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🤖 | Tomokazu Seki & acting MC Takuya Sato dig deep into Kaori Maeda with a “Heberek” talk! "Voice actor and night play money"

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Tomokazu Seki & acting MC Takuya Sato dig deep into Kaori Maeda with a "heberek" talk! "Voice actor and night play money"

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"Voice actor and night play money [Tomokazu Seki x Takuya Sato] # 30" starring voice actors Tomokazu Seki and Takuya Sato is a new future tele ... → Continue reading

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Hula(Hawaiian: hula) IsHawaiiIt is a traditional Kabuki song.In hulaダンス,Performance,Chant,singingAll of are included.KahikoThe classic style called (classical hula) andAuanaThere is a modern style (modern hula) called. HulaComprehensive artAt the same time, it is a religious act, and JapanNohLike, it is something that cannot be captured by the concept of dance or music.

A classroom for learning hulaHalau, Hula Master Kum, orKum HulaCalled.Kum is more than just a teacher, it has the meaning of an Iemoto who has deep knowledge and has been rooted in Hawaii for many years.It is rare to refer to a general hula teacher in Japan as Kum Hula.

Since the meaning of "hula" is dance, it is called "hula" by experts, but worldwide, it is generally introduced as hula, supplementing the English noun dance.[1].


There are various theories about the origin of hula.According to one legend, the goddess "Raka"ButMolokaiIt is said that Hula was born in the sanctuary of. Every May on Molokai, the birth of Hula is celebrated, meaning "the center of dance."Ka Hula PicoThe festival is being held. In another legend,(English edition)Is my sister's volcanic goddessPeleIt is said that it started when he danced to soothe his rough temper.

Either way, since ancient Hawaii was, the exact origin of hula is unknown. However,Hawaiian Marquesas Islands,TahitiIt is certain that they came from, and Hula also came from these lands.PolynesianIt is natural to think that the Kabuki song brought by the artist was developed in Hawaii.

Hawaii makes contact with the West1778 Traditional hula is closely tied to religious ceremonies andpuffThe dance performed with the accompaniment of a shark skin drum called is the most sacred thing dedicated to God.

1820 Came to HawaiiProtestantAmerican missionaries have condemned and banned Hula as a pagan dance. Hawaiian dance encouraged traditional artsKalakaua KingIt was revived in the age of. At this time, a new form called Frakui was created by newly combining poetry and costumes. In Fracui, sacred puffs were avoided and instead the traditional instrument Ipu (gourd) was associated. However, the ritual and prayer aspects of Hula were preserved until the turn of the 20th century, and Hula's practice and demonstration was dedicated to the goddess Raka.

Hula before contact with Western Europe does not involve dancingChantThere were two (chanting), Mele Ori, and a dance-accompanied chanting, Mele Hula. Since the end of the 2th century, Hula Kui, which incorporates songs influenced by Western Europe, has begun to be established. In the 19s, there was a movement to distinguish between traditional hula chanting and hula song, which is a vocal song influenced by the West, mainly in hula competitions.・ It came to be called Auana[2].

After that, Hula went sightseeingHollywoodAlthough it has undergone a major transformation due to the influence of the movie, since the 1970s, there has been a growing interest in the state of ancient Hawaiian culture in Hawaii (Hawaiian Renaissance), and as part of this, more and more people are serious about Hula Kahiko. It was.

Hula Kahiko

Iphekeと 呼 ば れ るGourdOr a puff drum made of shark skinKum HulaHits to take the rhythm.The dancerIri IriOf the stone calledCastanetsIn some cases, the rhythm is taken with a stick called color out using bamboo. In hawaiianMele(Chant) Is chanted and a dance is performed along with them. Hula Kahiko is a religious actHeiauIt may be dedicated to. Hula Kahiko in such a place is extremely solemn, which cannot be imagined from the traditional tropical and cheerful image of "hula dance".

Hula Auana

A new type of hula created by incorporating Western music since the 19th century.Functional harmonyThe biggest difference from the classical format is that it uses a system-based melee and an instrument that can produce chords.The repertoire is not fixed, and new works continue to be created.

Hula instrument

  • Puff drum - PalmHollow out a tree and call it a puff at the topsharkLarge size with skinDrum[3]..Hit with your hand.
  • Kill drum - PalmHollow out a tree and call it a puff at the topsharkA small drum with the skin of the drum.Hit with your hand.
  • Ipheke - GourdA percussion instrument in which two hollowed out pieces are stacked.Hit with your hand or hit the ground[4]..踊りに使用することもあるSometimes used for dancing[4].
  • Ip --A percussion instrument with only one hollowed out gourd.
  • Uriuri --A maraca-like musical instrument made by hollowing out Laamea and putting seeds in it.[3]..Often decorated with red and yellow feathers.Officially, dancers use only one Uriuri, but nowadays they often use two Uriuri, one in each hand.
  • Puiri - forkI made a cutbambooStick. Used as a set of two. Have a meeting with twoshoulder,ThighMake a sound by hitting a part of the body[3].
  • Puniu --A percussion instrument made by hollowing out coconut and pasting sharks and cowhide.膝に括り付けてカーという紐で叩くTie it to your knee and hit it with a string called a car[3].
  • Iri Iri --A flat set of 4 pebbles.Use it like a castanets by pinching your index finger.左右の手に2つずつで4個で1組One set of four, two in each of the left and right hands[5].
  • Pooh --Blows when announcing the beginning of the ritualconchMusical instrument made of a kind of[3].
  • Knee aucani --A musical instrument that you play with your mouth.踊りに使われるUsed for dancing[6].
  • Ohe Hano If ――Made from a kind of bamboo called OheWhistle[7]..縦笛でWith a vertical flutenoseBreathe in and make a sound.
  • ukulele -A musical instrument similar to a guitar.It evolved from a musical instrument called Bragginha brought from Portugal.Not used in classic hula.現代フラでのみ使われるUsed only in modern hula[3].

Hula costumes and accessories

  • good --Hand tassel made from plants such as leaks[8].


Island of HawaiiHiroThen "Merrie Monarch FestivalAs usualEasterThe world's largest hula contest has been held for a week since then. This revived Hula, which had been suppressed by Christian acceptanceKalakaua KingIt is a memorial to (commonly known as "Merry Monarch").

MolokaiIs said to be the birthplace of hula, and every yearKa Hula Pico FestivalIs being held.[9]

Japanese hula

"KaimanahiraIn addition to the popularity of Hula, the popularity of hula has increased in recent years.Halau hulaThere are more than 300 (Hula Schools) all over Japan. Many hula competitions are also held. The largest of these is the King Kamehameha Hula Competition in Japan, which is held every year at the Komazawa Olympic Park Gymnasium. The winning groups in the three categories of Wahine Kahiko, Wahine Auana and Kupuna Wahine will be eligible to qualify for the competition in Honolulu.


  • When Hula was introduced extensively in JapanHulaThehulaHowever, hula also includes the meaning of dance. For this reason, in recent years, the name of hula has been unified among experts. Hula dance is also a general usage that supplements the fact that hula is a dance.[1].. In Japan, only Hula Auana was known for a long time, but since around 1990, attention to Hula Kahiko has increased, and now Hula Kahiko is also practiced along with Hula Auana.

Works on hula


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