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🧑‍🎨 | Our youth!Thank you mart "Pichi Pichi Pitch" product is like an appendix and it's a demon


Our youth!Thank you mart "Pichi Pichi Pitch" product is like an appendix and it's a demon

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In addition to each Thank You Mart store, you can also purchase at online shops (official, Yahoo! shop, Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon).

[From Thank You Mart, collaboration goods of "Pichi Pichi Pitch" are on sale!Adult fans who were girls at the time also carry around ... → Continue reading


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EC site(EC site) means our own products (in the broad sense, products of other companies) and services,インターネットOwn operation of the aboveWebsiteでSaleIt is a site that does. What is ECEnglish: electronic commerce(Electronic Commerce =E-commerce) Stands for.

Multiple companies and individual shopsインターネットThe website of the form that opens in one place above,Electronic mallSee the item.

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利 点

  • Since the company sells its own products and services, it is easy for the seller to be clear, recognized, and trusted.
  • To some extent, they can provide services and products freely.
  • brandSuch as strategyMarketing strategyCan be done easily.
  • A courier delivers them to your home without having to carry bulky or heavy luggage yourself.


  • WebsiteCapital investment for construction and maintenance is required.
  • It is inferior to the online shopping mall in terms of products and services.
  • It is easy to compare prices with other stores, so price competition is likely to occur.
  • Since it is not possible to pick up the actual product and make a judgment, recognition and discrepancies may occur when the product is actually purchased.Especially in the fashion field such as clothes and shoes, there may be problems such as size differences, small parts that are difficult to understand on websites, and dislike of the actual color and design.
  • EC site is closed due to maintenance,Credit bureau(Empire data bank,Tokyo Shoko Research), the credit bureau may conduct an investigation on the operating company if the information indicates that the operating company will be legally arranged.[1].. In factAmish,Caskidson Japan,AquamarineHowever, due to maintenance of the EC site, etc., the business collapsed immediately after taking a leave.

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注 釈


Thank you mart

Thank you mart (THANK YOU MART) isElsonic Co., Ltd.A Japanese clothing store chain operated by.Mainly targeted at female junior and senior high school students, all products are sold uniformly for 390 yen (excluding tax).[2].


In 1994Osaka-American VillageThe first store opens as a second-hand clothing specialty store[3]..Initially, we handled used clothing imported directly from the United States and Europe.[4], Currently has clothing, clothing, miscellaneous goods, etc.[5]..In addition, we also handle collaboration goods with famous characters and illustrators.[6][7], We are also selling make-up products under the original brand "CANDY BUNNY" from September 2019.[8].

The operating company, Elsonic Co., Ltd., was acquired by the investment fund Japan Industrial Promotion Organization in September 2018.[2][9][10].

Carried Products

The items of the products we handle are as follows.Especially for beauty appliances, hair irons, which have been sold as original products since August 2019, have become popular products.This product isIndustrial Management UniversityAs a collaborative project with, it became a hot topic because it was developed with reference to the opinions of students belonging to the university.[11][12]..In addition to the products below, we also handle imported confectionery from overseas.[13].

  • Clothing (T-shirts, tops, bottoms)
  • Clothing (bags, pouches, and other accessories)
  • Smartphones and mobile supplies (smartphone cases, smartphone rings, and other accessories)
  • Beauty appliances (hair irons, humidifiers, etc.)
  • Cosmetics (makeup supplies, cosmetics miscellaneous goods)
  • Miscellaneous goods (key chains, stationery, various cases, watches, etc.)
  • Collaboration goods (characters, illustrators)

Stores in Japan

As of 2020,Shikoku regionApproximately 60 stores in the area excluding[3]Is being deployed.

Store development in various facilitiesRoadside store opening


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