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🤖 | "Uma Musume" "East Ribe" "Molker" "Hataway" The one that won the gold medal in 2021 buzzed work- "...

Photo "Gadget Tsushin Anime Buzzword Award"

"Uma Musume," "East Ribe," "Molker," and "Hasaway" The one that won the gold medal in the 2021 buzzed work was-- "...

If you write the contents roughly
The bronze medal was won by the net meme "Dance that encourages reflection on XX", which is derived from "Dance that encourages reflection on the Federation" in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway of the Flash".

"Gadget Tsushin Anime Buzzword Award 2021" "Gadget ... → Continue reading

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Internet meme

Internet meme(Internet memeWhat isインターネットIt is an action / concept / media that usually spreads as imitation from person to person through.[1]..The main example is posting a photo of lying down in a public place with a stiff body (Planking),Harlem shakeFor example, uploading a short video of dancing in a group.Also, as an example of a method for commercially using the diffusion behavior of these Internet users.Buzz marketingThere is use for.


Merriam-Webster DictionaryAccording toMeme(Meme) "is" ideas, behaviors, styles, and customs that spread from person to person in culture. "[2]..This word isRichard DawkinsBy his book "The selfish geneIt was a word coined in 』, and was intended to explain how cultural information spreads.[3]..The internet meme is a part of this general meme concept that is limited to the culture and environment of the internet. In 2013, Dawkins characterized the Internet meme as a meme that was deliberately reorganized by human creativity, expanding in an accurate reproduction based on random changes.BiologyInHeredityDistinguished from pre-internet memes of children and Dawkins[4]..Dawkins explained that the Internet meme was such an "hijacking of the original idea" and that the idea of ​​the meme itself was mutated and evolved in a new direction.[5]..Furthermore, Internet memes have characteristics that ordinary memes do not have.It leaves a mark on the media (social networks, etc.) in the process of proliferation.This allows internet memes to be tracked and analyzed.[6].

Internet memeimage,hyperlink,Movie,image,Website,hashtagTakes the form of.It's just a word or phrase, sometimes intentionalengrishSometimes spelling mistakes such as are used as material.These little movementsSocial network,Blog,direct電子 メ ー ル, It tends to be transmitted in news sources.They are various existingInternet culture,sub cultureMay be related toReddit,TumblrOther sites andUsenetIt was created and spread in the early Internet communication means such as the bulletin board system.Instant communicationReviewsTrends and reputations grow rapidly on the Internet to facilitate communication on the Internet.However, because it spreads between multiple cultures and languages ​​in a blink of an eye, so farCultural appropriationAnd the issue of consideration for other cultures has also been pointed out.[7].


In the early days of the Internet, was such content primarily email?UsenetIt spread through the discussion community of.Bulletin boardとNews groupWas also popular, because they made it possible to share information, or memes, among different demographics of the Internet in a short amount of time.As a result of these facilitating people's communication, fellowship also occurred between groups of memes that they would not normally touch.In addition, they actively promoted meme sharing by seeking feedback, comments, and opinions from people on bulletin boards and newsgroups.Another factor in the proliferation of increased memes found on the Internet is its interactivity.出版物,radio,tv setAll are basically passive experiences, and it is easier to spread the phenomenon in the Internet society than it requires the presence of readers, listeners, and viewers in all cognitive processes.Many of the phenomenaSearch engine,Social networking services,Social news site,Video sharing serviceExpand through.Much of the ability to spread information on the Internet is reinforced by search engine search results, which allow users to find memes with unclear information.[8][9]

Development and expansion

Some internet memes are accidental, commentary, imitation,ParodyIt stays the same or evolves over time, either through or by capturing news about itself.The development and expansion of Internet memes is very rapid, sometimes reaching global recognition in a short number of days.Internet memes are usually formed from some social interaction or popular culture reference, where people can usually find themselves.Its rapid growth and impact have attracted the attention of researchers and industrial managers.[10] In the academic field, researchers are modeling how Internet memes develop and predicting which memes will survive and spread on the Web.In the commercial field, as a form of cheap mass advertisingViral marketingIs used.

There is one study with an empirical approach.It studied the characteristics and behavior of memes independently of the memetic diffusion network, resulting in a series of conclusions regarding successful memetic diffusion.[6]..For example, according to the study, Internet memes that are not limited to competition for the attention of viewers are usually short-lived, but nevertheless, through the creativity of Internet users, memes and memes cooperate with each other to become stronger. It is said that it may survive[6]..Also, paradoxically, memes that experience significantly higher popularity than the average for the entire period, the peak of popularity, are usually not expected to survive unless they are unique, while such popularity Memes without vertices are used with other memes to survive stronger.[6].

In 2013Washington PostIn his contribution to, the meme has become a mere piece of human culture that has survived for centuries, as Dawkins originally envisioned, and instead becomes obsolete with costly big ideas. Insisted on the growth of the Internet and the customs of the marketing and advertising industry[11].


Promotional, advertising and marketing professionals have an internet memeViral marketing,Guerrilla marketingIncluding in one form, marketing by "word of mouth" (Buzz marketing) Has come to be a part of products and services.The sales method that uses memes for products and services in the market is known as memetic marketing.[12]..Internet memes are cost-effective and (sometimes consciously) temporarytrendTherefore, it is used as a method of creating a conscious and fashionable image.

For example, internet memes may be used to draw attention to movies that would otherwise not receive a positive reputation. 2006 movie "Snake flight』Was widely noticed through this method[13].

An example of meme marketing is(English edition)Advertising campaign with songs and taxidermists(English edition)Advertising "Nope, Chuck Testa" meme,Metro Trains MelbournePublic Announcement Advertising Campaign "Dumb Ways to Die"and so on.

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