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📺 | "Dragon Zakura" sequel is broadcast all at once!

All episodes will be broadcast at once at the end of the year!

The sequel to "Dragon Zakura" will be broadcast all at once!

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Directed by Katsuo Fukuzawa and others from the blockbuster drama "Naoki Hanzawa".

The TBS Sunday Theater "Dragon Zakura" starring Hiroshi Abe, which was broadcast in the April quarter of this year, will be broadcast on December 4th at 12am. → Continue reading

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Katsuo Fukuzawa

Katsuo Fukuzawa(Fukuzawa bonito,1964 (39)May 1[1] -) isTBS TV・ Belonging to the Drama Production Department of the Production BureauTV drama OfDirector-Director-Film director.. Exrugbyplayer. The position on TBS TV is an expert position that is treated as a senior officer.Tokyobirth.


He is the director of TBS TV and said,Nikkei Entertainment!According to the survey2020 Currently, he is considered to be the TV drama director who has the highest audience rating in Japan.especially"Naoki HanzawaIsHeiseiJapan of the timesTV dramaObtained the highest audience rating (42.2%).

From a large body shapeFujiko F. FujioCartoonDoraemonCharacter ofTakeshi Goda (Gian)The nickname is "Jai-san" after that.[1]..Of the godfatherTakeda TetsuyaIs called "Jai"[2]..The origin has been known since Takeda himself and Fukuzawa were assistant directors.[2]..Fukuzawa had just joined TBS and was arranging lunch boxes and tea.[2]..He says that he came to call him "Gai" because he was a big man like Gian who was immediately eye-catching.[2].

Fukuzawa Yukichi OfGensonIs[3][4]..Satoshi's second son (Current newsPresident)Great-grandfather, Tokitaro FukuzawagrandfatherIt is a child of Kazuko Fukuzawa, a child of Tokitaro.Kazuko's younger brother's uncleTakeshi Fukuzawa(Mitsubishi EstateChairman), to relativesFukuzawa YukioThere are (racers) and so on.KindergartenFrom to universityKeio UniversitySpent in.Keio University Faculty of Lawgraduate[5].

History / Biography

Until he was a student, he was a famous rugby player.Keio KindergartenStart from (elementary school) and thenKeio University Regular Club(junior high school),Keio High School,Keio UniversityConsistently continued[3]..In particular, when he was enrolled in the Keio Senior High School Kickball Club (High School Rugby Club), he was also selected as the representative of Japan for Rugby High School.

Keio Keikaku Club(University Rugby Club) While enrolledAkio UedaUnder the supervision1985 ToNational University Rugby Football ChampionshipIn the same year, the number one university in Japan and the number one member of society in Japan will play against each other to decide the true number one in rugby in Japan.Japan Rugby Football ChampionshipInToyota(Currently the team name ・Toyota Motor Corporation Velblitz) Was defeated and became the first rugby player in Japan in the history of Keio.

As an individual, he was selected as a representative of Kanto, a representative of Japan for students, and a representative of Japan A (representative of Japan under the age of 23) when he was a university student, and had a physique of 190 cm and 100 kg.

After graduating from universityFujifilmEven though I joined the company, I couldn't give up my dream of being involved in movies and TV dramas.1989 ,Tokyo Broadcasting(TBS TV) Mid-career recruitment[5]..Immediately after joining the company, he was assigned to the drama club and said, "3rd Year Class B Kinpachi-sensei"series,"Sand bowl''Song of sugar cane field''A splendid clan], And many other TV dramas.[6]..In particular, in "Kinpachi sensei, 3rd grade B", he directed 4 works from the 7th series to the 35th series, and contributed to the rekindling of the popularity of "Kinpachi".

2005 To2006 In 1 monthTohoThe movie "It looks like tearsI was in charge of the director, but I fell ill during shooting and was hospitalized and dropped out.[7][8]..This postponed the production.After all, the directorHiroyasu DoiThe movie was released on September 2006, 9.Tears projectSee).

2008 May 11The movie released in theatersI Want to Be a Shellfish』, Served as the first film director.


  • It is said that there were not a few collisions with staff and actors, and various episodes are left.
    • "3rd Year Class B Kinpachi-sensei』Although the dynamic production is evaluated, the original author'sMieko OyamauchiIt collided with each other and led to Koyamauchi's disembarkation in the middle of the series.[9]..In that 7th seriesStimulantThe 8th series was decided to drop out, calling for pros and cons about the depiction of.
    • It is said that when he shot a scene of a fight in a production work, he forced the performers to "seriously hit each other" in order to bring out the power.As a result of the performers responding, it was not uncommon for the face to swell up after shooting.[10].
  • "JupiterIs often played in the mountains of the productions that he works on.[11].
  • Planning the "Naoki Hanzawa" seriesJun IkeidoWhen I went to consult with him, he piled up all the books of Ikeido on his desk and said in a dialogue with Ikeido that he said, "Please do all the original work until Naoki Hanzawa became the president."[12].


TV drama

Serial drama

* ◎ has a maximum audience rating of 25% or more andTaiziIs over 30%,TaiziIs a work that recorded more than 40%.

Single-shot drama


  • Little giant(2017)
  • Hanzawa Naoki Year Memorial / Episode Zero (2020)




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Naoki Hanzawa

"Naoki Hanzawa』(Naoki Hanzawa) isTBSseries"Sunday TheaterBroadcast in the frame,Jun IkeidoNovel "Naoki Hanzawa seriesWas based onTV dramaIs. StarringSakai.

2013 May 7からMay 9Until,"We're Bubble Enrollment"When"We are a bubble pair of flowersBased on two parts[2]・All 10 episodes were broadcast.

2020 May 1From 23:15 to 0:45 the next day, the spin-off drama "Naoki Hanzawa II Episode Zero-Aimed password for Naoki Hanzawa-] (Hanzawa Naoki Two Episode Zero, the intended password for Hanzawa Naoki) was broadcast.[3][4].. StarringRyo Yoshizawa.

2020 May 7からMay 9Until, also in the "Sunday Theater" frame, "Rothgene's Counterattack"When"Silver-winged IcarusThe sequel to all 10 episodes based on[5].

catch copyIs "If you get hit, it will be repeated, double return!!","Damn boss, remember!(2013 edition)[6].


In the original work in which a common hero appears, the title is different for each volume, but the title is unified as "It is not preferable that the title of the TV drama is different".[7]..Also, from the idea of ​​"focusing on the way of life of the hero", the title is the name of the hero.[7].

2013 Year Edition

This work isbankIt is a fiction work that depicts fraud over the world, and is generally a genre called "economic drama" where it is difficult to get the audience rating.Set in the world of men called banks, "only middle-aged, there are few young characters who are likely to get audience ratings," "there are few female characters," "no conspicuous love scenes," "theme songs and insert songs." It was a work of "Nothing to do" that "There is no theme song such as", and it was out of the common sense of the TV drama industry.[8]..The production side assumed that the main audience rating was men in their 30s or older, and thought that it would be good if the audience rating gradually increased from 12-13% to 20% in the final episode and an average audience rating of about 15%.[8].

However, the performance of bones by talented actors, easy-to-understand hero and enemy,Chama laAn action scene that reminds me ofHistorical dramaIt is also the theme of the scriptwriter and director of the tone and the salaried workers of the modern society.bossThe content that really reflected the psychology such as ``I want to say to you!'' was supported, and 1% from the first episode (Video researchResearched and recorded a high audience rating of Kanto area, households, real time, abbreviated below).With the support of a wide range of viewers from women to minors, it received the greatest response from the July 2013 cool drama.[8]..After that, the audience rating continued to rise, recording 7% in episode 30.0, 8% in episode 32.9, and 9% in episode 35.9.In the Kanto area, the serial drama recorded the 2% level for two consecutive weeks in the same frame.GOOD LUCK !!It's been 10 years since[9].

The final story42.2%Of the same frameBeautiful life] (41.3%) overtaken and second place in history[Note 1]It became the highest audience rating in the history of Heisei commercial TV dramas.In addition, the audience rating survey became the current minor meter method.1977 May 9After that, "Block scraping45.3% of theMito Komon Part 9It became the third highest audience rating in the history of commercial TV dramas, following 43.7%.The highest audience rating at the moment was 3% recorded at 22:17.[10].. According to the 2013 annual audience rating ranking,The 64th NHK Red and White Singing BattleWas the highest average viewer rating of all TV programs in the same year until the latter half recorded 44.5%[11].

Hiroyuki Yatsu, who was in charge of the script, worked out the script based on the original in consideration of the sublimation to the mountain and entertainment every time, and in the first episode, it was said that he made 1 or more revisions before preparing the draft.[12].. Neither the director nor the producers thought it would be so popular.[8].. He said he was keenly aware of how appropriate common sense of television was and how marketing couldn't help.[8]..Also in charge of directingKatsuo Fukuzawa"The surroundings made a fuss over the ability (of the program)" "The children even watched"[13].

"The main character often used in the TV drama versionDouble return!The deciding line became a hot topic in the streets and was actively quoted in the media.BuzzwordIs also[8][7].. Regarding the ending of the 2013 edition, Ikeido said, "Immediately.Next dramaThe announcement has begun, so I said, "Oh, is this the end?" (Laughs).But it was exactly as the original. "In addition, Ikeido revealed that when Fukuzawa visited himself for permission to make a drama, he brought all his works in a paper bag.[14].

2020 Year Edition

The 2020 version was initially announced to start broadcasting on April 4th.[15],New coronavirusThe broadcast was postponed on April 4 due to the prolonged shooting due to the epidemic of[16].. Also, prior to the first broadcast of the 2020 edition, the special edition of the 2 edition was scheduled to be broadcast for two consecutive weeks,[17], And the postponement of broadcasting has also been decided, and during the suspension period, a special omnibus of the works that were previously broadcast at Sunday TheaterAlternative programWas broadcast as[Note 2]..After that, Sakai, Oikawa, and Kaku announced that the 6 version will start broadcasting from July 21th at the ending of the special edition (99.9th) of "4" broadcast on June 7st.[5].. Also, with the start of broadcasting of the 2020 version, the special version of the 2013 version, which was also postponed, was broadcast for two weeks on July 7th and July 5th[18].

Due to the delay in shooting due to the influence of the new coronavirus, episode 9 scheduled to be broadcast on September 6 was postponed to 8th, and on the 13th, a one-hour live talk variety show by the cast staff of the drama " Live broadcast !! Naoki Hanzawa's gratitude ”was broadcast[19].

Instead of the 2013 version of Hiroyuki Yatsu, the script is "Little giantAnd 'No side games, Etc., led by Kentaro Ushio, who is in charge of several screenwriters.

Continuing from the previous episode, it became a big hit, and the average household audience rating exceeded 20% throughout all episodes including the above-mentioned alternative programs, and in the final episode.32.7%Was recorded. It was not possible to exceed 2013% of the final episode of the 42.2 edition, but it is a feat since the final episode of the 30 edition that it exceeds 2013% in the drama after Heisei.[20]. AlsoTwitterAbove, the whole story was so popular that this work became the number one in the world trend.[21].

Overall audience rating (total of real-time audience rating and time-shift audience rating)44.1%Record. It is the first time in history that it exceeds 40% since Video Research started the survey in October 2016.[22].


2013 Year Edition

Part One

Naoki HanzawaIs a talented banker who professes to "get up." HanzawabunkerAsHeadThere was a reason to aim for.When Hanzawa was a junior high school student, his father, who was cornered by a bank, withdrew his loan because the factory run by Hanzawa's parents was tilted.suicideHe had a history of doing so and had the belief that he would change the bank for his late father.

Hanzawa enteredCentral Bank of Industry (formerly S)Has a huge amount of bad debts,2008 ToTokyo Daiichi Bank (former T)Perform merger with[Note 3]..世界第三位のThird in the worldMega bank-Tokyo Central BankWill be.But at the top, the old S and old T are uglyFactionThere was a dispute.

One day, at the Osaka Nishi branch where Hanzawa works as a loan manager, the branch manager who aims to win the prestigious best store award.Tadashi AsanoSince, there was no transaction so farNishi Osaka SteelThe loan to is raised.Hanzawa tried to make a sufficient examination, but was not given time, and Asano's crane said, "UnsecuredThe loan of 5 million yen will be decided, and the Osaka West Branch will receive the Best Store Award.However, after that, Nishi-Osaka Steel, which was considered to be a good company,Financial resultsWas discoveredbankruptcy.. President/Azuma MitsudaHides in the clouds, and the loaned 5 million will burn.

In addition, Hanzawa is a synchronous entry and works at Tokyo headquartersMari ShinobuInformation from the Asano branch managerNemashiriAnd find out that he is planning to put all the responsibility for 5 million loan accidents on himself as the loan manager and to control the situation. If you don't find the president Higashida who is hiding in the cloud by the interview survey one week later, Hanzawa will become an affiliated company.Island sink, IeSecondedIt is made to end for the bank employee.

Meanwhile, at the Osaka West BranchOsaka National Taxation BureauChief OfShunichi KurosakiBranch inspection by. Hanzawa, who had doubts about this,CopierSethard diskThe retention data of thetax evasionKnowing that they are investigating Nishi-Osaka Steel, I am convinced that there are still over 10 billion yen of "hidden assets" that can be recovered. In addition, from the former accounting managerBacking bookTo find out where Toda's whereaboutsmistress-Miki FujisawaIt is suddenly hit and missed.

And the day of the interview survey at Tokyo headquarters. Hanasawa, who is severely liable to the deputy general manager of the personnel department of Asano, decided to make a thorough fight against Asano after the conflict. Thoroughly argue with the deputy directors and cut off the poem.

"I'll definitely collect 5 million! Don't disturb me again!'

Part Two

One year has passed since Hanzawa became the Deputy General Manager of the Second Sales Department of the Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters due to his success in debt collection by Nishi-Osaka Steel.As the ace of the second sales department, Hanzawa was active in the front line of managing dozens of subordinates on site.

Financial Services AgencyThe central bank of Tokyo, which is about to inspect two weeks later, recently financed 2 billion yenIseshima AccommodationNewly grasped that 120 billion yen was lost due to the failure of stock management.President of Isejima HotelTakeshi YuasaThe president requested byKen NakanoAppoints Hanzawa to be in charge of hotel reconstruction.If the Financial Services Agency classifies the Isejima Hotel as a real bankruptcy destinationAllowanceMore than 1,500 billion yen must be accumulated, which could have a significant impact on the management of the Tokyo Central Bank.

However, when the loan of 200 billion yen was repaid to the Isejima Hotel, there was concern that the Isejima Hotel would go bankrupt, so the board of directors abandoned the 200 billion yen increase and decided to rebuild the management of the Isejima Hotel. It was decided to survive the FSA inspection.However, a female managing director of Isejima Hotel, who lost 120 billion yen due to a stock management failure.Hane NatsukoIs uncooperative with the Central Bank of Tokyo for some reason.

In fact, Hane loses 120 billion to the bank behind the scenesAccusationAccounting section chiefTogoshi ShigenoriHas been dismissed, and moreSatoshi OwadaYuasa in collaboration with the managing directorDefeatI plan to let myself become the president.On the other hand, President Yuasa is struggling to rebuild the business, and he meets Hanzawa, who was in charge of rebuilding the Isejima Hotel, and expresses his determination to improve the management.

Meanwhile, Hanzawa dismissed Togoshi's accusation against the Tokyo Central Bank.KyobashiBranch manager·Ikuo KaiseFind out that.Successive branch managers of the Kyobashi branch are Owada and his subordinates.Kishikawa ShingoFormer industry central faction has served.Hanzawa takes pride in the bunker to Owada, who is highly suspected of being fraudulent.

"As a person in charge, I will protect the Iseshima Hotel no matter what I do!'

2020 Year Edition

Spin-off drama

Of the Central Bank of Tokyo where Hanzawa was dispatchedsubsidiaryTokyo Central SecuritiesThen,Securities trading systemFor a large-scale renewal ofcompetitionIs implemented by emerging IT companiesspiralAnd has a track recordWorld big dataWill jointly develop the system.

If this development is successful,SalesIn the spiral that leads to, a newcomer with a proven track record of dealing with trouble wiselyprogrammer OfKei TakasakaIs appointed as the project leader. Kosaka is in charge of Tokyo Central SecuritiesKatsuya Kinosaki,Hamamura HitomiWe negotiated with them and managed to introduce the system.

Meanwhile, Central Securities to the old systemBrute Force AttackUnauthorized access caused by and shared by spiralク ラ ウ ドaboveTrojan horseIs set. Hamamura doesn't remember one day after being attacked by external systems in quick succession.Insider tradingYou will be subject to discretionary disposition for doing so.

On the day of system migration, the new system will be operationaldemonstrationOf Hanzawa used inPasswordBut somebodyhackingThere is a case in which 300 billion yen is illegally remitted from the customer's account.

Part One

While revealing various injustices within the Tokyo Central Bank,subsidiaryIsTokyo Central SecuritiesHanzawa, who was ordered to be seconded to the sales planning department, worked hard as a general manager with a resolute attitude without being spoiled for treatment.

One day, Tokyo Central Securities is a major IT companyCyber ​​miscellaneous groupAn emerging IT company with a cost of over 1500 billion yen to acquire shares fromspiralWill be entrusted with advisory services for the acquisition of It's a big deal for Central Securities like never before,Hostile takeoverHanzawa feels suspicious that Denno outsourced the acquisition to Central Securities, which has little experience with large acquisitions.

At Central Securities, he is a subordinate of Hanzawa and is seconded from the Tokyo Central Bank.Morita ShoichiWill form an acquisition project team and develop a spiral acquisition scheme. Of the proper employee who was the sales representative of Denno until thenMasahiro MoriyamaWas unconvinced because he was removed from the team due to lack of experience, but the acquisition scheme did not gather at all and finally went to the cyber brain to report the decided contents, but the president of the cyber brainKazumasa HirayamaWas forced to abandon the contract because the response was delayed.

Moriyama took over the one-sided contract of Dennou, and went to propose an acquisition scheme that he had prepared independently, but at that time, he was inadvertently in charge of Dennou's finance staff.Katsuo TamakiFrom the conversation with him, Denno learns that he has switched the advisor for the acquisition of Spiral to another company. Based on the mysterious behavior of Dennou, Hanzawa suspects that the acquisition contract was intercepted by the parent company, Tokyo Central Bank, but there is a person inside Central Securities who leaked information on the huge acquisition by Dennou. It meant that.

Then, due to the strategy of Hanzawa, Morota in return for his return to the bankTaiji IsayamaLeaked information on the acquisition agreement with Dennou, and grasped the fact that the Tokyo Central Bank forcibly took over the work of the subsidiary Central Securities, but one step further is evidence by a breathing staff of the system department of Isayama The information leak email that would be deleted from the server. Hanzawa swallows and tells Isayama, who is a black-faced man who scolds the evidence and makes a proud face.

"I have no intention of ending it. This loan will definitely be returned!'

Part Two

Regarding the acquisition of spiral,FlourishLocateBad debtHanzawa, who saved the bank by blocking an additional loan of 500 billion yen, will return to the deputy general manager of the second sales department of the Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters.

As soon as I arrived, I was on the verge of bankruptcy with a recommendation from Owada.Imperial AirlinesWas entrusted by Mr. Watari Nakano to take over the difficult super-large project of rebuildingニ ュ ー ヨ ー クReturned from the branch to the headquartersKimoto HeihachiBecame the managing director in charge of debt management, and Hanzawa will work on rebuilding Imperial Airlines under the jurisdiction of Kimoto.

Hanzawa immediately went to Imperial Airlines, but the presidentIwao KamiyaBelow, the management respects the social significance of maintaining routes rather than profits as public transportation, andSonezaki YuyaWas in tune with that idea, and there was little sense of crisis about the business crisis.Hanzawa resolutely appeals to the management for the abolition of the deficit line and drastic reforms such as restructuring.

Meanwhile, the approval rating is sluggishPolitical party-Ichiro MatobaCabinetCabinet remodelingAndSurprise HRAs a female announcer of a former announcerAkiko Shirai Minister of Land, Infrastructure and TransportIs appointed to. Shirai cited the reform of Imperial Airlines as a key policy,Replay task forceStart up and bankReceivableAnnouncement of abandonment. The Tokyo Central Bank, which owns 700 billion yen of claims to Teikoku Airlines, must also abandon 7% of that, 500 billion yen of claims, and Hanzawa will rebuild Imperial Airways from Owada before policy implementation and collect the claims Ordered.

Hanzawa is the main bank of Imperial Airlines to avoid unreasonable demands from the governmentDevelopment Investment BankPlan to rebuild Imperial Airways with the aim of refusing to renounce debt due to a joint struggle with. On the way, a person seconded to Imperial Airlines from the Tokyo Central Bank, who had embezzled the funds with a fictitious bill,Hiroshi NagataAlthough it was obstructed by IB, it overcame it and attached support for reconstruction plans from OB and other Imperial Airlines,Sachiyo TanikawaConnect a single hope to the path of joint struggle with.

After that, Hanzawa became a task force leader lawyer.Shota NoharaIn an interview with him, he was forced to waive his debt with a high-pressure attitude based on the "consensus of the people", saying, "Banks without corporate revitalization know-how should be left to the task force silently." Argues that there is no "legal basis" and refuses to abandon.

However, in order to put pressure on Hanzawa, who is stabbed by the government, Shirai is the secretary general.Keiji MinobeAsked the Financial Services Agency to make a credit decision on the Imperial Aviation Reconstruction Plan, and rejected the new route approval of Sky Hope Airlines, which was the recipient of the Imperial Aviation mechanic, using the authority of the Minister. Repeat hostilities.

Feeling the threat of the government, Nakanowatari decided the right path to go as a bank and reported to the Financial Services Agency that the explanation was false in order to pass the additional loan of 150 billion yen last time.Business improvement orderAccept and apologize.It was a humiliating moment for all the bunkers at Hanzawa and the Central Bank of Tokyo.After seeing the news of the acceptance of the business improvement order, Hanzawa angered and uttered to the arrogant government.

"I will definitely rebuild Imperial Airlines. If I get hit, I will start over, double fold!'

Financial institution

Industrial Central Bank
Commonly called "Old S".English notation is "The Industrial Chuo Bank, Limited"[Note 4].
Banks where Owada, Kishikawa, Asano, Kaise and Hanzawa, Tomari, and Kondo got a job.Bubble burstAfter that, a large amount ofBad debtTo survive with (2 trillion yen)[Note 5]In 2008, the merger with Tokyo Daiichi Bank will be carried out.
The branches of the former S era are still occupied by former S graduates.
Tokyo Daiichi Bank
Commonly called "Old T".English notation is "The Tokyo Dai-Ichi Bank, Limited"[Note 4].
Nakano Watari[Note 6], Kimoto, Senior Managing Director Takagi and others are from the bank, and in 2008 they will merge with the Central Bank of Industry, which has a huge amount of non-performing loans.
Before the mergerGangsterSuch asantisocial forces,政治家Was making an illegal loan to.
Tokyo Central Bank
English notation is "Tokyo Chuo Banking Corporation"[Note 4], Abbreviation "TCBC".
A mega bank headquartered in Tokyo, it is the third largest bank in the world.One of the three major banks in Japan.Born in 2008 by the merger of Tokyo Daiichi Bank and Sangyo Chuo Bank.
The old S and old T factions are constantly fighting, and each department or branch has a remnant of a banking faction.
The president is from the former T[Note 6]Nakano Watari. The president of the Tokyo Central Bank has been dominated by former T graduates for generations.
Hakusui Bank
A mega bank headquartered in Tokyo. One of the three major banks of Japan. Although it has less information than the Tokyo Central Bank, it is a good bank.
Hanzawa and Shinobu Tomari's college classmate, Yuyama, is the deputy director of the loan department at the headquarters.
Daido Bank
Mega Bank headquartered in Tokyo.One of the three major banks in Japan.Kurosaki, an inspector at the Financial Services Agency's Inspection Bureau, once forced him into bankruptcy.
New York Harbor Trust Bank
Introduced in the first part of the 2013 edition,America-ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIt is the largest bank in the world with its headquarters in Tokyo and has a branch office in Tokyo.The logo mark is changed every time it merges with another bank.There is an account of Mitsuru Higashida, the president of Nishi-Osaka Steel, and you can check your account on your smartphone.According to Shinobu Tomari, "You can't open an account unless you deposit more than 10 billion yen."
The model isBank of New York Mellon.
Kansai City Bank
The second regional bank in the Kansai region that first appeared in the first part of the 2013 edition.The loan to Makino Seiki was stopped.There was a personal account in the name of Higashida, a personal account in the name of Higashida's mistress, Miki Fujisawa, and a personal account in the name of Tokyo Central Bank Osaka Nishi Branch Manager, Tadashi Asano, and they were sending illegal money at this bank.
In addition to appearing as one of the banks of Imperial Airlines in the second part of the 2020 edition, members of the "Coffin Society" had personal accounts.
The model isKansai Urban Bank(Current:Kansai Mirai Bank).
Utsumi Shinkin Bank
A credit union with its head office in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. When Hanzawa was in junior high school, he provided a loan on behalf of the Central Bank of Industry, which discontinued the loan of Hanzawa Naoki run by his father Shinnosuke.
Tokyo Central Securities
Hanzawa was dispatched to the Tokyo Central Banksubsidiary OfSecurities company.. He has a short history of business and does not have the know-how of large-scale acquisitions. Most of the large-scale projects we have dealt with so far have been sent by banks, and we cannot say that we know the true severity of the market. There is a feud between employees seconded from the Tokyo Central Bank and employees who have grown up.
Development Investment Bank
It is a government-affiliated financial institution and has financed 2,500 billion yen as the main bank of Imperial Airlines.
The model isDevelopment Bank of Japan.


How to read the name and depiction of the person are the originalOfficial site correlation chart・ Based on the broadcast content.

Protagonist and best friend

Naoki Hanzawa (Naoki Hanzawa)
Performance- Sakai(Junior high school:Kaito Nakajima
Industrial Central Bank Yaesu Dori Branch (when a new employee)[Note 7]
→ Tokyo Central Bank Osaka Nishi Branch Loan Section Chief (2013 Edition Part XNUMX)
→ Deputy General Manager, Sales Department 2013, Headquarters (Group unknown) (XNUMX Edition, Part XNUMX)
→General Manager, Business Planning Department, Tokyo Central Securities (First Edition, 2020)
→ Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Sales Department 2020 Group XNUMX Deputy General Manager (XNUMX Edition XNUMXnd Department)
From the old S.1970 May 12birth[Note 8].IshikawaKanazawaI'm fromKeio University Athletic Club Kendo Club.Keio University Faculty of EconomicsI'm from
hero.I hate being bent very much "If you get hit, it will be repeated, double return!!Is a style and a decisive line.He often makes a decisive line and gets the other person's dislike, but his subordinates have a lot of trust.He always carries the screws made by his late father, Shinnosuke, like a keepsake.As a bank clerk and eventually as a businessman, he has extraordinary problem-solving abilities.[Note 9]On the other hand, it also has a fierce and dangerous side that does not choose the means for the purpose.[Note 10].
Kanazawa Municipal Kinsai Elementary School → Municipal Nishikiyama Junior High School → Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Economics through Prefectural Kanazawa Seijo High School in 1992[27], Join the Central Bank of Industry.
2013 Year Edition
Two years before the loan accident at Nishi-Osaka Steel, he became the loan manager of the Osaka Nishi branch.Although he was working hard with his subordinates, he learned of Asano's strategy from a loan accident and said, "10 times returnDeclared.In a thorough fight, he successfully recovered 5 million yen, and in exchange for overlooking his injustice, he made a prosperity to the second sales department of the Tokyo headquarters.[ep 2].
After the prosperity, Owada who forced Shinnosuke to commit suicide and Owada's series of frauds related to the Isejima hotel loan case and the detour loan through Tamiya Electric were hostile to the Isejima hotel management reconstruction problem.board of directorsCondemnation in.Then he refused to stop Naito and Nakanowatari and made Owada sit down on the ground.100 times returnTo succeed.It was thought that he would be promoted because of his achievements in the play, but he was directly told to resign by Watari Nakano saying, "I will order him to be seconded to Tokyo Central Securities."[ep 3].
2020 version (Part XNUMX)
Even after being seconded, he continued to work as a general manager of the sales planning department, but he vowed to double back to the bank in response to the fact that the parent company, Tokyo Central Bank, took over a large-scale project that came in from the cyber miscellaneous group.[ep 4]..Worked hard to investigate the situation with his subordinate Moriyama, signed an advisor contract with Spiral, and clarified the confrontation with the bank.[ep 5]..In order to realize the reverse acquisition of Fox by spiral, he is active in preventing spiral acquisition by cyber while making full use of gray methods such as obtaining Fox's business status report from Aburayama of Hakusui Bank in secret.
While confronting banks and Kurosaki and others, he came up with the question, "Why did Denno ask Tokyo Central Securities for an advisor instead of Tokyo Central Bank?" Although he tries to contact a certain Tamaki, Tamaki retires due to the advance of Mr. and Mrs. Hirayama who sensed the movement, and hides in the cloud in the subsidiary Denno Densetsu.Even so, he did not give up and went to the head office of Dennou Densetsu, contacted Tamaki parent and child, and learned that the patent for the next-generation switching power supply that he had developed was bought by Dennou and he could not go against Dennou. Succeeded in mobilizing all the power and paving the way to regain the patent, and drawing out the fact that Dennou is making a window dressing settlement from Tamaki and the location of the back book showing it.In addition, he contacted Owada, who was angry at the betrayal of Isayama, and said, "Give yourself an opportunity to speak at the board of directors asking whether to approve an additional 500 billion loan to the cyber brain." Temporarily teamed up with Owada, requesting "rooting to a company that supports the repurchase of patents for Dennou Densetsu."Then he boarded the board of directors alone and pointed out the fact of the window dressing settlement of cyber.Succeeded in doubling back to banks while blocking spiral acquisitions[ep 6].
2020 edition (Part XNUMX)
When he returned to the second sales department of the Tokyo Headquarters in recognition of his achievements, he was appointed directly by Wataru Nakano to rebuild Imperial Airlines, with the recommendation of Owada.Initially, despite the backlash from the management of Teikoku Airlines, he discovered that Teikoku Airlines was a company that could be rebuilt on its own from a unique perspective, and submitted its own management restructuring plan.Enthusiasm for the future and potential of Imperial Airlines and earn the trust of management and employees.After that, Nohara was forced to swallow the debt waiver plan, but he resolutely refused it.[ep 7].
When the Tokyo Central Bank received a credit decision from the Financial Services Agency for Imperial Airlines by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Shirai, it was pointed out that the figures of the Imperial Airlines reconstruction plan reported to the Financial Services Agency to Kurosaki were different from the original ones. I suspect that it was carried out by someone's instructions rather than by Sonezaki's individual judgment, but when Wataru Nakano reported that he made a correct decision as a bank and had a false explanation, the business was improved by the Financial Services Agency. Will accept the order.Driven by remorse, Hanzawa renews his determination to find the mastermind who ordered the government to double back and falsify documents.[ep 8].
After a series of events, he suspected that the managing director, Kimoto, was moving toward the government, and as he became more suspicious of being an informant of the government, he joined forces with Owada, who has a common interest.Then, he interrogates Sonezaki, who had been seconded, and finds out that the mastermind behind the imperial aviation reconstruction plan is the one that instructed him to falsify the numbers.Although the board of directors insisted on refusal to waive debts, when Kimoto's horizontal spear settled on the direction of accepting debt waivers, he said, "If the development investment bank of the main bank indicates a direction to refuse debt waivers, this will be the case. Succeeded in proposing the condition of "similar" and receiving the approval of the president, Wataru Nakano.In response to this, at the Task Force Joint Report Meeting, after being informed in advance of the policy of postponing the debt waiver by Tanigawa of the investment bank, he announced the refusal to waive the debt again.Tanikawa, who arrived late, also declared that he would not waive his debt, and other banks followed suit, breaking the government and the task force for rehabilitation.[ep 9].
Since there is a suspicious point in the suicide of Deputy President Makino 10 years ago, I investigated the relationship between the former T and Minobe, and as a result, the credit file regarding the mysterious 20 billion yen loan that the former T had made to Minobe Although he found out where it was and obtained it, he was called by Minobe who sensed it, and was presented with a deposit record of the account where Deputy President Makino was receiving a rebate from a company that was making fraudulent loans. I was threatened to report the fraud of the department to the Financial Services Agency and order the central bank of Tokyo to suspend operations, and I gave in to Minobe after suffering.[ep 10], Based on the information from Kurosaki, "Investigate the Ise-Shima state", he flew to Ise-Shima while being charged with the disposition of his home, and together with Moriyama, examined the financial statements of the Ise-Shima state, and Minobe was 20 billion. Grasp the fact that the yen loan was subleased to buy up the forest that will be the site of Ise-Shima Airport and made a huge profit from the sale of the land.[ep 11].
Solved the mystery that the memo written in the credit file of Minobe, which Owada had refrained from, was the history of money flowing from the bank to Minobe and the "Coffin Association", and transferred to the National Tax Agency based on that information. With the help of Kurosaki who became, I succeeded in obtaining the deposit record that was flowing from the account of Ise-Shima State to the personal account of the member of "Coffin Association", pointed out the evidence and questioned Kimoto, Ise-Shima of Honmaru Confess the storage location for definitive evidence of the flow of gold from State to Minobe.However, those documents were stolen by Owada a little earlier, and they were handed over to Minobe at the discretion of Nakanowatari, and Nakanowatari removed the person in charge of rebuilding Imperial Airlines.Hanzawa, who was angry at the betrayal of Wataru Nakano and Owada, told three people, Minobe, Wataru Nakano, and Owada.1000 times returnTo declare[ep 11].
At first, he was losing his passion as a bunker due to the betrayal of Ken Nakanowatari, who he trusted, but he got encouraged by the scolding through Kendo of Sena and Moriyama and started up again.After that, he came into contact with Kimoto, who was hiding in the hotel, and learned that Minobe himself or his first secretary, Takeda, had the materials to prove the flow of money from the Ise-Shima state to Minobe. At the same time, the betrayal of Wataru Nakano and Owada is found to be a play to obtain definitive evidence of Minobe's injustice.He contacted Shirai with Watari Nakano and Owada, talked about the truth about the death of Deputy President Makino 10 years ago, requested help to clarify Minobe's injustice, and cooperated with him on the spot. He is again ordered to attend the task force's debt waiver debriefing session on behalf of himself as the rebuilder of Imperial Airlines.At the debriefing session, while a large number of mass media gathered, the actual situation of fraudulent loans and wall inserts in the old T era was clarified, and definitive evidence of wall insert fraud obtained by the efforts of Shirai, Kasamatsu, Sena, and Kurosaki was obtained. I received the written documents from Owada, published them, and succeeded in "returning 1000 times" to Minobe.
After that, the central bank of Tokyo revealed the actual situation of illegal loans in the past to the public and apologized, and social trust was lost, and Wataru Nakano took responsibility and resigned as president.Hanzawa felt his own responsibility and tried to resign, but Owada said, "If you believe that the bank can be revived, take that green justice and rebuild it." Resign and solidify the determination to rebuild the Central Bank of Tokyo[ep 12].
Shinobu Watari
Performance- Mitsuhiro Oikawa
Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Loan Department Examination Group Investigator (2013 edition)
→ Deputy Director of Planning Group, Loan Department (2020 version)
From the old S.Born in the Faculty of Economics, Keio University.
1992 [27]Joined the Central Bank of Industry. "Information andhuman resourcesIs a life for a bank clerk[Note 11]..At the time of entryProject financeAspiring.He used to say something very cool and orderly, but since Hanzawa's prosperity at the Tokyo head office, he has had more opportunities to meet in person, and the Isejima Hotel has rekindled his passion.[Note 12]..With his abundant personal connections and information network, he collects information about the Owada faction and trends within the bank, and always supports Hanzawa and Kondo who joined the bank at the same time. In the 2020 edition, he was transferred to the planning group and promoted to the deputy general manager of the loan department.
Having many connections and information networks not only inside the bank but also outside the bank, Shiramizu Bank asks for information from Shiramizu Bank, Aburayama, who has been acquainted with him since he was a student, about the cancellation of the loan plan to the Isejima Hotel, and a personal survey of Minobe Former Minobe in HanzawaKeeperI set up a place to listen to the story from, gathered information from my junior lawyer who was the same law school as Nohara, and Nohara sniffed that the old T was illegally financing Minobe, with Kimoto I am investigating that there is a connection.
Naosuke Kondo
Performance- Kenichi Takifuji
Tokyo Central BankAkihabaraDeputy Manager, Loan Section, East Exit Branch (around 2010)
→ Osaka Head Office Sales System Section Assistant Manager (2013 Edition Episode 1)
→ Headquarters with Human Resources Department (2013 Episode 2)
→ Tamiya Electric Accounting Department Manager (2013 Edition Episode 6-Episode 9)
→ Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Public Relations Department Investigator (2013 edition final episode)
→ Deputy Director of Information Group, Public Relations Department (2020 edition, long-term business trip to Singapore)
From the old S.Keio University Athletic Association Kendo Club.Faculty of Commerce, Keio UniversityI'm from
1992 [27], Join the Central Bank of Industry.Hanzawa is the same kendo companion since college.He became a senior deputy manager than Hanzawa and Shinobu Tomari, but after being extremely demanded by his boss, Ogiso, when he was at the Akihabara East Exit branch office, to achieve the loan quota.schizophreniaSuffering fromLeaveTo do.
Initially, it was used only for financing to a bank at the seconded destination, Tamiya Electric, and it seems that the spirit will be sick again, but through kendo arrangements with Naoki, etc., he regained his original self and established his position at Tamiya Electric. success[ep 13].. But this time in the process of workFlourishI noticed that I was in conflict with the president and the accounting section chief of my subordinates to purify the company.[ep 14]..For this reason, it seems that he will be estranged from the company for a while and will be sent to another company, but he persistently persuaded the president and the chief of the accounting section, found a detour loan led by Owada, succeeded in purifying the company, and reported that he could denounce Owada. He tries to hand over the book to Hanzawa, but accepts Owada's transaction, "If you hand over the report on the detour loan, Kondo will be transferred to the desired department of the bank" after considering the family.[Note 13][ep 15]..The next day, Hanzawa apologized for not giving the report, and Hanzawa and his colleagues showed their understanding of Kondo's words and actions in consideration of his family and made it unquestioned.[ep 3].
In the 2020 versionSingaporeWill not appear due to absence in Japan during a long business trip[ep 4].

Hanzawa family

Hanzawa Hana
Performance- Aya Ueto[28]
Naoki's wife.housewifeBut sometimes they work.My husband is called "Naoki", but in front of my mother-in-law, I call her "Naoki-san".He is very husbandly, and the words are also a hint for Naoki's heart saving and work problem solving.Before marriageflower arrangementWas doing the job. I am participating in the wife's meeting at the company housing even if I am reluctant, hoping that Naoki's position at the bank will improve as much as possible.
In the 2020 edition, a flower arrangement class is open at home.In addition, my husband's return was delayed every day due to the reconstruction of Imperial Airlines, so I went to help my senior's flower arrangement class, but I came to buy flowers to decorate the store's 5th anniversary. I happened to meet Joetsu Yasuda's Niiyama, boarded Joetsu Yasuda, and surprised Hanzawa who appeared at the meal.
Hanzawa, who uncovers Minobe's injustice and decides to "return 1000 times" to Ohwada and Nakanowatari, wants to do it with "feeling" to hit the resignation if it is said that the bank that has exhausted until now is not needed Encourage them to do things.
Believing that Shirai is a politician who sticks to justice,Chinese bellflowerFlowers[Note 14]When Shirai later resigned from the minister and opened a parliamentary office to act as an independent representative after leaving the political party, a congratulatory flower appears in the report.[ep 12].
Takahiro Hanzawa
Performance- Keita Ninomiya
Naoki and Hana's son.Kindergarten children (2013 edition). In the first part of the 2013 edition, the kindergarten children in the company housing made a fool of Naoki in Osaka, where he lived, and said, "Apologize to my dad."[ep 2].
In the 2020 version, a home scene that is not in the original was added, but it does not appear.
Shinnosuke Hanzawa (Shinnosuke Hanzawa)
Performance- Shofuitei
Naoki's father.KanazawaAt "HanzawascrewKomada Komada, which accounts for half of the profits, was in the second year of junior high school.bankruptcy.. Owada of the former S era, who had promised that "if the factory land is used as collateral, will continue to lend," said, "If the repayment cannot be made by the deadline, the factory land that is collateral will be disposed of."A few days later, a person in charge of the Utsumi Shinkin Bank visited the factory immediately after he hanged himself.
"No matter what kind of work you do, you must value the connection between people."Mech robotYou shouldn't just do a job like that, "says Naoki in junior high school.
Michiko Hanzawa
Performance- Lily
Shinnosuke's wife, Naoki's mother.Loaned by Utsumi Shinkin Bank to avoid bankruptcy of Hanzawa Naoki, left by her husbandResinGet the screwmaking business on track.He runs Hanzawa Neji Co., Ltd. on behalf of Naoki, who did not succeed the company. In the second part of the 2013 edition, he told Hana who visited Hanzawa Naoki with his son Takahiro, "It's like the old S (especially Ohwada) killed Shinnosuke."[ep 16].

Tokyo Central Bank

The head office is located at the Tokyo Headquarters of the Central Bank of Industry when the Daiichi Bank of Tokyo and the Central Bank of Industry merged in 2008.

Board of Directors/Executive Officers

Ken Nakano
Performance- Kinoji Kitaoji(Special appearance
Tokyo Daiichi Bank Planning Department Manager
→ Tokyo Central Bank New York Branch Branch Manager (around 2008)[Note 15]
→ Managing Director
→ Resignation (2020 version final episode)
From old T[Note 6].. Joined in 1973[ep 10].. Emphasis on valuing people[Note 16].
He evaluates Owada as a "super-class bunker" and thinks that he is a regrettable person to expel him from the bank due to illegal financing to his wife. The idea was to calm the conflict between S and promote internal reconciliation, and to have him investigate the actual situation of fraudulent loans in the old T era.Similarly, Hanzawa is also evaluated as a top-notch bunker, and the reason why he was seconded to Tokyo Central Securities is that he had Owada sit down at the board meeting despite the suspension. It was a measure to avoid receiving retaliation from Owada faction employees, and in the financial world consisting of banks and securities, let Hanzawa learn the world of securities and empower him to see banks from the outside world. It is revealed that it was to give an opportunity[ep 12].
2013 edition (Part XNUMX)
In response to a request from President Yuasa for the Isejima Hotel, Hanzawa, who resolved the loan accident at the Osaka West Branch, was appointed as the person in charge of the Isejima Hotel.[ep 13].
Hanzawa's denunciation reveals the injustice of Managing Director Owada, who was the representative of the anti-Nakanowatari faction, but by daring to demote Owada to a director, the enemy Owada and his faction become their own power. Succeed in capturing[ep 3].
2020 Year Edition
At the beginning, Owada is entrusted with the reconstruction plan of Imperial Airlines, which continues to deteriorate in business performance.When Hanzawa decided to confront the parent company Tokyo Central Bank and the subsidiary Tokyo Central Securities in the spiral acquisition of Denno Zakka Group, he decided to take the idea of ​​"customer first" that he advocates on a daily basis. I accepted the conflict.After that, Hanzawa, who had prospered to the head office, was appointed to be in charge of rebuilding Imperial Airlines with the recommendation of Owada.
Nakanowatari honestly reported to the Financial Services Agency and apologized for the fact that Sonezaki had made a false report in the Financial Services Agency's investigation in order to pass an additional loan of 150 billion yen to Teikoku Airlines. The central bank will receive a business improvement order, and it will be difficult for Teikoku Airlines to refuse to waive its debt. At a board meeting that was held later asking whether or not to waive the debt to Imperial Airlines, Hanzawa presented with a statement that Kimoto was betting on his own advancement and retreat, and he decided to accept the debt waiver. If the development investment bank, which is the main bank, refuses to waive the debt, it will be the same. "
He secretly ordered Tomioka to investigate the truth about the death of Deputy President Makino and the flow of illegal loans in the old T era, but he handed over the materials kept by Kimoto to Minobe at his own discretion. In addition, he orders Hanzawa, who is not satisfied with the decision, to leave the charge of Empire Airlines. Hanzawa, who was angry at this, was sentenced to "return 1000 times" with Minobe and Owada. However, the material obtained from Kimoto was a deposit request form from Ise-Shima State and a transfer request form when the money was distributed, and it was not possible to prove the flow of money to the wall insert account, so it is decisive. He later confessed to Hanzawa that he had involved Owada in a play to get evidence and pretended to betray Hanzawa in order to get into Minobe's pocket.[Note 17].
When he succeeded in having Shirai on his side on the eve of the debt waiver report session by the Task Force, he appointed Hanzawa again as the person in charge of rebuilding Imperial Airlines, ordered him to attend on his behalf, and encouraged him to "come as hard as he could". In front of his grave, he watched Hanzawa announce his refusal to waive his debt and give a "1000 times return" to Minobe through live streaming.[ep 12].
After that, he announced to the media and apologized for the past 13 cases of problem loans amounting to 1500 billion yen in the former T era, including Minobe's fraud, and announced that he would resign at the board meeting to take full responsibility. Approved and left Tokyo Central Bank[ep 12].
Akira Owada
Performance- Teruyuki Kagawa
Sangyo Central Bank Kanazawa Branch Loan Division (early 1980s)[Note 18]
→ Tokyo Central Bank KyobashiBranch Branch manager (before 2013 edition)
→ Managing Director (2013 version)
→ Director (2013 final story, 2020 version)
→ Resignation (2020 version final episode)
From old S[Note 19].1957 May 8birth. TokyoMinato-kuI'm from.Minato Ward Akasaka Asahigaoka Elementary School → Metropolitan Kinjo Junior High School → Private Teito Azabudai High School → University of Tokyo Literature I → Faculty of Law, University of TokyoGraduated from and joined the Central Bank of Industry.
The youngest person to be appointed as managing director.He has a strong faction consciousness and is good at bargaining, and he is always calm.In some cases, even the subordinates who are looking at them are mercilessly cut off.Zhang himself who once changed the promise of "continue financing if the factory land is used as collateral" to "dispose of the factory land that is collateral if the repayment cannot be made by the deadline" and forced Shinnosuke to commit suicide.[Note 20]..Furthermore, it was a strategy to encourage Hanzawa Neji's business partner, Komada Kogyo, to secure the factory site without notifying Hanzawa Neji of its bankruptcy.[ep 3]..He has held important posts such as serving as a branch manager at the former S's den "Kyobashi Branch", and has been steadily progressing to the next stage, and has become a managing director as the former S group.
2013 Year Edition
When reporting a loan accident of 5 million yen that occurred at the Osaka Nishi branch where Asano of the Owada faction is the branch manager, he learned about Hanzawa in the process and became interested in Hanzawa as an "excellent man from the former S" and collected 5 million yen. Showed the work of hiding Hanzawa[Note 21]..And since Hanzawa finally succeeded in collecting 5 million yen, at the request of Asano who was threatened by him, Hanzawa was promoted as the deputy manager of the second sales department of the Tokyo headquarters.[Note 22][ep 2], Later he even invited him to take Hanzawa into his faction[ep 13].
On the other hand, in order to overtake Nakanowatari, the current president from the former T, and become the next president, he collaborated with Managing Director Hane of the Isejima Hotel to make the hotel execute illegal loans and refrained from the FSA inspection soon. The Tokyo Central Bank has set up a loss of 200 billion.However, at the same time, he was nominated by the president and was in charge of the Isejima Hotel, and he was finally hostile to him when he was declared war by Hanzawa who sniffed out the fact of the injustice.Mr. Hane was made the president of the hotel in the name of surviving the inspection by the Financial Services Agency, and Mr. Wataru Nakano, who appointed him as the person in charge by removing and seconding Hanzawa who opposes it, also plans to take responsibility, but Hanzawa's efforts Failed due to the successful restructuring of the Isejima Hotel.更には近藤の働き掛けにより、自身が彼の出向先であるタミヤ電機を利用して妻の貴子が経営する会社へ迂回融資していた件の証言を取られ一時は窮地に陥るが、それを伏せるため事前に近藤と接触し、タミヤ電機社長の迂回融資に関する証言の報告書を自分に渡すことを条件Furthermore, due to Kondo's efforts, he was taken a testimony that he had used Tamiya Denki, where he was seconded, to make a detour loan to a company run by his wife Takako, and he fell into a difficult situation for a while, but he turned it down. Therefore, it is necessary to contact Kondo in advance and give himself a report of testimony regarding the detour loan of President Tamiya Electric.[Note 23]I was softened by the proposal to return to the post desired by the Tokyo Central Bank[Note 13]..However, due to Hanzawa's pursuit by the board of directors and the last-minute betrayal of Kishikawa, it was revealed that it was the mastermind behind the problem of financing the Isejima Hotel, which had been a difficult issue, and the fact that the loan was detoured through Tamiya Electric. Will be revealed.Furthermore, because of the promise he had made when declaring war, he was forced to sit down on the ground from Hanzawa, and he would sit down on the ground in front of the directors.[ep 3].
It was thought that the wrongdoing would be revealed and severe punishment would be taken.[Note 24], The disposition given to NakanowatariRelegation to director[Note 25]It was an unusual lightness[ep 3]..It seems to be a measure to make Owada, the top of the former S-based influential faction, feel gracious in order to prevent him from going against Nakanowatari, who is aiming for harmony within the bank.
2020 version (Part XNUMX)
Owada, who remained at the bank, turned into a loyal subordinate of Nakanowatari, and feels great gratitude to Nakanowatari who dismissed himself generously.On the other hand, the betrayal of Isayama that I had been looking at so far[Note 26]He was angry and expressed concern at the board of directors due to his hostility toward Mikasa in the spiral acquisition plan by the cyber miscellaneous group.Among them, he contacted Hanzawa, who was in a state of gaixia, and refused to approach him, saying, "Depending on your attitude, you may call the personnel department (Hanzawa's treatment)."
I thought that he had been recommended by Mikasa to the post of managing director, and that he agreed to settle an additional loan of 500 billion yen to Denno at the board meeting, and sold his favor to the opponent Mikasa, but he succeeded The retirement of the managing director who was supposed to arrive, and the draft system for rebuilding Imperial Aircraft presented by Nakano Watari did not have his own name who was supposed to stand as the head of the reform, only Isayama who heads the team in charge. As a result of questioning Isayama, he realized that he had only been used for the acquisition of Spiral. Angered by Isayama, Owada gave a place to speak to Hanzawa at the board of directors, because he had a stake in Hanzawa because of his shared interests at the request of Hanzawa.[Note 27], The securities sales department reports the fact that it is trying to proceed with the spiral acquisition while overlooking the window dressing settlement of the cyber, and as a result succeeds in ousting both Isayama who betrayed himself and Mikasa who is hostile.
2020 edition (Part XNUMX)
After that, I recommended Hanzawa to Nakano Watari for rebuilding Imperial Airlines. In line with the opinion that Hanzawa's debt waiver should be rejected[Note 28], Cooperate with Hanzawa to draw out from Sonezaki that the mastermind is a Kimoto.At the subsequent board meeting, Kimoto took the stance of "passing the debt waiver even if he bet the life of the board," and tried to drive him out of the position of managing director, but in opposition to the former T-type officers who were in tune with Kimoto. I'm afraid.Then, in order to reward Nakanowatari, he teams up with Hanzawa, who has the same interests, three times to uncover the wrongdoing of Kimoto and Minobe.However, Minobe, who sniffed out the movements of the two, called him directly and was shown the documents (fabricated) that Deputy President Makino had received a rebate from the company that was making the illegal loan, and this fact became clear. In that case, it is suggested that the central bank of Tokyo may be ordered to suspend operations, which is upset.
The credit file of Minobe, which was obtained by succumbing to the threat of Minobe, is returned to Kimoto, but the contents of the file are recorded by the camera of the smartphone, and the credit file, which is the weakness of Kimoto, is easily returned to Kimoto. It is revealed that Kimoto and Ashiya had approved the loan to Minobe by disclosing the contents in a form threatened by Hanzawa who had expected that he could not do it.
Documents reported by Fukuyama that seemed to be definitive evidence of the flow of deposits from Ise-Shima State to Minobe[Note 29]He grabs the storage place and steals it before Hanzawa and his friends get it and hands it to Nakanowatari.Hanzawa, who was angry at this betrayal, was sentenced to "return 1000 times" with Minobe and Nakanowatari, but in reality, he went by the side of Minobe and searched for solid evidence.Then, after receiving information from Shirai and Kasamatsu, Kurosaki, who entered the UAE Bank Nagoya branch, obtained a record of his hidden account showing the fraud of the wall insert, and went to Hanzawa without worrying about stopping the wall insert. I handed it over and watched Hanzawa's "1000 times return" to Minobe.
In exchange for "1000 times return" to Minobe, Hanzawa who is trying to resign to take responsibility for damaging the social trust of the Tokyo Central Bank by announcing illegal loans in the old T era, "Resurrection of the bank If you believe that it is possible, take the green justice and rebuild it. "He broke Hanzawa's letter of resignation and left the central bank of Tokyo.[ep 12].
Takagi (Executive Officer) (Takagi-)
Performance- Taro Shigaki[29]
Senior Managing Executive Officer.
From the old T.Nakano Watari faction.
Shingo Kishikawa
Performance- Junpei Morita
Tokyo Central Bank Kyobashi Branch Branch Manager (before 2013 edition)
→ Director / General Manager of Business Management Department (2013 version)
→ Seconded to an affiliated company (2013 final story)
From old S[Note 19]..Leading the Owada school.He is involved in Owada's fraud such as the Isejima Hotel loan accident, and tries to trap Hanzawa with Owada.However, when Hanzawa learned that Kurosaki's daughter was engaged to Kurosaki, he told the bank that "Kurosaki came to the FSA inspection while keeping his personal relationship with Kurosaki secret."MediaToleakIf you don't like it, I want you to approve the contents of "Report on the detour loan case to Lafitte / Report on the whistleblower case of Isejima Hotel" at the board of directors tomorrow according to "Banker's conscience". Requested[ep 3].
At the board meeting the next day, Owada was pressured and leaned, but Hanzawa was intimidated by the previous day's case, and eventually Owada instructed him to make a detour loan to Lafitte and a 200 billion yen loan to the Isejima Hotel. He admitted that, "It's a loan that Kishikawa made at his own discretion, and I don't know anything."
At a later date, he was seconded in the form of being hungry (the destination is unknown).
Takagi (Senior Managing Director) (Takagi-)
Performance- Koichi Miura
Senior Managing Director of Tokyo Central Bank.
From the old T.He is a self-employed Nakano Watari faction.At the board of directors, there is a section that looks down on directors from the former S such as Owada and Kishikawa.
Yuji Araki
Performance-Kenji Ina
Tokyo Central Bank Director
From the old T.Mikasa school → Kimoto school. 1981年度入行Joined in XNUMX[ep 10].
At a board meeting that deliberates on additional financing for the acquisition of spiral by Dennou, he reprimands Isayama who had overlooked Denon's decoration.
Hanzawa rushes to the reconstruction of Imperial Airlines, saying, "Imperial Airlines is already dead, and reconstruction is impossible," but Owada calms him down.[ep 7].
A former subordinate of the late Deputy President Makino, on the anniversary of his death, he gathered in front of the grave as a member of the "Coffin Society" to mourn.[ep 10].
Kensuke Takeda
Performance-Yoshiyuki Ukon
Tokyo Central Bank Director
From the old T.Mikasa school → Kimoto school. 1982年度入行Joined in XNUMX[ep 10].
A former subordinate of the late Deputy President Makino, on the anniversary of his death, he gathered in front of the grave as a member of the "Coffin Society" to mourn.[ep 10].
Yoichiro Mikasa
Performance- Shinta Furuta[30]
Deputy President of Tokyo Central Bank (2020 Edition Part XNUMX)
→ Seconded to the Cyber ​​Crime Group (2020 Episode 4)
From the old T.Former securities manager.He is a quiet man, but he is not mild-mannered and his personality is extremely ruthless.When Isayama, who is in the same securities department field, betrays Owada and approaches a souvenir of a cyber spiral acquisition, he accepts him to his faction.At the request of Isayama, he undertook a boost to increase the loan for the acquisition of spiral shares, and shaken Kano and Kiyota, former officers who own spiral shares.Overtime tradingAcquire 30% of spiral shares by[ep 4].
When Hanzawa concludes an advisory contract with Spiral and clearly sets out a confrontational stance with the Tokyo Central Bank, he reveals his anger and gives instructions to Isayama to crush it completely.[ep 5]..Then, he himself informed the Securities Trading Oversight Committee that Spiral was trying to buy up Fox, and leaked to the media that Central Securities, the advisor of Spiral, had been audited by the Oversight Committee. Spiral's stock price plummeted and the spiral stock was easily bought up, but with the efforts of Hanzawa and others, the reverse acquisition of Fox by Spiral succeeded, and Sena was John Howard of Microdevices, a super-big company in the IT world. Spiral's stock price rose sharply as a result of the $ 3 million investment in the online shopping business of Spiral and Fox's subsidiary Copernicus, and conversely, an additional loan of 500 billion yen was made to acquire a majority of Spiral shares. You are forced into the situation you need.Mikasa, whose acquisition of Spiral has run into a deadlock and is about to lose his face, is hostile to recommending it to the managing post while making internal reconciliation in order to reach an agreement on the settlement of additional loans at the board of directors. Bow down to Owada and ask for cooperation[ep 17].
The board of directors enthusiastically emphasized the significance of the loan increase for the spiral acquisition, and most of them leaned toward the loan, but with Hanawa who got into the board alone with the guidance of Owada, the securities sales department of the cyber miscellaneous groupFinancial resultsIt is reported that he was overlooked. Mikasa blames Isayama for the responsibility that he couldn't see through the financial results, but tries to escape the responsibility himself, but due to the obstruction of Mikasa, Isayama has been squeezed the opportunity to investigate the financial results.[Note 30]And in return for the Hirayama and Mr. and Mrs. Hirayama to ease the spiral acquisitionbribeProof of receiving[Note 31]Is struck by Hanzawa and falls into an inescapable situation[ep 6].
After that, when the approval for the additional loan for the spiral acquisition was rejected, he was sent to Dennou under the pretext of rebuilding the financial situation together with Isayama and Moroda.[ep 6].
Heihachi Kimoto
Performance- Yasunori Danda(Junior high school: Yuki Hijikata)
Director of Tokyo Daiichi Bank, General Manager of Examination Department (Before the merger)
→ General Manager, Examination Department, Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters (around 2010)[Note 32]
→ Ise-Shima Branch Branch Manager (around 2014)[Note 33]
→ New York Branch Manager (First Edition, 2020)
→ Managing Director (in charge of debt management) (2020 version, second part)
From the old T.Born in the examination department. 1980年度入行Entered in XNUMX[ep 10]..Born in Shima City, Ise.
One of the influential people with a wide network of contacts in the line.An elite bunker who was ordered to move from the New York branch to the head office and became a managing director (in charge of credit management).[ep 6].
After seeing the report from Sonezaki and his attitude when visiting Shirai, he advises Nakanowatari to remove Hanzawa from the charge of Imperial Airlines.In fact, he was behind the scenes and was connected to the government, and he was the one who ordered Sonezaki to falsify the figures in the reconstruction plan of Imperial Airlines.At the board meeting, he succeeded in inducing him to accept the waiver of debt in his death speech betting on his advancement and retreat, but the privatization of the main bank, the Development Investment Bank, weakened the control of the government. The plan is abandoned because it has decided to refuse the waiver of debt and other banks such as the Tokyo Central Bank have announced that they will comply with the policy of the open investment bank.
The hidden place of the credit file of Minobe was blown into Owada who collaborated with Hanzawa that the hoax written in the suicide note left by Deputy President Makino in Niiyama was blown into him, and he went to check the suicide note under Niiyama. It is discovered that he was involved in the illegal loan to Minobe.However, the loan to Minobe has already been collected, and the police are processing that other fraudulent loans were made by Deputy President Makino. Therefore, Hanzawa is asked that the bank clerk has no statute of limitations and must be punished.[ep 10].
It turned out that Haiya's confession was in charge of all the fraudulent loans in the old T era, and Hanzawa asked Kurosaki for cooperation, and he got the money for the fraudulent loans to the personal accounts of the members of the "Coffin Association". I think because I was struck by the evidence of the flow of.At that time, Hanzawa asked if he had forged the personal account of Deputy President Makino, who had received a rebate from the company of the fraudulent lender, so that he could cover all the crimes to Deputy President Makino. He explained that the fabrication was unavoidable.And he confessed that he kept the only clue that the flow of payment from Ise-Shima State to Minobe, which was not available, in the officer's safe on the 5th basement floor of the headquarters, but he guided Hanzawa and others. Evidence was stolen by Owada, who was contacted by Fukuyama, before Hanzawa and his colleagues recovered it.[ep 11].
He was hiding in the hotel for fear of Minobe because he was robbed of the materials of Minobe that he had kept, but he was found in Hanzawa, and the evidence of Minobe's illegal flow of money was Minobe himself. Exude what only his first secretary, Takeda, knows[ep 12].
After Minobe's fraud came to light, he and Shirai accused Nohara of extorting a bank for extortion.[ep 12].
Osamu Makino
Performance- Toru Yamamoto
Deputy President of Tokyo Daiichi Bank (before the merger)
→ Deputy President of Tokyo Central Bank (2008)
From the old T.deceased.
He has served as deputy president since the former T era, and continued to serve as deputy president at the Tokyo Central Bank after the merger, handling defective cases in the former T era, but 10 years before the outbreak of the debt waiver problem of Imperial Airlines (2010) He died in a hotel tub that was used as a work room on September 9, 6, and his subordinates at that time set up a group called "Coffin Society" to commemorate his death. They are gathering in front of the grave.It was said that the reason for suicide was that after the merger, fraudulent loans in the former T era became a problem in the upper management and were involved in all of the loans.[ep 10].
However, the truth of suicide is that Makino, who was opposed to lending to Minobe, was given a loan of 20 billion yen to purchase airport land with Minobe, who had grasped the information on the illegal loan held by the former T, as a shield. Was forcibly approved, and the account that had received the rebate from the fraudulent lender was forged by the wall insert and closed in order to prevent the case from being reported to the police, and it was possible to escape, but it is old This was because T's large amount of fraudulent loans were exposed, and he decided to take all the fraudulent loans alone in order to protect the old T.[ep 11].

Human Resources Department

In the elite course in the Tokyo Central Bank, the department where Osaka Nishi branch manager Asano served as the human resources manager.

Tadao Ogiso
Performance- Yasuhito Hida
Tokyo Central Bank Akihabara East Exit Branch Branch Manager (around 2010)
→ Deputy General Manager, Human Resources Department, Headquarters (2013 Edition Episode 1-Episode 3)
→ Seconded (Radio Drama Chapter 2)
→ Second relocation (Radio drama Chapter 2 latter part)
From the old S.Ohwada school.Former subordinate and waist purse of Asano branch manager (former human resources manager).
An insidious and sticky personality, a habitual criminal who scolds the opponent while hitting the desk violently.When he was the manager of the Akihabara east exit branch, he put pressure on his subordinate Kondo to achieve the loan quota and forced him to take leave.At the behest of Asano, he plans various harassments to drive out Hanzawa, who is rebellious against him.
Hanzawa was called to the headquarters in the name of an interview investigation, and he thoroughly pursued and apologized for the loan accident of Nishi-Osaka Steel, but after all Hanzawa decided to collect 5 million yen, he said, "Please do not disturb me again. "!" And defeated[ep 1].
With Asano, this time to the Osaka West BranchDiscretionary storeOn the first day, the materials prepared by Hanzawa et al. It is revealed that he has hidden in his bag.Even so, he tried to resist, but when he stopped Nakanishi who saw the whole story of the material extraction, he sank because it was recorded.afterwardsRelocationI was dispatched for treatment[ep 18].
After that, Mr. Sawada, General Manager of Audit Department of Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters, asked me to hide the record of the hotel receipt, but later it was decided to be reassigned to a related subsidiary in the region for being involved in this fraud.[ep 19].
Performance- Masayuki Shinoda
Deputy General Manager, Human Resources Department, Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters (2020 edition)
Information on the appointment of personnel changes to Miki's Tokyo Central Bank appears in the report to Tokyo Central Securities[ep 4].
When Hanzawa blocked the spiral acquisition of Dennou, it appeared in the announcement of the transfer of Hanzawa to the Deputy General Manager of Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters / Sales Department XNUMX, and at the same time, information that Mikasa, Isayama, and Moroda were sent to Dennou in the name of financial recovery is also Oka. Telling[ep 6].
In the final episode, there is a resignation from Mr. Watari Nakano, so he has notified Hanzawa by phone to go to the room.

Legal department

The legal and judicial department of the bank.

Performance- Kimihiko Hasegawa[31]
General Manager, Legal Department, Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters (2013 Edition, Part XNUMX)
From the old S.半沢の意を受けた渡真利の要請によりAt the request of Katsunori Tomari, who received the will of HanzawaHawaii OfOahuI seized a villa in Higashida, located in Higashida, but Kurosaki was attacked by the weaknesses of a restaurant run by his son, and he was inspected by the Osaka National Tax Bureau.VillaGive up[ep 20].

Tokyo Headquarters Sales Department XNUMX

A flower-shaped department of the sales department with elite employees of the Tokyo Central Bank.

Hiroshi Naito
Performance- Kotaro Yoshida
General Manager of Sales Department 2013, Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters (XNUMX edition)
From the old S. Hanzawa's boss in the second part of the 2013 edition.I recognize and trust the abilities of my subordinates and Hanzawa[Note 34]There is also a sense of balance, such as persuading Hanzawa who is reluctant to think that the absurd command of the upper management is "unavoidable".[Note 35].. Depicted as the only decent boss in the 2013 edition.
Junji Onodera
Performance- Tetsuya Makita
Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Sales Department 2013 Investigator (XNUMX Edition Part XNUMX)
Joining group after the merger.I respect Hanzawa.He is deeply trusted by Hanzawa and is in charge of the Isejima Hotel together with Hanzawa.
Shinnosuke Sakamoto
Performance- Amane Okayama
Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Sales Department 2013 Investigator (XNUMX Edition Part XNUMX)
Joining group after the merger.Since he has a straightforward personality, he is also paying attention to Hanzawa.Hanzawa instructed Hanzawa to collect the Isejima Hotel evacuation materials that Hana sent to her parents' house before the Financial Services Agency.[ep 14].
Tajima Shun
Performance- 入 江 甚 儀
Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Examination Department Planning Group Investigator (2020 Edition Part XNUMX)
→ Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Sales Department 2020 Group XNUMX Investigator (XNUMX Edition XNUMXnd Department)
Joining group after the merger.Transfer from the examination department.Along with Hanzawa, he was appointed to rebuild Imperial Airlines and acted as a subordinate of Hanzawa.
Performance- Horiyou
A member of the Imperial Airlines reconstruction team led by Hanzawa.

Loan department

Central bank of Tokyo Central Bank.It is discussing loans to companies of the Tokyo Central Bank.Shinobu Tomari of the same period also works as an investigator (later deputy director).

Kenta Kurashima
Performance- Shuhei Yoshinaga
Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Loan Department Examination Group Investigator
→ Seconded to a company in the Tokyo metropolitan area
From the old T.A mid-career employee of the Nakano Watari faction.
Since it caused a problem and he was not given to the Owada school, he was decided to be dispatched to an affiliated company, but he plunged Owada to cancel the disposal.[ep 20].
Toshio Kawahara
Performance- Hajime Inoue
Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Loan Department Examination Group Investigator
Nishizawa Steel requests 5 million yen loan examination from Hanzawa[ep 1].
Masaki Haida
Performance- Toranosuke Kato
Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Loan Department Examination Group Investigator
From the old S.Owada school, Ogiso's waist purse.Served as an inspector at the discretionary store set up by Asano and Kogiso to send Hanzawa, and thoroughly denounced Hanzawa and other members of the Osaka Nishi Branch Loan Division along with Kogiso.However, when Hanzawa et al., Who noticed the anomaly, inspected their belongings, a sex information magazine was found in the bag.Furthermore, he lost his position due to the discovery of Ogiso's injustice, and Hanzawa was forced to apologize for his disrespect, and he reluctantly apologized.[ep 18].
Kentaro Terauchi
Performance- Hiroshi Matsunaga
Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Loan Department Examination Group On-site Group Investigator
Neutral and not as explicit as Ashida and Kano, but in line with Ogiso's will. Responsible for the suddenly decided discretionary on-site inspection of the Osaka Nishi branch[ep 18].
Masaaki Kano
Performance- Nishizawa Nita
Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Loan Department Examination Group On-site Group Investigator
Neutral, but in a position similar to Ogiso's obedience. Responsible for the discretionary on-site inspection of the Osaka Nishi branch that was suddenly decided[ep 18].
Keijiro Fukuyama (Keijiro Fukuyama)
Performance- Yamada Jundai
Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Loan Department Loan Management Group Deputy Director (2013 Edition Episode 8-Final Episode, 2020 Edition Episode 8-Final Episode)
From the old S. A rationalist who professes that "data is everything". It is called "Fukuyama of Research". "MOF supportWas once said,Financial Services AgencyI have a pipe in.Tablet pcI carry around and process information.I hardly see the faces of othersTablet pcIn many cases, the explanation is cold and arrogant while looking at it.It is also called the Hope of the Owada school, and Owada and Kishikawa are nominated to take charge of the Isejima Hotel instead of Hanzawa, but since Naoki opposed Hanzawa's replacement, he and Hanzawa in the simulated Financial Services Agency inspection proposed by Owada. It will be judged which is appropriate as the person in charge of Isejima Hotel[ep 16].
In the mock inspection, he acted as an inspector, questioning President Yuasa's ability from the management situation of the Isejima Hotel, and based on his theory and data that "management is determined by people", Owada's intention is to resign as President Yuasa and promote him to Managing President Hane. Insist.At one point, it seemed that Hanzawa had been cornered, but on the contrary, it was discovered that he had not met Yuasa, let alone Hane, and he claimed that he had heard Kishikawa's opinion and made a decision based on his excuse. And defeated by the contradiction of behavior.Because he exposed his unlucky defeat, he was limited by Owada.After that, Kishikawa ordered to make fake evacuation materials and tried to put the Tokyo Central Bank in crisis, but Hanzawa who knew it was pursued and the facts were spit out.[ep 3].
In the 2020 edition, Owada's directive requested cooperation from Hanzawa to investigate the point of contact between Minobe and the Central Bank of Tokyo, and moved to search for a credit file containing a survey on the past of Kimoto and the details of Minobe's loan. ..Hanzawa's strategy to find out where the credit files are, and contributes to finding the credit files from the archive center where countless materials are stored.[ep 10]..In addition, as a subordinate of Kimoto, he identified the behavior pattern of Ashiya who was involved in illegal financing, ambushed with Tomari at a restaurant he visited regularly, and cooperated with Kurosaki of the National Tax Agency who arrived late, but it was revealed in the process. Since he reported the various facts that were made to Owada, it seems that as a result, it can be proved that the money moved from the Ise-Shima state that Kimoto kept in the officer's safe on the 5th basement floor to Minobe. Owada creates a distant cause to steal the documents[ep 11].

Corporate department

Many people from the former T are gathering.

Takahiro Tokieda
Performance- Hiroshi Takahashi
Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Corporate Finance Group Investigator (2013 Edition, Part XNUMX)
NagoyaSeconded to a related company (2013 edition, episode 6)
From the old T.Kyushu UniversityI'm from.Entered in sync with Hanzawa.
When Hanzawa took over the Isejima Hotel about three months ago, he fell into the trap of his predecessor, Furusato, and was liable for the loss of 3 billion yen due to the failure of the Isejima Hotel's fund management, which was revealed three months later. Will be seconded in the form of being borne by oneself[ep 13].
Eisuke Haitani
Performance- Minosuke
Deputy General Manager, Corporate Finance Group, Corporate Department, Central Bank of Tokyo (2020 Edition, Part XNUMX)
Originally from T, Kimoto school. 1988年度入行Joined in XNUMX[ep 10].. A member of the "Coffin Society".
In the old T era, he provided an unsecured loan of 5 billion yen to Minobe for 20 years as a condominium construction fund, and he coldly treats Hanzawa who came to investigate it.後に半沢の策略に踊らされた紀本の指示で箕部のクレジットファイルが保管されている書庫センターに書類Documents at the archive center where the credit file of the wall insert is stored according to the instructions of Kimoto, who was later danced by Hanzawa's strategy.[Note 36]Tajima and Tomioka follow me where I went to check, and I can find out where the credit file is stored.[ep 10].
Kurosaki, who was requested to support by Hanzawa, plays the role of allocating the money of the illegal loan to Minobe subleased to Ise-Shima State to the personal accounts of Minobe and the members of "Coffin Association" according to Kimoto's instructions. Was pursued while grasping the key point, and the fact was spit out[ep 11].

Securities Sales Department

Taiji Isayama
Performance- Ichikawa Sarunosuke[30]
General Manager of Securities Sales Department, Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters (2020 Edition, Part XNUMX)
→ Seconded to the Cyber ​​Crime Group (2020 Episode 4)
From the old S.He was a member of the Owada faction who was called "Owada's beloved disciple" by the people around him, and he held a grudge against Hanzawa, who had hoped that he would eventually rise to the position of president and raise himself to the board of directors. Since then, he has been unusually hostile.しかし、諸田からリークされた電脳雑伎集団のスパイラル買収案件を成功に導き、ひいては証券部門と自身の地位を銀行内で向上させるために大和田を裏切りHowever, he betrayed Owada in order to lead the spiral acquisition of the cyber miscellaneous group leaked from Moroda to success, and eventually to improve the securities division and his position within the bank.[Note 37]Will change to Mikasa school and request Mikasa to increase financing for the spiral acquisition. Even if Hanzawa finds out the cyber advisor's stealing due to a leak from Morota, he causes the staff of the breathing system department to delete the mail containing the leak information from the server along with the received record, and cut through Shira.
Behind the scenes, he teamed up with Taiyo Securities and Fox to send Fox as Spiral's "White Night", and Dennou absorbed and merged Fox, which acquired a new share of Spiral, to acquire a majority of Spiral's shares. However, when Hanzawa et al.'S activities and the provision of information on Miki's acquisition scheme broke the plan, he shelved the stealing of his own cyber advisor contract and made a move to prevent Hanzawa's spiral acquisition. He demands an apology for acting against the interests of the group due to resentment, but it is a reasonable and legitimate act due to the appointment of a takeover prevention advisor requested by Spiral in the "customer first principle", and there is no reason to be criticized. I can do it in Hanzawa. After that, he made a request to the board of directors to proceed with an additional loan of 500 billion yen for the acquisition of Spiral, but he could not see the window dressing of the cyber and met Hanzawa's denunciation, and Mikasa rubbed all responsibility and forced him to apologize. Will be done.
After that, when the approval for the additional loan for the spiral acquisition was rejected, he was sent to Dennou under the pretext of rebuilding the financial situation together with Mikasa and Moroda.
Mitsuo Nozaki
Performance- Hisato Kokubo[32]
Deputy General Manager, Sales Group, Securities Sales Department, Central Bank of Tokyo
A man who is said to be the right arm of Isayama, and onceUKAcquisitionHas been engaged in, and is one of the best bunker in the field in that field. He is the chief of domestic and overseas acquisitions.
The acquisition of spiral shares through a tender offer has progressed, and the ownership rate of spiral shares in Cyber ​​has risen to 48%, but Fox, which was abandoned by Cyber, has become a subsidiary of Spiral, and John Howard of Microdevices has joined the online shopping business of both companies. Was announced to invest $ 3 million, and Spiral shares rose sharply, blocking the acquisition of Spiral in the near future, causing Isayama's anger for not seeing Fox's corporate value.[ep 17].

Information System Department

Koichi Kanda
Performance- Maruichita[32]
Deputy General Manager, Information Systems Department, Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters (2020 edition)
From the old S.Same as HanzawaKeio UniversitySynchronous entry from.Belongs to the sumo club at university[ep 5]..At the request of Hanzawa, Isayama investigates the e-mail of evidence that Morota leaked information on the spiral acquisition case of the cyber miscellaneous group, but just before Isayama's breathtaking system department employee sent e-mail data from the server together with the received record. Will be deleted[ep 4]..In addition, when searching for Owada who stole documents that seemed to be the definitive proof that money was moving from Ise-Shima State to Minobe, Owada was requested by Hanzawa via Shinobu Tomari from the GPS information of the company's mobile phone. Tracked whereabouts[ep 11].

Examination department

Takayuki Sadaoka
Performance- Yasuto Kosuda
Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Examination Department Investigation Group Examiner (2013 Edition Part XNUMX)
Born in the former S line.Former subordinate of Asano branch manager.小木曽と共に半沢を5億の融資事故の件で責め立てるも、ことごとく論破され悔しがるHe and Ogiso blame Hanzawa for a XNUMX million loan accident, but all are argued and regrettable.[ep 1].
Yuya Sonezaki
Performance- Norihiko Tsukuda
Deputy Director, Research Group, Examination Department, Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters (2020 Edition Episode 5-Episode 6)
→ Seconded to Tokyo Chuo Credit (2020 Edition Episode 7)
→ Re-seconded to Tokyo Central Finance (reading drama)
From the old T.The territory was disturbed by the fact that the territory was changed to a new system led by Hanzawa of the second sales department by Mr. Wataru Nakano, who was enthusiastic about the fact that the reconstruction task of Imperial Airlines by the examination department did not proceed at all. It is regarded as a territory, and Hanzawa is viewed as hostile.
The reason why the number of the reconstruction plan by the Tokyo Central Bank submitted to the Financial Services Agency when the last additional loan of 150 billion yen was made to Imperial Airlines was different from the number of the reconstruction plan announced by Imperial Airlines is Yamahisa of Imperial Airlines. He falsely reported to Kurosaki that it was a clerical mistake, made an established fact by surpassing the interview survey of the Financial Services Agency, and then continued to talk to Yamahisa who was troubled with the staffing of mechanics. If you ask me, I will guide you to the reconstruction led by the task force, and I will plead Yamahisa that I can leave the mechanics on Imperial Airlines comfortably without personnel reduction. Then, the next day, he forged a petition to remove Hanzawa from the reconstruction charge so that he would be reappointed as the reconstruction charge, and stamped the document with his name without letting Yamahisa check the contents of the document. However, when Hanzawa made a commitment from Sky Hope Airlines to accept surplus personnel of Imperial Airlines, Yamahisa, who was no longer worried about the recipient, testified to Sonezaki that he was perjuryed, and he was in front of the president. In the interview survey, the voice data recorded by Yamahisa was released and the fraud was discovered, and Hanzawa was accused of Sonezaki's perjury. Mr. Nakano Watari honestly reported to the Financial Services Agency that Sonezaki had made a false report to Kurosaki in the FSA investigation, thinking that fraud would be revealed eventually, and the Tokyo Central Bank received a business improvement order, and Imperial Airlines It will be difficult to refuse to waive its debt. After that, seconded to Owada[Note 38]It is confessed that it was the Kinomoto that was connected to the government that was given the condition to give preferential treatment to, and issued the instruction to tamper with the number of the reconstruction plan to pass the loan to Imperial Airlines.
In a recitation drama with a later story, it is said that he was relegated to Tokyo Central Finance six months after he was assigned to Tokyo Central Credit, where he was seconded.[ep 21].

Inspection unit

While it is a department that inspects various banking operations such as loans, it is also known as an "island exile waiting area" and is a department waiting for bank employees to be seconded off the career track.

Yoshinori Tomioka
Performance- Kazuyuki Asano
Deputy General Manager, Inspection and Planning Group, Inspection Department, Central Bank of Tokyo (2020 Edition Episode 8-Final Episode)
From the old S. Existence called "Tokyo Central Bank's Lifestyle Guide".A big senior who was taken care of when Hanzawa was assigned to the Yaesu-dori branch of the Central Bank of Industry when he was a newcomer.Owada also admires him when he was a new employee and learned about the bank clerk Iroha.It is familiarly called "Tomi-san" by Hanzawa and Owada. I have been enrolled in the inspection department, which is also called the "seconded waiting area", for 10 years.[ep 10].
Hanzawa, who is exploring the details of the loan to Minobe, is asked to cooperate and advises that credit files may be stored somewhere in seven archive centers nationwide.[ep 10].
In fact, when Deputy President Makino committed suicide, he was asked by Wataru Nakano, who was enrolled in the New York branch and couldn't move as expected, to find a person who could find out the truth about the death of Deputy President Makino instead of himself. By Niiyama, he was selected as a person who corresponds to the person who corresponds to the "employee who is from the former S far from the old T, who is excellent and can conduct a faithful investigation without being influenced by the logic of the faction" presented by Wataru Nakano, and from Wataru Nakano to Makino. Under the special order of investigating the truth of the death of the deputy president and the actual situation of the former T's fraudulent loan, he took on the role by hiding the inspection department farthest from the center of the headquarters.[ep 11].
Hanzawa and his colleagues are strangely following the flow of illegal loans to Minobe in the old T era, and since Hanzawa was asked to support the investigation, he cooperated while hiding the special mission of Wataru Nakano, and found out with Hanzawa's strategy. All the evidence documents of fraudulent loans that were disguised as a fictitious store in the library center, Ogikubo Nishi Branch, were stored in a secret storage place on the 4th basement floor of the headquarters before being hidden by the breathtaking employees of Kimoto Pull up[Note 39][ep 11].
It was clear that publicizing the fraudulent loans of the old T era would damage the social credibility of the Tokyo Central Bank, so I was at a loss to announce it, but I apologized to the public for the fraud that Hanzawa preached. He vowed not to make mistakes again, refused to hesitate with the words that he needed to be "prepared" to regain his trust, and decided to "prepare" to publicize the injustice, believing that the banks would definitely recover if they did not abandon their beliefs.

Osaka West Branch

A branch of the former Industrial Central Bank.The loan amount is one of the highest in the country.It is one of the 50 banks in the Kansai area and one of the four major stores in the Kansai area (Osaka head office, Namba branch, Sennichimae branch, Osaka Nishi branch).The branch office is located in the Hankyu Umeda Building.

Tadashi Asano
Performance- Mikiji Ishimaru
General Manager of Human Resources Department, Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters (Before becoming General Manager of Osaka West Branch)
Tokyo Central Bank Osaka West Branch Branch Manager (2013 Edition Part XNUMX)
→ Reyes MachineManilaSeconded to the Central Factory (Radio Drama Chapter 1 Part XNUMX)
→ Retirement (Radio Drama Chapter 1 Part XNUMX)
Born in 1961.From the old S.Former affairs manager of the Owada school.Born in Minato-ku, Tokyo.Higashida, the president of Nishi-Osaka Steel, is a classmate in junior high school.
At the Osaka West Branch, he took a particularly high-pressured and arrogant attitude towards his subordinate Hanzawa.[Note 40], I approach Owada, the head of the faction, with a low attitude.In collusion with Higashida, a classmate in junior high school, a mechanism was made to deceive Nishi-Osaka Steel into a loan of 5 million yen, and in return, 5 million yen out of the 5000 million yen loaned was received from Higashida. Ta[Note 41].. Later, when the loan accident became known, Hanzawa convinced him to take all the responsibility for the loan accident as the lending section manager for the branch, but he opposed it and he opposed it.[ep 1]..After that, he began to put various pressures on Hanzawa by rooting in the bank and tried to drive him to the secondment, but Hanzawa who had Miki Fujisawa on his side searched for Higashida's hidden assets and brilliantly 5 million. At the same time, the situation was reversed due to the recovery and the evidence of fraud.Hanzawa, who intends to file a criminal accusation, is on the verge of losing his family and work position. If you move the deputy manager of the second sales department and the member of the loan section to the desired department, you will miss it. "Then, as promised, "If you can collect 5 million yen, you will be a dogeza."
After that, according to the transaction, all the members of the loan section such as Hanzawa were transferred to the desired department, but in the end it was cut off by Owada as a substitute for Hanzawa who was canceled.ManilaWas sent to a small company[ep 2].
Behind this series was a failure of stock tradingdebtThe purpose was to repay 5000 million yen, which was the basis of the conspiracy to cover Hanzawa who did not obey himself with the collusion with Higashida and all the mischief.
At the headquarters, he was from a personnel field for many years, and when he was a general manager of the personnel department, Ogiso and Sadaoka were subordinates, and it seems that even if he becomes a branch manager, his power of personnel management such as setting up discretionary opening for 5 million loan accidents has not diminished.
As a family, he has a wife, Rie, and two daughters.When I was the manager of the Osaka West branch, I was assigned to work alone, leaving my wife and children in Tokyo.When he leaves his residence in Japan to go to Manila, he says, "I'm glad I'm seconded and can live with him again."
I was working in Manila, where I was seconded, but I retired after being advised by Rie to quit the company and return to Japan to live leisurely.North KantoDecided to live in a rural town[ep 22].
Hiroshi Ejima
Performance- Ichiro Miyakawa
Tokyo Central Bank Osaka West Branch Deputy Branch Manager (2013 edition)
From the old S.A man who wears the Asano branch manager's waistcoat and goes "a fox that borrows the power of a tiger" on the ground.While listening to Asano's complexion, he takes a domineering attitude toward his subordinates and scatters them.Hanzawa, who is always rebellious against his bosses, is not happy and interferes with Hanzawa, who is struggling to recover 5 million in the case of Nishi-Osaka Steel's loan accident, with Asano's will.I thought that I would be the branch manager after Asano was seconded, but since it was decided that a person from another person would become the branch manager, I sank.[ep 2].
Eiji Nakanishi
Performance- Yusho Nakajima
Osaka West Branch Financing Section (2013 version, first section)
→ Namba Branch Financing Section Chief Treatment
A young employee who has been in the company for the second year.Although he is a newcomer, he respects and admires Hanzawa who sticks to justice, and at the discretionary venue organized by Asano and Kogiso, he testifies without giving in to Kogiso's threat that he witnessed Ogiso's wrongdoing to fall into Hanzawa.[ep 18].
I had been hoping for a long time under the condition that Hanzawa would not file a criminal accusation with Asano if he transferred a member of the loan section to the desired department.KansaiTransferred to the largest Namba branch in the district as chief[ep 2].
Performance- Kunihiro Suda
Osaka West Branch Financing Section (2013 version, first section)
ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クBranch loan section
The branch manager Asano is ordered to monitor Hanzawa's behavior, but tells Asano a few days later that he will decline the order because he cannot betray the respected Hanzawa.[ep 23].
Due to the above conditions, I will move to the New York branch that I had been hoping for.[ep 2].
Performance- Moro Shika
Osaka West Branch Financing Section (2013 version, first section)
→ Osaka Nishi Branch Finance Section/Manager
From the old S.課内の良きまとめ役であり、半沢にとっては唯一の年上の部下A good organizer in the section and the only older subordinate for Hanzawa[Note 42].. I have decided to take root in my hometown for the rest of my life.
Due to the above conditions, only he will remain at the Osaka West Branch and become the loan manager as a successor to Hanzawa.[ep 2].
Performance-Toru Kobayashi[33]
Exchange Department, Osaka West Branch
I found a transfer request form of 5 million yen from Higashida's personal account to Toa Hosoya Resort Development and notified Nakanishi.While the national tax came to the second inspection and headed for the vault, Hanzawa took the transfer request form and the original of Higashida ahead of the vault, so Ejima rebuked him, saying, "It's a problem with such a sloppy management." Ru[ep 20].
General Affairs Section, General Affairs Division, Osaka West Branch
Of the branchSecurity guard..Former engineer.When the national tax came to inspect, Hanzawa was asked to install an external hard disk inside the copier, and secretly synchronized with the main data.As a result, we succeeded in securing the data and found that the national tax is investigating Nishi-Osaka Steel.[ep 1].

Kyobashi Branch

It is a branch where former S graduates are listed as successive branch managers, and Togoshi says, "the dark center of the Tokyo Central Bank."The branch manager has changed from Owada to Kishikawa to Kaise.

Ikuo Kaise
Performance- Kazuhisa Kawahara
Tokyo Central Bank Kyobashi Branch Branch Manager
From the old S.It belongs to the Owada school.He has a pretty good looking personality and a high pride.
Furusato, who received a whistleblower from Togoshi, submitted a report on the occurrence of an operational loss of 120 billion yen at the Isejima Hotel, but Owada instructed him to tolerate it and urge him to make a loan of 200 billion yen.[ep 14]..Hanzawa and Tomari, who got a copy of the report, asked about it, but did not testify. Since the two of them got in, they learned that Furusato cooperated with Hanzawa, and they are calling Furusato behind leaving the branch.[ep 14].
Later, Owada cuts off the loan, saying, "You probably did the 200 billion yen loan without permission."
Norio Furuzato (Norio Kozato)
Performance- Toru Tezuka
Deputy Chief of Loan Division, Kyobashi Branch, Tokyo Central Bank
From the old S.He always asks his boss's complexion and always speaks with a proud attitude toward the other person, but when his position gets worse, he becomes a low-headed person.
On purpose, he took over insufficiently and put Tokieda in a trap and forced him to be seconded. He refused Kondo's loan request to Tamiya Electric with a difficult habit, and like Ogiso, he sneaked Kondo and hunted him down to the point of mental collapse. rice field.However, due to Hanzawa's strategy, the branch manager Kaise ignored the 120 billion yen loss of the Isejima Hotel that was reported to Togoshi, and Hanzawa and Kondo with the cooperation of Togoshi grasped the evidence that he himself tolerated it. Succumb easily.And Hanzawa and others are forced to cooperate in the process of obtaining a report of whistleblowers regarding losses.Immediately after that, even in the case of Tamiya Electric's loan, Hanzawa's request to pass the approval immediately has to be obeyed.[ep 13].
After that, Hanzawa and Tomari boarded the Kyobashi branch to question Kaise, so Kaise knew that he had cooperated with Hanzawa, and they were called by Kaise behind the branch leaving.[ep 14].
Performance- [34]
Kyobashi Branch Loan Section Chief
From the old S.Born in Nagoya.One of the section chiefs in charge of managing the PIN code of the vault of the Kyobashi branch on a weekly basis.Carry out the evacuation materials in the vault with Kaise[ep 13]..I have a PIN note on the back of my desk drawer[Note 43].

Ise-Shima Branch

Takahiro Fukao
Performance- Kazushige Komatsu
Deputy General Manager, Ise Shima Branch, Central Bank of Tokyo
From the old T.Hanzawa's synchronization.Cooperate with Hanzawa who came to investigate the connection between Ise-Shima State and Minobe, and tell that President Nogawa is a relative of Minobe.In addition, we borrowed financial materials from Ise-Shima State as an excuse to use as a reference when writing a loan approval, and let Hanzawa browse the materials.[ep 11].

Osaka West Branch Wife Association

Sanae Ejima
Performance- Minako Tanaka
Mrs. Eshima Deputy General Manager. He is as arrogant as his husband, and he swears that he is his wife.Company housingAs a leader of the group, he frequently holds wife's associations.He looks down on Hanzawa's wife, Hana.Tarot divinationIt has a reputation for telling employees to relocate, but in reality, it is said as a fortune-telling result after knowing the secondment of employees.However, since the suggestion of "moving" appears many times, the intention of saying "I wonder if my husband will be transferred" to Hana became a good meaning at Hanzawa's headquarters, and "Fortune-telling is really good. "Ne" is said to be disgusting by flowers, and Takahiro says "Oba-chan" and makes a regrettable look.[ep 2].
Mitsuko Kakuda
Kakuta's wife.He has a long history of company housing and has been in charge of liaison for the wife's association.
Yoshie Kakiuchi
Performance- Sayaka Udagawa[35]
Kakiuchi's wife.She has a gentle and timid personality and is not against the leader Sanae.

Headquarters wife society

Mrs. Kishikawa
Performance- Naomi Matsui
Kishikawa's wife. On behalf of Mrs. Owada, who is working, she manages the wife's association of the Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters. While taking a favorable attitude toward the wife of a subordinate who is expected to advance, he treats the wife of a bank employee who is sure to be replaced or seconded coldly.
Being worried about her daughter marrying a bank's enemy, the FSA inspector, reveals it to Hana[ep 3].
Mrs. Kaize
Kaize's wife.
Mrs. Fukuyama
Performance- Yuko Omori
Fukuyama's wife.

Tokyo Central Securities

Board of Directors/Executive Officers

Mitsuhide Oka
Performance- Toru Masuoka[32]
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
Formerly a director of the Tokyo Central Bank, he lost the career advancement competition and was seconded to his current position a year ago.Although he has a strict attitude toward his subordinates such as Hanzawa, he is reluctant to take an attitude toward bank directors.He has a strong tendency to rise and hates to lose, and his habit is "Look back at the bank."[ep 4].
When he told Hanzawa that Mikasa, Isayama, and Moroda would be sent to Dennou in the form of taking a series of responsibilities regarding the acquisition of Cyber's spiral, he burst into joy with "Zamaamiro!"[ep 6].

Sales Planning Department

Masahiro Moriyama
Performance- Kento Kaku[30](Junior high school: Yudai Yamazaki)
Sales Planning Department Investigator (Sky Hope Aviation Personnel)
Central SecuritiesProper employeeso,Loss Generation.Employment ice ageIn the middle ofjob huntingEncouragement, and took the recruitment examination with dozens of companies, and won the job offer of Tokyo Central Securities. People who have been adopted in large numbers just because they are in a good economy and who do not have the ability like Miki are going upBubble generationHave an antipathy. As many as half of us have a good sense of seeing the essence of a company. I think it is suspicious that the inexperienced company had an offer from the computer to the advisor.
Spiral Sena and her school, Meisei Gakuen Middle School, were classmates in the same class, and they belonged to the Kendo club and were close friends.Later, taking advantage of the spiral acquisition riot by Cyber, he reunited with Sena at the recommendation of Hanzawa, but for Sena, Moriyama is a "subsidiary employee of an advisor of a hostile company", so initially Sena was a spy on the cyber side. He is suspicious and takes a cold attitude.However, the handwritten letter that spelled out his candid thoughts was successful, and he recovered his friendship with Sena.Work hard with Hanzawa and Sena to prevent the acquisition of Spiral.
Fox's Gota, who feels hesitant to keep his employees on the road due to the business crisis, this time the spiral's reverse acquisition of Fox is not only for both companies to survive the difficult situation at the moment, but also for the mail order by Fox's subsidiary ``Copernicus'' While explaining that it is a reverse acquisition with a view to the future of the business that combines the business and spiral search engine[Note 44], Kano and Kiyota, who found out about Sena, left their desks as they were so that they could return to the spiral. Like Goda, he is a person who values ​​employees (friends) and respects Goda as an entrepreneur. Also tell them that they are, and urge Goda to agree to become a subsidiary of Spiral.[ep 17].
When Hanzawa's success prevented the acquisition of Spiral by Cyber, Sena asked him to become a financial officer of Spiral because he wanted to work with a reliable colleague. As an advisor to Central Securities, he will work on the online shopping business by Spiral and Copernicus.[ep 6].
When he appeared in a loan request to the Development Investment Bank as a sales representative of Sky Hope Airlines, he reunited with Hanzawa, who had a meeting with Tanigawa. Introducing the person in charge of Sky Hope Airlines who is planning to expand the business[ep 8]..However, when Shirai's pressure cut off the loan from the opening investment bank to Skyhope Airlines and the acceptance of mechanics of Imperial Airlines disappeared, a new investor in Skyhope Airlines to give back to Hanzawa. And trying to find a place to accept Imperial Aviation mechanics[Note 45]However, at that point, I inadvertently stepped off the stairs on the road and fell, broke my collarbone and was hospitalized.[ep 9]..After leaving the hospital, he flew to Ise-Shima to pursue the connection between Ise-Shima State and Minobe with Hanzawa, and Ise-Shima State is a company run by a relative of Minobe, who bought up the land of Ise-Shima Airport based on illegal loans. I found out that I was making a huge profit from the sale of land[ep 11].
Although he was betrayed by the president, he struggled to get revenge 1000 times more, and he appeared with Sena to Hanzawa who was practicing at the kendo hall, pushing his sick body and thinking for justice through the practice. To help Hanzawa get rid of the hesitation[ep 12].
He believes that if he can properly evaluate the value and technology of a company and can support him financially, he can prevent a sad event such as the close friend Sena's family running away at night.
Hitomi Hamamura
Performance- Imada Mio[36][30]
Information System Department (Special Edition)
→ Sales Planning Department Investigator (2020 version)
Proper employee of Central Securities. When he was selected as a member of a new trading system introduction project during training for new employees at the Information Systems Department, he was banned from stock trading inside the company that he did not know due to Kinosaki's strategy.DisciplineI was killed. In addition, when the new system is in operationhackingI was about to be tailored to the criminal who illegally withdrew money from the customer account, but with the help of Spiral Takasaka, he proved himself innocent and returned to the workplace and was assigned to the Sales Planning Department.[ep 24].
When Hanzawa and Moriyama were investigating the back side of the spiral acquisition scheme by the Tokyo Central Bank, they wanted to help themselves, so they put it in front of the Dennou headquarters, and it was decisive that Dennou and Taiyo Securities were connected behind the scenes. Photograph the evidence and send it to Moriyama.As a result, it helps prevent the situation where the spiral is absorbed by the cyber brain together with Fox, which is a "white knight".[ep 5].
It seems that the relationship with Kosaka continues even after the introduction of the new trading system, such as Kosaka sending an e-mail worried about the news that the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission is auditing Central Securities.[ep 17].
Katsuhiko Onishi
Performance- Awashima Mizumaru[32]
Researcher, Sales Planning Department
A proper employee and one of Moriyama's seniors. There are many harsh opinions.
Under the direction of Hanzawa, a company introduced by Spiral and Fox is also struggling to find an investor to buy back the patent for the next-generation switching power supply of Tamaki parent and child, and together with Hamamura, find a mid-sized electronic equipment maker, Hamahata Electronics.[ep 6].
When Moriyama stepped off the stairs and was injured while looking for a place to accept Sky Hope Airlines investors and Imperial Airlines mechanics, he told Hanzawa about it.[ep 9].
Kohei Harada
Performance- Masashi Mochida[32]
Researcher, Sales Planning Department
Proper employee.At lunch, I told my colleague that Hanzawa was inadvertently visiting Spiral, which is in the process of taking over, and I was told by the president Oka, who was nearby.[ep 5].
Under the direction of Hanzawa, he is struggling to find an investor to buy back the patent for the next-generation switching power supply of Tamaki parent and child.[ep 6].
Shoichi Morota
Performance- Shigeru Ikeda[30]
Deputy General Manager of Sales Planning Department (2020 episode 1)
→ Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Securities Sales Department Sales Group Researcher (2020 Edition Episode 2)
→ Seconded to the Cyber ​​Crime Group (2020 Episode 4)
From the old S.A bubble generation, seconded from the Tokyo Central Bank.The warp does not match the proper Moriyama.
Behind the scenes of being the leader of the spiral acquisition project team, he leaks information on the spiral acquisition project of the cyber miscellaneous group to Isayama in return for the transfer to the Tokyo Central Bank.
After returning to the bank, he acted as Isayama's waistcoat, but when the approval for the additional loan for the spiral acquisition was rejected, he was sent to Dennou with Mikasa and Isayama in the name of financial recovery because he was involved in the cyber case. Be done.He was also taken to Hanzawa and apologized for betraying them in front of the proper employees of Central Securities.[ep 6].
Shigeyuki Miki
Performance- Akihiro Tsunoda[37]
Corporate Planning Department, Researcher (2020 Episode 1)
→ Tokyo Central Bank Headquarters Securities Sales Department General Affairs Group Investigator (2020 Edition Episode 2-Episode 4)
→ General Affairs Department Management Group Investigator (reading drama)
Bubble generation. Seconded from the Tokyo Central Bank. Sub-leader of the spiral acquisition project team organized by Morota. He is weak and does not even have the ability to work, and the office staff complain. However, it is evaluated by Hanzawa as "I am good at sales because I am good at getting into people's pockets."
Although he knew Moroda's betrayal to Central Securities, he could not blame him for it, and he was assigned to the securities sales department of the Tokyo Central Bank with the help of Isayama. I'm forced to do all the chores, and I feel miserable like a murderer.To regret betraying Hanzawa and his colleagues, Isayama photographed the original document containing the cyber spiral acquisition scheme stored in the cabinet while he was away, and provided it to Hanzawa by e-mail.[ep 5].
In a recitation drama with a later story, it is said that he was transferred to the general affairs department at his own request.[ep 21].

Information System Department

Yoshinori Fukawa
Performance- Kurihara Hideo[38]
Information Systems Department Manager (Special Edition)
The boss of the information system department of the pupil.
Katsuya Kinosaki
Performance- Naoto Ogata[38]
Information Systems Department Chief (Special Edition)
I personally invested in real estate, but I paid out a debt of 5 million yen to make up for it.Dark goldReach out to. afterwards,Darkness siteHe teamed up with Seiya Kurusu, who he met in Japan, and tried to steal 300 billion yen from a customer account of Tokyo Central Securities by rubbing a crime in the eyes of a new employee, but he was caught in a phishing program created by Kosaka and all frauds were revealed. Was arrested for doing[ep 24].

National Tax Agency / Financial Services Agency

Shunichi Kurosaki
Performance- Ainosuke Kataoka
National Tax AgencyOsaka National Taxation BureauInspection DepartmentChief(2013 edition, part XNUMX)
Financial Services AgencyInspection stationChief Inspector (2013 Edition, Part 4, Radio Drama Chapter XNUMX)
Securities and Exchange Surveillance CommitteeSecretariat Securities Inspection Division General Inspector (2020 version, first section)
→ Financial Services AgencyDirectorateChief Inspector (2020 Edition, Part XNUMX)
→ National Tax Agency Investigation and Inspection Department Inspection Division Chief (2020 edition, episode 9 and later)
FormerFSA inspectionSo, Daido Bank, which was one of the three major banks in JapanBankruptcyThe old man was transferred to the National Taxation Bureau until the smoldering cooled down because he was criticized as "overdoing" by driving into.Ministry of FinanceBanking BureauAn elite of the cut-out from.With an arrogant and hysterical personality,Onee languageSpeak at.The pattern is that if it becomes extremely high, it will grab the key point of the other man and threaten to "crush it".plotWhen proclaiming the amount of the provision to the Tokyo Central Bank on the first day of the FSA inspection in the second part of 2013 edition, with the right hand with eyes closedAbacusImmediately after the gesture of hitting, the total amount is played.
2013 edition (Part XNUMX)
Nishi-Osaka SteelTax evasion investigationAnd stands in front of the Tokyo Central Bank and others. Hanzawa confiscated by stealing the 5 million yen villa in Higashida that was seized earlier[ep 20], Moreover, like Hanzawa, she looks at Miki Fujisawa and contacts her[ep 23].. He tries to grab Hidden's hidden assets under the condition that he will miss some of the unexamined tax evasion, but he is overtaken by the undeveloped strategy that chose to partner with Hanzawa, and eventually he is overtaken by Hanzawa and all the hidden assets are hidden. Recovered, causing more anger to him[ep 2].
2013 edition (Part XNUMX)
He returned to the Financial Services Agency and confronted Hanzawa again in the form of directing the Financial Services Agency inspection based on the 120 billion yen loss of the Isejima Hotel.And Hanzawa wrote a document dealing with a case of Kaise and Furusato's Isejima Hotel due to somebody's leak.Evacuation materialsKnowing that he had it at hand, he made his subordinates wait at home and suddenly hit himHouse searchAnd chasing after knowing that the flower was accidentally sent to his parents' house, but both failed.[ep 14]Eventually, Hanzawa succeeded in rebuilding the management of the hotel and hid the evacuation materials, so he was defeated again. In fact, behind this series of confrontations, Kishikawa was urged to betray Owada, saying, "If all the upper management (of the Tokyo Central Bank) blows away, the next president is not a dream." However, when Hanzawa wondered if he had approached Kishikawa's daughter because of his ambitions, he denied it and said, "I can't help but love what I really like," and it was a pure love feeling. Saying that[ep 3].
2020 edition (Part XNUMX)
Securities and Exchange Surveillance CommitteeAs a general inspector of the Securities Inspection Division of the Secretariat, he will confront Hanzawa for the third time in an on-site inspection of Tokyo Central Securities, an advisor of Spiral, regarding the reverse acquisition of Fox by Spiral.The acquisition of data on the reverse acquisition of Fox by the spiral on the shared cloud was blocked by the activity of Takasaka of the spiral, but the president Oka obtained and restored the plan and business status report of the paper-based reverse acquisition of Fox that was destroyed by the shredder. By succeeding in, he drives Hanzawa into a situation where he cannot escape.However, Fox's Goda appeared there and was testified that "Fox's business situation is disclosed to Spiral and Central Securities for a friendly merger with Spiral and that it can be used in any way." Testimony[Note 46], Did you decide that further pursuit is meaningless?[ep 17]..This was because he was also investigating the relationship between the cyber miscellaneous group and cyber electrical equipment by taking advantage of the on-site inspection of Central Securities, and was able to obtain materials related to cyber electrical equipment and fulfill his purpose.After that, the cyber brain was added to the cyber electrical equipment by fictitious accounting.Financial resultsWhen it became clear, he went into an on-site inspection of the cyber brain.
2020 edition (Part XNUMX)
He has been promoted to the Financial Services Agency's supervisory bureau for his achievements in detecting the window-dressing settlement of cyber, and appears at the hearing to judge the credit of the Tokyo Central Bank's reconstruction plan to Imperial Airlines, and confronts Hanzawa for the fourth time. It will be.Point out that the figures for the reconstruction plan of the Tokyo Central Bank submitted when Sonezaki was in charge of rebuilding Imperial Airlines were different from the figures announced by Imperial Airlines, and asked for an answer.[ep 8].
Since the Haneda-Ise-Shima route, which the Central Bank of Tokyo decided to withdraw in the reconstruction plan of Imperial Airlines announced by the Task Force, was continued, Minobe, whose election ground is Ise-Shima, is the credit of Imperial Airlines this time. To Hanzawa, who noticed that he was greatly involved in the abandonment and was conducting a background check on Minobe, he told him that Minobe had contact with the former T era, the predecessor of the Tokyo Central Bank.However, it was discovered that he himself was sniffing around Minobe, and pressure from Minobe forced him to move from the Financial Services Agency to the National Tax Agency.When Hanzawa, who heard about it from Owada, visited himself, he told him that the Financial Services Agency would withdraw from this matter and advised Hanzawa to investigate the "Ise-Shima State".[ep 10]..After that, in response to Hanzawa's request to follow the flow of illegal loans from the former T, when the illegal loans were deposited from Ise-Shima State to Minobe, the members of the "Coffin Association", Shiramizu Bank and Kansai City Bank, were at the same time. We used the power of the National Tax Agency to investigate the records of the moratorium fees deposited in personal accounts such as, and obtained evidence of the flow of money.[ep 11].
Shirai is staring at the fact that the flow of illegal loans to Minobe, who cannot get a foothold, is being cash-transported to a branch of an overseas bank in Nagoya City, which is close to the Ise-Shima branch of the Tokyo Central Bank. After receiving the information on Minobe's hidden account that Kasamatsu grabbed, he went into a search at the Nagoya branch of UAE Bank, obtained the deposit and withdrawal information of Minobe's hidden account, and provided it to Owada to uncover Minobe's fraud. To contribute[ep 12].

Osaka National Tax Bureau Inspection Department

Performance- Hideo Ishiguro
National tax inspector. Under the direction of Kurosaki, investigate tax evasion of Nishi-Osaka Steel. Kurosaki grabbed the key point because he did not notice the existence of Higashida's personal account during the inspection of the Tokyo Central Bank Osaka Nishi Branch.[ep 20].. Later, taking a cautious attitude toward putting in Higashida touched Kurosaki's reverse scale, and he was able to grasp the key point again.[ep 23].
Performance- Yu Nagaoka
National tax inspector. Under the direction of Kurosaki, investigate tax evasion of Nishi-Osaka Steel. Following the submission of Higashida's account record by the Tokyo Central Bank, we set out to investigate the development of Toa Hosoya Resort.
Performance- Ayumi Oka
National tax inspector. Under the direction of Kurosaki, investigate tax evasion of Nishi-Osaka Steel. Contact Miki Fujisawa, the mistress of President Higashida.

Financial Services Agency Inspection Bureau / Supervisory Bureau

Ryota Shimada
Performance- Terunosuke Takezai
FSA Inspector (2013 edition, second part)
A subordinate of Kurosaki. He has a rectangular face, says Hanzawa.モ ア イ. "
In the inspection by the Financial Services Agency, search for a hidden place for the evacuation materials of the Isejima Hotel. According to Kurosaki's instructions, he investigates Hanzawa's company housing, but cannot find it, and is accused of arrogant attitude by flowers, leading to an apology.
Even the day before the final interview survey, the hidden place of the evacuation materials was not found, and Kurosaki, who had boiled the work, grasped the key point. He was strictly ordered to find the evacuation materials on the same day and followed Hanzawa, but he was sown.
Ai Kinoshita
Performance- Narumi Chino
FSA Inspector (2013 edition, second part)
Kurosaki's subordinates. In the inspection by the Financial Services Agency, search for a hidden place for the evacuation materials of the Isejima Hotel. Under the direction of Kurosaki, he and Shimada and others investigate Hanzawa's company housing.
After that, based on the information obtained from the courier company, he heads to Hana's parents' house to collect the evacuation materials, but Sakamoto is ahead.He follows Hanzawa the day before the final interview, but is sown.
Performance- Mamoru Miyano
FSA Inspector (2020 edition, second part)
A subordinate of Kurosaki. Accompany Kurosaki, who attended a hearing about the credit decision for the Reconstruction Plan of Imperial Airlines of the Tokyo Central Bank.
Nagata TownHanzawa, who was conducting a background check on Minobe, was searched for by Kurosaki's instructions and guided to the FSA building.Kurosaki grabbed the key point because he caught his mouth in the conversation between Hanzawa and Kurosaki.[ep 10].

Securities and Exchange Surveillance Committee

Performance- Hiroshi Yazaki
Kurosaki's subordinates.Engaged in inspection of Tokyo Central Securities.He yells at Hamamura, who ignores the warning that he will not move, but during the inspection, he angers Kurosaki over the priority of the restoration work of the shredder piece, grasps the key point, and is laughed at by Hamamura who was watching the situation.Furthermore, when I found a safe in the president's office and reported it to Kurosaki, I was told that I could not hide it in such a place, but in 2 hours I found a shredder piece of the acquisition plan found in the president's office. I will restore it[ep 17].
Performance- Gota Ishida
Kurosaki's subordinates.Engaged in inspection of Tokyo Central Securities.Responsible for the investigation of Hanzawa's personal computer.The operation of the computer is quick and accurate, and he accesses the cloud according to the method of reaching the hidden file on the cloud obtained by Kurosaki, but he is impatient with the unexpected password request and goes to the adversary Hanzawa to ask for the password. Kurosaki tries to catch the key point.Path crackerI managed to break through the password and found two hidden files, but they were deleted by Takasaka's hack just before opening.[ep 17].

Person involved in Nishi-Osaka Steel loan accident

Mitsuru Higashida
Performance- Takeshi Ujiji
Nishi Osaka Steel President (2013 version XNUMXst section)
→ Imprisonment (Radio Drama Chapter 3)
→ Release (Radio Drama Chapter 3 Part XNUMX)
Born in 1961.Junior high school / classmate of Asano branch manager.Educational background is Osaka Municipal Umeda Daiichi Junior High School → Private Naniwa High School → Private Naniwa University Faculty of Business Administration.
A large man with a rough personality and bad luck.To Nishi-Osaka Steel, which I runFinancial resultsWas continued for three years, and 3 million loans from the Central Bank of Tokyo were planned to go bankrupt and deceived.Asano, a junior high school classmate, is called "Tar-chan".[ep 23]..New York Harbor Trust with 12 billion fraudulent assets, including those earned from tax evasionaccountHad a pool in. Despite her own bankruptcy, she lives a luxurious life in a hidden property, and her mistress Miki works.ク ラ ブI was soaking in "Artemis" and playing hard. Moreover, rapid economic growth progresses, giving up on the decline of JapanEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-ASEANI was planning to start a business in.
The last is all due to the collusion of Hanzawa and MikipropertyWas seized by the Tokyo Central Bank and became empty, and when Hanzawa was told that he had lost all his assets in the Artemis store, he went up against him and attacked him, but he was easily beaten up by Hanzawa of the former Kendo club. ..Then, he cried and cried, saying, "If you think you can do anything with money, it's a big mistake." Even Takeshita, who hated Higashida, was pitiful.[ep 2].
Miki Fujisawa
Performance- Honey
Higashida's mistress.OsakaMinamiWork for the club "Artemis"hostess.. When Higashida was hunted down by Hanzawa in the case of Nishi Osaka Steel's loan accident, he assaulted Hanzawa and helped him escape.[ep 1].. Run my ownNail salonI was working on Higashida to fulfill my dream of opening a business, but Hanzawa praised the business plan for opening a nail salon and the qualifications as a manager, and I was asked to apply for a loan to the bank through myself. I was touched by the offer as a bank clerk who asked me to hand over a passbook of evidence that supports Higashida's hidden assets where Asano's injustice[ep 23].. Then, on the other hand, I went to the National Taxation Bureau where Kurosaki, who had made a deal to overlook his illegal acts, but in fact it is a strategy that was indicated as Hanzawa, and the purpose is by the National Tax Agency.RubbingThis was to find out the location of the hidden assets that Higashida had hidden by himself using. And according to the plan, from the passbook passed from Higashida, of the overseas account with hidden assetspassbookOnlyBike serviceI sent it to Hanzawa and succeeded in passing all the remaining passbooks to Kurosaki and withdrawing it.[ep 2].
Immediately after Higashida was imprisoned, she noticed she was pregnant and gave birth to her daughter, Eri, with Higashida.[ep 25].
Kiyohiko Takeshita
Performance- Hidekazu Akai
President Takeshita Metals.Hanzawa assaults Takeshita immediately after hanging himself and prevents him from hanging himself.Nishi Osaka SteelUnpaidI don't trust the bank that didn't help when Takeshita Metal went bankrupt, but I trusted only Hanzawa who saved Makino Seiki, the company of President Makino who has an old relationship, and cooperated in the search for Higashida. To do[ep 1].. DigitalSingle-lens reflex cameraUse to covertly capture Higashida's actions and provide useful information to Hanzawa.After the collapse of Higashida, he vowed to revive Takeshita Metal with the collected funds and forgo Hanzawa who will move to Tokyo.[ep 2].
Yoshihiro Namino
Performance- LaSalle Ishii
Nishi Osaka Steel Accounting Section Manager
→ Toritani Shipbuilding Employee
I had a hidden backing book of Nishi-Osaka Steel.Heart diseaseIn front of Hanzawaheart attackCause[ep 1].
Heigo Itabashi
Performance- Hiroaki Okada
President of Awaji Steel.As Nishi-Osaka Steel went bankrupt, Awaji Steel Co., Ltd. went bankrupt like Takeshita Metal.However, behind the scenes, it is connected to Higashida and interferes with the actions of Hanzawa and Takeshita, but it is detected.[ep 20]..After that, Takeshita takes a picture of a secret visit to Miki.[ep 23].
Toa Hosoya Resort Development Clerk
Performance- Mitsuho Otani
A female clerk developed by Toa Hosoya Resort.While responding to Hanzawa who came to the store, when he found out that Hanzawa was trying to ask for real estate information of Higashida, he rounded up the story and urged him to leave the store.While protecting the personal information of the customer, Higashida, tell Higashida that he is inconvenienced by telephone.[ep 20].
Takehiko Komura
Performance- Jun Osaka
Former Chairman of Construction Komura.A distant relative of Higashida.Real estateOwns about 30 houses.Betrayed by a trusted main bank and fraudulentDonationWas informed by the prosecution and was chased by Komura Construction, which he built in his lifetime.After that, from the worldcrimeWas disliked by her daughter because she was labeled as a victim, and she also considered her father disqualified.Parent-childBreak the relationship.After that, he was forced to be hospitalized due to his death.Hanzawa contacted her when she learned that she wanted to meet her grandchildren and daughter (act: Yuko)Rie Yoshizawa) Reunited and reconciled.The three of us, including our young grandson Takeshi (act :), were able to spend a fulfilling time until now, so we wrote a letter stating Higashida's whereabouts and handed it to Hanzawa through Yuko.[ep 18].

Iseshima Accommodation

Takeshi Yuasa
Performance- Taro Suruga
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
In restructuring the hotel based on the FSA inspection, he struggles to rebuild the Isejima Hotel with a management policy different from that of his one-man father.Formerly the director of the planning department at the Dai Tokyo Hotel, he learned about Hanzawa when he trained as a hotel man, and trusts Hanzawa, who is passionate about rebuilding the hotel while being a bank clerk.He requested Nakano Watari to make Hanzawa the person in charge of rebuilding the Isejima Hotel, and he himself was a considerable activist, such as giving a transfer to an overseas company for the reconstruction plan.[Note 47].
Both Hanzawa are at the mercy of Owada and Hane's strategy, but accept Hanzawa's proposal to "business alliance with Foster" as the last resort to rebuild the Isejima Hotel.Became a subsidiary of Foster Capital, the initial capital increase is 200 billion yen, the Foster reservation system can be shared to rebuild the hotel management, and the feathers are dismissed for an extraordinary loss of 120 billion yen, ending a series of conflicts Hit[ep 15].
In the first episode of the 2020 edition, we sent an invitation email to Hanzawa for the pre-opening of a new hotel.
Natsuko Hane[Note 48]
Performance- Double Award Mitsuko
Senior Managing Director
→ Change
The oldest Isejima hotel.A cunning ambitionist who plans to take over the hotel by colluding with Owada's invitation, thinking that he is the one who has been forced to wipe the bottom of the former one-man president and is suitable for the president of the Isejima Hotel. He is arrogant, saying to Hanzawa, "It's your job to manage the funds."Although he failed to manage the stock and lost 120 billion yen, he is a first-class hotel man, not forgetting the face and name of the person he met once.
Taking advantage of the hotel's business restructuring based on the fact that it survived the FSA inspection, with the cooperation of Owada, he resigned Yuasa and tried to become president, but Hanzawa requested it as the last trump card for the hotel's business restructuring. Yuasa agreed to a business alliance with Foster, which resulted in a failure and was dismissed for an extraordinary loss of 120 billion yen.When he left the hotel, he met Hanzawa, who visited to get testimony about Owada's injustice, and told Hanzawa, who did not testify but decided to confront Owada, "Be careful with Owada at best."[ep 3].
Shigenori Togoshi
Performance- Takashi Kobayashi
Accounting Section Manager, Iseshima Hotel
→ Waste collection business
→ Returned to Iseshima Hotel
A whistleblower of the Isejima Hotel's loss of 120 billion yen was filed with the Central Bank of Tokyo, but Kaise and Furusato, who were instructed by Owada, silently killed the case, and Hane was notified of the whistleblower. Be fired.Therefore, he hated the Central Bank of Tokyo and initially rejected Hanzawa who visited him.However, in the end, he cooperated with Hanzawa and Kondo to drive Furusato, and Hanzawa requested President Yuasa to return to work.While thanking Hanzawa for that, he said, "The relationship between successive Kyobashi branch managers and the Isejima Hotel is black darkness." "Kaise is just the entrance and the person (Owada) above Kaise is the center of darkness." Tell Hanzawa[ep 13].

Tamiya Electric

Motoki Tamiya
Performance- Yasuyuki Maekawa
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
With an extremely irresponsible personality, he first disregarded Kondo, who had been seconded, and also dismissed his request that a medium-term business plan was required to receive a loan from a bank.[ep 13].. However, thanks to the cooperation and encouragement of Hanzawa, Kondo, who became positive and regained his former spirit, made an active effort as the manager of the company, and he discovered the backing book and pursued the fact of the powdered payment.[ep 14], He was gradually moved by his enthusiasm, which would not be a step back for the company.
Actually, five years ago, at the request of Owada and Kyobashi, then the manager of the Kyobashi branch, 5 million dollars financed by the Tokyo Central Bank were subleased to Owada and he was involved in his injustice, and Kondo was responsible for it. When he sniffs, he also goes to Owada to send him to another place.[ep 16].. Later, when the fact began to be revealed by Kondo and Hanzawa and others, he asked for a repayment of 3 million that was subleased to Owada, but it was simply limited by the example. However, Kondo's persuasion reminded him of his renewed testimony regarding the sublease fund with Owada, and he also decided to give up on Owada.Answering machineLeave[ep 15].. However, the report with this testimony eventually ends up in the hands of Owada by Kondo himself, who was embarrassed by Owada.
In the final episode of the director's cut, "I'm not in a position to blame you", forgiving Kondo and forgiving Kondo, who returns to the bank, to handle the loan case, but advises Owada to be careful.
Hideyuki Noda
Performance- Takeshi Toshige
Accounting Department Accounting Section Manager
He was disrespectful of Kondo, and he was openly repeating his actions that looked down on him, such as calling him "former bank" in front of his subordinates. However, Kondo, who regained his enthusiasm with the encouragement of Hanzawa, was taken aback as the accounting manager and reluctantly accepted him as the accounting manager.[ep 13].. After that, Kondo, who works hard for Tamiya Denki, is gradually pushed like Tamiya. In the final episode of the director's cut, Kondo was relieved that he would return to the bank, but leaked that he was a little lonely, and Kondo encouraged him to rebuild the company.
Performance- Mochizuki Akio
A young employee of Tamiya Electric's accounting department. Like Noda, he treated Kondo with a silly attitude without paying respect to him, but Kondo, who had regained his former ambition, gave him a whisper and accepted him as the director of accounting.[ep 13].


An emerging IT company launched six years ago by Sena, Kano, and Kiyota, who shared their hardships.An independent web service development company developed and operated the search engine "Spiral", and due to its convenience, increased the number of users, mainly young people, and became Japan's top-class IT company with sales of over 3 billion yen and the 6th place in the industry. Growing.

Board of Directors/Executive Officers

Yousuke Sena
Performance- Matsuya Onoue[39](Junior high school: Daito Shimizu[40]
President and CEO (Special Edition/2020 Edition)
Growing up struggling with money, he gave up going to college and got a job at a small software development company.When the company went bankrupt, three colleagues, Kano and Kiyota, launched a spiral and developed a search engine "Spiral" with the same name as the company, which led the spiral to become a leading company in the IT industry. I let you.
Moriyama of Central and Meisei Gakuen Middle School of the school they were from were classmates of the same class, and they belonged to each other in the Kendo club and were close friends. But my father runsfountain penThe studio went bankruptNight escapeAfter that, he became estranged from Moriyama.Although he reunited with Moriyama in the wake of the spiral acquisition turmoil, he was initially suspicious and angry with Moriyama because he was an employee of a subsidiary of the Tokyo Central Bank, which serves as an advisor to hostile companies.[ep 4]..However, after seeing Moriyama's handwritten letter, he changed his mind and regained his friendship.Knowing the betrayal of Taiyo Securities, its advisor, explodes anger and welcomes Tokyo Central Securities as a new advisor to prevent acquisitions.[ep 5].
At first, when he received a proposal from Hanzawa to buy Fox in reverse, he was reluctant, but when he talked with Goda, he had a wealth of experience and know-how, and Goda's advice, which he respected as a model for management, was a spiral. He expressed his feeling that it was indispensable for growth.That moved Goda's heart and made Fox a decisive move to join Spiral.Later, at a press conference announcing the acquisition of Fox, IT giant John Howard will invest $ 3 million in the online shopping business of Spiral and Fox's subsidiary Copernicus. The announcement that the agreement has been reached will cause the stock price of Spiral to rise sharply, and the central bank of Tokyo will not be able to acquire a majority of Spiral shares without additional financing.[ep 17].
When Hanzawa's success prevented Copernicus from acquiring Spiral, he asked Moriyama to take up the post of Spiral's finance officer, hoping to work with a reliable colleague. , Moriyama decided to be involved as an advisor to a securities company of the online shopping business by Spiral and Copernicus.[ep 6].
In the second part of the 2020 edition,Personal Information Protection LawKnowing the risk of conflicting with the above, we have identified the source of the e-mail that leaked the false imperial aviation reconstruction plan to the employees by requesting from Hanzawa who trusts, and conveys the information to Hanzawa[ep 7].
After that, he struggled to get revenge 1000 times as much as the president, and appeared with Moriyama to Hanzawa who was practicing at the kendo hall, and appealed to Kasamatsu to stick to his own thoughts for justice through the practice. In addition to helping to get rid of the hesitation, Shirai and Kasamatsu have file restoration toolsUSB memoryAnd helped to find out that Takeda, Minobe's first secretary, manages Minobe's personal account at UAE Bank through online banking on a personal computer.[ep 12].
Kazunari Kano
Performance- Yoshio Inoue[39]
Senior Managing Director / General Manager of Strategy (Special Edition)
→ Leave Spiral and establish a new company (2020 version, Part XNUMX)
→ Return to spiral (2020 episode 4)
Conflicting management policies regarding Sena's search engine, decided to quit Spiral and launch a new company[ep 24].
After leaving Spiral, he was asked to buy shares of Spiral owned by Isayama, and at first he refused to talk because of his friendship with Sena, but the funds for the company "Declark", which he had personally invested in, were burning. Mikasa attacked Sena's unreasonableness and shook it by adding the stock purchase price, so she sold her spiral stock to the Tokyo Central Bank.[ep 4].
Later, when Denno's acquisition of Spiral faltered, he requested Sena to return to Spiral, and was accepted by Sena and returned to Spiral.
Masanobu Kiyota
Performance- [32]
Director / Treasury Manager (Special Edition)
→ Leave Spiral and establish a new company (2020 version, Part XNUMX)
→ Return to spiral (2020 episode 4)
He quit Spiral and participated in the launch of a new company in Kano, but as with Kano, the funds for the company "Declark", which he had personally invested in, had been burned, so the spiral stock owned by Mikasa's shaking was held in central Tokyo. Sell ​​to the bank[ep 4].
Later, when Denno's acquisition of Spiral faltered, he requested Sena to return to Spiral, and was accepted by Sena and returned to Spiral.

System development department

Kei Kosaka
Performance- Ryo Yoshizawa[41]
System Development Department (Special Edition/2020 Edition Episode 3)
Talented young people in the system development departmentprogrammer.. In college,programmingTo fellow KurokiPhishing scamThere is a back purposeHome PageCreatePart-time jobWas arrested as an accomplice because he was accepted without knowing the truth, but he was also sentenced to indictment, but he has a history of dropping out of the university with white eyes from the surroundings in this case. When I was overwhelmed by simple tasks such as creating and updating a spiral fortune-telling site, Tokyo Central Securities introduced a new trading system.competitionSpiral will participate in, and will be appointed as the leader of the project team launched internally to win the competition. After that, we will develop a system that will win the competition, but we are suspicious of unauthorized access to the old trading system and mixing of malicious programs into the new system under development, so we hide the phishing program in the new version of the finished version Preventing Kinosaki from embezzling money from customer accounts,False accusationCleared up[ep 24].
At the time of creating the new trading system of Central Securities, at the same time, we are preparing a shared cloud (commonly known as a hidden room) that only the president Oka and Hanzawa know about its existence, and the plan for reverse acquisition of Fox that Hanzawa evacuated to that shared cloud. And Sena received a special order to delete the data in the business condition report before it was discovered by the Securities Surveillance Commission Kurosaki, and the data on the cloud leaked to Kurosaki.SREStop with the team[ep 17].
Kento Wakamoto
Performance- Yu Yoshizawa[39]
System development staff. A senior colleague in Takasaka and a leader in the development department. Selected as sub-leader of project team[ep 24].
Suzuki Rino
Performance- [42]
System development staff. Selected as a member of the project team[ep 24].
Kota Sato
System development staff. Selected as a member of the project team[ep 24].

Cyber ​​miscellaneous group

A major IT company in the IT industry that ranks third in Japan and among the top 3 in the world. Plan to expand business with a view to expanding into Asia.

Kazumasa Hirayama
Performance- Hideo Tsuchida[43]
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
After leaving the general trading company at the age of 35, a one-man manager who built a cyber miscellaneous group from scratch with his wife Miyuki.
Although he plans to acquire Spiral to further solidify his company's foundation, he fears that the main bank, Tokyo Central Bank, will investigate the business situation and find out the window-dressing settlement, so he is an inexperienced subsidiary, Tokyo Central Securities. Entrust the acquisition advisor to Tokyo. Later, he was fascinated by the spiral acquisition scheme presented by Isayama, who grabbed the acquisition of Spiral, and switched his advisor to the Tokyo Central Bank, but in the end, Hanzawa found out the fact of window dressing, and Moriyama had a back book. Since it was found up to that point, he thoughtfully admitted the window dressing settlement and testified to the truth.
In a recitation drama about the day after the failure to acquire the spiral, it is said that he divorced his wife Miyuki.[ep 26].
Miyuki Hirayama
Performance- Yoko Minamino[43]
Executive Vice President
Issei wife. A hysterical personality from a big merchant in Osaka. The attitude of contacting employees with a high-pressure attitude and calling for private service is not lost, and he also takes a high-level attitude toward Hanzawa and others. When Hanzawa tries to contact Tamaki, the financial officer, he quickly finds out about it, and the couple stands in front of Hanzawa.
Although I can point a copy of the backing book to Moriyama, I try to cut through Shira if I can not admit materials that I do not know the source, but I took the original to Moriyama from the hidden place of the backing book taught by Tamaki, the former financial officer. When he was attacked, he put his wrongdoing on the shelf and passed the bribe, but the acquisition of Spiral also failed, and it was all Mikasa's responsibility that all of the facts that even the ornamental accounts were exposed were regrettable.
In a recitation drama about the day after the failure to acquire the spiral, it is said that he divorced his husband Kazumasa.[ep 26].
Katsuo Tamaki
Performance- Tomohiko Imai[32]
General Electric Equipment Director Managing Executive Officer
→ Chief of Finance Department, Cyber ​​Acrobatics Group
→ Director (Finance)
Originally, he was the director in charge of finance of "General Densetsu" whose father Shinsuke is the president, but when Dennou acquired the company two years ago and became a subsidiary of Dennou "Denno Densetsu", he was "seconded back" to the parent company. After a mysterious personnel change to do, he became the finance manager of Dennou.[ep 17]..Hanzawa tries to contact him if he holds the secret of the spiral acquisition by Dennou, but he retired from Dennou due to personal reasons and went back to Dennou Densetsu after hiding in the clouds.[ep 6].
When Hanzawa uses the sales force of Central Securities to find an investor who will buy back the patent for the next-generation switching power supply developed by Shinsuke, and is ready to regain the patent.[Note 49], Reveals the secret that Dennou is making fraudulent accounting by recording fictitious sales to Dennou Densetsu, and tells Hanzawa and others a copy of Dennou's back books and the hidden place of the original back books stored in Dennou.[ep 6].

Denno Denki (formerly General Denki)

Two years ago, it was a subsidiary of the General Industry Group, "General Denketsu", but it was reborn as "Denno Denketsu", a subsidiary of Dennou, after being acquired by Dennou for 2 billion yen. Innovative next generationSwitching power supply, But that patent is also bought by Dennou.

Shinsuke Tamaki
Performance- Nagahide Takahashi
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
Katsuo's father.In order to pave the way for the practical application of next-generation switching power supplies, we responded to the acquisition of the predecessor company "General Densetsu" from Dennou, which promised support, but the promise of support is that the patent for next-generation switching power supplies will be held by Dennou. It was not fulfilled, and it was in a state where it could not go against the cyber brain due to deception.[ep 6].
Even now that the company name has changed, I still wear work clothes from the general electrical equipment era.[ep 6].

Taiyo Securities

A securities company that goes in and out of a spiral.

Takao Hiroshige
Performance- Yamazaki Ginnojo[43]
Sales Department Manager (2020 Edition Part XNUMX)
→ Dismissal (reading drama)
In response to the hostile takeover of Spiral from Cyber, he proposed a countermeasure to have White Knight Fox buy the new stock, and he was involved as an advisor, but behind the scenes, he communicated with Isayama and Cyber, and Cyber ​​was the new Spiral stock. He was involved in Isayama's acquisition scheme, which hijacks the spiral by absorbing the Fox itself that he purchased.However, due to the efforts of Hanzawa and others, it was revealed that they had been in secret with the Tokyo Central Bank and Dennou, so Sena stopped issuing new shares, and participation in a highly illegal acquisition scheme with the Tokyo Central Bank is also a performance-based fee type. Because it was a contract, I ended up withdrawing from the spiral acquisition deal without receiving any fees from either.[ep 5].
In a recitation drama about the day after the failure to acquire the spiral, it is said that Taiyo Securities was dismissed.[ep 27].


A major company selling PCs and peripherals.

Yukinari Goda
Performance- Toshige Shigeyuki[43]
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
Sena's respected entrepreneur, who has aWhite knightAppears as.However, due to the investment failure, the company has suffered a huge loss that is rumored to be sold, and behind the scenes, it connects with the Tokyo Central Bank and Dennou, and after purchasing a new spiral stock, Fox is absorbed by Dennou, and that loss. I was trying to make up for it.I had a loan of 1,000 billion yen from the Central Bank of Tokyo for the purchase of new shares of Spiral, but when I lied to Sena that I was getting a loan from Shiramizu Bank, Hanzawa and others were white. You can see that you were pretending to be a knight[ep 5].
After that, when the story of the reverse acquisition of Fox by spiral broke out due to Hanzawa's strategy, he showed a stance of making a line to the cyber side because "I had the cyber brain talk to me first", but from the cyber side "The result is the same as the acquisition of the spiral that acquired Fox by Cyber, and the acquisition of Fox directly," he said, breaching the originally planned promise of direct absorption of Fox and falling into a pinch of desperation. There is.The remaining survival plan, the remedy by the reverse acquisition of Spiral, is likely to run into a deadlock due to distrust of Spiral, but from Moriyama this reverse acquisition is not only for both companies to overcome the immediate difficulties, but also for Fox's He explained that the new business that combines the online shopping business subsidiary "Copernicus" and the spiral search engine has potential, and Sena said, "I would like an opinion based on your experience as a respected entrepreneur. The deciding factor was that I was told the earnest wish, and I chose to become a company under the umbrella of Spiral.[ep 17].

Political party

Ruling party..The approval rating is sluggish, and a second remodeling cabinet will be launched with the aim of recovering.

Akiko Shirai
Performance- Noriko Eguchi[30]
Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport-Member of the House of Representatives(Belonging to a political party)
→ Member of the House of Representatives (independent) (2020 edition final episode)
yuanKey stationAnnouncer.He was appointed as the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for the second term as the centerpiece of the Cabinet reshuffle of the Matoba administration aiming to recover the approval rating.It is extremely popular with the public, and is backed by the party's heavyweight, Minobe.Empire Aviation Revitalization, an advisory body, with the aim of promoting the usefulness of the reshuffled cabinet by taking advantage of the management crisis of Imperial Airlines and approaching the position of the first female prime minister.Task forceLaunch[ep 6].
Skyhope Airlines' Tokyo-Honolulu section, which Hanzawa was coordinating to accept surplus mechanics of Imperial Airlines in order to destroy the Tokyo Central Bank's plan to rebuild Imperial Airlines due to Hanzawa's opposition to the government's intentions. Reject the approval of service, make it unacceptable for surplus personnel, and lead to task force-led reconstruction[ep 8]..However, on the other hand, all banks other than the Central Bank of Tokyo that hold debts to Imperial Airlines are wary of accepting debt waivers.CabinetSince he did not oppose the privatization bill of the development investment bank, the open investment bank is expected to be privatized.[Note 50], All banks that had announced at the joint debriefing session that they would comply with the policies of the open investment bank and the Tokyo Central Bank, as the open investment bank was released from the position of a government-affiliated bank and the debt waiver was postponed. Will refuse to waive the debt.He resigned from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to take responsibility for failing to waive his debt due to his lack of control, and reported to Minobe that he would submit a notice of withdrawal, but regarded it as an advertising tower for collecting votes during elections. Minobe, who had been holding the party, has been suspended from the party, and he is stabbed by a nail so as not to do anything that does not follow his intentions.[ep 9].
Haneda, which clearly seems to have no prospect of reconstruction on the deficit route-When I questioned that the Ise-Shima route was judged to be continued rather than withdrawn in the task force reconstruction plan, Nohara made future profits from Minobe. He answered that he continued following the advice that there was a possibility that he could grow, and since he was so terrified that he couldn't hear what he was saying recently from Minobe, he couldn't pursue the matter any more.[ep 10].
When he went to the Central Bank of Tokyo to urge him to waive his debt again under the direction of Prime Minister Matoba and Minobe, he took charge of the task force, which was an advisory body he had set up, with his own discretion. Nohara who tries to proceed with negotiations for waiver of debt in the place where Minobe is present, but Nohara says "The task force belongs to Mr. Minobe" and treats himself carelessly. , And become distrustful of Minobe.
Ten years ago from Nakanowatari, Ohwada, and Hanzawa, it was confessed that Deputy President Makino had died himself in order to prevent the disclosure of illegal loans of the former T, and he took up political corruption when he was an announcer. Therefore, the distrust of Minobe reached its peak.[Note 51]Promised to cooperate in obtaining evidence of the wrongdoing of Minobe, and contacted Kurosaki with information on the hidden account of Minobe of UAE Bank that Kasamatsu revealed, which led to the search for the Nagoya branch of UAE Bank.[Note 52]..At the reopened task force's report of the waiver of debt of Imperial Airlines, he admitted that the task force reconstruction plan was almost a complete copy of the Tokyo central bank reconstruction plan created by Hanzawa et al. If you follow the plan, you will announce to the media that you do not need to waive your debt.In addition, Minobe apologized to the people as Hanzawa requested, stopping Minobe from trying to escape when he was confronted with evidence that he was profiting from buying and selling land at Ise-Shima Airport due to illegal financing from the former T. Helped with[ep 12].
After Minobe's injustice came to light, he and Kimoto accused Nohara of forcing Nohara to waive his debt to a bank that had been extorted.In addition, he resigned from the minister, left the political party, decided to start over as an independent member, and opened a member office.[ep 12].
Shigeki Kasamatsu
Performance- Kazuya Kojima
Council secretary-Secretary of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Before becoming Shirai's secretary, he supported Minobe for many years.
When Shirai confirmed his feelings about the plan to rebuild Hanzawa's Imperial Aviation, he acknowledged Hanzawa's ability as a bunker that he could rebuild it, but Shirai said, "Do you want to stop waiving debts?" Withdraw my opinion as "apart from that".
After all banks refused to waive their debts at the Imperial Aviation Reconstruction Task Force's joint debriefing session, they left Shirai and returned to the secretary of the wall insert.[Note 53].
When I visited Ise-Shima State, I heard that the Tokyo Central Bank had borrowed the financial materials of Ise-Shima State, so I visited the Ise-Shima branch and browsed the financial materials.At that time, I am shooting materials with my smartphone[ep 11].
He evaluated Shirai as a person with a good political philosophy and affirmed that it was the conclusion after seriously considering that the bank decided that waiver of debt was the best way to rebuild Imperial Airlines. I fully support Shirai's ideas.
Later, Shirai promised to grab evidence of Minobe's injustice at the request of Wataru Nakano and others, so Minobe and his first secretary, Takeda, took a chance to open the secretary-general's office and passed from Spiral Sena. It is revealed that Takeda manages the hidden account of Minobe of UAE Bank by online banking of the personal computer using the file restoration tool of the USB memory[ep 12].
Decided to support Shirai, who left the political party and relaunched as an independent member, as a secretary, and left Minobe himself to visit the member office she opened.[ep 12].
Ichiro Matoba
Performance- Akira Otaka
Prime Minister
In order to recover the sluggish approval rating, a second remodeling cabinet will be established, and a surprise personnel appointment will be made to appoint Representative Shirai as Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism at the recommendation of Minobe.[ep 6].
Since the reconstruction task force committed a blunder in which the bank refused to waive the debt at the joint debriefing session and the party's face was crushed, the election may be near, so I called Minobe and Shirai and tried to get dressed immediately. Give instructions, but give a week's grace due to the dogeza on the wall insert[ep 11].
Keiji Minobe (Keiji Minobe)
Performance- Akira Emoto[30]
Political partySecretary-General・ Member of the House of Representatives
→ Arrest (2020 version final episode)
MieIse Shima City[Note 54]Ise-Shima Airport is also called "Minobe Airport" by local residents because it has made a major intervention in attracting airports.[ep 10].
Prime Minister Matoba asks for opinions on the contents of the new cabinet, and he is a powerful person behind the political party.He is also a veteran politician who is willing to abandon his pride in order to achieve his purpose, such as recommending Senator Shirai to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as a dogeza to Prime Minister Matoba.bonsaiAs a hobby, he finds time in the secretary general's office to take care of his favorite pine potted plants.
In order to destroy the plan for rebuilding Imperial Airways by the Tokyo Central Bank, Shirai's intention is that the Financial Services Agency turned to hearing to see if there were any problems with the credit decision and move from the back.
Even after all the banks with debts to Teikoku Airlines have forgotten the debt waiver, Nakanowatari may invite a witness to the Diet because there is a suspicion that Nakanowatari has urged another bank to forgo the debt waiver in order to make him lean on the debt waiver again If not, it will shake.
From a company where the late Deputy President Makino was making an illegal loan by calling Hanzawa and Owada, who were conducting a personal investigation of himself, directly.rebateDeposit record of the account that was receiving[Note 55]To prevent Hanzawa and his colleagues from sniffing out their fraudulent loans by calling the Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency and implicitly threatening them, suggesting that the central bank of Tokyo may be ordered to suspend operations.[ep 10].
Fifteen years ago, the 15 billion yen loaned to the former T under unsecured conditions for five years in the name of condominium purchase funds was transferred to Ise-Shima State, which is run by his own relatives.Sublease..After buying up the land in the forest of Ise-Shima City, where the land price was falling at that time for 20 billion yen, he himself intervened politically to attract Ise-Shima Airport to the forest and sell the land that soared as an airport site. I was doing "alchemy" to rebate a part of the profit gained by Ise-Shima State and return it to myself.[ep 11].
From 20 to 100, Ise-Shima State regularly received 8000 billion yen of illegal funds, well over 2007 billion yen that was illegally financed from the old T by the alchemy, and received the money from the campaign expense balance report. OrPolitical fund balance reportI used to save dollars in a personal account opened at an overseas UAE bank without mentioning it in the above, but in the end, with the success of Hanzawa and others, the fact was gathered in the media and the debt waiver debriefing session was held again. Will be exposed. Shirai stopped him when he tried to escape, saying "I don't remember", and Hanzawa forced him to apologize to the people.[ep 12].
And at a later datePolitical Funds Control LawBesides violationstax evasionBriberyWas arrested and dismissed on suspicion of.
Eiichi Nagata
Performance- Yuichi Yasuda
Member of the House of Representatives (belonging to a political party)
Hiroshi Nagata's older brother.
Hanzawa calls the central bank of Tokyo to protest that it was his younger brother Hiroshi who leaked the draft reconstruction of Imperial Airlines.[ep 7].
Performance- Yuji Kishi
Council secretary
Minobe's first secretary.I was managing the hidden account of Minobe of UAE Bank where illegal money was deposited[ep 12].

Imperial Air Regeneration Task Force

An advisory body for corporate revitalization of Imperial Airlines launched by Shirai.It is composed of experts in the field of corporate revitalization.

Shota Nohara
Performance- Mitsutaka Tsutsui[30](Elementary school age: Akizuki Morinaga)
Play task force leader
Bar associationWithdrawal (2020 version final episode)
Lawyer..He has an arrogant personality who always treats people with a domineering attitude, regardless of the means for his own honor, and abandons the debt of Imperial Airlines in order to demonstrate his skills and raise his position and fame as a lawyer. Approaching.
He threatens to let go of his debt, saying to Hanzawa, who met for the first time, "Banks that do not have the know-how of corporate revitalization are amateurs, so you can leave it to the task force silently."[ep 7], Hanzawa argues that there is no legal basis and refuses to waive the claim[ep 8].
In order to appeal to the public the power of the regeneration task force, which Shirai and himself lead, hold a joint reporter meeting in front of the media to gather the banks holding debts to Imperial Airlines and report the debt waiver However, the Tokyo Central Bank, which is a semi-mainline bank that had a policy of refusing to repay debt from the beginning,CabinetAtPrivatizationWas decided and the development investment bank of the main bank released from the control of the government reported that it would not waive the debt, and all banks including other banks that had stated that they would follow the policies of the main bank and the quasi-main bank The waiver of debt was refused, and the joint debriefing session was abruptly cut off, and the press conference scheduled after the debriefing session was cancelled.[ep 9].
34 years ago, when I was in elementary school at the time, the bank where Kimoto's father was the branch manager did not provide a loan, so the town factory run by his father in Ise-Shima went bankrupt, but the bank went bankrupt. Kimoto, who was a junior high school student at the time, said that he was bothered[Note 56]Since he was ridiculed by a friend of Kimoto and Kimoto, he has continued to have a grudge against banks and Kimoto since then.[ep 11].
Asahara Transportation, which used to be in Ise Shima City[Note 57]I learned that Ise-Shima State had bought up the forest that would be the airport site because I was an advisory lawyer for the airport, and from that I sniffed out that the former T had made an illegal loan to Minobe.
Since he knew that the former T had made an illegal loan to Minobe, he threatened with an irreverent attitude to abandon the debt of Imperial Airlines if he did not want to announce the illegal loan to Mr. Nakano. If you don't grab it[Note 58]"If you can do it, try it."
At the debt waiver debriefing session held again after gathering the mass media, Shirai said, "It can be said that the task force could not fulfill its mission, but the responsibility lies with the appointed self, and it is due to the negligence of the leader Nohara." Shirai yells at him because he was taken off the ladder by making a statement admitting his failure, but on the contrary, Shirai screams at his irreverent attitude.[ep 12].
After Minobe's injustice came to light, Kimoto and Shirai accused him of a blackmailing method of urging banks to waive their debts to Empire Airlines.ExtortionHe lost his status as a lawyer because he was dismissed by the bar association, which he regarded as a lawyer.

Imperial Airlines

Large Japanese private sector on the verge of bankruptcyAirlines.. The corporate slogan is "Japan's safety is the wings of the world. "deficitThere are 98 routes holdingUnion,OBBecause of its strong power, it is difficult to make bold reforms. The reconstruction plan has already been revised downward twice due to poor business performance.

Iwao Kamiya
Performance- Kiba Katsumi
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
As a public transportation system, I had the idea that "Japan's transportation will not be possible if regular flights and freight transportation to rural areas are cut off just because it is in the red", and I could not put a scalpel on the deficit route without looking directly at the reality, but Hanzawa By denying Nagata's resignation at the employee briefing session of the reconstruction plan, the employees create an atmosphere of unity against the management crisis, and the employees and OBs hold an exchange meeting for exchanging opinions on the reconstruction plan. Having softened his attitude, he decided to take the helm to implement the reconstruction plan prepared by Hanzawa and his colleagues.
Noboru Yamakyu
Performance- Ken Ishiguro
Treasury Manager
A safeguard that manages the entire finances of Imperial Airlines, from fund procurement to management and operation.It also serves as a window for negotiations with banks.Although he was in conflict with Hanzawa, who denied the current management and tried to promote reforms for reconstruction, he put his trust in Hanzawa's work and hoped for the reconstruction of Imperial Airlines.After Nagata's demise, he will be appointed as the person in charge of executing the reconstruction plan.
When I was worried about the staffing of mechanics, I was rounded up that if I leave it to Sonezaki to the reconstruction task force, I can leave it to Teikoku Airlines without letting other companies accept it, and the data reported to the Financial Services Agency is my own He was asked to testify that it was a clerical mistake and was forced to remove Hanzawa from the reconstruction charge, but he changed his mind when asked by Hanzawa, who had promised Sky Hope Airlines as a recipient of surplus personnel, and Sonezaki. Submits audio data recording how he is trying to soften to Hanzawa, and testifies that Sonezaki was trying to guide him to reconstruction by the reconstruction task force.[ep 8].
Hiroshi Nagata
Performance- Atsushi Yamanishi
Tokyo Central Bank Ise-Shima Branch Loan Section Chief (around 2014)[Note 33]
→ Teikoku Aviation Director (in charge of financial management) (2020 edition, second part)
Treasury officer and seconded from Tokyo Central Bank.
When I was working at the Ise-Shima branch of the Tokyo Central Bank, there was a suspicion that part of the money I had loaned through the company I was in charge of was donating to my brother, Eiichi, who is the representative of the Shinsei Party. , Has a history of being seconded to Imperial Airlines six years ago by the root of Kimoto, who was the branch manager of the Ise-Shima branch at the time, to conclude the story.
Hanzawa investigated the source of the mail that leaked the false reconstruction plan that only the employees of Imperial Airlines will be restructured as it is, and in collusion with Maruoka Shoko, a trading company of Imperial Airlines, posters etc. It was discovered that the printed matter was illegally charged to Teikoku Airlines and the expenses were settled with Maruoka, and that it was diverted to his brother, Eiichi, as a political donation.Hanzawa exposed and criticized the act of taking over the role at the reconstruction draft briefing session for Imperial Airlines employees, and escaped from the place with angry words from the employees.[ep 7].
Hideo Kitaki
Performance- Soma Suzuki
veteranCaptain.. With 35 years of pilot experience and a total flight time of 1 hours, he is a signboard of Empire Airlines.Great captain[Note 59]It is called, and the trust of the employees is deep. The OB is also a good face, and his remark has a strong influence, and even President Kamiya cannot speak out.
Hanzawa once felt distrustful because the management team disseminated by Nagata believed in a false reconstruction plan that would cause pain only to the employees without taking responsibility, but Hanzawa complained, "Being bound by tradition. Impressed by the idea that if all employees can share the problem beyond the territory of the department, Hanzawa will be able to come back to life. ”Hanzawa will cooperate in realizing the painful reconstruction plan of Imperial Airlines.[ep 7].
Keiko Nito
Performance- Tsuyoshi Uchida
Former mechanic.While many professionals such as mechanics are subject to restructuring in the reconstruction plan, they have already been transferred from the maintenance department to the general affairs department, but when he told Hanzawa who visited Imperial Airlines that he could return to the mechanic again, Sonezaki Gave Hanzawa a chance to realize that he was rushing to lead the story to reconstruction led by the reconstruction task force.[ep 8].

Ise Shima State

A long-established real estate company. A company that is one of the top five companies in Ise-Shima with annual sales of 750 billion yen.

Hisashi Nogawa
Performance- Shinpei Ichikawa
President of Ise-Shima State.He is the nephew of Minobe's wife.The face of the business world around Ise-Shima[ep 11].
Okamoto[Note 60]
Performance- Masaru Yahagi
Nogawa's aide.Since I was dealing with Fukao, the deputy branch manager of the Ise-Shima branch who came to borrow financial materials, it took time to hand over the return flight ticket to Kasamatsu, the secretary of the Diet who visited Ise-Shima State, and Nogawa warned me.[ep 11].

Development Investment Bank

Sachiyo Tanigawa
Performance- Naomi Nishida
Deputy General Manager, Department XNUMX Corporate Finance Department
Empire Airlines representative. As a tough negotiator who skillfully understands his own opinions while grasping the intentions of the governmentIron womanIt is also known by the government as a synonym.
Hanzawa protests that Hanzawa is drafting a reconstruction plan for Imperial Airlines, with the exception of Development Investment Bank, which is the main bank of Imperial Airlines, and all companies whose profitability has deteriorated in the same way as Imperial Airlines in the past will be managed three years later. Shows the broken data and argues that Hanzawa should leave the reconstruction to the government, but Hanzawa who actually investigated the business situation of Imperial Airlines has not exhausted the fate of Imperial Airlines and it will go bankrupt. Is argued to be a desk theory[ep 7].
Whether it is bank-led or task force-led, personnel reduction is unavoidable for the reconstruction of Imperial Airlines, so the business performance was strong, which was a star for accepting personnel.LCC・ Introducing Sky Hope Airlines to Hanzawa[Note 61][ep 8].. However, because later Shirai will use it as a material that will not allow new routes to be approved.[Note 62], Has decided to end the loan to SkyHope Airlines by putting pressure on the upper level of Kaito Bank, so it feels responsible and introduces SkyHope Airlines to Shiramizu Bank and encourages them to loan the loan.
Although the task force requested a loan waiver and realized that it would not be possible to disobey the government's opinion due to the intention of the upper management of the bank as a government-affiliated bank, the debt waiver was made to Imperial Airlines, which can be rebuilt independently like Hanzawa. He thought it was unnecessary, and was struggling and persistently negotiating within the bank to find a way to refuse to waive his debt.
The father is also a bank clerk like himself, and he cherishes the words that he used to say, "Lending is kind, not lending is kind", and on the day of the task force's joint debriefing session, "the policy of the main bank and quasi-main bank" While expressing the opinion of another bank holding a claim of "similar", Hanzawa, who had obtained a promise of the board of directors that "if the main bank, Kaito Bank, refuses to waive the claim, it will be the same".Kindness not to lendSend an email[Note 63]Hanzawa declared the Tokyo Central Bank's refusal to waive his debt because he implicitly communicated the policy of forgoing the debt waiver of the open investment bank. Declared that the government decided to forgo debt waiver due to the weakening of the influence of the government's control, and as a result, all banks refused to waive debt.[ep 9].
Since Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Shirai said that it is not necessary to waive the bank's debt to rebuild Imperial Airlines, it can be rebuilt according to the reconstruction plan of the Tokyo Central Bank, so the reconstruction plan created by Hanzawa and others as the main bank of Imperial Airlines was adopted. I swear to take over and work to rebuild Imperial Airlines[ep 12].

Shiramizu Bank and other banks

Tetsuya Aburama (Tetsuya Aburama)
Performance- Takayuki Kinoshita
Shiramizu Bank Head Office Loan Department Deputy General Manager
Deputy General Manager of Loan Department of Shiramizu Bank Head Office, a sub-bank of Isejima Hotel.Nickname is "Abu"[44]..Synchronized with Hanzawa and Shinobu Tomari during the Keio University Faculty of Economics.In college, he belonged to the rugby club.
Aburayama is grateful to Togoshi because the Shiramizu Bank, which accepted the whistleblower of the Isejima Hotel Togoshi for an extraordinary loss of 120 billion yen, canceled the 100 billion yen loan plan to the hotel and did not make a loss.[ep 13].
Dennou's spiral acquisition deal provides data on Fox's business situation to Hanzawa for spiral's reverse acquisition of Fox[Note 64].
Performance- Ryota Matsushima
In charge of the Imperial Air Financing of Shiramizu Bank. Continuing from Dai Tokyo Bank, it will announce that it will comply with the repayment of the debt waivers of Kaito Bank, the main bank of Teikoku Airlines, and Tokyo Central Bank.
Performance- Akinori Ando
In charge of Imperial Air Financing of the Greater Tokyo Bank. In order to respond to the government's abusive request for debt waiver, it is said that it will comply with the repayment of the debt waiver of the main bank of Imperial Airlines, Kaito Bank and the semi-main bank of the Tokyo Central Bank.


Natsume Miku
Performance- Natsume Miku(Human role)
Of the Tokyo Central Bank GroupImage character. It is used for posters and advertising photographs that appear in the play.

2013 Year Edition

Performance- Hirotaro Shiga
The president of Makino Seiki, which Hanzawa visited to examine the loan. We have a policy to make metal working prototypes by hand[Note 65].. Hanzawa's efforts were in danger of giving up due to a loan increase associated with the bankruptcy of a major customer.[Note 66]3000 million yen loaned and saved[ep 1]. This one case will later become the decisive hit to gain the trust of Takeshita.
Yukiko Kondo
Performance- Naoko Yamazaki
Kondo's wife. As a husband, I am on good terms with flowers. Hana visits her new home and envy the Kondo family, who value family life[ep 1].
Yousuke Kondo
Performance- Onishi Riku
Kondo's son.
Takuji Kisei
Performance- Duncan
Free writer..The first part investigates Nishi-Osaka Steel's 5 million yen loan accident.In return for Takehiko Komura's family search, Hanzawa gave us information about a 5 million yen loan failure for Nishi-Osaka Steel, and scooped that information into "Weekly Fast."[ep 18]..In the second part, he tells Hanzawa, "The Financial Services Agency may not have noticed, but Narsen is behind the scenes with the gangsters."[ep 16].
Rie Asano
Performance- Hiroko Nakajima
Asano Tadashi's wife.Although he is the wife of the branch manager, he does not have the arrogance of the other wives of the wife's association and has a calm and common sense.He treats Hanzawa's wife, Hana, on an equal footing, but initially did not know that Tadashi and his subordinate Hanzawa were in conflict.
I visit the branch manager's office where Hanzawa is "returning 10 times" to Tadashi in order to insert it, but I saw the situation from the tense atmosphere of the two people and took Hanzawa's hand and said, "I am such a person, thank you. Hanzawa did not accuse Asano of criminal charges in exchange for transferring himself and the members of the loan section to the desired department because he bowed deeply.[Note 67].
After that, when he was sent to Manila instead of Hanzawa and moved out of his residence in Japan, he advised him, "Someday, let's apologize to Mr. Hanzawa properly."[ep 2].
Saori Asano (Saori Asano)
Performance- Kawashima Suzuharu
Asano's daughter.
Reo Asano
Performance- Rumi Wakabayashi
Asano's son.
Flower senior
Performance- Yoshida sheep[45]
In the 2013 edition, I asked the flowers to help me with the flower arrangement work for only one week and recommended to the flowers that "I wish I could restart the flower arrangement".[ep 23].
We are still doing flower arrangements in the 2020 edition, and flowers are coming to help[ep 9].
Performance- Masato Shibasaki
Appeared in recollection[ep 1].. Inland seaCredit unionFinancing section.
Performance- Okuda Tatsushi
Appeared in recollection (real name unknown).Sangyo Central Bank Kanazawa Branch, Loan Section Chief.The boss of Owada's former S Kanazawa branch era.
Takako Tanahashi
Performance- Akiko Aizuki
Apparel company・ President Lafitte
Married to Owada and his real nameTakako Owada(Takako Owada), but he runs the company under the name of Takako Tanahashi.From Tamiya ElectricSublease fundsTo receive.Mr. and Mrs. Hanzawa are described as "I wonder if he has the talent to be a manager (Naoki)" and "A quiet and unfriendly person (Flower)".
Due to the large deficit of Lafitte, it was a prime location when the business was in need five years ago.Minami-Aoyama, TokyoAfter not even considering relocating the store from, he continued to borrow money to raise funds without improvement.City moneyManagement was in dire straits until he relied on him, and by the time Owada noticed, his debt had risen to over 1 million yen.Owada was also in financial distress due to the repayment, and was forced to deal with illegal loans using Tamiya Electric.
Far from being guilty, he felt nothing, and on the eve of the board of directors, he said, "To buy a new work.MilanIt seems that he is often reluctant to Owada, saying "I have 100 million yen to go to" and "Can you use it again?"[ep 3].

2020 Year Edition

Seiya Kurusu
Performance- Tamaki Reo(Spin-off drama)
Employee of World Big Data Company. In charge of a new system for Tokyo Central Securities in a joint project with Spiral.
There is a problem with a system we have worked overseas, and a considerable amount of damages has been claimed. In collaboration with Kinosaki who met on the dark site, he tried to steal 300 billion yen from the customer account of Tokyo Central Securities, but he failed and was seized by Wakamoto[ep 24].
Ryosuke Kuroki
Performance- Takumi Kitamura[39](Spin-off drama)
Kosaka's college programming companion. When he was in college, he lied to a good part-time job and asked Kosaka, who knew nothing, to create a homepage for online fraud and involved him in a crime. After being arrested for internet fraud, he has lived a sloppy life, and appears to find Kosaka who got a job in a spiral and blackmail the case of past internet fraud. Kinosaki is also involved in an attempt to embezzle money from a customer account of Tokyo Central Securities[ep 24].
Tomomi Niiyama
Performance- Haruka Ikawa[43]
The landlady of a small restaurant "Joetsu Yasuda" where Hanzawa and Mari Watari exchange information. While being an individual shareholder of the Tokyo Central Bank, he is familiar with the internal circumstances of the bank.
Formerly a bank employee of Tokyo Daiichi Bank (joined in 1999)[ep 10]), He was the secretary of Deputy President Makino who committed suicide, and he was also involved in work with Watari Nakano, who was a subordinate of Makino.Makino was the first discoverer of suicide, and Makino left a suicide note addressed to her.[ep 10].
After Makino's funeral, Wataru Nakano, who was the manager of the New York branch at the time, asked him to find a human resource to find out the truth about Makino's death.[ep 11].
The account record that Makino received a rebate from a fraudulent lender, thanks to Hanzawa's activities, was forged for the purpose of trapping Minobe for fear of disclosing the fraudulent loan. That was told from Kimoto's mouth, and when he heard the situation through Hanzawa's smartphone, it was proved that Makino was innocent and shed tears.[ep 11].
John Howard
Performance- Ian Moore
The owner of Microdevices, a giant in the IT industry.Send a message to a joint press conference announcing that Fox will be part of Spiral, stating that it will invest at least $ 3 million in its alliance.[ep 17].
Koji Maruoka
Performance- Akane Makoto
Ise Shima City, Mie Prefecture[Note 54]President of Maruoka Shoko Co., Ltd.
He collaborated with Hiroshi Nagata of Imperial Airlines to embezzle expenses for fictitious orders for posters and inflated bills and to embezzle expenses, and also to Hiroshi's older brother, Parliamentary member of the political party, Eiichi Nagata, as a political donation. Was eating[Note 68].
When the bank's plan to rebuild Teikoku Airlines was implemented, Nagata was worried that the restructuring by the bank would be the first to be cut off by Maruoka Chamber of Commerce, which has a lot of excessive orders. In order to guide the government to a reconstruction led by the Rehabilitation Task Force, employees were asked to leak a false imperial aviation reconstruction plan that only employees were restructured and made it hostile to the bank, using a disposable email address. To execute.However, when Hanzawa, who found out the work, asked about the fictitious ordering and inflating request in cooperation with Kitaki of Imperial Airlines, the fact that Nagata was guiding behind the scenes was spit out.[ep 7].
Performance- Ruido Hido[Note 69]
A female employee of Maruoka Chamber of Commerce.While President Maruoka is out, he spends his free time in the office of a multi-tenant building.Tell Hanzawa, who has been visiting as a customer, that Maruoka is on a business trip to the political party venue of the political party in Tokyo.[ep 7].
Jiro Takayama
Performance-Sou Morishita
A popular designer who works on the super famous brand "JIRO".Teikoku Airlines has asked me to design the next uniform[ep 7].

the term

Double return
Naoki Hanzawa's definitive dialogue. To be exact"If you get hit, it will be repeated, double return!!'[46]..Nishi-Osaka Steel's Mitsuru Higashida was "doubled", but his boss Asano said "Return 10 times!!", to my nemesis Owada,Return 100 times!!", Minobe says"Return 1000 times!!". Although it was a particularly impressive dialogue in the original novel, it was only used in a few situations.[7]In the TV drama version, it is necessary to create a show every time, unlike a one-shot work.[7], Is often used as a decisive line in the climax of each story.
It became a buzzword among viewers during the broadcast of the TV drama version.[47], 2013 “New Word/Buzzword AwardAnnual Grand Prize and 2013Net buzzword awardReceived the Bronze Prize (3rd place) (details will be described later).
In this work, a production that demands a dogeza from an opponent is made, and in particular, the spectacular dogeza scene that Owada performed in the final episode of the 2013 edition became a big topic.In addition, the 2020 version of Isayama's apology scene and Hanzawa's "Union Dogeza" whose head was held down by Owada were also talked about.
In this work, "banker = bank clerk" is used, but the correct name is "banker = banker such as bank manager / executive" and "bank clerk = bank clerk".
Remaining at the company where you originally worked and working as an employee of another company. If you do not leave it, it is a "transfer" ("transfer" in the professional sports world). If you leave your register, your former employer will be treated as a leave of absence, and the length of service and salary increase will be frozen. In other words, there will be a difference in carriers for synchronization. In the work, it was explained that the Tokyo Central Bank was dispatched to a related company, and the former Tokyo Central Bank's affiliation (registration) disappeared within the limit of "3 years", and after that, it became the affiliation of the seconded company, and this bank It is explained that it will not be possible to return to.
If you are seconded near the retirement age, it may bring benefits such as being hired by affiliated companies even after the bank retires, but during the work, Tatsu Hanzawa's "Bubble Last Enrollment Group" and Asano have been plotting for career advancement. The "de facto expulsion" aspect for the key figures is particularly emphasized.In the main story, employees are "seconded" to take responsibility for their own inadequacies, but when it is done as a personnel strategy such as Hanzawa in the first part of the 2013 edition and Tokieda in the second part of the 2013 edition. There is also.
The original meaning is to propose a case for the boss to discuss. Or propose a proposal (encourage the holding of a meeting to discuss the matter). Here, it is used to mean a meeting within a bank that makes a loan decision based on the financial situation of the borrower when making a loan. Since it becomes a responsibility issue, before the approval process, the bunker basically cannot give any reply or promise such as "can lend" to the lender.
Discretionary store
Inside the bank conducted by the headquarters to investigate whether the credit judgment of the loan by the branch is correctaudit.. It may be abbreviated as "on-site".In the play, Asano and Kogiso, who are trying to dismiss Hanzawa, did not inform Hanzawa until just before the store was opened, and the companies to be inspected were selected only for companies with poor performance and problems. Is done.Kogiso tried to defeat Hanzawa by taking out the hearing survey report of the loan recipient in advance, but he failed in the counterattack of Hanzawa and others who noticed the change in the situation, and on the contrary the fraud was revealed. As a result, Kogiso was forced to lose his position.
FSA inspection
An administrative inspection to determine if a bank is properly lending.During the play, this inspection is being conducted in response to the Tokyo Central Bank's loan to the Isejima Hotel and the subsequent deterioration of management.
Reserve (Hikiakin)
Amount to be recorded as a liability for accounting for future loss. In the play, the allowance for loan losses is simply called "provision". When it is determined that there is a high probability that a particular loanee will not be able to collect the loan, the expected uncollectible amount is recorded as a provision liability in the book, and the same amount is recorded as the expense for the current period (it does not actually pay money) However, because it is equal to the budget freeze, it will seriously hinder management. In the play, if it is judged by the FSA inspection that there is a problem with the collectability of loans to Iseshima Hotel, it is expected that a provision of 1,000 billion yen or more will be required to be recorded. It was also expected that profits would decline sharply, leading to a sharp drop in stock prices, having a major adverse effect on the bank's management base, and in the worst case even causing bankruptcy.
Credit judgment 
Judging whether or not a loan can be made based on the financial status of the other party. It also includes conditions such as deadlines and setting of upper limit frames. In addition to loans that lend money directly, decisions are also made on all acts that bear the credit risk of the obligor, such as future trading and collection of accounts receivable.
Evacuation materials
Materials that are evacuated so that they are not viewed by the Financial Services Agency.In many cases, important matters such as the loan history and scandal history of each transaction are described.
In the second part of the 2013 edition, the manager of the Kaise branch, who was instructed by Owada, rubbed the report on the extraordinary loss of 120 billion yen at the Isejima Hotel, which Tokoshi whistle-blowered to the Kyobashi branch of the Tokyo Central Bank, and treated it as "evacuation material". It was.
In the second part of the 2020 edition, a loan of 20 billion yen to the wall insert of the old T era is treated as a credit file.
Second Sales Department, Tokyo Headquarters
A sales department where top-class bank employees of the Central Bank of Tokyo are gathered.According to Hanzawa, "an elite group of elites (of the Central Bank of Tokyo)". At the end of the first part of the 2013 edition, Hanzawa made a prosperous treatment as a deputy director on the condition that he did not file a criminal accusation with Asano. Also called "(head office) Sales Department XNUMX" or "Sales Department XNUMX"[48].
Sublease funds
Funds borrowed from financial institutions, such as lending to a third party. In the second part of the 2013 edition, Tamiya Electric subleased (= again lent) the 3,000 million yen borrowed from the Tokyo Central Bank to the apparel company Lafitte.
Detour financing
A bank lending money to a third party through a customer.It is often given to people who cannot make regular loans.
Actual break
Abbreviation for "substantial bankruptcy destination".
Overtime trading
Transactions that take place during times when the stock exchange is not open. In the first part of the 2020 edition, Dennou acquired 30% of spiral shares for 900 billion yen at once through after-hours trading.

ス タ ッ フ

2013 Year Edition

Naoki Hanzawa II Episode Zero

  • Planning cooperation-Jun Ikeido
  • Screenplay-Ken Tsuchiya, Masami Lee,Kentaro Oo
  • Music-Takayuki Hattori
  • Screen production-Takao Honda,QUICK
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  • Performance- Matsuki Aya
  • Production work-TBS

2020 Year Edition

  • Original work-Jun IkeidoRothgene's Counterattack''Silver-winged Icarus』(Diamond Company), "Naoki Hanzawa 3 Los Genes Counterattack" "Naoki Hanzawa 4 Ikaros of the Silver Wings" (Kodansha library
  • Screenplay-Kentaro Yuuo,Tomoki Kanazawa, Junichiro Taniguchi, Masami Lee
  • Music-Takayuki Hattori
  • Narration-Yamane Motoyo
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  • Direction-Katsuo Fukuzawa, Kenta Tanaka, Aya Matsuki
  • Production work-TBS

Broadcast schedule

2013 Year Edition

unitNumber of storiesAirdatesubtitle[50]scriptShowAudience rating[51]
Part OneEpisode 12013
October07 days
If you get hit, double the return! Birth of a new hero to confront your bad boss!!
Can you get back 5 million? The battle of the wives at the company house? Successful career? Friendship?
Hiroyuki YatsuKatsuo Fukuzawa19.4%
Episode 2May 7Shake off your boss's wet clothes! Return to the bad guys21.8%
Episode 3May 7Fold it back to your boss! Can you save the pinch of your subordinates!? A traitor also appears22.9%
Episode 4October04 daysWill you return 10 times! Betrayal of boss and subordinates27.6%
Episode 5May 8Hanzawa is seconded...!? The battle for survivalTakayoshi Tanasawa29.0%
Part TwoEpisode 6May 85 to 120 billion! Will it be doubled in Tokyo?
Hanzawa, who moved to the main store, fights a huge enemy!!
Katsuo Fukuzawa29.0%
Episode 7October01 daysHanzawa sits on the ground! A big pinch of despairTakayoshi Tanasawa30.0%
Episode 8October08 daysStrong enemy rival appears! If you lose, the crisis of secondmentKenta Tanaka32.9%
Episode 9May 9Final decisive battle! FSA inspection on secondment!!Katsuo Fukuzawa35.9%
The last episode ofMay 9Who will return 100 times?
The end of the shock! Friendship or betrayal?
Average audience rating 28.7%[52](The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)

Special summary version

AirdatesubtitleAudience rating[53]
October05 days
Special omnibus, first part-two weeks continuous broadcast-13.0%
May 7Special omnibus sequel-SP version only this time14.8%
(The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)

Naoki Hanzawa II Episode Zero

Airdatesubtitle[54]Latte column[55]scriptShowAudience rating
May 1
Targeted password of Naoki HanzawaHanzawa's password was targeted!
A big incident that happened on the second hand of Hanzawa!
Takeshi Tsuchiya
Masami Lee
Kentaro Oo
Matsuki Aya6.4%[56]
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  • On July 2020, the 7 version broadcast start date, a rebroadcast (19: 14-00: 15) including "Navi just before the new series!" Was performed.

2020 Year Edition

unitNumber of storiesAirdatesubtitle[57]Latte column[55]scriptShowAudience rating[58]
Part OneEpisode 12020
May 7
Subsidiary VS Bank! A new Gekokujo of the skipped Hanzawa beginsNew "double back!"
Crush the bad bank !!
Thoughts of subordinates and wife's love
Kentaro OoKatsuo Fukuzawa22.0%
Episode 2May 7Double back to your sneaky boss! Fight with your friends at the subsidiary Pride !!Giving back? Double returning!?
Reunited with his nemesis, Owada, counterattacks his sneaky boss
Episode 3October02 daysInvasion of Kurosaki!! Punish it!The key to doubling returns Kurosaki!23.2%
Episode 4October09 daysHanzawa, desperate! The key is Owada !?Owada won!?
If I lose, will I be able to return from the adversity of the second transfer again?
Part TwoEpisode 5May 8Double back to bad politicians! Protect 500 billion from the sneaky governmentDouble back to the unscrupulous politician Owada's aimKentaro Oo
Tomoki Kanazawa
Kenta Tanaka25.5%
Episode 6May 8Finally Hanzawa is defeated !? Kurosaki, a government thug with fangs peeled off!Hanzawa defeated ...!? Government thug! KurosakiKentaro Oo
Junichiro Taniguchi
Matsuki Aya24.3%
Episode 7May 8A fateful day where everything is decided! To a direct confrontation with the most feared enemy ...!?Who is the traitor! Face the government directly!Kenta Tanaka24.7%
Episode 8May 9No way, the president ...!? Uncover the injustice of a villainous politician!Believe in double back ...! Defeat the bad politician !!Kentaro Oo
Tomoki Kanazawa
Katsuo Fukuzawa
Matsuki Aya
Episode 9May 9Final battle! Is Hanzawa finally defeated? The true mastermind is ...Special before the last round
Double back !? Dogeza !?
It ’s a decisive battle with a bad politician.
Kentaro Oo
Junichiro Taniguchi
Katsuo Fukuzawa24.6%
The last episode ofMay 9Will it be returned 1000 times! And a rainy day resignation !? Final battleFarewell ... Naoki Hanzawa! Will it be returned 1000 times?
Believe in my wife and friends !!
Kentaro Oo
Masami Lee
Junichiro Taniguchi
Average audience rating 24.7%[58](The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)
  • Just before the start of broadcastingMay 7,May 7Broadcast the 2 version of "Special Omnibus" for two weeks.
  • The first episode is expanded by 1 minutes (25:21-00:22).
  • The 2nd, 4th, 9th, and final episodes are expanded by 15 minutes (21: 00-22: 09).
  • September 9 (Episode 6) was suspended due to the influence of the new coronavirus and changed to the next week[1].. "Live broadcast!! Naoki Hanzawa's return of favor" is broadcast as an alternative program.

Live broadcast program

AirdatesubtitleLatte column[55]Audience rating
May 9
Live Broadcast!! Gratitude of Naoki HanzawaLive broadcast SP treasured video & talk for tonight only !!22.2%[59]
(The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)

Video distribution

2013 Year Edition
From 2013 year 7 month 9 dayTBS on demandMissed delivery via TBS's own distribution service and other company's video distribution service (PPV) Started[60](End of distribution on June 2015, 6).
ParaviIn the first episode to the fifth episode after the special omnibus / first part broadcast on July 2020, 7[61], Episode 7 to Episode 12 after the sequel broadcast on July 6th[62]Delivery of (subscription) Has started.TBS FREE(TVer,GYAO!) Is free delivery for 1 week only.
Episode zero
Distribution on Paravi began after the rebroadcast on July 2020, 7.Main story time 19 minutes[54].. TBS FREE (TVer, GYAO!) Is a one-week free delivery.
2020 Year Edition
Initially, the overlooked distribution of the entire volume immediately after the broadcast was not carried out because of "judgment on the producer and organization", and after the end of the broadcast, the digest version and the next notice distribution started on Paravi. TBS FREE (TVer, GYAO!) Was a free delivery for one week only, and this was also a digest version delivery[63].
After the end of episode 2020 on September 9, 20, the full-length distribution of episodes 9 to 1 began on Paravi. Free delivery of TBS FREE (TVer) for one week only[64].. The final episode was also broadcast after the broadcast on September 9th.

Differences from the original

Basic settings

  • In the original, Naoki's younger brother, Kazuki, who appeared only in the name in the first work "Our Bubble Irrigation Group", does not appear in the drama.
  • Hanzawa's entry year was 1989 in the original, but 1992 in the drama.
  • In the original, Owada appears only in the second work, and Kurosaki appears only in the second and fourth works, but in the drama, it appears throughout the whole story.
  • Kan Naito, the second sales manager, has appeared in the second to fourth works in the original, but since Naito does not appear in the 2 version drama, the role that Naito played in the original is Owada etc. It has been replaced by another person's role, and there is a difference between the original and the drama (see the 4 edition below).
  • Nakano Watari and Owada are from different banks.[Note 70], Owada is the former Tokyo Daiichi Bank, but the opposite is true in the drama).
  • In the drama, the Industrial Central Bank holds a huge amount of bad debts, so it is set to choose a merger with Tokyo Daiichi Bank, but in the original story, the Tokyo Daiichi Bank holds huge amounts of bad debts. Has been set to merge with the Industrial Central Bank.
  • Hana does not appear in the 3rd work "Ross Gene's Counterattack" and the 4th work "Silver Wing Icarus" (both are 2020 editions).In addition, although Hana is depicted as a bad wife in the original story, she is a good understanding of Naoki in the drama and has a bright personality.
  • Some episodes of Hanzawa's synchronization have been cut, with Kanda not appearing in the 2013 edition and Kondo not appearing in the 2020 edition.
  • The drama adds a setting in which Hanzawa, Kondo, Sena, and Moriyama enjoy kendo. Hanzawa's swordsmanship is all drama original.
  • The bank that Kurosaki forced into bankruptcy by the Financial Services Agency inspection is said to be "AFJ Bank" in the original, but it has been changed to "Daido Bank" in the drama.

2013 edition first part

  • Naoki's father, Shinnosuke's factory banker in Owada, has terminated the loan[Note 71], The branch manager who forced Kondo to take leave is changed to Ogiso. In both of the original works, a person named "Kimura" who was the deputy general manager of the business management department who had a connection with Asano (drama not yet appeared).
  • In the original, the names of Naoki's father Shinnosuke and mother Michiko are unknown. In addition, the setting that Shinnosuke hangs himself after the loan is cut off by the bank is also the original drama, and in the original, his father is alive when Naoki is appointed to the bank.
  • The episode in which Takeshita attempts to commit suicide and Itabashi tries to snatch materials is a drama original.
  • The location of the Osaka Nishi branch is in the dramaKitaKakuda TownIt is inUmeda Hankyu BuildingInside, but in the originalYotsubashiChuo BoulevardThe prime location in Osaka city whereNishi-wardAwaza) Is said to be located.
  • Ejima, the deputy branch manager of the Osaka Nishi branch, is described in the original as Kowamoto with punch perm, which does not match the appearance of Ichiro Miyakawa, who played Ejima in the drama.
  • In the scene of exposing Ogiso's wrongdoing, in the drama, the voluntary actions of Nakanishi, a subordinate of Hanzawa, and the ingenuity of Watari Watari have a strong influence, but in the original story, Hanzawa makes clerical workers watch over the site where materials are extracted. The actions and instructions of Hanzawa are always resolved.
  • Komura's episode is almost the original of the drama, and although it is explained that Komura is in the elderly home in the original, he does not come into contact with Hanzawa.
  • Kurusei is a freelance writer in the drama, but in the original, he belongs to a private research institution, and at the request of Hanzawa, he investigates and reports on Higashida's condominiums.
  • The company that Higashida was trying to start a new business was Vietnam in the drama, but China in the original.
  • Hanzawa and others are talking to Higashida's mistress, Miki, to bring out evidence of Higashida's assets in the drama, but in the original, Hanzawa and others did not have a scene to talk with Miki and used Itabashi, which had a relationship with Miki. ing. It is a drama original that Hanzawa proposes a loan story about the opening of a nail salon and the untree nail salon.
  • In the original work, Hanzawa collects the claims before the second-in-class announcement is made. Asano will be banished from the branch manager, but he will not be able to indicate the specific destination as in the drama, just to suggest a secondment.
  • Ken Nakanowatari, the president of the Tokyo Central Bank, has appeared in the original work since the second work "Our Flower Bubble Group", but in the drama from the first part of the 2 edition.
  • The "Wife Association," a gathering of employees' wives, which appears in the second part, is a drama original.

2013 edition second part

  • In the original, the managing director of Iseshima Hotel's wings is male, but in the drama it has been changed to female[7].. The name is also the original "NatsuhikoIs a dramaNatsukoWas changed to.
  • When Hanzawa was reluctant to take charge of the Isejima hotel, Deputy Director Saegusa (not appeared in the drama version) who ordered the job talked about the investment in the Isejima hotel by the major American hotel chain Foster. It is revealed that it is being considered privately by Tokyo Central Trading Co., Ltd.
  • In the original work, the place for the evacuated material containing evidence that Furusato had committed fraud was Kaise's home, but it was changed to a bank safe in a drama. In the original story, Furusato goes alone to Kaize's home.
  • In the drama, the Kyobashi branch was considered to be the main branch of the "former industrial central bank", but in the original, there is a difference between the main branch and the "former Tokyo Daiichi Bank".
  • Takuji Kurusei and Michiko Hanzawa appear only in the first part of the original work, but they also appear in the second part following the first part in the drama.
  • The episode where Hana and her son go to Naoki's parents' house is a drama original.
  • It is a drama original that Hanzawa leaves the evacuated material at home and Hana voluntarily sends it to his parents' home. In the original, Hanzawa read ahead and didn't keep it at home. Also, the episode "I showed a fake box in the boiler room and there was a real escape document on the spot" was also a drama original, and there is a fake box in the original, but the real thing is sent to the flower parents' house just before. ..
  • The setting that Fukuyama makes full use of the tablet PC is a drama original.
  • In the original, "Lafitte", a company that Tamiya Electric paid 3000 million yen,Lafayette] And the name is different. In addition, episodes of the original, such as a scene where Kondo talks with President Lafayette, are cut in the drama.
  • The scene in which President Tamiya told Owada that he would report the detour loan was told in the original story directly to Owada. In the drama, it was recorded and recorded on the answering machine.
    • Also, in the original, Owada begged for "Dogeza" to be withdrawn (in the drama, "Dogeza" is "a crappy performance that appeals to the emotions" performed by "incompetent people").
  • The story of Kishikawa's daughter marrying Kurosaki was shown in the original story by Hanzawa and others after receiving information from a newspaper reporter, but in the drama it was revealed because Kishikawa's wife talked to Hana at a wife meeting. did.
  • The scene in which Hanzawa asks Owada to sit down in front of the executives of the board is a drama original.
  • In the original, Owada is finally seconded (destination unknown) after being demoted, but in the drama it has been changed so that it only ends with being demoted to Hira's director.
  • In the original, Kurosaki is supposed to wear black-rimmed glasses, but there is no such description in the drama.

2020 edition first part

  • In the original, the spiral acquisition riot by the cyber miscellaneous group is depicted as an event in 2004, but in the first part, the year and date are displayed on smartphones, e-mails, stock charts, newspapers, etc. appearing in the play. Instead, it was directed so that the time setting of the events in the play could not be specified. However, it is clear that the era setting is 2020 from the events of the second part of the 2020 edition described later.
  • The original Isayama is the owner of a huge body with a height of 190 cm, and Goda is a person who is close to the 55th birthday at XNUMX years old, but Sarunosuke Ichikawa and Shigeyuki Totsugi who play in the drama do not correspond to the person who follows this setting.In addition, the appearance of Hirayama is also described in the original as "a sober suit that is reminiscent of the office worker era", but in the drama, he wears a black mao color.
  • Koichi Kamihara, Senior Managing Director of Tokyo Central Securities, Itsuki Tomura, Sales Officer of Dennou Zakka Group, and Hisashi Nimura, Hiroshige's subordinate of Taiyo Securities, do not appear in the drama.Meanwhile, Hitomi Hamamura of Tokyo Central Securities and Kei Kosaka of Spiral continue to appear from "Episode Zero", and Tomomi Niiyama of the small restaurant "Yasuda Joetsu" has joined as a new drama original person.
  • Koichi Kanda, who joined Hanzawa at the same time, is the deputy director of the legal department in the original story, but the information system department in the drama. Also, the setting of moving from Osaka does not exist in the drama version.
  • The reason why Spiral Sena quit school was changed from "because my father who works for a real estate company lost a lot in margin trading of stocks" in the original, to "because my father's fountain pen workshop went bankrupt" in the drama. ing. Along with that, a setting has been added that Moriyama still uses the fountain pen that Sena gave him as an adult.
  • The flow of Miki providing the spiral acquisition scheme created by the bank to Hanzawa is that in the original, the whole scheme is revealed by mixing the scheme diagram with the material copied by Miki, but in the drama Miki from the desk of Isayama The original scheme is extracted, photographed and sent to Hanzawa.
  • The patent for Dennou Densetsu and the settings related to Katsuo Tamaki have been greatly adapted from the original.The original Dennou Densetsu has no more settings than a subsidiary for the purpose of returning funds, and the origin of Tamaki is irrelevant to the company.As a result, the setting that Tamaki after retiring from cyber was pulled out by Fox's finance staff was deleted.The relationship between Tamaki and Goda is also not depicted in the drama.
  • In the original story, Hanzawa participated in the board of directors by reporting the window dressing of the cyber to Naito, and stopped the additional loan of 500 billion yen, but in the drama, the person to report is changed to Owada. As a result, the scene in which Naito overlooks Isayama's nemawashi has also been deleted.
  • In the original Nemawashi of the board resolution, the opinions of the former Tokyo Daiichi Bank faction officers are unified through the efforts of Isayama and Mikasa, and there are concerns about opposition and sideways from the former Industrial Central Bank faction such as Naito. , The president reads that he reads the air and agrees. In the drama version, Mikasa bowed to Owada, and Owada moved to organize the officers centered on the Nakano Watari faction.
  • The setting that Mikasa received a bribe from Mr. and Mrs. Hirayama was added, and along with that, the scene where Mikasa's bribe was exposed at the board meeting and denounced by Hanzawa was added. For this reason, the scenario in which Hanzawa tells Isayama to investigate the fraud of the cyber brain was that Isayama refused or ignored the visit with Hanzawa in the original, but in the drama, the message from Hanzawa to Morota was given to Isayama. It was changed to be erased by Mikasa. It should be noted that Isayama did not know the injustice of Dennou in both the original and the drama (however, in the original, when Isayama and Moroda headed for Dennou after the board meeting, there was a chance and timing to notice the essence of Dennou. There may have been some suspicion or distrust because there is a part that is
  • In the original work, Isayama and Morota have directly denounced the decorations of Mr. and Mrs. Hirayama after the board of directors regarding additional financing ended, but in the drama Moriyama denounced before the board of directors and denounces the above Mikasa. It has become a material flow.
  • In the original, Isayama was seconded to Dennou as the director in charge of finance, and Mikasa was seconded to Dennou as the president, but in the drama it is clear that three people including Moroda were seconded. The title was not mentioned.
  • In the original, Kiyota and Kano both refused to tell Sena that he wants to return to the spiral, but in the drama, a depiction of Sena betrayed and the two people are waiting for the day to come back appeared, It is later mentioned that the two have returned to the spiral.
  • A scene where Moroda apologizes to the employees of Tokyo Central Securities has been added as a drama original (in the original, Hanzawa stopped him on the way back from the board of directors and was only prompted to apologize).

2020 edition second part

  • In the original, the era setting was unknown, and the era setting was unknown at the time of the first part of the 2020 version, but the day when Deputy President Makino committed suicide was September 2010, 9, and Hanzawa was involved in the reconstruction of Imperial Airlines. Is said to have been in charge 6 years later, so it is confirmed that the era setting is 10.
  • Sena and Moriyama, who were the one-off characters of the third work of the original, will continue to appear from the first part.
  • The original does not mention the spiral and Copernicus that appeared in the third work at all, but in the drama Copernicus has achieved rapid growth by utilizing the spiral search engine, and opening a distribution center in Yokohama is Sena. Is spoken from the mouth of[Note 72].
  • In the original, there is no description about Imperial Airlines until the third work, Hanzawa is called by Naito at the beginning of the fourth work and is entrusted with the case of Imperial Airlines with the intention of Wataru Nakano, but in the drama, Wataru Nakano, Owada, at the time of the first part, A scene in which Isayama and others are involved in this project appears, and at the same time Hanzawa receives a resignation from Wataru Nakano in the final stage of the first part, he is directly entrusted with the project of Imperial Airlines.
  • In the original, Deputy Director Sonezaki is a giant and strong man from the sumo club who is 190 cm tall, Tajima has a fat and humorous atmosphere, and Nohara is like a barrel.obesityIt is a heavy smoker with black-rimmed round glasses on his body, but these settings are not followed in the drama.In addition, the origin of Nohara is also described in detail in the original, such as having a hard time with Kimoto's childhood friend, graduating from university and passing the bar examination, but in the drama the relationship between seniors and juniors of the same elementary and junior high school as Kimoto. Only that is drawn.
  • In the original, it is drawn that "Tokyo Chuo Shoji", which has the same capital as Tokyo Central Bank, was considering investing in Teikoku Airlines, which has a reputation for air transportation and wide transportation network, in order to leverage the logistics department. However, it is not mentioned in the drama. In addition, the investment story of "Tokyo Chuo Shoji" states to Hanzawa that Naito can be in charge of Imperial Airlines in the second sales department in charge of transactions of the same capital affiliated company, but this is also mentioned at all in the drama version. Absent.
  • In the original story, there is a scene in which the Cabinet of the Constitutional Party is defeated in the general election and the government is replaced by the ruling party at the beginning of the story, but in the drama, the ruling party has already launched a second remodeling cabinet.
  • In the original, Minobe, who was set as a "big deputy", is set as a "secretary-general of a political party and a member of the House of Representatives" in the drama.
  • In both the original and the drama, Shirai changed from a caster to the political world, but in the drama, the reason for changing to the political world was "The government interfered with my own coverage of the corruption problem of politicians I was doing during the caster era, and such politics To change the mechanism of. "
  • A new setting has been added in which the managing director, Kimoto, has been transferred from the New York branch to the head office.
  • In the original, it is a business that stated the condition that "if the development investment bank of the main bank indicates a direction to refuse the debt waiver, it will be the same" for the policy of accepting the debt waiver proposed by Kimoto at the board of directors. Naito, the second director, is mentioned by Hanzawa in the drama.
  • Another name for Sachiyo Tanigawa of Development Investment Bank is "ThatcherHowever, in the drama, "Iron womanIs expressed more directly[Note 73].
  • In the original story, the election ground for the wall insert is Maihashi City, whose prefecture is unknown, but in the drama, it is Ise Shima City in Mie Prefecture (both are fictitious local governments). In addition, the name of the airport was changed from "Maibashi Airport" to "Ise-Shima Airport" due to this setting change.
  • At the "Joint Report Meeting", the first report of the Bank of Tokyo in the original was "decided to waive the debt", and the second Shiramizu Bank reported that it "corresponds to the main and quasi-main measures". However, in the drama, the first Bank of Tokyo reports that it "follows the decisions of the main and quasi-main".Also, in the original, Daiichi Trust Bank, which is one of the trading banks, has been changed to Kansai City Bank in the drama.In addition, after the result of refusal to abandon all bank claims at the joint debriefing session, there is a description that Nohara rebukes Shirai and Kimoto in the original, but in the drama, Minobe rebukes Shirai. It has become.Also, in the drama, Representative Shirai and Attorney Nohara are on the task force side, but in the original, Attorney Nohara and former career bureaucrat Hiroshi Mikuni (not appeared in the drama) correspond.
  • In the original, the company name "Maihashi State (" Ise-Shima State "in the drama version)" was mentioned by Kurosaki at the time of the FSA inspection, but in the drama when Kurosaki was transferred from the Financial Services Agency. It is in the form of telling Hanzawa who rushed to the subject of investigation.
  • In the original, Makino who committed suicide was the president of the former Tokyo Daiichi Bank before the merger, and Wataru Nakano was the managing director of the former Central Bank of Industry, but in the drama Makino was the deputy president of the former T and remained in the post of deputy president after the merger. It is set that Nakano Wataru, who took over and was a subordinate of Makino in the old T era, was a subordinate.
  • In the original, Shirai will be hostile to Hanzawa and his bank until the end under Minobe, but in the drama, he could not forgive him for knowing the corruption of Minobe, and persuaded Hanzawa, Ohwada, Nakano Watari and others. Finally, he admitted the failure of the task force on the bank side and supported the denunciation of Minobe.
  • In the original, Nohara's movement after the re-opened debt waiver debriefing session is unknown, but in the drama, Shirai and Kimoto finally accused the bank of a blackmail-misleading debt waiver request, and the bar association regarded it as an extortion. Was dismissed from the membership and lost his status as a lawyer.
  • In the original story, Minobe left the party after being exposed to fraud, but in the drama he was arrested on charges of tax evasion and bribery in addition to violating the Political Funds Control Act.
  • The reconstruction of Teikoku Airlines was baton-touched by the Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan after the reopened debriefing report session in the original, and a new reconstruction plan was being formulated, but in the drama, the reconstruction plan created by Hanzawa et al. Tanigawa et al. Will take over and implement it mainly by the Development Investment Bank.
  • At the end of the original, Yoshinori Tomioka of the Inspection Department is supposed to be seconded to Tokyo Chuo Credit, but in the second part of the 2020 edition, nothing is said after Tomioka.

Connection with other works by Jun Ikeido

During the 2020 edition, there are scattered names of companies and people who appear in other works by the original author Jun Ikeido.hyperlinkYou can check the production of.

  • In the first part of the 2020 edition, Tsukuda Seisakusho (Downtown rocket[Note 74]), Yamatani (Downtown Rocket), Saitama Central Bank (Rikuo), Daiwa Foods (Rikuo), Atlantis (Rikuo), Qingdao Manufacturing (Roosevelt Game), Tokiwa Motor (No side games), Etc., and an e-mail from Teikoku Heavy Industries (Shitamachi Rocket) is displayed in Moroda's mail inbox, and the company of Ikeido's work that was made into a drama in the "Sunday Theater" frame like this work The production that appears is being performed[66][67][68].
  • Even in the second part of the 2020 edition, Hanzawa was in charge of Teikoku Heavy Industries (Shitamachi Rocket) in addition to Nishi Osaka Steel and Isejima Hotel, which appeared in the 2013 edition when talking about the company he was in charge of in the past. Tokiwa Motor, Nippon Motors, Kazama Corporation (all are no-side games), etc.WhiteboardIt is mentioned in the conversation of the employees that President Fujima (a character of Downtown Rocket) answered the acceptance by telephone in the conversation of the employees.[69][70][71].. It was also used when Sonezaki recorded a voice trying to soften Yamakyu.IC recorderXenox products (Seven meetings[Note 75]) Is the official programTwitterHave been revealed in[71][72].
  • In a scene where the former Imperial Aviation Technology employees were to be found, it was clearly stated that Imperial Heavy Industries, which appeared in the downtown rocket, was the same Imperial Group as Imperial Airlines.
  • Tomioka of the inspection department is reading in episode 2020 of the 8 editionsports newspaperAt the end of "Daily Sports", the heading "Astros all wins this season" is written about Tokiwa Automobile Rugby Club (No Side Game).[73].
  • Kurosaki confirms Ashiya's A2020 size notebook to see if the characteristic "D" handwriting of the memorandum that describes the flow of money for Minobe's illegal loan in episode 9 of the 5 edition matches that of Ashiya. At that time, it was written in the notebook as "Business alliance-Daiwa Foods (Rikuo)".


Galaxy award Television category September 2013 Monthly Award (9)
As a reason for receiving the award, in addition to the evaluation of the work itself, "The fine reality of the bank appeared everywhere and the fun of the drama was fully tasted", in addition to "Sakai Masato's good performance The acting of the actors was also evaluated as ``The hot performances of supporting roles such as Yasuhito Hida who played Ogiso and Kenichi Takifuji who played Kondo also shined''[74].
78 timesThe Television Drama Academy Award(2013)
Awarded in the following categories[75].
  • 2nd prize
  • Best Actor-Masato Sakai
  • Best Supporting Actor-Teruyuki Kagawa (Ainosuke Kataoka in 2nd place)
  • Director Award-Katsuo Fukuzawa
GyaO Entertainment Awards 2013 GYAO! StoreTV Drama Category Award (2013)
Awarded as the content most favored by users in the paid video service "GYAO! Store" (then the notation was then GyaO! Store)[76].
26th 2013 Shogakkan DIME Trend Grand Prize Special Award (2013)
He won the award for his award for "making the blockbuster drama "Naoki Hanzawa" that caused a social phenomenon this year encouraging businessmen all over Japan." Danmitsu, who played the role of Miki Fujisawa, also received a special award.[77].
2013Yu Can New and Buzzword Award Top Ten Annual Grand Prize (2013)
Dialogue that appears in the playDouble returnIs awarded. The winners are Masato Sakai and the TBS "Naoki Hanzawa" team. "Now!" (Hayashi Osamu), "O-mo-te-na-shi" (Christel Takigawa),NHKContinuous tv novel"Ama-chan"Jejejeje" that appeared in the play "Kankuro Miyato-Nounana Rina) And was awarded the highest number of simultaneous 4 words since the establishment of the same grand prize. A heart-throbbing scenario "If you get done, I'll give it back!" was elected as "The popularity of the streets was monopolized."[78].
2013Net buzzword awardBronze Award (2013)
Similarly, the dialogue in the play "Double return!Is awarded[79].
2014Japan Broadcasting Corporation Prize(2014)
  • Program Category TV Drama Division Excellence Award
2014 Tokyo drama award
  • Award for work, Grand Prix (serial drama category)
  • Best Actor-Masato Sakai
  • Director Award-Katsuo Fukuzawa
The 17th Daily Sports Drama Grand Prix[80]
  • Work award
  • Best Actor-Masato Sakai
  • Best Supporting Actor-Ainosuke Kataoka
19th Asia Television Award 2014 (2014)
  • Best Work Award Drama Category [81]
105th The Television Drama Academy Awards (2020)
Awarded in the following categories[82].
  • Best Actor-Masato Sakai
  • Supporting Actor Award-Teruyuki Kagawa
  • Director's Award-Katsuo Fukuzawa, Kenta Tanaka, Aya Matsuki
GQ Men of the Year2020
  • Winner of the TV Drama Director of the Year Award-Katsuo Fukuzawa[83]
62 timesMainichi Art Award(2020)
  • Special prize
45 timesEllandol Award(2021)
  • Special Award (Sunday Theater "Naoki Hanzawa" Production Team)[84]
Digital Content of the Year '20 / 26th AMD Awards (2021)
  • Excellence Award, AMD President's Award[85][86]


Filming location
On the exterior of the building of the Tokyo Central Bank Osaka West Branch,Osaka StationpreviousUmeda Hankyu BuildingSignboardCGThe synthetic shot was used[24][23].. Also, in the Kansai area, since the moment's highest audience rating of Episode 5 recorded 32.6%, it is particularly popular,Hilton Plaza Osaka,Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store,Umeda Sky Building,Ashi DrivewayA series of locations have become tourist attractions[24].. It continues to be popular and is one of the locationsDotonboriThen, new products that are named after "double return" have appeared in restaurants, and the number of tourists aiming for location is beginning to increase.[87].
Naoki Hanzawa Doubled Manju
Released as an official product at the TBS store from mid-August 2013, "Naoki Hanzawa Double-folding Manju" has become a long line for salaried workers who purchase it, and it is also a month for online shopping launched from 8th of the same month. It was so popular[88].. In 2020, "100x Return Manju Tokyo Central Securities ver" was released, and in the latter half, "Tokyo Central Bank ver" was also released.About 100 boxes of this double-backed bun continue to sell at the Akasaka store every day, and the production at the factory cannot keep up, and the sales at the Akasaka store have doubled or tripled.
Response in Japan
"Double return" is 2013 U-canNew Word/Buzzword AwardWas awarded. The award was given to Masato Sakai and the "TBS" Naoki Hanzawa "team."
SunflowerOn September 2020, when the 9th episode of the 9 version of "Hanzawa Naoki" was broadcast, "From Osaka to Beppu, which was operating on the same day,"Ferry Sunflower”, The turn-off time of the ship was extended according to the broadcast time of the program.[89].
TwitterTwitter Japan, a Japanese corporation, said that on September 2020, when the final episode of the 9 version of "Hanzawa Naoki" was broadcast, there were 27 tweets related to this program before and after the broadcast (20: 30-22: 00 on the same day). Announced[90].
This work is online at the same timeRKB Mainichi Broadcasting SystemIn the broadcasting area ofFukuoka City Waterworks BureauAccording to the data, during the broadcast period of the 2020 version of "Hanzawa Naoki", the amount of water distributed from around 21:22 on Sunday decreased, and it rose sharply after 9:28 immediately after the end of the broadcast. Published on XNUMXth of March[91][92].
Response in Korea
It was broadcast from the beginning of 2014 with the title "한자와나오키 (Hanjawanaoki)"[93].. Expectations for the sequel were overflowing with popularity so much that re-broadcasting and DVD version inquiries flooded during broadcasting[94].
A person involved in the production production said, “TBS has been asked to request remake rights.SBSis. "It seems that it takes time to obtain consent from Mr. Jun Ikeido, the original author of the drama," he said.[95].
Broadcast "Aimed password for Naoki Hanzawa" on September 2020, 9[96].
From September 2020, 9, the 8 version will be broadcast on "Channel W". Some people have been watching Japanese broadcasts in real time through pirated sites even before the start of broadcasting in South Korea.[97].
Response in Taiwan and China
TaiwanLeading paperFree timeQuotes the protagonist's definitive dialogue, "If you can do it, double it back!"[98].. Also, a channel specialized in JapanItai Nippondai(VIDEOLAND JAPAN)" will be broadcast from October 10th to October 7th of the same year, with an average audience rating of 10%.[99], The highest audience rating was 1.60%. This number was the highest rating in the drama category since the channel opened in 1996.[99].
February 2014, 2 in TaiwanHachidai Sogodai TheTBS TVNOWnews said that there is a possibility that a sequel to Naoki Hanzawa will be simultaneously broadcast on Nitai with the establishment of a new drama broadcasting frame[100].
It was reported that the 2020 edition was deleted from the Chinese distribution site "" due to the scene of the Republic of China (Taiwan) flag reflected on the monitor behind the desk in Hanzawa.[101].. In addition, not only Taiwan but all flags have been erased from the rebroadcast of episode 1 (complete playback version) and episode 2 onwards.[102][103].. TBS says "I can't answer" why I deleted it[104][105].
From August 2020th, 8, we started broadcasting the 8 version at “VIDEOLAND JAPAN” every Saturday from 10pm.[106].
According to Twitter Japan, on September 2020, when the final episode of the 9 version of "Hanzawa Naoki" was broadcast in Japan, a tweet about the final episode revealed that it was also exciting in Taiwan and China.[90].
Missed delivery
TBS dramas, including the 2013 edition, will be available after the broadcast ends.ParaviWill be delivered in full,TBS FREE(TVer,GYAO!) Is overlooked and delivered for one week only, while the 1 version was initially delivered only as a digest version. The TBS Advertising Department replied, "Judgment of production and organization," and said, "There are no plans for overlooked distribution at this stage."[63].. Immediately after the 9th episode was broadcast, episodes 1 to 9 were distributed for a full time on Paravi and free for one week on TVer. The final episode was also delivered after the broadcast ended.

Radio Drama

"TBS Radio Original Drama Naoki Hanzawa The Story of the Losers by Audio Movie®』(Hanzawa naoki and brash things),2020 May 2からMay 3UntilTBS Radio"ACTION] Was broadcast in. Joint production of TBS radio and TBS TV.

In the main part of the drama, the sub-characters who tried to trap Naoki Hanzawa are selected as the main characters, and one side different from the main part is drawn humorously. It is produced as a radio drama work of about 1 minutes each, with each chapter before and after.

Since it is a radio drama, a commercial for the sponsor company is included in each episode.

Cast (radio drama)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Staff (radio drama)

Broadcast schedule (radio drama)

Chapter 1 2020
May 2
Former Tokyo Central Bank Osaka West Branch Tadashi Asano Branch Manager/First PartOkura
May 2Former Tokyo Central Bank Osaka West Branch Tadashi Asano Branch Manager/Part XNUMX
Chapter 2 May 2Former Tokyo Central Bank Tokyo Headquarters Tadashi Ogiso Human Resources Department Deputy Director/First PartMasami Lee
October03 daysFormer Tokyo Central Bank Tokyo Headquarters Tadashi Ogiso Human Resources Department Deputy Director/Part XNUMX
Chapter 3 May 3Former Nishi-Osaka Steel President Mitsuru Higashida, editedTomoki Kanazawa
May 3Former Nishi-Osaka Steel Mitsuru Higashida President and Part
Chapter 4 May 3Financial Services Agency Inspection Bureau Shunichi Kurosaki Chief InspectorHideo Tsuchida
May 3Financial Services Agency Inspection Bureau Shunichi Kurosaki Chief Inspector Edition/Part XNUMX


"Special project to give back thanks to the recitation drama "Naoki Hanzawa"』(Kansha no Ongaeshi Special Kikaku Roudokugeki" Hanzawa Naoki ")2020 May 9からMay 9UntilNew National TheaterRecitation drama performed at the middle theater[107].. A special project inspired by the production of the "listening drama" depicted in the above radio drama broadcast on TBS Radio from February to March 2020 prior to the Sunday Theater "Naoki Hanzawa". A special project of the original story, in which the performers read aloud live, "entertainment that delivers the world view of" Hanzawa Naoki "by voice" realized in collaboration with the radio.

After the recitation drama, a talk show by the performers will be held for guests.Ijuin Hikari(9 performances on September 12),Shingo Fujimori(September 9th 13:12 performance only) is participating[Note 76].. In addition, Fujimori also made a surprise appearance in the recitation drama with the voice of a carrier in the play "When Repeated ...".[108].

It was well received and was exclusively distributed for a limited time on the video distribution service Paravi for 9 days from September 16th to 27th.[109].

Cast (reading drama)

Two black diary
When repeated ...
Two funny murders
The taste of first love
  • Masahiro Moriyama- Kento Kaku
  • Yosuke Sena-Matsuya Onoe

Staff (reading drama)

  • Screenplay-Hideo Tsuchida, Zuimaro Awashima, Minako Yoshii, Junichiro Taniguchi
  • Performance- Awashima Mizumaru
  • Planning / Production / Sponsor-- TBS,TBS Radio

Performance (reading drama)

Two black diaryLater talk of Mr. and Mrs. Hirayama, President and Mrs. Hirayama of the computer miscellaneous groupHideo Tsuchida
When repeated ...A revenge drama for President Sena Spiral by Hiroshige of Taiyo Securities?Awashima Mizumaru
Two funny murdersWhat is the unexpected person Sonezaki encountered in an unexpected place ...Minako YoshiiScreenplay cooperation: Taro Imai
The taste of first loveMoriyama and Sena have a big quarrel for some reason.
What happened to them?
Junichiro TaniguchiThe guests:Sawashiro Miyuki
Voice appearance:Akio Otsuka

Performance schedule (reading drama)

May 2020-June 9, 12 New National TheaterMiddle Theater

Performance dateCurtain timetitleAppearance
May 914:00Two black diaryYoko Minamino x Hideo Tsuchida
When repeated ...Matsuya Onoe x Ginnojo Yamazaki
18:00When repeated ...Matsuya Onoe x Ginnojo Yamazaki
Two funny murdersAkihiro Kakuta x Norihiko Tsukuda
May 912:00Two black diaryYoko Minamino x Hideo Tsuchida
When repeated ...Matsuya Onoe x Ginnojo Yamazaki
16:00Two black diaryYoko Minamino x Hideo Tsuchida
The taste of first loveKento Kaku x Matsuya Onoe

Olive Related Products

Video products

titleRelease dateDistributorStandard product numberRemarks
Naoki Hanzawa -Director's Cut Version- DVD-BOX[110]2013/12/26TC EntertainmentTCED-2030First-time production limited inclusion privilege: Original Tokyo Central Bank passbook type memo
Naoki Hanzawa -Director's Cut Version- Blu-ray BOX[111]TCBD-0295
Naoki Hanzawa (2020 Edition) -Director's Cut Edition- DVD-BOX[112]2021/01/29TCED-5484There are original benefits for each store
Naoki Hanzawa (2020 Edition) -Director's Cut Edition- Blu-ray-BOX[113]TCBD-1036


"TBS Sunday Theater Naoki Hanzawa Original Soundtrack"
Label:Anchor Records, Released: September 2013, 9


"Sunday Theater Naoki Hanzawa Official Book"
Publisher:Kodansha, Released: August 2020, 8,ISBN 9784065183977

Related item

  • Legal High -Starring SakaiFuji Television Network, IncDrama series. The second series started in October 2013 immediately after the end of the 2013 edition (there was a parody of the dialogue in this work in the first episode). The bank account held by Kensuke Komimon, the main character of this drama, belongs to the Tokyo Central Bank, where Naoki Hanzawa of this drama worked.
  • Hanasaki Mai isn't silent - apricotStarringNippon TVDrama series. A novel by Jun IkeidoScandal, "Bank Special Affairs", "Bank Fox", etc. are the original works, and the stage is the same bank as this work. The line name is "Tokyo Daiichi Bank," which is the same as the line name of the Tokyo Central Bank before the merger. In addition, there are some similarities between the protagonist and Naoki Hanzawa, and in some cases it is reported as "Naoki Hanzawa female".[114][115].
  • Seyanen! -It is a drama series internet stationEvery day broadcastingHowever, it is an information program that is being broadcast locally every Saturday in Kansai. During the broadcast period of the 2020 version, the digest of the latest broadcast and the story expected in the future broadcast will be introduced through the main cast parody project "Naoki Monomihan Hanaki".
  • さ く ら-Tokyo Revengers --A combination of Ryo Yoshizawa and Takumi Kitamura.


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