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📺 | Korean drama "One day-Veil of truth" Cast / Synopsis [Summary]


Korean drama "One day-Veil of truth" Cast / Synopsis [Summary]

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An ordinary college student who became a suspect in a murder case overnight.

The social crime drama "One Day-The Veil of Truth" (8 episodes) starring popular Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun is on Amazon ... → Continue reading

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殺人(Satsujin) is to kill a person.MurdererAlso known as (Human)[1].

Murder is often defined as a serious crime (Murder).Who committed the murderJurisdictionDepending onDeath penaltyMay be dealt with.


Compared with normal murder, murder performed with cruel motives and methodsMurdererSometimes called (Ryoki Satsujin). A work about a paranoid murdererBizarre work(Ryoki Sakuhin), called splatter.These worksViolent crime OfAgingThere is also criticism that it is promotingMedia effect theorySee).

Also, to kill a large number of people at onceMass murderAnd the criminal isSpree KillerCalled. In addition, killing a large number of people one by one in time seriesSerial murderAnd call the culpritSerial killerCall. If these acts are carried out with any political or ideological intentterrorismAlso called.

On the other hand, murder is not limited to individual-to-individual or individual-to-group murder, and there are cases where a group with some intention kills an individual or multiple persons. Such a case is called mass murder, and when it is done with political and ideological intent, it is also called terrorism.

robberySometimes you may commit murder at the end ofMurder-robberySay. It may be killed in order to escape capture from being resisted by a robbery victim, or to be sealed or delayed in sighting the victim to witness the crime. In some cases, the sentence can be very large.


2020 Murders are currently prohibited in all countries (murder charges).

However, Japan's criminal code states that "to protect the rights of oneself or another person against infringement of imminent injustice" or, under certain conditions, "the present danger to the life, body, freedom, or property of oneself or another person." In case of unavoidably killing a person,Legitimate defense(Article 36 of the Penal Code(Item 1)" "Emergency evacuation(Article 37 of the Penal CodeBy the establishment of "Section 1 text)"Illegalness is blockedTherefore (general theory) murder is not established.As a specific example, if a person who attacks himself with a kitchen knife is stabbed to death with the other person's kitchen knife when he resists and rubs against each other, self-defense is applied.

It is not legally murder if the perpetrator's will is not recognized, but another offense (Lethal injuries,Manslaughter,Dangerous driving fatal injuryEtc.) may be asked.Also, even if you do not have a clear murderous intention, if you are aware of the possibility of taking the life of the other party by your own actions, "RecklessnessMay be asked.

FetusKilling (abortionWhat to do) differs depending on the country or region, and some countries allow it and some prohibit it.

Killing people systematically is still murder. However, in some countries killing people as a punishment (Death penalty(Execution) is often legal (for the time being) so that it will not be charged with murder.However, there are many pros and cons regarding the death penalty (public opinion is often divided).Death penalty). A person with the authority to issue an execution order (in JapanMinister of Justice), I may refrain from issuing execution orders based on my own beliefs.Even if the legal framework allows the death penalty,pardonIt is often practiced to avoid the death penalty due to political and administrative measures such as.When the administration lost the support of the people and was replaced, the former administration was accused of murder, saying that it was an illegal act to issue an execution order because the previous administration had no legitimacy in the first place. It may be judged.

戦 争When the regular military of the government etc.Wartime international lawAs a result of fighting within the scope of the provisions of, killing a person is not guilty.However, it does not stipulate that soldiers may commit any murder, and it is limited to acts within the scope of international law.If you commit a murder that is not necessary or inevitable, you will be charged with a crime.Also, whether it is a government army or a regular army, if you commit a murder that is significantly unjustifiedCrime against humanityWill be judged and asked.

High seasupperPirateThe use of force is permitted against "enemy common to all humankind".For this reason, murder may occur as a result of crackdowns on pirates.Again, not all murders are allowed, and murder charges are not accused only if the procedure / procedure is followed and unavoidable.

Although it is the territory of its own country, the murder may not be punished because it is out of legal control. As an exampleIndiaThen.North Sentinel IslandIndigenous people living inmodern societyWas not part of the murder."[2][3].. This is because the concept of murder and illegality are not explained, and the human beings who have visited many times are refused to contact with outsiders and there is no channel for dialogue.

It is often a legal system that changes the legal treatment such as the magnitude of sentencing depending on whether the murder was intentionally carried out intentionally or intentionally due to a temporary passion.[Note 1].

Depending on the exception, some states or societies have legalized murder.Edo PeriodIn Japan,samuraiBut worked rudelyCommon people,TradesmanTo cutOmissionWas approved based on the regulations of. However, this could not be done without the prescribed procedures.



The purpose of murder is to irreversibly interrupt the life activity of the other person, and the means to do this is time and time countless times.

Animals basically stop the function of the brain that controls all biological activities,Respiratorsystem·Cardiovascular systemSystem interruption, physical impactburn-Electric shockDamage to the body due toBlood loss,poison,Poisonous gasBy etc.Respiratory failureWeakness due to severe environment such as organ failure, extreme heat and cold, weakness due to cutting off water and nutritionmalnutritionIrreversibly leads to death.Therefore, to give a brief example of the means,Strangulation-Stabbed-Shooting-Beaten-arson・Physical attacks on the head and body such as electric shocks, poisonous substances/gas, left in a harsh environment, cutoff of water and nutrition, etc. In the broadest sense, these acts are executions, and even during the war, they are "murders."

And if you do them yourself (death by hanging, Self blade,Jumping off, Railroad suicide,PoisoningSuicide, etc.) can be said to be the act of homicide against itself as described above.


The motives are diverse, but murder is a felony in any country, and it is repelled religiously, ideologically, and emotionally. Since it takes a great deal of effort to carry out and cover up afterwards, when killing a specific individual or mass murder,Pleasure murderEven in, people do not commit murder unless they have a very strong motive or under urgent circumstances.

First, in the case of having a murderous intention to a specific individual, it is strong against that person due to some trouble, harassment, difference of thought, etc.hatredThere is a case where you want to hug yourself and strengthen the desire to erase it. In mass murder and serial murder, the target covers multiple people. This includes murder due to personal grudges. There are also mass murders aimed at people of conflicting races and religions.

In addition, the other party holds another crime that he has committed or a secret that he does not want to be disclosed, especiallyThreateningIf it is imminent to expose it, it may be killed for sealing. The murder-robbery mentioned above also has a part of this.

On the other hand, cases in which the purpose of killing a person is itself include mass murder and pleasure murder. This may be a means of complaining about society, a desire to receive social attention, or the pleasure of killing a person.


In all nations, murder is guilty, which is true of other crimes, except for a few murder cases.PolicemenIn order to prevent being arrested by such a law-abiding organization, it is necessary to conceal the murder itself and the murder itself. There is no time to enumerate that method.

The former suggests that it was not possible to be present at the time of the murder in order to conceal the fact that the murder occurred (alibi(Craft), erase or leave no trace of someone entered where the murder occurred (Closed room murder), hiding the points of contact and motives between the victim and themselves, it is common to disguise suicide to pretend to be the victim's suicide. And in the latter,Corpse abandoned,Dismembered murderHidden or disappear the body by a method such as to erase the traces of the murder.

In addition, even if the existence of a murder is revealed and it is revealed that the crime is one's own, there are cases in which he seeks to escape for a long time and escape the arrest of a law enforcement agency.


UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)According to the 2018 (Taiwan and North Korea 2015)The United States of America5.0 cases,United Kingdom1.2 cases,Germany0.9 cases,Italy0.6 cases,France1.2 cases,Sweden1.1 cases,Australia0.9 cases,Switzerland0.6 cases,Russia8.2 cases,Chugoku0.5 cases,Taiwan0.8 cases, South Korea0.6 cases,north korea4.4 of[4],Japan0.3 cases. The lowest country/region in the worldSingaporeWas 0.16. Conversely, the highest country/region isEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu 52.0 (2019 in 35.6[5]), with a population of approximately 664 million[6] Although the number has decreased since 2016, the number of attempted cases was 3,340.[7].. It is said that gang activities are involved in this reason.[5].. By the way, the population is closeChibaIs 2019 in 47, including attempts[8].


Number of homicides in Japan (1990-2018)
The number of homicides in Japan has been declining for decades[9].

According to a 2018 UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) survey, 334 murders (attempts) occurred in Japan each year, with an incidence rate of 10 per 0.3 in 2018. Next to Singapore in the countries/regions that submitted this report[7].. In addition, the incidence rate of intentional murder of women (attempted) was 2018 in 0.25, 197 cases, among the 81 countries/regions that submitted the report.Lichtenstein-SingaporeWas the next lowest[10].. In addition, in Japanese statistics, "murder" means not only attempted murder but also attempted murder/reserve.Suicidal inducement/assistanceIs also defined to include[11] Therefore, if they are excluded, the value will be smaller. The annual number of victims in 2018 is 273 (man: 129, woman: 144) if only murder is attempted.[12] According to another Metropolitan Police Department statistics, the number of deaths due to murder in the same 2018 was 306 (male: 122 female: 173), and the number of deaths due to criminal offenses other than murder was the same. 690 (male: 404 female: 286) About 10 per 0.5 population[13].

The number of murders recognized in Japan (including attempts and reserves as mentioned above) exceeded 1954 in 29 (Showa 1955) and 30 (Showa 3000). However2013 Later,2014 Other than the above, the number is below 1000 per year, and 900 cases (2016 Excluding). Also, in 2016, the number was 895, the ratio of population (per 10) was 0.71 and the minimum number after the war was updated.[8][14][15][16].

In 2018, the ratio of males and females cleared for homicide in Japan was 621 for boys and 215 for girls and about 25.7% for girls.However, in the case of infanticide, the ratio is about 7%, with 5 out of 71.4 women.[17].. According to the 2010 survey, the relationship between suspects and victims was 30.3% relatives, 58.5% an acquaintance without a relative, and 11.1% an unacquainted person.[18].. Moreover, in 2018, about 51.0% of the relationships between suspects and victims were relatives, about 33.6% were people without relatives, and about 14.2% were people with no relationship.[13].

The murder rate in Japan, which is considered to be lower than that in other developed countries, is due to suspicious death (for example, because police fear the murder rate will increase).Strange death) Is possibleDissectionWithout turningsuicide,ACCIDENT,heart failureThere is also a theory that the murder was the result of being overlooked because[19].

In fact, from 1998 to 2012, 45 missed cases were discovered, 36 cases of which spouses and close acquaintances were suspects, and cases of the use of toxic substances such as sleep inducers. Is 11[20].. Furthermore, although the periods overlap, from 2011 to 2019, 11 cases (of which 6 cases areKinki continuous cyanide murder case), but missed[21].. Although it is rising every year,Judicial dissectionThere is a serious shortage of doctors, and the judicial anatomy rate for the number of corpses handled by the police is 2018% as of 12, and the anatomy rate varies by prefecture, from 41% in Kanagawa prefecture to 1% in Hiroshima prefecture. There is a wide range, less than 47% in 34 prefectures out of 10 prefectures[22].. In addition, from April 2020, 4, the government and local governments have stipulated that they will secure specialized human resources in order to enhance the cause of death investigation system.[23].

Religion and murder

MostReligiousSo basically, murder is treated as something that should not be done. For example, BuddhistFive CommandmentsThe non-killing life command is also given in. But,World religionA lot ofScriptureContains theory and examples that can justify violence and murder, and many historicallyReligious warOr an incident is happening[24].

輪 廻Have the idea ofBuddhismSays that everything in this world is delusional.Our SkyThan the theory ofFa FaThere is a teaching that slandering slander is more sinful, and these have become an excuse for many violence over Buddhism.[24].

Semi typemonotheismIsJudaism,キ リ ス ト 教,IslamHas developed as a religion for groups that share the same faith.The Old Testament,Quran,HadithConditionally recommends the eradication and murder of heathens and preached non-violence.New TestamentChristianity with the Holy Scripture also justifies violence by pulling the Old Testament when needed[24].

In the following, not only murder, but also murder戦 争,InvasionSuch asviolenceOutline the views of each religion regarding.


Judaism OfTanakh (Bible)Then, various murders are described.Book of GenesisThen,Cain and AbelIn the chapterCain ア ベ ルIs said to be the first murder of mankind[25][26][27]. Also,JewAncestor ofJacobDaughter ofDinaIs raped by the cracked Shechem, brothersSimeonLeviTakes his sword and attacks the town, killing all the boys, killing Shechem and his parent Hamor, and helping Dina.[28][29]..Jacob severely criticized them.Also, the son of JacobJudasEld the firstborn was killed because he was against God's will, and Judas was El's younger brother.OnanWas told to marry his brother's wife, but he was killed by God because he leaked semen to the ground.[30]. Also,Sodom and GomorrahWas destroyed by god[31][32].

The Ten Commandments of MosesInGod (Yahweh)Banned murder[33], The killings of pagans were repeated, as seen below.

モ ー セDuring your absenceGolden calf3000 people who worshiped were slaughtered by Moses[34][35]. Also,LeviticusChapter 20 states that Molech believers, quarrels or fortune-tellers, and deaf parents must be killed.[36].

NumbersThen, when the Canaanite king of Arade interrupted Moses, God extinct the Canaanites at Moses' request.[37][38]..Moses defeated and occupied the Amorites king Sihon, and when King Bashan Og blocked Moses, he shot and killed all the people of Bashan.Then Moses killed all the nomadic Midian men and women who knew him in retaliation.[39][38].

DeuteronomyIn Chapter 7, Moses tells us that God has commanded the extinction of the seven tribes of Haitai, Gilgashi, Amorites, Canaan, Perigi, Hibi, and Ebus, who are hostile to the Jews.[40].

キ リ ス ト 教

Jesus Christ"Don't go against the bad guys. If someone hits your right cheek, turn your other cheek too." "Pray for those who love and persecute their enemies.[41]"Love your enemies and be kind to those who hate you. Bless the deaf and pray for those who shy.[42]I preached my enemy and denied violence.[43].

Meanwhile, JesusPharisee"You are your ownThat is,DevilHe is from the world and wants to do what his father wants.From the beginning, he is a murderer, not a truthful man.Because there is no truth in him.When he tells a lie, he always puts his true intentions.Because he is a deceiver and a false father. I said[44].


But after thatChristian historyInHoly warAs an idea戦 争Was often affirmed and encouraged.1st CrusadeUrbanus VIIPopeト ル コ 人,PersianTheextinctionI said I have to do it[45][46].

2st CrusadeSolicitedBernard of Clairvaux The1130 In his book "In Honor of the New Knights," "He (knight) is not afraid of death. Rather, he wants to die." "Thou knights, proceed with confidence. With courage, the enemy of the cross of Christ. (Omitted) How honorable it is to return from battle to victory.MartyrHow blessed it is to die in battle. "The Knights of Christ can rest assured that they will fight for the Lord without fear of sinning by killing their enemies or the danger posed by their own death." Killing or dying for is not a sin, but the most honorable thing. It is for Christ to kill, and to get Christ to die. "" The Knight of Christ is not afraid. Kill and die with peace. "" If you kill a bad guy, he is not just a murderer, and if so, a malicida. "" The death of a pagan is It is the honor of the Christian, because it honors the glory of Christ. "[47][48]..When the Second Crusade was defeated, Bernard of Clairvus sought the cause of the defeat for the Crusaders.[49].


Japan alsoJesuitsThere was a movement to crack down on pagans.Associate Provincial Superior of the Jesuit Japan ChapterGaspar CoelhoHas a plan to invade China with the Japanese as a spearhead after converting the whole of Japan to Christianity, and in order to actually advance the mission to the advantage and to support the Christian daimyo, the Philippine fleet Asked for dispatch or built a ship with a cannon[50][51].

CoelhoChristian daimyo OfJunta OmuraAdvised the eradication of pagans in the territory[52][53]..In addition, Coelho tells Christians DeusIdolatryWhen preaching about the difference, the inhabitants destroyed all the Buddhist temples.[54][55]..Coelho also set fire to Buddhist temples for believers, destroyed shrines and temples in the territory, then built 87 churches, and converted all 6 vassals of Sumitada Omura to Christianity.[56][57]..Reported thisLouis Frois"Goodness comes to Deus's mercy, but the infinite benefits of Deus have thus caused this to happen," he praised.[58]..CoelhoHideyoshi ToyotomiHe replied that the destruction of temples and shrines was a voluntary act of believers, but this was also the intention of the Jesuits based on Christianity.[59].

This situation is another Christian daimyoYoshitomo OtomoThe same is true within the territory ofUkon TakayamaThe shrines and temples in the territory ofTakatsuki CastleThe territory centered on (currentTakatsuki) Has few shrines and temples at that time[59],Arima HarunobuBuddhist temples were burned in the territory of[60][61]..Christian daimyoMr. KonishiNot only forced the inhabitants of the territory to believe in Christianity, but also killed a Buddhist monk who once became a Christian but preached the Jodo Shinshu sect.[62].

It was said to be Japanese favorOrgantinoAlso praised the destruction of temples and shrines as a "good business" and reported in a letter that "I really hope to incinerate the last straw of the temple."[59][63][62].

Shimabara's turbulence

Shimabara's turbulenceWhile the crackdown on Christians was fierce, Christians after the uprising also urged non-Christian villagers to convert to Christianity.Uprising Oyano Village (currentlyKamiamakusaOyano Island) Christians threatened to convert to Christianity to the Iwaya Tomari villagers of the Jodo Shinto sect, saying, "If you don't become a Christian, you'll kill them all." Of the shrinePriesthood(Company) and others were murdered, and houses that did not convert to Christianity were set on fire[64][65]..Amakusa Goryō Village (currentlyAmakusaItsuwamachi) Was also set on fire because he was not a Christian, and the inhabitants evacuated to the sea.[64].


ReligiousThomas MüntzerbyGerman Peasant WarThen 10 farmers were killed[66].Martin LutherInstigated the killing of rebel peasants in the 1525 "To the Stealing Peasants" after changing to the suppression side[67]..Also, LutherWitch HuntBut as a witch, she supported the killing of several women[68]

Prussian Union of Churches of EvangelicalismPriest OfDietrich BonhoefferSaid that Hitler's actions were the extreme of human contempt, contempt for God and absolutely unacceptable, and that the moral pros and cons of Hitler's murder were left to God.Hitler assassination planParticipated in[69][70].


IslamScripturesKoran"If anyone challenges you to fight,AllahOn the road (Holy warThat is, on the road of battle for religion) it is better to meet this openly.But don't be guilty from here.Allah does not like those who do unrighteousness. "" Until the riots are completely gone, until the religion becomes the only (religion) of Allah, fight against them. "[71][72]"You should kill the polytheists as soon as you find them. Grab them, drive them in, and ambush them with ambush everywhere."Jihad (Holy War)Is explained[73][74].

Muhammad's words and deeds "Hadith"The merit of holy war and expedition" states, "According to Ibn Abbas, the apostle of God is" after the conquest of Mecca. "EmigrationThere is no such thing, justHoly warOnly with good intentions.If you are called to fight, go to it immediately. " "Fight for property and life for Allah. (Omitted) Then Allah will surely forgive your sins, enter the paradise of flowing rivers, and enter the wonderful dwelling of Adon's Garden. Let's do it. "Holy warWas preached about[75][76].

Islamic scholarToshihiko Izutsu"For evil sect unrelated to divine revelation, converting to Islam is the only way to preserve life, otherwise it must be cut with a sword." Sword[77][78]..Also, in the Arab tribes of Muhammad's time, there were gods for each tribe, and the gods of each tribe were enshrined in the Kaaba at that time, and there was even a statue of a goddess.[79], Muhammad is all of themPolytheismThe Arab polytheism ceased after destroying the idols of[80].


In Buddhist scriptures, murder approval theory can be found in each scripture[81][82].

Kegon sect

ChugokuKegon sect OfChengguanThe article "Avatamsaka Sutra" by (738-839)Bad taste OfSentimentalTo saveSentient beingsTo save the suffering ofBodhisattvaWork on the long-cherished desire.The Bodhisattva practices penance as a surrogate for the benefit of sentient beings.The Bodhisattva receives the body of suffering due to anxiety and preaches the law so that sentient beings do not create the cause of suffering.And the Bodhisattva is a sentient beingMugen HellHe killed him in an attempt to stop the act of falling into[82][83]..Huayan sectZhiyanAlso, in the "Avatamsaka Sutra Inner Chapter Gate, etc. Miscellaneous Holes", "Bodhisattva cuts the lives of living sentient beings.[82][84].

Rinzai sect

Linji Yixuan(? -867) "Linji Yixuan"Kill anyone you meet inside or outside immediately. If you meet a Buddha, you kill the Buddha, if you meet a grandmaster, you kill the grandmaster, if you meet Rakan, you kill Rakan, and if you meet your parents, you kill your parents. If you meet a relative, you must kill the relative, and then you will be released for the first time, and you will not be bound by anyone, and you will be able to see through everything and gain freedom. "[85] I preach.But a Buddhist scholarEshin NishimuraMurder (murder mother, father murder, murder Arhat) is BuddhistFive sinsIt is a denial of religion, and if it is practiced as it is, it will fall into hell. The Buddha itself is not denied, but Linji's "killing" should be read as "killing the desire" for the Buddha, the law, and the teacher.[86].

Jodo Shinshu

Shinran(1173-1262) is "Orthodox statue Wasan』, And those who deny the faith of Jodo Shinshu will fall into hell, and in the" Crown Prince Seitoku Honor ", there is a word that it can be perceived that those who try to destroy the faith of Jodo Shinshu should fight with violence.[87][88].

Jodo Shinshu Honganji School TheIshiyama battleIn the military flag, write "Advanced paradise, retired hell (advanced paradise, retired hell)"Ikko Ikko OfKouroku/AstronomyThen.EvidenceSaid that those who were killed would be paradise[89].


HinduismTo輪 廻There is a concept ofsoulTemporary property ofView of life and deathThere is. The scriptureBhagavad Gita』Sells that eradicating the body of another person does not hurt the soul, which is the essence of that life.[90].

Aum Shinrikyo

Akiaki AsaharaAs a guruAum ShinrikyoIt is,Tsutomu Sakamoto family murder case,Matsumoto Sarin Incident,Subway Sarin caseKilled many humans inAleph male believer murder caseIt turned out in the trial that there were frequent cases of murdering believers.[91].

Also, AsaharaTibetan esoteric BuddhismIt means "transfer / transition training" that intentionally shifts the consciousness of oneself or others.PoreWas used to mean "murder", to order believers to murder, and to justify the murder after the murder.[92].TantraIn esoteric BuddhismyogaPore ​​in the system has no meaning to kill or rob the soul of others[92].

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