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🎥 | Hikari Mitsushima's voice too! "Thunderbird 55 / GOGO" Penelope appearance scene released

Photo Hikari Mitsushima plays the role of Penelope from Tetsuko Kuroyanagi! – Thunderbirds TM and (C) ITC Entertainment Group Limited 1964, 1999 and 2021. Licensed by ITV Studios Limited. All rights reserved.

The voice of Hikari Mitsushima! "Thunderbird 55 / GOGO" Penelope appearance scene released

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With Jeff who came to meet him, it is a video that departs to the secret place in order to proceed to the full-scale operation of the international rescue team.

The Japanese movie version "Thunderbird 55 ..." will be released to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Japanese broadcast of the special effects puppet show "Thunderbird". → Continue reading

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International rescue

Full-scale operation


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