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🎥 | Movie theater "kino cinema Kobe International" will open in April!After the closing of Kobe International Shochiku

Photo movie theater "kino cinema Kobe International" opens after Kobe International Shochiku closes

Movie theater "kino cinema Kobe International" opens in April!After the closing of Kobe International Shochiku

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The move-in destination is Kobe International House, and after the closing of "Kobe International House" operated by Shochiku Multiplex Theaters, it will start new business.

It is clear that the movie theater "kino cinema Kobe International" will open in April 2022 in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Kobe International Shochiku

Kobe International House

Kobe International House(Kobe International House, English name: Kobe International House)HyogoKobe CityChuo OfSannomiyaIt is the name of a large complex in.Third sector OfKobe International House Co., Ltd.Is operated by.


The first Kobe International House (1956-1995)

1956 (Showa 31),TroopsThe idle land at the site of the East Camp was equipped with state-of-the-art equipment at that time.Concert hallThe first Kobe International House was opened.Kobe International House Large Hall,Movie theater(internationalShochiku·internationalNikkatsu) In addition, from the time of opening under the name of Kobe International House1982 We also had an accommodation business until December[1].

2nd Kobe International House (1999-)

On September 1995, 7Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeThe first Kobe International House was completely destroyed. As a temporary facility from December 1995 until the completion of the second generation Kobe International HouseKobe HarborlandThere was a facility called "Kobe International House Harborland Plaza Hall" next to the Canal Garden (currently umie).This facility was closed in May 1999, and the site has become.

The Kobe International House was rebuilt at the same location and was completed in May 1999. The second generation Kobe International House has 11 floors above ground and 5 floors below ground.Commercial zone (B2F-22F) and height 3mofficeIt consists of a building (13F-22F).At the top of the building is a tower, which is a monument of lights to pray for the requiescats of the victims of the earthquake.



商業ゾーンには、収容人数2,112名(1階1,338席、中2階32席、2階326席、3階326席、立見90席)のコンサートホール「こくさいホール」とMovie theater"Kobe International Shochiku",Shopping center"SOL" etc. are occupying.Kokusai Hall is100 excellent hallsHas been selected for.Also, on the 3rd floor is Hyogo prefecture.passportThere is the headquarters of the center "Hyogo Prefectural Passport Office". The rooftop garden on the 11th floor is "Sora Garden" produced by Seijun Nishihata, and the basement of SOL is the Sannomiya underground shopping area.SanchikaAnd department storesKobe HankyuandKobe Municipal SubwaySannomiya/Hanatokomae StationIt is directly connected to.

Kobe International Shochiku

Kobe International Shochiku(Kobe International House) is on the 11th floor of the International House.Shochiku multiplex theaters Operated and operated by (SMT)Movie theater[2].. 2011年2月28日まではUntil March XNUMX, XNUMXShochikuAlthough it was directly managed by SMT, the management was transferred to SMT from March 3st of the same year.

History of Kobe International Shochiku

As mentioned above, there used to be two buildings, "International Shochiku" and "International Nikkatsu".In particular, "Nikkatsu" is as the name suggests.NikkatsuIt was a movie theater, but NikkatsuRomantic pornTaking the opportunity to shift to the route, it shifted to the Shochiku Japanese painting-based road show hall.[1].

Closed due to the 1995 earthquake and reopened on April 1999, 4 as the current 29-screen movie theater.During the renovation periodSannomiya Cine Phoenix(Opened on December 1995, 12, closed on May 23, 2011) and (Closed on April 5, 8) are Shochiku in Kobe City.Tokyu systemIt undertook an alternative function for the screening of the work.

Due to the expiration of the lease agreement, Kobe International Shochiku is scheduled to close on March 2022, 4 (Reiwa 3).[2].Kino CinemaWill take over the screening facility and "kino cinema Kobe International" will open.[2].

Kobe International Shochiku Screen

  • Screen 1: 120 seats (previously 148 seats)
  • Screen 2: 152 seats (previously 204 seats)
  • Screen 3: 99 seats (previously 130 seats)
  • Screen 4: 145 seats (previously 203 seats)


Kobe International House SOL
  • Atatao Land
  • Aroma shake
  • Ichiyon Plus
  • Restoration 號 點 shin tea room
  • Ear Papiyone
  • Vote Four Sisam by Fair Trade
  • Ofet
  • Olive Manon
  • Quatre Feuille
  • Cafe sun
  • Kobe spice
  • Collet gift
  • Jiba-san ele
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Zoff
  • Tree of Life / Aroma Shake
  • Chiyoji's socks
  • Tsuehime
  • TC / Timeless Comfort
  • Tooth Tooth Garden Restaurant
  • TRUSS103
  • Draco Love
  • Natural Kitchen and
  • Nails Unique
  • Beardsley
  • Vigo store
  • Beauty eye rush
  • Beauty face
  • Flower box
  • Franklins
  • Froma / Yorkies Bakery
  • Portal quest
  • Marcourt
  • Mother Moon Cafe
  • Leaf
  • Rive Droite
  • Le Grand Trezois
  • Lupicia
Kobe International House SOL Third Avenue
  • Le Noble
  • Gallery house
  • Midnight market
  • Yamada Photo Studio


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