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📺 | Katsuhiro Higo and Mitz Mangrove appear in "Ken Shimura and Drif's LOL Story"!


Katsuhiro Higo and Mitz Mangrove will appear in "Ken Shimura and Drif's LOL Story"!

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"Ken Shimura and Drif's LOL Story" will be broadcast on Fuji TV from 12:27 on Monday, December 21th.

An additional cast of the drama "Ken Shimura and Drif's LOL Story", which depicts Ken Shimura's half-life, has been announced. "Shimura ... → Continue reading

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From July 12st until July 27th

Ken Shimura

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: For portrait photosImage providedplease.(2020/4

Ken Shimura(Ken Shimura,1950 Showa25 years>May 2[1] - 2020 Reiwa2 years>May 3[3][4]) IsJapan Ofcomedian,comedian,chairperson.Higashimurayama cityHonorary citizen.

The DriftersWhile playing an active part as a member of, he continued to show off his Tale on his own program until his death.During lifeWatanabe ProductionThroughIzawa officeTransferred to, also a member of The Drifters,2004 (HeiseiLike Chosuke Ikariya, who died in 16), he remains a registered figure after his death.

1973 The old art name up to is "Ken Shimura".In the early days of Drifters, "Ken ShimuraThere was also a notation in the name.Real name TheYasunori Shimura(Shimura Yasuri)[5]so,Component writersIt was credited under his real name.


primary schoolTeacherWas my fatherConstitution(KenBoss(The(1918 Taisho7 years>- 1973 <Showa 48>) and mother(numberChild(This(1919 <Taisho 8>- 2015 <27>) as the third sonTokyoKitama-gunHigashimurayama Town (currently Tokyo)Higashimurayama city) Is born. Two older brothers (oldest sonKnowledge(BothOf(snowAnd the second sonBeauty(BodySasaki(Male(Contact) IsUniversityAfter graduating from, he became a civil servant, but he did not go to college and decided to live a different life.The stage name "Ken" is taken from my father's name.[6].

Elementary school

I'm doing all the weird things[Note 2]The reason was the athletic meet in the first grade of elementary schoolI got a poopSo he started doing something interesting to erase that image.[7]..When I was in the XNUMXth grade of elementary school, I listened to a rakugo record at a friend's house and imitated it at a class meeting.Drunk TaleIs unveiled for the first time[Note 3].

Junior high school

My father was a strict person and he didn't laugh at home, so he was very hungry for laughter, but it was still rare at that time.tv setIn a comedy showComic,RakugoOnly when I was watching, I was able to forget the unpleasant daily life[Note 4]..According to Shimura, "Only when I was watching a comedy program, my father was laughing aloud."[Source required], From that experienceComedianSince I was a junior high school student, I decided to work on laughter in earnest.When Shimura was a junior high school student, his father lived as a teacher at a fixed time every day and came back to work, and he thought that such a life was unbearable.[8]..I spend every day studying hard to be promoted to the principal[Note 5], Shimura thought it was a "boring life"[Source required].

Around this time, I was working part-time in the neighborhood of my house for my pocket money, and I called myself "Steady and hard worker[Note 6].

Higashimurayama Municipal Higashimurayama Daini Junior High School is often used for cultural festivalsControlIt is said that he was showing offTokoro GeorgeWith the relatives ofBandI once formed[Source required]..A Beatles fan, I was attracted to and influenced by his rebellious spirit (long hair and clothes)[11].

High School days

It was newly established because of the policy of parents, "Go to a metropolitan area that does not cost money".Tokyo Metropolitan Kurume High SchoolBecame the first student of the same high school.Thirteen people, including Shimura, took the same high school exam from junior high school, and the teacher said, "Shimura wouldn't be possible," but only one passed.[Source required]..At the same high school, to leave school at the same time as the woman who cares[12]Toサ ッ カ ーBelong to the department,GoalkeeperPlayed an active part as[Source required].

Following junior high school, high school also performed a contest at a school festival[Note 7]Yes,Paint the belly band black around the mouth in the form of Steteco,Tempuku TrioIt is said that there are still photos that look like this.As a cheerleader, to cheerControl 55Incorporating the movement of "Why is that so?I also adopted a gag called ".With good friends in the schoolIn a white coat for a chemistry class, I walked with a big face like a teacherWas.

When I was in the second year of high school, I went to see the Beatles' performance in Japan at the Nippon Budokan.[Note 8]..High school was a uniform,Turtleneck with long hair due to the influence of the BeatlesI went to school.

Byte isGolf course caddyAnd was a carrier[Note 9].

Around this time, my father was out of focus due to the aftereffects of a traffic accident, and there was no opposition from his parents regarding his apprenticeship.[15].

After making a debut in the entertainment world from an attendant, entered the Drifters

1968 October[16]Just before graduating from high schoolIkariya ChosukeDirectly to the house and apply for apprenticeship.

Tohru Yuri,Control 55, I was wondering which of Drifters to become a disciple, but I chose Drifters from the aspect of musicality (I visited Yuri Toru when I was in my second year of high school and volunteered to become a disciple, but I was told that I would change my mind when I went to college and was refused. I decided to enter the entertainment world with a high school diploma because of this[17]).While it was snowing, I kept waiting for Ikariya to come home for about 12 hours, but I was paid in advance.Roadie (Attendant)Was tentatively hired on the condition that the members quit and there were vacancies.Ikariya later said, "I don't remember telling you to wait just because I was there when I got home."

Called a week laterKorakuen HallThen, Shimura, who was officially told by Ikariya to be hired as a roadie for Drifters, answered, "Then, I'll come when I graduate from (high school)."AomoriFrom the next day, I was taken to a tour of Aomori, etc., and soon became busy. The high school graduation ceremony took time only in the morning of the day, attended the ceremony in a hurry, and returned to work.[18]..The monthly salary at this time was 4500 yen[19].


Kato teaEven though he became an uchideshi, he escaped once in a year or so.[Note 10][Note 11],bartenderI was working part-time.There was a lot of noise among the members saying that they had escaped because their friends had forgotten to tell.When I came back, it was difficult to go to Ikariya's house, so I went to Kato's house and asked for it, and when I asked him to kiss me, he said, "I think I often like the guy who is a disciple twice." He allowed me to come back.After that, he stayed at the Kato family for a while as an attendant of Kato.

Mac Bonbon formed and disappeared

1972 , At the age of 22Atsushi IyamaComedy combinationMac Bon BonWas formed,Shimura KenDebuted in the entertainment world with the stage name[Note 12]..Shimura responded to Iyama's blurPut a tsukkomi on your face with your feet from a standing positionThey will show off their body-filled material and gain popularity as the undercard of the Kayo show. Baseball material that moves and laughsAndGolden Half storyFor the elderlyKunoue Dan Goro IchizaTomi-san[Note 13]Etc. are shown in the undercard[20]..The motto is to change the content according to age and not to blame the customer no matter what.[21].. As early as October, the TV program "Gingira! Bonbon!"("Soap bubble holiday』After the show, after changing the broadcast timeSoap bubble bonbon』Renamed to), the entertainment world debutCrown programFortunately, the popularity is sluggish due to low name recognition and lack of material (Ikariya was worried about that even before the regular TV was decided).May 12The program was discontinued due to broadcast, and Iyama left at this point (disappearance).After that, the combinationSDFWe welcomed Masao Fukuda, who was originally from Japan, but Fukuda wasn't aspiring to the entertainment world in the first place, and he didn't even get into the material at all, so he disappeared naturally.

Member apprentice

Shimura returned to Drifter's attendant, but immediately after returning1973 In December, treated as a "member apprentice", renamed "Shimura Ken", and joined Drift.[Note 14].. Initially, the opening telop for "Meeting All" was "Apprentice".

To official members

1974 May 3WithArai NoteLeft,May 4Was promoted to an official member of Drifters.At this time, Ikariya is a new member of the same age as himself and Arai.Toyooka YutakaJoin[22][23],as well asSuwa ShinjiI was also considering promotion of, but it was Shimura's turn[24], Young Shimura was appointed by Kato's recommendation[Note 15].. At that time, Shimura was 24 years old.

Hit with "Higashimurayama Ondo"

Became a Drifter member and took charge of the guitar.It's been about two years since I became a regular member of Drifters (the stage name at this time was "Ken ShimuraThere was also a notation of "), but the gag was not so good for ShimuraslumpWas the era of.

The turning point was "8 o'clock! Everyone gatheredIn the corner of "Boys and Girls Chorus"Higashimurayama OndoBy singing, this made him a huge hit.

From the members at that timeHigashimurayama redneckShimura, who had been treated, was sung by Higashimurayama Ondo during the lesson, but he received it and decided to try it on the stage.[25]..First appearance1976 May 3 OfNiigata Prefecture Public HallAt the same corner of the live live broadcast atNiigataAs a song named afterOkada SadoWas sung by all, and then the songs of the hometowns of guests and drift members were sung. So Shimura decided to showcase the local "Higashimurayama Ondo", and remake at the production stage to complete 4-chome. I felt the response to this, and the leader Ikariya sang and composed 3rd cue, and 1st part by the lyrics and composition of Shimura was added, and these 3 songs were sung together in production. Then, they said, "It's better to sing at the end of this corner every time," until finally the costumes for each chome were made, and especially 1 chome made the audience and viewers laugh with various costumes every time. Shimura's “Higashimurayama Ondo” contributed greatly to the rise of name recognition in Higashimurayama City.Later).

IkariyaTsukkomiIn the driffBlurI am often in charge of, but I was a tsukkomi in the MacBonbon era, so IkariyapolypAs a substitute for Ikariya when you cannot speak after surgeryTsukkomiI was also in charge of. Even in the latter half of "All-Member Assembly", there were some Tale who turned to Tsukkomi by making female singers and Kato out of focus.In the Katken combination, Kato was basically out of focus and Shimura was in charge of Tsukkomi.Beat takeshiWhen he played "Comte", Shimura was just turning around with a blur of Takeshi.

In addition,Kenji SawadaWithControlIn-house communication and a breathtaking combination are popular (see details)#Kenji SawadaSee).1979 With Kato ChaMustache dance"1980 Is♪ It ’s a crow ’s selfishness ~"(Nursery rhyme"Seven children』Parody) gained popularity.

1981 May 2,Nakamoto construction,TBSProducer'sMasaka IisakuWith horse racingChiselReceived arbitrary hearing on suspicionDocument inspectionIt was discovered that it was done. Decorating the social aspect and top of newspapers at that time,Asahi ShimbunThe heading is "It's a flea betting ticket!"Met.Nakamoto and his work, which had a large stakeInformal prosecutionFineHowever, because Shimura had a small bet of 1 yen,Prosecution delayBecame. In this case, he became humble for a month with Nakamoto, and for a while after that, he forgot to appear in "All-Member Assembly" etc.Nagatanien OfSprinkleThe CM has also been revised to a version in which only three people except Shimura and Nakamoto have appeared. Also, in a control with Kato tea in "Driff LOL", he said to the bokeh using Kato's horse, "I do not have good memories with horses," Kato smiled and said, "I worked a lot. That time"[Note 16]In other Tale, there was a scene where Kato laughed at Shimura about the act of flea.[Note 17].

Pin activity

1985 "All-Member Assembly" is over, and as a later program1986 ToKato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV] Started. Kato is out of focus and Shimura is in charge of Tsukkomi. After that, the first crown program "Excuse me for Shimura Ken!], [Ken Shimura is okay.], [Ken Shimura's fool, Etc., other than Driff members (Tashiro Masashi-Noriko Matsumoto-Nobuyoshi Ogino-Yoko Ishino-Ostrich club) And more activities. From this timeStrange uncleEstablished a unique control style that is different from Drifters, and became the second most popular peak, but suffered from gastric ulcer after that.[26].

1988 OfNew Year's EveIsHideki YamanakaWith the news program "Date Line Special EditionI was in charge of the caster.

1996 In the middle of the nighttime regular, "Shimura 〝X〟" "Shimura〝 XYZ 〟" "Shimura 〝X〟 heaven"2000 Was in charge.

Death theory

1996 Suddenly around September, "Ken ShimuraDeath theory"ButPC communicationDisseminate nationwide through[27].

The rumor spread with a tail fin,Gunma OfAkagi International Country ClubIn acuteMyocardial infarctionI died suddenly." "OzeWhile sightseeingOzenumaAnd drowned." "た ば こBecause of too much oflung cancerso,TochigiStandCancer centerIn Tochigi PrefectureNational roadTraffic accidentI was caught in a car and died in an accident."XNUMXth dayIt is not announced until after the decree has passed (I died at this timeKiyoshi AtsumiIs said to have written in his will "Do not announce until the XNUMXth day of the memorial service."" Developed into. The Tochigi Cancer Center came up with an unusual statement that "Shimura (Koutoku) was not hospitalized".May 9Is the personIntercomI had a press conference over there, and it became a situation to appeal to my health.

About this matter, he was Shimura's attendant and driver.Gesotaro KawakiteiHas finished the national online program of Shimura's golden time[Note 18], Moved to the midnight zone of Kanto local[Note 19]The exposure has decreased.In addition, with a limousine that stands out because there is room in the scheduleUtsunomiya CityWitnesses misunderstood that there was a Tochigi Cancer Center in the neighborhood after going to a golf course in Tokyo.[28][29].

After the turmoil subsidedTakagi BooHe heard that he was saying, "At this time, a person called "Shimuraken" was in the northern Kanto region.[Note 20]It was because he was confused with Shimura.” (Shimura's real name is Kotoku and Shimura Ken is a stage name).

after that

1997 From the second half onward, he was often called as a guest on variety shows.In addition, entertainers who grew up watching Shimura on TV when they were children began to pay attention again, and reached the third peak of popularity.However, unlike the previous peak, he was treated in a heavy position, and the degree of exposure was mild compared to the peak.

1998 May 12,21st Century Project-New Year's 30-hour TV Shows today only!』In the latter half, appeared with Kato.

On the other hand, after the end of "All-Member Assembly" in 1985, I wanted to open up a new frontier as a serious actor, but on a different line with Kato,The criminal role of "Furuhata Renzaburo"He refused to offer as an actor and consistently believed that he would not appear as an actor on TV shows or movies other than Comte or Variety.[Note 21]Shimura,1999 The movie "Railroad worker (Poppya)』Appeared in.At homeAnswering machineToKen TakakuraSince the message of the direct request for appearance was left, he revealed the reason for the appearance, saying, "I couldn't say that I wouldn't appear even though Mr. Takakura offered me."The recording tape at this time is said to have been carefully preserved as a heirloom.In addition, the role in charge of the movie is a person who does not appear in the original in a scene that is not in the original.

After that, after appearing in "Railway Worker", he had never appeared in the movie except for some voice actors, but the movie "The movie scheduled to be released in December 1"Kinema God]Shogi ShibataIt was announced that he will play the double starring role, which meant that he was expected to appear in the movie for the first time in about 20 years since "Railroad Worker". However,New coronavirusI was forced to decline due to being infected with, and eventually I could not finish the appearance and on March 2020, 3pneumoniaDied in[30]..Shimura's substitute isKenji SawadaWill serve.

Co-starred in "Bakaden"TohachiroWhen asked, "Why can Mr. Higashi perform stupid acting even at a good age?", From the east, "The entertainer is trying to make him think that he is really clever, and he is facing a cultural person. That's it. "Shimura was deeply impressed with the words and repeatedly stated that he had respect for the east.

1990 eraShimura was very shy until the middle of the day, and because he was not good at free talk, he rarely appeared on talk-based variety programs.Talk variety showI was welcomed when I went to, but Tsukkomi was still my main job (this was a feature common to other drift members). Initially, most of the appearances were in the appearance of making a wig for a control (such as "Uncle Uncle" and "Bakaden"), but for Shimura, who used to be a control player, it would be possible to appear on variety shows. This is because I feel embarrassed because I don't know what to do. "I'm not good at appearing in talk shows that talk about myself, and the ground voice is low-pitched," he said.2002 May 5Was broadcast onI will not give up] Also said. After that, however, after gaining frequent guest appearances on various talk shows, he has also appeared in both faceless and control makeup.

2000 eraSince then, he is known as a healthy nerd and animal lover, and not only as a comediancommentatorHe was also active as a target.However, as a theory, he cast a question mark in interviews with several magazines about the ideal way of talking mainstream TV programs.He also lamented the TV recession, and even in his own control, "Quiz showToo many"Historical dramaWas slumped". He is also a jury member in comedy award races and contests, and it is a competition for comic talent while specializing in comets.THE MANZAI 2014Then appeared as a judge[31]. Also,Singing story king deciding matchBut he was a judge at the 2nd and 3rd competitions.[32][33].

2001 12 month "Ken ♀ ♂ KenIn the name ofKen NaokoDuet song withGin around Gin! Gin! Gin!Released.Next time2002 4 month "Fool and Princess Minimoni."Mini moni.Collaboration single withAin Gymnastics / Ain! Dance SongWas released (bothTsunku♂Is in charge of producing).

In December 2001, Masashi Tashiro, who had just been unscrupulous due to the voyeur incident, took a peek at the bath at the man's house andStimulantPossession againArrestShimura, who supported Tashiro's return to the entertainment world,Nobuyoshi OginoAlong with that, he commented that Tashiro was saying, "He did the worst, so I want him to disappear from the entertainment world." But,2009 October, Tashiro visited the dressing room in ShimuraDogezaI reported that I did it on my blog, and sent Yale to Tashiro on the blog.

2004 May 4, Who serves as MCGenius! Shimura Animal Garden』Started broadcasting.It will be a popular program, making full use of Shimura's personality, who is originally an animal lover and shy and fragile.

December 2004, 12, TokyoMitaka CityA thief invaded his house and was victimized by stealing watches and jewelry worth 1,000 million yen and cash of 40 yen.At the press conference, he couldn't hide the color of the confusion, saying, "It's annoying," but later commented to the criminal, "Please work properly and earn money," and finally concluded, "It's okay."Later, when the case was taken up in "Genius! Shimura Animal Garden", it was revealed that the pet dogs did not bark at the thief because they were friendly, and they smiled with a bitter smile, "I will not be a guard dog."It was also talked about that even though he had subscribed to home security, he was stolen before the guards rushed in.At that time, Shimura said,Excavation! A Certain Encyclopedia IIIt was an event that happened while I was in Osaka for the recording of[34].

2005 ,Beat takeshiIn collaboration with, he produced a one and a half hour conte program "Takeshi☆Shimura: The strongest laughter special in history!!". Ostrich clubTakeshi CorpsPart of also participated. At the end of the program, Shimura's三味 線TakeshiTap danceWas performed.

2006 In April, to pursue the "ideal comedy",Tokyo Metropolitan Theaterso"Shimura soul(Shimurakon)” will be performed. In the first half, "Bakasama-sama" and one control, in the second halfHiromi FujiyamaThe work "Ichihime Nitaro San Pumpkin"LaSalle IshiiPerformed the remake of the stage.

Since 2006, he has been updating his blog.In the blog, daily life etc. are written, and from the 60s, more and more people are writing about changes in their physical condition.

2007 In June, with the Tokyo Metropolitan TheaterChunichi TheaterThe second "Shimura Tamashii 2" will be performed. In addition to the first performance, "Tsugaru ShamisenWas performed.

2008 From May to July, the third "Shimura Tamashii 5" will be performed nationwide.In the second half, he performed a remake of Kanbi Fujiyama's work "Life Sugoroku".

2009 January,Galaxy theaterAnd the fourth "Shimura Tamashi 4" will be performed at the Chunichi Theater.2010 From July to August, the 7th "Shimura Tamashi -First Day of the Day-" was staged nationwide, and "First Day of the Sun" was staged in the second half.2011 In July, the 7th "Shimura Tamashi -First Day-Again!" will be performed at the Galaxy Theater.

2012 From June to July of the same year, the 6th stage "Shimura Tamashi -Senzen Kenko-" was staged nationwide, and "Senzen Kenko" was staged in the latter half.

2015 May 11Was the "most fan"[35]My mother died of old age. 96 years old. Shimura, who often wrote "Thanks to my mother" in the blog, announced comments such as "Please watch over support from heaven"[36][37].

Poor health

2016 May 8,pneumoniaIt turned out that he was hospitalized. Along with thisMay 8and21 daysThe performance "Shimura Tamashii" scheduled to be held in OsakaNew Kabukiza TheaterThe performance will be canceled[38][39]. afterwards,May 8Have been discharged to[40].. Until then, 1 boxes a dayた ば こIt was a heavy smoker that smoked, but after being shocked by this matter,Non smokingDid[41].. However, smoking habits for many years contributedEmphysemaIs said to have suffered from. Also, while there are many episodes about alcohol, in 2018CirrhosisAt that time, he was making a soft noise saying, "I can't do stupid things anymore."[42][43].

2020 May 2Confessed that he had undergone gastrectomy at a birthday party held in Tokyo. At that time, Shimura did not give details,Gastric cancerAlthough the attendees worried that it was because it was, it was found in the medical examination according to the office.polypAblationEndoscopic surgeryHe was hospitalized for 1 days in January, so he did not directly affect his work.[44].

Infection and death by new coronavirus

2020 May 3Complained of malaise, and rested at home. Fever on 19th of the same monthDifficulty breathingSymptoms began to appear, and on the next 20th, a doctor's visit was examined and the symptoms were severe.pneumoniaDiagnosed in TokyoMinato-kuI was urgently admitted to my hospital. After admission, I was unconscious from the stage when I switched to a ventilator on the 21st.[45].. At the time of hospitalizationNew coronavirusTest showed positive on the 23rd[46][47][48].. I was diagnosed as needing artificial heart lung on the 24th,Shinjuku ward OfNational International Medical Research Center HospitalTransfer toECMOWearing[49].. When admitted to the hospital, the lungs are also shadowed, and the airway is temporarily securedTracheal intubationWas also taken[47]..また、同日には保健所による調査で、3月17日が発症日であることと濃厚接触者の特定が完了したが、感染経路については不明とされたIn addition, on the same day, a survey by the public health center completed that March XNUMX was the day of onset and the identification of close contacts, but the infection route was unknown.[46][47].. In response to the inspection results, his first starring movie "To be released in December of the same year"Kinema God"ofCrank inHas been postponed[50], March 3, the office announced that it has declined to appear in the film[51].2020 May 323:10,New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)Died of pneumonia associated with[3][4][2]..Year 71 (died 70 years old).

At the time of his death, he was scheduled to perform in the local stage of his own stage, Ken Shimura, and Ken Shimura, as well as starring in a movie and appearing in a serial drama in the morning. It was a tragedy just before I was there.Shimura's news was reported in the breaking news of each TV station from around 30:9 on the following day.At the time of the breaking news, most TV stations were broadcasting live information programs in the morning, so the appearance of the performers who were surprised to know Shimura's breaking news was projected.Above all, at that timeRefreshing』, And had a close friendship with Shimura, co-starring in" Shimura Animal Garden "etc.Haruna KondoWas shocked and cried when he heard Shimura's news during the live broadcast.

When Shimura died,Kato teaLadriff members commented as follows:[52][53].

I hate Corona, who robbed Drifter's treasure and Japanese treasure.I would like to ask all of you to feel close to us and be careful.
Kato tea
I thought Drif had passed away in order, but the youngest Shimura would be next to Mr. Cho... I am very disappointed.
Shimura: It's too early, I'm gonna die before me. Three years ago, when I played Tale with Drifters for the first time in a long time, I said, "Mr. Takagi is over 3 years old and I'm doing my best, so I have to do my best too."I wanted to do Tale together again.I pray for the souls from the bottom of my heart.

Broadcasted on May 2020, 3What are you doing now?] As a guest[54].. It was recorded on March 3 of the same year, and this was the last program recorded in life.[55].

Condolences by Kato Cha

On April 2020, 4, the broadcast was decided in a hurry following the sudden death of Shimura.Fuji Television Network, IncIn the special program "Ken Shimura Memorial Special Program Thank you for laughing for 46 years"Condolence[56]Is reported to be read aloud[57]The same day, the situation was broadcast live. The following is the full text.


Shimura.... It's too terrible, you. The youngest of you would go to heaven without us. There would still be many things we had to do with us. You are stupid that you can go by yourself without permission.
Heaven's chief wouldn't have expected you to come first.I think I was surprised.I thought that Boo Takagi was next to Mr. Cho.However, I think the chief will be happy because we can talk about various things with just two people for the first time in a long time.
Well, I think we'll be going there in the near future, so please think with Dr. Drif's new story while drinking and drinking with him. Let's make those customers "lol" when the 5 people "gather all together". It's a promise.
Then take a rest until then. I love you Shimura.

April 2, 4nd Reiwa The Drifters, Kato Cha

In addition, in the same programNakamoto construction"Is exactly the same (with Kato)",Takagi Boo"I decided. I decided. (Omitted) It's different from ordinary people, we don't die Shimura. I'm still alive."

after death

Broadcast on March 2020, 3Continuous tv novel"Ale"soTV dramaFirst appearance in[58].Yamada KosakuAppeared from the broadcast on May 5[59].. When Shimura died suddenly on March 3, it was considered to take a picture again as a substitute, but there are thoughts of the staff who were impressed by the soul of Shimura's actors, so the shooting minutes will be broadcast as it is Trying to connect stories with narration[60].

2020 May 4,Night at ShimuraAs a follow-on program of "Shimura friends』Started broadcasting[61].DaigoEiji ShibataTo the MC, and a person with a connection to Shimura looks back on the control broadcast in the past and talks[62].. The program itself was planned from the life of Shimura, and was planned to be a program with a talk between Shimura and guests.

On May 2020, 5, it was announced that Kenji Sawada, who used to perform a lot of co-starring, will take the place of the main character Shimura was supposed to play in the movie "Kinema no Kami".[63].

Selected as an honorary citizen from his hometown of Higashimurayama, Tokyo on June 2020, 6.[64].

June 2020, 8, ``24-hour TV 43In the human documentary drama "Shimura-themed"No one knows Ken Shimura -the last message that left me-Was aired.The role of ShimuraHiroshige AikawaServed by[65].

2020th, April 9, 9Asakusa Performing Arts AwardIt was announced that it received the Special Achievement Award[66][67].

September 2020, 9, the birthplace of ShimuraHigashimurayama cityHowever, in honor of Shimura's achievements during his lifetime, Shimura'sBronze statueAnnounced to make[68].

2020th, April 10, 22ATP AwardReceived the TV Grand Prix Special Award.Koji Nakamoto attended the award ceremony on his behalf[69].

August 2021, 6,Seibu Railway-Higashimurayama StationA bronze statue celebrating Shimura's achievements was completed at the east exit, and an unveiling ceremony was held.[70].

National traveling exhibition "Ken Shimura's Bakushou Exhibition" from August 2021 (Planning and production: Fuji TV Izawa Office, production cooperation:Fuji Creative Corporation, Management cooperation: Yoshida planning)[71]But in OsakaNamba Skye(August 8th-September 6th), TokyoMatsuzakaya(I.e.Store (October 10nd-October 2th)[72][73], Miyagi / TFU Gallery Minimori (Tohoku Fukushi UniversitySendai Station East Exit Campus) (November 11-6), Ishikawa PrefectureKanazawa Mza(December 12- following yearHeld at 1 other locations nationwide (January 11)[74]..In addition, Nakamoto served as the opening store manager at the Tokyo exhibition.[72][73].



Soul music,Funk,jazzShows interest in music such as, a huge number at homerecordAnd CD collections. "Mustache danceBGM used inTeddy PendergrassOf "Do Me"RiffTheloopOr "Drift's tongue twister"Sugar Hill GangTo the impression of "Rappers Delight"Wilson PickettThe backtrack of "Don't Knock My Love" was set in, but this was found and recommended by Shimura, who liked soul music at the time.Furthermore, in the Drifters single "Drift's Bye Bye Bye" released after joining Shimura, Shimura's soulful match is also heard.

In charge of DrifGuitar(In the beginningKeyboard). You can see that he played the keyboard in the past band performance, but Takagi Buu said, ``I was a guitar I was in charge of Arai, Shimura who can only play the guitar became the guitar player''. ing[Note 22].. Play the shamisen according to the tap dance of Beat Takeshi in the program,MediumWhen I playedluteGuitarIs one of the techniqueschokingHe showed his skills as a bandman, such as showing off.

Since middle schoolビ ー ト ル ズフ ァ ン[75]..Perhaps because of this, he was in a band in the field when he was in junior high school (brother's talk).Beatles in JapanWhen I went to see, I took one hidden photo with the camera I brought[76], The photo has been panelized and published on a TV show. In that photoジ ョ ン · レ ノ ンWearing round sunglasses, it can be seen that it was a performance on July 1966, 7. The performance of the same day, neither sound source nor video, is not officially recorded.

perfumeA big fan of[77][78], Broadcasted on November 2015, 11 by Shimura's nominationSWITCH Interview Masters』(E Tele) Talked with Perfume[78][79].

Tsugaru ShamisenIs a hobby,Hiromitsu UzumaHe improved in a short period of time under the guidance of, and often performed in the latter half of the stage (such as "Shimura Tamashii").The reason was that Shimura, who was impressed by listening to his wife's song "Paper In The Air", asked his wife for guidance so that he could play the song.At first, Kamitsuma required a very high level of skill for "Paper In The Air", so even though he wanted to teach Shimura from the basics, Shimura was faster than expected. There is an anecdote that he has mastered "Paper In The Air".Shimura often performed the song "Paper In The Air" by his wife.

Music & Culture Magazine "jam』, Serialized the review of the album,Black musicIntroduced a lot of artists.He said that he started listening to soul because he was attracted to the slow songs.Otis Reddingwas[Note 23][81].. Livestreaming in 2020DOMMUNEIn the 5-hour program in memory of Shimura, which was distributed on TV, the title "FUNK SIDE of KEN SHIMURA" was introduced with a focus on the aspect of being a black music lover.[82].

Influence of each direction

Not only in Japan,Taiwan("It's okay"),Thailand("Kato-chan Ken-chan Gogengen TV"),India(Mosquito coilCM) is also well known. Also,(I.e.Senior government officialsEmbassy of Iran in JapanWhen I was a resident ambassador of Japan, I saw Shimura's control and became a big fan, and after returning home, I said "I want to invite you as a national guest",TehranThere is also a Shimura special corner in the rental video shop. In addition, I was met by one of the most popular foreigners in Japan and met in Roppongi.American soldierFrom "You areAmericaShould go to Everyone in my unit loves you.''[Note 24].


My father, Kenji, was an elementary school teacher, and after being promoted to vice-principal, he worked hard every day with the aim of being promoted to principal.It is said that Shimura scolded him severely when he learned about it after he went to junior high school because he was late for school lunch when he was in elementary school.However, in 1962 when Shimura was a junior high school student, in front of his houseTraffic accidentAnd get injured.At that time, it didn't seem to be important, but three years after the accident, Shimura had dinner, so when he went to the study, he was surprised because he was asked, "Which one?" That is.According to Shimura, Kenji at this timeIntracerebral hemorrhagebyMemory lossBy the time Shimura decided to become Drifter's attendant, he could hardly judge things, so even when Shimura actually became Drifter's attendant, Kenji did not object. Thing.Shimura's old man Tale clearly states in his book "Weird Uncle" that it is "modeled after his father at this time."Kenji took a leave of absence from school at the age of 47, and after that he began to take actions such as wandering around the town.He died at the age of 1973 in 54, the year before Shimura officially became a member of Drifters.Immediately before the TV recording, Shimura rushed in after being informed by a phone call from his mother, Kazuko, but recalled, "I couldn't see the face (of my deceased father)."

His mother, Kazuko, loves dancing and performing arts, and Shimura himself said, "I may have inherited my mother's personality." Kazuko has been supporting Shimura since he began his training as a drif's attendant, and has professed to be “the best fan of Ken Shimura” until his later years. He also appeared on TV himself, including co-starring with him, but died on November 2015, 11 at the age of 23. At that time, Shimura also wrote in his blogMy No. 1 fan mother diedOfficially said.

The eldest brother, Tomoyuki, worked as an employee of Higashimurayama City Hall until April 2017.Tomoyuki continued to work in the city as a temporary employee until he was 4 years old even after he retired as a regular employee at the age of 60.The day after he retired, TomoyukiTakashi WatanabeA photo of shaking hands with Mayor Higashimurayama was posted on Watanabe's twitter, and it became a hot topic that it was "just like Ken Shimura".[83].

Private life

When I was an attendant, I lived poorly and lacked food to eat. Other membersdressing roomRamenEven when he was eating, his attendant Shimura didn't have the money to order ramen, so he combined all the leftovers from the other members into a serving of ramen and ate it separately among his attendants.

At one point, I ordered rice, "Let's put it in the soup and eat it as a porridge," and while waiting for the members to leave the soup, everyone flattened it without leaving the soup, so Shimura involuntarily next to me. To the Kato tea that was there, "Mr. Kato! What is the position of this rice? I was angry.

In July 2011, Daisuke of his dog (Golden Retriever) Has died.


For transferRolls-Royce[Note 25][84][85]Was owned, but Shimura himselfAutomobile OfDriver's licenseI didn't have one, so I hired a dedicated driver.However, "Let's be popular!』PlanningDriving schoolI've driven a car only once.

Others, Stretch Limousine, Mercedes-Benz V-Class V350, Dodge Ram Van, Cadillac Escalade[86]Was used[84]..Two vehicles owned as a substitute for retirement allowance for three attendants after death[Note 26]Was sold[85].

Horse owner

Under his real name, Yasunori ShimuraAene BellHad 15 horses such as[87].

Sanriku Railway Yoshihama Station

August 2013, 3,Sanriku Railway South Rias Line-Yoshihama StationHe was appointed as a part-time stationmaster, and took office when the business resumed on April 4.at that time,Sanriku RailwayNestle JapanIt was one of the joint projects "Kit, Zutto Project 2013 with everyone in the world. Let's make the smiling cherry blossoms bloom in Tohoku." Special number "Go with Ken Shimura! A stunning trip without permission!』It was done in conjunction with the planning.The station will be called "Shimura Box"suggestion box[88]And a life-sized panel of the stationmaster of Shimura was installed.[89]..Also, the cherry blossoms installed in front of the stationFootbridgeIs the idea of ​​Shimura and has a history of co-starring with Shimura.Maiko KawakamiIs due to the design of[88].

When Shimura died, a bookkeeping table was set up at the station, and many citizens and fans visited Yoshihama Station to book.[90][Note 27].


"Tetsuko's room』(TV Asahi) Was the only member of the Drifters who never appeared in his life.An entertainer like Shimura who has a long history of performing arts and has a very high name recognition and achievementslongevityTalk showIt is an extremely rare case that he has not appeared on the same program even once, and even the TV Asahi program manager in the production station did not know this fact after the death of Shimura.[Note 28].

The reason why he never appeared has not been clarified, but as mentioned above, Shimura was originally not good at free talk, and one of the reasons is that he did not appear on talk shows very often.[91]..All Drifter members other than Shimura (Ikariya, Takagi, Nakamoto, Kato and former member Arai Note) are appearing on the same program.また、同番組で司会を務めているHe also hosts the showTetsuko KuroyanagiIn a broadcast on September 2020, 9 (guest: Naoko Ken), he revealed that he was a fan of "Ken Shimura's Fool", "I loved it and I always watched it. I also wanted to appear. But ... ", and regretted not being able to co-star with Shimura.[92].

Broadcasted on December 2020, 7Wednesday downtown』"Fast and modern East Japan West popularity ranking"[93]Then, it ranked in 8th place (92.8%). This is the top deceased person. BIG3 as a comedian (1st place)Tamori·4thAkashi family·5thBeat takeshi) Is the next highest ranking.

I liked professional wrestling and often watched games.In one gameRusher KimuraI was found to be in the audience seats, and I was struck by his microphone performance, saying, "Isn't it Ken Shimura?"Also for professional wrestlersMasanobu Fuchi,Kawada Toshiaki[94]He had a close friendship with him and was a close friend.



Ikariya Chosuke

Ikariya ChosukeWhen I became a disciple, I took the means of "seeing the home address of Ikariya listed in the celebrity directory and pushing myself"[95].

There was also a feud for a period (around 1985-1998)[96]..At the time"All-Member Assembly』But the number of controls involved with Ikariya has decreased[Note 29],Drif LOL』Rehearsal and shooting were done separately[Note 30].[Note 31]

However, in later years, he made statements that acknowledged each other's talents.

In his book, Ikariya looks back on those days and makes a statement admitting Shimura.

I want Shimura to be the leader to make a second Drifter — Chosuke Ikariya, "No good" Shincho Bunko 2003.6.1
Drifters was a second-class or fourth-class gathering when it came to music, and only an amateur gathering when it came to laughter, but when I think about it now, it may be that only Shimura had the talent of a full-fledged comedian. .. — Chosuke Ikariya, "No good" Shincho Bunko 2003.6.1

After the death of Moikari Shimura[Note 32]"There was no mistake as my teacher," he said.[97].

In addition, Koichi Ikariya, the son of Ikariya, also wrote in his book, "I didn't feel any disagreement as far as I could see." "My father watched" Kato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV. " Was interested in "Is there such a way?"Koichi also revealed that Ikariya had left a compliment to Shimura and Kato in a notebook he wrote a few months before his death.[97].

Shimura added ad libs and dressing room punch lines as appropriate, and sometimes "blurred" and "blurred" and " The idea of ​​each other's "comedy style" that "Tsukomi" is aiming for "comedy including unpredictable happenings" that reverses rapidly, and that Studio Tale actively adopted the latest methods such as image processing and CG composition. There was a gap.This sign has been appearing since the latter half of the "all-group" era, and Shimura's so-called "customer messing around" ad-lib was in the program at that time.TBSIriaya, who was said to have more voice than the production team, broke the time table of the control that was assembled, which caused the latter half of the live broadcast to become jammed. Sometimes Ikariya took a piggyback on it.[Note 33].

Kato tea

The age is relatively close, and from the background of joining DriftersKato teaIs particularly intimate, and in "All-Member Assembly" and "Dorifu Daibakyou", he showed off a breathtaking control and "Kato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV] And other co-starring programs and special programs centered on two people were often produced.Both will somedayKato-chan Ken-chanCame to be called.Shimura himself recalls that Kato is similar to himself in terms of personality and hobbies, and because it is easy for him to hit it off, he soon became friends with him soon after he became an uchideshi.Looking back on this, Kato himself became an uchideshi and became a friend more than an uchideshi within a month. He said that he felt that he would sell someday because of his personality.Regarding the background of joining the new Drifters members, Kato himself said that when he made a control on the stage, he recommended that Shimura, who is a good friend of mine, joins as Kato personally because the stress burden on Drifter's activities will be reduced.He had a close friendship in private, such as playing in Las Vegas with Kato.When I went out to play with Kato's wife, my wife Ayana recalled that the conversation between Shimura and Kato was a conversation that only two people could understand, and that they were very close to each other.

Arai Note

Withdrew due to replacementArai NoteHe said that he had a good relationship, albeit with a small number of words, and that Arai had traveled around New York as an attendant a month before he left Drifters.Arai also made a guest appearance on Kato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV.

Takagi Boo

After the end of "All-Member Assembly" and the irregularity of "Dorifu Daibakyou", Kato was the only Drifter member who had co-starred in the same program until the 1990s, keeping a distance from other Drifter members. However, since the 2000s, Boo Takagi has been appearing as a guest on the fool.[98]Takagi will make a special appearance in the 2005 Ariko Japan commercial starring Shimura. In 2016, he made a guest appearance in "My Neighbor's Shimura" with the idea of ​​Shimura[99]The number of co-stars with Takagi is also increasing.Takagi Boo, after Ken Shimura's death, when Shimura joined Drifters on a memorial program, even if he made a mistake in the performance, Ikariya Chosuke always yelled at the youngest Shimura, and endured it calmly. He says he is grateful to Shimura who was there.

Nakamoto construction

Since Koji Nakamoto and before and after his death, he has never co-starred alone except for the special program immediately after that, and at one point it was rumored that he had a disagreement with Nakamoto, but after Shimura's death, Nakamoto left Shimura. I have made comments that I highly appreciate.

Drifter reunion

According to Kato's story, he was reluctant to raise the story of rallying the drift. The reason is that he was dissatisfied with being treated as the lowest in the drift, while he played an active role as a dispute with Ikariya and was more popular than other drift members alone. Takagi and Nakamoto attended Kato's wedding and wedding reception with his wife who joined the previous year in March 2012, but Shimura was absent because of the recording of the TV program and finished with a video message. , Some media have pointed out a dissonance with Kato[100]..However, according to Kato's wife, in reality, the marriage is quite different in age.weekly magazineShimura was pleased while receiving the bashing from, and it seems that he frequently communicated with Kato on the phone even though the number of co-stars was small.[101].

2017 , The Drifters reunited for the first time in 12 years with "OK", and the old conte such as "Sleeping car" was revived.It was Shimura who called[102]..Shimura said, "Since the number of people who do control on the set is decreasing, we asked Drifters to come together to reconfirm that they were actually doing this kind of thing."[102].

Love / female talent

careerSingleAlso, I was the only Driff member to have a marriage history. However, the desire for marriage is strong, "I want to show my child the face of my mother.[103]"I miss people, I miss people[104]Was posted on the blog.

He had a child before he got married to a woman who lived with him when he was an uchideshi, but he confessed in his book "Uncle Weird" that he broke up with the woman due to opposition from those around him. Gave up after consulting with a woman[105]).Also, at the end of the three years of cohabitation, there is an internal relationship (Common-law marriage), And some women took half of their property (there is no legal rule, but according to judicial precedents, longer cohabitation periods may result in higher compensation when parting). He said at a press conference immediately after that he was thinking about getting married.Also,Japan AirlinesTostewardessHave been reported to have multiple mistresses[106].. Even biggerCabaret clubI also like it.In this way, although he has many relationships with women, he admitted that he could not easily get married because he was not good at maintaining long-lasting relationships with specific women.

Kiwako TaijiWas an avid fan of Shimura.According to Shimura's book, he said to a young member of the theater company, "Hey, Mr. Shimura's grandmother looks real. First of all, it's important whether or not it looks like that."Taiji often appeared as a regular guest on "Daijou Budaa", and a memorial program was aired immediately after Taiji's sudden death.

1980 eraから1990 eraTo the middle stage,Yoko YokoRumors of a relationship with them were often reported in various media, but they did not reach marriage.

Big 3

TamoriServed as general moderatorYou can laugh!"ofTelephone shockingWhen I appeared as a guest ofNobuyoshi OginoTried to call Shimura as a guest, but refused, "I'm playing golf tomorrow."At that time, Shimura was not good at talk shows as mentioned above, so he rarely appeared as a guest on programs other than Tale.About 10 years later, the writerArashiyama KozaburoIntroduced by Kato Cha in 2007, in 2013 she appeared in the phone shocking by Mr. Baka's mission, and also guest-starred as a unit "Ken♀♂Ken" with Ken Naoko. .. In the past,Jungle TV ~Tamori's Law~And 'Music Station] Also appeared.

Akashi familyIs the host of pacific saury "pacific saury no Manma"Including,"Dance! pacific saury Goten!!And 'The mess of love] Appeared as a guest.

What is Beat Takeshi?Takeshi Ken!With the opportunity to co-star in, they were in a relationship of respecting each other. Since then, Takeshi has been very fond of Drifters, including Shimura.Takeshi CorpsWas formed with the Drifters in mind.I have to go back to the beginning and do stupid things because such a stupid person got a big prize, "he said in an interview at the Cannes International Film Festival.[Source required].

Kenji Sawada

In 1972, during the "McBonbon" era before joining Drifters, he acted as the opening act for Sawada's concert, and that was the encounter.[107].. In programs such as "8 o'clock! All-Member Assembly" and "Dorifu Daibakyou"Kenji SawadaI often co-starred with.At that time, Sawada and Shimura belonged to the same agency, so they often performed together. 1980 eraSince the middle of the year, the chances of co-starring have decreased, but in 2001 he co-starred on an NHK program for the first time in a while and sang "Higashimurayama Ondo" together.In the same year, at the request of Sawada, the radio program "Juriken" (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.) Also appeared. In 2003, both Sawada and Shimura played the leading roles, and Sawada hoped to co-star on the stage "Sawada / Shimura's Come on, Kill !!".I have been interacting with Sawada for more than 30 years since I was in the same office, and although I had relatively few opportunities to act together in private, the opportunities for interaction increased gradually in the 2000s.

In 2021, as mentioned earlier, he starred in the movie "Kinema no Kami" on behalf of Shimura.

Shimura is a female friend who has a long relationship with many young people, but there are very few male friends who have a long relationship with him, and it can be said that the genres are different.

Junior talent

Co-starred in "Genius! Shimura Animal Garden"Aiba MasakiWas loved as a disciple, and often taught his life theory. In the same program immediately after Shimura died, Aibastorm(Among the members of), he said that he was saved by receiving encouragement from Shimura when there were few offers of drama and play.[108]..Also, at the beginning of the program, Aiba swelled his eyes red and occasionally choked his voice, and thanked Shimura and made a regrettable comment on his sudden death.

Taka and ToshiHowever, when he was seriously worried about whether to continue his own gag "Western?", he encouraged him to "continue as it is".[Note 34].. Shimura is very fond of Taka and Toshi, and has many co-stars on Shimura's crown program.

ChidoriI was on good terms with Daigo, and went out drinking at a pace of eight a week.Also, it was owned by Shimura after his death.Cadillac EscaladeIs taking over[109].

Since becoming a big master, there are almost no talent who can seriously thrust into Shimura's opponent,Masanori HamadaWas hitting Shimura's head on his program. In response to this, Shimura said, "What makes me hit my head isRight now[Source required], Because it's only Hamada."[110][111]..In fact, Shimura is hosted by downtown.Downtown DXThere are a lot of co-stars between the two, such as guest appearances 30 times.

Birthplace Higashimurayama City

Shimura is a private person and rarely returns to Higashimurayama City and his parents' home. When the popularity of Higashimurayama news began to emerge, the movement of local Shimura sponsorship planned the original "Higashimurayama Ondo".Higashimurayama Agricultural CooperativeWas the center. Since then, Higashimurayama news has become a nationwide boom, and Higashimurayama itself has also attracted attention.

In July 1976, the achievement of "increasing the name recognition of Higashimurayama City" was recognized, and a letter of appreciation was given by Reiji Kumaki, the mayor of Higashimurayama at that time.At this time,Higashimurayama StationBefore the police box at the east exit, three letters were given as a token of appreciation for the certificate of appreciation and proof of encouragement to Shimura.ZelkovaPlanted. Commonly known as "Shimura Ken Tree". In 2015, Higashimurayama City installed a sign in front of a tree to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the municipal organization. The title of this sign, "Kenki Shimura," is handwritten by Shimura and the signature is also posted.

Initially, some city council members and educators were negative about Shimura's Higashimurayama story.Some fans thought that this was true when Shimura called himself "Higashimurayama City Honorary Citizen Ken Shimura" on TV, but that was not the case at that time.However, about 44 years later, on March 2020, 3,New coronavirus infectionAfter Shimura died due to the death of Higashimurayama, about 2 memorial messages arrived on the homepage of Higashimurayama City. There were many requests to "make him an honorary citizen" and "make a monument."In response to this, a bill was submitted at the June regular meeting of the Higashimurayama City Council on June 2000, and was officially recognized as an honorary citizen on June 6. The mayor's award ceremony on the 23thTakashi WatanabeThe city council and the bereaved family of Shimura attended.At the end of the ceremony, everyone decided to pose for Shimura's synonymous gag "Ain" at the request of his brother Tomoyuki, and spared goodbye.[112][113][114][115].. During his lifetime, he received a request from an honorary citizen even during the 50th anniversary of the Higashimurayama municipal administration mentioned above, but Shimura refused because he was not living in Higashimurayama city at that time and because of embarrassment.[115].

In 1995, he moderated the 100th anniversary event of Higashimurayama Station hosted by the Higashimurayama City Chamber of Commerce.It was a small event after the ceremony held in front of the "Higashimurayama Stop Monument" standing in the station square, but at that time the appearance was realized by the introduction of the brother of the Higashimurayama City Hall staff.

On the Higashimurayama City Chamber of Commerce website, the title logo may have been written as "Ain".[116].

At Mochiman, a Japanese confectionery store where a classmate from Shimura's elementary school era served as the president of the previous generation, "Daijobuda buns" and "Dafunda Dorayaki" that are associated with Shimura from the time of the former president were served as "Higashimurayama specialties". Is sold as[117][118].

Bodhi-ji Temple is Mt.[119], Dharma nameRuishinin Kiyama Kennori Householder[120].

Own art

  • In "All-Meeting" and "Kato-chan Ken-chan Gogengen TV",watermelonShowed off the art of eating abnormally fast. The watermelon used had the back part that was not shown on the TV shaved off, and the body part was very thin (commonly known as "Drift cut").Mecha x 2 cool!』Proved that even ordinary watermelon that has not been shaved can eat fast. In the "all-group" era, I once ate watermelons (prepared by the staff as preparations) received from the audience on the spot.I'm not eating fast.
  • Although he is dressed as a variety of characters, his favorite three are Shimura's "Bakaden, Uncle Uncle, and Hitomi Granny". Many of Shimura's roles when he was young were old people.

"8 o'clock, everyone!"・"Drift lol" era

Higashimurayama Ondo
Nursery rhymeparody
  • "Crow, why do you cry?--The original story is "Seven children, And the counterprogram "Let's try with Kin's Don!It was also a post by the viewer of the "Record Daisakusen" in the corner. Shimura himselfAkasakaI got what a child in the neighborhood said. "Initially, it was shown in the boys and girls chorus corner, but because it was well received, it was shown in the opening contest.Suddenly during the playCrowThe manipulator (movablePlush Doll) Appears and sings "Car, Car!", Shimura stands in the center of the stage and sings "San, Yes" to the audience seats (at the same time, the children of the audience also voice). Sing together).Finally, Shimura concludes by saying "Thank you!" To the audience seats in a dignified tone.Also, one day I got tired of it, so when I consulted with Ikariya, I was told that I could quit, so I quit singing that week, but after the broadcast, I was flooded with complaints such as "My child won't sleep!" I have done it before.
  • "Elephant"Mother" part of "", initially "DickI was singing instead of ", but I was inundated with complaints from viewers and was stopped in about two weeks.afterwards,"Yeah, if it’s short,pigNoIt was changed to the lyrics.
  • "I took off my red shoes when I wore them"("Red shoes』Parody)
"Ah, stupid!"[Note 35], "Okcha Yayo!"
In order to show rebellion against Ikariya,wristchinStick out and pose.The pose of "Ain", which will be described later, is a combination of the pose at this time and the pose of "Nin" that Kato and Shimura occasionally showed in "Dorifu Daibakyou".
Disco grandma
1970'sDiscoThe old woman's on the right hand to match the song-style BGMPuppetMove violently.In the meantime, he screams "Ah" and "Gee!" And ends with "Thank you baby".
Kyoto Day
A combination with Kato. We called each other “Kyoday” (brother) and “Nandy” (what’s up),Yangbo Mabo weather forecast』Start singing a parody. "From big things" (Shimura) "From small things" (Kato) points to Kato's crotch, but at this timing both of them are thrust into Ikariya and get punched.
Rock-paper-scissors duel
WesternBegins with "The first is Goo" performed at a tavern style setRock-paper-scissors..A pair with Nakamoto.To the loserPunishment game(Water or swell風 船You can put something like that in your pants, put a transparent case on your head, and inject a lot of powder (use throat medicine in consideration of effects on the respiratory organs).
The shout was later changed to "First goo, then goo (or" next choki "), Ikari and Chosuke, head par, justice wins!"The last "win" part is goo.According to himself and Kato, "At first Goo" started at the site of "All-Member Assembly" to match the timing when there are too many rock-paper-scissors players.As a result, it is said that the first voice of rock-paper-scissors shouts was "goo at first".
Mustache dance
Combination with Kato.blacktuxedoWear a mustache andbrickPerforming various arts while dancing with the wall in the background. BGM ("Theme of" Hige ") isTeddy Pendergrass"Do Me"Akihiko TakashimaIs arranged by.
I'm a bad woman
Junko SakuradaMarried couple control with. In the latter half of "All-Member Assembly", Sakurada was shown as a guest every time.My husband, Shimura, scolds Sakurada, a new wife who can't do anything, in detail, and every time she gets scolded, Sakurada cries, "I'm a bad woman. I'm not qualified to be your wife." With music照明Becomes darker).Every time, Shimura calms Sakurada, and Sakurada who changed into a bright expression (the lighting turns bright pink with light music) bites the happiness loved by "Junko, happiness ..." several times. Repeat (Example: Sakurada "Go home, you. Do you want to eat or take a bath?" Shimura "Then, take a bath", Sakurada forgot to put water in the bath, or I forgot to cook rice, etc.).However, a match with the characters "Touch Bar Momoe" came out from Shimura's suit pocket ("Momoe" isMomoe YamaguchiThat. Same as SakuradaThree trio in the flowerBest friend and rival), but Sakurada denounces Shimura thoroughly. Shimura cried and cried, "I'm a useless man. I don't have the qualifications to be your husband."
Although it is a classic pattern-following style control, in addition to the character and acting ability of Shimura and Sakurada, stage effects such as BGM and lighting are highly calculated, and it became a reputation that you can laugh no matter how many times you look. ..
Meal typewriter
A gag that was often performed even in the above couple's contest.Before the meal, Shimura cut out "Is there any good music?"Tape recorderWhen you switch onLeroy Andersonof"Typewriter] Is flowing.At first, I eat normally, but the tempo is too fast, and I end up eating it in a hurry. With the sound of "Chein, Sat", I quickly look at the camera and return to the original state.At the end, Shimura got angry and got a punch line, saying, "Stop it! You can't eat calmly!"
Debt collector
Kato, female guest (Matsumoto Iyo,Akina NakamoriEtc.)Historical dramaControl. Kato's acting debt collector appears to the ill father who plays Shimura and his daughter who cares for him urgently, and repays him. When Kato said, "I'll get my daughter in debt, I'm going to take her daughter out!", and Shimura slammed Kato over and over again, saying "Kato's husband, that's just a patience!" ,wrestlingKato, who hurt himself a lot with his technique, collapsed and made a noise by saying, "Hey, okay, please call the doctor...".
"Drif LOL] In this case, there is also a derived type of control that shows this pattern on the TV screen, and every time a woman takes off clothes by changing clothes or taking a bath, Shimura and Kato make a transition with the control Exists.
On TV special program, instead of KatoAkira Emoto,Fumio UmezawaOften acted as a debt collector.
kabukiA parody of "Ichijo Okuratan".The series on Fuji TV is famous, but it is said that the prototype was the Tale that was shown in "All-Member Assembly" around 1980.Yukio HashiOf the fine lord who playsShadow warriorThe content was that Shimura, who had a white-painted face that looked like a fool, was selected, causing a great uproar in the castle.Swung around by a foolElderIkariya played.
KonamiThanNESsoft"Hyper olympicThe player character was replaced with a fool but was well received by viewers when it was used in the control, so it was later released by the company as a limited edition as "Hyper Olympics version".
Back thenAkira KurosawaMovieShadow warrior] Has become a hot topic, and Yukio Hashi is also a manzai combinationThe BonchiI was imitated by and was re-breaking.
Fall down and crawl up again
When Shimura steps off or jumps off, he says "Ah ↘" and then "Ah ↗" and crawls up.
Shimura, behind!
Behind Shimura in a comedyGhost,mummyThe words that the audience (mainly children) scream when a terrifying presence such as appears and Shimura is not aware of it (acting that). It was not a gag that Shimura actively performed, but an accidental reaction of the audience, but whenever I showed the same kind of control, the voice began to fly from the audience seats, "Shimura, behind, behind!" "promiseIt became.
According to a junior comedian, "It is difficult to say" back, back! "In time with the performance on the stage, and even a professional comedian cannot consciously reproduce it."
Regarding the reaction of the audience, Shimura recalled in a special program after the program, "I've been rehearsing since the morning, so I know it without being told."Even during the live broadcast, Kato was exposed to the fact that he was saying "I know it without being told!" To the children in the audience seats (the truth is unknown).
You don't have that[Note 36]
His position is prostrately prone to Ikariya's domineering, but suddenly he begins to argue with a bullish feeling. Say todayMisplaced angerThere is also a version that simply points at the other person and says like a lord.
Sinbad without permission
Kenji Sawada's "Selfish"WhenPink ladyof"Sinbad the beach』Soundコ ラ ー ジ ュHowever, he dances with both choreography to the sound, but it gets more and more messed up.By the way, it was created laterSouthern All StarsDebut song "Sinbad without permission] Is a hint.
Be fascinated
Judy Ongof"Be fascinated』Parody.The backlight hits Shimura in a pure white outfit, and the rugged figure emerges as a silhouette.
Shinko Miyazaki, shining brightly
MiyazakiAppearedMinolta camera OfCMParody of.CM songof"You're shining shiny now』Take off your clothes to BGM and blueビ キ ニHe turned into a figure, grabbed the flesh of his belly, and said, "Yoshiko Miyazaki!"
Madam Yarn
In 1982House foodReleased byInstant noodleThe motif is the CM song of "Mrs. Yang" (Madame Yang, currently out of print).While singing to a young female idol singer, "○○ chan (idol's name), Madame Yang, Madame Yarn ♪", she gets entangled with a strange hand. It was also used a lot in "Dorifu Daibakyou".
First grader
1980 yearsShogakukan"First graderThe CM is the motif. Immediately before retiring from the stage mainly due to scene changes, along with Kato Cha, we exchanged "Is we going to xx?" "I don't know" "Pika Pika's first grader, Biss!" Immediately afterwards, both of them rush into Ikariya and leave as if they were in a hurry.
Army Mar
EnglishFirst personI like the strange I-MY-ME-MINE and Shimuraビ ー ト ル ズSong "I Me Mine』(" I Me Mine ") was inspired and changed (the possessive pronoun part is omitted).It was a rule when Ikariya nominated Shimura and asked him to make a translative case in the English class at the school Tale.After that, you ya you (misuse of YOU --YOR --YOU), Hee Haw (misuse of HE --HIS --HIM, there is also a pattern called "his him hee"), see ha ha (SHE --HER --misuse of HER), and at the time of Shee Haw, he made his voice even louder and made a funny face and laughed.
With "It's a crow's selfishness" as "I hinder correct English education"PTAI was listed as a spear ball byMasaka IisakuArgues in his book "8 o'clock! The Legend of Everyone", "There is no proper English education in Japan."
TV puppet showFly! Son Goku], It was also used as a spell for the transformation of Son Goku.In addition, Shimura's choreography when this gag escalated has been diverted to the choreography of "Weird Uncle", which will be described later.
"5 seconds ago!, 4, 3, 2, 1" "Dane" "Biss!" (pair with Kato tea,ChiselIt was grated during the self-restraint by the cast, and Ikariya was in charge of pretending)
Here we go, everybody, come on rock'n rollSnakeman showIt is a copy of "Sakisaka and Momouchi"
Ah, uh ... it happened to be ... sir ... sir, sir, sir, sir ...
Let's cherish ○○!Let's take good care of dad and mom!Provided by (company name)[Note 37]was. For Beautiful Human Life. (The phrase used in "Dorifu Daibakyou" as a punch line for a pair with Kato Cha, and after finishing saying it, he showed off his funny face with Kato. "Let's cherish dad and mom." IsJapan Ship Promotion Association"For Beautiful Human Life."KaneboCatchphrase)

After "Kato-chan Ken-chan" and "It's OK"

All right, we, we, we
TripleDansen drumWhile striking, he said, "I'm fine", "We, we, we", and the opponent repeats the same thing each time. "We, we, we" may change from time to time, such as "wa, wo, we, we".
My brother TomoyukiFukushimaKitakataWhen Shimura came to visit the house after marrying a woman from her hometown, her father said, "Agase, agase, okay," "eat, eat, okay." I was told "Budaa"起源It has been.
As another theory,IwateNishiwaga TownStayed on locationJapanese innUnusual at dinnerlocal cuisineIt is said that the inn owner answered "OK, que, que, que (meaning to eat)" to the question "Is it okay to eat this?" ..
According to Toshiaki Takahashi, the producer of "Kato-chan Ken-chan Gokigen TV", during the recording of the programNGWhen Shimura said in a unique way, "It's okay" to calm the place, the studio got so hot that I decided to do this in "Katoken". That[121].
It is also the original story of the title of "Ken Shimura is okay".In the early broadcast of the show,trialNobuyoshi Kuwano and others at the controlinspiredid.
Ken Chan Boo
It was created as a gag to counter Kato's "Katochanpe", but it didn't take root at all.
Strange uncle
"What's Chimi, you?" "Yes, I'm a strange old man!"
A strange uncle says in a line of contFluffy"Katsura sparrowRakugo "Chisha DoctorThe doctor's throat clearing voice that appears in 』is the original story[122][Note 38].
Originally, there was no line called "Ain", and the origin was a pose that threatened the elder Ikariya with the stupid conte. This is a pose in which the arm position of "Angry Yayo!" Is lowered a little.Shimura himself said, "Ain is not a gag. It's just a pose."[124].
Takashi Okamura was the creator of the sound "Ain."Buffalo Goro OfAkihiro KimuraIt says that.Kimura performed the above-mentioned pose of Shimura with the original sound "Ain", and Okamura who remembered it performed "Ain" with the same sound as Kimura when co-starring with Shimura, and Shimura On the contrary, by incorporating it, it became established in the current one.In addition, the popular program "Do not proceed!On (NTV),EggplantWhen she imitated Shimura, she uttered “Ain” and became recognized nationwide.
Hana Hajime and the Crazy CatsAlthough it is a cover of the song, some of the lyrics and choreography are different from the original.
Hitomi Grandma
StrongglassesAn old woman who is characterized by.
"Old man and grandmother" (Interaction with Masashi Tashiro)
"Go, go, go, 5 o'clock !?" (combination of things like Ishi)
"Tell me that much !? Yu Hayami,Northern sky,soy sauce,Chili Oil, I love you.Reconciliation! "(Combination of things like Ishi)
"Isn't there a meal yet?" (Shimura is an old man and Ishino is a housewife in the neighborhood who was asked to stay at home. Is becoming)
"Wow, it works" (Nutrition DrinkSay after drinking)
"Threading, threading, pulling and tonton" ("Itomaki no Uta")
Good old man (I say "I really like ○○" and eat people's food, but I can't hate it for some reason)
Uncle Noe (I am shy and refrain from saying "No...", but as a resultYakuzaTo get rid ofQuiz showWill answer all the questions and solve the trouble. The person himself was a character that he liked, but he wasn't blessed with his turn and was buried.)
"Replacement" (a word for "replacement banko". The original story isYokoyama Yasushi's Gag

Main appearance program

This section describes Shimura's solo appearances. *TaiziWas on air at the time of his death

TV program

TV drama
  • Continuous tv novel Ale(NHK General-BS Premium-BS4K, May 2020, 5-October 1, 2020, November 10, 1[125])- Kozo Oyamada Role
    • He died before all the recordings of his turn were finished, so it was an isaku.
    • The broadcast on November 11 is a library appearance with a mirror shot (first video) taken by chance with the past video.

Appearance program in the library (using past images) after death

Past appearance programs

Guest appearance

And many others

Single-shot / irregular programs


Radio program


Film and stage








  • After all, ask Shimura-san. (Monthly CIRCUS)
  • "Headwind Manho" Asahi Shimbun 2006 1 / 7-1 / 21


Related books


Video games


  • CR Fever Shimuken (2000,SANKYO
  • CR Fever Baka (2002, SANKYO)
  • CR Shimura World (2006, SANKYO)
  • CR Fever Uncle Uncle (2007, SANKYO)


  • Simken G(2000,Dydo
  • Simken S (2000, Daido)
  • Uncle Nao S (2002, Dido)


  • One cup Daiginjo Ken Shimura's word label All 6 types (180ml bottled)[133] Released on February 2021, 2, for a limited time until April 15, 2021.
    • I like people's laughing faces.
    • When humans get drunk, they can't lie.
    • It's okay
    • Humans need "waste".
    • Even if you don't like it, you can forget it if you laugh as hard as you can.
    • Nothing happens when you wait.
  • Grandma Hitomi acted as a character (Koikeya
    • Mucho! All-Member Assembly Wasabi Chips Delicious Wasabi Flavor (September 2016)
    • Mucho! All-Member Assembly Wasabi Stick Taste Wasabi Flavor (September 2016) 
    • Mucho! All-Member Assembly Karamucho Chips Miraculous Mix Flavor (November 2016)
  • Ken-chan ramen (Sanyo food) Released in 1988

Actors played


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