7].Yokohama City Tomioka Elementary School[9]rear,Kanto Gakuin Rokuura Junior High SchoolI learned to overcome my shy personality when I entered the schoolImpersonationThe art will attract the attention of classmates[7].Kanto Gakuin Rokuura High SchoolFrom the time I was enrolled, I started making movies by myself, and I started to aspire to the movie industry in earnest.[7][5].. However, before and after graduating from high school, my mothertuberculosisDied at the age of 54, and became a father-son family.[7][8].

1976 ToTama Art UniversityEnrolled in the Department of Graphic Design, Faculty of Fine Arts[4].. Belonging to "Video Production Study Group" while attending university[10].. Immerse yourself in the production of 8mm films, from director to appearance. At this time, Jizo shot a short film called "Swinging Jizo no Kai", which shook his head and laughed. The 40th story that has become more than XNUMX years later“People who get angry while laughing”Becomes the origin of[11].

While in college1977 ,Ginza NOW!』(TBS)'S "Amateur Comedian Dojo" won the 18th championship. afterwards,"TV jockey』(NTV) Became a champion in impersonation at the amateur participation corner and attracted attention.1979 In December,"Kin's Costume Award"ofFirst timeShow off impersonation (title is "Yusaku Matsuda OfDracula"), The program fails for the first time.

Also, when I was a university student, the university I was attending was a TV drama "Prime Minister of Yuhigaoka』Because it was the stage of the location, during the shooting of the same workJunichi InoueThere were times when they appeared in front of the performers who played the role of students and often performed impersonation.[12].

By being involved in making an independent film while in collegeAn actorAspire to1980 Graduated to[6]Later, because I didn't do "Western things"Troupe youthJoin[10][13].

Activities after entering the entertainment world

As a comedian

When I started to feel that I couldn't eat for the rest of my life with the actor aloneProduction rickshaw OfYoshiharu TamagawaCalled from[13],1983 , TV AsahiThe TV PerformanceDebuted as a grand champion by appearing in the audition corner "Jump out! Laughter New Star"[2].. The moderator who usually gives a dry critiqueYokoyama YasushiAfter being praised by, he appeared in many variety shows.1985 ToCity boys,Ito Seiko,Akio MiyazawaRato Theater / Tale Unit "Radical Gajiberi Bimba System"(RGS) was formed.

"Tokyo Yellow Page(1989-1990),Naoto Takenaka's love vacation(1994-1995),Decameron』(1997) and other control programs centered on Takenaka are also being broadcast.

As an actor

At first, many movies and TV dramas were acting strangely as supporting characters ("Molester Train / Underwear Inspection Ticket" <1984 > In the semi-starring, Seicho Matsumoto and Yusaku Matsuda, who are good at all acting, are imitating), but gradually expanded their roles to serious small citizens and villains.

Seinenza Theater Company1990 After leaving the group, the playwrightRyo IwamatsuAnd the stage "Naoto Takenaka no Kai" started,2002 The performance will be held almost once a year.

1996 ,NHKTaiga drama"HideyoshiStarring inHideyoshi ToyotomiIt was selected as a role and became a hit with an average audience rating of 30.5% and a maximum audience rating of 37.4%.[14][15]. afterwards,TV AsahiTV drama"The enemy is in Honnoji(Broadcast in December 2007), 12 years later the NHK Taiga drama "Military officer officer』(2014 broadcast)[14][15],game"Nio 2(Released in 2020, the role of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who later became a voice actor) and played Hideyoshi four times.[16]..In 2006, Takenaka was in charge of the voice with Toyotomi Hideyoshi as the motif.PachislotThe machine "Naoto Takenaka's Pachislot Taikoki" has also been produced.[17].

1999 , Has traditionally been the target of morphological copyingShusaku EndoAppeared in the role of Shusaku Endo in the TBS drama "Husband's Homework" (based on Mrs. Endo's memoirs).

In the drama, he sometimes plays the role of a foreigner ("Drop of God], [Nodame Cantabile"[11]Such).

As a film director

1991 ,Tsuge YoshiharuCartoon ofIncompetent personWhen making a movieKazuyoshi OkuyamaIn addition to being found talented and starringdirected byIt was also selected as the director's debut work.

Since then"Goodbye COLOR』(2005) and has directed several works[18][19].

Other activities

magazine"Kinema JunpoSerialized inessay"A little squirrel"1992 Received the Kinema Junpo Reader Award, etc.EssayistPerform writing activities as.

In 2004, "The pepper is a dump truck! 』For the first time also directed the stage[20].

As a singerYukihiro TakahashiReleased the produced albums "MERCI BOKU" and "Eraser Head". July 2006, Naoto Takenaka &Watana BabyAsBoogie back tonightCover (producedSchauda Lapar).

Various otherradio OfPersonality,Entertainment showsSuch asModeratorIs in charge of.

April 2006, my alma materTama Art UniversityBecame a visiting professor in the Department of Graphic Design, Faculty of Fine Arts. It was first revealed on April 2010, 4 on his official website.

In 2012, became France Tourism Goodwill Ambassador[21].

He declined to appear at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on July 2021, 7. Takenaka offered to decline because the content of the video released in 23 was criticized for ridiculing the visually impaired and apologized.[22]


Do not refuse work except on schedule[11][23]..I hate to know the flow of the story and act.I'm alive without knowing tomorrow, but I don't like to know when I perform, so I don't read the script[24].

Takenaka's roots are as a longing for action worksBruce LeeIt has been pointed out that he is a memorable action starShinichi ChibaAre listed[25].

left handed.


The maternal family1942 Occurred inYokohama Port German Warship Explosion CaseWas the victim's bereaved family (died in an accident)PeddlerOne of them was Takenaka's maternal grandfather), but Takenaka himself did not know this fact when his mother was alive.[8].

1989 At the overseas performance of Seinenza Theater Company "Sharakuko"SpainI met by chance while staying in Japan for about a month.Idol singer・ ActressKinouchi MidoriI was conscious of being a marriage partner when I invited him to my favorite coffee shop, and at workニ ュ ー ヨ ー クChasing Kinouchi who headed for, he proposed there.1990 Married to[3].. A daughter with Kinouchi in the same year1997 Have a son[26].

make friends

Akashi familyI love myselfMasayuki IzumiI have handed over "cool skiyaki"[27].

"Lonely gourmetThe original author ofMasayuki KusumiHe has been friends with him for 30 years and told Kusumi that he wanted to supervise him long before it was made into a drama.[28].



TV drama

Delivery drama

V cinema

  • Memoir, Nagoya Yakuza War (2003) --Shirota Group Leader
  • Chief Ambition (2008)-Master
  • Shura no Hado (2011) --Genji Matsuda, XNUMXth President of the Shinkokai
  • Jet-black men (2018)-A man

TV program 

Video work

Movie version animation

Japanese dubbing



Television Animation




Radio Drama


  • Bandai Talking Familiar DX Jursen (2015, Sennin[90])


Movies (works)

Music activity

  • A different form of Ishi (1984)
  • 24HOURS (1985)City popElements are included. Reissued as "2003 HOURS + Wrestler" in 24.
  • With Naoto Takenaka forever (1987)
  • MERCI BOKU (1995)
  • Eraserhead (1996)
  • siesta? (1997)
  • Whistling and ukulele (2000)Kazuyuki Sekiguchi featuring Naoto Takenaka
  • Whistle and Ukurere 2 (2008) Kazuyuki Sekiguchi featuring Naoto Takenaka,Kimiko Wakiyama
  • Naoto Takenaka's Orange Mood (2011) No. 282 on the Oricon Album Chart
  • Mama and Country Beer (2017) The first limited edition with DVD will be released at the same time.
Participating works


Single Author

  • "A little sickness"Kadokawa Shoten(1993), Kadokawa Bunko (1996)
  • "If you meet Zhu, you'll be shuffled"Fusosha(1994)
  • "Moonlight Crab" Kadokawa Shoten (2000), renamed "Naoto's Wonderful Small Box" Kadokawa Bunko (2003)
  • "Ojisan's little trip?"Kodansha(Picture book), 2006
  • "Actors should be bad"NHK Publishing New Book,Year 2016




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