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🎥 | Discrimination over the sons of Prince Harry and his wife, is the Crown Prince saying ... Public relations denied

A spokeswoman for Crown Prince Charles denied on the 2019th that the person who was concerned about the skin color of Prince Henry and Princess Megan's children was the Crown Prince.Taken in Cape Town, September 9 – (2021 Reuters / Toby Melville)

Discrimination over the sons of Prince Harry and his wife, is the Crown Prince saying ... Public relations denied

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According to the entertainment news site Page Six, the Crown Prince asked Mrs. Camilla, "What will the children look like?" On the day of the engagement between Prince Henry and Princess Megan in 2017.

[Bridgetown 29th Reuters] – Crown Prince Charles spokesman with Prince Henry on the 29th ... → Continue reading

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Megan (Duchess of Sussex)

Duchess of Sussex Megan[Note 2](Sussex Koshaku Fujin Megan,British: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Old name:Rachel Megan Markle(Rachel Meghan Markle),1981 May 8 -) isBritish Royal Family OfPrince Henry of Duke of SussexSpouse.

He is called the Duchess of Sussex because he was appointed to the Duke of Sussex when he married him.2021 On January 1th, the royal family announced that the Duchess of Sussex would return the title of "His Highness".[2].. On February 2021, 2, the royal family announced that the Henrys would not return to royal official duties.



March 1981, 8, USACaliforniaLos AngelesでRachel Megan Markle[3]Was born as.Father Netherlands-IrelandSystem, motherAfrican AmericanIs[4]..The area where Megan grew up is called "Black Beverly Hills" and grew up in a wealthy environment.

Northwestern UniversityEnrolled intheaterと国際 関係I majored at the same time.While in schoolCookingAfter graduatingInternshipAs rawブ エ ノ ス ア イ レ スStationed inArgentineThe United States of AmericaEmbassyWorked in[5][6].

As an actress

In 2002Soap opera"General Hospital"soMegan MarkleDebut as an actress.After that, "Century City(Century City)], [Cuts(Katz)], [Love, Inc.(Love ink)], [The war at home(The War at Home)], [New Beverly Hills Youth White Paper], [Night riderNEXT], [WITHOUT A TRACE/FBI Pursuit of disappearances!], [Castle ~ Mystery writers like the case』And appeared as a guest. In 2006, the quiz show "Deal or No Deal(Deal or No Deal)』[7][8].

From 2011, the TV series "SUITS/suitWas the role of Rachel Zane, one of the main cast members.[9].

In 2014, he started writing about food, beauty, fashion, travel and himself at The Tig. Deleted his account in April 2017 and had 4 million followersInstagramAnd got more than 35 followersTwitterWas closed in January 2018. In March 1Time MagazineAddresses the prejudice about menstruation in the article[6].

First marriage

He has been dating film producer Lever Engelson since 2004 and got married on September 2011, 9.[10][11], Separated in May 2013, in August of the same yeardivorce official[12].

Second marriage

Marriage with Prince Henry

August 2017, 11,British Royal Family OfPrince henryAnnounced that he was engaged[13][14].

Wedding with Prince Henry on May 2018, 5Windsor castleAt the St. George's Chapel[15][16].


2019年5月6日、午前5時26分(日本時間:5月6日午後1時26分)に出産、第1子の長男ArchieIs born[17]..After that, he experienced a miscarriage in July 2020.[18].

June 2021, 6 announced the birth of a second child, a girl[19].Liribet DianaWas named.

Emigration to Canada

He has been staying on Vancouver Island, Canada since January 2020, but as he retired from public service and is no longer an active member of the royal family.[20][21], Security is no longer provided at British expense.Over 9 signatures requesting self-payment of security costs[22]On February 2, the same year, the Government of Canada announced that the couple would stop paying security fees.[23].. From November 2019, 11 to January 18, 2020Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceSecurity costs were over $ 56,384[24].

Due to the US citizenship of Megan, it was difficult to obtain a work visa in Canada, and Megan could be forced to pay taxes to both Canada and the United States.The Canadian government said that it had to pay taxes to the Canadian government as a condition for paying security costs.[25].

Emigration to the United States

Although he moved to Los Angeles in the corona wreck during March 2020[26]Former President Trump has stated on Twitter on the 29th that he will not pay security fees.In August of the same year, he reportedly purchased a $ 8 million mansion in Santa Barbara, California.[27][28].

Title and coat of arms


Following his marriage to Prince Henry, Megan became the "Princess of the United Kingdom" and was given the title of "His Highness" as well as the titles of "Duke of Sussex," "Earl of Dumbarton," and "Baron Kilkeel."[29][30]..Megan is "The Duchess of Sussex"[31]However, it is the only Duke of Sussex that existed in the past.Augustus FrederickBecame the first woman so called because the prince did not get married (had a common-law wife)[32].

2020 On January 1th, the Duchess of Sussex issued a statement saying, "We will withdraw from the senior member of the royal family and strive for financial independence."[33]..When a "family meeting" was held on the 13th of the same month by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, William Duke of Cambridge and Henry Duke of Sussex, the royal family was expected to have "constructive discussions" and a final decision within a few days. Announcement[34]Five days later, on January 5, the royal family announced that the Duchess of Sussex would return the title of "His Highness."[35].

2021 On February 2, the royal family announced that the Henrys would not return to royal official duties.The Queen confirmed to Henry that "it is impossible to leave the royal job and continue the responsibilities and obligations associated with public affairs."For this reason, Megan is the Queen's Commonwealth Trust,Royal National Theater OfpatronReturned public status as (sponsor)[36].

Coat of arms


Social activity

I watched it in an elementary school class when I was 11 years oldProcter & Gamble (P & G)'s kitchen detergent advertisement was hurt by the catchphrase "Women all over the United States are fighting persistent oil stains on pots and pans" and the words of boys who were in tune with it, and received the advice of their father who consulted. , Manufacturer's president, female lawyer for protest, thenFirst ladyMetHillary Clinton, Sent a letter to the host of a children's news program (at that time) that was broadcast on Nickelodeon, and later a detergent maker changed the catchphrase to "people all over the United States are fighting persistent oil stains on pots and pans." From the experience[39], In 2015United Nations組織UN WomenAs a supporter of "International Women's DayI gave a speech.International NGO "World visionAs an ambassadorRwanda,IndiaHe also conducted philanthropic activities such as visiting.

Criticism of President Trump

myselfThe United States of AmericaLived in2016 United States Presidential ElectionDuring the periodRepublican PartyDonald TrumpCandidateFemale disdainCriticize remarks. "If Trump winsCanadaI will move to. "

In 2019, the news that "President Trump criticized Megan before visiting Britain" was released in the popular newspaperThe SunIt flowed through, but the Trump side said "Fake newsI'm denying[40]..After all, there was no opportunity for the two to come into contact during their visit to Britain.



Release yearJapanese version title
Original title
Role nameRemarks
2005The rule to win love at the end
A Lot Like Love
2006(No Japanese version)
GwenTV movie
2010(No Japanese version)
The Candidate
cutShort film
(No Japanese version)
The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down
DanaTV movie
Remember Me
Remember me
Legendary rock star regeneration plan!
Get Him to the Greek
TatianaNo credit
2011Monster boss
Horrible Bosses
FedEx employee
2012(No Japanese version)
Dysfunctional Friends
(No Japanese version)
Random Encounters

TV series

Broadcast yearJapanese version title
Original title
Role nameRemarks
2002General Hospital
General Hospital
JillEpisode 10150
2004(No Japanese version)
Century City
NatashaEpisode 1 of the first season "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Lose'
2005(No Japanese version)
CoriEpisode 1 of the first season "My Boyfriend's Back'
(No Japanese version)
Love, Inc.
Teresa SantosEpisode 1 of the first season "One on One'
2006(No Japanese version)
The war at home
SusanEpisode 1 of the first season "The Seventeen-Year Itch'
CSI: New York
Veronica PerezEpisode 3 "Killing Bruce" in the 7rd season
2008New Beverly Hills Youth White Paper
Wendy2 episodes in total
(No Japanese version)
To Death
CodEpisode 3 of the first season "Joy ride'
2009Night riderNEXT
Knight Rider
Annie OtisEpisode 1 of the first season "Fight Knight'
WITHOUT A TRACE/FBI Pursuit of disappearances!
Without a Trace
Holly Shepherd7th Season Episode 15 "Chameleon"
Investigator Amy Jessup2 episodes in total
(No Japanese version)
The League
Random GirlEpisode 1 of the first season "The Bounce Test'
2010CSI: Miami
CSI: Miami
Constable Montoya8th Season Episode 20 "Another Calleigh Duquesne"
2011-2018 SUITS/suit
Rachel ZaneMain cast
2012Castle ~ Mystery writers like the case
Charlotte Boyd4th Season Episode 17 "Fairy Story Serial Killer"


Picture book

  • The Bench (Puffin, 2021) Picture: Christian Robinson


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外部 リンク

Camilla (Dress of Cornwall)

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall(Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, All names: Camilla Rosemary Shand(Camilla Rosemary Shand), Old name: Camilla Parker Bowls(Camilla Parker Bowles),1947 May 7 -) isUnited Kingdom OfRoyal family.Crown PrinceIsDuke of WalesCharlesRemarriage.2005 OctoberRemarried to.titleIs Princess of Wales (Princess of Wales),Duchess of Cornwall,Duke of RothesayMrs,Earl of ChesterMrs.TitleIs His HighnessHer Royal Highness).

Family / background

Camilla is the originalBritish ArmyAs an officerWineI changed my job to a quotientBruce ShandArmy MajorAnd his wifeRosalind mode(3th generationBaron AshcombeRoland CubitAs the eldest daughter between1947 May 7ToUKSouthwark WardIt is inKing's College LondonHospital[2]Was born in[3][4]..Birth name isCamilla Rosemary Shand(Camilla Rosemary Shand).

Southeast EnglandEast Sussex,BrightonAdjacent toLewisPlumpton (en), Then in LondonKensington WardSouth Kensington (en) I moved to a three-story house.

Princess Diana's real motherFrances TheCount SpencerAnd after divorce, of the Shand family(English edition)Is remarried.


First marriage

1972 , Camila was her first love partner, Captain Konoe Ceremonial Weapon, and a popular person in social circlesAndrew Parker Bowles(rear,British ArmyBrigadier general, Veterinary School Principal), Andrew's friend when datingPrince CharlesI met.CharlesPoloとhuntingHe became deeply in love with Camilla, who has a common hobby, but because he extended his marriage application, Camilla married Andrew.However, his relationship with Charles continued after his marriage.Between Camilla and Andrew1974 The eldest son (first child) Tom,1979 The eldest daughter (second child) Laura was born in1995 Is divorced.

Affair relationship

Meanwhile, Charles1981 ToDiana SpencerMarried, but the relationship with Camilla was not broken.And both Charles and Camilla were married and had an affair with each other, which caused the marital relationship between Charles and Diana to deteriorate extremely.1990 eraAt the beginning of Charles and CamillaMobile phoneAn audiotape of the conversation was revealed, and the secret relationship between the two became publicly known.Charles and Diana1982 Eldest son (first child)Prince William,1984 Second son (second child)Prince henryIs awarded, but1992 Separated from1996 Is officially divorced.Diana1997 May 8ToParisAfter his death in a car accident, Charles and Camilla became openly dating and began attending official events together.However, due to the perseverance of Diana's popularity that does not cool down even after death and the image of "Camilla = mistress", the leaders of each visiting country are rarely welcomed by the people of that country, and they are accused of "go home!" Most of them were ignored.

Second marriage

John Paul IIOne day late due to the funeral of2005 May 4Prince Charles and Mrs. Camilla finally got married 30 years after they met. First of all, the twoWindsor castleIn the guild hall below, the ceremony is given in a non-religious form.[5]..AttendeesPrince William,Prince henry, There were more than 30 close relatives such as Mrs. Camilla's children, and it took about 20 minutes while watching over them.More than 2 people gathered around the guild hall to celebrate them.After that, they moved to St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle andElizabeth IIQueen,Prince Philip of EdinburghIn addition, while about 800 dignitaries from Japan and abroad are watching,Archbishop of CanterburyThe two were officially recognized as a married couple in response to the blessing of[5]..After the wedding, a reception hosted by the Queen was held in Windsor Castle.The two are on the dayEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfBalmoral castleHeading to the nearby Birkhall, traveling for both public affairs and honeymoon[5].

Princess Diana's memorial service absent

2007 May 8It was announced on the 10th of the same year, five days ago, that he would be absent from the ceremony of the 5th anniversary of Diana's death.Prince WilliamとPrince henryAt first, he indicated his intention to attend in response to a request from the government, but he said he withdrew from attendance due to concerns that "it may distract attention from the purpose of the ceremony."[6].

Some media reported that they understood the dignity of his wife, even though they were disappointed in their absence.[7]..The royal biographer also points out that "in 10 years, the people knew the personality of his wife and changed her view of her.""The invitation to the memorial service was intended to make her stand out again as an unfavorable existence," some commentators said in a local newspaper.[7].


Upon marriage, Camilla was automatically given the title of wife, corresponding to many of Charles' titles.That is, Camilla's post-marriage title (title) Is


According to conventional practice, Camilla's style isHer Royal Highness the Princess of WalesIt was supposed to be (Prince of Wales).But shePrincess of WalesDeclined to use the title as a title, based on the Duke of Cornwall, one of the titles held by Charles.Her Royal Highness the Duchess of CornwallI decided to call myself (His Highness, Duchess of Cornwall).this isPrincess of WalesIt is believed to have taken into account the deep-rooted respect of the British people for Diana, known as.

In addition, Charles'sEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThe name inHis Royal Highness the Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay(His Highness Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay), so Camilla will be in Scotland accordingly.Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of RothesayCalled by the name (His Highness, Duchess of Rothesay).This is the same as the late Diana's name in Scotland.

In the futureOrder of successionNo. 1 CharlesBritish KingEven when he was enthroned toHer Majesty the QueenDeclined the title of (Her Majesty)Her Royal Highness the Princess ConsortI will call myself the title of (His Princess). "However,CommonwealthProblems involving constitutional amendments in each country have been pointed out. A woman who is the spouse of King is not automatically called QueenBritish Royal FamilyThere is no precedent in history.

Mother-in-lawElizabeth IIThe Queen ranks Camilla's royal family in fourth place, including herself, among the female royalty (Queen Elizabeth II-Queen Elizabeth II. Princess Anne First - Princess Alexandra --Camira) I decided to do it.

2012 year 4 month,Royal Victorian OrderAwarded the Dame Grand Cross.


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