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🎥 | Rosamund Pike enthusiastically plays the “villainous” guardian “Perfect Care” GG Award Leading Actress Award!Academy ...

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Rosamund Pike wins the "Perfect Care" GG Award for Best Actress as a "villainous" guardian!Academy ...

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As soon as the old man was invited to the "Bermuda Triangle of Hell" that she created in collaboration with the clinic and elderly housing with care, all her fortune was immediately rolled up and disappeared from society.

The protagonist watched an exciting movie in which a black villain plays an active role to the bottom of his stomach.Rosamund Pike ... → Continue reading


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Nursing home

Nursing home(Rojin Home) is constantSenior citizensWill enterFacilityThe name given to.


Long time agoElderly housing with care(YorouinWas called.

The first Elderly Housing with Care in Japan was by British Elizabeth Thornton1895 (MeijiIn 28 years) only for elderly womenTokyo cityShiba WardWas established in[1].. After that, the Elderly Housing with Care, which remained in a private / religious facility, was first positioned in the national system.1932 (Showa7 years)Relief methodAnd after the war1950 It was enacted in place of the old law in (25)Welfare ActBecause of the name of the YoroinEndowment facilityWas changed to 1963 (Showa 38).Elderly Welfare ActByNursing homeRenamed and systematized to the present[2].

In Japan, the elderly home was once an administrative "MeasureWas exclusively admitted byLong-term care insurance methodAfter the establishment, the user and his / her family's "AgreementWas the basis for admission.


Special elderly nursing home
Living facilities for the elderly requiring long-term care specified by Cabinet Order (Elderly Welfare Act20 of Article 5)[3].
Nursing home for the elderly
Facilities aimed at caring for facilities for the elderly in environmental and financial distress, as well as providing guidance, training and other assistance necessary for them to lead independent lives and participate in social activities. (Article 20-4 of the Elderly Welfare Law)[3].
Retirement homes
A facility for the purpose of admitting the elderly, providing meals and other facilities necessary for daily life (Article 20-6 of the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly), free of charge or at a low fee.Social welfare law(Article 65)[3].
New facilities such as "urban light-cost homes for the elderly" are being opened mainly in Tokyo.The standards are relaxed compared to general low-cost elderly homes so that even cities with high land prices can move in at low prices.[4]
Paid nursing home
1. Bathing, excretion or nursing care for meals, 2. Providing meals or other conveniences necessary for daily life and specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (housework such as washing and cleaning or health management) Facilities to do (Article 29 of the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly)[3].

In addition, there are some types of residential facilities for the elderly that do not have the name "elderly housing with care".Housing for the elderly with services(Law Concerning Stable Housing for the Elderly(Elderly Living Law) Article 5)Group home for the elderly with dementia(Article 5-2, Paragraph 6 of the Act on Social Welfare for the Elderly)[3].

Map symbol

Geographical Survey InstituteUsed for elderly homesMap symbol TheHouseCaneIs a combination of. this is2006 (HeiseiFrom elementary and junior high schools nationwide in 18)Public offerIt was established based on the above, and is one of the first map symbols established by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan through open recruitment.[5].

Major murders and abuses by long-term care workers

Murder cases by long-term care staff often occur in the facility, but from so-called long-term care fatigueNursing murderThere are some cases that are not.


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