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🎥 | "Confidence Man JP Hero Edition" Cast / Synopsis [Summary]

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"Confidence Man JP Hero Edition" Cast / Synopsis [Summary]

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Eisuke Akahoshi (Yosuke Eguchi) A man called the Godfather of Japan.

The third movie version of the popular series starring Masami Nagasawa, "Confidence Man JP Hero Edition," will be released on January 3th ... → Continue reading

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Yousuke Eguchi

Yousuke Eguchi(Eguchi Yosuke,1967 <Showa 42>May 12[1] -) is JapaneseAn actor,singer.TokyoKitaBackground[1].PapadooBelongs. Wifesinger OfChisato Moritaka, Father of one son and one daughter. 



1987 ToToeimovies"Shonan Bakusokuzoku], He was selected as the main character, Yosuke Eguchi, and became famous.

Eguchi is a real name, also from the original of the movie is a cartoon that had already been hit, the similarity of this character name is a coincidence.

The starring debut of the TV drama is the 1987 single-shot drama "Give me wings].

Substantial debut work is TV drama "Early spring story], and in the official profile in magazines, etc., "Shonan Bakusokuzoku" is treated as a debut work, but there are several other video works that appeared before "Shonan Bakusokuzoku".

1988 In the detective drama "ジ ャ ン グ ルWas selected as the actual protagonist of the renewed "NEW Jungle".

1990 era

In the early 1990s,Tokyo love story''In the name of love"Such,Trendy dramaWas a regular customer. Also, at that time, unique long hairtrademarkAnd also long hair is impressiveTakeda TetsuyaWhen"101st proposal], plays the role of brothers.

Broadcasted in 1993 and 1997Under one roof] The series recorded a maximum audience rating of 37.8% and became a big hit. Even now, it has the highest rating of Fuji TV dramas ever.

He is also a singer-songwriter and has hit songs such as "I fell in love with you" and "Ai wa Ai de", but since 1999, he said, "I've been playing music with actors, but I wanted to master one thing." For some reason, I'm not active as a singer[5].

On December 1999, 6,singer OfChisato MoritakaMarried. The eldest daughter was born in February 2000, and the eldest son was born in May 2, the father of one son and one daughter.

2000 era

UnusualSocialistmovies"Dark children(2008 Published)" in ThailandChild prostitutionDespite the fact that he is ignorant, he follows the case because of self-denialJournalistPlayed the role.

In 2005Fuji Television Network, IncWas broadcast in seriesNiigata Chuetsu EarthquakeI interviewed the site as a navigator in a documentary program that covered later disaster areas (note that one of the episodes featured in this program triggered the movie "Onii-chan's HanabiWas produced).

2010 era

From January 2010 to December 1, ``Nikkei Special Gaia Dawn』In charge of the second guide (the first generation wasKoji Yakusho, SuccessorNao Matsushita).

In the "Promise of Life" released in 2016, the trademark long hair was cut off to shoot with the short hair to make a role as a fisherman.[6].


Encounter with Moritaka
At the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Relief Event in 1995Chisato MoritakaI met.
A long-time friend is an actorToshiaki Karasawa,Hiroshi Sato[7][8], ScreenwriterYuji Sakamotoな ど[9].
Bass fishing
As a hobbyBass fishingTo taste,Shimano OfFishing tackleHave appeared in the CM of. Also in the CM series,Giant baba,Seiji TanakaSome of them co-starred.HouseIn the Javanese curry commercial, the wife's co-star who planned to purchase a fishing rodChisato MoritakaHe also plays a scene where he is licked. Also,"Use of oysters in downtown], is also a regular in the annual "Entertainer Fishing Championship". I had participated every time from the 1996nd tournament in 2 broadcast to the 2004th tournament in 10, but I have never won the championship, and the performers may mess around with it. He has not participated since then (as of June 2006).
Accident history
In early February 1998ノ ノ ー ボ ーSince he was hospitalized with a broken leg in the hospital, he was scheduled to start broadcasting from April of the same year.Don Worry!』Drop down. The substitute isMasahiko KondoIt became.
About 2009:6 pm on June 10, 7,TokyoShibuya WardTomigayaKawasaki motorcycle owned by himself at a gas station in JapanZ1-R(Manufactured in the late 1970s. When going out to the road after refueling a large motorcycle with a displacement of 1000cc), it suddenly stopped and fell to avoid a bicycle coming from the right side, and it took 2 months to heal due to a complicated fracture of the ribs and clavicle. Seriously injured[10].
Appearance on the stage
Koki MitaniWas asked to appear on the grounds that it "looks great,"12 friendly Japanese]. At this time, "Do you wear a yukata for practice?"GoodwillMitani wrote in his newspaper series.[Source required]


Bold is the lead character

TV drama

  • Sakura Hinata (divorced after Hideki's wife incident)- Naho Toda[12]



Theater animation




  • OCEANS (November 2007-October 11)

Other TV programs



  • 1999
  • 2001
    • 30th The Television Drama Academy Award Best Actor Award("Life ward 24:XNUMX")
  • 2005
    • 44th The Television Drama Academy Award Best Actor Award ("Lifesaving Ward 24:XNUMX")
  • 2021
    • 25th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Spring Drama Best Supporting Actor "Nemesis"[28]



  1. Glass Valley (February 1988, 2) * Singer debut song (February 21, XNUMX)Nippon TV"NEW jungle"Insert song)
  2. Hard Rain (November 1988, 11)
  3. There is such a thing (November 1989, 11)
  4. Yume Gogochi / ALL RIGHT (November 1991, 11) Oricon's highest 6th place ("ALL RIGHT"AsahiCanned coffee"JO" CM song)
  5. The night I fell in love (October 1992, 10) Oricon ranked 21th / 17th for 100 months
    (Asahi canned coffee "JO" CM song) (ToeiDistribution movie "Seven geeks"Image Song)
  6. I'll never forget you! (June 1993, 6) Oricon highest 16th (Asahi canned coffee "JO" CM song)
  7. Love is love (February 1994, 2) Oricon chart highest 9th (February 8, XNUMX)Fuji Television Network, Inc"Place In The Sun] Theme song)
  8. It's Fine Today (March 1995, 3) Oricon highest 17th (Nissan Lukino CM song)
  9. Escaped Angel (June 1995, 6) Oricon highest 7th (Tokyo College of Commerce and College of LawCM song)
  10. TRAVELING BOY -Like an unleashed arrow (May 1996, 5) Oricon's highest 2rd place (May 53, XNUMX)TBS TV"Let's get married] Theme song)
  11. Fairy Tale (September 1998, 9) (Fuji Television “A miracle experience!"Ending theme)


  1. READY TO GO NINETEEN-TWENTY (Released on May 1988, 5 / September 21, 1992)
  2. Something Wild (Released February 1989, 2 / September 8, 1992)
  3. DO DA (Released on February 1990, 2 / September 7, 1992)
  4. GOOD TIMES (February 1992, 2)
  5. YOSUKE EGUCHI DISC HISTORY 1998-1990 (March 1992, 3)
  6. LOVE SONGS (November 1992, 11)
  7. EASY GOING (May 1994, 5)
  8. THE BETTER 1991-1993 (April 1995, 4)
  9. It's Fine Today (June 1995, 6)
  10. On the Road (November 1996, 11)
  11. WORLD WITHOUT LOVE-A world without love (September 1998, 9)
  12. Free Life-The Best Of YOSUKE EGUCHI 1994-1998 (October 1998, 10)


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