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🤖 | Cosplayer Moe Iori shows off SELPHY through the mirror


Cosplayer Moe Iori shows off SELPHY through the mirror

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On this day, Iori appeared in "Moe Iori's CHUCHU Tuesday ~ Night Fukashi Radio ~".

On November 11th, cosplayer Moe Iori updated her Twitter account and showed off her self-portrait through the mirror.Iori is ... → Continue reading

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Yi weaving

Moe Iori(Iori Moe,May 1[3][4] -) isJapan OfCosplayers[5][6],Gravure idol[7],streamer[8],Radio personality[9],YouTuber[10]..Age is not disclosed[11].


Starting from a cosplayer, he is now active in various fields such as gravure and radio personality.Over 325 million major social media followers[12]

He has also been very active in the field of eSports, and has participated in Japan's largest eSports association "CR Cup" three times in a row as a female streamer.[13]

An official figure project is launched, triggered by a self-made cosplay at the event[14]Called to the official stage and appointed as an official cosplayer[15]There are many activities with self-made cosplay.In the production of cosplay costumes, sleep time is often reduced, but he says that it is fun, including the muddy smell.

Started full-scale gravure activities in 2018, originally liked gravure and sometimes buys 10 photo books a month[16]..During his time as a coterie, he set up his own studio, costumes, photography, etc., and did everything from retouching to printing.As a result, more and more commercial magazines are now doing their own styling and make-up.[17]

When I was little, I was shy and shy, but when I was asked to read a textbook, I was so embarrassed that I couldn't read it.[18]

He posted a bust-up photo on Twitter and left the saying, "It's a mountain and a valley at the same time."

Recorded No. 2019 sales with the appearance of the cover of Weekly Young Jump in 1[19].

You can shake your chest with just your muscles without using your hands[20].

New coronavirus infectionTo call on fans to refrain from weekends in the wake of the epidemicYouTubeStarted live streaming only on Sundays.Sometimes it was supposed to be live streaming of the game[21], Run youtubeGoogleSuddenly the channel itself was deleted without warning. I didn't know why it was deleted because I didn't know about the violation of YouTube's rules, but[22],2021 May 2Suddenly the channel returned to the state it was in before it was deleted.

I have an older brother and a younger brother.

Big game lover[23], Manga lover, electronic comic readerKindleHas more than 2000 comics and light novels, and says that the goal is to read 2019 to 2500 by the end of 3000.[24].

When asked what should be done to make cosplay a job, the most important thing is to always respect the character you are cosplaying and its series, cultivate motivation and passion for the character, and use it to create creators. It is said that it will not be possible as a job without the cooperation of the right holder.[25].

The particularity of his costume is the silhouette[26].

2021 May 3Until then, he was active as an individual, but from April 4st of the same year on his YouTube channelPP EnterpriseWas announced to belong to[27][28].

In the interview program "CREATIVE TRAIN", "When I have time, Iori Moe" about once every three minutes.EgosurfingThen, I will search for what everyone thinks about Moe Iori. "[29].

Hobbies & Skills

Sewing, flower arrangement, tea ceremony[30][31]

FPS,Monster Hunter: World,Overwatch[30][31]DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Apex Legends

Disc dog, camp[32]

Studying Chinese[33]

Start embroidery by refraining from going out

My favorite food is omelet rice[34].




TV drama

Music video

ASCA "CHAIN" (2020)[55]

XIIX"Halloween Knight" (2020)[56]

Television Animation



Photo album

  • "My Tomoe" (Kodansha, Released November 2019, 1)[65]
  • "Secret Story" (Akita Shoten, released on October 2021, 10)[66]


Other activities

  • LOL Wairif Official Creator Recruitment Project Official Director (October 2020-)[67]
  • EDION eSports Ambassador (January 2021-)[68]
  • "League of Legends: Wild Lift" eSports Official Ambassador (April 2021-)[69]


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