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🎥 | Mamoru Miyano Looking back on the dubbing of the "Harry Potter" series "I went to the scene while wearing a uniform ...


Mamoru Miyano Looking back on the dubbing of the "Harry Potter" series "I went to the scene while wearing a uniform ...

If you write the contents roughly
Hebei said, "I was a favorite character in the" Harry Potter "series, so I'm worried that the past will be revealed!

The kick-off event for the movie "Fantastic Beasts 3", dubbed by Mamoru Miyano, will be held on December 12st ... → Continue reading

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Harry Potter Series

"Harry potter』(British: Harry Potter) IsUnited KingdomWritersJK rollingA seven-volume fantasy novel series written by. JapanCommonly known as "Harry Potter'[1].


1990 eraSet in England,WitchBoyHarry potter OfSchool lifeAnd the mighty dark wizard who is also the person who killed Harry's parentsLord VoldemortA story that depicts the fate and battle with. One year has passed with one volume.One year has passed for some upper and lower winding sets.

Volume 1 "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"ButUKFrom Bloomsbury Publishing1997 When published in, despite being the first work by a completely unknown newcomer, it quickly became worldwide.best sellerBecame.childrenNot only manyAdultIt became a worldwide social phenomenon as a super popular work that transcended the boundaries of children's literature. The cumulative worldwide circulation of this series, translated into 73 languages, has exceeded 2018 million as of December 12, 1.The best-selling series in historyIt has become.

2001 Movies released in eight series from2011 Completed)The third largest box office in the world in the seriesAnd recorded a big hit. From the beginning, it is a concept of 7 volumes, and the 7th volume "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows』Original book2007 May 7Was released in.

2016 The de facto 8th volume, which depicts the later story of the main storyHarry Potter and the Cursed Child] Has been released.This is a book version of the script for a stage play performed in the summer of 2016, and Rolling makes it the final (or final) volume of the Harry Potter series.

2010 OctoberIsThe United States of Americaフ ロ リ ダ OfUniversal Orlando ResortInIslands of AdventureIn addition, a theme park that imitates a movie version setWizarding World of Harry PotterWas opened. On July 2014, 7Universal Studios Japan, May 2016, 4Universal Studios HollywoodBut it opened.

In May 2019, it was decided to release four volumes of "Harry Potter: A Journey Through" as a series that further explores the world of works.[2].

Spring 2023,ToshimaenAn experience-based entertainment facility where you can experience the magic of making "Harry Potter" and "Fantastic Beasts" movies is scheduled to open on the site.[3][4].

Yearly record

  • 1990 Summer-Rolling inspired the story.
  • 1995 --The first work "Philosopher's Stone" has been written.
  • 1996 October --UK: Published by Bloomsbury.
  • 1997 Spring-USA: Scholastic will publish.
  • 1997 May 6 --The first work "Philosopher's Stone" is released. The first edition was 1 copies, but it became a bestseller.(English edition), British Literature Award Children's Book of the Year, and many other literary awards in Western countries.
  • 1999 May 12 --The Japanese version of "Philosopher's Stone"ShizuyamashaWill be released from.
  • 2001 May 11 --The movie "Philosopher's Stone" is released. After that, it was made into a series.
  • 2007 May 7 --The 7th work "Deathly Hallows" is released. The story is complete.
  • 2008 May 6 --Handwritten short story of about 800 words[Note 1]Will be sold for £ 2.
  • 2008 May 12 -"The Story of the Ginyu Poet Beadle" is released.
  • 2010 October - Wizarding World of Harry PotterOpening.
  • 2011 May 7 --The final movie series "Deathly Hallows PART2" has been released.
  • 2011- Pottermore (Pottermore) Announcement.
  • 2014 May 7 - Universal Studios JapanThe Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens at.
  • 2016 May 7 --The staged work "Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildIs premiered[5].. It will be a legitimate sequel to the subsequent work by Rolling.[6].. The following day, the 31st, the rehearsal version of the script "Curly Child" was released.


A boy who lost his parents when he was a baby and has been lonely after being treated cold by his relativesHarry potterIs informed that he is a witch on his 11th birthday.Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and WizardryHe entered the school, came into contact with the magical world he had never known before, and grew up through encounters with many people, including acquaintances of his late parents.

And the dark wizard who killed his parentsLord VoldemortKnowing the mysterious connection with myself, I will face it.

For a more detailed synopsis, see the articles in each volume.


List of works

"Harry Potter" series main story, novel

It is a seven-volume feature film, and the contents of each volume are closely related to each other. The author's rolling is in an interviewplotIs important, so I put a lot of effort into it, saying, "Before I wrote the first volume, I had a plot of all seven volumes."[7].

Initially, one volume was scheduled to be published every year from 1997, but in the end, volumes 1 to 1 will be published every year, three years later, and volumes 4 to 3 will be published every other year. became.

Volume 1 "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (1997 May 6Release)
Japanese version of the book ISBN-4 915512-37-1 (1999 May 12Release)
Japanese version mobile version ISBN-4 915512-49-5 (2003 Release)
Japanese version paperback book ISBN 978-4-86389-160-9/ISBN 978-4-86389-161-6 (2012 May 7Release)
Japanese children's library ISBN 978-4-86389-230-9/ISBN 978-4-86389-231-6 (2014 May 3Release)
Volume 2 "Harry Potter and the Secret Room"
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (1998 May 7Release)
Japanese version of the book ISBN-4 915512-39-8 (2000 Release)
Japanese version mobile version ISBN-4 915512-54-1 (2004 Release)
Japanese version paperback book ISBN 978-4-86389-162-3/ISBN 978-4-86389-163-0 (2012May 9Release)
Japanese children's library ISBN 978-4-86389-232-3/ISBN 978-4-86389-233-0 (2014May 5Release)
Volume 3 "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (1999May 7Release)
Japanese version of the book ISBN-4 915512-40-1 (2001 Release)
Japanese version mobile version ISBN-4 915512 55-X- (Released in 2004)
Japanese version paperback book ISBN 978-4-86389-164-7/ISBN 978-4-86389-165-4 (Released on November 2012, 9)
Japanese children's library ISBN 978-4-86389-234-7/ISBN 978-4-86389-235-4 (2014May 6Release)
Volume 4 "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2000May 7Release)
Japanese version of the book ISBN-4 915512-45-2 (2002 May 10Release)
Japanese version mobile version ISBN-4 915512-60-6 (2006 May 9Release)
Japanese version paperback book ISBN 978-4-86389-166-1/ISBN 978-4-86389-167-8/ISBN 978-4-86389-168-5 (2012May 10Release)
Japanese children's library ISBN 978-4-86389-236-1/ISBN 978-4-86389-237-8/ISBN 978-4-86389-238-5 (2014May 7Release)
Volume 5 "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2003May 6Release)
Japanese version of the book ISBN-4 915512-51-7 (2004 May 9Release)
Japanese version mobile version ISBN 978-4-915512-66-7 (2008 May 3Release)
Japanese version paperback book ISBN 978-4-86389-169-2/ISBN 978-4-86389-170-8/ISBN 978-4-86389-171-5/ISBN 978-4-86389-172-2 (2012May 11/May 12Release)
Japanese children's library ISBN 978-4-86389-239-2/ISBN 978-4-86389-240-8/ISBN 978-4-86389-241-5/ISBN 978-4-86389-242-2 (2014May 9/May 10Release)
Volume 6 "Harry Potter and the Mysterious Prince"
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2005 May 7Release)
Japanese version of the book ISBN-4 915512-57-6 (2006May 5Release)
Japanese version mobile version ISBN 978-4-86389-042-8 (2010 May 3Release)
Japanese version paperback book ISBN 978-4-86389-173-9/ISBN 978-4-86389-174-6/ISBN 978-4-86389-175-3 (2013 May 1Release)
Japanese children's library ISBN 978-4-86389-243-9/ISBN 978-4-86389-244-6/ISBN 978-4-86389-245-3 (2014May 11Release)
Volume 7 "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2007 May 7Release)
Japanese version of the book ISBN 978-4-915512-63-6 (2008May 7Release)
Japanese version mobile version ISBN 978-4-86389-088-6 (2010 May 12Release)
Japanese version paperback book ISBN 978-4-86389-176-0/ISBN 978-4-86389-177-7/ISBN 978-4-86389-178-4 (2013May 2Release)
Japanese children's library ISBN 978-4-86389-246-0/ISBN 978-4-86389-247-7/ISBN 978-4-86389-248-4 (2015 May 1Release)
Number of turnstitleBookMobile versionpaperbackChildren's library
Release dateISBNRelease dateISBNRelease dateISBNRelease dateISBN
1Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone1999/12/1ISBN 978-4-915512-37-72003/10/22ISBN 978-4-915512-49-02012/7/3ISBN 978-4-86389-160-92014/3/5ISBN 978-4-86389-230-9
ISBN 978-4-86389-161-6ISBN 978-4-86389-231-6
2Harry Potter and the Secret Room2000/9/1ISBN 978-4-915512-39-12004/10/23ISBN 978-4-915512-54-42012/9/3ISBN 978-4-86389-162-32014/5/8ISBN 978-4-86389-232-3
ISBN 978-4-86389-163-0ISBN 978-4-86389-233-0
3Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban2001/7/1ISBN 978-4-915512-40-72004/11/26ISBN 978-4-915512-55-12012/9/3ISBN 978-4-86389-164-72014/6/10ISBN 978-4-86389-234-7
ISBN 978-4-86389-165-4ISBN 978-4-86389-235-4
4Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire2002/10/1ISBN 978-4-915512-45-22006/9/21ISBN 978-4-915512-60-52012/10/10ISBN 978-4-86389-166-12014/7/15ISBN 978-4-86389-236-1
ISBN 978-4-86389-167-8ISBN 978-4-86389-237-8
ISBN 978-4-86389-168-5ISBN 978-4-86389-238-5
5Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix2004/9/1ISBN 978-4-915512-51-32008/3/17ISBN 978-4-915512-66-72012/11/5ISBN 978-4-86389-169-22014/9/4ISBN 978-4-86389-239-2
ISBN 978-4-86389-170-8ISBN 978-4-86389-240-8
2012/12/3ISBN 978-4-86389-171-52014/10/6ISBN 978-4-86389-241-5
ISBN 978-4-86389-172-2ISBN 978-4-86389-242-2
6Harry Potter and the Mysterious Prince2006/5/17ISBN 978-4-915512-58-22010/3/11ISBN 978-4-86389-042-82013/1/10ISBN 978-4-86389-173-92014/11/5ISBN 978-4-86389-243-9
ISBN 978-4-86389-174-6ISBN 978-4-86389-244-6
ISBN 978-4-86389-175-3ISBN 978-4-86389-245-3
7Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows2008/7/23ISBN 978-4-915512-63-62010/12/1ISBN 978-4-86389-088-62013/2/14ISBN 978-4-86389-176-02015/1/8ISBN 978-4-86389-243-9
ISBN 978-4-86389-177-7ISBN 978-4-86389-246-0
ISBN 978-4-86389-178-4ISBN 978-4-86389-248-4

Japanese audiobook

From ShizuyamaToru EmoriBy readingAudio bookAfter the CD version of "Philosopher's Stone" was released in 2003 and "Secret Room" in 2004, both works were released in 2016.AudibleData distribution version was released in[8].. Demand for audiobooks is high, and distribution after the "secret room" was also desired, so the entire volume was made into an audiobook in the same year.Morio KazamaIt is decided that it will be released by new reading by[9], All 2019 works have been distributed as data by 7.

"Harry Potter" series main story, script

As mentioned above, a stage version of the scenario, which depicts 19 years after the end of the main story, has been published and is labeled as "The 8th Story (= De facto Volume 8)". The text is composed of writing and dialogue, and does not take the style of a novel like Volume 1-Volume 7. It is also co-authored by John Tiffany, Jack Thorne and Rolling.

Volume 8 (final volume) "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child"
Harry Potter And The Cursed Child (2016 May 7Release)
Japanese version of the book ISBN 978-4-86389-346-7 (2016May 11Release)

Manual by JK Rowling

Hogwarts School Designated Textbook 1 "Phantom animals and their habitats"
Fantastic beasts and where to find them
Japanese version of the book ISBN-4 915512-43-6 (Released in 2001)
Japanese children's library ISBN 978-4-86389-252-1 (Released on November 2014, 5)
Japanese new edition (ISBN-978 4863893795) And new edition e-books (ISBN 978-1-78110-916-8) (Released on April 2017, 4)
Newt Scamander(Newt Scamander) (Actual author is JK Rowling)
Hogwarts School Designated Textbook 2 "Quidditch now and then"
Quidditch Through the Ages
Japanese version of the book ISBN-4 915512-44-4 (Released in 2001)
Japanese children's library ISBN 978-4-86389-251-4 (Released on November 2014, 3)
Japanese e-book version (released May 2016, 5)ISBN 978-1-78110-718-8
Japanese new edition ISBN-978 4863893801 (Released on November 2017, 4)
Written by Kennilworthy Whisp (actual author is JK Rowling)
In the UK, the country of origin, 100% of the publisher's sales are donated, and by the Japanese publisher, Shizuyama, 70% is donated to charity.

The following are e-books only. The author is JK Rowling. The Japanese version will be released on September 2016, 9.

"Hogwarts Incomplete & Uncertain"
ISBN 978-1-78110-662-4
"Essay Collection Hogwarts Courage, Hardship and Dangerous Hogaku"
ISBN 978-1-78110-661-7
"Essay Collection Hogwarts Power, Politics, and Mischief-loving Poltergeist"
ISBN 978-1-78110-663-1

The story of the troupe Beedle

"The story of the troupe Beedle"
The Tales of Beedle the Bard
Japanese version of the book ISBN 978-4-915512-75-9 (2008May 12Release)
Japanese version paperback book ISBN 978-4-86389-221-7 (Released on November 2013, 9)
Japanese new edition and new edition e-book ISBN-978 4863893818 (Released on November 2017, 4)
A collection of fairy tales that exist in the story, written by JK Rowling after the completion of the "Harry Potter" series. A part of it is also introduced in Volume 7 of this volume.
Originally, Rolling handmade seven books and presented them to acquaintances of the inner circle. One of them was put up for auction and was released. Revenue is charity CHLG[Note 2]Will be donated to.

Differences between national editions

The "Harry Potter" series has been published around the world and has been translated into 2008 languages ​​as of 67, with a total of 4 million copies worldwide (of which the first is 1 million copies).best sellerIt has become. In a rare placeLatin[10]-Ancient greek[11]It is also translated into languages ​​that are not used in everyday life.

In addition, the author Rolling strongly opposes the conversion of his own e-book, and the e-book version of the "Harry Potter" series was not sold, but in 2012 the official store "Pottermore"ThanEPUBFormat sales have started. There is a series set for each work, and American English version and British English version are prepared respectively.[12].. Japanese e-books such as "Pottermore" from September 2016Amazon KindleIt came to be handled by.

Book form

English edition
UK / UK version (original)
In England, the home country of the author Rolling, it is sold by Bloomsbury. Up to Volume 1-Volume 4, paperback was the main focus, but from Volume 5 onwards, hardcover is the main focus. In addition to colorful bindings using illustrations for children, there is also a chic design (adult version) with color photographs on a black background for adults. There was also an adult version with a simpler design using black-and-white photographs, but it has not been released since Volume 5. In 2010, a new edition was released by Claire Melinsky on a white background.PrintThe design has a simple illustration of the wind.
In the original British version,illustrationNo unusual fonts other than general italics are used.
USA / US version
Released by Scholastic Corporation, it has the largest number of publications among the national editions. About some words in the American versionAmerican EnglishIs revised and published[13].. Especially the first American version of "Philosopher's Stone"InfomationIt was changed to "the Sorcerer's Stone" and published at the strong request of. In England, the word "philosopher" means "witch" (alchemyWhile the nuance of "master" is transmitted to the reader, in the United States, the reader associates "philosopher" with "philosopher" and rarely leads to "witch".British EnglishとAmerican EnglishWas the reason the US side insisted. The word "Sorcerer" was already widely known in the United States and elsewhere as a word for "witch", but Rolling later said that he opposed the title change if he was in a strong position at the time.[14].. In addition, Harry's best friend Ron Weasley and his brothers described Mrs. Weasley as "M" in the UK version.uCalled "m", but in the US version "M"oIt is "m". On the other hand, the author strongly insisted that "Mrs. Weasley is Mum and does not fit the image of Mom", so now[from when?]Then it has been changed to "Mum".
In the American version, illustrations by Mary Grand Pre are inserted at the beginning of each chapter. In addition, unusual fonts are used to express letters and newspaper articles.
Many languages ​​use the cover of the American version, such as the Chinese version, Korean version, Portuguese version, and Norwegian version.
German version
CarlsenReleased from. It's a hardcover only, with no illustrations and no unusual fonts.
The author's name is written as "JOANNE K. ROWLING" (first name is listed). The cover page is by Sabine Wilharm for all seven volumes. Each chapter is not numbered and has no table of contents.
French version
Released by Gallimard. Paperback center. The cover page is by Jean-Claude Gotting for all seven volumes.
Spanish version
Released by Emece.
Italian version
Released from French & European Pubns.
Chinese version
Translated separately by region. Since the translators and publishers are different, the translations are different, and the characters and customs used are different, so the proper nouns and spells in the work are translated differently. The traditional Chinese version of Volume 1 was published three months earlier, but subsequent volumes were published at about the same time (a few days different).
繁体字Edition (TaiwanEdition)
Released by Crown Publishing Company.
Simplified charactersEdition (People's Republic of ChinaEdition)
People's Literature Publishing HouseReleased from. The original is the American version, and the cover and illustrations are also diverted. In addition to the emphasized part of the original text, the font of the letter text has also been changed, but all are general fonts, not strange fonts. There are also a few footnotes at the bottom of the page for words related to British culture and place names.
Japanese version
ShizuyamashaReleased from. The translator is the whole volumeYuko Matsuoka.. A hardcover version and a mobile version (new book size softcover) have been released, influenced by the American version, and in addition to letters and newspaper articles, fonts have been changed to dialogue. Volumes 4 and after are separate volumes (but not sold separately) in the first and second volumes. The cover and the illustrations at the beginning of each chapter are all 7 volumes.Dan Schlesinger(The new version isMiho Satake)by.

recent years[When?]Is often sold in a total of 20 volumes.

Proper nouns in the work

The "Harry Potter" series is named with meaning in most proper nouns.[15]However, the translation status of proper nouns differs depending on the circumstances of each language.

Chinese(Especially繁体字In the version), "Sirius Black (Sirius Black)Sirius Black) ”And“ Kosenjo Toseki (Nymphadora Tonks) ”, Which is translated with an emphasis on meaning in personal names.[Note 3].SlovenianSo, after translating the proper noun into Slovenian, the spelling is slightly changed.[16].. However, in making a movieWarner BrothersRequested not to change the person's name, and translators in each language complained about the movie company's domineering.[16].

Also, the initials of "RAB" that appears at the end of Volume 6Dutch,NorwegianIn such cases, the surnames of people were translated with an emphasis on meaning, so they became "RAZ" or "RAS". For this reason, it was sometimes possible to predict its identity by comparing it with other languages.

Comparison of translated words in major languages
JapaneseEnglishGermanFrench繁体字Simplified characters
Spirit BoxHorcruxesHorkruxHorcruxeHorcrux(Bunrei body)Soul vessel
Sorrowful sievePensieveDenkariumPensineProfitable BonMeibo Bon

Problems in the Japanese version

Translation issues

The success stories of Matsuoka and Shizuyama from the acquisition of translation rights to million sellers have attracted a great deal of attention in Japan.[17]Also, the translation had a good reputation[18][19][20].

On the other hand, translators and readers have pointed out problems with mistranslations, rare translations, and writing skills from Volume 1.[21]Around 2001, a mistranslation was pointed out by a child reader to Matsuoka.[19].. The main problems are listed below.

A simple mistranslation of the original text

Volume 1 Chapter 16
Original: sly the poison trie to hide. You will always find some on nettle wine's left side.
Since this was translated as "the place where the poisoned bottle is always on the left of the nettle liquor", the puzzle that makes sense in the original book is difficult to solve in the Japanese version. By setting this as "there is always a poisoned bottle to the left of nettle liquor", it becomes easier to obtain a partial answer. However, since the size of the bottle cannot be determined from the text, the reader cannot derive the complete answer from the text alone.[22][Broken link].
Volume 5 Chapter 25
Original: I'm on probation
Hagrid's remark was translated as "suspended", but it is a mistranslation because he continues to work at school after this remark.[21].. In the mobile version, it was changed to "candidate for suspension", but "probation" isProbationBecause it means, it is not corrected.
Volume 6 Chapter 20
Original: You are omniscient as ever, Dumbledore.
This is a line that Dumbledore pointed out that Voldemort had been waiting for his minions at the inn Hog's Head in a nearby village, although he seemed to have no intention of looking for a job. The word "knowledge" is out of the question when people point out suspicious behavior and return it. omniscient also has a meaning like "omniscient", but in this situation, "it's a prospect" and "it's a clairvoyant" are correct.[21].. In the mobile version and paperback version, it has been revised to "Dumbledore, you still know everything."

Japanese translation original adaptation

This series is1990 eraThis is a very recent story (from the time of writing) set in England.

In the original book, some characters have an accent[Note 4]And characteristic habits[Note 5]Is given and expresses individuality, but in Japanese it is more than EnglishFirst personAnd wording are diverse (Role wordSee also).

Therefore, there are many characters whose impressions are completely different between the original and the Japanese version due to the use of first-person and wording that deviates from the era setting of the 1990s.Meiji UniversityProfessor and translatorHiroshi Takayama"The intersection of the old world of magic and the world of modern teenagers is the real thrill of this work, but in the Japanese translation, conversational sentences and ordinary sentences are confused and difficult to read."[21].. In addition, many old-fashioned words such as "chozuya," "bad guy," and "hatago" are also criticized as "bad sense."[21].. If it is too unnatural as a colloquial, it has been corrected in the dubbed and subtitled movie version.

In addition, special fonts, bold letters, enclosing characters, shaded characters, and illustration-style enclosing characters are often used in the text, but all of them are unique to the Japanese translation, which is not in the original Bloomsbury version. .. This was given by Matsuoka's interpretation that the reader should be able to inflate the image in order to avoid the restriction that illustrations cannot be used in the text due to the intention of the original author.[19].

Ignore settings and worldview

Hiroshi TakayamaCriticized the cut of the Hogwarts coat of arms on the inside cover of the British version, and said, "I think it is the translator's responsibility to introduce the world view of the story with a minimum of consideration before translation." And[21].. However, the non-publication of the coat of arms is also done in the German version, and it is not a problem only in the Japanese version.

Misuse of Japanese

There are many places where the Japanese vocabulary is used with a meaning different from the correct Japanese meaning.

Volume 4 Chapter 3
Original: He had said the magic words.
A scene where Harry complains to his uncle that it seems to be effective. The Japanese translation says "I complained about killing", but "killing complaining" is a word that makes the other person happy and attracts, and it is not an effective "threatening complain", so it is a mistake.[21].
Volume 5 Chapter 4
Original: he said the owls might be intercepted.
"That person said that the owl might be intercepted on the way," it is translated. "intercept" means to catch on the way and intercept (radio waves), but in this case it is possible to catch the owl and check the contact details. In the first placeInterceptionIs a word used for radio waves, so it is wrong as Japanese[21].

Other issues related to expression

In October 2, the civil society group "Cleft Lip and Palate" protested and demanded the deletion of the problematic part, saying that "there is a discriminatory expression against congenital diseases" in the work of Volume 2000 "Secret Room". Shizuyama-sha, together with the author, consulted with this civic group and responded that in November of the same year, "the relevant part will be deleted from the 10th edition." Citizens' groups sent a request in December of the same year to give consideration to each prefectural board of education and libraries and bookstores nationwide.[23].

Problems related to sales form

After the 2th volume, which is a set of 4 volumes, it is not possible to return the item.Responsible sales system, Also known as a purchase system) ”, which caused the same risk as general retailers. Regarding this point, it was also a request from the bookstore industry side because it became difficult to obtain Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3.[24].. In addition, since the publisher, Shizuyama, is a small publisher, there is also a situation on the publisher side that the risk of having a large number of returns as a result of receiving a large order is not small.

Volume 2004 "Order of the Phoenix" was released on September 9, 1 with 5 million sets in the first edition, but only 290% ​​sold within two weeks.[25].. Immediately after its release, it became a bestseller with over 200 million copies sold, but the bookstore industry screamed because of the large inventory of the circulation.[24].. This is because the order from the bookstore was accepted and issued as it was, and it has been pointed out that the publisher (Shizuyama), the agency (Tohan), and the bookstore are not well coordinated.[26].

High net from the Japan Bookstore Association[Note 6]Dissatisfaction with the adoption of the purchase-out system and Shizuyama's failure to advertise has been expressed multiple times.[27][28].. In response to this situation, Yuko Matsuoka said, "I expect to sell a lot by Christmas. We also want to support it with newspaper advertisements."[26].. As a result, a catch phrase that revealed the content of the work was posted in an advertisement in December, causing controversy.

After that, in Volumes 6 and 7, the bookstore refrained from placing orders, so there were no problems as in Volume 5.


The "Harry Potter" seriesWarner BrothersWas made into a movie by. In 2001, the movie "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneWas released and received a great response, and sequels were produced one after another after that, and the shooting wasReevesden StudiosMade in.

Throughout all worksハ リ ーThe role isDaniel Radcliffe,RonThe role isRupert Grint,HermioneThe role isEmma Watson.

  1. "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"
  2. "Harry Potter and the Secret Room"
  3. "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"
  4. "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"
  5. "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"
  6. "Harry Potter and the Mysterious Prince"
  7. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART1"
  8. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART2"

In 2016, the spin-off movie "Fantastic Beast and the Wizard's JourneyIs released[29], It is planned to be a total of 5 parts.


"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child(Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) ”in the summer of 2016West end Of(English edition)Performed at. A new story by JK Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany[5], This stage is a continuation of the novel of all seven chapters, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows19 to 22 years later, Harry and his son Albus appear.[30][31].

The script will be released as the 8th volume (final volume) of the series on July 2016, 7, and the Japanese version of the script will be released on November 30, 2016.[31].

Japan also,TBSTo commemorate the 70th anniversary of the opening of the station, TokyoTBS Akasaka ACT TheaterIt will be performed in the summer of 2022. Prior to this, the TBS Akasaka ACT Theater began a large-scale renovation in 2021 and will be reborn as a theater exclusively for "Harry Potter". The performance period will be an unlimited long-run format.

Computer games

Only those released and distributed in Japan are listed.


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  1. ^ James PotterとSirius BlackAnecdote of, written for charity. Included in "Whats Your Story Postcard Collection". Since the photo was released online the day after the successful bid, it can be viewed online.[1]
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  3. ^ Chinese version "Harry Potter Chinese translationSee also.
  4. ^ Rubeus HagridSouthwestern England accent,Stan ShunpikeLondon accent,Fleur delacourFrench accent,Viktor KrumBulgarian accent etc.
  5. ^ Alastor Moody"Constant vigilance!",Nymphadora Tonks"Wotcher",Horace Slughorn"Oho" etc.
  6. ^ Net = The multiplication rate when the publisher (publisher) sells the book to the bookstore. High net = In this case, it means that the publisher has a large share.


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