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🎭 | Tile-based Archetypal Old West survival "Above Snakes" teaser video!The world with your own hands ...

Photo Tile-based Western Pioneer Survival "Above Snakes" teaser video!Let's expand the world with our own hands

Tile-based Archetypal Old West survival "Above Snakes" teaser video!The world with your own hands ...

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Set in a fictional world inspired by the Archetypal Old West, players survive as a young female Aiyana in a meteorite-infested land.

Publisher Crytivo and developer Tobias Schnackenberg said Archetypal Old West ... → Continue reading

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Western pioneer era

Western pioneer era(American Old West)19st century(Especially1860 eraBegins with1890 OfFrontierUntil extinction)North AmericaOne of the period divisions of.Also known as the Old West or Wild West.Along with the periodization, of this eraFrontier Strip(North DakotaからTexasIt is also a term that embraces the cultural implications of the history, legends, beliefs, etc. of the six states from north to south.


ColonyHad developed from the times大西洋From the shoreThe Pacific OceanGradually to the shoreUndeveloped areaWas pioneered,1848 In Californiagold mineWhen is discoveredgold RushAs a result, the Pacific coast was cultivated, and conversely, a wave of reclamation from the Pacific coast to the inland area also occurred.Archetypal Old West thus proceeded inland from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.1869 ToThe United States of AmericaでFirst transcontinental trainWas opened.On the other handFirst ResidentIsイ ン デ ィ ア ンFor us, it was also an era when sudden invaders robbed and murdered their land.

Gunman,cowboy,OutlawEtc. are the characteristics of this eraNovel,movies(Western) Etc.


North American colonial era

1776 to 1789

New nation

1789 to 1849

Southern part before the Civil War

1849 to 1865

Depression and Bleeding Kansas

Civil War

Gilded Age (1865-1893)

Long drive

Eastern United StatesAround 1871Second Industrial RevolutionAround the time, people began to gather at the frontier.In the early days of the Wild West, most of the landPublic landAnd in a large landLivestockAlsoAgriculture:Was also free.There were few local law enforcement agencies, and the military was concentrated in specific locations.BuffaloA skirmish of hunters, railroad workers, wanderers, and soldiers has evolved into a shootout.

Dancehalls and salons in Texas in town(English edition)I covered the meal of a (cattle chasing) merchant.Southern Texas to KansasAbilene1,290 km of historic(English edition)Carries to the east from 1867 to 1887(English edition)To the first train stationLong driveWas used for.The cow thief attacking the bulls was a serious crime.Cow thiefVigilanteByPrivate sentence(However, this kind of story is usuallyfictionIs).With a Mexican cow thief,(English edition)(ComancheOutlaws who teamed up with Hispanic merchants who traded with) were accused of supporting this practice by the Mexican government and became a major issue from pre-Civil War to the end of the 19th century. ..In revenge, the Texas people often stole cattle from Mexico and went to the Indian territory to subdue them.

Dodge city

Fort Dodge, KansasSanta fe trailAbove current KansasDodge cityIt was founded nearby in 1864 and went into operation in 1865.The fort is a wagon train and the United StatesPostService protection,Indian WarOperated as a supply base for troops engaged in. By the end of 1872Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe RailwayWas opened.Dodge City was known for its lawlessness and shootouts and the infamous Boot Hill Cemetery (the cemetery of those who died in boots in shootouts).Sheriff OfBat Masterson,Wyatt EarpSince they came to Dodge City, law and order have been brought about.The town has passed a decree prohibiting the holding of guns.

The beginning of the Franco-Prussian War and the Great Recession

Wild Bill and Calamity Jane

Wild Bill HickokBecame a military scout and professional gambler after the Civil War.Hickok's reputation as an archerBlack HillsResist the whites who settle inSiouxIt helped to check. 1876,Calamity Jane South DakotaDeadwoodSettled in and became friends with Hickok in the Black Hills area.Jane married Hickok and claimed that her child's father was Hickok, but this anecdote is questionable.

Hickok in Deadwood on August 1876, 8pokerWas shot dead from behind while playing.Since his hand at this time was a two-pair of A and 8 (all black suits), this hand was used.Dead man's handIt came to be called (the hand of the dead).

"Liver Eating" Johnston

John "River-Eightin" John SunEasily got the eerie nickname as a result of a joke. In 1868 heSiouxDuring the battle with, he pierced a Sioux warrior with a knife.When I pulled out the knife, the blade had "liver debris" on it.He pretended to eat it and was given this nickname.

Mountain man, Sailors, hunters, miners, whiskey smugglers, station carriage coachmen,American ink warとCivil WarVeterans, Woodhawk supplying timber to steamships, Buffalo Billings, Montana, General Nelson's reconnaissance captain during the 1876-1877 Indian Wars, protagonist at the Hardwick Wild West Show, In terms of alcohol addiction, morbidly hating Indians, etc., John Sun was a genuine Old West character.

Lincoln County War

Happened in 1877Lincoln County WarIs a dispute between two factions in the Old West.New MexicoLincoln CountyThe faction of wealthy ranchers and the faction of monopoly retail owners were at odds with each other.It is famous to appear on the rancher sideBilly the KidIs.Kid is rumored to have killed 1 people, one each year, but said he would actually be close to nine (of which four were in his own hands and five with the help of others). It has been rumored.

Jesse James Gangster

OutlawJesse JamesAnd hisJames-Younger GangWas notorious for his work in the Old West.contemporaryRobin HoodOften fanned by the media, most of the gangsters were violent men who fled or accepted the life of the frontier.James and his compatriots are mostly exUnited States of AmericaArmy veterans orPartizanSo, parole and amnesty after the Civil War were denied, and he joined the outlaw society of that era to survive.

Groups like James-Younger Gang have been after the Civil War.Oihagi (Highwayman) Raised funds for their resistance activities.The most notorious events of the James-Younger Gang were the robbery of banks, trains, stagecoaches, and shops from Iowa to Texas and from Tennessee to California.Pinkerton detective agencyThe gangsters said, "Avoiding even the pursuit ofGolden ageDuring, stealing hundreds of millions of dollars in current value, shutting down railroads, killing dozens of people, and wealthy peopleRobert Barron's (robber baron), Which led to a famous court case by Allied supporters and small farm owners.

Western Indian War

Andrew JacksonPresident'sIndian Forced Emigration ActThe Indians who get in the way of the "pioneers" are the "land on which all rights are reserved" designated by the government.Reservation place It was decided to be forced to relocate to (Reservation).Indian tribes who refuse this will be extinctEthnic cleansingIt was a policy.As the west was forced into this policy, the plain Indians, known for their bravery, bravely confronted this unreasonable demand.However, it was seen as a problem for each tribe, and there was no cohesive resistance battle for all tribes.In this way, the unity of the Indians was gradually broken.

Apache wars(1862 )When(English edition)(1863 )so,Kit carsonColonel around the reservationApacheEngaged with.The dispute between the United States and ApacheJeronimoContinued until 1886, when he surrendered to the United States.Kit Carson in the Navajo WarsScorched earth operationUsed to burn farms and homes and steal or kill livestock.Indian tribes that have been in conflict with Navajo for many years, mainlyUteAlso supported his operation.Later he(English edition)でKiowaTribe,Comanche,CheyenneHe fought against the Allied forces and managed to destroy the Indian village and winter stockpiles. June 1874, 6,Bat MastersonAnd a small group of buffalo hunters with a much larger Indian warrior corps(English edition)Engaged in.

In 1862, the Dakota Sioux, who were starved after being cut off from food supply on the reservation, in Minnesota.Dakota WarThe Dakota Sioux, who were sentenced to death without trial for causing (also known as the Minnesota Riot) and killing many white pioneers, were executed the day after Christmas. 38 Indians all at once on a gallows specially tailored for this sentenceHangedIn the simultaneous execution of the death penalty, it became the largest number of hanging records in the United States.

1866 with DakotaLakota OfSiouxとCheyenneFighted the U.S. Army over the territorial rights of the Powder River and the "Bossman Road", making it the most successful battle against the United States during the Indian Wars (Red cloud war[1]). 1868(English edition)As a result, the United States has pledged to Dakota and Lakota a "Great Sioux Nation" that no troops will be stationed or monitored, whites will be allowed to enter, or roads will be built.This reservation is "Black HillsIncluded the whole.

1872 , California and Oregon Indian Tribes(English edition)Chief,(English edition) (Kintpuash, Captain Jack) Rejected the US government's order to relocate to a tribal reservation,Modoc WarCaused. With 53 MODOK warriors, Captain Jack stopped 1000 US Army for seven months, and more.Edward CanbyKilled Brigadier General.

(English edition)After the conclusion of the agreement, a gold mine was discovered in "Great Sioux Nation" and resisted the situation of being invaded by the destruction.1876 ToSitting bull,Crazy horseBelongs toLakota-Sioux Great Sioux WarWoke up.One of a series of famous battles,Battle of the Little BighornSo with the SiouxCheyenne,ArapahoAllied forces,George Armstrong CusterUnited States led7th CavalryBroke

Ok Ranch Duel

It has been repeatedly made into works in movies and books as a staple of Western drama.Ok Ranch DuelArizona, Wednesday afternoon, October 1881, 10TombstoneHappened in. Known for having 30 shots in 30 seconds, the city battle remains a mystery, uncertain, with various testimonies as to who started the shooting.On the surface of the sheriffWyatt EarpSeems to have been to crack down on Cowboys' gun possession, but supporters of Cowboys Clanton and McLaughley claim that it was a battle to resist the abuse of Arp's authority.[2].

Frisco Shootout

At the end of the Wild West era,Elfego BacaBecame a legendary bailiff. December 1883, 12, the town of Frisco (nowNew mexicoReserve), The idiot arrested one of a group of cowboys.Intimidated by a friend of the captive, the idiot avoided difficulties at Jeronimo Almijo's house.The glaring with the cowboys continued for some time, and 80 cowboy gangs attacked the house.

It is said that the cowboy fired 4000 bullets.However, even one shot was not stupid.During the offense and defense, the idiot killed four and injured eight. 4 hours later, after the cowboys run out of bullets, the idiot is this(English edition)I survived and left the house. In May 1885, one of the cowboys who attacked the house accused the idiot of murder, but in August 5, the idiot was exonerated after the door of Almiho's house was shown as evidence.There were more than 1885 bullet holes left on the door.

Wild West Shows

From the frontier, a showmanBuffalo Bill(Real name William Cody), 1883, NebraskaOmahaA circus-like spectacle, loosely based on his western adventures.Wild West ShowsWas launched, and then toured all over the United States.His part stripped the Cheyenne Warrior's scalp in retaliation for General Custer, 1876.(English edition)Was included.Female shooting expert,Annie OakleyAndSitting bullAlso bored and appeared on the show. He performed in London in 1887 and toured Europe in 1889.

Wounded Knee Massacre and End of Indian Wars

December 1890, 12, Sitting Bull's half-brother,BigfootAnd about 200 Sioux were killed by the 7th Cavalry Regiment in the United States.Only 13 days before that, Sitting Bull and his son(English edition)However, he had just been killed in a gun battle with a group of Indian police sent by the US government to arrest him.thisWounded Knee Massacreso,Indian WarIs over.

The Wild West Shows saidWounded Knee MassacreThe jacket, which is a relic of the Sioux who was slaughtered inMoccasinI got shoes and used them for the show, and I left some of them here during the 1891 performance in England. By chance in 1991,GlasgowI found it on display in the museum.The city council unanimously decided to return it, and it was returned to the Sioux delegation who visited the UK in November 1998 for the first time in more than 11 years.

The disappearance of the frontier

Immigration from Europe to the western United States continued to grow. A 1890 census announced that there were no clear settlement boundaries due to population density.HistorianFrederick TurnerConcludes that the frontier era is over. In 1896CanadaNorthernKlondikeでKlondike Gold Rush(gold Rush) Started, the new "frontier" headed for the northern territory.AlaskaBecame known as "The Last Frontier".

Johnson County War

One of the greatest tragedy in the history of the western United StatesJohnson County WarIn August 1892WyomingJohnson CountyHappened in.Large ranchers in Wyoming aimed to standardize the livestock industry(English edition) Organized (WSGA).The organization soon grew into a vigilant against cow thieves, and a hitman was hired from Texas.[3].. An expedition of 50 people was formed to kill and siege small-scale farm owners, mainly new immigrants from Eastern Europe, in Johnson County.Two days later, I received a telegramBenjamin HarrisonThe president settled the case by dispatching a sixth cavalry to the area to intervene by force and dismiss the accusation.

Progressive Era (after 1893)

Hawaii annexation

US-West War

Banana Wars and the Panama Canal

East Texas Oil Field

Panic of 1907 and the Mexican Revolution

Mexico OfDurangoとチ ワ ワBecame a bandit at the age of 16Pancho VillaCrossed national borders and repeated crimes such as livestock thieves in the western United States.He was arrested several times, each time released using connections.Villa later became a hero of the common people of Mexico.

World War I

20s of frenzy

World Depression

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